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#mdzs headcanons

Of course! I hope you enjoy ^^ 💕

Lan Xichen relationship hcs!

Without a doubt, he’s caring and gentle— especially when it comes to you. LXC treats you with the upmost care and respect

  • He loves cuddling and taking naps together, long or short, it doesn’t matter to him
  • He’s big spoon 100% — he prefers being big spoon but he’s totally okay with being little spoon
  • He loves spending time with you just in general; You guys could be dead silent in a room together and that’d be enough for him
  • I’d like to think he’s either into giving and receiving forehead kisses. He also probably likes kissing your neck
  • also he likes running his hands through your hair
  • LXC is also super into handholding. His hands are kinda soft but mainly rough because of work
  • It took him a while to open up to you in all honesty, he was so used to listening to you talk
  • Moving onto PDA and what he thinks of it:
  • Despite him being sect leader, he is SO down for kissing and holding hands in public.
  • He wants people to know you guys are in a relationship and that you’re important to him
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one of my mdzs headcanons is that after Wei WuXian dies on the burial mounds, Lan WangJi just doesn’t trust any adult cultivator. not really. they all were somewhat responsible for Wei Ying’s death, and that of innocent people with the wrong surname. so he just decides not to really talk to them or anything like that. his only exception are the juniors and kids. they are not at fault, and he will be an example to them. (the juniors obviously love admire him very much)

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Thank you!

So I have answered the question about the Jiang parents in a different ask. I think JFM will be more indulgent, while YZY resents that indulgence, though she is somewhat mollified by the fact that WWX will never be an ACTUAL threat for her son.

And well, as I described in the very first ask, WWX will at least start to understand some of LWJ’s feelings already during his first stay in Gusu. And just when they start to really start having actual romantic feelings for each other, the retreat is over and WWX returns to Yunmeng with the rest of his family. And he’s appropriately pining sad about it.

Just before the Discussion Conference at Qishan, LWJ appears in Yunmeng. Definitely not because he was pining though. He is a messenger from Gusu, who had communication from Qinghe that something is afoot in Qishan. Still, they all have to go, and WWX goes with them, though he isn’t actually allowed to participate in the discussion or the competition.

However, he learns during his stay at Qishan that someone is planning to go after some of the best disciples at the competition, LWJ obviously included. And what does WWX do? He sneaks himself into the competition and manages to expose the plot.

Complete loss of face for Qishan, though they let whoever was responsible for the plot take the fall, and then turn their attention towards destroying WWX and Yunmeng.

I haven’t gotten any further than that yet though ehehehe.

Things are different insofar that LWJ is pretty far gone by the time WWX leaves Gusu and pretty much ready to put a ring on it (like, more than in canon) and WWX is just about to return his feelings at that point, because he realises how much effort LWJ puts into the communication with WWX and it becomes clear to him that he is not just anyone to LWJ. They’re shy babies though, bashfully standing next to each other, blushing while thinking about holding hands.

I still haven’t decided how far I want to send WWX down the demonic path. The destruction of the Yunmeng Jiang sect will happen differently, which means that JC never loses his golden core because he does not need to sacrifice himself for WWX (because WWX has his trusty guard dog, LWJ). Not sure what the alternative is going to be, though.

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You may or may not know this but i have a huge crush on LJY . He can personally break a chair over my head and i’d thank him

sorry for the short post

it’s really late at night— i just needed this to help calm me down so i could sleep

᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃

Lan Jingyi relationship hcs

  • He has a huge tendency to get into trouble due to his personality. he’d doesn’t really want to drag you into it. Unless you pretend to be his fake lawyer and agree to help him out, he doesn’t want you involved.
  • He’ll tease you a lot and banter with you. He expects you to keep it going until you either can’t come up with anything or change the topic
  • If he gets mad at WWX, you’ll probably want to hold him back before he does something ridiculous or says something rude.
  • Not a huge fan of PDA and thinks that kinda stuff should be private — he loves holding pinkies though
  • When it come to handholding, his hands aren’t really that soft or rough. It’s kinda like a middle ground

  • I’d like to think he has soft lips and is a really good kisser. Despite his energy and personality, he’s really gentle when it comes to you
  • He also likes cuddling a lot. Whenever LJY is mad, he usually goes to you so you can calm him down.
  • Will go from being so talkative you just want him to shut up one day to being the living embodiment of a tree stump the next
  • No matter what happens, he’ll always love you even if he has his unique ways of showing it

∞༺༻✧ ∞༺༻✧

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My Top 5 MXTX Ships

1. Hua Cheng x Xie Lian - HuaLian

-Ok please, Hualian invented love.

-They are so goals!!!! 

-I love their whole story, their love, them…

-The slow building of theirs, everytime they even looked at each other I screamed in joy

-And Hua Cheng’s dedication is just *chef’s kiss*

-he’s the perfect boyfriend.

-My number 1, they can have my whole life.

2. Shang Qinghua x Mobei Jun - MoShang

-I loved the main ship but one chapter of theirs and I was totally smitten with them lmao

-They had their misunderstandings too, but it felt more wholesome and comedic

-With Mobei Jun’s professional flirting skills, what could possibly go wrong?

-Shang Qinghua made his own dream man and got to fuck him

-Hope for all authors

-I ship this so much pls, this ship needs more chapters dammit

3. Wei Wuxian x Lan Wangji - WangXian

-I’d be sinning if these two aren’t here c’mon

-these two, although in 3rd, will forever hold a special place in my heart

-I half wish it was written in Lan Wangji’s pov

-Words can’t explain how much I loved their whole story, Lan Wangji’s too precious and Wei Wuxian’s steady and definite gay awakening everytime he saw Lan Wangji and ugfksgkgkahgjf

4. Shi Qingxuan x He Xuan - BeefLeaf

I already gave spoiler warnings so I’ll go ahead~

-I have quite mixed feelings abt this ship ngl

-I shipped it so damn much before the incident.

-Their dynamic is so adorable too, sunshine x shadows

-they could’ve been soulmates dammit…

-I keep crying and drowning in fanart

4.5. Feng Xin x Mu Qing - FengQing

-This is against the rules but I had to there was so much turmoil of not adding them here

-from enemies to f-f-fengqing

-I had to I’m sorry

5. Liu Qingge x Fan (Shen Qingqiu’s fan) - LiuFan(?)


-The chemistry is r e a l

-Liu Qingge is it’s knight in shining armor 

-There’s no way you guys can’t see their connection

-Needs more fanart and fanfic

 Go ahead and tag me in every LiuFan fanart and do recommend me their fanfic. I’m starved of it.

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a high school mdzs au
Sector High Series 

[I forgot to update yesterday, whoops]


Originally posted by fairytailqueenlucy


When it happens Jiang Cheng isn’t even surprised.

Jiang Cheng has a good two years (and two weeks!) of experience in high school under his belt after all. And what he has learned from all the days at Sector High was that class transitions were messy. 

The hallways had more than enough room, yet it seemed that the jocks of the school always wanted to rule the entire hallway. People with no names, or just did art—like Jiang Cheng—were easily pushed against the lockers or knocked out of the incoming walks of athletes.

Though he has to admit that walking with his arms overwhelmed with several notebooks and folders, rushing to his next class during transition has not been the best idea. But because he is already running late, he doesn’t have time to really think it over and his books have already fallen anyways.

Some of his papers in his folder have slipped all over the emptying hallway, and Jiang Cheng catches someone nearly trip over his history notebook, before kicking it to the adjacent locker. Jiang Cheng sighs deeply, dropping to his knees and gathering his stuff as best as he can. He’s too busy organizing the other two notebooks and his calculus textbook to realize someone was trying to hand him something. 

By the time he notices, the hallway is empty. Jiang Cheng turns his head up and locks eyes with twinkling sepia orbs. Lan Xichen, star soccer captain of their beloved Gusu Giants, stares down at him quietly. Jiang Cheng blinks out of his stupor when Lan Xichen waves his blue notebook to him, a silent urge for him to take it. Jiang Cheng accepts the notebook, adding it to the growing pile in his arm.

He’s more than surprised, when the older athlete gathers a few loose papers near him and his abused history notebook on the other side of the hall. Jiang Cheng stands up, shifting his books in his hands. He walks the few steps between them, as Lan Xichen meets him halfway, watching the older student in quiet surprise. Lan Xichen gently brushes some nonexistent dirt from his trampled notebook and lays it on top of Jiang Cheng’s tall pile of books, a bit more organized in his arms.

“Thanks,” Jiang Cheng says, his voice quieter than what most would characterize him to sound like. Stood in front of him, Lan Xichen hums, smiling softly. The happiness crinkles his eyes into crescents. Jiang Cheng thinks it’s a funny sight.

If he also thinks that it’s cute, no one really has to know.

When Lan Xichen is looking at him again, Jiang Cheng is more than surprised when the older student leans in extremely close to his space. Jiang Cheng almost jolts back when hands reach up to him, pass his loaded arms and up to his face. There is the gentlest of nudges on the edges of his frames, pushing his glasses back sturdier onto his face. 

In an instant, Lan Xichen’s hands have returned back to his side. 

“Don’t be too late to class,” Lan Xichen reminds, but not without a small smile to Jiang Cheng. The sophomore finds himself, turning around after Lan Xichen leaves, watching the senior walk away and out of the school.

Jiang Cheng has to remind himself not to drop his books again.

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domestic xicheng strikes again!
~i should probably organize this into a series~


Originally posted by animefoodissugoi


It is not the noise in his apartment that draws him out of his sleep as much as it is the scent. Lan Xichen’s first thought, fumbling around in the darkness of his bedroom, is that it must be a robber.

A second whiff of the lovely scent in the air confirms that it is indeed not a robber, for what robber would spend a bit of time baking goodies for the people that they just stole from? When Lan Xichen’s hand reaches out to brush against the cool empty space besides him, he wakes up much quicker. Lan Xichen sits up in the bed, blankets pooling around his shirtless form as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes. When he opens his eyes a bit wider, he catches the slivers of light peeking from underneath his closed bedroom door. 

Lan Xichen blinks away the sleepiness on his eyes, getting out of bed and putting on a bathrobe. Quietly, he opens the door and walks the short distance from his bedroom to the open kitchen. The homely apartment that he shares with his boyfriend is cozy; though it’s a bit on the smaller side, so Lan Xichen tries to be quiet as he enters the kitchen. Lan Xichen’s footsteps pad past the hardwood, coming to a stop at the threshold of the kitchen.

There’s a few spots of white where flour has dusted their small counter. The kitchen island is a harbor for quite a noticeable amount of empty bowls, spoons and other baking condiments. A recipe book (upon closer inspection, looks to be the one Yanli’s) is open in the space by the stove. When Lan Xichen walks around the kitchen island, he almost laughs out loud at what he sees.

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jiang cheng not cursing after 19 because he had to raise a child and its been hardwired into him by everyone that you do not swear in front of kids because they WILL repeat it especially if you ask them not to so the fierce sandu shengshou is just walking around calling people dookie breath OR jin ling, aged six: *calls someone an idiot* jiang cheng: JIN LING! is this how you were raised! what do we say when we’re upset! jin ling: fucking cunt😔

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(/ ̄ー ̄)/‥∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆

tears? idk why i write sadness, i’m sorry
xicheng; written for my friend who wanted a sad oneshot, here


Originally posted by wangxianbunnydoodles


Lan Xichen doesn’t feel the pain until the sword is pulled out from his side. The force of it makes him stumble back, nearly losing his balance if he weren’t for the arms that circle his waist. The tough hand that latches onto his wound and stops the bleeding with an immense amount of pressure.

The purple light of the Zidian encircles him and the owner, both protecting their vulnerable state and ready to tear apart anyone that would dare to come their way.

In this war, death was inevitable.

As the pain builds up, sending a coursing wave of agony through him, Lan Xichen loses the strength in his legs. His fall brings down the person that is holding on to him as well.

Lan Xichen has never felt so much pain.

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Another Modern AU for MDZS: the worst cooks in Guangdon (or province of your choice)

-WangJi and his brother are the CEO’s of the most popular cooking channel and decide to host a “worst cooks” show.

-Wei Wuxian is nominated by his sister (and brother, and brother in law, and son, and nephew)

-his intro video is just

-hey I’m Wei Wuxian but you can call me Wei Ying. I don’t think I should really be here haha I’m a great cook!

-cut to poor A-Yuan: um…Die makes interesting food. It’s Uh…spicy? And um I don’t eat it mostly.

-WWX: I bet it wasn’t even JieJie who nominated me! Probably Jiang Cheng did it as a joke!

-Yanli: DiDi I love you but your cooking is terrible.

-cut to Jiang Cheng: when I heard about this show I knew I had to nominate my brother, but then I found out A-Jie already had so I just added a postscript to her letter.

-WWX: anyway, I can’t wait to cook for such a renowned chef as the great Hangang Jun! I’ve gone to a few of his restaurants with friends, and the food is a bit bland. I can’t wait to teach him about spices!

-cut to A-Yuan again: ShuShu says we have family dinner night just so I can have normal food at least once a week and he’s taught me how to make a few things on my own. Plus GuMa packs my lunch every day and sends it with my cousin A-Ling to school. So it’s not like I starve.

-WWX: oh haha! Yeah, JieJie says she knows how hard it is for me to be a single father, so she takes care of A-Yuan’s lunches for me. She knows I’m not a morning person.

-YanLi: I think between A-Cheng and me, we make sure our nephew is fed, but we need more help! Please help my DiDi learn to cook!

-LWJ watches the video and isn’t sure what to think. Could this guy really be that bad? Only to find out that he is. And it’s so hard because nothing he says to WWX deters him from thinking he’s a great cook. Nothing can disabuse him of the notion that he’s a talented and inventive chef?

-It becomes the most popular season because even though his food is apparently terrible, WWX himself is very charming and people love him.

-WangJi discovers that he has untapped amounts of patience and his mentoring episodes show a different, softer side to a chef who has always been shown as very stoic and standoffish in every other show he’s ever been on.

-no matter how he critiques or how much he mentors, he just can’t get WWX to see how terrible his cooking is, and he’s almost child like in his innocence and insistence that it’s everyone else that’s wrong.

-eventually there’s a TV show where LWJ tries to teach his husband, who he fell in love with and married during his time filming The Worst Cooks, traditional cuisine, and WWX always has a gaffe where he secretly adds chili oil to something, effectively ruining it, but LWJ always eats it anyway and tells his husband at the end of the show that it’s very good.

-sometimes A-Yuan is a guest star with them and he always makes adorable “yuck” faces while LWJ valiantly eats the food and pretends to like it.

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If no one has done it yet, I’d love to see a gymnastics AU for MDZS. Like, the rankings could still work. They’re all on their own teams, but then they all have to compete together against some other country/region or something, so Gusu Lan, Lanling Jin, and Yunmeng Jiang all get together, top 5 male gymnasts, and WangJi is like, rolling his eyes because he absolutely dominates on the rings, and while he’s never watched Wuxian on the parallel bars, he just doesn’t see this guy taking his life seriously, much less the team they’re on.

Things wwx does to irritate LWJ in no particular order:

-never shows up to warm up on time

-eats literal junk

-WangJi has never seen him eat something that isn’t prepackaged

-and quite frankly he’s sick of hearing the complaints at dinner and the sound of pizza delivery late at night when Wuxian should be sleeping.

-the constant chewing/snacking is only punctuated by the incessant talking.

-like this guy never shuts the fuck up.

And then finally WangJi sees his teammate on the bars and he’s like…


This Wei Wuxian is actually talented? And strong? And he’s graceful and elegant on the bars? And yeah, XiChen has mentioned that Wuxian is good but he wasn’t ready for that?

If this exists, I’d read the shit out of it, honestly.

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jiang cheng refusing to get married is making me feel so strongly because i feel like a) its such a lgbt experience to be raised looking at straight couples and subconsciously knowing its not something that would make you happy and developping such a strong hatred for romance that is completely misguided, telling very firmly to your parents or whatever that you will never fall in love or get married not because you dont want love but because the love you know isnt the love you want and

b) i feel like in this world where its absolutely unconcievable to get gay married when you’re expected to have heirs as a sect leader and/or influencial member of a clan, completely refusing to do so to the point of making yourself absolutely unmarriable is such a rebellion, a quiet rebellion, but one that is so telling i think.

like it would have been so easy for jiang cheng to just get a wife. i would have been so easy to just give in to the pressure and ask for the matchmakers to find him someone he would never be interested in, maybe a woman he would grow to appreciate and respect, but ultimately someone here to help him produce heirs and make sure the sect didnt die, especially when making sure the sect florishes is such a priority of his, trying to live up to his parents expectations etc but he didnt! there is no one else left, except jin ling, but jin ling is a jin not a jiang, so ultimately in sect matters he has no heirs and yet he still absolutely refused to get married. i just feel like it says so much

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tired: modern aus where wei wuxian is a popular kid with a bunch of friends and lan wangji is a loner

wired: modern aus where wei wuxian has only his two best friends; nie huaisang and wen qing, while lan wangji is bffs with everyone else in the cast including jiang cheng and they pull a wannabe on him when hes starting to court lwj and wwx is like jiang cheng what the fuck are you doing on this side of the argument

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Earlier posts

It will happen differently! LWJ would definitely end up being an anxious bundle of guilt, though, eheheheh :D

As I’ve mentioned in one of the earlier posts, LWJ brings WWX to Cloud Recesses when they’re around 15/16, and then for around 5 years, they’re getting steadily closer, but absolutely nothing happens. LWJ would never lay a hand on the boy he has rescued for the express purpose so he won’t have to sleep with anyone he doesn’t want to. WWX tries to unsuccessfully seduce LWJ thinking that’s what he’s supposed to do and not realising that he keeps doing it because he has a crush on LWJ.

By the time they’ve both passed 20, they finally start realising that yes, the things that they feel are definitely (unrequited) love, and they’re not going anywhere. So they pine, while literally being the closest, most physically affectionate friends imaginable, and of course while some others assume they’ve long been lovers at this point. Alas, for all the hairbrushing and lying in each other’s laps they do, they haven’t so much as kissed, thinking the other isn’t actually interested in them.

The events in this AU happen a little different than in canon, so:

15/16: WWX starts training at Gusu

17: WWX receives his sword (which is still going to be Suibian), for some handwavy reason, the discussion conference at Qishan doesn’t take place, postponing the subsequent events

18: WWX has caught up with the students of his age, goes to study in Yunmeng (LWJ accompanies him to ‘provide useful guidance to Yunmeng disciples’)

19: WWX takes part in a discussion conference the first time (maybe because it’s in Gusu), starts making a name of himself (start of friendship with NMJ & NHS), JGS is angered that a prostitute has become such a prominent disciple, not least because said prostitute knows a lot about his infidelity

20: Qishan starts getting unruly, WWX activates a spy network of current/former prostitutes

21?: LWJ finally brings himself to secretly kiss WWX and feels horribly guilty about that: they get swept up in the fights against the Qishan Wen in earnest

It happens something like this: they are visiting Yunmeng because WWX is always a slut for being babied by someone, and JYL always indulges him, even though she’s married by now they have to prepare for a war against Qishan Wen. So they’re visiting Yunmeng, and they obviously visit the lotus fields, slowly drifting past the blossoms in a little boat. It’s evening and the sky is a beautiful gradient of colours, and everything around them is so quiet and nice that they forget for a moment that they’re going to war soon.

WWX crawls in LWJ’s lap, as he always does, and lets himself be paddled around by LWJ, who obviously has zero interest in returning to the dock until the night has fully fallen, so he just keeps gliding through the lotus flowers, looking at the brilliant sky and WWX’s equally brilliant face, until WWX falls asleep.

And while he’s napping, LWJ leans down and kisses him. Because he loves WWX and they’re going to war, and they might not survive that. At least once, he wants to feel how it is to be close to WWX.

And then he feels terribly guilty about it, because he promised to never take WWX’s choices away from him.

Only that night, WWX sneaks into LWJ’s room and asks LWJ to sleep with him, because it might be the one and only chance he has to do so.

He does not mention that he’s afraid that if he gets caught during the war, the Wen might be ready to do much worse things to him, and he wants one good memory to hang on to, at least.

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