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#mdzs juniors


1. Improves the gender balance in MDZS

2. Girls as the hope for the future, improving and moving past the war and prejudices of the previous generation

3. h/t @messyobatis for Thoughts on Mianmian having the only daughter reflecting that no one but her learned any lessons; but if we genderswap the juniors, this leaves room for fic where we reinterpret the canon in more promising ways where people have learned some lessons

4. OYZZ as the lone romantic boy with his squad of less romantic girls

5. Old men sect elders not quite sure what to do when confronted with all these polite yet firm girls overthrowing the status quo


1. Would require some OCs to fill out the world of the junior generation to be really satisfying

2. Something something A-Yuan being a girl means she would have always been the last Dafan Wen

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LQR would definitely catch on to the fact that this is a prank or a alternate universe, because there is no way these two managed to not be best friends.

Also, world’s biggest extrovert and world’s calmest person perfectly describes them lmao

(Feel like he’d be very happy to see them married tho 🥺)

(Also also, u sent an ask before & I’m in the process of answering because me and titles don’t go well together 😔)

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genderfluid jl hcs

Love this hc, for my sake I’ll be using mostly male pronouns sometimes female 💕

  • kinda knew when he was younger that sometimes he wanted to be a she sometimes, but also jc probably scared the living shit outta jl
  • plus jl didn’t know how to articulate that as a child, so he kept it suppressed
  • sometimes ljy can get away with calling jl a young mistress or princess, but he absolutely hates it when ljy calls him that when ljy calls him that when he’s male
  • gets a little annoyed when being called young mistress/princess at any time, really, except when it’s used a term of endearment
  • loves the fact that she can pass as a guy or girl (bc imo jl is quite androgynous looking)
  • will sneak out at night dressed in a more feminine-presenting way and get away with it
  • puts actually a lot of effort into presenting female, and looking as different as she possibly can look bc if it gets out that the jin’s sect heir “crossdresses” (which is false, but the gossipers don’t know that) it will be very bad press
  • voice is harder to pass off but it is doable
  • jl has never told anyone abt being genderfluid bc it’s not like he has friends to spare lmao, and bc it’s very personal
  • plus being genderfluid really wasn’t a thing back then, at least not publicly out as genderfluid
  • hates staying at the cloud recesses because it’s very hard to sneak out there and he isn’t gonna risk it on other sect territory
  • zizhen is the first to find out when he caught jl sneaking out of lanling (zizhen’s insomnia means that he wanders quite a bit)
  • oyzz completely accepts jl, though they don’t rlly talk about it. sometimes oyzz will cover for jl if someone gets sus
  • “Ling” is a unisex name so she goes by a Ling if anyone asks
  • has actually made contact with ppl in her sect w/o them realizing
  • cue the one jin chan asked her on a date while jin ling was presenting feminine, and a horrified a ling slapping him before running away

probably gonna do a pt. 2 where the lans find out lmao

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He’d definitely try to come off as “oh yea I’m genderfluid”, but freak out a little beforehand. Jl knows that they’ll probably accept him (and if not, he’s gonna slap em and leave). But jl really really likes his friends, so he really hopes they’re cool with it.

(Btw, should I do genderfluid!jl hcs? Everyone seems the like it and I’m in love with the idea lol)

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Ok so, treid doing some grown up juniors and I gotta say: 

OYZZ is 1000% based off the TU’s OYZZ bc I love how he looks like a hopeless idiot, the manhua OYZZ doesn’t look like that at all so LKSDJLK 

He probably got dumber by spending too much time with the oher juniors HAHA

Also, I don’t really have specific statues for them but I just want Sizhui to be the tallest? You can call it on the Wen blood or idk aND Jingyi being the smallest one bc ever since I discovered has 4 cm less than the rest of the juniors I can only perceive him as TINY

And it’s not that noticeable but I gave Jin Ling a red eyeline bc slight makeup is my power move for design and I would have given makeup to everyone but I felt like Jins are the only ones pretentious?? enough to fit with that HAHA

Other than that idk, abt clothes: I used big refs with OYZZ’s bc I saw pictures of sect leader Ouyang to guide me and I also used refs for the Lan’s outer robes from the manhua  And I think I also used a illust of Jin Ling, like, from the AD I think? Not sure anymore SOBS

Now, will I fishish this drawing properly someday?  Maybe,,,,,,,

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lingyi & bantering

I’ve probably said it before but Lan Jingyi & Jin Ling, being the stupid, unable-to-healthily-communicate-their-emotions teenagers that they are, act like they fucking hate each other.

They will absolutely verbally attack each other (nothing that actually hurts or is too harsh though) and bicker & banter and all that good hate.

Zizhen and Sizhui are very concerned for a bit until they realize that it’s okay. Which leaves everyone else to wonder why the sect leader heir of the Jin sect and a well-liked Lan disciple hate each other.

It gets like a tiny article in a newspaper (it was a slow week) and wwx has that framed. Jc was about to go down to the Cloud Reccesses to see wtf is going on but jl was like “what no that’s my friend” which makes jc ??

Anyways, jl explains that that’s just how they are & it’s okayy

Oh but no one else is allowed to be mean to jl or ljy beside the other

(Well lsz & oyzz also have rights but don’t use it 24/7 like these two.)

Once someone said something mildly rude to jingyi and jl had Suihua out in seconds.

Jingyi complained about jl & jin chan chimes in with agreement? Jin Chan will get attacked bc you can’t?? Just insult my friend?? That’s my job??

No one is allowed to called jl Young Mistress except for a very select group of people (& ofc the JL Protection Squad, which has a total of like three members).

TL;DR: jl & ljy hate each other but not really.

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