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#mdzs juniors


I have one idea, but it’s…. kinda dark? Jin Ling gets erased out of existence?

Hmmm I said no sad, but it’s like crack-sad so I think it’s okay.

  • So, this whole idea started when I thought “what if jingyi & zizhen, the ultimate matchmaking team, went back in time and unknowingly got yzy and madame jin together?”
  • Then I realized, “what if that made a big oopsie?”
  • Anyways, this is the “oh shit, i screwed up” kinda time travel AU. Be warned.
  • Jingyi and Zizhen are in the Cloud Recesses library, reading through some random books, when they stumble upon one that looks older than Lan Qiren. One of them is a journal, documenting a time traveler.
  • They read it, and it’s super cool! Fun! Woah!
  • Jingyi, thinking it probably won’t work anyway but hey, why not try? tries the tailsman with Zizhen.
  • Suddenly, they’re back in time.
  • But they don’t know that & thought they failed.
  • Just then, an uNknOwN Lan disciple walks in and demands to know wtf they’re doing there at this time of night!!
  • Jingyi is confused, bc who is this strangely familiar disciple? A new transfer?
  • He voices his ?? and is met with “I am Lan Qiren. Why are you imposters in here? Where did you get that ribbon?”
  • He’s droning on in true Lan Qiren fashion, and Jingyi and Zizhen kinda look at each other because hOLY SHIT THAT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!
  • They immediately get tf outta there (guess it’s their turn with the brain cell) and start checking out all the differences. Zizhen deduces that they should be forty or fifty or so years in the past, since LQR be old.
  • They’re wandering around for a couple days (future tailsman in Zizhen’s pocket) and have fun exploring all the different stuff.
  • And then, Jingyi realizes that the Wens are kinda alive. And he has a moment, where he realizes they could bring Sizhui back here!! Surely Sizhui would want to learn about his past, right?? This would be the perfect opportunity!
  • He may or may not have bought a Wen™ jewelry for his very platonic best friend, but we don’t talk about that.
  • And then, they meet a rando young woman practicing her sword fighting. Zizhen thinks that she feels familiar, but has no idea why.
  • The juniors approach her, and ask what’s up, because she be really murdering those dummies.
  • She introduces herself hesitantly (she’s a little sus of them), as Yu Ziyuan.
  • Zizhen & Jingyi definitely failed their history tests, because they don’t know who she is, only that she’s very gay for her friend.
  • And Jingyi and Zizhen hatch a plan to help this rando stranger who certainly isn’t important to the plot or anything get with the girl!
  • They help Ziyuan out by suggesting flowers, sweets, even give her a template for an undying love confession!
  • She’s kinda cold towards them at first, but Ljy and oyzz shan’t be hindered! They persist, and she eventually asks her friend to elope with her and escape their arranged marriages.
  • Jingyi gives Zizhen a side eye like “whoops” but also cheer as they ride off into the sunset!! Woohoo!
  • Then they go back in time, and… oh boy. Shit happened. Time rippled. The universe was changed.
  • Because Jingyi & Zizhen may or may not have erased Jin Ling from existence by getting his grandmothers together.
  • Because then those two ditch and jc & jyl are kinda not alive, though wwx still gets taken in (and maybe they pretend he’s jfm’s child so jfm can make him sect heir??)
  • And ljy & oyzz are shook.
  • And then they freak out and go to the only sane, responsible person they know: Lan Sizhui
  • bEcaUse sUreLy hE wOulDn’T bE diFferEnt
  • Actually, they search the whole Cloud Recesses, but he’s not. there. And Jingyi asks the now-old Lan Qiren, who has no clue who Sizhui is.
  • Then Zizhen has a brain cell moment and remembers, oh wait, wasn’t Sizhui a Wen??
  • They look at each other and bolt towards the Nightless City, which is not dead bc plot convience and. Maybe yzy and madame jin started their own sect and they saw through the Wen’s bs? They’re still alive tho
  • And Sizhui is an innocent bb farm boi in the middle of nowhere 🥺
  • Jingyi literally tackles him into a hug and Sizhui freezes bc who da FUCC is this
  • But even in this timeline, he is :)) so he just kinda asks, v. politely, “who are you”
  • But then he sees Zizhen and lights up
  • “A zhen! What are you doing here?”
  • tHEN
  • Sizhui smiles shyly and kisses Zizhen on the cheek and ljy & oyzz both have whiplash
  • bc this is time for my zhuizhen agenda and they be dating
  • they have to somehow convince Sizhui that they’re from a completely different timeline
  • And it’s really confusing until Jingyi just starts listing off everything he knows about Sizhui, bc he is not giving up his status as Sizhui’s best friend just bc they’re in different timelines.
  • & the stuff Jingyi know is… a lot.
  • “Your favorite color is white, you hate herbal tea, you think that putting your hair down is a hassle, and when you were twelve you thought you were cursed bc two of your rabbits died in a week and placed stone tablets near every door in the dorms—”
  • Sizhui is kinda shook so he goes with them, though he doesn’t believe them at first. And he ain’t letting his bf (oyzz) leave immediately :/
  • Sizhui helps them with the ritual, and lets them leave. Then, he goes home to his peaceful farmer boi life, confused. 
  • They have better luck next time they go back and don’t help anyone. They don’t do anything extreme, and they don’t do anything! Right?
  • Yeah no, cause zizhen sees this little, dirty child out in the streets and goes uwu and gives the child some money (and maybe a motivational speech?? life changing??).
  • That child grows up to be Jiggy, bc ofc ofc, and he and his mom manage to use to money to leave (I mean, sect heir oyzz has to have a decent sum, and it was worth more back then). Jgy becomes a respected vendor, hating his dad like every other child of jgs but still living da peaceful life.
  • So he never helps them with the Wens. And the Wens may or may not win. (honestly I don’t remember the plot of mdzs, so this is probably inaccurate. I gotta reread it; my memory’s trash lol)
  • A lot of people get dead. Zizhen is horrified.
  • This time though, WQ and WN stole baby WY and left. The Wens,, didn’t really care (maybe they noticed wq left, but they have other, not as competent, healers). 
  • They seek refuge, but the Cloud Recesses is kinda burnt and the Jiangs ain’t looking so hot either (plus that ain’t a good idea, jc is probably not ok with that)
  • They don’t bother to check up on anyone this time.
  • Zizhen and Jingyi go back to the past, stare at each other in true mamma mia, here we go again fashion.
  • But this time, they dig a hole in the ground and hide there for a couple minutes, before finally, finally, finally going back to the future
  • And it’s fine, except they screwed up and ended up a little too far into the future.
  • Like, as in they accidentally time travel to Jin Ling and Sizhui’s marriage fast-forward.
  • Revelations are made, and this has somehow worn even Jingyi to the point of exhaustion (also, is there any world where he gets to be with a Yuan??)
  • So they go back several years, energy depleted, and end up right where they started.
  • Zizhen and Jingyi look at each other, and have a mini-celebration because they did it! They got back and everything seems normal so they’re gonna assume it’s their timeline.
  • On their way to burn the magical time travel book, they bump into Wei Wuxian.
  • Zizhen asks how his husband is doing, and they find out that WangXian hasn’t gotten together in this timeline yet.
  • Jingyi screams, and Zizhen goes to cry in a hole. They’ll be okay. Eventually.

Wow, this ended up really Zizhen/Jingyi-centric…

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Zizhen is the softest junior, 11 out of 10 soft, and here’s why:

  • Canon-wise, he doesn’t have a sad/tragic backstory. (Not that you can’t be soft w/ a sad backstory, but u get the point. Even if u consider his backstory to be sad he’s still soft)
  • the most emotionally mature of the juniors. The emotional support they do deserve, but also the one that they need.
  • Plants & flower crowns are his fav, pastels are his aesthetic. Subdued colors & pretty greens are his favs
  • Dandelions & lilies are his favorite flowers
  • I hc him as a pacifist, bc fighting & war is unnecessary death.
  • A little naive when it comes to certain things but also super observant and pretty damn smart.
  • Can accidentally manipulate ppl into trusting him by just being a innocent pure cinnamon roll, he’s so very easy to trust.
  • But if he wanted to he could be v. powerful in politics. Sorta like in a jyl way. Ppl underestimate him but he notices shit and refuses to let anything morally corrpt exist. V. strong morals.

Anyways ty for coming to my Ted Talk, stan oyzz or your kneecaps will perish.

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Ty for the ask!

Jingyi is a terrifying, chaotic driver. Like. No. He has a motorcycle and it is a MIRACLE that he hasn’t gotten killed yet. Jin Ling refuses to go into a car with him at the wheel, and the one time he did have to ride w/ Jingyi… let’s just say he was never the same after.

Sizhui is somehow the only one not affected by Jingyi’s driving. Since he’s the mom friend, he drives pretty often. Also probably the only decent driver out of all of them (JL is okay, but a little too reckless).

Ouyang Zizhen is a responsible driver, okay! It’s just sometimes he goes too slow bc he’s scared of hitting a deer or smth, and everyone eventually gets tired of never getting anywhere, so Sizhui will offer to drive.

Zizhen is just scared of driving, and honestly? That’s valid.

Jin Ling has one mood when driving: mildly annoyed. Whether it’s Zizhen changing the song every five seconds, or Jingyi asking when they’ll be there repeatedly (usually not Sizhui, because not even Jin Ling can bring himself to be annoyed by him most of the time), Jin Ling just can’t catch a break.

One day he’s going to send them off a cliff, out of mild annoyance.

So yeah, Sizhui drives most of the time.

As for sect leaders, idk which ones you mean cause there certainly are… a lot. Since you said + wives I guess you meant JFM, YZY, JGS (ew), and Madam Jin? (I know there’s Madam Lan, but the consent was sorta… not there.)

The deities know that the current sect leaders aren’t het, if you get where I’m going with this… (though I could see LXC getting married to a well-respected woman).

Anyways, Jiang Fengmian can drive and does so all the time. Offers to help drive a Ling to archery practice (idk, he’d probably be an okay grandfather).

Yu Ziyuan is capable of driving, but she seems the type to be married to her responsibilities, so she only goes out for errands and the occasional visit to a friend.

Madam Jin doesn’t drive bc she married a rich bastard, and even though he’s literally the worst she ain’t gonna skimp on using his cash. but she knows how to bc she’s not useless. JGS is useless and doesn’t know how to.

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started as “jingyi recites the lan sect rules in his sleep” and evolved into sleep behavior hcs, bc what is my life.

  • Zizhen has insomnia in a couple of my AUs, but just now I’m realizing that it would be so much better if Sizhui had it instead or as well, but maybe short-term insomnia while Zizhen has chronic insomnia.
  • Like, the one rule he could never follow (when he was a bb) was the wake at 9 sleep at 5 rule, so he just pretended to sleep and got up at 5. Eventually he did get used to, you know, sleeping.
  • Jin Ling doesn’t have insomnia, but sometimes he has trouble falling asleep. When that happens, he makes himself a nice bowl of lotus soup.
  • Jingyi can fall asleep almost anywhere, but not when he’s anxious or worried about something or someone.
  • He sleeptalks. Sometimes Lan rules, but most of it is random gibberish. Just like the Lan rules—
  • Jin Ling curls up in his sleep, and Sizhui has a habit of clinging to people in his sleep. It’s kinda embarrassing in certain situation.
  • Zizhen will snuggle up to anyone sleeping next to him, while Jingyi can and will sprawl everywhere. He has limbs.
  • But the junior quartet in one bed ends horribly soft.
  • So let’s put em in two beds. In an ideal world, A Ling wouldn’t kick Jingyi off the bed each time they’re forced to sleep in the same one. Sadly, that’s not the case.
  • They usually do jl & oyzz / the lans OR jl & lsz / ljy & oyzz
  • Zizhen likes sleeping next to Sizhui tho!! He’s a good cuddler :/
  • At first the lans are glued together, but eventually they get comfortable sleeping closer to the others.
  • Zizhen is a great cuddler and jl is both touch deprived and can’t feel warmth. So it’s usually a good combo.
  • But Sizhui clings which equals warm, so either is fine for him. Jingyi doesn’t really care, as long as he’s not getting kicked off of the bed, a liNG—
  • Somehow, Zizhen & Sizhui NEVER get kicked off when they sleep with him. I wonder….
  • Sometimes when all four share a bed, Jingyi and a Ling are forced to sleep next to each other.
  • A Ling won’t kick (too hard, at least) but since Jingyi is always naturally warm, he steals Jingyi’s body heat for warmth.
  • The next morning, Jingyi will tease a Ling for hugging him in his sleep and relentlessly poke his forehead.
  • I swear, the only nights these boiz get some peace is if they duct tape Jingyi’s mouth shut and forcibly restrain Jin Ling from kicking.
  • They love each other though. Most of the time. Most of the time…
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Let’s do summer!

  • Jingyi mopes the whole time about how hot it is the whole time. Sizhui does not know what weather is and it doesn’t hurt him. A Ling is slowly dying from the heat.
  • Zizhen is somehow not tired and tells the others to stop moping because he wants to go out and do something!
  • They probably argue about it for a while before Sizhui tells them to shut up and put the names in a hat.
  • Someone (cough it was zizhen cough) suggested they go to the zoo bc he wants to see animals
  • Ljy is down, jl groans and has to be dragged there, and lsz is the one who gets lunch and water and sunscreen, a yi! it’s good for you!
  • Zizhen is sparkly eyed and super excited the whole time. #OuyangZizhenAppreciationSquad
  • They’re all whipped for him.
  • The second they arrive, jingyi points at a peacock and points at jin ling. “I’ve connected the dots.”
  • “You didn’t connect SHIT.”
  • Zizhen coos over every animal in the zoo, bc he LOVES animals.
  • They split up midway because Sizhui wants to stay at the bunny exhibit for a good half hour. Jin Ling stays with him, not bc he likes the bunnies (tho they are cute), but because he is staring holes at the groundhogs the next exhibit over.
  • Jingyi and Zizhen run around the whole zoo in about an hour.
  • Zizhen’s favorite was the turtle exhibit, and Jingyi almost died when they saw a kangaroo.
  • They did have a meet point planned, but ljy and oyzz may or may not have gotten distracted by the mini-aquarium and forgot to shown up.
  • Meanwhile Jin Ling and Sizhui are frantically searching for the other two in the indoor bird area.
  • JL is convinced that they accidentally joined a cult again and Sizhui is worried because they probably forgot to reapply sunscreen!! Plus, Jingyi never stays off his phone for more than an hour!!
  • Dw, they’re just trying to pet the alligators!
  • They finally find each other again in the reptile section, and Sizhui lightly scolds Zizhen and Jingyi while a Ling smiles at their pain.
  • The last places that they haven’t been to are the area for cats and the giraffes. Zizhen laughs at Jingyi’s shortness for five minutes straight.
  • A Ling doesn’t like big cats (like tigers, lions) for some reason. The Lans once again wonder if he’s secretly a furry while Zizhen coos at the tiger cubs.
  • The Aftermath: Sizhui is once again emotionally drained, Jingyi is tired out by the zoo, and flops into bed as soon as they get home, Jin Ling goes back to internally gay monologuing and questioning his life choices, while Zizhen posts all the shitty photos he took of them onto Instagram.

yes this was kinda a crack post what else do you expect of me it’s 1 AM

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Ty for the ask! Sorry it’s so short my brain cell stopped working—

I have absolutely no knowledge of ATLA besides boy with blue arrow on head saves the world by being a pacifist. I think.

Let’s do it.

Edit: I actually decided to watch like six episodes of ATLA for context, and come back armed with a little info.

(Also, I think I’ve heard that MDZS is like the Chinese version of ATLA? My one kinda-friend who watched both shows mentioned that to me.)


Jin - Earth

Wen - Fire

Lan - Water (?)

Jiang - Air Tribe

Nie - Another Air Tribe?

Sizhui is still a Wen in this au bc I love that! Though he’ll be appearing in the LOK part of this


ig wwx would be the avatar? lwj is the waterbender who crushes on him and follows him around for a bit, & lxc doesn’t join cause he ha as sect tribe to lead

wwx was stuck in the ice for about 13 years bUT jyl is dead and jc is missing so he’s actually ???

idk where this goes, wn is probably the Wen who helps him learn to firebend, w/ wq also coming along for the ride


Idk, literally just read the Wikipedia article.

I think jl would be the heiress, Oyzz and ljy would be the two teammates, and lsz the new avatar. They’re all a little gay for each other (jl met them through one of their bending games ig) and they lowkey suck at first.

jl very kindly points that out, before walking awayayayayay.

Jingyi is kinda offended, Zizhen is just happy jl came. When asked about it, he explains that the stranger who just came up and insulted them is ACTUALLY his best friend since childhood. Haha haha who knew?

They’re all benders.

Sizhui is a firebender with mad skillz, Jingyi’s a water bender, Zizhen an… air bender? Bc I know that’s inaccurate but honestly idk anything about this series anyways lol

A Ling is an earth bender. He once participated in a bending game w/ the lans after zizhen was put out of commission by a certain antagonist’s doing (hhhhhh it’s jgy. jgy is the antagonist. hhhhhh)

Idk where this is going. If anyone else knows how tf avatar works, please correct me or add on! Bc I have no clue what I’m doing most of the time! It’s actually kinda sad—

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give jin ling a whip

new agenda ✌️

  • The Meishan Yu sect gave it to him, bc everyone else is a coward.
  • It’s really pretty tho! Like a golden whip. Super flashy. Definitely something JL will cherish and beat up demonic corpses with.
  • Jingyi stays 6 ft. away from him at all times. He’s scary.
  • The whip takes the form of a hairpiece (a simpler version of the one he usually wears, but with pretty flowers!) that he wears on night hunts.
  • It’s so pretty 🥺
  • First time the others saw it they were shook.
  • He doesn’t use it too often bc he’s not great with it & doesn’t wanna practice during a night hunt, bc that could potentially be life-threatening.
  • But once he gets used to it and is confident in his ability to not hit someone he shouldn’t, he pulls it out.
  • He prefers his bow & arrow, but JL rates the sword & whip about the same. Buy your very own Meishan Yu artifact whip today!
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modern junior quartet hcs✨

ugh i’m gay. these hcs are kinda zhuizhen-centric.

  • Zizhen is the one who dances around his room when no one is watching. Except Jin Ling once walked in on him doing that and was star struck by how… light Zizhen looked.
  • A universe in which Jingyi & Sizhui aren’t childhood friends is not one I want to imagine, so they are still bffs. They probably meet jl & oyzz in high school or college, where jl is a brooding loner who isn’t really alone bc happy-go-lucky oyzz always sticks around him.
  • Lsz and oyzz immediately get along. Ljy & jl? Not so much.
  • Not gonna go super into their meeting + developing friendship stuff, so let’s go right into random hcs.
  • Oyzz draws a lot. He drew the magnolia tree on the Lan estate, he drew his baby brother, he drew his boyfriends, he draws a lot.
  • Sometimes lsz will play music and oyzz will draw and they bond.
  • Lsz gets stressed a lot, he’s just really good at hiding it. Usually, oyzz is the only one who notices it and does things to help him relax.
  • Oyzz falls in love with him first. He probably realizes his feelings for all of them first tbh.
  • Actually, I think lsz was each of the other juniors’ first crush excluding jl.
  • Jl liked oyzz first, then lsz (*insert gay panic*) and then ljy. Ljy’s order was similar: lsz, then oyzz, then jl.
  • Lsz’s was ljy, then oyzz & jl at around the same time. Oyzz’s was jl, then lsz & ljy at around the same time.
  • Ljy and oyzz bond over romance and books and I will say this even after the day I die.
  • Oyzz and lsz get together first bc those two are the somewhat emotionally stable ones.
  • You can’t tell me that ljy would ever get together with someone. Like he could make out with someone and still never get together with them. He could get confessed to by someone he really likes and still, nope.
  • Ljy is just oblivious af.
  • Jl on the other hand also can’t get together will anyone bc he is emotionally constipated. Like. Emotions? No. He barely realizes that his amount of human friends increased from 1 to 3.
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This blog strives to give all the junior love the world is missing right now 🥺

Also, let me preface this by saying that we DO NOT support JK Rowling’s transphobia on this blog. Or any transphobia, for that matter, please and ty.

Anyways, I have a bunch of old hogwarts hcs which we’ll be ignoring today. Let’s do this!

Ouyang Zizhen is an innocent baby, probably a Hufflepuff. The Lans would both be Gryffindor, and Jin Ling… I have no clue. I mean, I think he could be a Gryffindor? It seems to fit the most but I dunno. Wait a sec, I’m gonna take a hp quiz for him, bc idk what I’m doing with my life.

After taking one too many quizzes, the Sorting Hat has placed Jin Ling in… Gryffindor! Wowie.

As for why…

I have already stated that Zizhen is an innocent baby, who deserves the world, so there. Plus, he’s kind, and I very much hc him as a pacifist. He’s super chill, maybe plays as Keeper for his team? 

A Ling was sorted into Gryffindor bc of the hat, idk why. I think his parents were both wizards, though they both lived in the mortal world. By that, I mean JL was raised like a half-blood. Magic was just sorta there, but not too important until it accidentally murdered his parents. :(

It would be hilarious if JC was a muggle who knows about all this shit but is still just eternally pissed off. He ends up taking care of JL for like a year before shipping him off to wizard school.

Since JL was homeschooled, and bc he’s is a lonely bitch, he doesn’t really make any friends. He’s still upset about his parents’ deaths (he’s not the hp in this au, but his backstory is similar), and doesn’t really give a fuck about all the wizarding stuff because 1. he’s done this shit already and 2. it reminds hi of his parents.

Jingyi and Sizhui knew each other from before Hogwarts, and Jingyi’s dad (who left them) was a wizard, so he’s a ½ blood but doesn’t know that magic is real. Sizhui grew up in a magical household, but prefers the muggle world. Lqr is a really harsh teacher, and lsz just wants to be a normal boy! He spends most of his time w/ jingyi, and literally only goes to hogwarts bc jingyi is going. 

lqr as headmaster? 0-0

wen ning is the house leader (idk what it’s called) of Gryffindor, the only one lsz tolerates. everyone is pushing for him to become a master wizard or something bc he has potential, but he doesn’t want to?? stop making him do magikal stuff.

ljy on teh other hand is super stoked.

oyzz comes from a long line of brave Gryffindors, but looked at them and said nope. he yeeted over to hufflepuff, so he could be left alone and study herbology in peace. 

ljy plays beater or chaser (probably the latter), lsz keeper, and jl… seeker maybe?

idk really. @the-juniors thoughts on hp au?

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1. Dw, your English is fine! & 2. My time literally isn’t important, as I have devoted my life to fandom.

My first response to this what “what fathers?” bc we all know uncles are where it’s at!

Then I remembered, “oh wait, lsz actually does have good parental figures! who aren’t dead! who knew?!”

Let’s just say his part is going to be the easiest.

Fun fact: Father’s Day is usually celebrated on August 8th in China, because August 8th can be shortened to bā bā (meaning 8 in Chinese, so the 8th day of the 8th month) which sounds like dad in Chinese. Idk if it’s an official holiday tho.

Jin Ling would probably go to JC, ofc, but since they’re not super into showing affection, it might just be a quiet “Happy Father’s Day.” or something. Nothing big, but enough to show JC he’s loved and probably enough to make JC tear up. Just a bit though.

Sizhui, as was said above, has two dads! Woah! He spends the day with them, since ya know, Father’s Day. Probably relives a lot of old memories & makes some new ones, shared stories about lwj raising him. The works. Idk what he would get them as a gift though. (maybe some emperor’s smile? a bathtub?)

Jingyi’s bio father is unknown, so he was mostly raised by the Lan sect. He probably buys lqr a small gift, maybe some rare tea leaves he knows lqr likes? Also a nice gift for lxc, since I think those two were the closest thing to father figures in his life. Or maybe, just this once, Jingyi won’t break any sect rules for a day…? Nah, too unrealistic. Sorry lqr. Better luck next time.

& finally Zizhen. I think that oyzz & his dad have a… turbulent relationship, but oyzz definitely still loves him. Hopefully. I mean, I think Zizhen would be really forgiving, and also very loving towards everyone, especially family. His dad just wants what’s best for his son. They don’t spend a lot of time together bc of their differing interests, but they do have meals together most nights. Anyways, for Father’s Day, Zizhen probably makes his dad something (oyzz seems the crafty type). Like new robes or something!! It’s really pretty and maybe not the best, but Sect Leader Ouyang almost cries and hugs Zizhen very tightly, so I think Zizhen has succeeded. :)

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Jin Ling: Holy Dianxia, this dog is so cute!!!

JingYi: You said cute, I say absolute demon.

Jin Ling: Hey! Things can be cute and absolute demons. Just take you for example.

JingYi, smirking: Young Mister, you think I’m cute?

Jin Ling, blushing: What? No.

SiZhui: Can we get back to the part when A-Ling called A-Yi a demon.

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I have been scammed bc tumblr didn’t give me a notif for this ask and I just saw it rn. But I absolutely LOVE this idea even though it’s very illegal, 0/10 would advise unless you’re related to wwx, in which case go ahead & make him proud.

Wwx has basically uncled all the juniors (except his son, ofc) so they obviously have to follow in his footsteps, but with preferably less porn & alcohol, bc that will not end well in any scenario.

Honestly? I think they could get away with it. And you can’t tell me that lsz didn’t have a rebellious phase (broken a dozen or so rules and somehow didn’t get in trouble bc everyone sees him as the perfect lan disciple, so obviously it couldn’t be him! right? wrong.)

However, we love some good shenanigans, so obviously stuff goes wrong. and by stuff, i mean lxc (not in seclusion for plot convenience) happens to be wandering around, breaking the 9 to 5 sleep rule, but screw rules he’s the sect leader!

anyways, lxc is out questioning his life choices, as you do when wandering around a how-to stabby stabby demonic zombies school at midnight, when he notices a couple junior-sized figure running across the roofs. ofc, he, being lxc, goes to investigate and the juniors, being the juniors, scram.

it’s more accurate to say that ljy and lsz looked at each other and had a brain cell moment, and then proceeded to push jl off the roof. they someone don’t alert everyone at the cloud recesses to their awakefullness, and ljy gently and lovingly tells oyzz to get tf out bc he and lsz got this handled.

lsz and ljy do one of their completely platonic hand holds and almost kiss & pretend to be surprised when lxc interrupts. 

that’s right, it’s fake dating to save your friends from having to copy the lan rules 20 times over!!

lsz and ljy play on lxc’s zhuiyi agenda to get away scot-free. 

they regroup with the others after a little, and jl glares at them while oyzz happily greeted them. then, they get tf outta there.

idk the point of breaking out if they have to be back by 5 the next morning, and breaking out itself & going to the closest city would take abt an hour, but let them be :))

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Oooh I’ve been waiting for this—

since most of what i usually do is pre-slash stuff, let’s do romantic, fluffy domestic hcs!

  • since sizhui & jingyi are always the first ones up (though they are slowly forcing oyzz and jl to wake up earlier), lsz makes breakfast while ljy stays in bed poking jl into consiousness.
  • i hc that oyzz has insomnia, so his bfs will routinely stay up with him as long on they can (screw lan sleep schedules!!). he has good days and bad days, and no in between. 
  • sometimes they take shifts if one of them has to get up early the next day. ex: if lsz has class monday morning & ljy needs rest for an audition monday afternoon, jl will stay up with oyzz that night/morning.
  • shit this was supposed to be fluffy.
  • jl hoards everyone’s clothing. every sweatshirt in the apartment is somewhere in his room. sizhui thinks it’s cute. 
  • zizhen watches this one tv show about chinese hopping vampires (the other kind, the ones that hop around like zombies) and laughs his ass off everytime. he can’t stand scary stuff though! 
  • jingyi’s more into jackie chan stuff (city hunter is the only one i’ve watched, when i was like a toddler, but… ye) and american vamps, like twilight. zizhen will never forgive him for that.
  • surprisingly, lsz is more likely to start pda than jl. bc jl, like his father, is a shy bastard.
  • the most jl will do is hand-holding in public. he’s not used to affection or pda, but he’s getting there. 
  • fairy has her own little area in the living room, in a corner across from oyzz’s mini-indoor garden.
  • every morning, jl will get up, go pet fairy first thing in the morning, brush his teeth, etc. etc. and then drink his tea. it’s only after tea that he’s willing to interact w/ his bfs at all.
  • jl drinks tea only bc his uncle got him into it, and bc ppl keep giving tea to lsz even though sizhui fucking hates tea. and coffee. idk why i just thought that would be hilarious. 

idk how to do fluff, please someone add on with actual flof stuff.

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