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#mdzs q version

MDZS Q Ep 6: I’m 100% positive Lan Zhan was being jealous here. Only HE can receive love letters from Wei Ying in class, no one else.


Also, the way Uncle said that and Wei Ying’s reaction to it gave me pervy vibes. 😂

MDZS Q is on the WeTV app under Founder of Diabolism Q, VIPs are one week ahead.

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I can’t deal with him anymore. He’s too cute. He’s gonna kill me.

Also, this happened:


They seriously pack so much cuteness into just a few minutes, I don’t even want to post more and take the fun out of watching. I love MDZS Q so much already!

MDZS Q is on the WeTV app (VIPs get 1 ep ahead) under Founder of Diabolism Q. The eps are up on YouTube a few days later.

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