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#mdzs quotes

Hello! That’s an excellent question, Anon! I feel like it was mentioned more directly somewhere, but I can’t find it at the moment so we’ll have to work with these bits and pieces in the meantime!

The key point is that the ritual decreases risk. It’s not a 100% preventative strategy:

After all, disciples of famous clans, like Jiang FengMian and Yu ZiYuan, had been affected by their clan and their clan’s treasures since they were young. When they grew up, they’d receive countless soul-calming ceremonies so that there was only a miniscule chance of them becoming ferocious ghosts. But Wei WuXian was different. He was the son of a servant. He didn’t grow up in the Jiang Sect since birth, either. He didn’t have the chance to go through so many ceremonies. (Ch. 60, ERS)

And even without the ritual, there’s still a whole Stars Aligning element:

[Wang LingJiao,] “Young Master Wen, don’t listen to his nonsense. Not everyone can become ferocious ghosts after they die. Time, place, situation—all of these need to be just right.” (Ch. 60)

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Honestly, if you suggested that there were gay and straight men cheering Nie MingJue’s name at the top of their lungs and/or throwing flowers to him, I would be inclined to believe you because I am all for it! The novel simply specifies the men were cheering while the women were just standing in closed-fist silence and letting their hearts burst with yearning and just, RIP them all but I’m different!

I’m getting the impression that people are treating my post/this situation as inclusion/exclusion of who was doing what along gender and sexual-orientation lines. Could an older gay man have thrown flowers to Nie MingJue? Absolutely! Could a little straight girl have thrown flowers to Nie MingJue? Of course! The author wrote it with generalized gender groups but having one or two or more people acting outside the norm wouldn’t be wrong! It happens in real life!

What I noticed was that Wei WuXian throwing a flower was not something that drew attention. Men throwing flowers isn’t apparently worth social commentary. What does make it stand out is that he throws a flower at the very unimpressed Lan WangJi, and no one wants to deal with them arguing right now – because Wei WuXian throwing a flower to him, with their turbulent history, is perceived as teasing at best or mockery at worst.

But this is true for Nie MingJue as well: Nie MingJue looks heated as a solar flare so to see any delicate flowers fluttering about him would draw attention. To see any flowers would raise the question: who would be so bold!? Such a question would absolutely be of Wei WuXian’s interest, because Nie MingJue is indeed fearsome to behold, but Wei WuXian is not interested because he doesn’t see anything beyond the women holding back.

With that said, my “but I’m different” post is just playing on the grand scheme of things, because it was never defined that Nie MingJue didn’t receive any flowers. The main take-away, as I understood it, was that everyone else, from the Lan Sect to the Jiang Sect to the Jin Sect, was getting a torrential downpour of flowers while Nie MingJue, noticeably, did not.

When men who were high up on the list of cultivators entered, almost all of them couldn’t be spared from being showered with a faceful of flowery rain.

As the one ranked seventh, Nie MingJue, however, was an exception… even if the maidens could already feel their hearts bursting from their chests, clutching in their palms sweat-soiled flowers, they didn’t dare toss them out no matter what, afraid that they’d anger him and his saber hacked into the watching tower. However, many of the male cultivators who admired ChiFeng-Zun cheered for him. The cheers almost brought pain to the ears. (Ch. 69, ERS)

I love this because it’s a clear show-don’t-tell of what Wei WuXian identifies more clearly later on during empathy:

On Koi Tower, people came and went. Before Nie MingJue’s high viewpoint, the crowd parted again and again, with both sides nodding at him in respect, calling him “ChiFeng-Zun”. Wei WuXian thought, Such a show of extravagance is going to reach even the heavens. All these people both fear and respect Nie MingJue. There’s quite a few people who fear me, though not a lot who respect me. (Ch. 49, ERS)

The power Nie MingJue holds is unmatched! No one is throwing Nie MingJue flowers out of fear, but they respect/admire him so much they literally can’t shut up about it. Where he walks, the sea of people part. The power of the gods is being challenged. And dropping flowers on him might evoke the god-like wrath that made him MVP of the Sunshot Campaign.

Nonetheless, he still could very well have gotten a few flowers from anyone! But compared to how many flowers all the other top-ranking cultivators was getting, it was negligible. Nie MingJue’s aura and reputation precedes him. Even though we have evidence to show he means no harm towards innocent men, women, or children, people are still in fearful awe of him.

In closing, we should also bring up how if Nie MingJue isn’t getting a face full of flowers then Nie HuaiSang isn’t getting any secondary flowers either! Our boy came dressed to the nines, has rings on his fingers, has his fan in hand, has his saber for once, and he’s having a great time! But he, too, could do with more love in the flower department!

The Qinghe Nie are good men and deserve all the flowers from everyone is what I’m saying 🥺

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When Nie MingJue catches Meng Yao murdering that officer, Nie MingJue immediately jumps in to save Meng Yao’s life.

But in CQL, it is Meng Yao who immediately jumps in to save Nie MingJue’s life.

When Meng Yao leaves the Qinghe Nie Sect, it is with feelings of respect on Nie MingJue’s part and a glowing recommendation letter in Meng Yao’s hand.

But in CQL, Nie MingJue kicks Meng Yao across the floor and casts him out in bitter disgrace.

When Wen RuoHan has Nie MingJue lying bloodied and beaten at his feet, he asks, “He’s the one who killed Wen Xu?”

Meng Yao readily confirms, “That’s right. It was him.”

But in CQL, Meng Yao doesn’t answer.

When Jin GuangYao reaches the end, his last words to Lan XiChen are, “You, on the other hand, ZeWu-Jun, Sect Leader Lan, are as intolerant of me as Nie MingJue—you refuse to spare me even a single breath of life!”

His formal last words, which immediately follow, are, “Fuck you, Nie MingJue! You think I’m really scared of you?! I…”

But in CQL, his last words are all to Lan XiChen, “Stay and die with me.”

It’s really fascinating how CQL painted such a different picture of Jin GuangYao. It’s like how Jin GuangYao would have wanted to be seen and remembered. On the one hand, CQL presented this idealized and romanticized man who cared about other people but struggled against the powers that be. On the other hand, the novel is how he actually was, which was a man who could not stop digging himself into a hole in order to reach the sky, and so he just kept digging expecting to come out the other side, and then got angry when people kept kicking the dead bodies of his crimes into the grave he had incidentally made instead.

[CQL quotes by Netflix, novel quotes by Exiled Rebels Scanlations]

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<p>: <b>Wei Wuxian:</b> We saved our best idea for last!<p/><b>Lan Sizhui:</b> If it's our best idea, why did we leave it for last?<p/><b>Wei Wuxian:</b> <p/><b>Wei Wuxian:</b> Because we didn't know it was our best idea until all of our other ideas turned out to be terrible.<p/></p>
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There is such inherent romanticism with Lan XiChen and Nie MingJue recognizing one another at the garden of the Damsel of Annual Blossoms in Tanzhou. It is the parallel of spirits waiting to be reminded of the one they love and the broken pieces of an abandoned garden where once everything was grand and beautiful.

Lan XiChen is night hunting not far from this garden before the scene takes place. With the hope of running into him, Wangxian and the juniors pick it as a campsite.

The garden was big and majestic yet had no-one to care for it…

In the garden, there was a pavilion and a few fences, a table and a few stools, all made of stone, for people to enjoy the scenery. However, through years of wind and rain, one corner had fallen off the pavilion and two of the stools had toppled over. There were no plants or flowers in the garden, only brittle branches and withered leaves. This garden had been abandoned since a long time ago.

[Ch. 45, Exiled Rebel Translations]

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