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Considering depression has been hitting me super hard the past few days, I’m glad this came along.

1. Seeing my friends and doing fun, stupid shit

2. Taking late night walks and looking at the stars

3. Knowing that my sister loves and supports me even a year after I came out to her

4. Hugs. Really good hugs

5. Hanging out with my cousins and seeing how much they’ve grown since the last time I saw them

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fuck i am so bored. like i have 2 lectures, a tutorial, and a practical to all do online, plus a bunch of stuff to print out (though i need to replace the toner in my printer), but my uni just came back from a 2-week break due to coronavirus and i still have holiday brain aka very very lazy brain, and i have nothing else to do if i didn’t do uni work. like i’ve just been sitting in a chair staring at my worksheets for the past ten minutes. i need another coffee.

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So here’s my current thought in terms of lewds/nudes,

I was going to wait awhile and set up an OnlyFans, but I’m starting to think I may want to dip my toes into this kind of stuff with a “Premium” Snapchat first. It would just be a one time cost to be added as a friend on there, unlike OnlyFans which is a monthly cost. I definitely don’t think my content and content amount is worth a monthly cost yet. And then individual/personal content would be an additional cost (i.e. you want me to send you feet pics or do something in particular, or video chat and watch you- things like that). Not exactly sure how that would all work, but I’d figure it out.

Here are my concerns:

Firstly, there is no way I can keep up with the amount of conversations that will go on. I can guarantee that I will open anything sent to me, but I cannot always guarantee a response or a conversation. I’m also concerned with how much I’ll actually post and if I’m doing enough. I know I won’t post nudes/teases every single day, but it would definitely be multiple times a week. It just depends on how I’m feeling each day. Some days could be absolutely spammed while others may really lack content. Is that okay?? I’m worried people will think what they’re getting wasn’t worth the cost- which I’m thinking would be a one time $25. I’m also concerned about what if I don’t like it and I want to quit it- but I think the solution to this would be to gaurentee the snap will be around for at least 6 months from the start date and be upfront with everyone buying about this date and that possibility.

Benefits of doing this:

I’d actually be happy to receive photos and videos from you guys- I really don’t like dick pics on my normal snap or on here because I do try to keep it separate but I’d 10000% be happy to receive pics and videos on this snap. Like cum shots, please and thank you 🙌🏻😂 I wouldn’t have to censor absolutely everything like I do on here because it would be private and no one could just accidentally come across it. I’d also know that everyone on there does want to see me so I wouldn’t worry so much about getting nasty comments for what I post.

So yeah… what’re your thoughts? Please let me know any suggestions or concerns or anything you think about this idea! 💕

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I’m still working, though hours have been cut back.

A lot of stores are closing tomorrow at 5 PM local, including Barnes and Noble (Still open till now, though encouraging social distancing), JoAnn fabric (still open, though had a store occupancy limit- and selling fabric for masks- hoping to get some so mom can make masks for me tomorrow!), and Sears (which would have closed next Saturday no matter what- even without Coronavirus. I’m hoping to get a few things for a volunteer organization I’m with, and take them to storage).

I’m off two days this week, and hope to be away from home at work then, even if I’m not working.

Some relatives may have been exposed.

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