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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Sucks when that one person isn’t messaging you, and you just start overthinking and feeling depressed

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Tag 9 people you want to know better/to catch up with

i was tagged by @bettyjamesinez (thank you this was fun!!) 

Last song: my ex’s best friend by Machine Gun Kelly 

Last movie: i just watched half of The Lodge with my parents but full watch was Sleepover! 

Currently watching: Greek, derry, ratched, grey’s anatomy, bob’s burgers, misfits (technically, apparently i am on a break from this bc it’s been a bit) 

Currently reading: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware (also has been a bit, i forgot what’s happening in it lol) 

Currently craving: hagen dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream (: 

Tagging, if y’all wanna do it: @magic-multicolored-miracle @superbandnerd99 @hauntedhargreeves @scottsmccll @verboetoperee @benerinobullshit and anyone else who wants to! 

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Remember that hot second where it was conceivable that trump might die? Miss that energy

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I’m teed i’m just seeing this 🥺 ily more <3!

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thinking about…. how my dream job as a kid was fashion designer by day, fireman by night

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I   still   cry   when   

thinking   about   you  

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>  Cosa ti ha insegnato tuo padre di importante?

A mantenere la parola data

> E come te l’ha insegnato

Non mantenendola mai

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we’re never having the dom/sub discussion again since y’all don’t know how to act

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