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#me at age 14
greeds · 2 days ago
playing aa again and um. really....again......
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brainless-out · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#everyone dislikes sang gu because sang gu is an ASSHOLE to everyone#but you know what i can see the drama working around that too#because him being a greedy asshole obsessed with his own sucess/value actually makes sense#he lost his mom as a young age and his father is also very stingy#also his dad is obviously TERRIBLE at being a father to his sons srsly it's no joke he really sucks at it in a bad way#all he knows to do with them is critisizing and belittling them and calling them an embarrassment or a failure#and you know what sang gu's older brother and younger brother grew up with a meek temper and easily back down#due to the very opressive and dominating personality of their dad#and i can understand why sang gu had a totally different response to them#because it make sense that he thought he had to be twice as nasty and agressive as his dad#so he and his brothers wouldn't get 'eaten alive' by his presence#and obviously it took a very bad turn with him as he became selfish and a rude snob#but it makes sense to me and i like it#and seeing him wtill cower in front of his father it is obvious that there is room to work with him#you just have to look hard for it and not give up on it#but i can see him becoming a better man#unlike some other jerks characters in family drama#though i do believe he will always be 'that jerk uncle' or 'that jerk brother in law' because his temper is just simply bad to begin with#be my dream family#episode 14#GOSH WATCHING A WELL WRITTEN AND WELL THOUGHT DRAMA IS SO NICE#I AM UPSET THAT THIS IS NOT WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN THE OVERWHELMINGLY BAD REVOLUTIONARY SISTERS
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spacebell · 4 days ago
i just unlocked a memory I wished I could erase from my mind
#i was in 9nth grade and in my Spanish class we were reading a story about a girl having her first kiss#the teacher made us sit in a circle while she read and then she proceed to asked who hasn’t had their first kiss yet#and only me my best friend at the time and one other boy raised our hand#she looked at us with pity and I felt so so so weird#i was 13-14 at the time (yk the age when people start liking other people and maybe getting boyfriends or girlfriends)#those years were really fucking awkward for me and I struggled a lot#i wasn’t bullied and I had a nice group of friends but I felt so so weird and out of place and just insecure about my appearance#and now (and probably since I started uni) I’ve felt much more confident on how I look and I’m working on giving myself a break#but still I’m 23 I’ve never been in a relationship and I haven’t had my first kiss#so now whenever I think about being in a relationship and intimacy and sex I get an anxiety attack and I guess I remember that day#the sex part I’m just like eh it’ll happen when it’ll happen and hopefully with someone I trust there’s no rush at all#but the relationship thing does scares me and I feel so fucking weird because everyone I know has or has had a boyfriend/girlfriend#i mean my cousins have been dating since they were 16-17 and have had relationships of 3-4 years#my other cousin has had boyfriends since she was 15 (she’s now 24)#so yeah remembering that is not fun and whenever I think about that a lot insecurities come back#mariana writes
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shinedied · 6 days ago
     in  his  early  teens,  dan  develops  the  habit  of  not  looking  people  in  the  eyes,  or  even  their  faces.  with  the  shining’s  intensity  reaching  near  its  peak  at  those  ages,  people’s  eyes,  and  the  space  just  above  thier  heads  become  little  less  than  gaping  windows  in  which  daniel’s  able  to  see  every  fleeting  thought,  image,  and  wish.  even  though  not  looking  doesn’t  completely  solve  his  problem  it  does  make  it  a  LITTLE  easier.
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dust-dark-light · 11 days ago
i just shared the acc with a discord server im on so revamped summaries since i got a better grasp on the characters! soon ill try to give each character a post of their own but for now here they are!!
the main characters are: rhys (he/him, 16) - resident alien, science man, tries so hard to keep relationships professional, (in the words of my friend who created him) distinguished-passing but really only barely functional parker (she/her, 14) - ball of energy, confidently a dumbass, simultaneously team leader and comic relief, windy powers sylvie (she/her, 13) - mom friend despite being the youngest?, so incredibly stressed, people pleaser, water/healing powers erin (they/them, 14) - constant identity crisis, kinda lonely, legally blind, water/ice powers gene (they/them, 16) - fear of vulnerability, strong, would probably be the team leader if not for being too distant to fill the role effectively, earth powers wells (they/them, 15) - arsonist and resident criminal, intense pursuit of knowledge ftw babey, please do not give them a gun, fire/explosion powers percy (they/them, 15) - observant as fuck, distinguished emo, moral absolutist, fire/smoke powers  azrael (he/she, 14) - anger issues, minor vandal, talks a big game but is actually babey, fire/lightning powers
hopefully soon ill do a side characters one! since theres a lot of side characters and i want to intro you guys to them! damn i really feel like i got an Audience now (even tho its like. 4 new ppl)
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sleepyfemme · 12 days ago
i know that the universe doesn’t work like this, but i can’t shake the feeling that we were just dealt a fucking cosmic injustice. she should have had more time. she was SUPPOSED to have more time. she deserved it & so did i & i feel like we got fucking cheated out of something. & i know that that isn’t how things work but it’s how i feel. this just wasn’t what was supposed to happen. 
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lxncelot · 23 days ago
olive it's been two minutes and I'm already cackling at your updates, I'm so excited for you to read the whole thing!! But also yes I got so disturbed about the ages of the characters, like I read soc when I was 17 myself and was like. there's no way in hell I am older than Inej Ghafa,,, they're all 21+ in my mind.
they’re so babie!!!!! but i feel like that’s a problem with a majority of ya literature - the characters are aged to be the same as the expected audience and yet they have the minds/skills of someone in their mid-twenties. i get that it’s supposed to connect the reader more to the story, but i feel like that’s a cheap excuse.
it also gets more problematic when you throw love interests into the mix because sometimes they can be older the main character, and even if the book tries to explain it away, that is still a relationship between a minor and an adult, and that doesn’t sit well with me. especially when you add in the pg-13 s*x scenes,,,,,, (which is more of a problem with the movie adaptations, but you can almost always find something that alludes to it in the books, too),,,,,,,,
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violetmoods · 25 days ago
i was kind of into megstiel as a teen but only as a weird triangulation of desire thing where i desperately wanted to make out with rachel miner
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existansial-crisis · 27 days ago
I can’t say shit about Roope coming it back into the game because i’m pretty sure i had a concussion during one of my hockey games. They asked me if i was ok and i said yes..i lied. I’m a stubborn person who will fight through pain unless i pass out (like i almost did when i had pancreatitis).
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valeriegauvin · a month ago
i love american country music and none of u can tell me a damn thing about it cause i promise you that i feel no shame whatsoever
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bastardmanvibes · a month ago
Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare was the absolute peak of golden age macdennis i think
i rly do sleep on this episode they are just so casually so nonchalantly a couple and it’s normal expected it’s just a thing. also i love me some macden stupidity god it’s good. it’s good. dennis thinks he’s so clever. love watching them get swindled w smiles on their faces.
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beyondthetemples-ooc · a month ago
Is this character growth or just taking a chill pill?
tl;dr I used to despise stage magic, but now I’m kinda starting to see why people enjoy it. I don’t have to agree to understand that they’re having fun.
Somebody came into work to train us for our next project. And it turns out he’s a bit of a hobbyist magician. You know, the sleight-of-hand type. And the way he talked about it made me think. He said he likes making people smile with his tricks.
Is that what it’s about? Making people smile?
That was something I never understood, for years. What was the appeal of stage magic? It’s all fake anyways. It’s deceitful. It’s just some clever coordination and misdirection, anyone can learn how to do it sufficiently. What was so special about making a coin disappear by hiding it in your palm?
Well, basically Raven’s reaction to Mumbo. Disdainful, unimpressed. “You pulled that out of your sleeve.” “Must you always overanalyze?” Yes, yes I must.
I especially hated stage magic because people conflate the trickery of the stage with the very real forces I know. Like, I’m a practicing witch, an empath, a spiritualist, lots of weird shit goes on in my life for which “magic” is the only explanation. I’m not about to get into it here, but I begrudged stage magic for ~making a mockery~ of something that fulfilled half my life.
I couldn’t tell you exactly when that changed. Around age 20, maybe? I couldn’t tell you why, either. But gradually, over the years, certainly with help from my girlfriend’s admiration I’m sure, I came to see it not as an affront to Real Magic, but just... an entertainment venue. That’s all it is, really. It’s not telling people “I can actually turn this rose into a bird”, it’s telling people “I can delight you by tricking you into thinking that’s what you’re seeing.” And that trickery is fully consensual! People go into these shows WANTING to be dazzled and baffled and bemused! Can’t relate, but I can accept that they’re allowed to do what they want with their own time and money. I can understand that somebody might be awed by something that just makes me roll my eyes. As long as they’re not dragging me along, I’m glad they’re having fun with it.
After the shit I’ve seen, the shit I’ve experienced, a rose becoming a bird just absolutely pales in comparison. It’s not “magical” for me. It’s not a delight. Now the crowd’s wonder, the crowd’s delight, their anticipation, if I can just close my eyes and wallow in that for a little while, I can sort of “borrow” their experience! I enjoy the atmosphere, at least. I just can’t have that same reaction myself.
But that doesn’t mean it’s not great for other people, and I understand that now. I no longer begrudge those people for, like... having fun.
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