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#me i am the jury
frogparty · 3 years ago
lotor banging on the walls of the jar/tube thing the paladins trapped him in: LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!! I AM YOUR SAVIOR!!!!! THE JUDGE!!!!!!! THE JURY!!!!!!! THE EXECUTIONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT RELEASE ME THIS INSTANT I SWEAR ON-
lance, sucking on a popsicle and watching the whole ordeal: hm. does he know we cant hear him right now
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diana-san · 2 years ago
Me when L6 started taking over and the Hive had no chance at winning:
Tumblr media
Me hearing there's a Jury Battle Back:
Tumblr media
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razzberryfunhouse · a year ago
honestly imagine being this cool hotshot lawyer, but one day you have a mental breakdown about what justice is so you morph into a weird muppet creature that hangs from the ceiling. imagine explaining that to someone
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mylestoyne · a year ago
I hated Cersei until I learned how rabidly ASOIAF dudebros hate her and think she’s the worst villain in the series. Now she’s my personal Queen and I want her to rule Westeros :)
hell yeah dude, stan her out of spite. also fuck it UP cersei you wild bitch 
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utenaposter · 2 hours ago
what do you think everyone (including Kozue and Shiori, they deserve some love) would be up to when they leave Othori? (love hearing your utena thoughts btw ^^)
im so glad u like hearing my thoughts i love receiving ur asks ;u;;!!!
utena and anthy find each other after a few months, they cry and talk for an hour when they meet. they get a small apartment on the first floor and fill it with plants and flowers, a single rose blooms near a window, utena adds her own near it. anthy tries to get better at cooking but the only thing she learns how to make is pancakes, utena asks for them every day. anthy paints. she paints her dreams and memories, theres always a teacup in her paintings, or a stopwatch, or a bird, or an apple, or a car, never a rose. utena tends to the plants more than anthy does, she struggles at first but adjusts quickly and she likes seeing them grow new leaves or bloom. she becomes a photographer and takes pictures of every new thing she sees, though she takes more pictures of her and anthy than anything else. sometimes she practices swordfighting with chuchu, she buys him his own little sword, he wins every time.
nanami leaves ohtori first. she finds it hard to adjust to the outside world and has to go back to school (not ohtori). she realizes she loves learning and wonders why she ever had tsuwabuki doing everything for her. she goes on to become an architect and designs clothes in her free time. she never builds towers. when tsuwabuki leaves he studies architecture too at first, but nanami pushes him to do what he actually wants. he becomes a biologist, the cow is his favourite animal.
juri would keep fencing or maybe give fencing classes, she would live with shiori and theyd go birdwatching a lot, maybe have a few birds of their own, still feeling guilty for the bird that crashed into the window at ohtori. juri would never want a wedding but shiori pushes her into it. they invite everyone. touga doesnt come. juri gives her locket to shiori at the end of her vows, telling her that she doesnt need it anymore, shiori is right there infront of her and the pictures in her mind are always prettier than the one in the locket.
miki would probably go to juris fencing lessons, maybe help her out a bit, but i dont think he would continue playing piano professionally, maybe as a hobby or just at parties. kozue would get back into piano though, she'd go to mikis house on lazy afternoons and he would help her out with the parts she just cant get right. maybe theyd play concerts for their old friends. they never play the sunlit garden again.
saionji would pick up a lot of hobbies and drop most of them, hopping from one to the other. the ones he'd stick to most would be carving and painting, calming hobbies. he'd live alone in a house in the countryside, only sometimes going into the city to visit the others, but never staying too long for fear of overstaying his welcome. he'd raise chickens and grow vegetables in his backyard, maybe sometimes he would practice kendo, but it leaves a bad taste in his mouth.
wakaba and tatsuya (the onion prince) get closer after getting out, they become good friends and visit utena and the others together, no one ever seems to remember his name. in her free time she becomes an author, shes not too popular but she doesnt mind. she writes for herself and sends all her books to utena and anthy for free even though anthy insists on buying the copies herself. wakaba goes to visit them almost every day, she helps them out with cooking and pulls them out of the house to go sightseeing and on picnics. she still doesnt understand why utena chose anthy over her, but she accepts it now.
touga gets out last. he lives on his own in the middle of a busy city so that nobody will ever recognize him. he finally cuts his hair and cries when he sees the strands in the sink. he bleaches it. sometimes he sees the others walking around but never says hi, he doesnt think he deserves to. one time he bumps into juri at the park and she tells him he looks familiar, he doesnt respond, just walks past. when she invites him to her wedding he comes but stands outside the venue and never goes inside. no one would want to see him. he and nanami exchange letters but he never goes to see her, he doesnt know if shes forgiven him. he becomes a foster parent to lots of kids and tries his best, he never wants what happened to him to happen to them. he adopts a green haired boy.
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the-busy-ghost · 14 days ago
In other news I adore mediaeval chroniclers who genuinely tried their best to get accurate information (as they saw it) but were still perplexed by things they couldn’t explain (and sometimes just included some tales because they were good stories and admitted it). I think it’s a good reminder that a testimony is absolutely dependent on the limits of a person’s viewpoint, no matter how hard they may try to be objective. And while we may think of ourselves as “better” at history nowadays, we are only as good as our sources and our use of reason (the latter having existed for millenia).
William of Newburgh is a good example, since he is known for grumbling about Geoffrey of Monmouth’s lies but then found himself forced to include some outlandish tales in his own chronicle, like the Green Children of Woolpit because, so far as he was concerned, he HAD found credible witnesses and there was no way for him to deny them. So he comments on the story:
“Nor does it seem right to pass over an unheard-of prodigy, which, as is well known, took place in England during the reign of king Stephen. Though it is asserted by many, yet I have long been in doubt concerning the matter, and deemed it ridiculous to give credit to a circumstance supported on no rational foundation, or at least one of a very mysterious character; yet, at length I was so overwhelmed by the weight of so many and such competent witnesses, that I have been compelled to believe, and wonder over a matter, which I was unable to comprehend, or unravel, by any powers of intellect.”
Which is relevant because I’m currently considering a story told by William of Newburgh (and alluded to by Ailred of Rievaulx) about events that took place in the reign of David I. Some nineteenth and twentieth century historians have doubted whether this story has any truth in it whatsoever. I will say it helps that more recent authors (including David’s most recent academic biographer) seemingly believe the bare bones of the story, but they haven’t given their reasoning. But William and Ailred are generally considered (comparatively) reliable authors, even if they might have used a bit of poetic license. If I dismiss this story do I not then have to reevaluate every other claim these men made in all their writings? And since many of those claims are known to be true does that necessarily mean that we should accept this story at face value? What reasons do I have for dismissing it? If I have no reason to disbelieve the story should I then accept it until further evidence comes to light? But if I accept these writers at their word then shouldn’t I accept other writers’ plausible stories, even if they are less credible in other respects? At what point does it all just become a vague *feeling* that dictates whether or not I choose to believe something? But then even if the story wasn’t true might it not be worth recording anyway as an example of the concerns of the age? But if I take this line then I have to assume it is false???
In other words, Help
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jakedebergeron · 2 years ago
me: hitting the puck over the glass is such a dumb penalty
me when the opposing team does it: justice. i am the judge, jury and executioner.
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segimaru · 3 years ago
Me before watching this year’s Eurovision: I really don’t like vampires, they’re too edgy for me...
Me tuning in: Ukraine is first, eh?
Me: ?
Mélovin: *exists*
Me: *sweats previously*
Mélovin: *finishes his performance*
Me: Oh boy... I am... whoa...
Mélovin: *gets screwed over by The Jury™*
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cappurrccino · a year ago
if there’s one piece of dnd clothing i want to have irl, it’s the cloak of the manta ray
Tumblr media
look at how fuckin rad this is. it is the HEIGHT of fashion and comfort and if it decides to work and let me breathe underwater, who am I to complain
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hoidgender · 25 days ago
even though I think juri and miki on the student council is great, I kinda think it would be interesting to see an AU where shiori and kozue take their places. the messy bitches are bestiesssss
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snailvibes · a day ago
am I getting called in for jury duty
Absolutely we need you on my legal team
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