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#me irl

Most sensible people have like one or two Vibes that they’re into but my ADHD ass is left desperately trying to keep up with the fact that I’m a cottagecore neuroscientist DIY lesbian who can’t finish any of her woodworking/leatherworking/game design/novel writing/vaguely witchy projects because they’re too busy being Anxious

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strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring, my summer wine is really made from all these things

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For those who don’t know what an MQR report is, it’s uh like the snitch card from the teachers. They tell your progress and what you failed to pass. I am fully aware that I missed 3 TLE submissions BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY I APPARENTLY HAVE 1 MISSED FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT IN MATH. I MAY HATE IT BUT I FUCKING RESPECT THAT SUBJECT. I passed everything in math. I fucking hate it here

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Rough AF and wine drunk

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Apparently if you tell a literal n*zi they have no brain cells on Facebook, you are a terrorist and promoting violence? What the fuck? Skinhead literally threatened to murder a child but that doesn’t go against community standards? Me calling the n*zi dumb is terrorism? Fuckn oath last time I venture to social medias outside of tumblr

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Among us art for the soul:3

*Crawls back under rock*


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It’s only eight in the fucking morning and I’m already confused on what to do

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Halloween, but put it on some grown ass shit.

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Having to retie my pigtails like 6 times because one side keeps being bigger than the other one


No but literally pain the ponytail holders keep getting stuck in my hair ouch owie

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Frag you Apple I just wanna use that free Apple TV subscription you said came with the iPad and I don’t have a credit card come on

Just let me do it I was gonna cancel before it was over anyway, you’re not getting any money from me (and I don’t have a phone number to give you either go away)

I literally only care about it because I wanna watch Greyhound with my dad

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Oh the joys of waking up with a bleeding nose

Also the first time I’ve ever fainted; I told you I’m haemophobic! (My braces cut my lips scrappit)

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give me attention it’s good for my ego

{{ goose , they/them , 16 , ok to rb }}

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Someone once asked me: “If being gay is a sin and abortion is a sin what happens if you have an abortion but the child was gay?”

Half a year later

Me: “Then you’re gonna meet you kid in hell and it won’t be pretty.”

(Nothing homophobic intended)

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