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#me reading this: uhhh idk

i need to get in touch with like… SPN blogs that are current SPN but also were SPN back in like 2012/2013/2014 (a.k.a. the height of Twist & Shout) because i was part of the fandom then, but don’t really remember all of it, but also so i can get some intel on the shift in the fandom between those times and now….

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Have the first chapter of the ficlet for the timestuck au :))

It’s about 1300 words

For context: Ford and Mabel have just convinced Fiddleford to help fix the time tape to get Mabel home. (This is set after fidds quit the project, Ford stumbled across Mabel on his way back from the diner- so everyone’s a bit of a mess but dad instincts kick in here yknow??)


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