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#me tbh

Sorry for the delay folks, the computer is very required and I have a lot of homework to do. But here ya go, I take sometime pass midnight to make this and hang out with you because I miss you all so much. :3 

Rules: answer 20 questions, then tag 20 people you’d like to get to know better

I was tagged by @mademoiseli

1. Name: Ana

2. Nickname: Anita, pingu and Güera (Blondie)

3. Zodiac sign: Aries

4. Height: 4.98 

5. Languages: Spanish and English. I’m trying to learn french in Duolingo but I haven’t been so constant.

6. Nationality: Proudly mexican. 😊

7. Favorite Season: I’m mainly a warm person. My favorite season is Spring, I love shiny days and sunsets, the singing of birds and the colors of the flowers. Also, I enjoy eating ice cream and popsicles and wearing comfy fresh clothes!! But I can’t but get very excited everytime a season changes. 

8. Favorite Flower: Uhhh… I guess I don’t have a favorite? I like any kind of flower, I can’t decide for one only!! 

9. Favorite Scent: I love the scent of flowers, of candy, of meat and chocolate. :3 Some perfumes and lotions, but there are some perfumes that I dislike for it’s strong smell. I prefer perfumes that have a soft scent.

10. Favorite Color: I love pastel colors, but my main favorite are soft and between warm and cold (purple, pink and blue) 

11. Favorite Animals: The main one is the horse. I can’t explain how much passion I have for these animals. Watching a horse running, waving its mane or neighing can make me end up tearing up, and it’s not methaphor, I literally end up tearing up!!! In second place I love dogs and cats, and then I love any kind of animals! 😊

12. Favorite Fictional Character: Do I have to give explanations? It’s kinda obvious that my main current favorite character is Félicie. I adore her with all of my heart that she just conquered that time in the theaters!! Then I have plenty of more favorite characters: Pérez the Tooth Mouse from the movie “The Hairy Tooth Fairy” as it is known in USA, Miles Morales my sonflower, Varian from Tangled, Anna from Frozen (she deserves better tbh), Diego De La Vega from the anime version of “The Legend Of Zorro”, Lucy Pevensie, Chihiro, Sheeta, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock (preferly when he was a teen), Moana, and Jack Frost from ROTG.

13. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Can I get a Cappuchino and then tea? But mainly a Cappuchino, the tea not so much.

14. Average Amount of Sleep: I try hard to sleep 7 hours a day. 

15. Dogs or Cats: BOTH

16. Number of Blankets you Sleep with: When it’s cold I can end up sleeping with five and when it’s hot 2, unless the weather it’s boiling then I sleep with non.

17. Dream Trip: The sea. I have never been there. Then I would travel to the mediterranean zone, and to Nothern Europe. But, I love my country so much to leave it.

18. Blog Established: 2 of February of 2018.

19. Followers: 129. That’s fine, I don’t care about followers. 😊

20. Random Fact: I’m the one in my family that doesn’t suffer from myopia yet. Also, the only visual artists. My parents and two of my older siblings are muscicians while my nearest older brother is a historian student and my little sister wants to be a writer. Did I mention we’re five siblings and that I’m the fourth one?

Tag 20 people: I tag @lightening816, @littleladybaker, @lasaraleen, @myblacknightworld, @blackangel2711, @ifthesewings–couldfly, @teabooksandsweets, @theofficialdramallama, @by-dying-i-live-more, @giantgirl253, @muy-terrible-cici, @killer-meme-queen, @ainulinde, @tintin-is-my-life, @zarinaa113, @alexa117m, @vanessafangirl13, @greatmarta and @marchingbandtshirt

Feel free to participate or not. 😊

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i know hdjfjfhfb idk why adding “ninja” before a word makes it funnier.. ninja condoms, ninja sewing kit, ninja vitamins

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I know i will not be read by many or by anyone, but still I’ll write:

Today being in quarantine mode I was a first time watcher of the One Planet series on Netflix. Man, I know for sure that we as humans are destroying ecosystems in this world, but as I was watching it, felt very bad…and governments just give a shit. The world and its flora and fauna slowly melts away and dies off while we enjoy inside our fucking AC cubicles we call homes.

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