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lovecatcher · a month ago
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amosthirst · 27 days ago
Amos dearest welcome back!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 I missed youuu ;;💔💔 Here’s a little something I cooked up to celebrate your return~!
“Please Kaeya, ‘s too big…” A strangled mewl left your lips as he buried himself to the base into you once more, plowing into you with a force that made your legs tremble in his grip, one of his hands kneading the soft flesh of both your thighs as he pushed them up further to breed you deeper.
“Well maybe you should have thought of that before you came crawling to me, begging me to fill your sweet little hole, hm?” He hummed, using his dick to fuck the cum spilling out of you back into your dripping pussy, much to your gathering dismay.
“Too much… too uncomfy…” You yelped at the pooling heat below your stomach, such a mean Kaeya, forcing you to choke the entirety of his cock into your tiny pussy without any preparation. Not like it would have mattered, you were already slick from his teasing of the past few hours. You felt sluggish and full, the amount of cum stuffed into you causing you to bulge every time he stuffed his cock back inside. A chuckle left his lips as he paused, buried to the hilt inside you to trace his fingers over the prominent bump, using two of them to push down, his eyes brushing down your vulnerable body to watch the cream spilling out of your abused hole.
-☕️ anon~!
☕ my baby my darling my loml thank you so much for this 🥺 haven’t got kaeya thirsts in ages and my godd ☕ AAAAAAA screaming is not enough i not to pull my throat out because it’s going to stay in my head!!!! i just want kaeya to fuck his cum inside of me 😭😭😭
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a-really-hot-caterpillar · 4 days ago
not to initiate anything but what if we kissed under the cover of your dupatta?
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jspithole · 4 months ago
I want Tuesday already. Gimme Avior and gimme now
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dragonnnfly · a month ago
Would you like to take a look at my kittens?
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There's more where that came from
First, NEVER stop talking about your kittens! NEVER! Second, that one kitten is the embodiment of the 🥺 emoji! Look at it and tell me I’m lying! You can’t, cause it’s an undeniable truth
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xiiiwayfinders · 8 months ago
I want a Kingdom Hearts ugly Christmas sweater
Ah same. That honestly sounds fantastic
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mandareeboo · 11 months ago
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theambientsky · 4 days ago
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La Famiglia Pois by Wall & Deco collection 2018 at Behangfabriek
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h0ney-bee · 6 days ago
I can not design characters anymore I have lost my abilities god why please
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immortal-velociraptor · 10 days ago
Y’all I desperately want to trade my Honda C-RV for a Hearse when it finally dies on me. Is that a horrible financial decision, or does it just make me the coolest kid on the block? Cause like it’s either that or I save for a VW Bus. I ain’t know shit about cars, I just like them because they’re pretty 🥺🥰❤️
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Who cares about fuel efficacy when you can be hot?
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masid · 2 months ago
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Haha cutie netong donut na to' ang liit, dpa ako nakakatikim neto. 🥺
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ryssbelle · 7 months ago
Hey you play the Sims 4? Neat me too!
Yeah! I actually started with The Sims 3 and so far its my fav of the series but sadly my little computer can't handle the absolute unit that is Sims 3. I think we got Sims 4 as a gift (I say we cuz my siblings and I share one origin account) and so far I'm the only one that plays it regularly though my older sister plays it occasionally.
Technically almost all the Sims 3 (base game included) expansions are mine minus 2 one of the other sibs bought, and all the Sims 4 expansions we have were bought by me so if there ever was an issue where one of us would get all the games it would be me who gets them lol.
I also got all the sims 2 expansions for free on my other other sibs old computer using a process I'll link here for those interested. I used the old computer cuz if it was a virus then the already dead computer would just die a little more instead of a new functioning computer dying. It worked really well, and despite the computer being on its last legs the sims 2 ran without issue! Cheats also worked on it!
But yeah TDLR I play Sims 4, lol. I wish it had more to it, I know they're still updating the game, but I hate how a lot of things for expansions and stuff that would have been included all in one pack are split up into a billion. Also how we were basically given an unfinished game that they're patching into a finished product.
Character customization is great but I want the color wheels back, I don't like having 3 choices I want to create my own color lol. It's nice to see them expanding it tho for free but still a lot of these things should've already been in the game on release not a patch.
Anyways please enjoy my sim Hylia and sim Matdas being cute
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Also a better view of Matdas' face:
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lxghtbound · 2 months ago
i hate shadowkeep sm it’s so BORING
eris ily but if i have to do one more grind quest
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musemade · 8 months ago
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Where’s the y.akuza rpc
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justatadbitgay · a year ago
Me needs redk!kara in season six
maybe the phantom zone has some, or something
But I NEED red kryptonite kara to interact with Lena I just do
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jalebipdf · 5 months ago
Look it's got these weird berries 🤌
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ajflhl omg
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cloverhighfive · a year ago
tbh I'd be all in if Jensen and Misha would decide to create a franchise in which they play 2 ppl who fall in love over and over one AU to the next and they finally figure out they're soul mates and the final movie is them super self-aware of that but circumstances mean they have to look for each other but they don't but through their actions they solved the thing the movie is about and they did work together cause they know what the other needs even if they can't be together and then bonus movie in that one they find each other and find a way to stop this reincarnation thing AU shit and figure out how to spend eternity together being happy doing whatever the fuck they want.
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