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It says you write for Hemsworth so ..
*deep breath*
Would you do one where the reader is the daughter of a good friend of his and whenever they have to do something Chris looks after her, but one day Chris finds out she's ticklish...
Maybe they could be on set and hiddleston could walk in..
Idk If this makes sense
(Maybe with raspberries if u wanted)
Interesting fact…
pairing: Chris Hemsworth x female!reader (ft. Tom Hiddleston)
Warnings: none just a loooot of tickles and fluff
Word count: 1954
Summary: when Chris picked you up for visiting the set of the new Thor movie, he found out an interesting fact about you, someone else followed soon.
A/N: this escalated quickly… I didn’t plan on writing that much haha, also I think this is kinda bad?… however, have fun reading it
Tumblr media
"When am I going to see him again?" You eagerly asked, looking up at your dad who was doing some work in the kitchen.
"See who again?" He turned to you and tilted his head, only the way you looked at him gave him the answer he was waiting for, "oh you mean Chris! I don't know, want me to call him?" You nod your head. Since Hemsworth was good friends with your dad, you saw him as an uncle. He always looks after you if he has time, kind of babysitting you. His children and you are also friends, whenever it's possible you go over and play with them, even tho you're a teenager and they're still a bit small, you loved playing with them! You love chris, and you know he loves you like his own daughter.
Your father went to get his phone, typing in chris' number and holding it to his ear when he did. He was waiting, but Chris didn't take long to answer the call. You excitedly watched your dad talking with Chris, only hearing your dad's replies.
"Yeah? Would it be possible? It would? You're gonna ask them? Yeah go on, and tell me if she's allowed to. Alright mate, I'll see you!" The call ended, he glared at you while he put his phone into the back pocket of his jeans. Your eyes met his, with a shine of hope.
"He's shooting a movie, but he'll ask the director if you can come over for a day." He said ,"or two" with a wink he gave you, you let out an excited squeal. It made your dad chuckle.
"Now go and do your homework before I get another call from your teacher." Your eyes widened and the happy face soon went into a shocked one. This damn teacher really called your dad.. you thought he was joking...
Days went by and Chris had picked you up from home after the director, Taika Waititi, allowed you to come visiting the set. You always loved to be on the set of the Marvel movies, especially since the other actors and actresses welcomed you lovely all the time and are happy to see you again. You were excited, dancing and humming softly to the song that played in the radio. Chris looked at you for a quick second and let out a soft laugh, he loves the way you are happy whenever you're with him.
"Are you excited to see the crew again?" He asked you and had his eyes focused on the Highway to the set. You nodded frantically, smiling wide from one ear to the other.
"They're excited to see you again too, Taika didn't hesitate saying yes to my question." He pulled over into some private area, knowing that means you are close to get to set. You looked out of the window, there wasn't anything special to see, only some fields, trees and you could see a forest in the distance.
When the both of you arrived, the car didn't stop and the door on your side swung open with you hopping out of the rolling car.
"Y/N! Would you come back here!?" Chris shouted after you with a smile as he watched you running away. You giggled and stopped, turning around to wait for Hemsworth.
"Then move your ass over here!" You shouted back, metres away from him. He had to roll his eyes, turning off the engine and getting out of the car. When he walked towards you, he had this playfully grin on his face, poking your side as he passed you. You jumped away with eyes wide opened, a shriek almost escaping your lips, you just hoped he didn't notice this.
"You doesn't even know where you have to go." He kept on walking, it seemed like he didn't notice your reaction on his poke, but he did. He had this slight smirk on his face, you didn't see it, but he indeed noticed your reaction on this little poke he did.
"Well, i would have guessed where to go!" You looked after him, starting to run as he kept on walking further into the set to keep up with the Australian.
"Is that my favourite darling right there?" You heard a familiar voice asking the silence. you turned around to see Tom Hiddleston, already in his role as Loki, sitting in his set chair and smiling at you. You happily walked towards him, jumping a bit on the way to the British actor. You loved Tom, so much, you are always happy when you get the chance to meet him again, and you also loved his character Loki. It is such a crazy feeling seeing the character, which most of the people only see on screen, in real life, that the character is standing in front of you, it always feels like you were in a dream.
"Tom!" You greeted him excitedly, hugging him tight, "I missed you."
"I missed you too, darling. It's been such a long time!" His arms wrapped around your back, welcoming you with a squeeze and rubbing your back during the hug. You felt comforted in his arms and didn't let go any time soon. This probably has been the longest hug you've ever had and Chris had none of that.
"Would you stop hugging him longer than me?! I didn't get such a lovely tight hug!" The jealousy was audible in his voice and you couldn't hold back your giggles.
"Oh you think this is funny do you?" A sudden touch of fingers clawing into your sides made you shriek up in surprise. Your heart dropped to your stomach while giggles are just pouring out of your mouth. You pulled away from Tom, falling back into Hemsworth's chest, a colour of bright red appearing on your cheeks. Chris hugged you into a bear hug, now digging his fingertips into your tummy.
"Why didn't I know that you are this ticklish?" You squirmed in his hold, giggles escalating when he put more pressure into tickling your sensitive belly. Tom enjoyed it, seeing you this giggly and smiling in the arms of his co worker, he thought about all the pranks you pulled on him, now knowing the best way to get you back for everything you've done to him.
"Chrihihis!" You didn't even know you were that ticklish, you father doesn't tickle you that often since you've grown up into a teen, slowly leaving his little princess behind and becoming an adult. It was a heartbreaking scene for your dad seeing you growing up that fast, but you were still his daughter, the one he loves the most, but due work, he barely has time for you but he tried his best being there for you. Anyway, Chris' hands are crawling up your sides, ending up at your lower rib cage. with a squeal as he dug his fingers in, your knees got weak and you fell into his arms, he had a strong grip on you so you couldn't fall to the ground, but hanging in there while he tickled the living hell out of you, made everything much worse, especially while Tom was starring at you in amusement.
"Hold still, I'm trying to tickle you!" The moment his fingers dug in between your ribs, you lost it. Hysterical laughter left your mouth, chris and Tom heard the pure joy and happiness out of them and they couldn't hold back the big grin they had on their faces. Chris truly enjoyed tickling you, and secretly you enjoyed being tickled, but no one needs to know that, right? The longer the attack went, the more weak you got, not being able to fight back or squirm.
"CHRIHI- AHAHA!" A vibration on your neck and the stubbles of Chris' beard made you squeal in ticklish agony. A raspberry was plant by the Australian, making you go double with laughter. You knew, you couldn't last that long anymore, his hands, which are now squeezing your hips with his left and digging into your ribs still with his right hand, made the whole situation worse. And that's when you fell into your silent laughter, blushing deep red and cheeks hurting from the wide smile on your face.
Hemsworth knew it was his cue to stop, but he didn't let go of you, hugging you as a gesture of comfort.
"Ahhh this was adorable wasn't it?" He started, "and now I even got a longer hug than Hiddleston, HA!" Your eyes widened as you heard the gasp from Tom, that is a joke isn't it? Tom got up, walking towards the both of you with this mischievous smirk on his lips, he was definitely already in character as Loki Laufeyson.
"My my my.. D/N you really want to be tickled today, huh?"
"I was forced to hug him! He tickled me!"
"watch your words in these bad circumstances!" Chris teased, grinning down at your desperately, giggly state. A few seconds went by and you, again, felt tickly fingers on your sensitive skin, spidering up and down your sides, leaving you there as the giggly mess you were before.
"Tohohom! ihim sohorry!" You giggled, holding onto the Britain's wrists. Chris didn't let you go, he still had a strong grip on you and everything just made it worse. While they chuckles along with you, some of the cast members went by with an amused and soft smile.
"Poor girl, what has she done now?" Tessa asked and stopped for a quick second to watch this adorable scene in front of her.
"She hugged Hiddleston longer than me!"
"And then she hugged Hemsworth longer than me!"
"Ihihi wahahas fohohorced!" You heard the giggles from tessa through your own, her smile grew a bit wider.
"Just please don't kill her, yeah?"
"We won't." Answered Tom and scribbled to the middle part of your tummy.
"Now... where's your tickle spot hiding mhhh?" Is he playing dumb on purpose or was his attention on something else while Chris attacked your ribs? However, he switched spots and his hands were found on your hips, drilling his thumbs in. You kicked your feet out and squealed with a fit of giggles.
"Now that's a sensitive spot!" Hiddleston said and kept on drilling his thumbs in your sensitive hipbones.
"I know a better one!" Chris exclaimed happily and dug his fingertips into your ribs again. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, it just got. Both of the men tortured the most sensitive spots on your body with their tickles while they couldn't stop teasing you. Even tho their teases weren't really the most flustering ones, but they still made you blush.
"WAHAHAIT! AHAHA!" You threw your head back on Chris' shoulder, trashing from side to side in his arms.
"Mh? Is someone ticklish hereeee?" Your giggles increased just the moment both of them used more pressure on the spots they were tickling.
"Cootchie cootchie cooooo!" The fact that Tom used a baby voice just made you laugh more because it sounded so hilarious, luckily he didn't notice it. But something he did notice is the colour of your cheeks which went darker and darker, flustered from they words they say and the things they do.
"Fineeee" both of them stopped their actions and you caught your breath, a kiss was plant on your temple from Chris and your tummy lovingly got rubbed by him as well, getting rid of the tickly feeling.
“That was mean…” you giggled out of breath, slowly catching a steady rhythm back. Hemsworth chuckled softly.
“Oh you loved it.” He said “you didn’t say stop.”
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Party Games
Gender: Female
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warning: Underaged drinking (but c'mon guys, they're like, highschoolers sooo)
Summary- [Y/N] plans a small get- together and forgets to tell Peter, but when he comes over to do homework and then stays for the party, she finds out just how fun Peter Parker can really be. Also Peter drinks for the first time haha
Bonus: Funny drunk Peter
Tumblr media
"Okay!," you said to yourself, rubbing your hands together while looking around your room. "We got chips, dip, LED lights, playing cards, uno, cards against humanity, music and..."
You looked around the room again, letting your arms fall to your sides. "Crap, what else?..."
You were throwing a party.
Well, actually just a small get-together.
...but everyone knows that basically means a party.
And this small get-together/party needed to be PERFECT.
"Alright... chips, dip, music, playing cards, LED lights, uno, cards against humanity, and..." you trailed off again. Why did it seem so empty? What were you missing?
"Drinks..," you quietly said to yourself, a small smile playing on your lips. "No party is complete without alcohol."
This par-..uh, small get-together was going to be a blast!
You quickly turned your head to the clock when you heard a knock at your door. It was only four o'clock. The party started at five. What frickin' grandma-time-moving person was at your door a whole hour early?
You opened while simultaneously rolling your eyes. "You're, like, an hour early.."
"No I'm not," a voice responded.
You looked up to see Peter Parker there in front of you. His eyebrows were scrunched up as he titled his head. He carried a small backpack.
"I always come around this time," he said, checking his watch. "D-do you need me to come back later o-or-?"
Realizing what he was talking about, you slapped your forehead. "Oh yeah! The homework!"
"I-I mean it's totally cool if you already did it!," he rushed. "Like, really cool! Cuz y'know, progress is, GREAT, y'know! And, um, you're really smart and stuff. Ha, I'll just go home and do mine and-"
He was so cute when he rambled, something he did the second anything went the smallest bit wrong.
"Pete, chill," you giggled. "I haven't done my homework yet."
"S-sorry," he stuttered. "So, do you still wanna go do that now or-?"
"Sure," you said. "But you gotta say you'll help me out, first."
"Yeah of course!," he smirked before tilting his head again. "Wait, with what?"
You laughed. "Just come in," you said, taking his arm and pulling him into the house.
After a bit of homework (mainly Peter breezing through it all while you copy his work), you and Peter picked up where you left off, setting up for the party.
"I didn't know you knew how to pick locks," Peter chuckled in awe as you used a hair pin to get into your parents liquor cabinet.
You giggled softly, rolling your eyes. "There's a lot you don't know about me, Pete. Hey, you like Hennessy?"
The clueless boy stared back at you. "Uh, I wouldn't-"
"You ever been drunk before, Peter?," you asked, a small smile playing on your face.
"U-um. No," Peter responded, a little embarrassed. Given all the opportunities he had to, even with his Aunt May actually handing him some alcohol to try, Peter Parker had never tasted a drink. Not even beer or wine.
"Too cute," you snickered, shaking your head, unknowingly causing Peter to blush a bit. "Grab a few bottles, will you?"
"So is all of this," Peter said once you were back in your room. "For something special like a sleepover or something?"
You turned your head around the face him. "Wait, didn't I invite you?"
Peter shook his head quickly. "No." He wouldn't admit it, but when he walked in to see that you'd been setting up for some sort of event, he couldn't help but feel a little left out.
"Oh. Well you're invited," you said simply. "It's just a small get-together with friends from school."
"O-okay." He smiled. "I just gotta call May," he said. When you nodded, he turned away and pulled out his phone.
Immediately, he dialed Happy's number.
"Hey Happy," he greeted. "Can I ask for a quick favor?"
"Depends on what it is, kid," Happy replied.
"I need someone to cover for me tonight."
"On patrol," Peter clarified. "I need someone to cover for me. Just for tonight. I have something to go to-"
"Who is she?," Happy asked, failing to hide the amusement in his voice.
Peter looked back at you sitting on your bed. You were so cute. "W-what?"
"You never skip patrol for anybody, Peter," Happy said. "The only thing I can think of is you've picked up Tony's old habits of dropping duties for special girls."
Hearing that, Peter quickly looked away from you, as if Happy was somewhere hidden and he didn't want to be caught proving his words to be true. "What?! No, it's nothing like that! I just-"
"I'm just kidding buddy. Go on, I got you covered. Go kiss your girl."
"We're not gonna kiss!," Peter whisper-shouted.
"Hey, stay hopeful, kid. You got this!"
"Happy, we're not gonna-" CLICK. "Happy! Ugh.."
Hearing only a muffled fraction of the commotion, you squinted your eyes. "Everything okay over there, Peter?"
"Uh, yeah!" He said, turning around and putting his phone back into his pocket.
Both you and Peter looked up to the sound, and then to each other.
"It's starting!," you smiled, excitedly wriggling. "Alright!" You clapped your hands together then walked up to Peter. "We did everything, right?"
Peter nodded. "Yeah, I think so."
You gave a nervous smile. "This is gonna be awesome, right?"
Peter nodded again, giving your arms a reassuring shake. "This is gonna be awesome, [Y/N]. Now c'mon, we don't wanna leave them at the door."
MJ was the first to show.
"Hey MJ!," you yelled, pulling her in for a tight hug.
"[Y/N]," she blandly said, though with a small, lopsided smile. She looked to the side, a smile still on her face. "Peter."
"Hi," he smiled softly, his hands awkwardly in his pocket.
Ned was next.
"Hey [Y/N]. This thing's gonna be awesome!," he said walking in. "Pete!!!," he then said, practically slamming into Peter to give him a big brotherly hug.
Then Betty.
"Hey guys!"
Then Cindy.
"What's up?!"
Then Brad.
Then there was Flash.
"Hey Flash!," you greeted, pulling him in for a hug, and even giving him a friendly high-five.
You were the only one that tolerated, or dare anyone even say, liked him(not in the interesting way of course). Sure he was annoying, but you didn't get the big problem everyone, especially Peter, had with Flash.
...Or maybe you kinda did. It was just funny to watch Peter squirm.
He nearly tackled him to the ground and doing his arm around his neck. "Hey, your balls dropped yet? Haha!"
Peter gave you a quick 'why would you do this to me?!' glare before lowly muttering, "Hey Flash..."
Spin The Bottle~
"C'mon c'mon, lemme spin it!," Flash yelled. "I'm feelin' lucky!"
"Lucky?," Betty asked. "Who're you trying to get?"
"More like which one of you lucky ladies will get me?!"
"Get over yourself, dude," MJ scolded.
"Hey Pete! Why're you all the way over there?," you asked Peter, who was sitting on your bed watching the game from afar.
"I-I'm fine not kissing anyone..."
"PRUDE!," Flash yelled, pointing to the blushing boy in the corner.
Never Have I Ever~
"Okay," you started, looking around the circle. "Never have I ever...Oh! Here's a good one. Spoken to Spiderman."
Peter, MJ, Ned, and Flash put their fingers down.
"Oh wow, guys! Not fair! When'd you all get to talk to him?!," you playfully whined.
"Said hey to me on the street once," MJ said with a shrug.
"Saved us in Europe," Peter added.
"Gave me a high-five while he was swinging," Ned noted with a smile.
"Told me to watch out when something was gonna fall on me," Flash said, eyes sparkling as if he could actually see his hero in front of him.
"I mean, they don't call him the friendly neighborhood Spiderman for nothing, right?"
"Alright guys," you said, running your hands together. "For the chaotic energy of this game to work, get by the person you think is the most annoying." When everyone just sat and stared at you, you rolled your eyes and clarified. "C'mon guys, I already know who just merely tolerates who, don't make me have to tell you where to sit."
Slowly and awkwardly, everyone sat next to someone they didn't prefer.
MJ sat next to Betty who sat next to Brad who sat next to Ned who sat next to Cindy who sat next to Flash who sat next to Peter.
"Oh, really?," Betty snickered next to MJ. "I'm definitely learning some things."
MJ rolled her eyes with a chuckle. "I don't hate you, Betty. I just like everyone else more."
Flash looked to the people on the side of him. Cindy and Peter. "...yeah I'm not surprised."
"I love you all the same," you giggled. "So I'm just gonna sit anywhere," you said as you sat next to Peter.
"So the way this one works is the person to the right of you is gonna whisper a question to you and you have to answer it out loud to everyone else in the circle. And here comes the fun part next..." you looked to Peter, your most easily embarrassed friend, to watch his reaction. "You get to decide whether or not you want to tell everybody what the question was. And if you don't, you take a shot."
Peter's eyes widened. "O-of what?"
Brad laughed. "What else, Peter? Alcohol."
"You guys cool with that?," you said, looking around the circle.
"Heck yeah!"
"Sure! Sounds fun!"
"T-that's fine!"
"Oooookay," you said. "Um, Pete! You can go first."
You were on his left.
The circle watched as he leaned into your ear. Immediately you laughed. Once you stopped you answered. "It's been good."
"What was the question?" MJ raised her eyebrow.
"He asked me how my day was."
Flash laughed. Ned shook his head. MJ rolled her eyes. "That was the lamest-"
"I-I was put on the spot, okay?!," Peter defended.
"Well, you've got a whole round to come up with another one," you laughed. "An interesting one."
Peter nodded, racking his mind with more questions to ask you.
It couldn't be anything embarrassing like, "whose your crush?" (Though he secretly wished it would be him)
It needed to be cool. It needed to be sensible. But fun.
Peter's eyes flicked up upon hearing his name being said by MJ.
She was staring at him. "What was the question?," he asked.
You and MJ looked to each other, smiling after coming to a silent agreement of mischief.
"Nah, I think I'm gonna let you suffer," MJ told Peter.
Peter stared, his mouth agape. "Then drink up," you giggled while MJ took her shot.
"W-wait wait wait, no, you can't do that," Peter objected.
"Actually she can, Pete." You smiled a wide shit-eating grin, obviously enjoying Peter's torment. "And now you'll never know what I asked to provoke her to say your name."
Cindy laughed. "Feeling paranoid, Peter?"
"Yeah, y'know just a little bit!" Peter's voice cracked as he felt a blush creep onto his cheeks.
Okay, well now he had to get back at you.
He stared at you intently, as the game continued. You were cute as an angel, but as mischievous as Loki himself sometimes, and usually to his expense.
But what could he say? He liked you.
He really liked you.
Before he knew it, it was Flash's turn.
He must've been really out of it if the whole circle had already gone through one round.
"Alright I got a good one, Parker."
Flash leaned in and whispered, "Do you wanna bang [Y/N]?"
Peter yanked his neck back immediately. "Whoa! Uh-um..n-no! Of course not! I so don't!"
"Calm down, dude!" Ned laughed.
"What type of question made you get like that?," Brad asked, almost killing himself with laughter.
"Then again, it doesn't take much for him to get like this," MJ pointed out. "Anyway, what was it, Peter?"
Peter looked to everyone in the circle. No way were they gonna hear what Flash asked him. He looked down at the shot glass in front of him. Everyone laughed and 'ooooh'ed as he quickly threw it back, coughing and hacking immediately after.
"Awwww! Baby boy Peter finally tasted his first drink!," you teased, poking out your bottom lip and wiping a fake tear. "They grow up so fast!"
"Okay, your turn, Peter," Brad said.
He'd thought so much about the fact that he needed to ask you a crazy question to the point that he'd never actually thought of what the crazy question was going to be!
"Well, c'mon hurry up," you urged.
"Better not be lame," MJ warned.
Taking a quick breath, Peter whispered the first thing that came to mind.
"...Are you a virgin?"
Finally, it was your time to stammer. "U-uh, y-yeah.."
Immediately embarrassed, Peter slapped his forehead. "Dude, I-I'm sorry, [Y/N]. Please don't say the question."
Ned smirked. "Now I really wanna know what it is."
"I'm just gonna...," you trailed off before downing the shot, blushing profusely.
The night rolled on and the questions got weirder. As expected.
But one thing surprised you.
Whatever Flash had been asking Peter the last couple of rounds must've been really crazy stuff because your bashful friend was downing shot after shot. Of everyone in the circle now, he was in the worst shape.
Face beet red. Constantly going into laughing fits. Almost totally abandoning his sense of embarrassment. Shamelessly burping (with Ned more than ready to congratulate him for a "good one" each time). And no sense of personal space. When he asked you a question, he was practically kissing your ear.
The best part was that his questions started to get weirder and weirder.
"You and someone else in this circle have to be surgically bound to someone for the rest of your life. Who?"
"Who's most likely to commit manslaughter?"
"If Darth Sidious walked in here right now and ordered for you to kill someone, who would you kill?"
Most of his questions you told the rest of the circle, because they were just that hilarious.
The game was over now. Betty and Cindy went home. Ned was sleeping on the floor. Brad and Flash were quietly drunkenly chatting. MJ drew pictures of the boys drunk out of their minds.
"I didn't realize Peter was such a weird drunk," MJ laughed as Peter began to loudly hum Star Wars melodies.
Flash let out a big burp, laying on the floor. "I think drunk Parker is better than regular Parker!"
"Totally," Brad agreed.
Peter was laying on your bed, mumbling towards the ceiling.
You, also a bit drunk, walked over to him. "Hey Pete, you okay?"
He didn't turn his head but moved his eyes to look at you. "Wow. I'm drunk." He moved over, leaving room for you on the bed. "And my head really hurts."
You hit his stomach. "Well, yeah dummy! That's what happens when you take so many shots!" You rolled your eyes, laying down so that you were laying down beside him, both of you staring up at the ceiling. "Why did you do so many anyway? What type of stuff was Flash asking?"
"Don't worry about it," he mumbled rather quickly. "I'm so tired right now. This bed is so comfortable. Can I sleep with you, [Y/N]?"
You paused. Of course he didn't mean it like that but still, Peter was asking to sleep with you. And he was too drunk to be embarrassed about it.
OF COURSE he could.
"Yeah, sure," you said, like it was no big deal even though this was literally the guy you crushed on for the longest time. "No problem."
Later, MJ, Ned, and the other boys left.
It was just you and Peter now.
He had been done ranting about Star Wars hours ago and was now just staring at the wall. He finally broke the silence as he said, "I don't think I like alcohol very much..."
"You say that," you said. "But I can almost guarantee that you'll be getting drunk again someday." You blew out a tired breath. "And I'll be there to watch you act a straight up fool when you do," you chuckled.
It was fun to see this side of Peter. This carefree, nothing to lose side. You knew that you wouldn't see it often. It's not like you could keep him drunk 24/7.
"Can I hug you?"
You turned around to see Peter staring at you with big puppy-dog eyes. "W-what?"
"Hug- can I hug you?," he asked. "Please?"
"Uh, sure," you replied.
Slowly and clumsily, Peter wrapped his arms around you. "You're so soft and squishy," he giggled with a short hiccup at the end, making it fifteen times cuter.
Of course he'd freak out the second he'd wake up to find himself practically spooning you. And you'd deal with his stuttering and stammering later. But for now, you could definitely enjoy a drunk Peter snoring into your ear.
"G'night, Pete," you whispered, laughing quietly as he mumbled his own goodnight into your ear...
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jising-jisang-jisung · 2 years ago
Truth or Dare | Kim Seungmin
Genre: fluff
Word count: 1.9k
A/n: hi I did this instead of everything else I was supposed to do and I think it's really cute and I love Seungmin and I hope you like it
Tumblr media
"Cmon y/n, when will you confess to Seungmin?" Your friend, Kate taunted you again. She has been on your case ever since you filled her in on your little crush. She only knows that you've liked him since freshman year, but really it's been since like 7th grade. "It's senior year, what's the worst that could happen if you confess? You move away in a few months and never have to experience the awkwardness of seeing each other everyday? How awful." You don't laugh at her joke, so Kate takes that as a sign that it's time to change the subject. "Well, yknow how my birthday is in like 2 weeks. My mom is letting me have a party with my friends and she won't even have to be there to supervise. Since I'll be an adult and all!" She emphasizes adult as if being 18 suddenly makes her mature.
"Sounds great, Kate," you rhyme. You're hardly paying attention because something, or rather someone, caught your attention. "I'll see you after class," and then you're off to math while Kate had biology. She definitely noticed how hard you were staring at Seungmin while she was talking with you. Of course, you know nothing of what's to come.
"Hey! Felix!"
"What's up, Kate?" Felix was friends with Seungmin and some other boys. He also tended to be seen with Kate. Most people just assumed they were dating, and maybe they were, not even they know for sure.
"I'm having a birthday party next weekend and you and your friends are invited! Especially Seungmin." She adds a wink with the last statement.
"Will Miss y/n be there?"
"Of course. Why do you think I'm specifying for Seungmin?"
"It's so painfully obvious that he likes her so why can't he make a move already?!"
"Y/n is no different," Kate admits. "That's why I have a plan."
"H-hey y/n, " Seungmin stutters as he sits in his seat next to you.
"Oh, hi," you manage to reply, blush evident throughout your face.
"Um, did you get number 27 on the homework? I was super confused."
"Yeah, the equation for that one is different than the others because..." you explained the concept to Seungmin while he stared at your face unbeknownst to you. "Does that make sense?"
"Yes. I get it now!" He smiles and you actually die. You caught a glance at his homework to see number 27 done correctly but you were to affected by his smile to put two and two together.
All the days seemed to be same, passing by until it was finally Kate's birthday party. Obviously you went super early to help her set up. There was no alcohol allowed since her mom said she would let her throw it all by herself under that one condition, not that Kate would ever underage drink anyway we are good children here.
Kate left to answer the door as you pulled some cookies out of the oven. "Kate! Happy birthday!" You heard Felix's voice ring through the entryway. You weren't surprised she invited him, but then you heard more voices.
"Your house looks really nice."
"Happy birthday, Kate."
"Where should I put this gift?" Your eyes widened. You could recognize that voice anywhere.
"Kate! Can you come here for a moment?" You shouted for her.
"What's up, buttercup? Are the cookies okay?"
"I can't believe you invited Seungmin. Bro, I thought we were cool." You overreacted.
"Chill, y/n, all his friends are here, along with our friends. There's so many people, don't even worry about it." She tries to reassure you.
"Well... do I at least look okay?" You ask shyly.
"Look fine to me." You jump at the boy's voice. "But I suppose I'm not the one you want to look good for."
"Jisung, you scared the crap out of me," Kate smiles as you nearly died of embarrassment. Had he heard your whole conversation?
"No. Only the last part." He answers. It's only then that you realize you asked that out loud. You face palmed with bright red cheeks as more boys filed into the kitchen.
"Now that everyone is here, let's get this party started!" Kate announces as she turns on some speakers and blasts some upbeat music. She and Felix dance on the coffee table while everyone else is jumping around on the couches and dancing on the floor. The mess of people was starting to become overwhelming when you felt someone push you from behind. Unluckily, you fell directly into Seungmin's arms.
"Wow. Falling for me this early in the night. I hate to say I'm not surprised, y/n," Seungmin says in a low tone. "I'm just kidding," he quickly adds when he sees your eyes bulging out of your head.
"Oh, yeah. Right! Haha! So sorry I fell into you. There are so many people."
"Since I have you here, wanna dance?" He smiles again. How could anyone say no to his perfect smile?
"I'm sorry what was that?" He looks confused, like a puppy.
"I said yes!" You lie trying to cover up your thoughts that you must've spoken out loud, again. You and Seungmin begin to jump around, laughing. Kate gives you a knowing look which you return with a glare. Little did you know Felix and Seungmin were in the same boat.
"What else do you have planned?" Felix asks sounding very rehearsed.
"Hmm. Why don't we play truth or dare?!" Kate suggests. That was not on the schedule you had for the night's events. You knew something bad was going to happen when Kate smiled your way.
Everyone sat criss cross applesauce in a circle and Jisung volunteered to start. "Minho, truth or dare?"
"Dare." The boy responds with a brave look in his eye.
"I dare you to," he pauses, thinking of something good, "do a sexy dance for everyone."
"Pff. Okay." Minho continues to grind on the ground, not minding the looks he's getting at all. In fact, Jisung had to stop him, because it was getting too out of hand too quickly.
"I didn't dare you to strip, MinHOE!"
"Whatever, you know you liked it," he teased back. "Hmm let's see. Kate, truth or dare?"
"Uh, I'll pick truth."
"Do you like Felix?"
She furrows her eyebrows together, looking confused. "Felix and I are dating. So, to clarify, yes I like him very much." Everyone is so lost as to how they hadn't known that the two were official. I mean, y'all obviously could see that they liked each other duh. "Felix, truth or dare?"
"Dare." He adds a wink to Kate.
"I dare you to kiss me." The crowd shouts a bunch of ews and grosses as Felix briefly pecks Kate's lips.
He turns to Seungmin with a devilish look. "Seungmin, truth or dare?"
He must not have been paying attention yeah cuz he was admiring you face again whore because he is completely oblivious to the grin on Felix's face right now. "Why not? Dare."
"I dare you to kiss y/n" Felix sticks his tongue out at Seungmin as everyone turns to look at you. You tried so hard to keep your face from looking like a tomato but you knew it was no use. Seungmin gulped as he stared at you.
"I- I can't." His words made you frown without thinking. "Y/n, should have a say in this too. I can't just kiss her without her consent," he elaborates.
"Fine then," Felix speaks again. "I dare you to go up to Kate's room alone with y/n. Anything you two might do in there is all up to both of your consents." Felix smirks at you and then back to Seungmin. You both kept eye contact as you stood to head to your friend's bedroom. There were lots of hoots and hollers following you two as you made your way up the stairs with faces painted with crimson shades.
You both sat on Kate's bed. You face was on fire even more now because he was so close. When I mean close,, like your legs were nearly /touching/. And you can't handle being so /close/ to your big phat crush. However, the feeling seemed somewhat mutual for Seungmin.
"Do you like me?" You squeaked out. It was completely random and Seungmin even flinched slightly at the sound of your voice.
"..." the boy stayed silent and you refused to meet his gaze.
"ohmygosh that was so rude of me to just ask. I'm sorry. Just forget I said anything." You began to get up to walk away when he grabbed your wrist.
"Do you- like me?"
"..." it was your turn to mimick the silence you'd not heard moments earlier.
"Did we both not say anything for the same reason?" You opened your mouth to respond when the door opened, revealing Jeongin.
"I was told to come make sure you two weren't doing anything," he narrows his eyes on Seungmin, "gross." You both sat there like deer in head lights. Jeongin looked at your hand and then back at Seungmin. You hadn't noticed that Seungmin's and your pinkies had been laced until Jeongin's judgy stare pointed it out. "Also, you are both welcome to rejoin the party." The younger boy smiled and walked back down the stairs without a care in the world.
"Wow look who's back," Jisung announced. "You two didn't have too much fun did you?"
"Don't be icky!" Jeongin defended you. "They weren't even talking to one another when I walked in. But- they were basically holding hands!"
"Not true! He's lying!" Seungmin shouts back. You laugh, looking down to see that you, in fact still had your pinkies intertwined. You broke away and returned to your seat to continue the game.
"Anyway, it's my turn," Hyunjin claims. "Seungmin, truth or dare?"
"Me already again?" He looks a bit freaked out before taking a breath and choosing, "truth."
"Wrong choice, buddy. Do you like y/n?"
He makes deliberate eye contact with you as he answers the question. "Yes. Y/n, pick truth."
"Truth." Everything was happening so quick, you didn't have time to react to what Seungmin was even saying before you responded.
"Do I have your consent this time?" It took a moment for you to figure out what he meant. When you put together that he was asking if he could kiss you, you shook your head quickly. He wasted no time before softly pressing his lips to yours. They were sweet like honey and warm and soft and you thought you could get lost in the moment forever. That is, until he pulled away. It was much to soon for your liking, until you remembered where you were. You both looked around to see everyone's jaws dropped in shock. You timidly smiled and your friends began to cheer. They were soon followed by Seungmin's friends screaming, Jeongin in particular.
Needless to say, you remember very little of what happened after that moment at the party. All you do know is that your friends set you up and Seungmin's friends set him up and now you two are in love. Senior year sure was going to be interesting.
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rendezvous-ramblings · 7 months ago
Got it. Admittedly, a bit surprised you went with the middle to high school teacher route. Judging from everything you’ve said, you would have no problems teaching at a post-secondary level; then again, you’ll get a head start on your career this way and I’m sure students will benefit greatly from your brain and your empathy. Was teaching your goal since the beginning? If this is too personal, I could just message you instead haha.
Hi again,
I considered teaching seriously when I was in high school even before E taught me during my senior year. I have experience with classroom management albeit with younger students in a K-5 setting. During the summers I usually work at a summer camp that's certified with the board of education in my city. I helped students with their summer homework assignments, assisted the lead counselor with their lessons/extracurricular clubs, and we even took the kids on field trips via school bus/public transportation. I loved the job so much and was one of the people who consistently came back every year. Most of the applicants were high school or undergraduate students and the majority never came back for a second summer. They likely thought it would be a quick and easy way to make some money. There's good days and bad days with the kids but I always found it super rewarding. I even bonded with a student with an attention disorder and helped him navigate the day to day for two summers.
I definitely want to teach middle or high just for the curriculum to be challenging and more historically accurate, haha. I've been writing lesson plans for my coursework and I love planning all the details and researching what to incorporate (especially primary sources!). I just hope I can get in person experience soon. I'm prefer the high school curriculum though I'm worried about teaching students who are closer in age. I still get mistaken for a high schooler! I'm quite average height so I suppose I just have a young face 😅
I quit the PhD program for a mixture of mental health reasons and not feeling supported as the only student who came in directly from undergrad. Being locked down with family during quarantine also made me realize given my personal home life I don't think I can endure another 5+ years at home. I want to make my own salary and move out quicker. If I have the luxury and means to revisit the PhD route I'll do that when I have more stability. Teaching is definitely flexible if you're the type of teacher to branch out. I have another high school history teacher (female also) who adjuncts at one of the colleges in my city. She has her BA in social studies education, a MA in history, and she's working on her second MA in public history. I think too many people assume teachers have it easy because you get so many breaks and summer vacations. They don't consider all the after school hours they put in and all the other issues they help students navigate through mentally and physically. Again, we're not licensed therapists but part of the job description is caring for your students' wellbeing and their safety. Unfortunately, there's still teachers out there in the career for the wrong reasons and only for the perks though I've met more good apples than bad ones (luckily!).
It hasn't been easy working part time and juggling my classes though I feel fortunate that I haven't had to take a loan out yet. I just hope it all works out since I left the PhD even when I was still getting my consistent As. I was just too unhappy and didn't want to invest any more time in an unhealthy situation for me personally. Definitely was one of the lowest points in my life, however, I wouldn't trade that learning experience so I don't regret the "detour" I made.
Feel free to privately message me if you're ever curious about anything else!
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