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#me. im the crack

“I trust you.”

He laughed bitterly. “I don’t see why.”

“We share common ground—we’re both sons of overbearing fathers, and we’ve been misled and burdened by bad choices, but we’re talented in our chosen ways.”

“And good-looking?” He gave me a twisted smile.

“Naturally that. Yes.”

this scene was gay

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Thanks for the tag @thegreenkid  💕 💕 💕

…did you think was going to get a bigger reaction/audience than you got?

I am honestly not sure why any of you read what I write lmao, I never expect any kind of reactions but I’m so glad that so many of you enjoy my writing!! Every comment fills my heart with joy :) unless it’s on rock candy, then I’m filled with dread aldkjdjf

…got a better reaction than you expected?

Bro I was n o t expecting the Obi/Cody/F!Jedi!Reader threesome paradise; (with a nasty bite) to be so popular. It’s got over 300 notes here (wild) and over 1200 hits on AO3 (even more wild like,,,, cannot wrap my head around it). I do love that fic, so I’m glad everyone has been digging it!! 

…is the funniest?

rock candy. hands down. no contest. 

…is your darkest/angstiest?

Mmmm probably unspoken. It doesn’t get explicitly dark but not speaking it out loud was kind of the point of the whole fic. It was very cathartic to write tho, and I know it’s helped others as well. 

…is your absolute favorite?

Omg do not make me pic ugh. It’s really a tie between Fulminare (daddy-wan kenobi) and Salt (my super indulgent birthday gift to myself). I can’t pick between them! 

…is your least favorite?

Any and all of my crack pieces, but especially rock candy. Every single time that fic gets a hit/kudos/comment/whatever, I feel my soul getting pulled further into a special circle of hell being carved out just for me

…was the easiest to write?

I Don’t Care came to me super naturally and was a ton of fun to do!  

…was the hardest to write?

Writing Mirrors was like pulling teeth because it was my first long piece after a decently long hiatus and general period of feeling just awful, but with a lot of love and encouragement I was able to finish it :)

…has your favorite line/exchange/paragraph?

OH that’s in Fulminare! 

“Maker above,” you pleaded, lifting your hips to get closer to him, chasing another release before his hand pushed you down, a sinister smile playing on his lips. 

“There is no such being that can help you now,” he growled. A familiar taste of copper filled your mouth while he brought his finger to your… 

…have you reread the most?

My own work? I don’t go back and re-read a lot of things unless I’m editing because I find mistakes more easily after letting things sit for a while. But I do often revisit Fulminare, Salt, paradise, and I Don’t Care! 

Of other people’s works? I’ve read the unholy; trilogy and Sharp and the Glorious Thorn series by @beskars an insane number of times, late night devil (put your hands on me) by @darthstyles also a ton. I’ve read so many incredible fics just search fic rec on my blog, all are excellent, and should be read immediately!! 

…would you recommend for someone reading your work for the first time?

I mean I write pretty much porn all the time so whatever kink floats your boat I probably have a piece for you… for plot, Of Castles and Magic for sure. For smut, I’m going to say I Don’t Care. For a laugh I’ll say rock candy… if you dare. 

…are you most proud of?

Mirrors. I said somewhere up there that it was the first full length piece I did after a bit of a hiatus and a pretty terrible month. It was hard to get through and I almost gave up on it several times but with a lot of love and encouragement I finished it (and it got a great reaction which is so much serotonin and encouragement in its own way) and it really helped push me back into writing again. I am both proud of and thankful for that piece, and for the friendship that allowed me to finish it. 

always no pressure tags: @beskars, @darthstyles, @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories, @hansoulo, @opheliaelysia, @spookyold-saintjm, @huliabitch and of course if i missed anyone that wants to play along! 

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                           Back by ( unpopular ) demand, it’s your headmaster.
           ( who had to cut his vacation short no thanks to some brats in this school )

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