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marijuanamodels · a month ago
Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel, and misinterpret what other people mean.
Stanley Behrman
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rottingkendra · 2 months ago
My rules (that I need to follow better 😬)
1. Attempt a fast every day and if that doesn’t work⬇️
2. 500 calories a day or less
3. Only drink water
4. Always be moving stretching or fidgeting
5. Small workouts daily
6. Before shower workouts
7. Only eat around people/if forced to
8. No snacks
9. When school starts never eat there
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sylvasa · 7 months ago
Hey everyone! My singing teacher just released her debut single, and I am so proud to be her student! It sounds amazing. So please listen to this!! And if you like it, don't hesitate to share and like on spotify too!
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wolfkat · 5 months ago
I wish my periods were normal and/or regular. I mean, they're usually the same amount of days, but they keep being weirdly far apart, including skipping a month and I just wanna be able to keep peace of mind and stop feeling like I need to waste my money on pregnancy tests and then even tho I know it's bad timing, I keep feeling let-down when the test says I'm not pregnant.
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fieriframes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[5 images. A bowl of food. A close up of a slice of pizza. A close up of a plate of food. A hand holding a bowl of soup. A man standing in a kitchen preparing food. Captions: Just because something isn’t good doesn’t mean it’s bad. What men do matters more than what they know. Immorality sanctified by tradition is still immorality. You honor yourself by acting with dignity and composure. Ethics is a skill]
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iamnotasun · 2 months ago
my name has 4 letters and im gunna do this like 2 times a day and 2 other workouts ill keep up with u guys and tell yall if it works !
Tumblr media
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kxlloe · 5 months ago
fucking whale, look at you, you’re fucking ugly but a loot, you will never be skinny and beautiful, just look around, everyone is more pretty and beautiful than you fucking whale , you say to yourself “im getting skinnier everyday” and then you binge, why? because a whale eat everything like you, but yes they eat everything but did you ever see an another fish, pretty fish next to the whale? no bc the whale  are ugly and scaring , you’re choose, be a fucking whale who can only eat and binge over and over or be the pretty fish who everyone likes to see and be around 
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