waterdevourer 23 hours ago
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iwanabeskiny 2 days ago
Daily Th!nsp0 <3
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Oh to look like this 馃槱
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three-yolk-ana a day ago
TW: meanspo
A cheat meal: The best way to fuck up the weight loss you worked so hard on since the beginning of this year. You think all those calories you just ate were a 鈥渃heat鈥 that didn鈥檛 count? They definitely counted and now your ultimate goal weight is even farther away.
Honestly you didn鈥檛 even work so hard on your weight loss. Congrats on fucking it up again, and you take ALL the blame.
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i-mminentannihilation 6 months ago
meanspo literally the funniest shit ever lmfaooo call me a pig again and i will beat you the fuck up
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ieroscals 5 months ago
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good afternoon edtumblr i offer this
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cuddlebugisntthinyet 7 months ago
Man, you said you were serious about this diet thing before summer. But here we are, it's already summer and you haven't lost a single pound. That's pathetic, I'm disappointed.
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chaoticdietcoke a year ago
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and that鈥檚 on binge restrict cycle 馃ゲ
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wannaglowup 9 months ago
What i gained from my disorder:
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so-you-think-im-sk1nnyyyy 7 months ago
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Some cute little more safe ones <33 I鈥檓 literally obsessed with them :))
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skiinysiisterstarviing a year ago
me logging onto tumblr and seeing people actually restrict and lose weight while i am a fatass and binge every day:
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kdjaosnfbka 8 months ago
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waterdevourer 2 days ago
i stretch more than i exercise
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iwanabeskiny 2 days ago
Please someone send me meanspo or shame me for binging I really need it rn lol
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three-yolk-ana 3 days ago
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How much longer are you going to stuff your face and stomach up with calories?
All those calories just for a few minutes of a taste you鈥檝e already tasted.
This all depends on how bad you want it.
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anaxmexmia 6 months ago
鉁∕eanspo鉁 bec im fucking mad at myself
i will curse and be fucking mean im sorry
pro tip if ur feeling hungry- sit down
literally that's it
sit down, hunch over and feel all that fucking fat on your stomach
aw, so you're hungry? you want to eat? all that grease and calories and fucking fat? that's fat that you'll have to starve longer for
is that what you want? to be fat longer than you need? no. so sit down and stay fucking hungry
drink some water, it might help. if you bloat because of all that liquid maybe then you'll get it through your thick skull that your journey has just begun, and you're still fucking far from your goal weight
maybe you've been feeling too content with all that fat. maybe you think just because you lost a few pounds means you've reached the end
no, darling. you've still got a long, long way to go and it'll only drag on if you let yourself eat when you know it's not time yet. your cravings are almost never right anyways, because you always crave for those unhealthy foods that'll fatten you up like a pig
aw, so you want to go back to being a pig? go oink oink oink because you couldn't handle rejecting your hunger for one fucking time? why are you so weak, hmm? i thought you wanted to be skinny?
oh what's that? you still want to be skinny? good. that's the goal, darling, that's the goal. keep that in mind whenever you reach for any food above 200 cal
in fact 200 cal is cutting too much, but I'll let it slide this time
you want to be skinny? then sit your ass down, drink some water and listen to the adorable way your stomach growls. that's the sound that proves you're doing this right, darling
let that sound continue, and eat only when you think you really need it. like really, really need it. and eat proper sustenance, if i see you drinking down pop colas or sweets or some greasy shit, i will be very disappointed
so sit down darling
sit the fuck down
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sk1nn1girl 3 months ago
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its always a good time for thinspo 馃槍
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skinnybiatchh 7 months ago
May God bless me with a loss of 6lbs in 2 days
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cuddlebugisntthinyet 7 months ago
t h i n s p o
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babyangel083 7 months ago
Fuck you >:[
*un eats your disorder*
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ugh-ana 10 days ago
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I found sugar free jello that鈥檚 only 20 calories for. A WHOLE PACKAGE!!!! I make two at a time and eat a lot when I鈥檓 craving sweetness. I鈥檓 obsessed with jello and was sad not wanting to eat that many calories but then I found this!
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