support · 3 years ago
Everything okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you are not alone.  
If you are in the United States, please try:
National Eating Disorders Association (support, resources, treatment options)
If you are outside the United States, visit IASP to find help lines related to eating disorders for your country. 
For self-help courses on body image and general peer support, please try Koko. 
If you need some inspiration and comfort on your dashboard, follow Post It Forward on Tumblr.
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luvthinspoblog · a day ago
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etherealbunnylove · 7 months ago
me trying to enjoy something: ☻
my brain: you can’t enjoy this because you aren’t skinny
me: ☹
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stupid-little-bulimic · 7 months ago
Purging  harm reduction for us mia girls (and boys n enbies ofc) - copy and pasted from MPA with some tips of my own
Okay, to dispel some of the harmful “Pro-Eating Disorder” tips, I’m going to share a list of safety tips. Mainly since I know if I ask you to quit doing what you are, it will fall on closed ears.
1a. Somebody just messaged me with this, thank you to that person, this is a huge risk and very important!! vocal cord dysfunction, its fucking terrifying, i thought i was dying when it started happening to me. i've never purged, but my stomach sphincter is weak and stomach acid leaks into my throat daily. it burns my vocal cords, giving me VCD. it can happen to anyone who commonly has stomach acid coming in contact w/ the vocal cords. the sensation of VCD is similar to being strangled. the extreme constriction of the throat is terrifying. Laryngospasm is the worst form of VCD. were NO AIR gets through the vocal cords. you are literally choking at this point. you can help reduce the risk of developing VCD by drinking, eating or taking something to neutralize the acid in the throat. pepto bismol is honestly best for this, but milk or creamer also can work if you dont have it i really dont want people to have this happen to them and freak out because of it, since there is literally nothing you can do when it happens but stay calm and focus on doing breathing exercises but when you suddenly feel like your being strangled and your making a noise you've never made before, its really fucking hard to stay calm
1b. @strwbrrypoundcake reblogged with this and i thought it’s important to add: flushing" is horrible. Do not drink water in between to get it out. It dehydrates you even more and is not worth it.
Pro Anorexic sites say, to purge, you "Tie a small candy to a string, and swallow it, then pull it up and you can purge" THIS IS NOT TRUE: - What if it goes down the wrong hole? - You will choke. - It doesn’t work. At all. Don’t try. - According to a study, those who came into the emergency room for choking, a portion of them tried this method. It didn’t work and two people died.
DO NOT USE: - Spoons, Toothbrushes etc. Choking is prominent.
WASH YOUR HANDS RIGHT AFTER. The stomach acid will burn and damage you’re hands.
After you purge. Have an electrolyte replacing drink. Hydrolyte, Gatorade, Powerade, etc. You don’t want to have a heart attack. A girl in America, after being bulimic for only 6 months, was normal weight and died from a heart attack.
If you purge a tablespoon of blood, that’s enough to go to the ER.
Don’t use ipecac syrup. That stuff is death in a bottle! Seriously, they don’t even use it for poisoning anymore because so many people have died after taking it.
If you do purge regularly it is worth asking your doctor from time to time to have your blood electrolyte levels checked.
If you must purge, use a saline rinse and wash out your sinus cavities. Stomach acid and food particles can make it up into these areas and cause serious infections, chronic breathing problems, etc.
If you’re purging via laxative abuse: - 2 full glasses of prune juice is as effective as pills and is kinder to your body. - Eat things like grapes, oranges, cabbage to help the difficult process of weaning yourself off of laxatives. - Drink plenty of water. And do NOT be an idiot and take both lax and water pills, or you’re going to seriously dehydrate yourself and pass out.
If you feel dizzy or lightheaded stop immediately.
If you repeatedly blackout during/after purging, take a break for a few days if possible.
If you heart flutters during, stop immediately.
If you lose sensation in your legs and feet stop immediately.
After a purge, dissolve baking SODA in warm water. Gargle it, rinse your mouth, etc. Wait about 20mins then brush your teeth.
Do NOT brush your teeth right after a purge. It’ll actually rub the stomach acid into the enamel!!!
Helpful things: -avoiding acidic foods -avoiding spicy foods -drinking LOTS of water -avoiding soda and other carbonated drinks -avoiding or limiting caffeine consumption 
my own things to remember: 
make sure theres at least one person you know irl who knows in some capacity about ur ed in case something goes wrong and you need someone to talk to doctors for you
avoid purging things you’ve heard are hard to get up as they can be a choking hazard! these include bread, peanut butter and thick oatmeal.
DRINK WATER!!! lots and lots of water, before, during after
if you cant purge, up your cals for a few days if ur restricting, take a week long break or whatever, if you still cant, go to the doctor, something might be wrong
my biggest tip of all:
DONT PURGE!!! if you can help it
if theres any chance of recovery, recover! im just posting this because bulimia is a illness and not everyone has the chance to get better
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bingerella · 2 months ago
Reminder: being hungry means it's working
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psyk-he · a year ago
i don’t know how i used to eat what i wanted whenever i wanted. no wonder i was so fat. i was even in denial about being fat so i could continue eating guilt free. it’s embarrassing
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vsfsdiet · 6 months ago
replacing cravings: processed sugar
soda 🥤-> coke zero! or any other zero sugar variant (e.g. sprite zero, diet mountain dew, pepsi max, etc etc). 0 calories
other sweet drinks 🧋-> low-cal hot chocolate (swiss miss is only 75 calories per 2 tbsp) or chai latte mix (tazo skinny chai concentrate is only 60 calories per serving) with almond milk (30 calories per serving). 75-90 calories
pastry cravings 🍩 -> english muffin (120 calories) with a drizzle of honey (60 calories) or agave nectar (20 calories). 140-180 calories
candy 🍬 -> sweet berries, frozen grapes, banana slices, etc. fruit in general really helps because you get natural sugars to stave off the cravings. you can also add some stevia or honey/agave to make it even sweeter! 10-70+ calories
ice cream 🍦 -> greek yogurt (100ish calories) with honey or agave (20-60 calories) and fruit (10-50 calories) 100-200 calories
(of course, there are many low cal variations of all of the above all over the internet. this is just how I was able to successfully curb my sugar addiction!)
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katzya · 2 months ago
[thinspo tip/reality check]
if you’ve ever observed SOME “naturally skinny” people, you’ll realize how different your lifestyle is to them.
“naturally skinny” traits
- barely thinks about food. it’s only a small fraction of their day. sometimes they even FORGET to eat.
- always moving. “it’s too far” is not really part of their vocabulary, since they don’t perceive walking as exercise. it’s only a means of transportation. if they want to drop by their friend’s house five blocks away, randomly? they will. if they can’t find their airpod case, they will go out of their way to find it. moving doesn’t calculate in their heads as something painful, it comes like breathing.
- they LISTEN to their body. many naturally skinny people still overconsume calories from time to time- but the reason why they never binge to the point that some disordered people do is because when they’re full, they stop. you’ll hear the words, “i’m so full” “i’ll eat it later” “i can’t eat the whole thing”
- TINY PORTIONS. it may seem like they eat often, but they probably eat less than the size of your palm each serving. that skinny girl in your class might always be snacking on goldfish but she rarely finishes the whole bag. she eats one at a time, sometimes even forgetting it’s there. then she puts it away after eating 🤏🏻this much
YOUR traits, probably
- always thinking about food. what are you going to eat next? how many calories? how to distract yourself? how to burn it?
- you view even the slightest movement as exercise. sometimes it’s gotten so severe that you tried to google how many calories chewing burns. you associate walking of any length to burning calories, and often associate working out to PAIN instead of a hobby.
- you continue to binge even when you feel like you’re going to explode. you don’t listen to pain, discomfort, or your body. you have an attachment to the stimulation food gives you, and that’s all that matters. then you live with the guilt after, or maybe even eat more from it.
- you stress out about when you’re going to eat. you make big portions of low calorie foods you don’t actually like - all in order to satisfy your appetite size. instead, you could be reducing your appetite and eating less each day, more frequently. you care about being full and the ACT of eating instead of actually enjoying food.
pretend you’re taste testing everything you eat. once you know what it’s like, you have no reason to consume a huge portion of it.
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snowbunny090 · 4 months ago
You get addicted to the symptoms of not eating, the way everything starts to slow down and you feel much calmer, the way you can feel your self getting skinnier, the way your head hurts but not always in a bad way.
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skinnyfelur · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
my pinterest got pretty accurate today
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dragonmythology · a year ago
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skinbonesandalittlebitmore · 6 months ago
the way not eating is actually a lot of work. I have to plan according to what im gonna eat when, who’s gonna be there, coming up with lies, its a whole full time job frfr
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luvthinspoblog · 2 months ago
my fav thinspo rn
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sameoldhabits · 9 months ago
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"i'm gonna start tomorrow" yeah sure...
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stupid-little-bulimic · 9 months ago
i love you all so much, please stay safe!!
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jennaxxana · 3 months ago
tw ed
does anyone else have a goal weight they’re determined to hit even though you know damn well you won’t stop once you hit it
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dxchne · a year ago
yeah heartbreaks hurts but have you ever binged on a food you were looking forward to and it just tasted sad and disappointing and all you’re left with is feeling like a overblown whale
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cigarettesandemptystomaches · 5 months ago
I have accepted that i can only be loved conditionally. I can only be loved once i am skinny enough to have earned that love and if i falter that love leaves.
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anaxxoxo · 2 months ago
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iwannabeskinyysposts · 6 months ago
That’s it. Time to starve
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