#meanwhile i once got told by a teacher that if we were late to her class cuz we were helping someone whod been in an accident
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miss me? | gojo satoru ft. gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: my cheeks are burning, for some reason it makes me very shy describing a kiss SO YEAH this is just pure fluff that originated in my head also I have an angst to comfort idea in mind so do prepare yourself, I won’t hold back because hell yeah I am writing angst again 😫
Tumblr media
“sensei, stop looking at your phone! we are going to fucking die!”
satoru couldn’t help it; he couldn’t just leave you on delivered now, could he? especially since you took the time to text him and make his day, and won’t you look at that cute selfie you took with the plushie. he could just die right now.
“gojo-sensei help!”
oh right.
his students.
“come on guys try harder, I am sure you can do it!” he cheered, going back to his phone and hoping to have time to chat with you once again.
“sensei—“ that’s what he heard which was later followed by a screech from the curse who is now dead. he looked at his students, the three standing in victory but looking at gojo with such annoyance and anger radiating off of them rather noticeably.
“we told you to help us!” nobara yelled, making her way to her teacher, fully ready to suplex the hell out of him, only to be held back by her two other friends.
megumi sighed already having enough of this, “let’s just leave him; he’s obviously not paying attention.”
Itadori whines, “why are we always being left for his phone!”
the three can hear gojo giggling like a school girl on the phone and conclude that his lover, you, is on the phone. they know little of you, but with the way that menace is acting, you must be someone who’s amazing enough to make him head over heels this way.
“satoru, are you done with the mission?”
“yes yes, of course! I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t.”
“liar,” megumi grumbles, and he sees as gojo teleports out of the way to god knows where.
he continues as he walks away, “but how are you, baby? I missed you a lot,” that caused you to giggle and his heart flutters at the sound.
Itadori soon speaks up, “anyone want sushi?” the other two just nod and move along. they were going to deal with their teacher later.
now to said teacher.
“would you like me to buy something for you?” he asks while already getting you your favorite snacks.
“how about a little bit of your time?” you answer, and gojo can decipher the little sadness behind your voice and he sighs.
“I will be with you soon, don’t miss me too much!” he says and blows you an obnoxious loud and wet kiss through the phone. he couldn’t care less that the people in the store are staring at him.
true to his word, you’re soon reunited with gojo.
“hey, I am home!”
“welcome back!” you say as you and tackle him with a hug that unsurprisingly did not make him fall like you intended to.
he laughs, “easy there, tiger,” nonetheless he returns the hug, “I missed you too.”
you stay in the embrace of one another until satoru suddenly pulls you to big couch he has got solely for cuddling, and you know you’ve got yourself in for a long ride.
not too late, you’re gently placed on said couch and are greeted with something rather heavy.
“satoru, get off! you’re suffocating me!” you say as your arms shake around struggling to get the 6 foot three man off you.
his arms, meanwhile, are wrapped around your waist as he nuzzles into your chest, “no way~”
a few moments pass by and you give up, opting to just play with his hair while you grumble, “this isn’t fair.”
satoru sighs in contentment while your fingers work their magic, though it doesn’t stop the laugh that erupts out of his chest, a lovely sound you don’t want to stop.
he starts pressing light kisses across your arm before reaching your face, “it’s not like it’s this bad, right?” with another kiss to your cheek, “you love when I show you my undying love, no?”
slowly his kisses make their way to your lips, and his lips mold against yours, moving with a slow yet sweet rythme that almost drives you insane. you feel all his love pouring into you; his hand holding yours and finger intertwining, his other one settling on your waist.
“god, you’re gorgeous.” his voice barely above a whisper, “so pretty, aren’t you, hm?” you feel his eyes on you, “could just die right here right now if the last thing I see is you, baby,” and you can tell the love behind them and the adoration, maybe even something else.
you’re left no time to think it over as his lips connect with yours again. your hand is cradling his cheek, both of you choosing to deepen the kiss, but then he pulls away for a moment and you hear him murmur, “‘love you so much, you might be driving me insane.”
he brushes the hair out of your face, “but you must like that, huh?” he kisses your forehead and chuckles lightly, pulling back.
“so miss me or no?” he says, a grin tugging on his lips.
“what do you think?”
his face is once again near yours, “I don’t know,” his thumb drags slowly and gently across your lower lip, “I will need to make sure once again.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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lee suhyeok | miss president pt. 1
check out my masterlist by clicking here : >
genre: highschool!au, soulmate!au, fluff
word count: 1.5k words
Tumblr media
Suhyeok quickly rushed down the hallways to find his class, damn what a great start of the year, late on the first day, not really the first day, only for him. He enrolled late since originally his parents wanted to transfer him in another school but later decided that it would be best to just continue studying in the same school he attended last school year. Besides, there's a lot of papers that are needed in order for him to transfer into another school.
He managed to spot his homeroom adviser enter the comfort room at the end of the hall hence he took this an opportunity and sprinted on the corridors to his classroom. The first thing he caught sight of as soon as he entered was that oh-so-familiar figure leaning on the teacher's desk. Once everyone noticed his presence, everyone turned silent and turned their attention to him. Did he entered the wrong class?
He stood there like an idiot before giving them a small bow and was about to ask if he was in the right room when he heard someone clear out their throat. He looked at the direction where the sound came from and made eye contact with the latter from earlier who was raising their eyebrows at him. Yoon Y/N, ah yes, Yoon Gwinam's younger twin sister.
"That's the teacher's door, please use the back door", you informed him, nodding your head at the door at the back of the class before crossing your arms over your chest.
Suhyeok playfully scoffed at you before heading out and entering the classroom by the back door as the princess ordered to him. Once he re-entered the class, instead of looking up at you again, he began scanning the room for vacant seats he would be sitting.
His gaze eventually landed on a vacant seat beside the walls before he noticed a familiar face waving at him to come over with an excited expression. He did not waste any more second and went to him, sitting on the vacant seat next to one of his good friends.
"Hey, Jang Woojin my dude", he say sand fist bumped the boy.
Woojin grinned at him, "What's up? I thought you were transferring to another school?", he immediately bombarded Suhyeok questions as the boy fixed his stuff.
"You know my parents, it takes them a long time to make a decision but hey...", he paused and clapped his friend's back, "At least I'm here now", he continued. The two boys got a long pretty easily since their first year and maintained a strong friendship until now.
Woojin was about to reply when the teacher entered the classroom, "We'll talk about it on break time", he mumbled to his friend and opened his textbook for this period.
Meanwhile, you proceeded back to your seat which is apparently in front of Suhyeok, "Hey, Miss President", he called you which made you glare at him for a second before you faced in front.
"Okay class, please bring out your textbooks", the teacher told the students as he brought out his whiteboard marker. The class then did as they're told until the girl in front of Suhyeok raised her hand which made him furrow his eyebrows.
"Sir, we have a new student", you informed Mr. Kang.
The teacher looked around before it landed on Suhyeok, "Ah yes, Lee Suhyeok", he heard him say which made his stomach drop.
This is what every student hates or is it just him? Introducing themselves in front of the class, telling their hobbies, talents, special skills and blah blah blah. He mentally groaned before standing up and headed in front of the class with his head hung low.
Suhyeok slowly looked up at Woojin who was struggling to hold in his laughter which made him look away, afraid that he might burst into laughter as well because of that idiot. "My name is Lee Suhyeok, nice to meet your everyone", he started and slightly bowed at everyone.
"That's it?", the teacher playfully asked him which earned him a nod from Suhyeok as a response. Like come on, Suhyeok been attending this school for a long time already. Everyone already knows who's who and what they do so introducing yourself is a bit unnecessary.
"Any hopes that you'll find your soulmates this school year?", Woojin asked out of nowhere which made everyone in the class cooed.
Suhyeok glared at his friend before finally turning to look at the teacher with a hopeful look, thankfully he understood the look the tall boy was giving him and nodded his head in understanding, "Okay, okay, thank you for that. You may go back to your seat now", he says.
He went back to his seat awkwardly with a grimace, receiving a playful punch on his shoulder from Woojin as soon as he sat down. "You'll find your soulmate, don't worry. Who knows, she might be sitting in front of you already", he whispered to him, making sure that you wouldn't hear it unless Woojin had a death wish.
"Shut up, yours is probably not born yet", Suhyeok teased him back which made him glare at him. The two of them did not even notice that Mr. Jung already started his lectures because they were too preoccupied with the conversation regarding their soulmates. Hell, they did not even notice that their gossipy time was quite disturbing the president in front of them, who looked like they were going to explode their patience sooner or later.
When will these two idiots stop talking? You looked behind you with the deadliest glare you could muster, making them finally shut up when they noticed you scolding them with your eyes. Not only a few seconds after you turned around to face in front once again, you heard a bunch of giggles and cackles from the both of them once again.
You just shook your head and huffed in frustration, "Okay class, please answer page 36, activity one and two. It will be passed before break, I'll be back by 15 minutes because of an emergency downstairs. Please work quietly", he told the class, "Yoon Y/N, please handle the class until I get back", he says which made me nod you head.
Everyone then proceeded to answer the activity quietly and to your surprise, the two idiots behind you were doing it quietly as well until you heard them groan a few seconds later. "Geez, how do we even solve these things?", you heard Woojin exclaim.
"I don't know either", Suhyeok replied to his friend.
You ignored the two and started answering it without any problem since you did your advanced reading last week. You were nearly done when you felt a tap on your shoulder, humming in response before they tapped you on the shoulder once again.
Turning around to look behind myou "What?!", you half whispered, half yelled at the two.
"Can you help us with o—"
"No, answer it on your own", you interrupted the taller boy, "It's your fault that you did not pay attention to his lectures earlier", you added and smirked at him.
Lee Suhyeok stared at you in disbelief before rolling you rolled your eyes at him, "Okay, thanks", he murmured and sighed deeply.
Clicking your tongue at them before continuing to do your work, it did took too long before you heard the two of them murmuring on one another once again. Minutes later, you saw Suhyeok standing on the other side of the room talking to Choi Namra and it seems like he was asking her for help.
You wished the could have just asked help from you rather than asking help from the vice president but then you remembered that he did ask me before, however you shooed him away. Wait, what? Why did you suddenly sounded like a jealous girlfriend, this is getting ridiculous.
"Hey, new student", you called out.
Some students near you turned to look at you, mistaking that you were referring to them. However, the latter that you really were referring to, did not hear you or are is he just pretending to not hear you. You sighed and stood up from your seat, slamming your hands on the table resulting everyone to look at you including him.
"New student", you called him out once again.
He furrowed his eyebrows at you, "I have a name you know?", he replied.
"Whatever", you mumbled and began massaging your temples, "Can you please return to your seat before a teacher or worse, the principal, finds you standing there and possibly send you to the disciplinary office on your face day", you requested as nice as possible.
You caught him mumble a small thank you with a smile on his face to the vice president before you watched him go back to his seat behind you. "I'm not even a new student when I literally studied here for years, Miss President", he mumbled, leaning towards you.
"Just continue doing your task, new student", you stated which him huff in defeat.
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I think one of the greatest cruelties that has been shown in mha / bnha is the way society forces people to be okay in order to avoid conflict. Why? Because when people don't talk or show how they feel, the repressed emotions keep accumulating until they explode.
In the meanwhile, people grows terrified of breaking the unspoken rule of keeping things peaceful and happy. Here me out:
First of all, there was nothing wrong with a hero saying "hey, I'm here, it's gonna be okay" and smiling, but society took it too far and it became a command, more than a reassuring gesture.
Toga's parents forced her to act "normal" because they were afraid of their child having something "wrong". And because they were afraid of her child being different, they negligented her and traumatized her.
The same happened with Izuku when Inko was told he was quirkless. She got scared and denied his son's dream, because she was afraid of his child getting his heart broken, even when she didn't know if that was going to happen.
When Kotaro hits and screams and punishes Tenko, it is because he is afraid of Tenko suffering for wanting to be a hero and being quirkless. Ironically, Kotaro ended up causing him a greater damage and a greater suffering.
You can see it in the Todorokis. For playing the perfect house, the ended up with a broken family. Endeavor and Rei couldn't save their older child because they were paralized by fear. They couldn't save neither their other children because they were even more afraid after what happened to Touya.
Iida almost got murdered by Stain for not wanting to trouble his friends by telling them how he felt about what happened with his brother.
Bakugo more than once had to suffer in silence his anger and sadness because he grew up thinking he must be untouchable, unreachable, the best.
This is not too far from what Overhaul did to Eri, telling her she must not act like a runaway because then other people would get worried and get hurt because of her.
And what about the teachers at UA, how in order to keep the appearance and don't break the unspoken rule, went as far as to risk their students time and time again?
What about Spinner, who had to keep up with people being racist everyday and no one did a thing, because Japan was "at peace".
There's a fine line between trying to cheer up people and being toxic optimistic. And people cross that line daily not because they want to be cruel or hurt others, but because they feel the pressure to be fine, because otherwise they would have to admit something is wrong.
And yes, one of the biggest problems in bnha / mha is people acting too late for fear of admiring something is wrong. That's exactly why acting when nobody has asked you to help yet is a thing heroes do. They don't wait for people to be dying to rescue them.
Heroes don't wait for kids to murder their whole families to rescue them. Or to get burn down to ashes and consumed by hatred to get rescued. Or to stab a crush because they couldn't manage how they felt.
That's what the UA kids are showing, the ability to do things without being told to do them. They ability to think for themselves and break the rules if they think those rules don't work anymore.
In the end and if you look closely, bnha / mha is about how being vulnerable and weak is not a thing to be afraid of. We all need rescuing sometimes, we all need to face the ugly side of life, we all are cowards, we all get manipulated, we all get paralized by fear, but we need to stop being afraid of feeling.
That's why it's so important for the protagonist to be such a crybaby and that's why the League of Villains representation as people to feel a lot and with a lot of intensity is crucial.
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teach me about love
Tumblr media
member: kevin genre: fluff (preschool teacher!kevin au) word count: 2,120 synopsis: when your brother asks you to pick up your nieces from school, you find a teacher that you find to be cuter than the toddlers there.
a/n: happy birthday to our moonlight boy, kevin 🌙
You didn’t really like kids. They were adorable, of course, but they were snotty walking embodiments of germs and you had no idea how to entertain them. They were absolutely precious when sleeping but their tantrums terrified you.
Whenever they came up to you with those bright expectant eyes, you didn’t know what to do except pet their head. Everyone around you would scold you saying that they were children, not dogs. But in your defense, they didn’t seem to mind.
To be honest, you preferred dogs over kids. They were cute all the time.
Nonetheless, you still adored your nieces. The older one, Ahyoung, reminded you of your own past self. She was shy and reserved but sought out love and attention. She constantly needed assurance to fight early signs of anxiety. The younger one, Soyoung, was the complete opposite; she was loud and outgoing. She easily made friends with everyone and adjusted well to new environments.
So when your brother asked you for a last minute favor, you were more than happy to pick them up at their preschool. Unfortunately, however, you were terrible with directions and ended up 20 minutes late.
Apologizing profusely to the staff and teachers, you made your way throughout the building to find their classroom. That was another struggle of its own.
“Auntie Y/n!” you heard two familiar voices screech. You laughed as they ran up to you and hugged your legs.
“Sorry I’m late girls,” you pouted as you squished their cheeks.
“It’s okay, Auntie! Teacher Kevin was playing house with us,” Ahyoung beamed.
“Teacher Kevin was our dog!” Soyoung giggled.
You looked up to see a male teacher sheepishly escape from the tiny playhouse. You held back a laugh, pitying him for what the girls put him through.
“I’m sorry about that,” you chuckled.
“No worries,” he smiled. “It’s my job and I love kids. I had fun playing with them too.”
“I’m Y/n,” you introduced as you held out a hand. “I’m Ahyoung and Soyoung’s aunt. I came to pick them up since my brother got caught up in a work emergency.”
“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Kevin,” he said as he shook your hand. You knew it was unprofessional to think this but he was cute. Like, really cute.
Trying to leave before your smiling cheeks could reveal your thoughts, you quickly collected the girls’ bags and helped them put their jackets on. You bid their cute teacher goodbye and happily suggested an aunt-niece ice cream date. They cheered at the idea of sweets and raced to your car.
Tumblr media
The next week, your brother asked if you could pick the girls up from school again. Apparently they had been bugging him to have their favorite aunt come every day.
You weren’t sure if it was his flattery or if it was their sneaky plan for ice cream but you didn’t mind. As a freelancer, you had a flexible schedule. You were glad to spend time with your nieces and catch another glimpse of their teacher.
This time, you made sure to leave your house early. You ended up arriving before dismissal and watched as the kids ran around in the playground. Something about seeing Kevin’s eyes sparkle in front of them made you soft. He seemed so genuinely happy and looked at each student with honey dripping from his eyes.
Soyoung squealed as she chased after a boy who tapped her free in a game of freeze tag. She was a little confused about the rules but the effort was there.
While still keeping an eye on the children, Kevin approached you and asked if you wanted a juice box. You kindly declined, thanking him for the offer.
“You’re really good with the little ones,” you complimented.
“Ah, no, they’re the ones who are good with me,” he shyly shook his head. “I’m thankful that they see me as a fun and respectable teacher.”
“I find young kids to be difficult,” you confessed. “I don’t know how to match their level.”
“I get you. It’s definitely not easy to figure out what they want and try to communicate with them with their still-developing language skills. I’m still not great at it. I just try to improve a little more every day,” he said humbly.
He was a lot better than you who was quick to give up and run away. His words made you reflect and feel slightly guilty.
The bell chimed, making the students rush to line up in front of the door. Kevin left your side to gather everyone together and take them back inside to gather their belongings.
By now, a handful of parents had arrived and were waiting for their children. One by one, the students walked out with their matching yellow chick backpacks, excitedly running up to their guardian.
Your nieces greeted you in that high pitched shriek you loved, body slamming into your open arms. With them in your embrace, you gave them a tight squeeze before getting up and holding their hands to take them to the car.
“Wait!” you heard Kevin call out. Turning around, you were surprised to see him running towards you. When he caught up to you, he held out a book. Taking it, you read the title.
“The Body Language of Toddlers”
“I thought you might find this book useful,” his hands fumbled awkwardly, not knowing where to go. His gesture brought you a warm feeling.
“Thank you, Kevin. I’ll be sure to give it a read,” you smiled.
“Ooooh,” Ahyoung wiggled her eyebrows, making both you and Kevin blush. You ruffled her hair and ushered her towards your vehicle.
Tumblr media
Picking the girls up from school became a biweekly thing for you. Every Monday and Friday, you would arrive ten minutes early to chat with Kevin as he told you funny stories that happened throughout the day. And when you worked with a bunch of preschoolers, there were a lot of those types of stories.
You listened as he went on about how a little boy woke up from a nap thinking he had an argument with his friend because of a nightmare he had. Kevin had to convince him that it was all a dream and that his friend did not actually steal his gummy worms and lie about it.
The way he spoke about his students was endearing. He made them sound like lovely angels even when they were cranky and misbehaving.
“We’re looking for chaperones for the upcoming field trip if you’re interested,” he cautiously brought up. “We only had a few parents sign up so we’d really appreciate any extra helping hands.”
Panicking, you stuttered about how you didn’t have the confidence to keep rowdy kids in check at a public space. He assured you that your only responsibility would be to make sure no one ran off and to accompany kids to the bathroom if they had to separate from the group.
He was a smooth talker. He somehow persuaded you into agreeing and you couldn’t believe you left the school that day after signing the form.
“Auntie, do you like Teacher Kevin?” Ahyoung asked you in the car ride back home.
“Sure, Teacher Kevin is nice,” you hummed.
“No, she means do you like like him?” Soyoung pressed.
You feigned innocence and pretended not to understand what they were talking about. They grilled you about how often you talked with him and even pointed out that he didn’t talk to other parents like that. They sure were smart-witted for their age.
Tumblr media
On the day of the field trip, you spent a long time deciding on what to wear. You had no idea how casual you were supposed to dress as a chaperone.
You ended up choosing a simple outfit and rushed out the door to avoid being late. You had to say you were excited. It had been ages since you last visited an aquarium. And maybe the extra butterflies in your stomach were because of a certain someone you were looking forward to seeing.
Meeting Kevin outside of the school felt different. He stood out in the crowd of tiny humans. Even more so once you entered the place and you noticed that most of the visitors were families, students, or couples.
You softly smiled as you watched the kids fawn over colorful fish and gawk at sharks. It felt like you were returning to your own childhood innocence. You followed Ahyoung, who was pulling at your sleeve, to the jellyfish section where she asked you to take a picture of her with the transparent creature.
The photos came out so incredibly that you had to immediately send them to your brother. He texted back almost instantly and you scoffed when you read his message.
“Heck yeah I made that. Those are my genes right there.”
Rolling your eyes, the corners of your lips twitched up as you put the device away. You guided Ahyoung back to the rest of the group and ran into Kevin who was coming back from the bathroom with another student.
“How are you enjoying the trip so far?” he asked.
“It’s nice. Honestly not as chaotic as I thought it’d be,” you admitted.
“Oh don’t jinx it. Lunch time will be hectic,” he warned.
He was right. Between picky kids and the kimbap packed by their parents, the unwanted vegetables were flown around the picnic table. You barely managed to avoid the carrot that was flung in your direction. Unluckily, you were unable to dodge the spinach that was now tangled in your hair.
Kevin laughed as he tried to help you take it out, cracking a joke about it looking like seaweed and you looking like a mermaid dragged out of the ocean.
“He means you’re pretty, Auntie!!” Soyoung eagerly translated on his behalf. “Mermaids are super super pretty. Like Ariel, the princess!”
This raised a teasing crowd of “ooh”s from the group of preschoolers.
“Teacher Kevin and Auntie Y/n sitting in a tree,” a boy began chanting, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”
His friend made a face and screamed “ew,” making him laugh uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Kevin was trying his best to cover his burning ears. He pulled the beanie over his ears, not wanting to expose his embarrassment.
“My daddy said no boy is good enough for Auntie but I’ll tell him nice things about you, Teacher Kevin. Just specially for you,” Ahyoung proudly announced.
Awkwardly coughing, you stuffed her cheeks with another roll of kimbap. Her muffled cries of resistance were appeased with a juice box shoved into her mouth. The sweet drink diverted her attention away from you and back to her lunch.
You two were now officially shipped by all of Kevin’s students. Even the other teachers giggled as they passed by you.
By the end of the field trip, you were one of the last ones to leave. After all the other students and teachers departed from the aquarium, Kevin escorted you to the car with a sleeping Ahyoung in his arms and a sleeping Soyoung in yours.
You both carefully placed them in their car seats and closed the door after buckling their seat belts. Now that you were alone with him, you didn’t know what to say. Despite the silence, it wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable.
“So have you warmed up to the idea of kids yet?” he finally asked after clearing his throat.
“The book you gave me definitely taught me a lot of things,” you nodded. “Now I’m not completely terrified of them. And seeing you handle kids comforts me.”
“Really? How so?”
“I don’t know. It’s just… you so effortlessly take care of them and I can see how much you cherish each and every one of your students. I envy that.”
“Trust me, it’s not as easy as you think it is,” he chuckled.
Silence fell between you again but you simply enjoyed his presence. You turned your head to see him already staring at you. With your eyes, you wordlessly asked if there was something he wanted to say.
“So uh tomorrow’s Saturday,” he suddenly mentioned. He was fiddling with a loose thread on his sweater and hesitated to speak up again.
“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” he blurted. You couldn’t stop the smile that crept up on your face.
“Would you like to um grab dinner with me tomorrow then?”
He anxiously held his breath as he waited for your response. Biting his lips, he wondered if he had ruined things by going too fast.
“Sure. How’s 6?” you finally answered.
“6 is great. 6 is lovely. Wonderful. Perfect,” he replied with a huge grin.
Tumblr media
a/n: calling all kevin enthusiasts aka @reverienostalgia
i also may or may not have kinda wrote my little cousins into this fic.. 👉🏻👈🏻
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asterroidd · a year ago
sho the todorki
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↬ pairing: shouto todoroki x reader
↬ synopsis: you like him, he likes you. the problem? sho's in the friend zone and so it's up to mina, the resident match maker, and company to give you guys a lil push.
alternatively: sho being a dork, hence the title
↬ warning/s: profanity lol, a lot of second hand embarrassment, two insufferable idiots, idk if this is too ooc of shouto but just take this dorky version of him
↬ note: a fic dedicated to @puredivinity​ that serves as a welcome gift for joining the sho simp club. luv u mara despite all the cursed images i send
Tumblr media
    Class 3-A has four unspoken rules:
    Number one: never play music out loud beyond 8 pm (tried and tested by Denki himself, got blown up by Bakugo)
    Number two: don't leave your room at 2 am or a certain grape pervert would harass you
    Number three: refrain from mentioning crocs to Kirishima. Just don’t.
    And number four: never tell you or Shouto that both of you like each other (just for the sake of entertainment)
    It had become customary to not break these four rules or those who dare break it is rumored to have a thousand year duration of bad luck to be passed down generation after generation.
    That said, Mina was fed up with the mutual pining you and Shouto clearly exhibit. For two years she watched both of you shy and fluster with one another. His face beet red while you a fumbling mess. Truly a sight to behold. It was like watching a romance movie in real time, but without the stupid opening track. 
    At first she thought it was cute, it all started one morning during her first year in U.A. You forgot your jacket that day after waking up late and thus have to rush to get on time. Aizawa would have your head if you weren't there in homeroom. So in your idiocy and frantic state, you forgot most of the essential stuff and that includes, of course, a warm jacket.
    Mina watched as Shouto stared at you from across the room.  With tense shoulders as his gaze constantly drift from your form to his jacket. Her mouth curled upwards, interested with the current situation. It was not every day one could see the infamous Todoroki Shouto so nervous.
    She eagerly kept her attention on him, watching as Shouto got up from his seat and slowly made his way to you with shaky legs. Shouto, barely uttering a word, shoved his jacket to you and rushed back to his seat. At that moment, Mina already knew something was blossoming between you and him.
    And so it basically became her life mission to make sure you and Shouto end up with one another. She made the promise two years ago, and yet here you both were, two dorks that has a crush on each other but couldn't confess even if the world ends that very moment.
    Was it difficult to watch? Yes.
   It took all of Mina's entire being to not push his head into yours. She knows the consequences if one breaks the fourth rule. Two years had already pass and graduation is around the corner, she refuses to accept that both of you aren't a couple. As Class 3-A's resident cupid and match maker, she is more than determined to make sure you and him both end up together. Mina would not be inherently breaking rule number four, just gonna give you guys a lil' push with the help of a friend. And that friend is one that possesses an electrification quirk.
    "Okay, what do we tell (____) tomorrow?" Denki asked.
    Shouto looked over his written notes one last time before nodding and giving his answer, "I'll ask them if they want to have coffee."
    "Good! Make sure to?"
    "I'll make sure to keep eye contact and. . ." he halted, going over his notes once more. "And make sure that I'm smiling."
    Denki flashed him a grin. Clasping a hand around his shoulder and lightly patting it afterwards. "Now, don't forget the lesson I've taught you today. It is important that your date goes smoothly with (____)."
    Shouto eagerly nodded, stars dancing in his eyes. His heart clamored inside his chest, beating in a quick tempo comparable to that of allegro. Sweat accumulated on his palm, in which Shouto then hastily wiped it on his shirt. Despite nervousness bubbling inside his stomach, Shouto admits that he is excited to ask you out.  "Do you really think (____) and I would be a great couple?"
    "Of course, dude! Right, Mina?" Denki turned to his friend. She gave him two thumbs-up, giving fuel to Shouto's confidence for tomorrow's event.
    Now that Denki is done giving him an hour-long lesson about asking you out and things to do in a date, Mina was sure everything would go smooth as butter. Like, what could go wrong? Despite Shouto being a dork and foreign to the concept of love, he still has that natural charm that had some swooning for him.
    Though, she spoke all too soon.
    Mina facepalmed, dragging her palm across her face as Shouto stood frozen before you. She and Denki should've seen this coming.
    "(____)," he started, his voice cracking at the end. Suddenly the discoloration and grime in between the cracks of the wall looks interesting. He kept looking everywhere but you.
    You tilted your head to the side, "What's up, Sho?"
    Heavens above, Shouto loves that nickname.
    The male fiddles with the ends of his shirt, his tongue twisting and throat closing which makes it hard to speak. After class had ended, Shouto came up to you asking if he could talk to you somewhere private. He led you to the area behind the gym where no students are on sight. Well, that is except for Mina and Denki who closely followed behind to make sure Shouto wouldn't mess up his chance. The two stayed low, making sure they are well hidden behind the bush nearby.
   This was now the moment; the perfect chance for Shouto to ask you out after practicing his lines over and over again. It was a simple question: ‘Do you want to have coffee with me this weekend if you are free?”
   Should be easy enough right?
    "I- well- uhh. . ." he scratched the area behind his ear. "D-do you maybe want to free?"
    Shouto paled, he'd done messed up.
    "Wait that's wrong—" he took a deep breath. "Are you coffee this weekend?"
    Really? Really Shouto?
    "Shit— wait! Coffee this free??"
    Can someone take this lost child away?
    Denki bit his inner cheek, hands tugging his hair from second hand embarrassment. He had fate on him; had fate that Shouto had rehearsed enough the night before in asking you out. Guess he was wrong.
    "What do you mean by that?" you voiced out. You were beyond puzzled, unsure what to make of the situation. First he asks to speak with you in private, now he's a stuttering mess. Could it be that he's confessing? Asking you out?
    Your heart quickened at the thought. You were ready to say 'yes'.
    "What I mean is uhh. . ." Shouto wished he has his written notes. "Are you weekend for this coffee?"
    "YES!!" you shout without thinking.
    Wait, what? Hold up.
    "Aight, I'm forcing these two to kiss each other." Mina announced. That’s it. She lost hope for the both of you. You and Shouto need professional help. She adjusted her position, ready to get up and intervene. That is until Denki lay a heavy hand on her shoulder.
    "Wait," he motioned his head to you. Mina huffed, sitting down once more.
    "Sho. . ." you start, a soft smile on your face.
    "Y-yes?" damn, Shouto is such a stuttering mess.
    "Do you want to grab a coffee this weekend? I mean, if you are free?"
    He blinked, your words slowly being registered in his brain. There was a buffer, like an old computer processing 10 kilobyte worth of data. His brain was stuck on 78% in the progress bar. Then, it dawned on him; the cogs and gears turning. It took a full minute for Shouto to understand. "I-. . .I’d love to!" he managed to stutter out.
    Welp, at least that did the job. Denki and Mina released a sigh of relief. High-fiving each other despite the obvious fact that Shouto failed his task.
    But hey, beggars can't be choosers. All's well, ends well.
Tumblr media
    You can't believe it.
    You have a date with Shouto. THE Todoroki Shouto. The guy you've had a crush on since your first year in UA. The one that swept you right off your feet the moment you laid your eyes on him. The friend that always had your back. With him struggling to ask you earlier, could it mean that he likes you more than a friend?
    You let out a squeal, pressing the pillow flush against your chest. In total, you've replayed the scene from memory for over fifty times already. You couldn't even concentrate in doing your homework. So you thought instead of doing your responsibilities, you opted to celebrate by screaming and running around your room in glee.
   It wasn't everyday you'd get a douse of serotonin.
   You’ve waited for this day since forever. Day dreaming about Shouto being your significant other; holding hands with him, wrapping your arms around his torso, and kissing his lips.
   The thought brought forth another pterodactyl squeal from you.
   Oh gods, what would you wear? Should it be casual? Semi-formal? Formal?
   A wedding dress??
   No one told you a date was this stressful. You groaned, prying opening your wardrobe cabinet to quickly plan out an outfit. You can’t afford to look stupid and, dare you say, cheap when you’re on a date with the most sought after male in UA.
   Meanwhile, Shouto is also panicking.
   “Look man, you messed up once but that’s okay!” Denki cheered him up. “Experience is the best teacher.”
   “I know but. . .” Shouto took one deep breath, burying his face in his hands. “I-. . .I just froze up the moment I was in front of them.”
   “And that’s normal!”
   The moment you and Shouto parted ways, the male immediately went to Denki for some follow up consultation. Sure, he can fight villains face-to-face without batting an eye. Could freeze half of his enemies without a drop of sweat. Unleash an inferno of fire to defeat his oponent. Tolerate a bunch of fans shoving cameras up his face to get a close-up picture.
   But Todoroki Shouto, for the love of god, couldn’t ask you out without freezing in place and become a stuttering mess.
   “Lighten up man!” Denki nudged his shoulder. “Unleash the tiger inside you.”
   “But I don’t have a tiger inside me. That would be anatomically incorrect.”
   “Look—that’s not the—. . .what I mean is—uhh. . .nevermind. . .” the blond struggled with his words. He had to be careful with what advice he throw at Shouto. That man takes things way too literately. “What I mean is, toughen up. Have confidence on yourself. You’ll have (____) falling for you before you knew it.”
   Which will be easy since (____) is a simp for him, Denki thought.
   Shouto raised his fist then clenched it, determination washing over him. He gave one brief nod to his mentor (that is the personification of Pikachu).
   He can do it. Todoroki Shouto could do it.
   He’d go over his lines a thousand times before the date. He’d make sure he is 110% prepared before the weekend. Denki had made a dent in his schedule just to tutor him how to make you fall in love with him. Shouto wouldn’t let this go to waste.
   Yes, this man is prepared and is on a mission he couldn't possibly fail.
   Scratch that, Shouto’s a mess.
   He pulled the end of his sleeves, his legs bouncing up and down. The male bit the inside of his cheeks, was the weather hot or was it just his insides burning up. Shouto couldn’t sleep the night before, his mind kept him up. It was like 17 browser tabs are open, with three of them frozen, and he doesn’t know where the music is coming from.
   Due to the jitters getting the best of him, Shouto arrived at the agreed destination. . .two hours earlier than what was expected.
   Which wasn’t a problem anyway, since you did the same.
   You huffed, doubling over and placing your hands on your knees. You had ran from your house all the way to the cafe just to make sure you weren't late this time. In attempts to catch your breath, you’ve failed to notice your date standing just a few feet away from you. The minute Shouto laid his eyes on you, fire sparked deep within his heart. Someone pinch him and tell this wasn’t a dream.
   “(____),” he walked close to which startled you.
   “Sho! You-. . . you’re early!”
   “So are you. . .”
   Then silence fell between both of you. Talk about awkward. Who’s idea was it to get these two idiots in a date? If anything, both of you should’ve just left it on mutual pining and save it as a story for the grandchildren.
   Shouto cleared his throat, hands scratching the back of his neck. “Well, since we’re both early. Why won’t we enter the café?”
   You nodded, your voice box failing you. Inwardly, you were screaming your heart out. The embarrassment was just too much for you to handle. You doubt that Shouto would want a second date at this point.
   And so you lagged behind him, keeping a feet distance away from the male. You have a hard time looking at him without making a mess for yourself. Blood rushing your cheeks, it was hard to ignore the butterflies fluttering inside your stomach.
   The café was quite small. A handful of potted plants hung outside, the store’s name written in calligraphy, and a few customers visible from the window. The establishment was newly built, Ochako introduced it to you about a week ago. The cheesecake they sell is to die for—it was definitely worth the hefty price.
   A small chime went off as Shouto opened the door. Then it hit you; the strong smell of coffee. You were not a big fan of the beverage, but you’ve got to admit that the scent was pleasant. Without prior warning, Shouto lightly held your hand in his. His thumb gliding over the back of your hand a few times. You took in a sharp inhale, eyes widening at his gesture.
   This is what they do in dates right? Shouto recalled his notes.
   So this is like a DATE date?? Not a friendly date? Somebody pinch me right now, you thought.
   “We should find a table,” he spoke, eyes refusing to make contact with yours. You’ve managed to stutter out an agreement, too occupied with the feeling of his hands. It was so warm—just the way you imagined it throughout the years.
   You could finally die now in peace. Goodbye cruel world.
   Soon enough, you and he are situated on a table near the window. Neither of you dare start a conversation, because god forbid another awkward interaction. Years worth of watching romance series could have never prepared you for such an instance. You wished you should’ve consulted some of your classmates—especially those who have experience in the topic of dating—before coming here yourself. You could try and message them, but you wondered if it would be rude to pull out your phone and ignore Shouto. No, you wouldn’t take the chance.
   “Uh- So how are you, (____)?” he asked, pulling you out of your thoughts.
   “Oh, uhhh—. . .” how does one even speak again? “I’m doing well, I guess. . .?”
   That was lame, (____). Lame.
   “How about you?”
   Shouto was silent, you figured he didn’t hear you so you repeated yourself once again. All the while not looking at his direction. It would be better if you don’t see his face or you’ll turn into a puddle of mess.
   But seconds seem to drag to minutes, and that got you concerned.
   “Sho—“ you cut yourself short, realizing that he was staring at you with a lovestruck expression. He looks at you rather softly, like how one would look at a small pet one happens to cross by while walking. The way Shouto kept his gaze at you made you insecure. Was there something on your face? Hair? Shirt? Oh gods, did you smell?
   You wished that, right then and there, the earth would swallow you whole.
   “Sorry I was just. . .” he faltered in his sentence, gulping down his saliva. Shouto then turned his head to the side, a blush ever so present on his cheeks as well as the tips of his ears.
   "Sorry, you're just—just so cute in that outfit that I can’t help but stare."
   His voice was quiet, barely a whisper but you heard it, ironically, loud and clear. Your hand found its way on your mouth, blood rushing to your cheeks as a result of his compliment.
   “Tha-thank you. . .” you’ve managed to croak out, looking down and fiddling with your nails.
   Just. WOW. You can’t believe it. Never once did Shouto commented on your appearance throughout the duration of your friendship with him. What he did was just. . .just so unexpected from him. You find it hard to believe yourself.
   All these years, you’ve hidden your feelings for him. Trapped it inside a chest and swallowed the key yourself. Him falling for you is comparable to that of pigs flying; it was impossible to happen. Yet both of you sat there, like two dorks, a blushing mess while refusing to make eye contact with one another. For once, maybe this time, you could tell him how you feel.
   “I like you. . .” you voiced out your thoughts. It took you a minute to realize what you've done. You let out a small gasp and directed your attention to Shouto. He was also looking at you, baffled. He went silent, his jaw went slack, and eyes wide open, trying to find the words to reply.
   Oh boi, did you made a mistake?
   “BECAUSE YOU’RE MY FRIEND!” Your jaw tightened, declaring it all too loudly just in case he rejects you. “I like you because you’ve been a good friend to me.”
   You hope you were doing this right.
   Unbeknownst to you, Shouto felt his heart break into two after hearing your added comment. His shoulders slumped down, sadness clouded his features.
   “I. . .I see. . .” he muttered. “I like you too,” he said after a pregnant pause.
   Your whole face lit up. Now it was your turn to look at him with a baffled expression. There was a twinkle in your eye, is this it? The moment of your life?
   “Because you’re my precious friend.” Shouto plastered a smile on his face.
   Oh. Welp, Mina and Denki tried.
   RIP to both of you, forever pushing the other in the friend zone.
Tumblr media
ya’ll want a bakugo version of this? (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ✧
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hee4won · a year ago
hate(d) | nishimura riki x reader
requested by @onionhaseyeo i’m so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but for some reason i got super excited
a/n: this is my first time writing a fic(?) i guess it could be considered.. i just had an idea i liked for the request and it felt more like a fic than a headcanon :] i hope it’s not too bad !
word count: 2.1k
warnings: probably some grammatical errors, other than that none. (lowercase intended)
tags: e2l, slight angst, slight fluff
Tumblr media
you hate nishimura riki. when you tell others how you feel about him they always have the same unoriginal response, “hate is such a strong word.” and that, is exactly why you chose it. 
now, in order to really understand why your hatred runs so deep, let’s get into the Three W’s! WHY do you hate him so much? he stole your best friend, she ended up developing feelings for him and ghosting you, she moved away, he never apologized for it. WHEN did you realize nishimura riki was the worst thing to ever happen to you? 7th grade, it’s always 7th grade. WHERE did the beginning of the end commence? the cafeteria, your friend decided to spill her guts out in front of the whole lunch table, only to be humiliated not long after. 
Tumblr media
there you sat, glaring at the back of riki’s head. anyone from a mile away could sense your distaste when it came to him. truth be told, no one could understand why, and you never cared to explain. you figured the situation between the two of you or - just you and an unknowing boy -  was personal and should be kept private. you were really good at keeping it a secret too, so good that riki himself couldn’t pinpoint the issue you had with him. 
for the most part you did your best to avoid him, whether it be physically or when he was brought up in conversation between classmates. ni-ki, as people on good terms with him would address him, was a really friendly student. he didn’t pick fights, kept his teasing to a minimum, and somehow got good grades despite sleeping in and skipping classes. 
going to school knowing his sweet, smiling face would be one of the first things you would see in the morning was what kept you in bed during first period. just the idea of him was revolting, and you simply weren’t strong enough to hold your ground right after waking up.
that was until your first period teacher emailed you letting you know a group project was coming up and it counted as 60% of your overall grade. all you could do was send a friendly reply, close the laptop, and scream into your pillow. you were going to be seeing nishimura riki for the first time in almost a month. which you considered to be the best month of your life.
Tumblr media
you were alert all morning, barely getting any sleep the night before from how nervous you were. it actually wasn’t as bad as you thought. you were late, which meant everyone already picked who they were going to group with. and, to your luck, riki was nowhere to be foun-
“oh my gosh, i am so sorry. . . y/n?” sigh, of course it had to be him. you flashed a limp smile and hurried over to an empty seat. you noticed his hand go forward then drop down to his side, almost like he was trying to bring you back. “oh! ni-ki,” even the teacher knows his nickname? how wonderful. “what perfect timing, you and y/n will be partners for the project, i’ll send the rubric out this afternoon. class dismissed!”
your legs were like jelly, since when did you become this way? sure, you hate him but. . . not being able to move? it was different, it was new. riki noticed the look of confusion on your face and cautiously made his way over to you once all the other students cleared the classroom. “hey, y/n. i haven’t seen you in a while, have you been doing alright?” why on earth was he concerned about you? so shameless.
“yeah, i’m fine, thanks,” you glared at him while standing up and purposefully bumping into his shoulder. bad move. your knees gave out right then, luckily, riki held onto you before you could hit the cold floor. you sighed in defeat, today just wasn’t your day, and mister nishimura just wasn’t the person you wanted to be this close to.
“do you need something? or is there another reason you won’t let go of my arm,” every word had a hint of poison mixed in it. riki muttered a small apology and quickly released you. “i just wanted to let you know that we can work on the project at my place, only if you want,” he gave a boxy closed-mouth smile, almost as if he was trying to act cute. disgusting.
“whatever, give me your address and i’ll come by at 4.” and with that, you two went your separate ways.
Tumblr media
after school
as you made your way to riki’s house, you were running over every possible scenario that could occur. you wanted to avoid arguing, only because you took your grades very seriously. but does he? you couldn’t help but feel nervous and slightly jittery as you got closer to his front steps. oh! the door is open. but. . . no riki?
you called out for him a couple times until hearing laughter and the crunching of chips coming down from the second floor. of course, he’s playing the game. trudging up the stairs you wiped off your sweaty palms, mentally preparing yourself before inviting yourself into his room.
“sunghoon, shut up! it’s not even like that, you’re so weird,” he was so loud. “jake, you too! as if you haven’t been trying to swoon that girl in your third period for the past two months now. haha!” well, boys will be boys.
you open the door and riki notices immediately. he throws his headset and controller down to the floor. “y/n, you scared me,” he was almost out of breath. “oh my bad, i called out for you but you didn’t hear me so. . .” you fiddled with your fingers awkwardly. riki muttered a quick, “it’s okay” and gestured for you to take a seat on his bed.
picking up his headset, he told the cheeky upper-class boys that he would talk to them later. grabbing his supplies and computer, he took a seat next to you. you shifted away from him a little, not comfortable with the closeness between the two of you. he didn’t seem to notice, that or he just didn’t care.
Tumblr media
“okay, so, have you already looked over the rubric?” crickets. “helloo, earth to y/n! have you checked the rubric yet?” “OH! yes, i have, ha,” you gave a quick reply, trying to pretend the awkward moment of you staring at him never happened.
ha? are you insane? you were nervous yes, and you thought it was because of the bad terms you two were on but. . . this nervousness felt a bit different.
“i also wrote up a quick outline during lunch,” you took the paper out of your bag and moved to hand it to him. “ooh nice, you’re such a scholar,” you gave him a lighthearted “shut up” before looking back at your laptop.
did he feel that? your fingers touched. they did touch, right? you can’t be imagining all of this. Y/N. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU HATE HIM, REMEMBER?
“uh, y/n? why do you look like you’ve been holding in a wet fart for the past three minutes?” he was being playful while also holding genuine concern because of your recent actions. your jaw drops, you were always bad at keeping a poker face. but you knew you had to go back to your cold state, there was no way you were going to finish the project by gawking at him. he has such pretty lips by the way, how did you not notice sooner?
Tumblr media
it had been a few hours since you guys started working on the project. you checked the time, 8:00 pm. “hey, riki,” you began with a small yawn. “y/n, you know you can call me ni-ki, right? that’s what all my friends call me,” his eyes suddenly widened noticing your discomfort. “wait, i mean. . . only if you want to!”
you cleared your throat and just asked for the bathroom. once inside and closing the door behind you, you felt the need to cry. sob, even. what is going on? why do you feel so bad for being around him? are you a traitor? is it wrong to be laughing and giggling like the two of you are besties?
you turned the water on, hoping it would drown out the sound of your muffled cries. unfortunately, you have some awfully loud sniffles. riki came running to where you were and knocked on the door. he spoke softly, “y/n? are you okay? can i come in?” what was the point in saying no? it is his house, and maybe if you told him. . . you’d feel better.
as you opened the door and looked up at him, the look of worry on his face made your heart ache. gosh, why do you care about him so much? he looked at your tear stained face and slowly reached out his hand, giving you a look that pleaded for your approval. you pass a small nod, and almost sank into the warmth of his hand on your cheek. he pulled you in for a hug as you cried for a little while longer. “do you wanna talk about it?”
here it was, here was the chance to let him know what you’ve been wanting to since 7th grade. you took a moment to steady your breathing and gather courage to look him in the eyes. you told him everything, from the beginning of 7th grade, to the day it all happened, all the way to where the two of you stood now.
he just sat there, probably trying to process everything you had randomly dumped on him. you were about to apologize and pack your things, but for some odd reason, he smiled? “ni-ki? what’s so funny? i was being serious,” his smile only grew bigger, “no i know, i just find it so funny how you had so much agaisnt me meanwhile i just wanted you to like me.”
he?? wanted you to like him??? hmmm. “what do you mean. . . wanted me to like you?” you were really curious, “i’ve had a crush on you since 7th grade, that’s why i rejected your friend later on. i never knew it would hurt you in the process, and for that i am sorry. very sorry.” you let out a small chuckle, “it’s not your fault, really. now that i’m older i think i was only mad that you two didn’t end up together because i liked you too. i just couldn’t live with myself for liking the same boy my best friend liked. it’s stupid, i know.”
riki reached out for your hand, which you obviously let him have. “you’re a good friend.” he flashed you a sweet and caring smile. you let out a sigh of relief, it felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. all this time you had been pushing for yourself to hate him, while it was all just a plot to get rid of your feelings for him. crazy.
Tumblr media
it was 11:00 pm.
you and riki had already finished the project and were laying on his floor. the both of you just staring at the ceiling and stealing glances at each other. what lovesick little kids.
after noticing the time, you hopped up and told him you really needed to go. he gave you a small pout with puppy eyes trying to get you to stay, and of course, it was hard but you’d rather leave now and see him later than get grounded and not see him for another month. “i can just text you, don’t make that face.”
he escorted you down the stairs, both of you moving discreetly, careful not to wake the boy’s parents. he opened the door for you and you turned around, gazing at him. “what are you thinking?” he asked with a tired smile on his face and small pieces of fluffy hair sticking up in every direction. you gave a shy smile and pecked his lips. he was very surprised, but also very happy.
“nothing.” you said, holding a cheeky grin in an attempt to hide your shyness. “wow, just to think that you hate my guts,” riki poked fun at you.
“hm, hate is such a strong word.”
“what would you call it then?”
“i would say. . . i hate(d) you. past tense.”
the two of you just laughed, both of you yawning shortly after.
“goodnight, mr. ni-ki.”
“goodnight, y/n.”
and with that, the two of you went your separate ways. but this time, with mutual feelings.
Tumblr media
oh and btw, the project got you guys an A+ ;).
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aliasimagines · a year ago
operation fools in love//luke patterson
requested by a lovely anon
word count: 3333(!!!)
a/n: i still don’t know how to write endings
The corridor was noisy with loud chatter, quietly whispered gossip and the sound of rushing students' shoes hitting against the floor. 
You hummed  'edge of great' as you started fishing out the books you need for class from your locker. It has been stuck in your head since yesterday evening when the guys played it for you and Flynn at band practice. 
You were about to close your locker when he poofed next to you. 
“Hi, y/n!”
“AAHHH” you screamed, earning a few side looks from passing by students. 
“Ahh, I accidentally kicked my locker, haha…”you started explaining yourself before turning back to your open locker. You sent a glare in Luke’s way.
“What did Julie and I say to you? Do not teleport randomly to us at school!”
He chuckled.
“Yeah, rules, rules, I don’t care. I just wanted to drop in and say hi!” he smiled at you with his signature Luke smile.
“Well, you did. That’s all? I kinda need to go to class.” you spot Julie in the corner of your eyes as you walk over to her locker. You quickly wave at her and soon after she comes over so you can talk to Luke without looking crazy. 
Luke mumbles something under his breath and goes to scratch the back of his head.
“No! Uhm..Hi Jules… So y/n I also kinda wanted to ask if you would come to our gig tonight? You know, we are playing not far from that food place you like? "
You smiled, appreciating that he remembered your favorite food place. 
"Well,erm.. I guess? I want to but I might have dance practice, so I am not sure." you say, wishing you'd know for sure but you won't find out till the end of your classes. 
Luke's lips formed an 'o' before his gaze fell down on his shoes. 
"Oh well.. I-okay. Bye?" he says in an unsure tone before disappearing, leaving you to face Julie. 
"Well, wasn't that adorable?"  she asks with a smug grin. 
"What? What are you talkin' bout Jules?" you ask honestly confused. She laughs and puts her hand on your shoulder. 
"Sweetheart, you two are just oblivious to each other!" 
"I don't… What?" 
"You like him. He likes you. It's not that confusing. Really it is obvious." 
"Shhh, quiet!" you shh-ed her, quickly making sure if Luke was 100 percent gone. "I.. I don't like him." 
It was unnecessary, you couldn't even fool yourself and especially not Julie. 
"Y/N, come on girl, I know you do. And he does like you too! I mean I am writing songs with him, do you know how many lovesick lyrics he has written lately? It is making me sick." she laughed. 
"Well, he might have written them about someone else. Maybe you? You two have amazing chemistry."
Julie sighed and grabbed both of your shoulders so she could look at you. 
"Y/N, honey. Believe me when I say he is head over heels for you. Why else would he want you to be at our gig so much?”
„Luke is literally so passionate about music? Of course he wants to share it with me, cause he wants to share it with everyone.”
„Ahg, girl you need glasses cuz you can't see shit. Look, if  prove he likes you too will you believe me?”
„Sure. I mean you can’t prove something that is not true but, sure go ahead, ’prove it’.” 
Julie rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to respond but luckily for you the bell rang.
“See you later, alligator!” and with that you were off to class, leaving Julie alone to work on her master plan. 
She knew she had to pull this off because the mutual pinning was unbearable but she also knew she couldn't do it alone. She'll need all the help she can get and that includes Flynn and the rest of her ghost band. 
Tumblr media
You changed into your leggings and sweatshirt before heading into the gym where the dance practice took place. You were quite bumped. Don't get me wrong dancing is everything to you but.. You really did want to see the guys perform. 
You and the other kids were warming up, waiting for your teacher to start showing the choreography. But neither of you expected what she did next. Much to your surprise Reggie and Alex appeared next to her and started messing with her water bottle before you could even open your mouth.
For a moment no one acknowledged what was going on. Some were too busy chatting and warming up and Ms Janett was too busy with her phone. The two ghosts seemed to have noticed that and after exchanging a knowing smirk they grabbed the phone out of your teachers hands. She perked up, a mixture of anger and confusion on her face. And then… she saw her own phone floating in tin air.
“Stop!!” you whisper shouted  in the boys direction but they only gave you a smirk before Reggie started searching for the music player application. Alex pointed over Reggie’s shoulder.
“Uuu, play that one.” 
And as soon as the Lady Gaga song started playing Ms Janett let out a scream causing everyone to look up. You saw the boys dancing with the phone and the pompoms in their hand (although you have no idea where Alex got those pompoms) but everyone else just saw those items moving by themselves.
“GHOOOST!!! Everybody RUUUUUUN!” 
Some people followed the teacher, some stayed behind to take a closer look only to be scared away by a flying pompom. 
“What the heck are you two doing?” you turned to them,being  rather angry,  once you were the only living person in the gym. Seriously, what were they thinking?
“We cleared your afternooon! You can come to our concert!” Reggie exclaimed and put down the phone. 
“Do you think I would go after this fiasco you just pulled??” you were definitely angry now.
“Oh come on, if not for us then for Julie..and for Luke.”
You snapped your head in Alex's direction at the mention of Luke’s name.
“What do...No. Don’t try to divert the topic. What you did was incredebly stupid! What if.. What if someone connects the dots and figures out that Julie’s hologram band is actually a ghost band? There will be scientist and ghost busters and-”
“Shh, Y/N jeez, calm down. it will be okay. We’ll see you at the show.” 
And they poofed away. They simply left  you alone with your thoughts. You need to come up with some kind of explanation for the dance class but right now you need to go home and change. The boys were right, even if they kinda (really) caused a mess here you still like them and don’t want to miss seeing them live ((Winky face)).
Tumblr media
Meanwhile you were sorting through your dresses and outfit options. Julie and the band arrived at the venue for rehearsal.
Usually it was Luke who hyped Julie up before shows but right now the roles were switched because Luke looked like a kicked puppy ever since he learned you wouldn’t be able to make it to their gig. Of course Julie knew you will be here, as she was the one to send the boys to scare away your teacher. It was all part of her little plan.
Like mentioned Luke wrote half a dozen songs, all centered around his feelings for you. He stated to Jules that he will definitely not play them for you because there is just no way you like him back, but now Luke thinks you won’t be there so Julie is on the next step of her genius plan. Convince Luke to play one of his love songs.
“Luke, Lukey-poo, my man.” she started getting more and more cringy. “I thought we could close with Hero and Heroine? I know you said you don’t want to play it but it is such a great song, you definitely shouldn’t let it be just another forgotten song that stays on a piece of paper. Plus it is perfect for closing, think about it!”
“Julie...I-I told you I don’t wanna play it.”
“You told me you don’t wanna play it in front of Y/N, which would be the whole point of writing love songs to her but that's besides the point right now. Pleeassee?”
Luke took a deep breath and looked at his ghost mates for...What for? Support? Advice? He is not sure. He does want to play the song, pour out his emotions through the song but the question is..should he? He knows you can’t be here which both makes him wanna play the song and not at the same time.
“I agree with Julie, dude.” Alex said, shrugging his shoulder like he knew of nothing. Reggie nodded along.
“Okay..If you all think I w-”
Julie stood up and clapped her hands together.
“Cool! It is settled. I’ll need to make a phone call, brb.”
“Barbeque?” asked Reggie confused. Which made Alex laugh.
“Brb actually means be right back. Willie told me.” the blond made his way over to Luke and gently punched his shoulder. “Really Luke, that song is great. And I know you think there is no way Y/N would like you back but I am sure if she could hear it-”
“I’m a ghost, Alex! I can’t just confess to her, how are we gonna date? We can’t even touch.”
“That is totally not the reason. You are afraid she would decline your affection, I get it, but believe me I have seen her look at you. That longing in her eyes when I mention your name. She likes you.”
Luke rolled his eyes.
“Not that it matters, she won't hear the song and that is my final say in this.”
Tumblr media
As soon as Julie stepped out of the small, cigarette smelling backroom she dialed your number. You picked up after two rings.
“Hi, Jules.”
“Hi girl, I heard what the boys did, I am so, so sorry. You know they are idiots.”she said trying real hard not to laugh but she reminded herself of her plan and pulled on her poker face.”But..Are you coming to the show? Flynn could pick you up; she is about to get going.”
“Yeah I’ll come, tell the boys I will call my teacher and say it was a prank so they can thank me for saving their ghostbutts.”
Julie giggled and started playing with her hair.She walked up and down the small corridor that led to the stage from the backroom.
“I will, I better get back and warm up but you should call Flynn so she won’t leave without you.”
Of course Flynn wouldn’t leave without you. She was waiting in her car two blocks from your home waiting for your phone car.
She didn’t have to wait long, you called her and she pretended to not expect it. Flynn kinda became your and Julie’s driver ever since she got her driver's  license last month. 
By the time the two of you got to the venue the opening was playing their last song and the place was already packed with dancing teenagers. Flynn dragged you to the bar and asked for a cola for herself and a (favourite drink) for you. 
The two of you hung back and sipped your drinks until Julie appeared on the stage. Then you took Flynn by the hand and  started pulling her toward the stage. Only she held you back. 
"Hey, what's up? Don't we wanna go and watch them from closer?" 
"Oh, well, uhm...I'd rather hang back. The crowd kind of makes me anxious right now." Flynn said. You lifted an eyebrow at her. Flynn being anxious? In a crowd?? That did not convince you. But you didn’t argue. 
"Do you need to step outside a little or…" 
"Nah, it's good, let's just stay here in the back." 
So you did. You sang and danced along to the songs you both knew so well. You tried  your best not to stare at Luke too much but let’s be honest you failed miserably. Flynn occasionally wiggled her eyebrows at you when she caught you ‘drooling over him’ as she put it.
After they finished playing Stand Tall you expected them to bow and ‘disappear’ but much to your surprise Julie grabbed the mic and brought it to her lips.
“Hello, hello, helloo! Do y’all wanna hear one more song?” the audience erupted into a loud cheer. It was so heartwarming to watch. Julie doing what she was born to do, playing music and enchanting the crowd. Flynn seemed to have the same thought because she looked at her with such pride. You pulled her into a big hug and the two of you waited for the crowd to quiet down so Jules could go on.
“Allright, allright. Now this song will be a bit different but...I will let Luke here tell it.”
You just became more and more surprised when Luke stepped closer to the mic and spoke into it, looking kinda...nervous? 
“Ohm..Hello everyone! So uh..This song is dedicated to a special someone, the songs called-”
“What’s the special someone’s name?” your eyes travelled to Reggie who asked the question with a huge grin. Luke turned to look at the bassist. If looks could kill Reggie would be double dead. But before Luke could give a voice to his disapproval towards Reggie’s question Julie spoke up.
“Yeah! What’s the name?” she turned towards the crowd and started chanting. “What’s the name?”
Soon Reggie and Alex joined with smiles painted on their faces along with the audience. You were so freaking confused. You looked at Flynn for some explanation but how would she know about it. 
“OKAY, okay, stop!” Luke yelled before laughing a little. “All right I will tell you guys but you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone?”
All of a sudden you felt sick and wanted to get out of here. You were so not in the mood to hear Luke declare his love for someone. 
“This song is dedicated to..To Y/N. Unfortunately she wouldn't be here today but..she is an amazing person. Hope you all like the song.”
He...He couldn’t be talking about you, could he?
He started strumming his guitar and soon Reggie joined in with the bass and Alex with the drums. Jullie clapped her hands together and kept sending encouraging looks for the boy.
“It's too late baby, there's no turning around, I've got my hands in my pocket and my head in a cloud, this is how I do, when I think about you,I never thought that you could break me apart,I keep a sinister smile and a hole of my heart” he sang into the mic, his voice filling in the whole club “You want to get inside, then you can to get in line but not this time”
“'Cause you caught me off guard, now I'm running and screaming!” Julie joined in for the line“I feel like a hero and you're my heroine.”
“I won't try to philosophize, I'll just take a deep breath and I'll look in your eyes, this is how I feel and it's so so real I got a closet filled up to the brim with the ghosts of my past and the skeletons, and I don't know why, you'd even try but I won't lie” Luke sang and you finally realised what was going in. He wrote this song. For you. You looked over to Flynn who nodded towards the stage and mouthed ‘go’.
I feel like a hero and you are my heroine. Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?
You started making your way towards the stage, slipped through the cracks between dancing people and singing fans. The further you got the harder it was to get through but you heard Luke’s voice and you kept going.
And I feel a weakness coming on, never felt so good to be so wrong. Had my heart on lock down and then you turned me around
And I’m feeling like a new born child..
You finally break through a few screaming girls and see him.
“-Every time I get a chance to see you smile. It’s not complicated, I’m so jaded.” Luke sings and looks at the audience and- He spots you. Looking up at him with eyes wide open and admiration on your face. His voice cracks because of the sudden surprise of your presence but you smile at him and that is all he needs to continue.
“And you caught me off guard...Now I’m running and screaming”
He sang the song with such passion that even if you weren’t before now you were absolutely sure this wasn’t just a simple crush. 
When they finished you didn’t waste a lot of time, you ran backstage, quickly waving your vip ticket.  You almost run into Julie on your way to the door of the backroom.
“Who- Y/N!”
“This was your doing, wasn’t it?” you smiled at her already knowing the answer. She flashed a toothy grin. 
“Well I had a great team behind me but yeah, Operation FiL was my idea.”
“Phil?” you ask back .
“No, no. F i L. Fools in Love. Now go get ‘im tiger!”
You shook your head and entered the backroom. Luke stood with his back facing you but as soon as he saw you in the mirror he spinned around. For a moment you forgot he was a ghost and ran to give him a hug. 
“Y/N, no-” he put his hands out so he could catch you, simply out of reflex but he didn’t expect to actually hold you in his arms. You both looked at each other with eyes as wide as a 6 lane highway. 
“How can I-”
“Do you care?”  you closed the little distance between the two of you and pressed your lips against his.  They were just as soft as you imagined oh, so many times before. He kissed back gently, afraid that this is just a dream. But this was definitely too real to be a dream. You unfortunately had to pull back to catch your breath but Luke looked leaned closer to press his forehead against yours.
“The song was so beautiful, I loved it.” you whisper. He just stared at you with a smile.
“If I knew you would kiss me, I would have played it a long time ago.” you giggled and brought your lips together for one more kiss. He let his hands wander this time but so did you. Your fingers ran through his brown hair, this being something you wanted to do for so long. He kept one hand on your waist and placed the other on the side of your face.
Your lips moved so in sync like you’ve been doing this all your lives. You were so drawn to each other, you felt like you couldn’t pull away in that moment even if you tried. Like this invisible magical force just glued the two of you to-
“Okay, that is enough! Get out I need to change!” Julie brusted in causing Luke to jump up and cling to you like Scooby Doo.
“Wow, you are so brave.''you laughed rolling your eyes at. “Come on, let’s leave alone Julie. We’ll meet ya at the car?”
 Jules nodded and sent a wink in your way. You walked outside, both of you grinning like idiots. 
“So uhm...Does this make us, Us?”
“Yeah. I mean if that’s what you want too.” you look at your shoes and bite your lower lip waiting for his answer.
“There’s nothing I want more.” he said. “Oh well..maybe another kiss wouldn’t be so bad either..”
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seungmoe · a year ago
genre | fluff
word count | 1330
warning | none
note | this is so self-indulgent, i need a sleepy jeongin in my life ;-;
Tumblr media
the alarm did not wake you in the morning, instead, it was the pitter-pattering of the heavy rain outside the window that made you jolt from your sleep.
it was a delight to see that the sky was dim when you opened your eyes, and the curtains closing over the window made your shared room even darker than normal. the weather felt cold even under the warm covers—one thick blanket, one fluffy blanket, and a thinner blanket going on top. but the soft boy sleeping beside you makes you radiate such an endearing heat that the winter cold couldn't even begin to compare.
it was probably around nine-fifteen o' clock. you wake up in the early morning every monday and wednesday because of an unfortunate class schedule, but with the beginning of remote learning, you have been able to cut yourself some slack and stay in bed while you listen to the lecture. you never knew why you set up an alarm, though, you always wake up before it rings.
shifting under the covers, you reached over for the nightstand and brought your phone to you. your eyes squinted at the brightness of the screen when you turned it on, and you quickly tapped to turn off your alarm before slamming it back onto the nightstand once again. you rubbed your eyes, trying to get the ringing of the loud screen away from your eyes, and you turned to the side so you could leave the bed.
a pair of hands reached out for your waist when you moved, and jeongin groggily circled his arms around your torso when he felt you leave the warm spot of the bed. you hummed in surprise at the feeling of his ever-tightening embrace. he was never a deep sleeper, but you didn't anticipate such a small movement to alert his exhausted state.
"where are you going?" he slurred out lowly, pressing his face to your back and nudging his cheek against your shoulder blade.
you patted his hand with an uncontrolled smile, turning your head to look behind your shoulder slightly as you replied, "to get my laptop. i have history class, jeong."
it took him a second to process your words. he couldn't hear much, just the word laptop and class, and he assumed it had something to do with school so he slowly released his grip on you. you sighed, dropping your bare feet on the cold ground and tip-toeing over to your desk where your laptop laid fully charged.
you perched your leg up when you got back onto the bed, sliding under the blankets and getting comfortable before plopping the device on your lap and opening it.
jeongin squinted his eyes at your screen, his head moving to hide in his arm, but you turned down the brightness so quickly that he didn't get the time to complain. you clicked against the mouse pad, navigating through the school assigned website and finding your lecture link. meanwhile, he listened with his eye closed.
the rain fell heavy outside, almost drowning out the sound of your breathing in which he loved to hear so much. your tapping and typing sounds were loud, but that was only because he chose to lay so close to your spot that he could hear them more clearly.
turning away from the black hole of his elbow, he peeked an eye open at the screen and frowned at the box that told you to wait for the meeting to start. shifting about slowly, he scooted closer to you and once again, snuck his arms around your body.
you moved to accommodate his position, letting him swing his leg behind and a fraction beneath your laptop, letting his arms pull your half sat up body close, and he put his head on your chest as a pillow.
"history class?" he asked in a mumble, his voice muffled with sleepiness and the thick fabric of your sweater. his eyes have opened a fraction, staring at the loading button on the screen, then he scoffed in dismay, remembering his school days as he snuggled further into your side.
you smiled when you felt him relax against you, his body exhaling completely as he let his wakefulness go. his cheek smushed against the side of your chest, the chubbiness jutting out and his eyes dozed off into one faint line—he would look ridiculous if you didn't love him so much.
throwing an arm around his shoulder, you placed your hand on his head to give him comforting head pats. you giggled lightheartedly when he smiled, a blatantly bright smile where his lips were pursed and his eyes arch into two crescent moons.
"yeah, still waiting for the professor to start."
"oh... someone might be late," he chuckled slowly, tilting his head to adjust his position before settling down again.
you laughed airily, still stroking his hair softly as if to lure him to sleep. that would probably be the best option. you wouldn't want to keep him awake for no reason when he could barely get any decent sleep as an idol. you wouldn't even bother with spending more time with him, you just wanted him to get some rest before the next busy comeback.
besides, being like this, being here, with his arms around you all sleepy and soft, with his head on your chest all cozy and warm. there was nothing more you could wish for from jeongin. without doing anything, at least not anything grand and magnificent, he was already providing you with such blooming affection that you felt enough just to be able to see him first thing the morning.
"when is your class?" he asked casually, breaking the silence with a low mumble.
"at nine-twenty, but this professor is always a little late," you said, clicking away to check your lecture link and to make sure you had not pressed the wrong class.
"that's not good," he said, looking up and pointing his chin on the side of your chest. "being tardy is a big no-no."
"well, maybe she is having technical difficulties, those could take a minute to fix," you said. "cut her some slacks."
"still," he whined, curling you to him with furrowed brows and pouty lips. "i'm just bitter. we are supposed to be sleeping together, why did the school have to ruin that."
"the class will be over in no time, and then i will cuddle you back to sleep," you said after a laugh. "i promise."
he hummed in disregard, although very much loving the idea. from the looks of the weather outside, he could probably persuade you to stay in bed for the whole day and just order takeout you two could eat on the bed without the risk of making a mess. perhaps some jajangmyeon, or bibimbap, and some drinks... ah, just thinking about lazing on the bed with food and the internet all day sounded like heaven to him.
not to mention he could finally spend some time with you after your ever-conflicting schedules. texting, and calling, and the brief kisses on the cheek after you run to the company with food and immediately have to run back to class were simply not sufficient enough for his needed daily dose of affection.
"how long will the class be?" he asked.
"about forty-five minutes," you replied, causing him to grumble.
"that's long."
"so wait," you said casually. seeing that the screen changed, prompting you to unmute your microphone, you immediately clicked on the option and the laptop brought you to the lecture. "the class is starting, just go to sleep and i'll join you."
jeongin scoffed, casting a glance at your teacher on the screen before he looked away. he pressed his ear against your chest and focused on feeling your heartbeat—one, two, three, one, two, three.
his arms curled around you, his eyes feeling droopy. he could fall asleep like this. he always does.
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mysticstarrysiren · a year ago
fight night  (jatp crew x reader)
readers home life hasn’t been the best and they’ve been lying to their friends about it. one night it all builds up and the reader shows up to julies, distraught. ( for this the boys are alive bc it just worked out best but other than that no changes.)
this has been sitting in my drafts so i thought i’d post it
trigger warning: family fights, anxiety, depression, past talk of eating disorders.
Tumblr media
For a long time you use to just keep everything buried down. That was your fatal flaw. It wasn’t a trust issue, you just always had this feeling that if no one knew then everything would be fine. But your family had lately been falling apart, your parents always seemed disappointed in you, you were fighting with your siblings more and it felt it a ballon that kept on expanding. you didn’t know when everything was going to explode it just kept getting worse.
Today was the exploding point. It seemed like no matter what you did, it just wasn’t good enough. You were the black sheep in your family, they made you out to be it. They complained about how you dressed, what your room looked like, the music you played, the people you hung out with, and for what? You didn’t do anything that was textbook problem child material. 
You tried your hardest in school, you never asked for much, you cleaned almost everyone’s mess at home, and after a while that became your routine. Never be seen, never be heard and never get any credit for everything you do. Meanwhile your siblings, little miss perfect and the star academic got everything you wanted. Your parents attention, their approval, and their constant reassurance. 
By the time you were in high school, you were emotionally independent. A stranger to your own family pretty much. You went to an art school along with your siblings. Even as the oldest, you quickly fell into their shadows. Your sister a musical protégé on the violin, your parents paid for the best lessons, and without a doubt she’ll probably attend some ivy league. Your brother was in the advanced academics program, with yale and harvard already offering him scholarships in his sophomore year. Then there was you. You were in the art program, and while your teacher swears that all the top art schools have you on their radar. You still felt insignificant.
You worked a weekend job at the local coffee shop, latte love , it wasn’t everything but it helped pay for art supplies for you to build your portfolio. Their you met Julie Molina and Flynn Davis. Two girls who were your age, they attended the music program at your art school. You recognized them, Julie had been like the sun at the school. In the hallways always smiling and then her mom died, the sun went away hidden behind clouds. While Flynn was unapologetically herself and didn’t backdown from telling people how things were, she was fearless. They were also probably the first two people who knew your siblings and were able to separate you from them. 
Then later on in the year the three of you met Luke, Alex and Reggie. Latte Love was hosting its monthly open mic night. It was almost a year after Julie’s mom died, so in an attempt to coax her back into music, Flynn brought her around. You offered free hot chocolate on the house as a bribe if she wanted to come. After an hour of mainly middle schoolers trying to face stage fright, soccer parents who desperately tried to hold onto their high school garage band phase and any other mediocre act who gave it their all in effort. Sunset Curve preformed. 
That night honestly sent all six of your lives’ into a full spiral but in the best way. A month after you had met sunset curve, they formed a band with Julie and became, Julie and the Phantoms. Flynn becoming the band manager and you being the artist for ticket designs, posters and anything else. It helped distract you from everything going on in your life and with your friends you didn’t feel left out or the black sheep. You were you and they loved you for all of it. 
But you could only be happy for so long. Your family always managed to make you feel horrible about yourself, this week had felt like the worst its ever been. Your sister being recruited for a summer symphony in Australia, your brother would be off at a stem camp and your summer plans were just to work, make art and hang with your friends. Your family wasted no time in telling you that you were wasting your time, or that it was just some silly childish thing. They didn’t understand how big Julie and the Phantoms were becoming. The latest gig being opening for panic at the disco at the Orpheum. 
You couldn’t take it anymore, which is how you ended up walking to Julie’s house right in the beginning of a thunderstorm. When you finally made it to Julie’s front stoop you were drenched head to toe. Julie being the one to pull you in the front door. In her oversized smiley face sweatshirt and baggy sweats. The movie night dress code.
“Did you walk here?” She exclaims looking at the outdoor storm and turning back to her best friend. Your eyes red from crying and cheeks raw from wiping your tears rapidly. She’d been expecting you for weekly movie night, especially since her dad and brother had been away for a baseball game for the weekend. Just not in this state.
“More like swam.” You replied with a dry laugh. Trying to desperately hold yourself together. Knowing your friends were all in the living room, you didn’t want to burden them with your breakdown. 
“Hey was that the chinese food! Y/n? Whats wrong bean?” Flynn stated her mood changing halfway through the sentence noticing the state of their best friend. Who looked like she’d just had the world’s worst day. You smiled fondly at the nice name she’d given you, which was a coffee pun. 
“Family shit. Like always.” You said looking down at the floor and the puddle that you were slowly dripping onto the Molina residence’s welcome mat. Both girls smiled sympathetically, they had their fair share of stories of how bad things could get at the L/n household. 
“Come on! It’s movie night, you’re getting into cozy clothes and having junk food with your friends.” Julie said taking your hand and leading you upstairs to her room. Julie handed you spare clothes due to you being completely soaked. Then a towel to dry yourself off.
“Here, once you’re ready to come downstairs, we can put your stuff into the dryer.” Julie said smiling at her friend before leaving to give her privacy. Taking the towel she gave you and trying to dry your hair. Then changing into the cozy clothes she gave you. Your phone blowing up from texts from your family. Your parents wanting to know where you were. Not caring how hurt you were. Your siblings saying half assed apologies they didn’t mean. They’d done this before and they’d do it again. 
Ignoring the messages, you walked back downstairs. The comforting smell of chinese food wafting at you. Julie, Alex and Flynn stood at the table. Meanwhile Luke and Reggie were were at the local 7/11 getting slushies. 
“Did anyone order a hot mess?” You said jokingly getting their attention. Alex standing up and instantly hugging you as if he’d never see you again. Hugging him back. Alex’s hugs always felt as if it was a cloud. 
The Molina residence house phone then rang, the caller id labeling your house. “We can just let it go to message.” Julie said turning back from the phone to you. You shook your head, “I’m so over this bullshit.” Walking over to the phone you picked it up. 
“Hello ever so loving parental unit.” You said with sarcasm dripping off every word. “Pop off!” Flynn said as she bit into a dumpling. You bit back a smile. “Where are you? You can’t run out because you’re upset.” You heard your mom say. You rolled your eye. 
“Where i am every friday night. I told you in advance i had plans so when you take your attention span off miss perfect and genius boy remember you have a third fucking child. Goodnight!” You said promptly and then hung up placing the phone back on back on its home base. “Beyoncé would approve.” Flynn said clapping for dramatic effect.
“How much trouble are you going to be in for that?” Alex said passing your usual that Julie knew to order for you, you shrugged. “Bold of you to assume they’ll remember to ground me.” 
“Wow what a rag tag group of mommy and daddy issues we are.” Reggie announced as he placed the tray of slushies down on the counter. “Excuse you!” Julie exclaimed as she took a slip of her blueberry slushie. “She’s dead, that’s an issue.” Flynn said as she grabbed her green apple one. You choked on your food for a second, “Out of pocket!” 
“She’s right babe.” Luke said hugging her from behind. “You have mommy issues too.” Julie said turning around slightly. “Only the hottest people have both mommy and daddy issues!” Alex exclaimed holding a hand of for you and Reggie to high five. 
“My back hurts from having a healthy parental relationship and carrying that standard.” Flynn said cracking open her fortune cookie. You laughed looking around at your dysfunctional friend group. 
“We are all going to hell for these jokes alone.” You said taking a sip of your slushie. Reggie scoffed, “We’re just warming up.” 
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alyasgf · a year ago
Truth Or Dare Confessions Adrinette April Day 11- Truth or Dare
Previous || Next || All
Adrien and Marinette reveal a bit too much during a game of truth or dare
Late day 11 but I’ll catch up eventually! Hope you like it :)
Word Count-
“Alya I can’t do this!” Marinette whined as they walked to the brunette’s house.
“It’s just for a couple hours you’ll survive. It’s not everyday we get out whole block early and I want to talk advantage of it.” Alya replied with a smile.
M. Mendeleiev had caught a cold and had been told to go home, lest she get the children sick. No one could find a substitute on such short notice, so the kids were sent home early.
“But Adrien will be there! I won’t be able to speak coherently for hours.” Marinette grabbed Alya’s arm so that she’d stop and look into her eyes.
“Well Adrien is asking his dad right now, so who knows maybe he won’t go.” Alya said, trying to calm her friend down.
“But I obviously want him to go. Ugh this is so confusing!” Marinette dropped the girl’s arm and continued walking, now with her hands rubbing her temples. “Why can’t I just act normal around him instead of just turning to jelly?”
“You just have to try to see him as a normal person Marinette. Not as a famous model, not as your pretty boy crush, but as a totally normal guy who you just happen to be attracted to. Can you do that?” Alya chuckled as she said this.
“Maybe? I’ll try, but if it doesn’t work please stop me before I embarrass myself. Put your hand over my mouth if you have to. Once I start talking to him everything just spills out no matter how badly I’d like it to stop.” Marinette said sheepishly.
“Will do.” Just then Alya’s phone chimed. “Good news Marinette. Or bad news depending how you look at it.” Alya began while typing on her phone. “Nino just texted and it looks like your boy gets to hang out with us today!”
Marinette let out a squeak in reply.
“Get this! His old man said since his fencing teacher got a cold he could stay until 4. How awesome is that?” Nino told them as they walked in.
“Uh thats great! I- I mean we, can’t wait to spend 3 whole hours with you.” Marinette managed to get out.
‘Just a normal guy.’ Marinette repeated in her head on repeat as they set their bags down. Still she could feel her heart race as she looked at him.
“Me either, I never get to spend that long hanging out with friends outside of school.” Adrien had an adorable smile on his face and Marinette’s whole body heated up when she saw just how happy he looked.
“Well let’s make the most of it!” Alya said with a suspicious smile. “I propose a game for us all to get to know each other’s deepest secrets! Or at least do something stupid instead. Truth or dare!”
Marinette reddened, Adrien adopted a confused look, and Nino cheered.
“Not to be a downer but I’ve never actually played before.” Adrien said as he rested is arm on the counter, which bumped Marinette’s slightly and she jumped away as though she had been touched with a burning hot coal.
“Maybe we should play something else!” She proposed attempting to save herself from embarrassment. “You have plenty of board games that could be fun.”
“No Marinette I think this game is perfect. Any other game would take too long to explain and we’re running short on time. It’s ok that you haven’t played before Adrien, it’s pretty straightforward.” Alya’s smile grew.
They all migrated to Alya’s room and she directed them to sit in a circle on the floor. She somehow managed to make sure Adrien sat directly across from Marinette.
Marinette attempted to look anywhere that wasn’t in front of her, in fear of accidentally making eye contact. ‘Normal guy, normal guy, normal guy.’ She repeated.
“So how exactly does this game work?” Adrien asked curiously while turning to Nino.
“Well like Alya said it’s simple. We take turns going around in the circle. You can ask anyone to choose a truth or dare. After they decide you either ask them a question or give them a date.” Nino answered.
“What’s the protocol if someone doesn’t want to answer the question or do the dare?” Marinette asked, hoping she could still find a way out of this.
“Then you’re at the mercy of doing the opposite choice with no opting out.” Alya interjected quickly. “Now should we begin?”
If Marinette could chose, she’d say no. But unfortunately there was no backing out, not when Adrien was involved.
They went around once and found out some interesting things.
Alya confessed she couldn’t sleep without a light on, Nino dared Marinette to do a round off (she did so perfectly and looking at Adrien’s face he seem surprised), Adrien tried (and failed) to to whistle, and Nino had a secret obsession with the 1975.
Now it was Nino’s turn to ask a question.
“Adrien, truth or dare?”
“Truth.” He answered, since his last dare seemed to have embarrassed him.
Nino exchanged a quick look with Alya before replaying to Adrien.
“Who’s your crush?”
Marinette and Adrien both reddened instantly.
Marinette expected him to say Kagami, but his answer surprised her.
“Ladybug.” He said and turned even more red, if that was possible.
Marinette’s eyes bulged. Alya and Nino seemed surprised as well.
“Dude? I meant like attainable. Everyone has a crush on Ladybug.” Nino laughed.
“Everyone is a strong word.” Marinette said nervously.
“No I agree with Nino on this one.” Alya added in. “Nino already knows that if I had the chance I would absolutely kiss Ladybug.”
Marinette and Adrien looked just about the same and were all for moving on.
“Adrien! It’s your turn!” Marinette blurted out, hoping no one would see how flustered she was, and if they did, blamed it on Adrien’s presence.
Thankfully they didn’t notice.
Next Alya had to take a shot of hot sauce, courtesy of Adrien Agreste.
“Next ones a general one.” Alya said, earning shouts of protest. “I can do it because I proposed the game.”
Marinette’s mind was still reeling from the knowledge that Adrien had a crush on her superhero form so she was paying attention enough to protest.
“Who were you guy’s first kiss?” She asked.
This brought Marinette back into the present. She hoped no one noticed how red she still was.
“Can we chose a dare for this one?” She looked away from Alya’s prying eyes. As far as Alya knew she’d never had her first kiss.
“No, especially not you. Who was it and why didn’t you tell me?” Her journalist side came out almost instantly.
“Nino! Who was yours?” Marinette said turning to the boy.
“Alix in grade 3.”
Alya gasped. “I thought I was your first kiss!”
“I never said you were.” He said defensively while laughing.
“Well you were mine.” She grumbled.
Next, Nino turned to Adrien pointedly.
“Does it count if you can’t remember it?” He asked and everyone looked puzzled.
“Why wouldn’t you remember it?” Marinette surprised herself by asking.
“Well,” he began, his right arm rubbing the back of his neck. “It was during an akuma attack. I’m just told it happened.”
“Dude, who was it?” Nino pressed, everyone just as interested.
“Ladybug?” He said it almost like a question.
Marinette’s heart stopped. She would’ve remembered kissing him. There was no way she wouldn’t. She had only lost her memory from an akuma once, and she had spent that entire time with Chat. Surely he was lying. But Adrien wouldn’t do that. Her mind was spinning.
“No way!” Alya’s voice startled her. “Is that why you have a crush on her?”
Adrien just shrugged, still insanely red.
Marinette still sat quiet and thinking as Nino and Alya tried to get more out of him, but he gave nothing away.
“Marinette, you’ve been strangely quiet. Don’t think I forgot.” Alya turned to her with a determined look in her eye.
Marinette decided what to do just then. The only person she ever kissed was Chat. Adrien claimed he kissed Ladybug. Adrien doesn’t lie.
His reaction would say everything.
“If I answer no one is allowed to ask any questions.” She waited for everyone to nod. “My first kiss was with Chat Nior.”
Adrien burst into a coughing fit. Marinette smirked.
“Adrien, is everything ok?” She asked, suspicions confirmed.
He said nothing, instead putting a finger up so he could catch his breathe.
Meanwhile Alya and Nino had exploded beside her.
“No fair! You guys get to kiss superhero’s?” Nino pouted.
“Could I please get some context? From either of you?” Alya asked desperately.
“Nope.” Marinette replied popping her p. “Everyone agreed and that’s all I’m saying.”
Adrien didn’t meet her eye for the rest of the time, although Marinette used her newfound confidence to make cat puns for the rest of the time. Needless to say he was bright red. It was nice for him to be the stuttering mess for a change.
When it was time to go, Adrien received a call that his ride was outside.
“Marinette, Nino’s going to stay a bit longer. Would you mind walking Adrien out?” Alya asked and was surprised when Marinette agreed immediately and with no stuttering.
“I’d love to Alya. C’mon Adrien.” Marinette turned to him with a smirk.
Adrien stuttered out a quick goodbye and Marinette took his hand to pull him out, making a point to not let go.
“So Marinette,” Adrien began and Marinette already knew where it was going. “I know you said not to ask, but when did you kiss Chat Noir?” Adrien looked away, trying not to look to interested.
“It was on Valentines Day actually. He’s not too bad of a kisser either.” Adrien turned bright red. “In fact I even got to kiss him again during the Oblivio akuma attack, but I don’t remember that one. Much like your Ladybug kiss huh?”
Adrien’s eyes bulged out. “Sorry what?”
Just then they reached the end of the sidewalk.
“It was nice hanging out with you Adrien! Cat-ch you later.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off. She snuck a glance behind her and saw him standing there dumbfounded.
When she got home, she transformed to see she had over 50 messages from Chat Noir himself.
Maybe Adrien wasn’t just a normal pretty boy after all.
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migilini · a year ago
Chosen Family - Sunset Curve
Tumblr media
summary: The boys didn’t show up for school so you and Bobby meet them in the Studio and spend the afternoon with them.
a/n: The JATP Discord Server I’m in gave me this Idea :) Prob gonna wrote more little blurbs about 1995 Sunset Curve.
words: 1.8k
warnings: pure friendship fluff
Requests are open
“Are they here?” you asked Bobby who sat next to you in biology, your pent tapping the desk impatiently. He shook his head and took out his notebook “I don't know I haven't seen most of them today.”
“Okay, if they’re not here at lunch, I'll skip for the afternoon and see if they’re still alive,” you grumbled. Bobby let out a loud laugh “You know that it isn't your responsibility?”
“I know but it's our job as friends to care. And this is just my way to do so.” you shrugged your shoulders and flipped through the book to find the right page.
"Sure this has nothing to do with the big test this afternoon?" You gave Bobby an offended look.
“Miss Y/L/N and Mister Wilson would you like to share your conversation with the class?” Miss Kluster scolded, crossing her arms over her blue blouse, a thigh frown on her red lips as she looked at the teenagers angrily.
“No Miss.,” the friends said simultaneously.
“Good. Then be quiet now. The class has started.”
You and Bobby looked at each other with a smirk, you rolled your eyes slightly while he scrunched his nose.
You let your tray fall on the table, making the only other person sitting and the food on it jump. “Woah! Why so aggressive? Guessing Alex wasn't in English?”
"Nope." You shook your head and popped the p with slight annoyance. “Did you have more luck?” Bobby shook his head. You sighed and packed your lunch into your bag. You looked at him expectantly "You coming with?" He shoved the rest of his sandwich into his mouth and mumbled something that you took as a yes. He clumsily tried to get up while simultaneously packing the rest of his things and nearly fell backwards off the bench.
Getting out of school wasn't hard, especially when you’ve skipped several times and knew where the teachers normally stood to watch, not that you ever skipped school to hang out with your musician friends. You and Bobby sneaked around the teachers' room and took the long way around the gymnasium, only to climb out of the boys' locker room window and then run over the football field to the parking lot where his car stood.
“Let's be honest here, you also wanted me to go because you don't have a car.” Bobby realised once the two of you sat comfortably in his car. In fake pain, you held a hand to your chest. “I would NEVER use you like a free taxi. I normally ask Reggie but he isn't here so…”
Bobby gave your shoulder a light shove before turning the music louder and driving off.
“I heard you crying loud, all the way across town. Cause you been searching for that someone. And it's me out on the prowl” you started to sing along to the Greenday song blaring from the radio station. Scrolling down the window, you held your hand out, embracing the warm summer air. Your hair flying wildly around your face.
You always did something like that, needing the feeling of being free, “I think it's the closest thing to being able to fly.” you always told the boys when they made a side comment.
Bobby drummed along to the song, his fingers tapping the steering wheel with force. When the chorus came, you smiled over at Bobby and turned the volume even higher. At a red stoplight, he lightly turned to you and you both screamed the lyrics at the top of your lungs.
A couple of minutes later, the car slowed down about a couple of houses down the street from the studio. The two of you got out and walked closer, trying hard to blend in. “I swear to god if Miss Lilith snitches on us again…”
“She’s on vacation I think.” Bobby interrupted your sentence about his nosy neighbour that always seemed to know when you should've been in school. Still, you didn't want to take any chances and ducked behind bushes before you were in the safe space in front of the studio.
“It’s quiet,” Bobby muttered to you, his ear pressed to the wood door. “What if they starved to death?” you whispered to him, now your ear pressed against the door as well.
“Or they’re still asleep?”
“It’s a bit late, even for them.”
“Maybe they went home?” you shot Bobby a troubled glance.
“Or we just went on a walk.” a voice suddenly said, behind you two, making you and Bobby clutch to each other with a scream.
“Jesus Christ! Guys do you want us to die?” you scolded the three grinning boys in front of you.
“I missed you guys too!” Reggie embraced you and Bobby in a bone-crushing hug, whilst the others walked back into the studio.
Luke plopped down on his couch, your school bag already in his hands. “What do we have in here?” he questioned out loud and rummaged through the food you brought with you. He took out a yoghurt and threw it into Alex’s direction who caught it with ease, then he threw Reggie an apple and a chocolate bar and for him, he took out half of the sandwich from your lunch. The other half he held out in your direction.
“Oh no thank you, Luke. I’m good.” you tried to wave it off “I brought it for you guys.” But his eyes only darkened slightly, his half of the sandwich poking out of his mouth and he waved the sandwich again so you took it with an eye roll.
Whenever you skipped school to hang out with them, the topic of school was forbidden. They knew that you and Bobby only wanted the best for them, a healthy home life, an education, a change other than music to move out and you knew that it was very hard to basically live on the streets and have missing signs all over the city or parents that always fight or won't accept you for who you really are. So the topic never came up and every time you told yourself that you would bring it up next time, that you had to discuss this and every time you didn't.
The group sat quietly in a circle, some on chairs and couches but most chose to sit on the ground. Your head rested on Alex’ stomach, his hands playing with your hair. Meanwhile, Bobby was half asleep on the couch, Reggie played random chords on his bass and Luke was rapidly writing down stuff in his notebook.
“Y/N?” Reggie's voice shattered the quiet and you were reminded that you were not chilling alone. Lifting your head you looked over at your friend “Yes Reg?”
“Uhm...could you maybe...uhm give me a haircut? I would need money for that and for money I would have to go home and that is something that I don't want to do especially after…” he rambled on. You quickly got up and crouched in front of him, your hands resting on his knees.
“I can try.” you chuckled “Last time I cut Lukes he didn't complain too much so let's try!” you patted his knee assuringly.
So you stood, a couple of minutes later, behind one of your best friends who was currently describing how he wanted his hair. He sat in a chair, an old plastic bag pulled over his head, his arms gesturing wildly how long what should be.
You, on the other hand, tried really hard to listen to his wishes while clutching a bottle with water and a, what you guessed was in fact not a haircut scissor, scissor in the other hand.
You shot Alex a look, silently asking him to memorize the steps as well. “Luke was definitely a simpler client,” you said under your breath but the others still heard.
“I’m sorry I care about my looks!” Reggie exclaimed and crossed his arms childishly. You leaned down to his ear and whispered “That’s why you're the cutest but don't tell the others okay?” that was all it took for him to sit up straight again, a big toothy smile plastered on his freckled face.
With a little frown on your face and the tip of your tongue slightly sticking out, you began to cut Reggie's hair. He wanted it longer on top, but the hair in the back of his head must be a bit shorter than his fringe, the sides had to be short but not so short that you could see his skull and he wanted a fade but not a big fade. The sounds of metal cutting hair filled the room.
“Guys listen to this bridge,” Luke spoke up, maybe a bit too loudly for the others' taste. Bobby grunted from his sleeping position, shot Luke the finger and went back to sleep.
“Luke! That scared me I could’ve cut Reggie's ear off!”
“But did you?” he remarked. As a joke you pulled on both of Reggie's ears lightly “Nope, they still seem pretty attached to his head.”
Luke showed you guys a song he called ‘Bright’ “It’s clearly not done and we still need the rest of the instruments but whatcha think?”
Alex patted Luke’s shoulder “I love it, man!”
“Sounds dope!”
“It’s good. I like it wery musch” you muttered with a comb in your mouth, focused on the boy with hair in front of you.
“And we’re done!” you announced and held your hands away as if you just participated in a bake-off. Reggie jumped up and ran into the small bathroom at the end of the studio. Nervously, you fiddled with the comb in your right hand.
“And? How bad did I mess up?” you asked him hopefully the moment he walked back out.
“You did such a great job!” he said, a grin taking over his face yet again. “Thank you so much.” he gave you a hug.
You both knew that it wasn't perfect, it was shaggy and crooked in some places and the fade was mostly one length instead of a gradient but it looked good, was cheap, added to his rockstar image and most importantly for Reggie, you did it.
“Y/N can you cut my hair too?”
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seonghwashibber · a year ago
Proving to love: Part 3 ~ Distance 
Pairing: Tattoo Artist! Single Dad! Yeosang x Teacher Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff, But lot’s of Angst in this chapter!
Note: Hello Loves! I’m back with more of the story, Glad to introduce the characters to you guys and it was so much fun getting feedback from you guys! Can’t wait for this series to grow! Once I finish the whole thing, We will be working on a Mingi Series!. I’m sorry if this wasn’t good enough, I’m highly sleep deprived. 
Wives: Minnie, Choi, Jena, Coco, Amy, Julia, Meilina
Tag List: @latte-fairytaekwoon​ @queenofgames​ @moonchildsmoon​ @subways-stuff​ @actuallythatwaspromise​ @softvelvetkisses​ @little-precious-baby​ @seacottons​ @euphoriamingi​ @sunsethw4​
Part Two 
Scenario: Yuna’s mom is back, Yeosang isn’t so sure how things are gonna work out, As Y/n crosses his mind and Yuna’s, He finds out that Yuna’s mom is back for all the wrong reasons. Without hearing him out, Y/n tries to distract herself from facing him, which might just be harder than she thought? Yeosang soon decides what’s best for him and Yuna. 
Tumblr media
{Previous Night}
You sat at home, living room floor, tears falling from your eyes, you fought so hard not to turn back and look at him. Seeing you so weak for him, you don’t understand, why do you feel this way? Were you falling for him? Were you already in love with him?. That didn’t matter, It was your fault for getting close to a student and her father, according to your mind. You felt pain tug in your heart, Kang Yeosang, why had you fallen so hard for a man who looked like he would use you. Were you too oblivious when you thought this through? When you were going for it?. Was his charm the reason you had forgotten what a man was capable of. Grabbing your phone, you scrolled through the contacts, Looking for someone to lean on, but you couldn’t because it seemed everyone you knew was attached to Yeosang in any possible way. Either way it goes, you wanted to forget him at the moment, going to your room to lay down and forget what happened just moments ago. 
Yuna rubbed her eyes, looking over to find the spot beside her empty. Yuna felt glad she had you with her, but she was yet confused why the spot was now cold beside her. Walking around, she looked in her dads room, only finding it empty, now taking her small feet, she walked downstairs to find Yeosang and someone she wasn’t aware of on the couch. “Appa,” Yuna called, Yeosang stopped talking, looking over he spotted her. “Yuna, Why are you awake so late?” he asked as his daughter crawled in his lap. “I woke up, you and Eomma were gone, I got scared without you guys,” she whined. Ji-Hyun cleared her throat, catching the attention from the 8 year old. “Eomma? I’m right here, It’s me Yuna, Your mom,” she chimed. Yuna raised her brow. “No! My Eomma is Y-”. Yeosang cut her off. “Yuna, this is your real mom...She came back,” Yeosang said with no excitement in his voice. Yuna shook her head, protesting against the woman. “No, This isn’t my mom! THIS IS NO WOMAN I KNOW!” she cried out. Yeosang frowned as he sighed, picking up Yuna. “You can sleep on the couch, I’m gonna take Yuna with me,” he said. Ji-Hyun stood up, her anger begin to rise, her blood boiling. “Ya! Kang Yeosang! Do not treat me like a dog around our child!” she said. Yeosang scoffed before tightly gripping her wrist. “Our Child? She may have your blood running through her veins, but she is no way in hell your child, She’s mine, She was raised by me, And don’t you forget that another woman took your place,” his voice was low, laced with Venom. Ji-Hyun yanked her arm back from Yeosang. 
Yeosang tucked Yuna in his bed, before crawling to his side of the bed. “Appa, Where is Eomma?” Yuna asked. “Stop calling her that Yuna...”. “Why? Don’t you love Y/n? Appa?” she said. He sighed before he embraced his daughter. “Yuna, That’s something I can’t tell you,”. Yuna had felt tired, her eyes shutting slowly, he kissed her forehead before whispering. “I do, But she’s not gonna give in so easily,”. Closing his eyes, he wish he could find out why this was happening so suddenly. 
Tumblr media
You groan, the knocking on your door had been going on for hours to no end. You didn’t feel like going in to work, you wanted to stay in your house, to mope in your sadness. You tried your best to avoid the knock, cursing under your breath, you got up anyway, heading towards the door to find out who could be knocking rapidly. Opening the door you come face to face with Seonghwa. “Oh my god, what happened to you?” Seonghwa asked. Your puffy eyes, messy hair, muffled clothes, it had made you look like you lost a fight. “Love, love is what happened, now what are you doing here?” you asked a little too harshly. Seonghwa sighed. “I’m here to check on you, the school called but you didn’t pick up, we had to get someone else to handle your classroom today, I wanted to make sure you were alive,” he said. “I wish I wasn’t,” you frown at the thought of last night. Seonghwa pushes past your door, you couldn’t protest against him and closed the door, sitting on the couch across him. “What really happened? I’m here to listen Y/n? What did Yeosang do now?” he asked. 
Seonghwa was aware this wasn’t the first time Yeosang could’ve fucked up something good for himself. “I found him kissing some girl last night outside of the door, Caught up that her name is Ji-Hyun,” you said biting your lower lip to fight back tears at the thought. “Ji-Hyun is back? I thought she left to continue her dream without a man or a child,” He said looking just as pissed off as you. Seonghwa, correction, none of the boys liked Ji-hyun. She was a manipulative bitch who had a lot of toxic traits and believed in hurting those around her to get away with things. “Y/n, Listen to me, Whatever you believe is going on between those two, is most likely not happening, Ji-Hyun will manipulate Yeosang till there is nothing left of him, Trust me,” he said. You wanted to trust him but yet your eyes told you otherwise. Was Yeosang not happy with you?. 
“Seonghwa it’s easier said than done, I hate him, He kissed her, I seen it with my own eyes, He was holding her, kissing her, he didn’t bother pushing her back off of him,” you replied. Seonghwa suddenly frowned, his thoughts wanted to believe Yeosang wouldn’t take her back, but knowing how easy it was for her long ago, might just happen again. “How’s Yuna?” you asked suddenly. “She looked a bit sad in class, I think you should go see her,” he said. “I’ll only see her in class, now please Seonghwa, I love you for helping me as my friend, but I really just wanna be alone,” you said rushing him to the door. Before he could open his mouth he decided not to take chances. 
Tumblr media
Yuna stood outside of the school, Yeosang was running late on picking up Yuna, he got caught up in his job and completely forgot about the whole getting out of school thing. “Why are you waiting out here alone?” Coco asked. Yuna raised her brow in confusion. “Aunt Coco? What are you doing here?” She asked. “I’m here to get the kids for Wooyoung and Julia,” she explained before patting the smaller girls head. Yuna gave her a small smile. “Your appa is running late, Isn’t he?” she asked. The small girl nodded her head. “Probably busy with work, I’ll take you and drop you off at the tattoo shop, I have to drop off the kids at home to Julia first,” she smiled. Coco was leading Yuna to the car before she was stopped. Looking up at the hateful woman who stood in front of them both. “Coco,” She said. “What are you doing back?” Coco asked, already fighting back the urge to punch Ji-Hyun. “I’m back for a large amount of reasons, I’m back because this is the place I belong, My home is here along with Yeosang and my daughter,” she said reaching for Yuna. Coco put her behind her back, refusing to let Ji-Hyun near her. “I believe you should leave her alone, Yuna is uncomfortable with you and wants Y/n, not you,”. Ji-Hyun gave a sweet smile before Yuna noticed the evil look in her eyes. She walked out from behind her aunt, and stood beside Ji-Hyun. “You should give her a chance, she’s really sweet auntie,” Yuna lied. Coco could see it but knew she didn’t wanna fight in front of the small girl. 
Yeosang closed the car door as he rushed over to the school, only to stop in his tracks to find Ji-Hyun holding Yuna. “Coco, What are you doing?” Yeosang asked approaching the girls. “Dealing with the devil’s wife, what are you doing?” she asked. “I came here to get Yuna, I also came here to see Y/n, I really have to speak with her,” he said. Coco frowned. “I wish I could tell you where she is, but Choi already said that her husband called in someone else because she hadn’t showed up at work,” Coco explained with a frown. Ji-Hyun had sighed. “I’m taking Yuna home, I bet she would love to try my cooking,”. Ji-Hyun had walked Yuna away from her father and aunt. The little girl feeling heartbroken, mixed emotions. She wanted you, she wanted her dad and you to be together forever. That’s what she was taught. Love was supposed to be forever. 
Meanwhile, You sat at the small cafe, enjoying the feeling of warmth, relaxing music in the back, the smell of baked pastries and warm coffee scents in the air. The cafe was always a quiet place for you but you made memories in the small coffee shop. Memories, ones that held meaning. The memory of Yuna and Yeosang being there beside you. God, you missed it already. You missed how Yuna would look at you with doe eyes before sneaking a bite of your sugar bread, How Yeosang would play around, talking about his piercings and pain tolerance. Discussing his job, how he was shunned in the public’s eye, how people didn’t believe a man with ink on his skin and piercings through the skin could raise a kid alone. You missed them. Laying your head on the coffee table, you looked at the phone. 83 Missed Calls, 35 Messages. All from, Mischievous Yeosang. Fighting the urge from picking up the phone. You were snapped out of your thoughts, the seat in front of you moving around. “Listen, I’m not in the mood for Cheesecake again-” You stopped speaking. Realizing the man in front of you was the one you desired so much. “Y/n, Can you listen to me please? I don’t know what I did wrong...Tell me, I can fix it,” he said. “Oh please, Fix it? You think you can go around kissing someone and just come and apologize to me?” you asked with anger and sadness. Yeosang suddenly was shocked, it clicked in his mind what you meant. “What you saw, was nothing, I promise to you, if you care about me, you would hear me out,” he said with sadness laced in his voice. “No, If you care about me, leave me alone, I know what I saw,” You spat standing up and reaching for your bag. “You saw something that didn’t hold feeling, can you at least consider Yuna’s feelings, She misses you, I miss you,” he said. Shaking your head you walked out, ignoring him. Once again. 
Tumblr media
Yuna sat on the couch, her mother in front of her looking like a wild and ruthless dog. The two had returned home, without a promising and loving act she put on, Ji-Hyun roughly pushed Yuna on the couch. Scaring the 8 year old child. “Do you think you can walk around like some puppy? just pleading for help? I’m your mother Yuna, why are the hell are you acting like I’m some murderer?” Ji-Hyun spat. She was beyond frustrated. “My appa, He’ll be here, he’ll know about this, about you being mean to me, right now,” Yuna said. Ji-Hyun raised her hand, roughly slapping the small child across the face. “You don’t talk back to me, I’m here for a reason, I need money, I need support, and I refuse to let Yeosang slip from my fingers again and I refuse to let my own child treat me like I’m nothing,” she spat. Yuna felt tears well up in her eyes. “Your father is a tattoo artist, He’s a man whose looked at like a thug for his inked skin and the piercings, You think you were planned? You weren’t,” Ji-Hyun said before lighting a cigarette. Yuna wanted to run to her safe place, the bedroom, the one where she could lay down and feel the warm embrace of her father, of you. “You need to understand, I’m your mom,” She kissed her forehead. Yuna waited for her to leave to the kitchen before walking out of the door. Where could a small kid like her be heading. She didn’t know. 
Yeosang cursed under his breath, turning off his car and taking his keys out. If only you had just listened. Cursing under his breath, he knew that Ji-Hyun had to go somewhere before things got ugly. Walking into the house, he was met with Ji-Hyun’s panicked face. “Listen, We-” he suddenly stopped talking and caught Ji-Hyun. Her face stained with tears. “Yeosang, Yuna is missing,” she said. “Huh?” Panic begin to take over his face. His precious little girl was missing. “I came to bring her a snack, b-but she left,” Ji-Hyun cried on Yeosang. He sighed before comforting her, once she was calm he had sat her down on the couch. “Breathe in and out okay? I’ll find her,” He said. Before he could make more plans, a knock at the door stopped his thinking. Opening it slowly he spotted Yuna standing with her Uncle Mingi. “I found your kid wandering throughout the town, keep an eye on her, it’s easy for her to come up missing,” he said. Yuna frowned at her fathers burning gaze, avoiding further eye contact. “I”ll handle it, thank you Mingi,”. He hummed as Yuna walked inside, her father closing the door. 
“Appa...Ji-Hyun’s been mean to me! It’s why I left home!” Yuna spoke as tears fell from her eyes. Yeosang raised his brow before looking at Ji-Hyun’s gaze. One thing she was good at, was lying, if anyone could fool Yeosang, It was always her. She knew all of his sensitive spots when it came to love and to his baby girl Yuna. “I would never, can’t you see? I’ve changed, I wanted to come back home, to make up for what I did, the time I missed, and that...that Y/n was so mean to me,” Ji-Hyun said. Yeosang’s eyes widen, Had you stopped by finally?. “She wouldn’t do that, Eomma isn’t like that,” Yuna protested. “Yuna, that’s what she wants you to think, she wants you to believe that, but I would know, she’s so mean, so cruel..., she told me....I was a bad person, Yeosang, You have to hear me out,” she cried. He was torn between, had you really been cruel to her?. “Appa...”. Yeosang shook his head. “Go to your room Yuna, I’ll let you know when dinner is done,”. Without testing her fathers patience Yuna had walked upstairs. Deep down, she knew that something wasn’t right. 
Tumblr media
“You promise you’ll be in work tomorrow?” Seonghwa asked. Recently Seonghwa and his wife Choi, Had stopped by to check on you. You nodded your head. “I promise, Choi, Please tell your husband I’ll be there tomorrow,” You said as the couple laughed lightly. She nodded her head and patted your shoulder. “If you need anything, Just let me know,”. You nodded your head, hugging the couple and the kids as they walked out of your home. Sighing you closed the door, thinking of ways to avoid Yeosang at all cost. You would have to be professional. It hurt but maybe...becoming strangers was best?.
{3 Day Time Skip}
You walked into the classroom as you gripped your cup, you had enough time to prepare the lessons for the kids. You decided that today would be the best day to get back into the feel of things. Writing down on the board, Someone cleared their throat, looking over at the door you seen Wooyoung. “Ah! Wooyoung, what brought you here?” you asked. He chuckled lightly. “I came to ask you something...” he said. Nodding your head, you put the marker down. “What’s up?” You asked sitting on top of your desk. “It’s about Ji-Hyun, Y/n...She’s really not a good person, Sure she’s Yuna’s biological mother but she held no meaning to Yeosang or Yuna,” he said. You sighed. “If this is about me going back and playing house with Yeosang, I refuse to bother-” Wooyoung slammed his fist against the board. “Would you and Yeosang shut up for once? You two think this world revolves around you both, This isn’t about Yeosang’s little past thing with her, This is about Yuna, A child who grew to love you, someone you plan to let go? And for what?. You both need to finally see, Yuna’s feelings matter and you both are being selfish,” he spat. you were taken back by his rough tone, Yet deep down you felt like Wooyoung was right. Neither of you had considered how Yuna would feel before making choices. But it all happened so suddenly, so fast. It felt like you two had no hope. 
“I had just got here, right after talking to Yeosang at the shop, You think that he only needs you to play wife?. You two love each other and if you both allow some...some bitch to come between that, you guys have issues, I don’t care if you two never spend time together again but you both need to understand that Yuna is the main thought here,” he said before walking out of the classroom. Yet Wooyoung was right, He was right all the way. You both love each other? You both believe in love?. Somewhat, But you couldn’t trust Yeosang. You couldn’t even think about ways to even talk to him. Yet you knew at the end of the day, you would have to do exactly that. 
Tumblr media
The day had ended, Yeosang smiled as he dressed Yuna in her pink strawberry printed pajamas. He grabbed her brush, gently brushing out her hair. “Appa, Can I ever have a tattoo like you?” she asked. He chuckled. “One day, I’ll get you a tattoo, what kind do you want?” he asked. She thought long and hard, If she was gonna get a tattoo one day, what kind should she get. “Butterfly! They were always your favorite Appa!” she chimed causing her father to chuckle. He nodded his bead but his smile soon faded and was replaced with a frown as his eyes landed on the spot on her cheek. “Did you get too hot today? Your whole other side of your cheek is red and slightly bruised?” he asked. Yuna wanted to tell him the truth, but her mom was always good at using tears against people. “I got hurt on the playground today, It’s fine,” she lied. He nodded his head, as he finished up and tucked her into bed, he left Ji-Hyun to sit in the room and read her a bedtime story. 
He put the last bit of her toys in the toy box, sighing as he checked the time. 3 days, 3 days had gone by and he gave up on speaking to you. You held meaning, he loved you, he really did. But yet he couldn’t be with you. He wanted it but he was giving Ji-Hyun a chance to prove herself. His love for her wasn’t there, he could lie all day and say it was but it did’t matter to him. Suddenly a knock at the door caught him off guard, he yawned lightly before opening it. Coming face to face with you. “Yeosang...” You said. “Y/n?” he said. Both of you stood in silence. He walked out, closing the door behind him. “How’s your 3 days been?” you asked trying to break the silence. “Good, Ji-Hyun’s been cooking and cleaning, I’ve been working and spending time with my family, how about you?” he asked tucking his hands in his pockets. “Teaching, that’s about it, Look...I came by to-” he cut you off. “I don’t wanna hear it, 3 days, and you’ve acted like I wasn’t trying, you hate to see me with Ji-Hyun huh? You have to come crawling back,” he spat. 
You looked up, shock and anger mixed on your face. “Not exactly, I don’t care about Ji-Hyun, I came by to apologize and now what? You got some bitch here?” you said with venom in your voice. He rolled his eyes before speaking. “Sure you care about her huh? It’s always been about Ji-Hyun, You’re just jealous,” he said. You scoffed. “Jealous? I wouldn’t be jealous of little ms plastic,” you said. Yet Yeosang had let his feelings get in the way, suddenly speaking on his anger and not his deep feelings. “She’s beautiful, she’s not annoying, and clingy, and bipolar like you, she’s not hateful, and jealous, and rude, God I wish I never fucking met you,” he spat. Backing down from the argument, you felt tears well up in your eyes. “W-Well...You know what? Act like I’m not here, You’re just...some tattoo, worthless, piece of shit, Fuck you Kang Yeosang,” you argued before walking away. He watched as your figure disappeared. He slammed the door shut as he entered his home, looking into the eyes of Yuna. “Appa,” She said. “Yuna, Y/n’s no longer gonna be apart of our life, your Eomma is, okay?” he said cupping her face. Yuna nodded her head, feeling pain in her heart take over. 
As Yuna walked back upstairs, Yeosang spotted a big white envelope on the table. Before he could reach inside for the papers, Ji-Hyun grabbed it quickly. “Come on, let’s go to bed, this is just some stupid scam papers,” she chuckled. He smiled gently before ruffling her hair, He walked upstairs. Unaware the papers inside of that envelope were rights, rights to take Yuna away from him. Ji-Hyun rolled her eyes in disgust before hiding the papers in a well hidden spot. She followed upstairs with a sly smile on her face. Glad that her plan was finally coming into place. 
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Mutant One Seat Over
Peter Maximoff x reader
a/n: ahhhh anon you are so super sweet!!! thank you so much! to do this awesome request, reader is gn and has natural spider powers! (as opposed to engineering tech to accommodate powers, but i know you said “like peter parker” so i hope this is okay!) mwah!
prompt: anonymous: “Hi Could you do a Xmen- Peter X Spider!Reader one shot where the reader is a new student in the school for gifted youngsters and they have spider powers (like peter Parker). They don’t really attend classes or have any friends and Charles are trying to get them more comfortable in the school So he literally drags her to class. she has to sit next to Peter maximoff and he is totally mesmerized by her and and they become really close and starts dating.
Ps: hope your having a great day and staying safe. Your such a talented writer and also don’t feel pressed to do this I totally understand if you decide not to, just do what you feel like🥰❤️❤️”
Tumblr media
Ever since puberty, you just haven’t been the same. I might have to mention that you’re a mutant, let’s just say that you had a different idea in mind when warned that “your body will go through all sorts of changes.” The surfacing of your mutation was startling, uncomfortable, and confusing.
Some lovely abilities you had acquired were: sticking to almost anything that came into contact with your skin (you’re working on it), being able to spin your own webs (which you were getting pretty good at, fantastic vision, super strength, and much more to be explored.
After a little mishap at school when you got stuck in a bathroom stall for three and a half hours, your parents thought it best to send you to a boarding school that was “much more your speed.”
“No. No, I don’t want to leave!” You pleaded with your parents once they broke the news to you. They were heartbroken that it had to go this far, but this is what needed to be done.
“It’s only until you get control of your powers, y/n. You need to be around other people who share your experiences.” You mom explained, grabbing your gloved hands. At this point, you couldn’t do anything without being covered from near head-to-toe in clothing, it stuck to you and only you.
“Yeah, I heard you the first time.” You snapped, jerking away and stomping up the stairs, but there was a certain sound that stopped you. A car horn. “You didn’t...” You glared at your parents and watched them avert eye contact from you, your heart broke into a million pieces. “A cab? Really? You won’t even take me there yourself?”
“Your suitcase is already packed, y/n.” Your dad’s ashamed tone gave you chills, you never thought you’d have to be sent off like this. You hesitantly stepped back down the steps while your dad walked into the mud room to grab the bag he’d stashed. “We’re sorry, but this is for your own good.” You snatched the bag from him and swung the front door open.
“We love you!” Your mom called as you slammed the front door hard enough to knock down a few dozen pictures and wall decorations throughout the house. “They’re never going to forgive us for this.”
Truth be told, you didn’t enjoy this school at all. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The place was teeming with outcasts just like yourself, it made you sick.
At least you were in charge of yourself here. You came and went from your room when you pleased, but you pleased to stay in your room as much as you possibly could. Yes, you had classes, but you just so happen to miss...all of them.
“Well, we don’t know what they’re going through.” A voice mumbled outside of your dorm door. “It took me a while to acclimate to all this change, I imagine they feel the same.” You wouldn’t have let it bother you, but whoever was out there had just disturbed you from a fascinating dream that had taken you far from here. You threw off the covers and swung your legs over the edge of the bed, taking a moment to recover from the headrush.
“I’m so sick of this shit, some peoppe are trying to sleep!” You yanked the door hard enough for it to make a dent in the wall, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as opening the door to Professor Xavier, the headmaster of this boarding school, and another resident from the building, Hank. “Oh. Hi.”
“Mx. l/n, your teachers informed me that you have not been attending your classes, is this true?” The Professor interrogated, but you knew that lying couldn’t save you from a telepath.
“Yep, it’s true. The change of scenery’s just a little overwhelming, you know how it is.” You carelessly shrugged and even tried to close to door on them, but Dr. McCoy caught it and looked to the Professor in shock.
“Yes, well, maybe we could work on that. Why don’t you follow me to your next class? It really would be best for you to keep up with your studies. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends?” Professor Xavier wouldn’t give up on you, which was both comforting and exhausting. With a roll of your eyes, you peeled off one of your gloves and slapped yout hand against the wooden wall.
“Oh, no.” You deadpanned. “I’m stuck.” The two adults exchanged exhausted glances and stared at you in silence, you doing the same. You obviously were a stubborn kid, the Professor had seen this a hundred times before. But it gave him an idea, he knew the perfect candidate for a long lasting friendship, now he just needed you to quit all these games.
“Hank? Would you..?” Xavier politely suggested his friend’s assistance without outright saying it, so you were just a little puzzled when Hank stepped inside your room.
“Brace yourself, y/n.” He pushed his glasses up before planting his feet and grabbing you by each shoulder. Your eyebrows conjoined out of pure confusion, but just like that you were unstuck from the wall. He...okay, he was strong? That would have been good to know. Maybe they should have started with that before yanking you off of a hard surface. There were a few chunks of wood still connected to your hand, you’d have to pick them off later. “I suggest you put the glove back on, y/n. Wouldn’t want to get stuck again now, would you?” Hank gave you a forced smile and waited for you to do the right thing.
“Fine.” You pulled the glove over your hazardous skin and picked up your backpack. “If you insist, I’ll try out a class.” You huffed and dragged your feet across the hardwood floor, bringing joy to the Professor’s face. Maybe he enjoyed the suffering of mutant children.
“Splendid, this way.” He wheeled himself beside you, giving you a pep talk the whole way through the halls. “I do think you’ll like it here, you just have to give it a chance. Everyone here has something in common, that’s what makes it so great. I know it’s not easy having to leave the comfort of a familiar lifestyle, but life has a funny way of coming together, you’ll see.” You observed the decor that you’d ignored time and time again as you kept your head down and shuttled yourself from one place to another.
“Yeah, right.” You scoffed and stood in front of your classroom. It was already embarrassing showing up for class late in normal school, all eyes on you and everything. Was it any different in mutant school? Well, you were on your way to find out. The room went silent as the door crept open, you and the Professor entered with, you figured, all eyes on you.
“Class, some of you may know y/n, some of you may not. Please make them feel welcome here, I trust that you will.” Xavier took a quick look around the room and, just as he suspected, there was a vacant seat next to a mutant he had in mind. “Peter, raise your hand, please. Y/N, take the seat next to Peter. Enjoy the rest of your class, students!” The Professor exited as the rest of the class said their goodbyes in unison, it nearly gave you a headache, but you made it to your seat next to Peter and dropped all of your stuff with a thud.
“Peter Maximoff, nice to meet you. What’s with the gloves?” The silver-haired boy asked with a hand out to shake, with you reluctantly accepted. He didn’t seem so bad.
“I stick to things.” You answered in simplest form. “Aren’t you a little young to have gone gray?” You cocked an eyebrow while admiring Peter’s dime-silver locks that were almost distracting.
“Yeah, that’s what happens when you rush growing up.” Peter chuckled, running his fingers through the knots. “I’m a super-speeder. It just sort of happened. I don’t mind it, though, I think it’s sexy.” He shamelessly admitted, getting a genuine laugh out of you. Maybe he was one of the better people here, who knows?
“Whatever you say, Maximoff.” You leaned back in your seat, facing front to at least appear to be focusing, but you snuck a few glaces at the mutant one seat over. He, on the other hand, made his looks overt. The entire class period, his eyes were on you.
After that class period, you actually ended up enjoying your classes. The Professor checked up on your personal attendance often, chuckling to himself abour how simple his plan was.
“Do you really think it was a good idea to introduce y/n to Peter? Of all the people here?” Hank’s concern showed that he cared. Everyone here wanted the best for you, it was easier to see now more than ever.
“I had to start somewhere.” Xavier justified, which was actually pretty reasonable. There was no right way to deal with all these unique kids who had been through so much already. All he knew for sure was that they needed to feel supported, something he had absolutely no issue with.
Meanwhile, as your final bell rang...
You gasped when a gust of wind blew right past you. It wasn’t the wind that stared you, it was the obnoxious teen mutant that followed.
“Hi,” Peter awkwardly waved, then backed up to stand beside you, placing his hand on your middle back to lead you around the mansion going...well, who knows where you’re going? Not you, that’s for sure, “so hear me out. I think that we are like, the perfect pair. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t answer that, I already know you’ll say ‘yes.’”
“Is there a point to this, ‘Quickie?’” An evil smile formed from your lips as Peter pushed a bit harder on your back, getting you to speedwalk with him.
“Hey!” I told you that story in confidence!” You stifled laughter and waited for him to continue. “Anyways, I’m gonna get straight to the point before you pull another fast one on me, my point? Well, yeah, my point...” He used his free hand you tap at his chin, then completely halted.
“Did you forget why you came here to talk to me?” You gave a disappointed shake of your head, but still seemed quite amused. The buzzing of kids around you didn’t even faze you, you’d just realized you were too focused on peter to even care.
“Can you maybe go over what I’ve said so far? It’ll jog my memory.” His request made you groan, but you did as he asked nevertheless.
“You said, ‘Hi. Hear me out. We’re the perfect pair. You agree. I told you that in confidence.’” At least your paraphrasing skills were on point.
“Right! Okay, okay. Back on track.” He continued on course, easing up on speed by just a pinch. “So me and you, right? Does that sound crazy? ‘Cause to me, that sounds pretty awesome. I mean, we are the hottest people at this school, we’d be unstoppable.” You’d finally started to piece together his ramblings.
“Are you asking me out or...something?” You tilted your head to analyze his lipless grin and raised eyebrows, was he clamming up?
“...Yyyyyes?” Peter finally admitted, finally showing his teeth through a smile.
“Alright, well...yeah, okay. We’re dating now.” You didn’t accept in the most conventional way, but you did accept, which counted for something.
“Really?!” Peter gasped. “Can I...can I kiss you?” Asking was everything, especially when you risk getting stuck to the other person. I mean, he wouldn’t mind being stuck to you, but he was a little hungry.
“I’m not gonna lie, Pete, we’re gonna need a lot of baby oil. It’s not gonna be pretty.” You made him burst into laughter upon the thought. “It’s not funny!” You playfully slapped his arm. “Where were you leading me, anyways?”
“Oh, nowhere in particular.” He explained through his wheezing. “I just really do not like standing still.”
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btsreactsarchive · a year ago
Sanctuary - Kids Version! Part 2
Genre: Hybrid! BTS, Fluff, Kid! BTS
Pairing: Kid Hybrid! OT7 x Caretaker Reader
Rating: G
Summary: Follow Y/N and her 7 rambunctious boys as they go about a typical Monday. School, snacks, and stickers, oh my!
Authors Note: This is a surprise sequel to this one-shot. I just got inspired to write more and here we are! I hope you like this addition! I put together the moodboard myself (if anyone is wondering lol).
Post Date: 08/28/2020
Word Count: 2,455
Part 1
Original Story
Tumblr media
You woke up with the sun that morning. A groan breaks from your mouth as you stretch and get out of bed. The early morning is your time to get ready while the boys are sound asleep. You pad into the kitchen and start making breakfast. The coffee maker gurgles as you pour yourself a bowl of cereal. You let the sunshine warm your face as you eat and sip at your coffee. These moments are one of the few bits of peace you have throughout your day.
After depositing your dishes in the sink, you head into the bathroom to get ready. The warm water eases the ache in your neck from sleeping in an odd position. The bathroom is close to the boys’ bedrooms, so you do your best to be quiet. Still, you will sometimes find a sleeping boy sitting beside the bathroom door.
In your bedroom you slip on the clothes you laid out the night before. You dress mostly for comfort as you work from home. The vanity mirror reflects your concentrated face as you apply makeup and a bit of perfume. It is a light scent that you barely apply because you are surrounded by sensitive noses.
The clock ticks to 7 o’clock. Your turn to leave your bedroom, only to find a small kitten rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
“Noona,” he mumbles as he walks over to you.
“Good morning Jimin,” you coo as you pick him up. He hugs you close, head resting on your shoulder as he struggles to wake up. His little tail curls around your arm. Jimin begins purring as you run a hand down his back.
“Would you like to help me today?” you ask. You feel Jimin nod against your shoulder. Despite this, he does not move to get out of your arms. Instead he holds you tighter. You smile to yourself and sit down on the couch in the living room. Sometimes Jimin just needed cuddles. You rocked him back and forth, gently petting his head.
After ten minutes Jimin hops out of your lap, his tail raised high. He is much more energized than before. The two of you make your way to the bedrooms and wake up the rest of the boys for school. Jungkook goes to preschool while the rest of the boys attend the same primary school.
Currently, the bunny is cuddled into your side while you make breakfast for the boys with your free hand. Most likely the toddler has dozed off again. Seokjin and Hoseok set the table, still in their plaid pajamas. Meanwhile, Taehyung and Jimin watch cartoons in the living room. Yoongi and Namjoon are making their beds and pulling out outfits for the day.
Your boys are always willing to pitch in and try things themselves and it really lightens your load when they do. By the time breakfast is ready, most of the boys have washed up and gotten dressed. You usually bathe the youngest boys at night because they need more time and attention.
Breakfast during the week is less elaborate than breakfast on the weekend. Today’s menu is toaster waffles, pre-cut fruit, and some breakfast sausages you could pop in the microwave. Jungkook wriggled out of your arms and hopped into the living room to watch cartoons with his brothers.
“Show!” he said as he plopped down between the two.
“Good show,” Jimin responded bumping his head gently into Kook’s.
“The best show!” Taehyung jumped up and raised his arms enthusiastically.
Breakfast came and went in a flash and before you knew it you were wiping syrup off Kookie’s cheeks. He giggled and tried to turn away from the wet wipe, but you persisted. It was another half hour before the boys were dressed and clean. Everyone grabbed their backpack and piled into your car.
The drive was spent with the kid’s radio station playing in the background. Most of the boys chatted with each other, either about what they were going to do today or who they hoped to play with during recess.
The primary school and elementary school were right next to each other, so you only had to make one trip. Jungkook was dropped off first, growing shy with seven people sending him off. The little bunny boy ran into the classroom and approached his group of friends.
You walked the rest of the boys to the entrance of the primary school.
“Alright boys be good and have fun,” you said, waving them off with a smile. Most of the boys gave you a hug goodbye. Seokjin and Yoongi were getting to that age where it was embarrassing for them.
The schools they attended were for hybrid children. There were of course integrated schools but, because of the trauma some of your boys had around humans, you choose to enroll them in a hybrid-only school. The teachers themselves were hybrids and the environment was typically more accepting.
While the boys were at school you went back home to start your work. You were a freelance writer who also wrote a few children’s books throughout the years. Between your freelance work and the book royalties, you made enough to get by. The topic of hybrids has always fascinated you and you were a huge proponent of hybrid rights.
After adopting your seven boys, your writing became more and more encompassed in the world of hybrids. Currently, you were writing a hybrid children’s book about the different species of hybrids.
‘The rabbit girl loves to munch on vegetables and stomps her foot when she gets mad.
The dog boy is very energetic and loves to play with his friends.
The baby kitten loves to take naps in patches of sun.’
 A cup of tea produced tendrils of steam. The light movement caught your eye. As you stared at the slow swirl of the heated air you wondered what your boys were doing. Were they sitting at their desks, taking notes with the pencils you had bought them? Were they playing with their friends on the playground? Were they coloring a picture of their favorite superhero? A smile grew on your face as your imagination wandered.
The kindergarteners let out earlier than the primary schoolers. You waited in the hallway, where the children had their own cubbies full of sweaters, candy, and colored pictures. Jungkook grabbed his things and ran as fast as his little legs could take him to you. He hopped in front of you with a large grin on his face.
“Noona, Noona, Noona!” You laughed and picked up the hyper bunny. He hugged you and buried his nose in your shoulder. Your scent was comforting to the boys and symbolized home.
“How was school, Kookie?” You began to walk out of the building and headed toward a nearby park.
“Good! Fun!” His body wriggled with excitement. “Park?”
“Yeah, we’re going to the park,” you said. Jungkook squealed with delight and began chattering his teeth.
You laid a blanket out beneath a large oak tree and relaxed there while Jungkook played. He played in the sand and hopped around the boarder of the sandbox for a bit before running back to you.
“Snack?” he asked, sitting in front of you. You smiled and nodded, pulling a few containers from your bag.
“Carrots or goldfish?” you asked. Jungkook’s pudgy pointer finger tapped the baby carrots.
“Good choice,” you said, popping open the container. Jungkook reached in and grabbed two. Your back was against the tree as you read, legs crossed. Your bunny decided to sit in your lap as he munched on his carrots. He leaned back against your stomach and looked at the pages of your book.
“Read?” he asked. You kissed the top of his head and murmured your affirmation. You knew Jungkook could barely understand the dense prose you were reading. He probably just liked the sound of your voice and the resulting vibrations in your chest. Sure enough, you saw his little hands relax and a baby carrot rolled out of his grasp.
The toddler was still asleep when it was time to get the rest of the boys. You held him to your side with one hand, while the other packed up your things. Jungkook hardly stirred as you walked back to the school. You waited just outside the entrance, watching as kids with over-stuffed backpacks waddled out.
One by one, your boys exited and greeted you. Taehyung practically clawed his way up your leg to get into your arms. Normally you would oblige him but, you had a rabbit tucked into your side. Instead you knelt to his level and gave him a one-armed hug. Hoseok showed you a sticker he got during clean-up time. It was a cartoon dog wearing shades and giving a thumbs-up.
The boys told you about their day as you led them to the car. Jimin gushed about a bubble wand he played with at recess while Yoongi told you of an upcoming science project he needed help on.
Once home, the boys tumbled inside and shed their backpacks. Seokjin grabbed his baby brother from you and carried him to the living room. There the boys put on some late-afternoon cartoons while you fixed some snacks. You always tried you best to provide nutritious food for your growing boys.
Today’s snacks were bumps on a log, baby carrots, apple slices with peanut butter and beef jerky for the carnivores. You served this along with fruit juice. These items were spread around the coffee table. Small hands began reaching blindly for the food, eyes too focused on the television.
The living room was full of blankets, pillows, and various surfaces to lounge on. Kookie was snoozing in a pile of pillows on the couch, accompanied by Seokjin who laid on his side and watched the cartoon. Jimin, Yoongi, and Taehyung were laying in a patch of sun on the floor. Namjoon and Hoseok were sitting in front of the coffee table, eating, and doling out snacks to those too lazy to get up.
You popped into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. As the water warmed, you looked in the fridge for dinner ideas. It looked like you could whip up stir fry or mac-n-cheese. The whistling of the kettle drew you away. After you fixed your tea you headed into the living room and sat on the couch.
Seokjin immediately shifted over and laid his head in your lap. His fluffy tail wagged as you pet his head and scratched his scalp. Happy little fox noises escaped him occasionally. It sounded like a strained laugh. Hoseok claimed your left hand, placing it on his head. You were more than happy to oblige. The sound of Hobi’s tail whacking into the couch soon filled the air, along with Jinie’s delighted squeaks. Your tea grew cold, but you could not care less.
All too soon it was time to get dinner ready. Seokjin and Yoongi were interested in cooking so they liked to help you get meals ready. The pack had unanimously voted for mac n’ cheese. Seokjin grabbed the recipe book and turned to the right page. He tittered about the kitchen grabbing the ingredients and measuring cups. Yoongi washed the broccoli and spinach while you cooked some hotdogs and bacon. The macaroni was boiling in a large pot on the back of the stove while you and Jin put together the cheese sauce.  You added pureed cauliflower and black beans, so it had more nutritional value.
Namjoon and Hoseok helped set up the table and poured drinks. The youngest trio folded napkins into funny shapes for everyone. It was not too long before the meal was ready. A large pot of homemade mac n’ cheese took up the middle of the table while vegetables and meats were placed around it. The boys were able to put whatever they wanted into their bowls, enjoying the freedom to create their own dish.
You helped Kookie make his bowl, adding the vegetables he pointed to. He dug into his meal eagerly, his toddler fork held tight in his hand. Taehyung and Jimin’s bowls were next, both going for meat. They clinked their bowls together with small giggles before tucking into their meal.
Dinner concluded with full bellies and licked chops. Everyone helped clear the table of dirty dishes, while you rinsed and packed them into the dishwasher.
“Alright boys! Homework time!” you announced. You set up the kitchen table with paper and colored pencils for Kookie while the rest grabbed their homework and writing utensils. As usual, Kookie drew in his highchair while the rest tackled their homework. Most of the boys did not have complex or ample assignments, so the event was concluded in half an hour.
It was time for you to bathe the youngest trio while the rest of the boys enjoyed some free time. You gathered their pajamas, towels, and products before drawing a bath for them. They liked to bathe together, and you didn’t mind because it made your job a lot easier. The boys played with their boats and rubber duckies while you washed them, giggling when you would pour water over their heads.
The bath was drained while you wrapped fluffy towels around each of them and patted them dry. After jammies were on, you brushed out the tangles in their hair. They each donned a onesie with their favorite cartoon characters on them. Taehyung insisted you carry him while the other two followed you out of the bathroom.
You gathered everyone onto your king-sized bed and pulled out a book to read to them. The lights were dimmed while everyone snuggled in close. You read to them in a soft tone, adopting voices for each character. Namjoon giggled into his hands when you read the lines for an elderly man. Jungkook was the first one to conk out, his head drooping before he rested it against Jimin’s belly. The kitten pet his baby brother as his eyes began to flutter closed.
Besides Seokjin, Yoongi, and Namjoon, everyone else was asleep when the story ended. You slowly moved, carrying Jungkook and Jimin while the other boys roused their brothers and led them to bed. You tucked each boy in, making sure their pillows were fluffed and their feet were tucked in. A kiss was placed on each precious forehead before the lights were turned off and you slipped out of the room.
You slid into your bed with a smile on your face, thankful for your adorable boys. Each day with them was filled with happiness and love. You wouldn’t trade being their noona for the world.
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crankynewt · a year ago
Chapter Two - Letting You Go
Another Love Series Masterlist
Pairing: Regulus Black x Fem!Reader, Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
Song: Think of You - Christina Grimmie
Warnings: Fluff, angst, (past) major character death, a very altered timeline, and Snape being Snape (frightens all ;))!
Word Count:  t o o  l o n g
Author’s Note: Y’all asked so I delivered (instead of doing my uni classes lol)! This ones a lot longer than the first chapter cause I got a little too carried away writing it, so grab a snack and enjoy! Parts of this chapter were inspired by Think of You by Christina Grimmie, who was tragically killed about five years ago, but I highly recommend listening to her music as she truly had a voice like no other.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Had you told yourself fifteen years ago at your graduation that you would eventually return to Hogwarts as a professor, you would have laughed in your face. Don’t get me wrong, you adored your time at the school, but you could never see yourself leaving Regulus and the family you’d hoped to start one day for nine months at a time. You thought you had your life figured out on the train ride home following your seventh year, but that all fell apart within twelve months. And then it did again a year later.
Now you were gazing upon the Great Hall once more, this time alongside your former professors as not teachers but colleagues. The towering stone walls of the castle brought back more memories than you would like to admit, especially not to Remus. This is not the result of any lack of love towards your husband, but you don’t think he would necessarily approve of what you and your late then-boyfriend got up to. Holding Regulus as sobs wracked through his body in the early hours of the morning after he returned from doing unspeakable things with his fellow Death Eaters had become your typical Friday night routine. But now that burden no longer sat upon your shoulders, and hopefully the commencing year wouldn’t be quite so stressful. Grading and rowdy students you could handle; another war, not so much. 
Sitting with Remus on your left and Professor McGon- Minerva, on your right, the beginning of the feast was nothing short of delightful.
“That one’s got to be a Gryffindor, he looks overly sure of himself!” You whispered to you husband, sure to keep your voice down so your colleagues could not hear your guesses as to where each of the first years would be sorted.
“What- no, Gryffindors are brave, not cocky! And besides, he’s clearly a Slytherin, they’re the overly-confident ones.” He replied, defensive of his own house. And, unfortunately for you, he was right, shooting you a smug smirk when the sorting hat roared Slytherin across the hall.
“See, cocky!” You pointed at him before taking a sip of the amber liquid in your goblet and focusing your attention towards your plate. What you didn’t see was the look of utter adoration that he focused on you, as if he was still in awe that you were by his side let alone married to him.
McGonagall couldn’t help but smile at both the childish-antics of the two newest professors but also the connection the two of you clearly shared. She remembered worrying about the both of you following the news of the youngest Black brother’s demise and downfall of the Marauders, however, she found her concerns eased seeing the solace the two of you found in each other.
“It’s Teddy’s turn!” He nudged your side, bringing you attention back to your youngest son who timidly made his way up the stone steps onto the stage at the front of the hall. He looked to Remus and yourself for reassurance, finding comfort in the slight nod his father gave to him and the look of pride in both sets of eyes. Rather than guessing his placement, the two of you sat in silent anticipation as you strained to hear what the hat was saying.
“Ah, a Lupin! I haven’t seen one of you since your father was here.” The enchanted garment began. “You certainly hold his courage and intelligence, yet I see a hint of something else in there - it must be your mother! I remember sorting her as well, she could have gone into any of the houses, and I think I sense her determination and kindness in you. Are you going to follow in your father’s footsteps and be daring in Gryffindor? Or will you take after your siblings and find greatness in Slytherin? Or, yes, that’s it. You belong in… Hufflepuff!”
Remus and yourself felt pride rise in you as you clapped harder than ever before. In the audience, you saw Archie and Cassie rise from their seats as they applauded as well, proud that their little brother had finally made it to Hogwarts regardless of what house he was in. 
The rest of the ceremony went by in a blur, Dumbledore introducing Remus and yourself to the school as professors Lupin and Y/L/N. Not only did you and your husband intend to keep your marriage a secret to the students, but you agreed with the headmaster that hiring a Black to the staff would not sit well with parents following Sirius’ recent escape from Azkaban. Students would eventually realize that Remus and Teddy were related, but Archie and Cassie were a little reluctant to reveal that their parents would be teachers in fear of the inevitable teasing from their peers. But for now, you would all keep this secret close to your chest.
Keeping an eye on your children throughout the rest of the feast, you were pleased to see both Teddy and Cassie cheerily conversing with a number of their peers whilst they ate. What was startling, however, was how you never saw Archie speak to anyone other than the occasional comment in his twin’s ear. His face held Regulus’ signature look of bore with a hint of irritation, a far cry from the boy that you typically saw at home. You’d had to do a double take, not seeing your son but a vision of Regulus from years ago. 
On the other side of the great hall you saw another child who looked the spitting image of their parents - Harry Potter. The boy was conversing with a ginger boy, probably a Weasley, and a girl you didn’t recognize. Everything down to his demeanour screamed ‘I’m James Potter’s son’ with the exception of his eyes - those were all Lily. 
Tears formed in the corner of your own eyes as you thought about your lost love and friends, for it was almost as if many of you had been reunited in the Great Hall once more. Placing a hand upon your forehead to shield your eyes from wandering glances and placing your weight upon your elbow, you leaned on the table as if you were only extremely focused on your meal. Noticing this, Remus wished he could take you into his arms as he was feeling a similar gloom, but the hundreds of people around him prevented the man from holding you close. For now, a comforting hand on your knee underneath the table would have to suffice. 
The rest of the evening was uneventful, and by the next morning you in such a rush to get to your first class that you were too distracted to think of anything else. Glancing down at your attendance sheet, your first class of the day was third-year Gryffindors and Slytherins just before lunch, and you searched for familiar names on the list. Both Archie and Cassie’s names were at the top of the sheet, and you were thankful that you would be starting each day with two-thirds of your children. Malfoy was not too far below it, and a physical groan left your lips. Of course Lucius’ son would be in your class, he’s probably just as delightful as his father. Even further down was Potter, and you quietly began to devise a plan that could hopefully resolve at least one of your problems. 
Meanwhile, three Gryffindors made their way down the halls of the school towards their third class of the day. They were still in awe of Professor Lupin’s second period Defence Against the Dark Arts class as it seemed they would finally have a decent teacher in the subject.
“Do you know anything about the new astrology professor, Hermione?” Ron asked, clearly concerned about the coming period. Saying that this subject wasn’t the youngest Weasley boy’s strong suit was an understatement.
“Professor Y/L/N? I don’t know, but it sure looked like Professor Lupin liked her last night.” The girl began, the stack of books in her arms so tall that she could barely see where she was going over it. “I’m just excited to finally have another female professor!”
“Yeah, and she seemed pretty young, so let’s hope that means she’s more fun!” Harry said. “If Lupin’s friends with her, how bad can she be?”
“Yeah, do you think they’re, you know…” Ron said, trailing off unable to finish his sentence as he made an odd movement with his hands.
“What, if they’re together?!” Hermione exclaimed. “Seriously Ronald! Men and women can be friends with each other and not be in love! And besides, Lupin has a son in first year who would have probably mentioned if his mother was teaching here as well.”
The boys agreed with their friend as they approached the classroom, Harry stopping in his tracks as he noticed the eldest of the Black children leaning against the wall beside the door a couple feet away from other third-years waiting for class to begin. Noticing Harry’s hesitation, Ron and Hermione turned back to look at where their friend had stopped. Motioning for them to come back, he eventually dragged them to the wall before whispering.
“Do either of you know how Arcturus is related to Sirius… They’re both Blacks.” Harry began, warily glancing towards the boy who was too absorbed into his book to notice them staring at him. 
“No… But Harry, you don’t honestly believe that Arcturus would help him get into the school, do you?” Hermione asked incredulously. As much as she didn’t want to believe that one of her classmates was plotting to help a madman set on killing one of her best friends, stranger things had happened.
“I mean, who knows?! Have you ever seen either of the Black twins with their father? That could be Sirius, for all we know!” Ron exclaimed. This time when the three students glanced towards the boy, he met their eyes with his own cold, green orbs.
Before anyone could react, their attention switched to the opening door where their newest professor stood with bright eyes and a warm smile.
“Well c’mon in, guys!” You beckoned as the children began filing into the classroom, both Archie and Cassie giving you small smiles as they made their way in. Before long, all your students had settled into their seats and your lesson could finally begin.
“I should probably start by introducing myself as I am a new face to most of you, my name is Professor Y/L/N and I am the new astrology professor here at Hogwarts.” You began, scanning the many small faces staring at you. “I was a student here not too long ago myself, so not only am I very excited to be back but I also know exactly how you guys are feeling. I’ll try to keep that in mind in my lessons so that we can all have a fun semester, yeah? If you guys have any questions real quick before we start, feel free to ask!” 
A few hands shot up within the crowd and you picked one, a timid looking Gryffindor in the very front row.
“Yes, Mr…?” You began, trailing off unsure as to the boy’s name.
“Longbottom, ma’am. Neville Longbottom.” He shakily replied, and you suddenly saw traces of Frank and Alice in him. The thought saddened you, remembering the disgust that filled you when Regulus explained what your  estranged cousin-in-law had done to the poor couple.
“Ah, yes! What is it, Mr.Longbottom?” You questioned, a smile working its way onto your lips as you encouraged the boy, hoping to give him a tad more confidence.
“I was just curious, cause you said you were a student here and I saw you two talking yesterday, how do you know Professor Lupin?” Neville said shakily. 
“Uhm, I had meant questions about the course rather than about me…” You trailed off, hoping that the anxiousness filling you at your secret getting out would not show. You could see Archie and Cassie stifling their own giggles at the question, finding the speculation of your relationship with their adoptive father very amusing.
“It’s just cause some of the students have bets goin’ as to whether or not you guys are together. Like, in love, together.” Neville tried to explain, earning himself sharp glances and scoffs from the rest of the class.
“Professor Lupin and I were friends when we were both students here, that’s all. Strictly platonic friends.” You explained, feeling your face slightly flushing in embarrassment at the inquiry. “Now then, let’s begin!”
The rest of the class went by smoothly, no more incidents of any of your secrets being exposed as you went through your introduction lesson. As you concluded your lecture, you decided it was time to introduce the major project for the course.
“Now, I will be introducing your major project for the year and be giving you your partners.” You explained, grabbing the list of pairs you had created from your desk. “I’ve assigned both you and another student a constellation that the two of you will be compiling research on in order to ‘teach’ it to the class at the end of the year. You guys all good so far?”
“Uhm, Professor?” A hand raised accompanied by a voice in the back of the classroom.
“Yes, Mr. Weasley?’ You replied, the red hair being a dead giveaway as to the boy’s identity.
“How come we don’t get to choose our own partners?” The ginger-haired boy questioned, glancing towards the curly-haired girl beside him who was shooting him a warning glance.
“Good question! I have decided that you will be paired with one of your peers from the other house.” You said matter-of-factly, as if your words hadn’t just scandalized your students. A collection of gasps and protests arose, even from your own children, Cassie’s jaw dropping as Archie hid his head in his arms and laid upon the desk in exasperation.
One sharp clap from you was enough to regain their attention, the rowdier members of the group sunk into their seats in fear of the possible removal of house points before the first half of their day was even over.
“Now I know this is upsetting to many of you, especially considering your two houses’ complicated past, but your cooperation with each other will be a part of your grade in the assignment. Sometimes opposites are the best pairings.” You said. “Now, would you like to hear who you’ll be working with?”
A collection of nods was all it took before you began listing the combinations. 
“Seamus Finnegan and Pansy Parkinson for Gemini, Neville Longbottom and Blaise Zabini for Taurus…” You began, listing off the partnerships before you reached your final three. “Ronald Weasley and Cassiopeia Black for Canis Major, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy for Orion, and lastly, Harry Potter and Arcturus Black for Leo.”
The clock began ringing, signalling the end of class and beginning of the lunch period.
“There’s no homework for today, so enjoy it while you can and have a nice lunch everyone!” You dismissed your students, not giving them a second glance before you made your way through the door of your office at the back of the room and began going through a stack of papers. You hadn’t noticed the boy who had remained in your class, shyly following you to the back before hesitantly knocking on the already open door.
“Mr. Potter! Please, sit!” You said when you saw the source of the faint noise, beckoning him towards one of the chairs in front of your desk. “What can I do for you?”
The boy hesitated for a moment as he took in your office, the sandy-coloured stone walls having been decorated in a style that seemed to perfectly fit the personality you’d projected to his classmates the past hour.
“I was just wondering if it would be possible to switch partners for the assignment…” He trailed off, unsure of how to continue. His words were a shock to you, and as a mother, you worked hard to fight the defensive instincts threatening to consume you.
“What’s wrong with Mr.Black?” You question in as calm a tone you could muster, however, you were sure Harry had picked up on the unsteadiness of your voice. The boy’s mouth opened and closed, seemingly searching for the right words to say, when his anxiety made you realize that this was not really about Archie at all.
“Is this about Sirius Black?” You said, your voice much softer this time. Your suspicions were concerned when Harry began furiously nodding, clearly distressed at the mere mention of the man.
“Ah...” You replied, unsure of what exactly to do about the boy’s anxiety, when you realized that the truth may be the best solution. You stood and turned to one of the tables behind you and began searching through one of the drawers.“Harry… What do you know about the House of Black?”
“Uhm, not much?” Harry answered, clearly confused as to your response.
You eventually turned to face him again, this time with a box in hand. Although smaller in size, the black box was ornamentally covered in green and gold details. You sat back down across from the boy, placing the box in front of you and ignoring it for the time being. 
“The Noble House of Black was a part of the Sacred 28 wizarding families and were a long line of Slytherin blood-purists. Orion Black was the patriarch of the house and, along with his wife Walburga, had two sons - Sirius and Regulus. Regulus is Arcturus and Cassiopeia’s father - have you heard of that name before?” Harry shook his head no, and that was all you needed to continue. “Regulus was two years younger than Sirius, and the pair were very close throughout childhood. However, when Sirius attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor rather than Slytherin, he soon began rebelling against his parents and their values. He criticized their purist prejudices and wanted nothing to do with his little brother when he was sorted into Slytherin. This hurt Regulus deeply and he began to resent his brother and, although he slowly started to agree with the criticisms Sirius had gotten disowned over, he felt as if he couldn’t betray his family. So as Sirius grew closer to your father, Reg-”
“Wait, how did he know my father?!” Harry questioned, desperate to understand how his parents fit into all of this.
“They were best friends, you didn’t know?” You replied as horror began washing over the boy’s face. “Harry, Sirius is your godfather. I know it’s probably shocking and scary now, but if you keep listening, I think everything will make a lot more sense and you’ll feel better.” The boy nodded as tears welled in the corners of his eyes.
“So, while Sirius and Regulus drifted apart, the younger brother was forced by his parents to join He Must Who Not Be Named as a death eater when he was only sixteen. Regulus quickly became his right-hand man, but something didn’t sit right with him. It was only after he fell in love that he began to realize that this was not the path he wanted in life. So while Regulus continued to attend Death Eater-meetings, he fed information to the girl who he would eventually marry who then relayed the intelligence to a group called the Order of the Phoenix. This included your parents, Sirius, Professor Lupin, the Weasleys, Dumbledore, me - people who were dedicated to stopping him.”
“So you knew him… Sirius Black?” Harry questioned, eyes still glassy as some tears had stained his cheeks. 
“Yes, Harry, I did…” You trailed off. “And if it’s any comfort, I don’t think he did it. The Sirius I knew wasn’t a madman, and although your other teachers would probably disagree with me, I really don’t think he’s out to get you.”
“What do you mean? Everybody keeps saying he’s looking for me!” Harry exclaimed, disbelieving the words leaving your mouth. “Even if he was innocent, doesn’t he blame my family for getting him locked up?”
“He is very likely looking for you, but not because he’s mad at you. Like I said, he was your godfather, and your father was like a brother to him. If anything, he’s looking for you because he believes you are each other’s only family left.”
“Why wouldn’t he go to his brother?” Harry inquired, slowly becoming curious about his relationship with Regulus.
“Because he figured out a way to stop Voldemort. Regulus discovered he’d made something called a horcrux, and that by destroying it, he could be killed.” You began, emotion beginning to build up in your throat, not having talked about losing your husband in quite some time. “Regulus found out where it was and set out to destroy it, but he died in the process. He left behind a wife who was pregnant with children he would never know he had: Arcturus and Cassiopeia. Regulus Black was a good man, Harry, a great one. The twins lost their father to the same man who killed yours, and I think you’re a lot more alike than you know.”
You finally opened the box in front of you and Harry watched you reach for a pile of pictures and began searching through them, finally finding the one you were looking for about six pictures in. You placed the extra pictures on your desk and handed one to Harry, and the contents of it made his eyes widen. 
The image was of two men and three toddlers, the caption reading ‘Uncle Padfoot and Uncle Moony with Harry, Archie, and Cassie - September 1981.’ The children were very happily playing, and Harry recognized one of the men as being Professor Lupin while the other was the face who he’d seen in every newspaper the past week - Sirius Black.
“We were… Friends?” Harry questioned, shocked at the revelation that the Slytherin boy had been his first friend during his infancy. You simply smiled and nodded, Harry eventually tore his gaze away from the card in his hands moving to one upon your desk. “Is that… Regulus Black?” 
Your eyes flickered to the picture he was talking about, only to meet one of Regulus from about six months before he died.
“Yeah, that’s him.” You said as a sad smile graced your lips. “Anyways, I’ve wasted enough of your lunch hour Harry, you should find your friends and eat something. You need to get some sugar into your stomach, so go grab some chocolate.”
The young boy stood and you began to walk him out of your classroom but just as he opened the door, he paused and turned around to face you.
“Professor, how did you know Regulus?” He said, yet something in his tone told you that he already knew.
“What do you mean, Harry? I told you, I worked for the Order.” You replied, even though you knew that showing him the pictures was a dead giveaway. But it was well worth it.
“You were married, weren’t you? You’re Arcturus and Cassiopeia’s mum?”
“Just don’t go telling the whole school,” you began. “I don’t think very many parents would approve of a Black teaching their children. It’ll be our little secret.” 
Harry nodded before running off to join his friends, and you left the classroom not long after. Walking through the halls, memories came back in flashes as the tears became harder and harder to fight. You thankfully held your composure until you arrived at the office door, tears beginning to fall as you began frantically knocking upon the rough wooden surface. 
When it eventually flung open to reveal your husband, his face immediately softened at your state as you rushed into his office room, Remus closing the door behind you. He opened his arms that you quickly flung yourself into, sobs wracking your body as he held you close. Remus didn’t ask what was wrong, he didn’t have to. He knew you hadn’t been back to the school since losing Regulus and, although he didn’t doubt your love for him, knew that there was the possibility of past emotions resurfacing and overwhelming you. He knew you too well.
As you calmed down in his arms, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for crying over your past love. Shouldn’t you have moved on? You had this wonderful man and a beautiful family now, that should be enough for you. But Hogwarts was where your love story with Regulus began, you wished on these stars, they were yours, and the halls would always bring back memories of him. You might have let him go, but at least for the next little while, he would consume your thoughts at the school.
The next few months progressed with little incident, and it became increasingly easier to control the strong emotions that had overtook you your first day. You watched Harry and Arcturus slowly become friends, and you watched as your son became the happy boy Remus and yourself had raised. While the uneventful year was a welcome tranquility, that peace came to an end when your husband came bursting into your quarters one evening.
“Honey, what’re you doing? Isn’t it-”
“Peter is alive! We have to go now!” He exclaimed, grabbing your wrist and dragging you through the dark halls of the castle and towards the shrieking shack.
While you were running, Harry, Hermione, and Archie approached a trembling Ron in the rotting house. 
“Harry! It’s a trap! He’s the dog, he’s an animagus!” Ron exclaimed, pointing behind the trio. Turning around, they watched what was left of the door creak open to reveal the fugitive the entire wizarding world was searching for. Although Harry remembered your words, he couldn’t help but feel afraid as a pair of rabid eyes stared back at him.
“If you’re going to kill Harry, you’re going to have to kill us too!” Hermione shouted, jumping in front of Harry as Arcturus followed suit, pointing his wand at his estranged uncle.
“Only one will die tonight!” Sirius remarked, slowly walking towards the children. He hadn’t paid much attention to the boy standing in front of Harry but as he approached, he was shocked to see his dead brother protecting his godson. He didn’t have time to think, though, as Harry quickly shouted something he only heard the end of before wrestling him to the ground. Raising his wand, Sirius let out a sickening laugh.
“Are you going to kill me Harry?”
Nobody had time to respond as the doors burst open, Remus shouting expelliarmus as Harry’s wand went flying across the room. You followed closely behind him, yet stood in the doorway just out of your brother in-law’s sight. Harry stared at Lupin and you, his breathing heavy as your husband tilted his head quickly, and that was all the boy needed to run back towards his friends. You raised your wand as well, approaching your husband’s side as you stood slightly behind him.
“Well, well, Sirius, looking rather ragged, aren’t we?” Your husband began, continuing to approach his former friend. “Finally the flesh reflects the madness within.”
“Well you’d know all about the madness within, wouldn’t you Remus?” Sirius retorted, looking between you and your husband as he took in just how much the two of you have changed.
The comment brought a small smile to your face, one that eventually grew bigger as you dropped your arm to your side, Remus following suit. You both reached out your hands and helped Sirius to his feet, him taking you into a bone-crushing hug.
“I missed you, sister.” He breathed into your hair, you mumbling how you missed him as well only loud enough for the two men to hear.
“Mum, what’re you doing?!” Archie exclaimed from the other side of the room, clearly taken aback by you embracing the man who’d just threatened to kill them. All three of you look over to a bewildered Archie, you dropping one of your arms from Sirius while the other stayed around his middle.
“Is that Archie?” He asked, glancing between Remus and yourself, the pair of you nodding. Sirius took in the sight of his nephew, who he earlier had believed to be his reanimated brother, before turning his attention back to his dearest friend who embraced him.
“I found him,” Sirius gasped between laughs.
“I know,” Remus soothed.
“It’s him!”
“I understand.”
“Let’s kill him!”
“No!” Hermione interrupted, shouting at the group of adults. “I trusted you! And all this time… You’ve been his friends!”
She paused to catch her breath and regain her composure before continuing her rant.
“He’s a werewolf! That’s why he’s been missing classes.” Your body stiffened as your husbands secret was exposed to Harry and Ron, and you saw Archie suffer from the same reaction. Of course he knew of what happened to his father every full moon, however he also knew the discrimination that accompanies it. Remus’ eyes darkened as he began to approach the girl.
“How long have you known?” He spoke with a demeanor that was so unlike the kind and gentle man you had fallen in love with, sending chills down your spine.
“Since Professor Snape set the essay.”
“Well well well, Hermione, you really are the brightest witch of your age I’ve ever met.” Remus said as Sirius grew impatient.
“Enough talk, Remus! Come on, let’s kill him!” Sirius shouted as he began pacing.
“Wait!” You warned, but that only angered him.
“I did my waiting!” He shouted. “Twelve years of it! In Azkaban!”
Remus you glanced at each other before looking towards a petrified Harry, clearly weighing your options as your husband began fiddling with the strange wand in his hands. Looking towards the floor, Remus hesitated before handing Sirius’ wand back to him.
“Very well…”
“Dad! How could you?!” Archie yelled from across the room, too upset with his parents’ actions to care about keeping their secret any longer. This came as a shock to both Sirius and the other children, their heads snapping towards your son as he raised his wand towards the man he’d considered to be his father. 
“Dad?!” Harry and Sirius exclaimed, almost comically in sync, as you put yourself between you son and your husband. You slowly grabbed the end of Archie’s wand and took it from his trembling hand, quickly wrapping your arms around the boy as you turned to face three shocked faces.
“We’re married, Sirius.” You explained, and Remus raised his left hand to show his friend the ring adorning his finger. Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s eyes flicked between you, your son, your husband, and your brother-in-law, at last putting your connection together as your betrayal stung them even deeper. Sirius’ face softened at the revelation, but Remus quickly picked up where they left off. 
“Kill him,” he began, “but wait one more minute. Harry has the right to know why.”
“I know why!” Harry shouted. “You betrayed my parents! You’re the reason they’re dead!”
“No, Harry, it wasn’t him. Somebody did betray your parents but it was somebody who, until quite recently, I believed to be dead!” Remus exclaimed, and you finally felt Archie begin to relax enough that you could let go of your hold on him. 
“Who was it then?!” Harry argued.
“Peter Pettigrew!” Sirius yelled matter-of-factly. “And he’s in this room! Right now! Come on, come on, Peter! Come out, come out and play!”
“Expelliarmus!” A new voice called, Snape having snuck up on the group and quickly disarmed Sirius as many horrified faces turned to look at him. You tightened your grip on your wand as you moved to stand in front of Archie protectively. “Ah… Vengeance is sweet. How I’d hoped I’d be the one to catch you.”
“Severus,” Remus moved towards his colleague before quickly flinching away as Snape moved his wand towards him.
“I told Dumbledore you were helping and old friend into the castle and now - here’s the proof!”
“Brilliant, Snape. Once again you’ve put your keen and penetrating mind to the task and as usual come to the wrong conclusion!” Sirius mocked. “Now if you’ll excuse us, Remus, (Y/N), and I have some unfinished business to attend to.”
Snape, having previously lowered his wand, quickly raised it again, this time right against Sirius’ neck. 
“Give me a reason. I beg you.”
“Severus, don’t be a fool.” You said, attempting to diffuse the situation.
“He can’t help it, it’s happened by now!” 
“Sirius be quiet!” Remus added.
“Go quiet yourself, Remus!” Your husband turned away and approached you, visibly annoyed at his friend’s sour attitude.
You stopped listening to their quarrel as you saw Harry reaching into Hermione’s pocket in the corner of your eye. Shifting your attention over to the teens, you saw him slowly pulling out her wand before you turned to Remus, who hadn’t noticed this subtle movement. Before long, Snape was knocked unconscious into the bed. 
In the following minutes, the truth about Peter Pettigrew was revealed as you led the quivering traitor alongside your family and students through the tunnel. 
“I must say,” Sirius began, glancing between you and Remus as he helped Harry carry an injured Ron. “I never expected the two of you winding up together. How long?”
“We’ve been married for ten years.” Remus replied with a shy smile, hoping his friend would approve of the match given that you are still Sirius’ brother’s widow. 
“You still have to see Cassie, and you can meet Teddy! He’s our youngest, this was his first year here and he was sorted into Hufflepuff!” You explained, excitement lacing every word as you held your husband’s hand. To your students, this talk of a long-term relationship and PDA was a shock, as they were unaware of just how close the two of you really were. Sure, they’d had suspicions, but your talk with Harry led them to believe that you were still grieving Regulus.
Upon exiting the willow, Sirius finally had the opportunity to pull Archie aside for a moment, just a few feet away from the others.
“You look just like him, you know…” He began, not knowing exactly what to say to his nephew. 
“I know.” Archie nodded, a sad smile forming as he looked towards his uncle.
“Y’know, I’d hated your father for years when your mother showed up at my door. I didn’t know just what he’d done until after he died, when she showed up at my door telling me what a hero he was.” Sirius recounted. “I felt awful, like he’d still be here if I’d just given him the chance. But then, y’know what she told me?” Archie shook his head. “She told me she was pregnant with you, well, you and your sister but we didn’t know that at the time, and that was when I knew. I promised myself that I would be there for you, that I would fill his shoes and protect you. And I did for a year, up until I was arrested, but you guys and Harry were all I thought about in that cell as I rotted. I’m sorry that I’ve failed you the past twelve years and although I’m so glad that Remus has become a father to you, I still want to be there for you. I want to be a part of your lives, whether it be every day or whenever you can spare a visit.”
“I’d like that too.” Archie simply stated, embracing his uncle as Harry began approaching them. He left the two of them to talk before gazing into the night sky. Admiring the moon as it began to move from behind the mountain, it took him a minute to fully register exactly what night it was. 
“Dad?!” Archie exclaimed, bringing all of your attention to the full moon in the sky as the inevitable began. 
Chaos ensued, a horror film of a night that you never want to experience again.
The following week, it was no surprise to Dumbledore when you and your husband resigned. Snivellus had let slip the truth about the two of you, him being a dangerous werewolf while yourself having aided the “madman” that was your brother-in-law, two things that don’t typically sit well with parents.
Packing up your office, Hermione made her way in, ginger cat in her arms as she watched you pile your belongings into boxes.
“Professor, what’re you doing?” She questioned, shocked to see you packing up your office. “Did Dumbledore fire you? He must know that-”
“No, no! Dumbledore has been nothing but supportive, but... He stuck his neck out hiring Remus and I, knowing who we are, and now that Snape has revealed the truth about us, it’ll be best for everyone if it looks like he let us go.” You explained, pausing your ministrations as you looked around at the now empty shelves.
“I’m sorry…” She began, unsure of what else there was to say. “I’m sorry for everything that happened that night, I feel as though we just made a mess of everything. Pettigrew escaped and now you and Professor Lupin are leaving…”
“Hermione, now you listen to me.” You sat her down in a chair and crouched before her. “Two innocent lives were saved because of you and Harry. Now that is something amazing, and something I would be willing to lose my job for all over again.” You gave her a smile, one that quickly became a tight-lipped wince as the cat on her lap began licking your face. 
“Crookshanks!” She exclaimed while pulling the feline away from you, horrified at his actions.
“It’s fine, Hermione. He’s quite a cute cat.” You gave her a wide smile as you took Crookshanks from her arms and held him close to your chest. He gazed at you with an almost human-like intelligence upon his face, before shutting his eyes as he purred at your touch. “Is he part kneazle?”
“Yes, actually.” She began. “The man at the Menagerie said it was why he’d been there for so long. The kneazle part made him look a little odd, but I think it’s what makes him handsome.” 
You handed the feline back to her, glancing at the clock upon the wall and realizing that you’d agreed to meet Remus at the entrance in five minutes. 
“Can you please do me one last favour, Hermione?” You asked, heading towards the only item left on your desk, a small black box. Opening it, you pulled the top picture out and extended your arm to hand the girl the image. “Could you please give this to Harry next time you see him? Remind him that his family will only ever be a letter away.”
She nodded as her eyes scanned the paper before her, seeing that it was a picture of a younger Remus and Sirius playing with Harry, Archie, and Cassie while they were all still babies. She smiled, finding solace the fact that Harry’s family life will be getting better than how the Dursley’s have treated him the past twelve years. An orange paw upon the paper tore her attention away from the image, Crookshanks looking to be the center of attention once again.
“Well then,” you gathered all your possessions into one trunk with a final flick of your wand. “I must be off, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again very soon.” You turned to walk away, leaving your classroom far behind you as you eventually met up with your husband at the front of the school.
“Have you called the meeting yet?” You questioned, quiet enough so only Remus could hear.
“Yes, my dear. They should all be waiting at home when we get back to London.” He replied.
“Excellent.” You commented as you walked hand-in-hand away from the castle as you made your way back to 12 Grimmauld Place, the Black family slowly beginning to resurface in the both of your lives once more.
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yandere-mha-blog · a year ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: Slice
Words: 2006
You had a hard time falling asleep that night, where you just wasted your time here. When you told your dad you wanted to become a doctor he was confused, saying maybe being a nurse was more up your alley, but he finally accepted the fact you would be going to school to become a doctor. He was even more excited to hear you were in the top 5 of your class and that things were coming easily to you.
But the tool of the same thing over and over again when you just wanted to get your hands in there already was boring you to death, once you got into residency it would just be more mundane boring stuff. Talking to people every day about their pollen allergies, even dermatologists took forever to get their degree. You were already a pro with a scalpel and stitching according to your teachers.
“It’s sad to see you wasting your potential.”
You punched your pillow in anger again, what right did he have, maybe you were only interested in him since he was the one who gave Akio his just deserts and he was the first one you could talk about your urge to use your quirk. Still, at the end of the day, he was a villain, he wasn’t going to come back huh, maybe it's for the best, just go back to where you were before, the sheer boredom of it all.
You couldn't stand that as you got out of bed, it was late but you put on some loungewear and headed out, you were not about to go back to living every day with mundane occurrences again. You kept looking around the campus for anything that would lead you to him. A few students were coming back from drinks and you kept walking only to see Akio letting a very intoxicated girl lean on his arm as he held up. You were pissed off now, not even a day out of the hospital and he is already back to his scumbag ways.
You followed the both of them and he was heading to the male dorm area, the girl was too drunk to even notice anything, you watched as he helped her up the stairs and you followed behind him as he closed the door. You went next to the door and put your nail against the lock before shooting your talon out breaking the lock, and you opened the door, and there was Akio on the couch with a passed-out girl.
“So this is helping a girl get home huh,” you said, and Akio head shot up
“You!?” he said getting up “This isn’t what it looks like, I was just.” “Going to take advantage of a drunk girl, the day after you got out of the hospital.” you said “I know your type, you act like a wuss to have girls let their guard down, how many people have been your victim.”
“Hey just calm down, I wasn't going to do anything,” he said
“Is that why your pants button is undone along with your zipper.” you said “You are the talk of the class right now, poor Akio getting attacked by a big bad villain, how much sympathy did this girl give you?” you asked letting your talons out
“I’m going to call the campus police.” He said
“Go ahead, wonder what the whole story will be when they see a drunk passed out girl on your couch,” you said
“What do you want?” Akio said
“Well I would like it if you left this school.” you said “But you won't do that, you won't curve your bad habit. you'd just end up doing this somewhere else”
“Stay back, I'm warning you.” He said, man, you really had him scared huh, you just want to get this girl out
“I really hate people like you,” you said walking over and picking up the girl who just kinda groaned.
Hawks was laying out on top of the building, maybe he had been a bit too hard on you earlier. Still, sometimes people need a wake-up call, he was twiddling Akio's wallet he stole, maybe it would be funny if Akio saw it returned like he was still being watched by him. Hawks stood off the end of the building and flew down to locate his dorm shouldn't be too hard, still, when he saw through his feathers the door was open he flew down to see Akio on top of you with his hands around your throat as you gashing on his sides for dear life, with a passed out girl in the doorway. Hawks was starting to see red or maybe it was just the feathers he sent on Akio pinning him to the wall by his clothes. You started to cough and tried to catch your breath.
“(name) what are you doing here,” Hawks asked taking off one of his Primary wings and it growing sharper
“Cough cough...it's a long story, he was going to assault that girl,” you said gesturing to the girl in the doorway
“Well I’ll ask later on how you got yourself into this situation, take the girl out I’ll handle him.” Hawks said, you nodded your head and picked the girl up and dragged her outside
“You..you know (name),” Akio said
“A bit, we meet when you attack her in the ally way.” Hawks said, “I thought I’d let you off with a warning but it seems like you didn't learn anything, and you tried to strangle her to death.”
“I wasn’t-”
“Shut up man, I know that look you had in your eyes, it's the one I have now.” Hawks said, “I'll make this quick.”
You dropped her off outside the female dorms, this is where your adventure for the night would end, you wondered what Hawks was going to do to Akio, you decided to head back, you knew that the handprints would be visible, lucky you had a couple of scarves. You sat down at a bench near the back of the school and let out a long breath before you heard a familiar gush of wind and someone landed behind you.
“Hey….so uhmm, your neck okay?” Hawks asked
“It's fine, I don't think anything has collapsed,” you said
“That's good, now can you tell me what happens?” Hawks asked looming over you
“I went out for a walk-”
“Late at night?”
“Yes, I couldn't sleep because of what you said earlier, ugh I must be mad for letting the words of a villain get to me.” “And I must be mad for saying that.” Hawks said, “Look (Name) I know you have something in you that drives you, but look you couldn't even defend yourself from one guy.” Hawks said, “If I didn't show up you would have died.”
“I know that.” you said “I wasn’t expecting to run into him doing that, I got so angry that someone would have been a victim, and no one was coming to help.”
“Well I'm just glad you didn’t die tonight.” he said flicking your forehead “Here hope on i'll fly you back to your dorm.”
“Hope into where?” you asked
“On my back in between my wings of course.” He said turning around and pointing to in between his shoulder blades
“I’m not so sure about this,” you said
“Come on I know you want to,” he said fluttering his wings
“No spins of loop de loops and you won't drop me either.” You said
“(name) if I wanted you dead I wouldn't just drop you and let you splatter on the ground, I have more class than that.” he said, which didn't help calm your nerves “Look I won't drop you either just hop on, it will be fun.”
Ah yes taking a joyride through the sky with a dangerous villain will be fun, still what else do you have to lose, so you decided to hope on
“This is weird,” you said
“Nah, now hold on.” he said, as he flew up and you wrapped your arms around his neck, shutting your eyes tight “ack (name) can't breath, look it isn't that scary see, hold onto my shoulder I won't let you fall.”
You reluctantly opened your eyes as you still had a firm hold around Hawks, the city lights looking more like fireflies now
“Wow so this is birds' eye view.” you said “But Hawks how are you flying if your wings aren't moving?”
“Haha well I move my fathers, I only really like to move them when I'm trying to get away, and I don't want you falling off.” He said, “also why there are no photos of my face anywhere, they don't have a camera that is fast enough.”
“Makes sense.” you said, “so Hawks why are you on the run anyway, you don't seem like the stereotypical villain.”
“Hahaha thanks, I guess?” Hawks said, “It's kind of a long story but to keep it short I don't want to work under some bureaucracy, I just want to relax and live my life, but at the same time, I can't help but see people in need and want to help them, but working under someone thumb isn’t for me.”
“I don't think I could see you working for someone either.” you said “Meanwhile what I'm going for, is that you are always going to be working under some.”
“Well, it's never too late to change your mind.” Hawks said as he landed in front of your dorm “Thank you for using the nighthawks delivery service.”
“Thanks, hawks, for everything,” you said
“Of course chickadee.” he said “Keep your head down low for the next couple of days though.”
And with that vague warning, he was off once again, oh how lucky he was to be able to fly off and be free whenever he wanted.
Still, all good things must come to an end as you saw police tape surrounding the boys' dorm, everyone was talking amongst themselves the next morning.
“What happened here?” you asked
“Someone was found dead in their dorm, they say it was break in.” Someone said
“Wonder why?” you said but you knew why, still you decided to just head to class but for some reason the door was locked, you rolled your eyes and checked your phone only to see a message that due to a tragedy on school ground class was canceled for the day, just great.MIght as well have a free day in your dorm then as the other students were watching Akio being pulled out in a body bag, Fumiko noticing your nonchalant to this and gulped.
You were enjoying some funny cat videos and enjoying a cup of tea when there was a knock on your door, just great wasn’t this support to be a free day. You got up and opened it to see Fumiko.
“(name) didn’t you hear about what happened.” She said
“I heard someone was found dead in their dorm room.” You said
“It was Akio (name), he is dead.” She said
“Okay and you are telling me this why?” you asked
“(name) even if you didn't like him, you should still care if he is dead.” She said
“Well I'm not,” you said
“You know (name) everyone in the class was telling me how cold and mean you were, and I thought they were wrong, I thought you were nice but I was wrong-”
“Oh can it Fumiko, you only talked to me because you felt bad for me is that right, you had no intention of being my friend, you just felt guilty of me being the weird person in the class, and mooched off my notes, now your shitty friend is dead.” You said and felt a harsh slap across your face “want me to turn the other cheek?”
“YOU ARE A HORRIBLE CRUEL HEARTLESS PERSON!” She said and ran off, oh well if that's what she thought no reason to try and change her mind.
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rome5683 · a year ago
The Love Charade
Chapter One: Discovery
Summary: Adrien, AKA Chat Noir, has always wondered who's face resides underneath Ladybug's mask, while Marinette has always rejected Chat and swore to keep their identities secret. Now eighteen, Marinette happens to walk into something she's not supposed to see: Adrien transforming into Chat Noir. As they go through shocking revelations, Marinette and Adrien are torn between who to love.
Tumblr media
"Chat! Watch out!" Ladybug's voice rang out throughout the empty street as a car was flung at Chat Noir by the villain of the week. Luckily, he had heard her desperate cry to help and moved out of the way, doing a back-flip in a showoff way. The evening sky was filled with stars, and Chat thought about what they could be doing instead of fighting a dreadful villain.
He smirked at her, "Thanks, bugaboo."
She scoffed, shaking her head and remembering the task at hand. Ladybug, Marinette's alter ego, blocked all of the villain's moves, grunting at the punches that she failed to put off, which only happened to make her more determined to save the akuma's victim. The villain was only a little girl, similar to that of Manon, but with the power of toys on her side. It was a stranger, no one she knew, but she was called 'The ToyKeeper', and she used anything considered a toy as her minions or tools. Even with her and Chat’s new suit upgrades, and their significant age difference from when they had first started working as superheroes, it still felt like they were children playing in costumes at times.
Ladybug screamed as she was thrown into the ground. She saw more toys start to surround her as she barely regained herself and whined, "Really?!"
After receiving a painful punch to the face, and noticing his lady's distress, Chat Noir finally delivered a hard kick to the villain's side. The girl cried out, wanting sympathy, but that part had been over. The team of superheroes only fell for that once, and never again would they.
Chat Noir scoffed, "Nice act, but you're not fooling anyone."
The little girl rolled her eyes and proceeded to stand once again. Suddenly, all the toys that had once been surrounding and fighting both Ladybug and the rest of Paris, ran and joined the girl. The girl's suit, which was a stuffed bear, morphed into a giant form of her former suit.
At first, Ladybug and Chat attempted to fight against it, but once realizing it was too big for them, they started to run. Ladybug used her yo-yo to swing on a building, running while looking for a chance to use her lucky charm. Her partner followed suit, and the bear chased. Now on the Eiffel Tower with the giant bear following fast, she exclaimed, "Lucky Charm!" An extra long and large piece of rope fell into her hands.
"What am I supposed to do with this?" Ladybug looked to Chat, but he just shrugged.
"I don't know, but you better do it fast! I don't know if I can bear anymore punches." She rolled her eyes as Chat smirked at her, and looked around for something to use with this. Her eyes finally looked at the bear suit and she smirked as well.
"Chat, use your cataclysm at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to tip it over!"
"Trust me, Chat!" Her eyes looked pleadingly, yet in a commanding way, into his completely green ones. He sighed, yielding to her look.
"I hope you know what you're doing!" He ran down to the bottom quickly as the giant sized villain neared.
"Cataclysm!" His hand ran against the two bottom legs of the tower facing the villain. As the Tower tilted toward the girl, she gasped and the bear held up the Tower with its giant paws. Seizing the opportunity, Ladybug ran and tied the bear's legs together, making the villain slip and lose her balance. The Eiffel Tower fell, in an angle, and onto the villain, pinning her down, and leaving her vulnerable. Ladybug, using her yo-yo, wrapped it around one of the large bear's arms and then tore it off, releasing the dark akuma.
"NO!" The girl shouted in a sob, and Chat Noir went to stand next to his crush.
A small akuma was released from the now torn bear, and Ladybug smiled. "No more evilizing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize!"
Her yo-yo snatched the akuma inside, and then released a white butterfly.
"Bye-Bye, little butterfly… Miraculous Ladybug!” The white butterfly flew off, and the magic spread, fixing the Tower and reverting the villain to its former person.
The little girl held her hurting head, "What happened?"
Ladybug smiled once again, and Chat Noir's fist met hers. "Pound it!"
With the akuma gone, the small child had returned home with her mother. Ladybug's earrings rang, notifying her of her upcoming transformation. And so did Noir's ring, she waved bye to him, but was surprised when his hand held her back.
"Ladybug... Why can't we-"
"I need to go, Chat." Her voice was stern and cold. Not even glancing at him, she rudely shoved his hand off her shoulder and swing her yo-yo, disappearing into the night. Saddened, he ran off as well, retreating home.
A groan left her lips as Marinette's back collapsed onto the bed. She was exhausted, especially when it was so late. As the adrenaline from the fight was still running through her veins, she couldn't fall asleep. Her mind flashed back to earlier.
"Ladybug..." The look on Chat's face... But... Adrien...
Tikki noticed the frustration in her friend's face. "What's on your mind, Marinette?"
The eighteen-year old sighed, "It's just... Our identities. Remind me why we can't know each other's identity, Tikki."
"Because you'll be put in danger! It isn't safe for anyone to know who you are," Tikki paused. "Marinette, you wouldn't-"
"Of course not! I wouldn't dream of it." Marinette closed her eyes, her heart ached remembering the sadness in her partner's eyes. "It's just... Why would it matter if we did? If no one knew but us-"
"It could ruin the partnership, Marinette. If it was someone you couldn't stand, even if it was someone you were friends with, it would change your entire world."
The girl sighed and clutched her pillow to her chest. She glanced over to the miraculous box, wondering if any kwamis had anything to say about it, but she supposed they had already gone to sleep. "I guess you’re right..."
She knew what Tikki said was right. Logically, she also knew it was the right thing to do. Yet, her heart yearned for something else.
Adrien's yell of frustration echoed against the walls of his room as his hands threw the basketball, and yet again, missed. Plagg looked at him, in both worry and confusion. "Whoa, you okay? Looks like you could use some Camembert..."
The young superhero shook his head, "It's just... I can't stop thinking about-"
"Let me guess. Ladybug?"
"Yeah!" The kwami's sarcastic tone didn't register inside the young man's brain, and he continued to rant to the magical creature. "I mean, she's so courageous and beautiful but... I don't even know who she is. It pains me to know that she'd never trust me enough...let alone even love me. Not to mention, I’ve hurt Kagami and everything in the process.”
"Told you to open that closet door when you had the chance. Now you'll regret it for the rest of your sad life."
"Shut up, Plagg. I was following my heart, and respecting my lady's privacy. If she didn't want me to see who she was..." Adrien walked over to his bed, and sat down on the edge of it. His chin rested in his hands, and he sighed to himself.
"I love her, Plagg. I love her so much it hurts..."
"Yeah..." Plagg rolled his eyes, feigning disinterest, but the creature's core ached for his Master's unrequited love.
Morning came fast for the young heroes. Marinette rolled over, falling off her bed. A loud groan filled the room as she slowly sat up, and she sighed. She looked at the time and gasped. "I'm gonna be late for school! Again!"
Moments later, Marinette was rushing out the front door of the bakery with a croissant in mouth and her bag in hand. "I can't be late!"
Meanwhile, in the Agreste mansion, Adrien slumbered on his bed. His snores melded along with Plagg's, both unaware of their late morning. Suddenly, a phone's ringing awoke the young model and he reached for his phone, answering it whilst barely awake. Nino's voice yelled into his ear and he winced.
"Bro, where are you?! The teacher is gonna be hella mad if you're late again."
Adrien's eyes widened, "Oh! Um, I'm almost there! Just stall for a second!"
He hung up and sprang out of the bed. He got ready as fast as he could. "Plagg, wake up! We gotta go!"
Plagg rolled over, still snoring and not waking up at all. Adrien, finally ready, rolled his eyes grabbing his bag and then shoving his kwami into it. His muffled complaint met deaf ears as Adrien quickly ran out of his house and met Gorilla, his chauffeur and bodyguard, in his car.
The bell rang, and only moments later did the two adolescents stumble into the classroom while the teacher faced the board. They secretly rushed to their seats, almost in sync. Alya smirked knowingly at her friend and shook her head, "Where have you been?"
"Oh! Well, I was just, you know, helping mom and dad in the bakery and-"
"Yeah..." Marinette's head sank in defeat. "I had a long night..."
Nino looked questioningly at Adrien, and the blonde friend in question sheepishly smiled, "Overslept a little, I guess."
Nino snorted, "Yeah, I could tell."
Marinette glanced longingly at Adrien, but again, she had swore to never initiate something with him. For one, it didn’t work out so well with Luka. She took out her notebook and pencil according to the lesson, huffing as she had to focus on her schoolwork. After all, it was her last year.
Thirty minutes later into the lesson, the wall was smashed into and a villain jumped inside the classroom. The akumatized citizen seemed to be in some sort of general attire. He threw a grenade at the teacher, and a green smoke surrounded her, transforming her instantly into a blind soldier of his. All the students rushed out, and as Marinette hesitated, she was the last one to be out of the classroom. She quickly made her way to the janitor's closet to turn into Ladybug. Swinging the door open in urgency, she quickly stepped inside and gasped.
"Plagg, claws ou-"
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timeandspacenovelist · 10 months ago
Dinner at Criri XEE8
Tumblr media
Rating: G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Feeling guilty for the events of Into the Dalek, the Doctor decides to take Clara out for dinner. It doesn't go quite as planned....
Notes : This was an idea I had in mind to do for a good few months and I'm especially happy to see it finally come to fruition.
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“See you tomorrow!” was what Clara told the teacher passing her on her way out of the classroom.
Another day, another attempt to get the children to learn. Today wasn’t so bad though, actually. She actually had a bit of fun. The students were attentive. Courtney wasn’t that annoying, and she finished her lesson ahead of time. It was pretty nice. She breezed past a few students as she made her way to her favorite spot after school, at least on Wednesdays. But before she reached there, she remembered she promised Danny she’d sort out something for a field trip. No problem, she’d just meet the Doctor and tell him she’ll be back in a minute. She opened the door to the supply cupboard and, just like the week before, met the Doctor standing right in front of her, looking… a bit nervous if she was honest.
“Hi. Ready to go?” the Doctor asked, shuffling awkwardly.
“In a minute. I just need to sort out something with Danny first.”
“Who’s that?”
“Co worker. You don’t know him… yet.”
Sounds boring. I need you now. Come on, come on, come on.”
“Alright. Alright. What’s gotten into you? Whatever you have planned for us, can wait. I just need to-“
“I’m taking you out for dinner!”
A sly smile appeared on Clara’s face. “Oh... Oh, this I have to hear.”
“Well, come inside then.”
The Doctor quickly moved inside, with Clara following closely behind. The Tardis was set into flight and he stood at the console, hands in his pockets. Clara, meanwhile, sat on a chair, arms folded, hoping that whatever this was, was worth it.
“The restaurant is kinda fancy so it’s better if you dress more appropriately.” He advised her.
“Ah, ah, ah. I’m not going anywhere until I get an explanation for the sudden desire for taking me out for dinner. Explanation now please.”
“You maybe want to do your hair as well. It’s been looking kinda weird lately.”
“Doctor? Explanation.”
“Fine. I... I know I messed up with the Dalek stuff last week. I should have been more mindful of you. I don’t think I deserved the slap but-“
“I beg to differ.”
“But.... I deserved the telling off.”
“You got there in the end though, which was good.” Clara told him with a smile.
“So....in order to make up for that, I felt that we could maybe head out for dinner at a restaurant.“
“And what is this restaurant you’re so keen to take me to?”
“Well...it’s not particularly a restaurant in itself. More a restaurant planet. Criri XEE8, the best of its kind in the entire universe, at least that I know of.”
“Hmmm... that sounds awfully like you want to take me out on a date....” Clara teased, with a smirk.
“No, no! This is not a date!”
“Haha! What is it then?”
“It’s.... an outing to a restaurant to make up for the mistake I made last week.”
“So you’re trying to make me feel better about last week...by taking me on a date?....”
“I told you it’s not a date...” he said, a red hue appearing on his cheeks, which only promptly made Clara giggle when seeing it.
“Some things never change. The Doctor and his snog box taking girls to fancy restaurants after he nearly gets them trapped inside a Dalek.”
“It is not a snog box! Look, do you want to come on not?”
“What happens if I say no?”
“Then I..I... we’ll go to a Nando's instead.”
“Hmm, I do like a good Nando's chicken though...”
“Fine. We’ll go to your restaurant planet. You best give me a good time there after what happened with the Dalek.”
“I had no intention to do anything less.”
Clara gave him one more sly smile before heading inside the Tardis halls to head to her room to change. The Doctor went to the Tardis’ scanner screen and just cleaned up his suit a bit (He wasn’t going to change; he looked perfect already in his mind.) He sighed as he finished, pondering Clara’s assertions earlier.
“Hmmm... that sounds awfully like you want to take me out on a date....”
Was it a date? He was taking her out to dinner. In all his lives, that usually involved taking the person out on a date. But he was sure he didn’t want to take her on a date. It was just a nice outing between friends, right? Right? But what if he wanted it to be a date?…. No. It can’t be that. He made a promise. He made a vow to himself and to Clara, and he was going to stick to it.
“Clara, I’m not your boyfriend.”
As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t be…. that for her. Not anymore, not how he is now. Maybe one day? Maybe when the next change comes. Hopefully, she’d still be there by that point. Maybe then he can be the man she deserves…
His thoughts were interrupted by Clara’s voice as she came out of the halls, attired for the location they were going to. She appeared in a stunningly beautiful dress, her makeup light but on point and her hair done up nicely. She even had a shawl to complete the look.
“Right. I thought this was a good choice, but I’m due for some second opinions on it. The Tardis wasn’t much help in that department. So, how do I look?”
The Doctor wanted to use several adjectives that he used for only the most attractive things he knew. But he bit his tongue, and remembered his promise and vow, as much as hurt.
“That’s the best I’m gonna get, so I’ll take it. Come on, let’s go.”
The Doctor offered his arm to join and Clara did so, and with a smile (and a tiny blush), the two left the Tardis and made their way towards the restaurant. The restaurant wasn't that much different from any ones on Earth, but it was when they got inside, did Clara realize its alien nature. The patrons and the staff were a mixture of several different species and shapes and sizes and colours. They met up with the waiter at the front, a blue skinned alien himself.
“Good evening. How may I help you?”
“Ah, hello. Good evening. I made a reservation, under the name, John Smith.” The Doctor said, as Clara rolled his eyes with a smile at him using his human name.
“Let me check... Ah, here we are. John Smith, party of two.”
“That’s us.” Clara said, excitedly, ready for the dinner.
“Right this way, please.” The waiter told them, as he took them to their seats, a nice window table at the further end of the restaurant, away from a lot of the crowds, much to Clara’s surprise.
“Wow, these seats are great. How did you get them?”
“Benefit of time travel. I went back in time and made the reservation months ago.”
“Well, I must say, it was worth it.”
“So you like it?” he asked, as his eyes widened in hope.
“Oh yeah. This place is pretty swanky and cool. I’ve been in places like this before, but you know, it usually wasn’t full of aliens.”
“I just wanted to do something nice, like I said, to make up for what happened last week.”
“Honestly, I forgave you for that almost instantly. I just was a bit angry at that moment, and a bit worried.”
“…. Why worried?” the Doctor’s eyes narrowed onto Clara’s, as his head tilted.
“Sigh.. I just... wasn’t sure if you’d be able to get us out of that situation. That’s all.”
“It’s not like we’ve not encountered worse before.”
“I know... but... I’m just a bit wary, you know? After what happened with that half face man.”
The Doctor’s countenance dropped as Clara reminded him of that, the blood slightly drawing away from his face. If she was honest, that moment kept Clara awake that whole week. Constantly worrying, wondering if that moment was a sign of things to come. What if it wasn’t just a plan next time? What if he really did leave her in danger to save himself? She didn’t know what he was capable of in this regeneration. Deep down in her gut, she felt, or hoped, that he was still the same bowtie lover he always was and that he’d always be there for her. But she… couldn’t rely on her gut now. Not with how he was these days.
“Oh.... I...” was all he could muster, knowing he had no argument against it.
“Look. I know that you did what you had to do, and you did save me. But I just wished you had just told me what the plan was. I was so scared. So terrified that you’d never come back for me.”
Not knowing what else to really do, the Doctor put her hand on Clara’s. It wasn’t instant or immediate; he eased it onto her. He knew that they weren’t at the level they used to be, but he could still comfort and be there for her, in whatever way he could.
“… I can’t apologize enough for that. I just... might have expected that you’d just know, know that I was coming back… I thou-”
“Well, you thought wrong. We’re not at that level right now, ok?” she said, slightly angered as her voice rose.
There was a brief silence between them. She sighed. She was a bit rude there, and she knew it. She took his hand and gave it a quick squeeze.
“Sorry. Just… don’t do it again, please. From now on, we tell each other everything when we’re on our travels. That way, we can keep tabs on each other and not have the other worrying.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He said, with a faux salute and a smile.
“Hopefully you listen to your teacher for once, haha. The Tardis showed me your grades.“
The Doctor silently swore under his breath, vowing to give the ship a good talking to, while Clara continued laughing, the two of them settling in. The two sat in silence again briefly, just enjoying the atmosphere, before the waiter from before brought them their menus.
“I suppose you can give me some advice on what to order. You’re the one with the diverse palette.” She said, confused at the meals on the menu.
“I mean there should be human food available too if you like.”
“Nope. You were kind enough to bring me here, so I will try something different. Something new.” She said, with a longing glance at him that went unseen.
“Right then. Ummm, for a starter we can try Pasteurized Gurlites sparkles. Not too heavy, and tastes really nice. Don’t let the sparkles name confuse you, they’re not that sweet.”
“Uh-huh. Main course then?” she said, eyes still perusing the menu.
“Well, there’s the Steamed Volcers lattuces. River and I had them once, and they were delicious. That’s a good choice.”
“Yep. Dessert then?”
“I mean, can’t go wrong with ice cream.”
“Found anything else you’d like to try instead?”
“That’s the thing. Outside of ice cream, I’ve not seen any of the dishes you mentioned.”
“What?! Let me see.” The Doctor said, taking the menu from her, “That’s... strange. You’re right.”
“I usually am...”
“The waiter must have given you the wrong menu. Let me get you a different one. “
“No, no. I’ll do it.” She told him as she called the waiter over to their table.
“Yes, Ms?”
“I’m afraid you may have brought me the wrong menu. If you’d be so kindly as to just change it, please.” She informed him with a smile.
The Doctor handed over the menu to the waiter who took it and went to walk away, but as he took a brief look at it, he returned to the table, which slightly perplexed the Doctor and Clara.
“No, this is the right menu, Ms.“
“No, it’s not. It’s not got any of the foods on his menu, bar a few exceptions.”
“Well, yes, because it’s a children’s menu.”
The Doctor snickered upon hearing that, knowing exactly why the waiter may have given her that menu, but Clara gave him a mean look which got him to quiet down. He wasn’t wanting another slap in consecutive weeks. She began to breathe in and out deeply, getting angry, but calmed herself down. It was just a mistake; she had to remind herself. That’s all it was.
“Ok...so you made a mistake. No big deal. We all do. It happens. Now, take it back and get me a different menu. I am not a child, so I would need the adult menu.”
“Oh....” the waiter said, his eyes widening.
“Oh.... what?”
“It’s just that on my planet, only children are as short or shorter than you. Ms.”
After already having her nightmares of being left by the Doctor dredged up and that fear and worry returning to the surface, needless to say, Clara did not take that well.
“How dare you? How dare you? My friend and I, out of the goodness of our hearts, decide to give this restaurant a chance. Out of all the ones we’ve could have gone to. We chose this one, and this is how you treat me.”
“Well, Ms-“
“You decided without any kind of interest or care in anything that you’d make an assumption, a guess about me, purely because of my height. Not even because of customs on my planet, but because of prejudices based on your own.”
“But Ms...”
“... You are still short.”
The Doctor’s involuntary wince upon hearing the waiter’s last statement showed he knew what was coming next. Now the entire restaurant’s eyes were on Clara and the waiter, having gotten their attention a few minutes ago. Clara smiled strangely and giggled. The Waiter smiled back, thinking that the worst was over, but boy, was he wrong.
Clara simply rose out of her chair, took a deep breath and.... jumped onto him, grabbing his lapels, and forcing him to the ground. Before she could do any further damage, the Doctor pulled her away.
By that point, the head of staff arrived on the scene. He surveyed the situation quickly and without hesitation threw out the Doctor and Clara. The two found themselves back in the Tardis, with their stomachs grumbling, kicked out of the restaurant, and hopefully without an assault charge in Clara’s name. When they arrived inside, Clara simply sat down, put her hands on face and sulked, sighing. _____________________________________________________________
“I messed up, big time.”
“Yeah, you did.”
“I should have acted much better.”
“You should have.”
“I’m really sorry.. For ruining your perfect night.” She said, putting her head down in shame.
The Doctor walked over to her, and in a rare show of confidence, put his arm around her in a small hug, before releasing it immediately. “It’s alright. I forgive you. Besides...I’m kinda glad you did that.”
“What....? Seriously?”
“Yeah! Honestly, that place really wasn’t my style. Too fancy. I only did it because I thought it would make you happy.”
“Thanks. That was really sweet of you. But surely, you weren’t happy with my little... uproar.” Clara said, unconsciously leaning into the Doctor’s shoulder, which he didn’t seem to take notice of.
“On the contrary, I loved it. It’s only through instinct that I pulled you off.”
“You’re kidding.”
“No, I’m serious. I wanted to see you deck him honestly. Only I get to make assumptions about your height.” He said with a big grin.
“Watch out, or you might get a right hook yourself.” Clara said, pretending to box as the two had a good laugh at the experience overall. Nevertheless, it did leave one question unanswered.
“So, what now, then? We can’t go back there, obviously.”
“True. I’m also still a bit hungry myself. Nandos?”
“Ha-ha. Nah. Not this time at least.... Actually, I may have an idea.”
Turned out, Clara’s idea was a lot more palatable to them than going to any restaurant. The two of them sat on the edge of the Tardis as they watched the night sky, The Doctor’s shirt was undone and his jacket off, while Clara’s heels were strewn aside and her shawl with it, as she let her hair back out. Their five star meal was a plate of jammie dodgers in between them.
“Hey, there’s a shooting star. Did you make a wish?” the Doctor said, pointing it out as it crossed the sky.
“I thought that’s something you didn't believe in?”
“Well, scientifically, there’s no way to prove that wishing on a shooting star grants wishes. There’s no real power that I know of that....” he said before stopping himself, as Clara gave him a knowing look, “Actually, yes, it grants wishes.”
“There you go.”
The two went for another jammie dodger, but their hands touched as they both reached for it, both blushing at the unexpectedness of it. Clara then moved over to lean on the Doctor’s shoulder. Not expecting it this time, he stiffened a bit, but eased into it after a few seconds.
“To answer your question, yes.”
“Yes, I did make a wish.”
Clara could only smile warmly, as she looked up at him, his attention diverted because of the sky.
“It’s already come true...”.
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mellie1409 · a year ago
Practice day
Tumblr media
Knock knock knock
'Y/N, it's time to wake up you hear Jin say.
As usually, he leaves the door open on a crack, through which the early morning sun rays sneak in paired with the sound of people talking in raspy morning voices.
It had been a month already since you moved in with BTS and you still didn't get used to wake up in a foreign house full with silly and loving laughters 24/7.
As you stood up to open the curtains, you stretched your back, sore from what had been weeks full of intensive dance training, to try and lift your dance level up to the rest of the group's.
You opened the window and took a deep breath in of fresh air. 'Another day, another practice and a day less to debut! '  you told yourself. Then headed to the bathroom to put on your lenses and get dressed for practice.
As the boys knew you weren't a morning person and, on the same way some people didn't liked being talked to before their morning coffee, you said you didn't like being talked to before having your contacts on as you "couldn't hear if you couldn't see".
Today, you decided to wear comfy clothes as it would be a busy day and you quickly put your hair up in a messy bun before going out of the bathroom.
You walked trough the corridor heading to the living room, but before getting there you stopped by Yoongi's room. The door was open and you saw he had been working on his music equipment on a new song. He had been working on new music whole nights since August D-2 came out.
You saw he had fallen back at sleep after Jin had woken everyone up, so you walked up to him and shook his shoulder. 'Yoongi, we need to leave in 10 minutes, Sejin is already here' you say softly.
Yoongi opens one eye to look up at you before closing it again. 'That means I still have 5 minutes of sleep, please Y/Nssi, don't tell Jin I'm still sleeping. ' he answered in a soft murmur.
Of course you wouldn't say anything after he so sweetly had asked, so when you walked in the living room ready to pack your breakfast and Jin asked you where Yoongi was, you simply answered: 'he is still saving some files from last's night work'.
Jin decided to believe you as he finished packing the 4 maknaes breakfasts with Jimin's help. On the meanwhile J-Hope approached you with a very sleepy look but fully clothed and ready to leave. He handed you a banana milk as you shook your head.
'Thanks Hobi but I have singing lessons this morning and I want my voice to be clear and fresh. ' you try to argue.
He simply looks at you and say: 'Y/Nssi, we all know you get nauseous in the car when you don't eat anything and the last thing you want is to miss a practice day right before debut right? Plus, it came right from the fridge, so I'm sure your throat will feel refreshed ' he says while putting a silly face on.
You let out a dramatic sigh but quickly take the banana milk and drinking it all at once as you were truly thirsty. J-Hope just looked at you and shook his head while laughing.
At that moment Namjoon runs into the room, with a concerned face. 'Guys, Sejin is waiting for us, but I can't find my left shoe... ' And that was the queue for the whole group to start a search expedition for Namjoon's shoe.
In the car the ride is silent, everyone still too tired from waking up early to talk. But this silence is interrupted by Jin.
'Sugassi, did you get to save the files on time before leaving?' He asks with a funny voice.
Of course, Suga didn't know that was the excuse you had given Jin for his lateness. So his answer was just: 'Huh? Which files?'
And like that everyone started laughing and the silence was broken and interrupted with all class of chattering while the manager, Sejin, drove around Seoul, with a smile on his face.
First thing you had to do today was a singing lesson with you vocal teacher. You went to the studio to find Ms. Kim Sungeun already there. As you were a foreigner, she allowed you to call her by her name, but, in front of other people, you had to keep the formalities.
'Sungeun, good morning!' you chirp happily.
'My my, you are so happy today! I see you haven't forgotten about what day it is today' she says smiling.
Of course you hadn't, tonight you would be recording you favorite song of the playlist: louder than bombs. You had been waiting so long, and today finally was the day.
With the excitement that kept you jumping up and down you started practicing.
You were about 1'5 hours in and you had gotten to the adlibs part of the song. These were improvisations you had to make around the main vocals to make the song have more melodies. Because you were knew to the world of singing, Sungeun had prepared some adlibs for you to try out.
You were shy at first, but Sungeun kept encouraging you to sing louder and louder until your inner voice came out. You continued like that for 5 more minutes.
Right as you were on one of the highs the door opened at once, a surprised face appearing in the opening. You look startled at Jungkook as Sungeun turns off the music.
'Are you the one signing Y/N?' he asks. You nod shyly as his face lits up. 'WOW I didn't know you could do that!!! I mean I knew you are and exceptional singer, but this is more than that Y/N, this is inborn talent!!!! '
You let out a shy but happy 'thank you' as you start to blush. At that moment, Jungkook steps in and closes the door.
'Let's try to harmonise to this song' he says while getting a enthusiastic nod from Sungeun.
And like that, the most fun vocal lesson of your life continued. Harmonizing with Jungkook to the rythm of Louder than bombs.
After that you have Korean lesson with a different teacher, as you were fluent, but still missed some nuances of the Korean language.
When you finished the lesson you walked to the end of the corridor. There was a small kitchen and dining room where the groups had to cook in if they didn't want to go to the cantine in the first floor.
You sat on the only round table in the left corner of the room and took out your Korean books. Your teacher had given you a lot of homework and you knew you would be staying up until late already today, so you didn't want to add up homework to the mix. So you chose to study instead of eating.
Ironic isn't it? You thought to youself. 'I thought I had gotten out of studying when I chose for the idol life and yet here we are. Studying my ass off to be able to achieve my dream. ' You laugh innerly at yourself before starting to make the exercises the teacher had given you.
3rd person pov
What Y/N hadn't realized was that making homework in a comfortable sofa after being sleep deprived wasn't the best idea. Before she could even realize it, she had fallen asleep, lying on the sofa, invisible for anyone that came in, except for her feet.
And that's what exactly happened. The TXT members that had just finished their dance practice and had some spare time to eat walked noisily in the room. No one noticed Y/N until Yeonjun stopped at once in his track.
The others members looked at him surprised asking why he had stopped so suddenly. But he shushed them at the same time he pointed at your sleeping figure, or shall we say, shoes? Once they were aware of the situation they lowered their volume as they made their way to the small kitchen to the right.
It took not long until the air of the room was filled with the smell of ramen being cooked and melted cheese on top of it. And this was enough for Y/N to wake up with a rumbling stomach. She looked confused around her and we she realized the TXT members were there, eating while standing so the wouldn't get her books dirty, she quickly stood up and started tidying up the table.
'I'm so sorry, I didn't realize you guys were here and that I had fallen asleep' she said in an apologetic tone.
'Don't worry' Hyuning Kai says happily while sitting down next to you with a  full bowl of instant ramen. 'We understand how hard it so to be about to debut. ' he continues while shrugging.
One by one, the other members start sitting around the table until only Soobin is standing up. Looking around to see why it's taking him so long, a smile suddenly appears on Beomgyu's face.
Soobin has prepared two ramen cups, one for himself and one for Y/N. As he walks up to the table  being careful not to spill the how contents in the paper cups, he says: 'Here you go, Y/N. I thought you would be hungry as you haven't eaten and you need to stay strong before debut. Forget about the diets, no one is going to say anything, right boys? '
They all quickly shake their heads, agreeing with their leader. So you happily enjoy the cup of ramen Soobin had prepared you while having some fun talks with the other TXT members.
End 3rd person pov
When you finish eating, you say goodbye to TXT and head off to the dance practice room.
Today you would be practicing the dance to Dyonisus, as you had been doing for the past few days.
When you came in, all the boys were there already. You fastly bowed as an apology for being late, but Jimin quickly sneaked you in before anyone could realize you were late.
'Y/N! I hadn't realized you were here! ' Taehyung says while looking at you together with Namjoon.
'She's pretty quiet today, right Y/Nssi?' Jimin lies.
You get to choose the warm up song as always. And as always you choose the same song you had been obsessed with since the first dance practice you had had together: Daddy from PSY.
Of course the first time the boys saw you doing the dance, they were quite surprised as you had always been pretty shy while dancing and the song's dance was quite explicit. But it took Taehyung no time in joining you. And this time it was no different, everyone becoming hiped up. Flying pulls and jumpers announcing that you were all well warmed up.
The practice started and it was going very good. To the happiness of a strict J-Hope and Sungdeuk, no one messed up and you got to rehearsing the end of the song quicker than any other day.
But then, it happened. You were all supposed to step on top of a table for the ending. Right as you were about to do it for the 12th time, you legs gave up and you fell on your butt. Collective laughter filled the room as you, more embarrassed than hurt, accepted J-Hope's help to get up.
It was quickly decided that it had been enough practice for the day as well as that the table would be lower to accommodate your shorter stature.
As you were cooling off, you couldn't help but blush at the recent memory of you falling of the table. Taehyung saw you and came to give you a comforting hug telling you it had also happened to Jimin a lot, because of his short legs. Of course, the latter heard this and started chasing Taehyung around the room trying to playfully hit him and scold him. You laughed and completely forgot about the incident as you got your things and watched the Tom and Jerry game they were playing.
Last thing of the day before heading off was recording your part of the song of Louder than bombs. As you enter Namjoon's studio, you start to get nervous. This is your first full vocal song and the first time you will be doing adlibs. Namjoon notices and gives you a reassuring smile while setting everything up.
You go into the room that is connected to the studio by a glass door and stand in front of the microphone.
In the beginning, you feel anxious and your voice isn't full. But as Namjoon's patience never ends you start to grow confident and your inner voice starts to come out.
You sing the song with your full heart and it isn't until Namjoon has come into the recording room and is hugging you, that you realize you had been crying. This is a very special song to you, the mening being it always hit your sensible spot, so it wasn't strange that singing it triggered such a reaction in you.
As you sobbed uncontrollably into Namjoon's chest, the tiredness and hunger of the day getting to you, Namjoon spoke softly: 'It's okay, it has also happened to the best of us. No need to worry. You are just tired probably and this is quite an emotional song. Why don't we stop for today? Hmm? '
'But the adlibs... ' you say while sniffing.
'Don't worry about them, we can record them tomorrow. Why don't we order some take out and eat it here only the two of us? ' he says cheerly.
You of course don't mind being with the other members, but sometimes it got tiring having to show that you were good, that you were the best and that's why you had been chosen to debut with the biggest boyband of the world. Being able to show your vulnerable side to Namjoon felt good, and you didn't mind being able to do so some more time.
'That sounds like a great idea' you answer with a soft smile  having fully stopped crying by now, the thought of food helping to your emotional state.
After having ordered some fried chicken (that will totally skip the diet you you were supposed to follow, but never did as you were a rebel), you sat down on Namjoon's studio's sofa, waiting for the delivery to come.
Namjoon looked at you and spoke up: 'Y/N, I know you are under a lot of pressure joining us into this crazy journey. But please, let us take care of you. You are after all the maknae and our little sister. So don't worry about trying to show us you are worth it, just do your best for yourself. '
This took away all your worries of the past few weeks that hadn't let you sleep well, worried about you daily performance in front of them, the mask you had set up to always show your happy side and never you worries. And as you ate the chicken that had finally arrived, you told Namjoon about all your worries and problems.
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amenomiko · a year ago
Linguist MC Gets Angry
Nobunaga - East Malaysia (Borneo)
It was that moment when he lift her chin during their argument with "You have become very bold in lecturing me, aren't you, fireball?" And he expect for her to pout, or maybe sulk, just like she always do, but..
"OI. Ko pikir ko siapa oh??" (Translated: Oi. Who do you think you are??)
He blinked. Thrice. "..What-"
"Lucky charm la, bebola api la. Sa sumbat nasi lemak dalam pantat kau biar ko jadi api naga sana nah baru ko tau apa maciam jadi fireball. BUDUH la ko sana!" (Translated: Lucky charm, fireball. I will shove nasi lemak in your asshole and let you become a fire dragon so you know how a fireball is! IDIOT!)
Then she roll her eyes, flipping her hair before stomping off angrily, leaving bewildered Nobunaga alone in his Tenshu. "As expected of my lucky charm.. She is very unique indeed. Hmph."
Somehow he is happy. Not knowing what he is called just now.
Hideyoshi - Indonesian
"MC! Stop running in the hallway!"
"MC! Don't carry those stuffs! What if you fall and scrap your knees??"
God..! Another day, another nagging. What is he? Disciplinary teacher??
She fumed, turning to him with a gritted teeth, "Iya udahlah. Brisik, lebay banget sih. Cerewet betul orangnya. Anjir." (Translated : Yes, enough already. So noisy-- you are overreacting. Such a naggy person. You dog.) then earn a very confused Hideyoshi.
He literally froze, even when she look at him, up and down, shaking her head and continue with her task in hand.
It took him few minutes to realize that she is somehow cursing him, ...in a weird language.
Masamune - Korean
MC is a lucky woman. She got a handsome lover, the most good looking warlord (as voted by the women of Azuchi town), which is Date Masamune.
She would always be happy and giddy around him. If this is an animated world, she could see flying hearts all around her when he is nearby. But today..
Is not the best day. EVER.
Everything pisses her off. Ah yes, it's just what you think. That damn time of the month. Oh gosh she is angry, she was so, so angry thanks to her mood swings, and was trying her best not to show it away. Which she failed miserably.
Masamune had brought her to the tea house, not knowing she was cursing the whole time when she was walking. "Let's get an anmitsu, shall we? They say it was good as they imported those 'ice cream' thing." She smiled (not reaching her eyes) and nodded.
He had realized this; it could be those time of the month again, he thought. But maybe with some sweets and kisses, she would be better. Ah..! Good timing. The dessert has arrived and he instantly let her have a taste first. And another perfect timing. There was a stain of vanilla near her lips.
His lips pressed against hers, aiming for the vanilla, yet also a sweet gesture that makes the people around them gasped. However..
"....YA!!" (Translated : HEY!!)
"OPPA MICHYEOSS-EO?? AISH- JINJJA!" (Translated : Oppa (A way to call a lover other than brother) are you crazy?? Aish- really!!"
His only eye widen like plate, taken aback and rub his painful cheek that were smacked by her. "K-Kitten- I didn't mean to--" What language is that anyway??
"Wait..! Lass!"
She already walk away, back to the castle before he realized it.
Note taken. No affection should be given when she is in a bad mood. "Ahh.. That time of the month is horrifying indeed.."
Mitsuhide - West Malaysian (Semenanjung)
If Mitsuhide could choose one thing that he like about MC, it would be (obviously) her interesting reactions to his teasings. Her angry face, her pouting face, and her frowning is his favorite, yet there's one thing he always be curious about.
She never get angry. As in really, really angry. Especially towards him. Sometimes he think she is too pure for him, loving him to the point she won't do such thing no matter how hurt she is.
"AMBOI." (Translated : Interjection word used to express angry/admiration/wonder feelings. But in this case, it's for feeling angry)
'Amboi' what now? For as long as he live, such word is new to him. He read her gesture-- furious expression, hands on hips,.. Ah, it could be an angry word? "I believe I require for you to explain what does that mean. Is it a new language other than Japanese back in your time--""Hang diam." (Translated : You be quiet.)
Miraculously he stopped, somehow feeling uncharacteristically nervous to her unknown language. She huffed, shaking her head, "Hang ni memang dah takda keja ka hah? Dok asyik nak cuba buat aku marah. HAH tahniah pada hang la aku dah marah ni. Perangai poyo. Nasib hang hensem kalau tak dah lama aku hantaq hang ni pi kahwin ngan Hideyoshi. Hisshhhh!" (Translated : Don't you have any other work to do, huh? Do nothing but keep on trying to make me angry. HAH. Congratulations to you, I AM angry. You act like a damn show-off. Thankfully you are handsome or else I would've sent you to get married with Hideyoshi. Hisshhhh!)
"....." He watched her turn around with a groan, and couldn't bring himself to call out for her. Trying to understand what she's trying to say (which obviously NOTHING), all he can understand is the word 'Hideyoshi'. "Somehow I don't think it's a good thing."
Ieyasu - Chinese
"How many times do I have to tell you to NOT overdo it?"
He takes the bow and arrow from her, despite the adorable way she pouted; which is very hard for him.
...Not knowing she was not pouting, but being angry. Seriously angry.
"I know you are worried about me, but just give me chance to learn more about this..! Bow and arrow is way better than a sword itself don't you agree?"
"It is not for the purpose of killing, obviously. It's for me to protect myself! I'm determined to do it! H-hey wait..!"
He already walk away from her, giving the weapon to a nearby vassal before continuing with a grunt, "No means no. I've told you that there's no such need to do so as I will be the one to protect you, have you forgotten that?"
"Of course I didn't! But let me just--"
"No buts."
"Stop right there!"
He ignored her, and continue to walk yet about to give another answer when she suddenly shout on top of her lungs;
"Ni zhè wángù de háozū. Ni yiwéi ni shì shéi? Ni bixū ganxié wo méiyou zài ni yan li sāi jièmò!" (Translated : You stubborn porcupine. Who do you think you are? You have to thank me for not stuffing mustard in your eyes!")
...in a weird language.
Making the nearby vassal goes ( ☉д⊙)?? until the bow and arrow in his hands loosen its grip.
"Hmf! Fine!"
Ieyasu swallowed the lump in his throat, he didn't know why but he got a feeling he will be sleeping in a different bedchamber tonight. Obviously.
Mitsunari - Romanian
Being a chatelaine; particularly appointed to be the tactician's assistant, is NOT easy.
Yeah, okay. He is the less complaining type. The one who is easy to discuss with, and the one who won't make your eyes roll. Haha. Ha. Ha. Nope.
Mitsunari as a whole is easy. But to ask him to eat is NOT easy. There were time when he mistook MC's hair as ramen, and her fingers as crab stick, to MC's misery. It will take half of her life to successfully feed him completely, making the bowl empty until there's no rice grain left.
Eyes glaring at the book in his hands, MC tried for another method. "Mitsunari. Look at me."
She take the book away from him. "Mitsunari. Look. Here."
"....Hm? Oh- oh..! Hello princess I didn't see you there-"
His cheeks were then cupped tightly with her hands as she said with a gritted teeth; "Hei! Vrei să-ți dau una peste față cu un dicționar sau cu un morcov. Alege!" (Translated : Hey! Do you want me to smack your face with a 1000 pages of dictionary or a carrot? Choose!) ...while squeezing her cheeks inwards until his face literally goes like this ( O)3(O ).
"Mmh- mmmh- mmm." He nodded, silently gulped to the flare of glare in her eyes.
"(눈‸눈)....(❁´◡`❁) Good!" And she hopped away happily, placing his meal in front of him before tossing away such book from his room (which got a handful of nagging session because the book accidentally knocked on passing Hideyoshi).
Kenshin - East Malaysia (Kadazan)
He is strucked with nightmare again. Nightmare of MC leaving him, but it was.......
"I saw an animal, similar to Motonari's pet. But bigger. We were about to get married, and it came. Placing you in its pouch, jumping away no matter how I've tried to reach to you. Even with my fastest horse-- I- I couldn't--"
MC watched as he cupped his face, being emotionally emotional, secretly pursed her lips to hold back her anger. Yes. Anger. It was not of pity but anger.
First, she had a rough day lately. Lack of sleep, that's for sure.
Second, when she FINALLY get some rest, certain good looking dragon shakes her in the middle of the night, telling a story about a kangaroo kidnapping her during their wedding.
Problem is--
They are already married for fu- fish sake.
"I see now. There there. It's just a silly nightmare. You will be fine."
"It's not MC..! You were kidnapped..! Just like those days when you were attacked and I wasn't there-- and--"
"Yes, yes, I understand. Now let's forget about it slowly and once you get some sleep those dream is nothing more than a dream itsel-"
"I can't forgive myself..! MC-- I--"
"Kada agagau, Avantang tanak laja do kusai! Siodop noh ku tih!" (Translated : Shut up handsome prince! I want to sleep!) She said under one breath, and with a grumpy huff, she takes all the blanket and sleep facing the other side.
Meanwhile, Kenshin: ( ゚д゚).... (He was dumbfounded until sunrise)
Shingen - Tagalog
She had found herself being kabedon-ed again.
In any other normal days, this is how he start their daily routine - flirting session. Her eyes stared at those openly broad chest in front of her, ah that is so nice. That will be a very nice feeling if she could feel it with her palms now but--
Ah, she is tired. Her body feels like a log-- heavy and tired, and slumpy. It is as if all, ALL the fatigue in the world just slapped her-- no, just KICKED her on her lower belly area; yes, that time of the month is coming soon. There comes the usual pre-menstrual syndromes, she feels fatigued, clumsy, and most importantly,.... irritation. Irritated to the point his handsome voice couldn't reach her ears.
He then let out a chuckle, lifting her chin to kiss it, when her already bored eyes changed into menacing ones as she grunted, "Hoy! Dyan ka lang, poging oso na to. Subukan mo kong halikan, pagtatatadyakan ko kalamnan mo hanggang walang matira!" (Translated : Hey! Stop right there you charming bear, if you dare to kiss me I will kick your guts until there's nothing left.).
It instantly send jolt of cold shivers all over him, hands automatically back away from her and legs took a step back cautiously. "I- I'm.. sorry..?"
"Hmn (눈‸눈). You are lucky. For now."
Shingen gulped, lips pressed tight as he watch her go with the same scowl on her face all the way. "Somehow I... Escaped a death warning.. Maybe? Heheh. Heh. Uhm--" Feigning a cough, he pats his chest to calm his rapid heart beat of fear.
Yukimura - English (Just assume all this while they were speaking Japanese and suddenly she let out this language)
"H-hey wait-- MC..!!" He chased after her, who have been stomping her way off from another of their short arguments of the week. Yukimura realizes this, it's good for relationship bond they say, but he can't help but to be afraid of it. Usually it will be him to start it, but this time,...it came from her.
With "Get away from me, damn it!" As a morning greeting. All of sudden. Making him confused, thinking if he had offended her a day before, of which he just came back from long mission that took him a week. And to assume he will be greeted with a hug, or a kiss, or maybe a word of "I miss you" plus a cute smile of hers, is indeed wrong.
"MC please..! Just tell me what's going on?? Did I make you wait for too long? But I have informed you that I will be in a long missio-- hey MC did you hear me?? Just stop stomping off like a REAL wild boar will you--"
Ah. She stopped. That is definitely an ultimate magic word.
"Inform-- informed you say--" He stared at her trembling fists, but before he could hold her shoulders, he was startled to her change in language--
"(English) Informed MY FOOT! There's no single letter coming, NONE! I don't see any damn birds nor eagle or those pelican whatever bird that is assigned to send your letter! I've been worried sick, and you came back yesterday to just casually slipped into the bed to sleep?? To. Just. Sleep?? Even without KISSING or HUGGING ME?? YOU- YOU- *sniffs* EEEHHHEEEE ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥A˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚!!"
Too late. Shingen and the others has appeared to separate him away from her, and Sasuke has made him feel EXTRA guilty after translating it.
Sasuke - Nepali
Sasuke blinked at his wife, who is currently glaring at him. "MC, you look like those meme with a bald man with hands on hips." He said casually, earning a loud sigh from her as reaction.
"I believe you are still injured from your previous trap check in the ceiling, and I believe I've told you to have a meal and rest, so why are you still here, sitting on your futon, and clean your weapons?"
"...MC, you will be a good inspector because you have a very detailed report (´・_・`)👌."
"..Honey. I am NOT in the MOOD to be playing around now ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ."
Pressing his lips shut in instant, he nodded at her while placing his weapon away. "I apologize, MC. I will eat my lunch now, as you wished. I wouldn't want to make my wife worried."
She huffed through her nose, pursing her lips before narrowing his eyes at him. "Really? You promise."
"Yes. ..But may I have the permission to clean another set of my shuriken and kunai, I will be rest assured if I do so--"
"...SARUTOBI SASUKE! TYO FERI GARA ANI MA TIMRO SISA SANO THUKRAMA FUTAERA TIMRO CHAMAL SANGA MISAUCHU ( ☉д⊙)!" (Translated : Do that again and I will break your glasses into small pieces and mix it with your rice!)
"....." The box of weapon in his hands fell, despite having expressionless emotion on his face.
"EAT. NOW." She groaned before stomping away angrily, continuing to curse in any other languages.
Meanwhile, Sasuke who turned to his phone after MC stomped away be like
"...If only my phone is alive. I want to translate that (´◦_◦`)."
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