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An art trade made for my friend, Mellow-Dreams, on DeviantArt. She asked me to draw my OCs, Thunderstorm and Warwick, talking about the way they view hers, Stardust.

Thunderstorm and Stardust are in love with each other and are so sweet they might as well give you diabetes lol. Obviously, since Thunderstorm is more intimate with her, he certainly is familiar to her sweet, shy, kind and caring side. Warwick, however, doesn’t really get much along with Stardust due to conflicts during the war, so his view towards her differs from Thunderstorm. Now, they’re exposing their opinions to each other while they wait for their respective mates in a bar.

Btw, this is a post-war scenario.

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Certain ship kids makes a return?……

The first kid I’m making it re-appear once more is matrix,a mechabyss ship kid

But he will be older & had a smol story but I will extend it by giving some some details & parts of them

Same for some of my ship kids & ocs too but it will take time

-juno light

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You know if there’s any series that features Mech Suits that look like it would be actually be designed like that when the Military gets the technology, it wouldn’t be Gundam, it would be Lego Exo-Force, and these drawings of them are perfect examples, cause really, what would be the point of having a head on there? (art by

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