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Question for medblrs: what are some good resources for reviewing MD1 material this summer? During one of our last classes, my school told us should be reviewing the material from this year without really giving us any idea of what that looks like. So any schedules, resources, tips/tricks, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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Black medical students who write essays and do research about health disparities and social determinants of health but when you have conversation with them, talk about respectability and “black on black crime,” you’re part of the problem too.

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Saturday 05.30. 

First exams online in 3 days. Omg wish me luck. 

So far I managed to study everything for Tuesday 🌱 

Cardiology is on Friday and I still have to do ECG + understanding the whole pharmacology chapter which drives me nuts… 

Whatever you’re doing I wish you the best ! 

🎵 Currently listening to : Clarinet Quintet in B minor - J. Brahms 

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I’m officially an MD2 🥳🥳 my final grades are 2 As, 3 A-s, 1 B, and 1 B-!! This has been the hardest year of my life but I’ve come out the other side relatively unscathed. I was accepted to a summer research program so this summer won’t be entirely relaxing but definitely more restful than the academic year. I’m excited to spend time with my fiancé and dog, rediscover my love for running, and care for my plant babies ❤️

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All our clerkships/rotations are over!

Now to wait for results and prep for our final examinations!

As we come to an end of our medical school journey, we couldn’t help but be a bit sappy/emotional so we compiled this video. Enjoy 😅

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It’s been a few days since I had my final exam of second year. It was an online open book exam, which meant that we could use our notes and the internet to help us answer questions. It was my first experience of an open book exam, and it felt strange to not completely rely on my memory! The questions were single best answer questions, which meant that although more than option could be right, I had to pick the ‘most appropriate’ out of the options. The questions were mostly clinical based too, with focus on diagnosis and management. You can understand then that the internet would not simply give you the answer if you were to search the questions directly. I used the internet mostly for guidelines, but I was glad I used my own knowledge at certain points like the treatment of a massive PE and management of a primary pneumothorax.

But what I’ve reminded myself is that although this exam, and potentially other exams in the future, could be online and open book, the knowledge I have is not just to pass an exam. That is the beauty of Medicine. What you learn will be applied with the intent to improve someone’s health.

It’s weird to think that my second year of medical school is over. Over the past few days I’ve been reflecting on the past year. I don’t think I realised how much I have learned since September. The shift from first year was real, but it felt good to be learning about things which could be applied to clinical practice. I’ve loved going to hospital and learning real time, and my initial general practice placement gave me so much more confidence than what I had at the start. I’ve made new friends with people I never met in first year and would never have thought I would be friends with, and I’m super excited to spend the next year with them.

I’m looking forward to spending the summer relaxing (I’m currently writing this under the sun), with some medicine thrown in to keep me on my toes. I have a few society things to do which I’m so excited to be involved in because I’ve never done this before. I haven’t painted in so long so I’m waiting for inspiration to hit before I start. I’ve been embroidering on my denim jacket since April, and I really want to finish it so I can start wearing it if I start to go out. I’m hoping to keep the exercise routine going because I’ve been feeling good ever since I started. I haven’t got any new books at home which is why I’m reading my current book slowly, but I might invest in a few new ones.

I hope you all have a peaceful and safe summer!

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29.05.2020// Yesterday we finished revising the whole pathology program for the second time and today me and the girl I’m studying with started quizzing eachother (still via telephone).

This morning we did diabetes and gout.

This evening I’ll do some yoga and in the weekend I’ll probably go for a walk with my mom, since now in Italy we can ;)

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