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Physiology is definitely one of my favorite lessons.

Day 28 - Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

I will tag two people for today.
Firstly, @myhoneststudyblr who is the creator of this challenge and an actual sweetheart. She really makes this community much more engaging and is always so supportive to everyone.
Secondly, @coralstudiies whose posts are always so pretty, the aesthetic is always on point!!
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You need to understand what is the reason behind you being tired. Is it a hard week and you can’t get up during weekend? Is it chronic pain , bad sleep? You can’t really force yourself into doing something if you’re so dead tired you can’t move. Sometimes it helps to take an utter break and by that I mean turn off your phone, tv, news, and social interactions you have no interest in.

Find out how to rest properly, without procrastination or news that make you anxious.

Once you do that you can make a deal with yourself and start to schedule. I find that strict time limits and short goals are what get me through much more than any motivation.

I set myself a goal that I need to read this chapter, do those tests and write 500 words. Its not a lot, its doable, but it can be daunting to start. So what I’ll do is split it into blocks and put in some stuff like get myself a tasty snack, watch one YouTube video or walk my dog in-between .

So you get a planner schedule. Chapter at 10 am, then go walk the dog. Tests at 2 pm then a snack. Tests at 5 pm then a YouTube video.

I schedule everything when I can’t be arsed to do even the little thing and that keeps me efficient which is at the end of the day more important than motivation.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, but make arrangements that help you get the barest minimum done. The rest will be easy once you get a hang of it

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Spooky campus vibes.

Fall 2020 Challenge:

What are you proud of today?
  • On Friday, we had the last exam in my foundational sciences class. I barely passed the first exam. This time I was above the class average and there was a 15% increase in my score. I’m really happy with my improvement. I’m going to try my best to carry that momentum forward to our next block: infection, immunology, and hematology.
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I’m currently doing a critical care unit rotation, and today I witnessed the end-of-life decision making for one of our patients and the final meeting with her family. she’s a patient whose condition worsened very quickly, so I only knew her through her medical record. She was in a coma, intubated, and had no chance for improvement, so it was decided to let her go. I didn’t really feel anything at first, but the meeting with the family was kinda emotional. They were mostly silent and didn’t cry while the attending offered them explanations, but i know it’d have been harder if they had been more expressive. But you just know it’s something that happens in CCU. And when I think of it, I remember the end of life was something that fascinated me while learning ethics for my entrance exam- we were read the words of philosophers, the current laws about it. Now it’s something I can expect to see during my CCU rotation, but back in the days, it was like everything. I guess I’m just appreciating the fact that I’m currently where my 18 year old me wanted to be

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I think I’m just going to spend my break revising histology… Plus the little sittings area in my friend’s house.
Day 27 - Tag someone who makes you laugh

, all of our talks are a mess tbh but Annie always makes me smile. I think our personalities are kind of similar and she is just such a positive person.
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Day 7/100 days of productivity

Some neurophysiology and a lot of planning for weeks to come.

I haven’t been as productive these couple of days since we were all worried because my sister and I showed symptoms of Covid. Today she tested positive and I tested negative and we are in isolation for the next 2 weeks , so I am only predicting a lot of studying . Hopefully I will get on top of everything.

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This morning I cleaned my apartment and took out the trash. Now I’m studying how to do CV/pulm part of the standard physical exam. It’s so hard to follow along over Zoom, unfortunately.

Ft. my little pumpkin spice votive candle that I accidentally knocked over last week so it lost half the wax, and the cute mug that my college friend got me when I was accepted to med school.

Fall 2020 Challenge

Positive affirmations! What are yours? Write some.

  • I’m not lazy. I don’t have to be productive constantly. My family and friends do genuinely care about how I’m doing, I’m not bothering them or being annoying or clingy. It’s important to find something to appreciate about each day even if I’m feeling bad. If I’m feeling bad, reminding myself it won’t last forever and I’m not a bad person.
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Histology is kicking my butt…Honestly, it is that one lesson that doesn’t interest me at all.

Day 26 - Tag someone who you would like to get to know

, we are actually mutuals but I don’t think I have actually talked with them… They seem super nice and they also post about stuff that I find interesting too.
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It’s sequel time. After my first medical mnemonic miscellany, I’ve had some time to discover and even invent a few new mnemonics. Hopefully also useful, likely also scandalous.

Popliteal Fossa Borders (+ Vastus Medialis)
2 heads and 2 heads, but only ½ tender membrane - vastly different on the other side!
Superior borders are the biceps femoris (”2 heads of the femur”) and the semimembranosus/semitendinosus muscles, inferior borders are the two heads of the gastrocnemius. The vastus medialis is roughly anterior to the fossa.

Select Fractures of the Hand
Smith fell flat, Cole on his back; Ben fell first, Sam smelled worst.
Smith’s fracture: ventral displacement; Colle’s fracture: dorsal displacement (usually FOOSH); Bennett’s fracture = fracture at the start of the 1st proximal metacarpal; scaphoid fracture = high avascular necrosis risk.

Lumbosacral Plexus Branches
I Inevitably Get Laid On Fridays
Iliohypogastric (L1), Iliofemoral (L1), Genitofemoral (L1-2), Lateral cutaneous (L2-3), Obturator (L2-4), Femoral (L2-4)

Order of Cranial Nerves
[Oh,] Old Opportunities Occasionally Terrorise Trigenarians Absently Facing Vestigial Glamour: Various Ages Highlighted.
[0/Terminal,] Olfactory, Optic, Oculomotor, Trochlear, Trigeminal, Abducens, Facial, Vestibulocochlear, Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, Accessory, Hypoglossal

Sensory & Motor Functions of Cranial Nerves
Some Say Money Matters, But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More
I = Sensory, II = Sensory, III = Motor, IV = Motor, V = Both, VI = Motor, VII = Both, VIII = Sensory, IX = Both, X = Both, XI = Motor, XII = Motor

Levodopa Combination
Be CERtain to avoid a breakdown!
Carbidopa (dopa-decarboxylase inhibitor), Entacapone (COMT inhibitor), Rasigiline (MAO[B]-inhibitor) to prevent premature breakdown of levodopa.

Layers Cut in Episiotomies
Vaginal Trauma Beats Perineal Loo Problems
posterior wall of Vagina, Transverse perineal muscles, Bulbospongiosus, Perineal membrane, Levator ani, Perineal skin

Order of Activity Sites for Diuretics
COLT Pee-Pee
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (PCT), Osmotics (late PCT, loop of Henle descending limb), Loop diuretics (loop of Henle thick ascending limb), Thiazides (DCT), Potassium-sparing diuretics x2 [aldosterone antagonists + ENaC inhibitors] (late DCT, cortical collecting tubule)

Interossei Muscle Functions
P does D, D does B.
Palmar interosseus aDducts, Dorsal interosseus aBducts.

Select Atypical Antidepressants
Think outside the Box, remember Les Facts, use a Prop, Mellow yourself out: Zap that sadness away!
Reboxetine (NRI), venlafaxine (SNRI), bupropion (NDRI), agomelatine (melatonin agonist), mirtazapine (α2 adrenergic antagonist)

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Study essentials

So I totally fell behind the community challenge, I’ll try to catch up on the prompts during my break.

First I want to say that you don’t have to have specific supplies to be a good student, those are just my picks and what I have access to.

Clairefontaine paper, mostly lined sheet

Exacompta campus binders, for me they are the best quality and cost wise (though I don’t know if it’s true outside of France, please don’t spend too much to get foreign supplies they aren’t worth the extra cost)

Stabilo boss, the pastel colours, I know here people seem to prefer midliners but stabilo are more than enough for me.

Bic four Colors ball point pen, I use it to take notes and I’ve emptied multiple ones, cheap and sturdy they’re the best.

Caran d’Ache Goliath pen, it’s my fancy journaling/planning pen, I love it.

Lyra aqua brush duo pen, I use them for title diagrams or just for drawing in my spare time, they look really close to the tombow pen.

IPad and Apple Pencil, I got them as a gift 2 years ago and I have all of my classes downloaded on it, it’s a real lifesaver when I cannot take notes or I missed informations, though you could do without it very easily.

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