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hi guys!! first post since I got to uni 4 weeks ago bc I have only just started doing work… (yes, I’m well aware that sounds a bit worrying! but we had 3 weeks of freshers and then I’ve been procrastinating all week). but I plan to get on top of it :)

i’ll post a bit more about how med school and uni in general is going over the next few weeks but rn i’m exhausted and trying to grind out some lectures.

wish me luck ❤️

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“If you aren’t strong enough to handle the pressure in medical school without developing crippling depression, then maybe you’re just unfit to become a doctor”

well if 6 years of medical school aren’t enough to stop you from being a dick to people for no good reason, then maybe you’re unfit to become a doctor, ever thought about that?

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Reminder to self: 

Do not ever call your colleagues when they are not on duty to question their clinical judgement. 

It is hell to be on the receiving ends of these phone calls. It ruins the entire day for them, too often it is all for nothing. 

Everything can either be managed by yourself, or can wait until the next working day when the said colleague has returned to work. 

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ICD 10 Treasures

Patient: I keep feeling like my throat is tightening up. It’s really scratchy and dry and I feel like I can’t take a deep breath.

Wayfaring: have you been exposed to anything new? Foods, perfumes, cleaning products?

Patient: hmm, no new foods or cleaning products. My friend just convinced me to buy the essential oil starter kit from her and I’ve been diffusing them in every room at home to keep all this sickness away.



Originally posted by adventurelandia

T75.89XA: Exposure to Respiratory Irritant, Initial encounter

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10.24.20 | research exam was not as difficult as i expected. i just wish doc R would release the results soon. midterms exams are finally over!!! i can’t believe it. it has been a looong, rough, exhausting, sleepless week!!!! and i’m very pleased with my scores!!! 💞 waah. now i’m doing my biochem manual so i can submit it tonight and move on to other tasks for the upcoming week tomorrow, while watching the flash of course 😌

also, happy 3000 of you!!! welcome to my little corner 💞

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Found this on my notepad 🤍 How to Study Metabolic Pathways in Biochemistry 💯

1. Name and other names of the Pathway

2. Function of the Metabolic Pathway

3. Regulatory Steps especially the Rate-limiting or committed step of each Pathway

4. Rate-limiting or committed enzyme and its co factor (if there is/are any)

5. Mechanism of Regulation (eg. Allosteric or Covalent Modification, presence of Modulator or Effector)

6. Presence of other factors that affect the Rate of the Pathway

7. Unique features of the pathway

8. Important End Products of the pathway

#MDby2020 #RoadtoMD But nothing beats Biochem Made Easy lectures of Doc Ronnie Baticulon 🙌🏻 Happy aral!! 💪🏻 #PLE2020

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tired. this block has been rough on me and i didn’t expect it.

dreading the push into “real” step studying because…how. trying to take care of myself but it’s HARD. i exist.

i’m pretty sure i’ll make it through. not sure how, but i’ll find out. what else is there to do?

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i would like to shamelessly solicit advice from any US medblrs out there. my ass is very wound up about interview season. out of the fifteen schools i’ve applied to (most of which were in state), i’ve received 3 interview invites, and i believe i’ve done well at the 2 interviews i finished. it’s nearing november now and i haven’t heard from any of the other schools i’ve applied to other than those 3. i understand the application cycle is pretty crazy this year, but i would think that with my high stats (like, 4.0 and 522 mcat), extracurriculars, and personal statement i’d get more than this now. i guess that sounds a bit privileged, but i really did work my tail off to get where i am now, and right now it just feels like a setback. does anyone have any advice for the next steps i can/should take? i believe the interviews i’ve had already went really well, and i’d be lucky to go to med school anywhere. but i can’t help but worry because…well, i’d really, really like to go to a med school in town so i can be near my family to help out. 

any advice you can spare would be greatly appreciated :))) 

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