themedicalstate a day ago
What the inside of an artery actually looks like!
Image shows corrugated lumen of a renal artery following removal of endothelial cells.聽Image courtesy of Dr. Stephen Bonsib.
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myrtleandberry 2 days ago
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What a Monday. My morning was so tranquil until I had to leave for school for our delivery room skills class. The light was just perfect on my table, like a spilled milk.
We practiced how to do D&C, got our third year uniforms, had lunch at Greenwich while doing our CTN class, and I went home while they went to the coffee shop. I was so exhausted, lol.
I napped, cleaned, and prepped my lunch tomorrow which was relaxing and fun. I did some studying, did my patho OB and CTN manuals, and currently taking a break now before I continue studying. 馃ズ
What a busy, busy Monday. Tomorrow I鈥檒l go to school again because it鈥檚 our oath-taking as the new Medicine Student Council. It just sucks that the comelec won鈥檛 announce the official results so nobody knows we have a new MSC, but that鈥檚 for another story.
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likeshestoleit 2 days ago
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medical school applications are done, so picking up old hobbies while lighting prayer candles for interviews
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wayfaringmd 20 hours ago
Advice to Med Students/Interns: How to Talk During a Pelvic Exam*
Say: This may be uncomfortable but it shouldn鈥檛 hurt. Please tell me if it hurts and I will stop.
Don鈥檛 say: this won鈥檛 hurt
Say: This is my hand touching your leg
Don鈥檛 say: these are my fingers down here
Say: now I鈥檓 going to insert the speculum
Don鈥檛 say: I鈥檓 putting it in/ sticking it in now
Say: you will hear a click as I open the speculum
Don鈥檛 say: that noise is me opening you up
Say: you may feel some cramping as I collect some cells from your cervix with this brush
Don鈥檛 say: now I鈥檓 gonna take a scraping of your cervix
Say: how are you doing? Are you okay?
Don鈥檛 say: everything feel good?
Say: Everything looks normal
Don鈥檛 say: everything looks great down here
Say: Now I鈥檓 going to remove the speculum
Don鈥檛 say: I鈥檓 backing out/pulling out now
*yes, the don鈥檛s are things I鈥檝e heard in exam rooms
Tl;dr: if you can make a 鈥渢hat鈥檚 what she/he said鈥 joke out of it, don鈥檛 say it during a pelvic exam. Keep it totes profesh.
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mochaya a day ago
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Had my first clinical placement today at the cardiovascular lab! Picture unrelated as i was unable to take pics due to confidentiality, obviously. I watched my doc perform an angioplasty on a CTO case patient- so I asked so many questions as i could to stay awake through it all as the procedure was quite long. Overall, long day well spent!
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appalachiananarchist 12 hours ago
Some dude in my clinic tried to explain to me, his doctor, what a heart murmur is. He clearly did not understand what a heart murmur is or why it happens, but he sure gave it his best shot. He also made sure to inform me of his 150 IQ both before and after this conversation. Some days I have the patience for things like this, but most days I do not.
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heardatmedschool 2 days ago
鈥淲ith a transplant, you exchange an illness for another one that we are more equipped to manage.鈥
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acelizystudying 2 days ago
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16 august, 2022 鈥 coffee/study/work vibes
1st year as an outpatient medical assistant is done!馃珌馃Э
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a-young-doctors-journey 3 months ago
You cannot ban abortion. You can only ban safe abortion.
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studyblr 8 months ago
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more posts like this on my instagram
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nerdgirlnarrates 4 months ago
It took me embarrassingly long to figure this out, but it turns out trying to blow off all your hobbies to study more does not in fact result in studying more. It results in pretending to study more. Now instead of drawing or writing when I get tired I get on my phone instead, because I can鈥檛 stop studying, but I can聽鈥渢ake a quick break鈥 in the middle of studying. Trying to fix that now.
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themedicalstate 4 months ago
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Anatomical Works Sculpted in Crystal and Glass
Santa Fe-based sculptor and jewelry designer Debra Baxter combines glass, bronze, crystal, wood, and found objects to create ghostly sculptures of human forms.聽
For many of her recent works Baxter shares with Roq Larue Gallery that she drew inspiration from the phenomenon of the 鈥淕host Heart.鈥 In this medical procedure, a heart is cleansed of all of its blood cells and then injected with hundreds of millions of new blood steam cells which cause the heart to begin beating again. Baxter is interested in how this concept explores the complexity of existence, walking the line between life and death.聽聽
1. Catch Your Breath, 2021
2. Love Side, 2019
3. Cross My Heart (1), 2019
4.聽Cross My Heart (2), 2019
5.聽Love Hard, 2021
6.聽Holding Onto Black Metal, 2020
7. Heart of Gold, 2019
8.聽Ghost Hand, 2019
9.聽Silver Heart, 2019
You can see more of her sculpted artworks on her website and Instagram.
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myrtleandberry 9 hours ago
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Good morning!! Just had our first half of IM gastro lecture, the second half starts at 10am. I got a good sleep yesterday after doing everything from my checklist and back to back meetings with MSC, orgmates, and CPC. I can鈥檛 wait to hit the gym later and study patho OB.
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likeshestoleit 27 days ago
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the best room in the coffee shop is EMPTY today is going to be a good day
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caffeinatediaries 4 months ago
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Trying to figure out a schedule for ramadan and so far guess study with me videos and 2 am coffee are my friends. Also cute anime to watch in breaks, so if you got any recs I鈥檓 all ears 馃憖
Hope April is treating you well 鉁
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melodiadosol 22 days ago
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Yesterday was the first day of my last theoretical semester and so was my luck I had the second longest day of the week with almost 11 hours of classes without breaks, beginning at 7 am and ending at 6pm. Absolutely awful. On the contrary today I had time to read with the ducks :D
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appalachiananarchist 2 days ago
I have had my share of bad doctors so I know what that is like. Still, sometimes a patient will come in and thank me profusely for doing basic things like listening to their concerns without interrupting or employing shared decision making and I wonder who the hell they have seen that wouldn't let them speak or ask for their opinion and comfort with the plan. I had a lady nearly break down in tears on me today when I reviewed the plan with her to confirm she understood and felt comfortable with it. We have got to do better, guys.
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