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Still working on those probsets and can I just say oh my gosh I got this right the first try??? I mean I know it’s easy for most of you but hey, I’m just an incoming sophomore whose freshie year was cut short because of the pandemic. I’m still practicing on drawing structures because IUPAC names can be confusing (especially long ones with specified configurations). Also can someone please tell me the difference between the 4R and the R in the picture? Is it because the configuration specified was for the fourth carbon? Oh well, that’s just my guess, but do let me know!

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How I Studied for Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE)

(for batch 2020)

1️⃣ Make a study schedule. See how many weeks left before the exam dates and schedule the topics according to the weeks left. For example, for this week it’s medical-surgical. Next week, focus on maternity, third week, community. By doing the weekly subject, you would know how many topics you should go over and what specific ones you should focus on.

2️⃣ Answer practice tests. To be honest, this is how I kept my class rank when we were studying for the board exam. I rarely review handouts because there’s too much anyway. What I did is answer a loooot of practice questions and know HOW to answer/approach the questions because you never know what will come up in the board exam. This way, you learn critical thinking.

3️⃣ Know your study method. Do you work better in the morning or at night? What motivates you? What works for you, writing notes on notebook or answering flashcards? See what works for you because time is of essential. You can’t read all of Kaplan or Mosby’s in a short amount of time so know how to study effectively and efficiently.

4️⃣ Do not cram. Start preparing for the board exam preferably a year before. That last 2 months of hosted board review? That is compressed. If you didn’t prepare beforehand, you will be overwhelmed and have a lot of mixed and confusing feelings that will take you back two steps further. So do not cram. Start by reading or answering tests little by little.

5️⃣ Get lots of sleep and eat well. Seriously. You need the energy. Do sublimation, exercise if you must.

6️⃣ The day before the board exam, do not study. Read flashcards if that will comfort you but DO NOT STUDY. Relax, instead. Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Prepare your uniform, book the hotel you will be staying at. If you do not know something at this point, then there’s a slight chance that you will master/know it by cramming on the last day. Do not disturb your inner balance! I know it’s nerve-wracking but you already know the materials than you credit yourself for. Some of my batchmates visited the testing site the day before to ease their anxiety. I think I just did grocery the day before the board exam. Haha.

That’s pretty much it. Godspeed, nurses! You got this. 🤗

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It’s been a while since I last posted as there was a lot happening over the past few months. Honestly, it has just been real crazy.

As we all know, there is a serious pandemic going around in this world. Covid-19. I still had a few weeks left in my psychiatric rotation when they told us to stop visiting the hospital. I don’t know why I thought that the suspension would be a temporary thing but I was very wrong. A few days later, they told us that it would be best for us to go back home as the rest of the semester is likely to be done online. I then had to fly back to Singapore, which was roughly 3 months ago. Since then, I had finished 2 Psychiatry exams, 2 GP exams, after completing the whole GP module online, and 1 Paediatrics exam. The academic year is far from over though as we still have 2 OSCEs and 1 written exam to complete before we would be promoted to fifth year in October. 

Finishing part of the semester from home was such an unique experience. Although it was nice to have hot fresh food everyday and I didn’t have to worry too much about cleaning or laundry, I realized how convenient it must be for the local students (most of them) to be completing their university education from home. Honestly, they are so lucky and I hope they do realize it. The only thing most of these students would have to worry about is studying as everything else is taken care for you, whereas this would not be the case if one is staying overseas, away from their family. I was surprised as even though I was very very very stressed out due to the exams, I never broke down and cried? Which is an achievement to be honest as there is always at least one cry session during exam season. I also skype studied with my friend who is currently still in Ireland, almost everyday which helped alot as well. 

I wish studying was the only problem that I had to worry about over the past 3 months, but sadly no. Our roomie was gonna move out of our 3 bedroom apartment so we were trying to find another roomie to replace her, through facebook. But that didn’t go very well as our rent for the place is a little expensive. We had to email the agency and tried to coordinate with them about the rent but that didn’t go well. In the end, we decided to move and our super nice roomie offered to help us pack up ALL of our things. We then finally secured a place, and with some help from other friends, we moved in to the new apartment. All while we weren’t even in Ireland… This housing issue made me break down so many times over the past few weeks but I am just glad that it all came together in the end. 

On top of that, my laptop kept crashing a few days before my exam so that caused me a whole lot of stress as all my exams were going to be online. We then had to buy a new laptop 3 days before my exam. 

Overall, this was such an unique experience. While I was stuck at home due to studying, the whole of Singapore had been in lock down as well. Now that it has been lifted, I was finally able to meet my friends and catch up with them. (: There is still quite a bit to do over the holidays, study for interviews, the remaining exams and my online elective, but I hope it all works out for the best. 

It is very unfortunate that all of my original plans of doing my elective in India and travelling around had been ruined but I am glad that I am safe and sound, with my loved ones. Although the spread has been well controlled in Singapore, it is still pretty bad in some other countries. Hence, it is important to play a part in controlling this spread, by washing our hands regularly, wearing face masks and minimizing contact with others. And let’s hope and pray that they find a vaccine soon. 

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wednesday, july 15th 2020 - 09/30 days of productivity

  • Did 2 classes from my chinese course, today they released the rest of the modules for the course :D learned how to say “yes” (是) and how to introduce a friend (这是我的朋友)…. So far I’m really liking the course, tho its format is by teaching little frases and a bit of grammar at a time, I feel like I learn so much just from these frases…. This first level of the course (I’m 35% in) covers the HSK 1.
  • Did the exercises of the 2 korean lessons I took yesterday, and watched 2 more lessons. I already wrote them down on my notebook, but I’ll only be able to do the exercises from these lessons tomorrow. 
  • Did 1 lesson from my japanese course, it was on a dialogue analysis.
  • Watched an episode of “strangers from hell”
  • Started a free online spanish course… I just watched half of the first class, with the basics of introducing yourself.

I had already learned a bit of spanish in middle school (but forgot everything, only a bit of vocabulary remains). I actually can understand most written things and even people speaking (if slowly enough) in spanish, because of the latin basis of the words, which make it easier to understand it without even knowing how to speak it. From mine and other people’s experiences interacting with native speakers (which I know is absolutely not universal, and it really depends on which country’s spanish your speaking - but still an interesting experience), brazillians have an easier time understanding spanish, compared to spanish speakers trying to understand us in portuguese.

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In case y'all are still wondering about how bad the pandemic still is, we had a pulmonologist with a panic attack after work saying their clinic was well past capacity and more just keep coming in and we’re not even a hotspot for the corona.

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She Tested Negative for Lyme Disease. So What Was Wrong?

By Lisa Sanders, M.D. (The New York Times)

Photo illustration by Ina Jang

The 50-year-old physician dropped into the leather chair in her psychiatrist’s Manhattan office. Her new normal, she announced to Dr. Deborah Cabaniss, was constant fatigue. Cabaniss noted that although her patient looked put together as usual, she could see the exhaustion in her eyes. “You don’t look like yourself,” the therapist agreed.

The patient had seen Cabaniss for more than a decade. She valued the sessions as a chance to talk about the stresses of balancing a medical practice with the demands of family, but since a few months earlier, all the patient could talk about was how awful she felt.

Her summer had gotten off to a great start. She spent Memorial Day weekend in 2019 with her children at her family’s beach house in the Hamptons on Long Island. Then she traveled with friends to Tanzania and Uganda. She saw all kinds of wildlife and even swam in Lake Tanganyika. But not long after she returned home, she started to feel sick. She had gone with her family to the beach house for the Fourth of July weekend. While she was there, she spiked a fever of 102. She spent most of the holiday in bed with chills and drenching sweats interrupted by occasional bouts of diarrhea.

A Prolonged Illness

After that weekend, she never felt well. Every two weeks, her fever came back for a couple of days. It didn’t make her sick enough to stay in bed, but she had to drag herself to meet her obligations to her patients and her family. Between these fevers, she was constantly exhausted. Every joint ached. The diarrhea persisted.

She went to see her primary-care doctor, who immediately sent off a series of blood tests to look for Lyme disease and a couple of other common tick-borne infections endemic to the region. The doctor also sent a blood smear to look for malaria. Although the patient had taken the recommended medicine to prevent infection in East Africa, some types of malaria are resistant. All the test results were negative.

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I know I’ve been complaining about this course and the lectures whole week long, but now it’s late I’m dead tired and I suddenly got Feelings

Tomorrow is the last day of this course and with that… The last lectures ever. And I’m emotional, because as much as I suffer through them, they have been a constant part of my life for the past 7 years and suddenly it’s almost over?

In highschool, before I applied to med school, we drove by this building once, and I saw a few people in white coats just strolling in and out of the building (this is my uni’s main building) and that was when I realized, I want to be one of those students, I want to attend lessons here. And I did it, still doing it. (Since then I realized those people were not in fact students, as no one wears white coats to a non-hospital university building but teachers…) And tomorrow is definitely not my last day visiting this building I have such a love-hate relationship with (it’s Mordor in disguise by the way, seriously), but I feel a bit of sense of achievement.

Still a very long way to go to get that two little letters (and then what’s after), but an even longer way behind me and it’s actually an amazing feeling to be where I am now.

edit: this is not the end of med school though, I have this whole year of clinical rotations before me, just no more lectures ever yay

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Overhead ER receptionist:

“If you’re planning on having an emergency tomorrow, I don’t know what the wait times will be like”

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Every time someone calls me a sheep for talking about COVID and taking it seriously…



Who is the sheep!? The person who reads a Facebook post from their high school classmate or the person speaking from experience? Honestly.

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I’m getting emails from the incoming F1 who’s going to shadow me before she starts my job and it’s like wtf it only seems like last month it was me shadowing, where has the year gone, but also so much has happened and ???

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