prokopetz · 3 hours ago
It’s legitimately hilarious how extensive yet scattershot Bram Stoker’s research for Dracula was. He’ll get abstruse points of 19th Century English property law right, then turn around and wildly fuck up basic geography. He accurately describes elements of Eastern European folklore that are considered obscure even in their native cultures, but was apparently completely unaware that the historical Vlad Dracula was a real person. In this, if nothing else, I can relate!
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femsolid · 2 days ago
«If you’re poor, drinking alcohol is a dangerous, reckless habit of the mentally ill – but if you’re middle class or wealthy, drinking alcohol is a great way to wind down and get to sleep after a busy or stressful day. The same has always been true for drug use, too. Poor people using drugs are a disgusting scourge on society and a drain on medical and mental health resources, but rich people snorting cocaine and popping pills is a sexy, wealthy, exciting behaviour which features in movies and music videos. What is the difference between the rich and privileged talking about their mental health, suicidality and drug use as if it’s a philosophical learning curve that anyone could go through and the poor being sectioned, heavily medicated, having their children removed and their opportunities limited for their mental health, suicidality and drug use? What’s the difference between a privileged, middle-class woman saying that she can hear the voices of dead people, being given a popular TV show and a book deal – and the poor woman on a zero-hours contract in a supermarket saying that she hears the voices of dead people, who is sectioned for the next six months for non-consensual treatment of her ‘mental illness’? Do we even notice the class gap in pathologisation anymore?»
- Sexy But Psycho: How the Patriarchy Uses Women’s Trauma Against Them by Jessica Taylor
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theicedlatteblog · a day ago
Media with actually good representation (part 2) :)
Margot and Alana having children
avoids queerbaiting fantastically
POC characters like Beverly (rest in peace) and Jack are deeply developed and their stories don't focus on discrimination
m/f friendships can exist without jokes about something 'more'
passes the Bechdel test extremely early
WWDITS (show):
Guillermo is great Hispanic representation
Laszlo and Nadja are the greatest bisexual couple in history
Taika Waititi loves to tear apart our souls with the season finale
the way Laszlo is genuinely so in love with Nadja - they are like Gomez and Morticia with more sex jokes
Colin Robinson.
BBC Ghosts:
brings to light black aristocracy!!
the Captain and his Inability to Accept His Sexuality (TM)
'I shall miss you Havers'
lesbian wedding and Humphrey talking some sense into Lady Button
Pat is still in love with Carol and Humphrey was so in love with Sophie that he died for her :'(
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tsscat · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is so funny
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bubblegeon · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MACHIDA KEITA for tod’s | domani [05.2022]
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dingyuxi · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ideeperscrittori · 22 hours ago
Non capirò mai i giornali che su internet ti chiedono soldi per semplici news. Per fatti nudi e crudi. Teoricamente posso capire certe pretese per contenuti che sono solo tuoi. Per un video realizzato da te. Per il parere di uno dei tuoi editorialisti (anche se quasi tutti gli editorialisti italiani fanno schifo). Oppure per un'intervista. Ecco, l'intervista è l'esempio perfetto. È stata rilasciata a un determinato giornale. Non si trova da nessun'altra parte. Voglio leggerla. Voglio leggere tutte le interviste di quel giornale. E allora magari pago. In realtà non pago, ne posso fare a meno (e di sicuro non tiro fuori un centesimo per gli editoriali di Gramellini), ma penso che abbiate capito il concetto. Il discorso cambia per la news scopiazzata da un'agenzia di stampa, che a sua volta l'ha tradotta malamente da un sito americano, tanto che la ritrovi più o meno con le stesse parole dappertutto. Quella è un'altra cosa. Oscurarla e scrivere "contenuto riservato agli abbonati" è una roba che fa ridere. Semplicemente cerco su Google e la ritrovo più o meno uguale persino nei più oscuri recessi della galassia. Non voglio fare nomi, ma lo storico giornale fondato nel 1876 e inspiegabilmente considerato prestigioso potrebbe anche piantarla.
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thor-nn · 2 days ago
you know when a character has an iconic outfit, but they begin their story in an entirely different outfit only to slowly acquire the iconic one as their character develops?
yeah, that
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wageronvoluntaryism · 22 hours ago
So after watching Moon Knight, I don't think Marc and Steven were right to spare Harrow/Ammit. Harrow and Ammit had already killed innocents. They were guilty under Khonshu's standards. They didn't deserve to die because they would kill again: they deserved to die because they had already killed and justice demanded their inability to harm again. Marc and Steven accusing Khonshu of sounding like Ammit when he demanded her death was false equivalency.
That said, it's interesting that Moon Knight raises the libertarian debate about helicopters. That discussion was not one I would have expected to have been raised in a Marvel film. I think Marvel dodged the issue by framing both Khonshu and Ammit as predatory manipulators, subtly denouncing them both as not worthy of carrying out justice. In the wake of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, this is sadly not unexpected. Propaganda machines can't be endorsing vigilante justice outside the halls of the state courts.
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politijohn · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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prokopetz · 2 days ago
Everybody tends to focus on the “neither by man nor by woman” part of those complicated prophecies – yes, get the jokes about nonbinary dragon-slayers out of your system! – but in practice, that’s typically only one of several clauses which all need to be satisfied.
Other frequent stipulations of such prophecies may include “neither indoors nor outdoors”, “neither during the day nor during the night”, “neither alone nor in company”, “neither by human nor by beast”, “neither while naked nor while clothed”, and so forth.
It’s the last one I’d like to consider today.
Specifically: fursuits.
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insertsomethingcute-here · 2 months ago
love parallels in media. they just make me feral. love blatantly intentional ones. love parallels that i don’t catch until i’m watching/reading it for the 800th time. love when someone else points out an absolutely insane, heart wrenching one. gotta be my favorite part of deeply loving and knowing a piece of media, especially a tv show
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hamodi-7 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- While the media calls it the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian invasion, on the other hand, the resistance of the Palestinian people to the Israeli occupation is called terrorism.
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sophielovesbooks · 12 days ago
Actual hot take:
I think maybe a big part of Dracula Daily's success (and perhaps also the success of all those Netflix reality tv shows like Love Is Blind??) is that media has become so asynchronous. You can never really talk to your friends about any shows because either it's "Oh, I haven't seen that but it's on my list" or "I watched that ages ago, I barely remember it, remind me who [character X] was?" or "STOP TALKING, I'm on Season 2, no spoilers!!"
And it's kind of upsetting, because we cannot really discuss media anymore the way people were able to when a show was on TV and everyone kind of experienced it together. Synchronous media is an event, it's fun, everybody can participate! Now we're drowning in recommendations of what we "should watch", and the list gets longer and longer, but even when we do get around to a particular show, we almost never properly discuss it with the friend who recommended it and it's just frustrating.
So yeah. My take is that humans actually kind of really enjoy synchronous media consumption, which has been greatly reduced by streaming, and perhaps Dracula Daily is filling that gap for us right now, you know?
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I’ll say it:
If you can only enjoy media that is made for you, caters to you, or represents your specific experiences, then you’re a bad consumer of media.
“Turning Red was weird because it’s about a 13-year-old Asian girl and I’m a grown ass white man!”
“She-ra doesn’t show cleavage and her legs; which i like being attracted to!”
“I love [insert mâle gay relationship] as a straight cis woman! Haha so cute smol bois!! But I don’t like [insert female gay relationship] because they’re gay and I can’t fetishize/relate to that!”
“I can’t read that book about a trans man/trans girl/nb person because I’m not those things and therefor this piece of media is bad!”
Like stfu and just say you don’t have the capability to look outside of your tiny worldview and enjoy shit that isn’t the cookie cutter picture of everything you’ve been spoon fed from birth.
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amazinglissawho · a year ago
Things with no gay/queer rep can be progressive and groundbreaking actually and need to be part of the discussion of representation in media
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medullam · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The infographic above (courtesy of Yalla! Let's Talk) was posted only six days ago and now Palestine is trending once again following Israel's new airstrike against the people of Gaza in the middle of the night.
Besides being a violation of the "ceasefire", which Palestinians themselves said would not resolve the core issue, this new wave of bombings is once again a reminder that a free Palestinian state cannot be achieved through lukewarm, inconsistent coverage and activism.
Here is a few resources, feel free to add more:
Build Palestine has provided a list of charitable organizations you can donate to, many of them are providing critical medical/ humanitarian aid to Gaza in particular.
The BDS Movement's Action Alerts, resource articles and images, and list of what to boycott and how to do it effectively.
A playlist of Abby Martin's Empire Files reports from Palestine
Working Class History's podcast on the history of Zionism, Settler Colonialism in Palestine, and Anti-Zionist Activism: Part 1 & Part 2
Article on how mainstream media and social media companies have targeted or marginalized support for the Palestinian cause
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andmaybegayer · a month ago
I think an important instinct you have to build up when you read/watch sci-fi is discerning which things are givens. If Arrival tells you that the alien language is atemporal, it is, that's not a puzzle for you to pick apart, it's a prerequisite to getting the rest of the story. When I talk sci-fi with people who don't consume a lot of it this seems to be a thing they get hung up on.
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tsscat · 7 months ago
Squid game would have not nearly been as impactful thematically if they didn’t have the second episode where everyone got to leave and chose to come back
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Tumblr media
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