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…ARMCHAIR! When do you use it? And for what? Reading? Chatting? Watching TV? Submit a photo via Instagram direct message or Tumblr submissions page!

Submissions open until 29. January 2021!

Check FAQs story highlight on Instagram or my Tumblr FAQs for details - or just send a message/comment :)


1. Only submit content you have taken/created yourself and therefore have copyright to!

2. Do not include any faces or personal information in the photo!

3. This project is part of my M.A. thesis in the study program International Media Cultural Work (IMC) at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. By submitting content, you permit its usage for this project as well as for my thesis documentation.

4. Your submissions will be shared publicly on the project’s account (Tumblr and Instagram): Please consult the project’s FAQs on Tumblr for more details!

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