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Eris - The cursed one

A little girl who is destined to go to Hell. She was chosen by the Devil due to her bloodline’s history of Devil worshippers and the power her soul holds from her ancestors’ blood-lust. The Devil communicates to Eris through the form of a small demon that acts like a speaker. Eris turns into a creature of pure hellish anger with the Devil’s command and she loses control over her entire body and mind. She is tricked, tempted and forced to commit crimes and sins by the Devil - ranging from petty theft to murder - in order to indoctrinate and have complete control over her.

However, Eris is not completely doomed. Luckily for her, she has a guardian angel, Raguel. Raguel has been with her since she was a child and knows of her true self. His job is to stop her from herself in any way he can, even if he has to risk it all. Eris asks Raguel to save her from the monster she’ll surely become.

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This is a very late in the month MerMay but it gave me an excuse to draw my OCs

Samoa is the Orca he’s like a grow your own dinosaur in water, he controls when he grows and can get up to 7.9m (26ft)

Vesta is the red star girl, she’s undercover on Earth trying to find her sister. Since no one on Earth knows about the Star species people assumed she’s an Oni.

Jean is the boy sleeping, he’s trans (FtM) and is studying culinary arts. He has a strange condition where the emotions he express are the opposite of what he feels.

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Some more Architect designs/headcanons. This one is a guard/sentinel. They’re one of the more customizable forms, like they can come with different legs and horns. They have the least amount of openings in their armor and can use a variety of weapons with their multiple floating arms (that I left out of this concept ‘cause I’m lazy). Their pincers are super heated

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MiniKaiju AU episodic sketchessssssss!

21: Joking Victim. The amount of satisfaction one gets when pranking Lars is directly connected to the amount of jerkiness he has.

22: Steven and the Stevens. Instead of “our” Steven going back in time to start a band, I thought, “What if I did a really ominous drawing of Fragments!Steven with the implication that there’s an alternate-future version of himself who kept the time thing for all those years and it only resulted in more agony?” The time thing is still destroyed, Steven still watches himself die, and he still plays at the Beacha Palooza with the Crystal Gems.

23: Monster Buddies. Bonding to a corrupted Gem hits differently when you look like a monster yourself.

27: House Guest. I think we can all agree that we didn’t want Greg to lie to his son just to spend more quality time with him. Greg is usually so honest about what he wants, you know? This also means that in this AU, Steven doesn’t (temporarily) lose his healing powers…

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Some RPG icons! Feel free to use them, but make sure to credit me (a like or reblog would be nice too)!

I plan to make more of these at some point, they’re really fun to make sklfjsdklfjskdlfjdskf

{ Please don’t repost my art without my permission, that’s not very cash money of you }

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