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#medic hcs

quick headcanon dump for lili:

-  she picked her name to fit in with her family’s naming patterns: seth, scarlett, lilith, and now lilian. she sees those with s-names in her family as the absent ones, and views herself and her mother as the ones who were abandoned. to match better with her mother’s name, she spells her name with one l in the middle rather than two. privately, she jokes that her name is a portmanteau of lilith and alien (which probably makes a number of her friends at least a little uncomfortable).

- she may never have gender affirmation surgery due to the invasive nature of the procedure, but will eventually take hormones, once she can navigate the red tape in getting them. of course, she can’t afford them without a stable job or a benefactor of some kind, so she only medically transitions much later in life. that’s probably better for her anyway, because she experiences a large amount of self-doubt when it comes to her gender identity due to her being raised as a woman despite being born male. she wonders a lot if she’s “really trans”, and is therefore reluctant to medically transition until she’s sure.

- her comfort level in presenting in a feminine way varies from day to day. she is much more comfortable doing so at home or one-on-one with friends, rather than going out. she often stammers when saying her name, and tends to blush far more often. she feels more connected with lilian than with charles, so she is far more anxious about “messing up” in social situations when presenting femininely.

- her entry point into socially transitioning was dressing up in skirts, often inviting male friends over when she did so. for a long time, this sort of “man in a skirt” fetishization was the only way in which she could feel confident in presenting in a feminine way.

- she never wears long skirts or puts her hair up in a bun. if she looks like scarlett in any way, she will have a meltdown. if she is wearing feminine clothing and feels as if she is scolding someone, she will also have a meltdown, feeling as if she is becoming scarlett. this is something that her tulpa latches onto to taunt her about.

- her preferred everyday outfit is a white turtleneck, a short black pleated skirt, and black thigh-high stockings clipped up with a black garterbelt. she doesn’t realize that garterbelts are considered lingerie items, and simply thinks they are a very effective way to make sure her stockings remain presentable. she does wear pants from time to time, especially when it’s cold out or she’s feeling particularly insecure.

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Arden had her tubes tied as soon as she was able.

In her star wars main verse, I don’t see this being an issue at all. At that point in time, I’m sure there are already reversible procedures.

In her stardew/slice of life verse, this was done before she moved out of her parent’s entirely, using what last bit of money she could to have the procedure done. It takes several doctors and run-arounds for any of them to approve the procedure on a childless woman, but she finally gets what she wants.

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I’m sick with bronchitis. I turned it into inspiration. So, some medical au!

America: Alfred is a hotshot orthopedic surgery resident. He’s most proud of the time he basically rebuilt a patient’s leg.

Denmark: Mathias is a paramedic. He goes around in the ambulance, saving lives by day, sending pictures of dogs to the other paramedics by night.

Germany: Ludwig is an internal medicine intern. He’s very logical and thorough, and his friends all say he spends too much time at the hospital.

Romano: Lorenzo is currently the receptionist, but that’s because he’s working while going to university!

Spain: Antonio is a nurse and a very proud one at that. Honestly, he’s better at his job than most of the doctors.

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Some people give 'nicknames' for people who main certain characters (like 'Scunt' for Scout mains). How would the actual characters react to being called that?

It took me a bit of searching to find some of these nicknames and what they meant, so I hope this is what you were wanting anon!

Scout (Scunt)

- What the heck man! Thats not nice!

- yeah a lot of people that play him try WAY too hard, but jeez bro!

- he is very unhappy with that nickname

Pyro (Pybros)

-He doesn’t really mind the nickname

- His engineer needs some help sometimes, and he is more than willing to give it

- So long as its not being used in a derogatory sense he doesn’t mind if people use the term

Engineer (Revengineers) 

- Well, it has helped him get out of some pretty sticky situations before, as well as get him some revenge points

- Whatever, so long as it ain’t being used negatively he couldn’t care less

-whatever floats ya’ boat

Soldier (Trolldiers) 

- How DARE you disrespect anyone who plays such a patriotic character as himself!

- Those boots look wonderful on him (At least he thinks so)

-Anyone who dares insults him will feel his wrath! 

- Even though he gave up one of his weapons for those darn books he will rocket jump his way over to you and he will make you pay!

-the lesson is learned, no one would call him that (to his face) again

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@wolfstillhasclaws :: whelve (v) to bury something deep, to hide


 No one needs this from me, she thought to herself as she looked in the mirror. It usually didn’t happen, but she was struck with a sudden surge of guilt that day for doing the things she did. I shouldn’t be wasting time and money on this. With a defeated sigh, Bel was about to shed her lacy comforts but was stopped in her tracks by a knock at her door. She felt like her spirit left her body in fright, but after a few seconds of panic, she threw on a bathrobe, tied it tight, and went to answer the door.


“ Lucy… you’re asking me about… what? “ The medic couldn’t believe her ears. She didn’t think she wore femininity well at all, especially not in the public eye. Though she dabbled in playing the part in private to make herself feel better, she always saw herself like that: wearing an ill-fitting costume. But if Lucy was coming to her for guidance… that must have meant something about her was genuine. Bel wanted to lay it all out for her, bare her soul to let her know just how much a simple thing meant to her, but she kept that part of her under lock and key and buried it deep. How could she even begin to explain something she hardly understood herself?

Her friend was looking to her for something. That was all that mattered right now. “ Are you… looking to impress someone for a special occasion, or just wanna… doll up for fun…? “ Not that Lucy really needed it, if you asked her. Bel always thought she had a deceptively fragile but fierce beauty herself. What could someone like Lucy be looking to her for?

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on will’s alcoholism—in the novels, will is an alcoholic, and not a particularaly high-functioning one. in the show, they often show him ‘self–medicating’ with alcohol, usually as a way to cope with his insomnia. will has always self–medicated this way, but it’s important to note that, because his father was an alcoholic, he is very controlled about his use of alcohol and aware of when he feels he could be approaching dependency upon it, and avoids that dependency as strictly as he regiments everything else in his internal life. even when he is in his post-hannibal phase, during his marriage, will rarely ever drinks more than two or three drinks a night, putting his drinking in the ‘lower-risk’ category of habitutality according to the clinical definitions of alcoholism. the fact that he uses is as a way to dull his dreams / force himself to sleep soundly is a loud alarm, and by the initiating action in mid-s03, after the three years separating him from hannibal’s incarceration, he is tipping much closer to a traditional dependency, is perhaps already in the process of developing that dependency, but in most of his adult life alcohol is a habit of comfort / pleasure, and one that he strictly controls, but also a repressive tool that he uses to cope with emotional stress, making his relationship with it a borderline risk.

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65 an jackie?

oops i finished writing this a phat few days ago and forgot it was in my docs until now!!! sorry!!!!

it’s kinda a sequel to this but that’s not necessary to understanding and i dunno how i feel about that so whatever lmao :D

sorry it’s short !

The clock face reads 12:02 AM.

Jackie yawns, taking a sip of water and slipping his backpack straps over his shoulders. After straightening his blue mask, he tugs up at the motorcycle-style one that covers the bottom half of his face. His gloved hand reaches for the door, but a voice behind him makes him halt.

“Dummkopf, when I said you could stay here for a while and heal, I did not intend for you to sneak out in the middle of the night.”

“Hey, Schneep,” Jackie mutters with a croaking sigh, turning around and sliding his thumbs up and down beneath the bag straps. 

The doctor is slouching in the hall, hair in an untidy heap on his head. The little lamp attached to the grey shiplap wall illuminates his expression, his furrowed eyebrows and clenched jaw. Full of a furious sort of concern, he glares his friend down. “When was the last time you slept? Or ate something?”

“I…” The hero curses under his breath. He doesn’t remember. “I can’t.”

“Cannot do what?”

“I- I can’t eat… I can’t sleep,” Jackie’s voice is suddenly much louder, exasperated and frustrated as Henrik comes closer. “I can barely even… barely breathe because they’re gone and it’s my fault. And- and God knows what Anti’s doing to them right now! I can’t just sit here and do nothing! That’s exactly what he wants me to do!”

With his shaking, scarred fingers clenched into a fist, Henrik slams his hand on the kitchen table. “You are not doing ‘nothing’! You are healing! You need to recover; you cannot take responsibility for Anti’s actions! He is messing with your head - what he wants is for you to break!”

“I’m - I’m not gonna break, I’m fine! I already slept a little today, I’m f…fine…” JB’s face contorts into a pained expression while he suddenly leans over to clutch his bruised ribs. He whimpers a bit. “I’ll… be okay…”

Henrik approaches wordlessly, unclipping the bag from the hero’s back and setting it on the table, despite his weak protests. He lets Jackie lean, exhausted, against his body, and half-walks, half-drags him to the spare room. Jackie doesn’t want to go, doesn’t want to… but he’s so, so worn down…

Hushing him, Schneep helps him into the guest bed, flicking on a little red lamp. “You take your medicine?”

JB grimaces, still holding his side, and shakes his head. “No, no Adderall and the anxiety meds, they make me too sleepy - Henrik, I have to stay awake, I have to keep trying!”

“Stay put,” the doctor orders, confiscating his patient’s masks and gloves before slipping away.

After a little while of staring at the ceiling and slowly sinking into the mattress, the hero’s eyes start to well up with tears, tiny rivers carving down his temples. He can’t help it, can’t help but feel guilty, can’t help but feel like he doesn’t deserve the people who try to lend him a hand.

Henrik returns, almost silently, and Jackie rushes to wipe away his tears. They don’t go unnoticed, but Schneep knows better than to say anything. Instead, he just pats JB’s shoulder and sets a glass of water and a pill on the nightstand, gesturing to them and crossing his arms. The message is clear; Jackie has to take the medicine, or he won’t be left alone.

Jackie hesitantly lifts the pill to his lips, washing it down with a sip of water. The look in his eyes is an expectant one, waiting for Henrik to nod in approval. Instead, the doctor just mutters a curse under his breath.

“I am sorry.”

JB’s eyebrows furrow. “Why?”

“Certain things could have been prevented a long time ago…” Henrik shakes his head. “But does not matter, now. Get rest.” 

The door shuts, and Jackie lets his head fall back against the pillow once again.

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Scout and his obsession with Tom Jones (or Spy and his gifts to his son)

As we know from the comics, he and his ma’s wealth is in Tom Jones memorabilia.

I would assume that along with baseball he has a few framed Tom Jones posters in his room.

Spy has probably gotten him Tom Jones stuff for his birthday (each year getting him something better than the last)

Scouts favorite gift was probably a signed, limited edition poster addressed to him by the man himself

(Spy probably threatened Time Jones to do it, or payed him a very large sum of money)

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The Coffee Gang

Sniper is the biggest coffee drinker of the group if his mug is anything to go off of.

Medic and Engineer drink it sometimes, mostly when they pull an all-nighter working or if they didn’t get enough sleep the night before to do their jobs

Scout only drinks bonk and heavy doesn’t seem the type to drink coffee

Pyro doesn’t take his mask off in front of others so it will remain a mystery

Soldier might drink it, but only while saying that it’s the American thing to do

Spy would drink it only if nessisary

Demo is far too drunk to try it

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Headcannon: Medic is forced to sleep

This man goes late into the night working and is very likely to stay awake all night long, buried in his work.

Engineer or heavy probably see his light on and have to coax him to bed

If that doesn’t work they will probably find a way to transport him to his bed forcefully

(Heavy would simply pick up the doctor and carry him to his bed and Engie would set up an exit teleporter in the docs room and set an entrance teleporter in the lab and ask for the doc to help him ‘test’ it. Medic would be pushed into it)

The doc would be asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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[ @duckbuttsurvivor ] [ Closed Starter ]

     Sitting patiently in the hospital waiting room, Hinata passes the time subtly daydreaming. Technically her appointment was almost half an hour ago now, but the front desk informed her that the medic overseeing her cardiac recovery was called in to help on an emergency surgery. Having little else pressing anyway, she’s consented to wait. Her own condition has been rather stable. A little bit of a delay isn’t going to hurt anything.

     Other patients have been trickling in and out otherwise, and she watches them curiously. Her hiatus from training due to her heart has let her dabble in some medical practice instead, and she can’t help but feel a new understanding as she watches. And then, a familiar face arrives!


     “…o-oh! Hello, Sasuke-kun,” she greets, perking up a bit. Giving a little wave and a smile, she politely asks, “Are you…are you here to visit someone?” He doesn’t look hurt himself. Or…maybe he’s come to visit Ryū? She’s seen him speaking to her before, but she’s never been forward enough to inquire about it. “I-I’ve got an appointment, myself…but things are, um…rather busy, it seems.” Just in case he has any inkling to sit and wait, she gestures to the open seat beside her.

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