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Medical Q: anyone got any experience with taking proprananol for anxiety? Bonus if you also have type one diabetes?

My doctor suggested I swap from sertraline to proprananol because I don’t get the low moods so much that sertraline is mainly to combat, but I’m not sure?

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  • favorite thing about them: her milf energy- OK OK JOKE DSLKHDSKH but i love her voice and her demeanor… shes twisted n shes justified tbh <3 n i love ballet themes, also funny ape arms
  • least favorite thing about them: her outfit is atrocious the fuck is that bra lol
  • favorite line: “All I do is dance alone, but now I hear your flesh and bones. I roam these halls alone all day, but now you’re here, friend and prey.”
  • brOTP: i think its cute n sweet that Circus Baby seems to be able to calm her down.. i see em as sisters tbh
  • OTP: i think rockstar chica/ballora is cute….. or also funtime foxy/ballora? or ballora and a mom, fuck it ballora/mrs afton !!!!
  • nOTP: baby/ballora ………stop !!! STOP!!!!!!
  • random headcanon: her nails are retractable and you should be afraid
  • unpopular opinion: i do NOT like the headcanon of her being based on mrs afton.. idk it doesnt click with me …. 
  • song i associate with them: she works out too much by MGMT
  • favorite picture of them:


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To the Chronic Illness and Disabled community…

Having chronic illnesses or disabilities can often lead to loss of friendships, relationships, and isolation. But whilst we may feel alone, we are not. There is an amazing community of people with chronic illness and disability online. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to meet through charity events etc.

This community is the most powerful and supportive place anyone could possibly be. No matter what time of day or night, there is always someone there. Someone who understands your pain, your emotions, the challenges you face. We are not all the same, we have different conditions, different ages, different personalities and come from different walks of life, yet none of that matters when we all need someone. There is always someone there. Despite all the challenges we all face, there is a strength in this community that makes life that tiny bit easier. This community is not only there for support, they raise funds for numerous charities and research projects, they raise awareness, they encourage equality, fight against ableism and discrimination and take to the streets and screens to implore governments to act. And there are people in this community, who despite having never met, hold an important place in my heart and I am so so thankful to have found them. ❤

To the chronic illness and disability community, Thank You.

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Well it’s good to have a name to the evil I guess. Sucks that’s it’s a slow life long fight with the evil. So here’s a big fuck you to PCOS.

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hey i am tysm!!!! went on a walk and i have an appointment in two days so im lookin forward to that ♡

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On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, members from 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron and 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron conducting a flypast along the Ottawa River with a special flypast at the Pembroke Regional Hospital and the Deep River & District Hospital. 

“This flypast was Garrison Petawawa’s way of recognizing all that we have shared and endured as a community during these past few months.”

Photo credit: MCpl Steve Wilson and Cpl Alex Heagle

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Pincer nail deformity in a woman with end stage renal disease 

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I am so close to talking about so much trauma and bad events like I’m very close to breaking and writing about it/them but I know how terribly draining and triggering it will be… I want to write about it because it will in a way make me feel better to get it out, and also I just really really want to get it out for hard to explain reasons, I don’t know why, I just DO, but I can nearly predict it’s going to be a very big mess for lack of better words, especially considering it bothers me even to think about it.

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so update on my exhaustion thing

they think it might be a side effect of an anti-depressant/anti-psychotic i take, even though ive been stable on it for years and its super important and has a sleep aid i cannot sleep without

so were taking me off the med

today is my first day on a lower dose

i slept like shit and am so weak i nearly fell because a bag of mail was heavy

eating is unappealing, having to force myself to take in food

and this is the first fucking day

next app is in a month so

i get to go a whole month like this


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