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5th June 5 - 6 PM

Join this practical webinar to learn more about how telemedicine works and get some hands-on experience!

The usage of Telehealth services has skyrocketed during COVID-19, changing the Healthcare landscape forever.

That is why, it is important to understand how Telemedicine works, why many patients prefer online consultations to usual clinic visits, and how you as a future doctor, can benefit from being on such platform.

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So I’m working on a final report I used to dread thinking about (the professors are notoriously known for their strict rules and weird kinks in this course), but then I tried to romaticise it by making it as art/dark academia as I could, and now it’s sort of fun😂 here’s an example:)

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𝗠𝘆 𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗽𝗼𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘂𝗻𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀

❣︎ Lincoln/(Nottingham) is my first and dream but sadly I did not achieve the number of grade 7’s to do the 5 year course however, I qualify for the 6 year foundation course! I’m scared as there are less places but I adore the new campus and it’s linked with nottingham which I loooove the way they teach and ethos

❣︎ Leeds is another I like the accomodation of, the campus is a nice combination of old and new. It’s also got a good ethos with work and is clinical from the get go and the city is also lovely

❣︎ Hull York Medical School is one I’m not necessiarly aching to go to: its very close to home but I’m under the future medics programme with the Sutton trust that is linked to HYMS and I have a guaranteed interview and lower grades if I put it down as my first choice. I do like their way of teaching though and would enjoy PBL as well as feel less homesick

❣︎ Brighton and Sussex - quite an old campus from what I’ve seen online (the curse of COVID) but I like what they stand for however I’m kind of indifferent about it all

I’ll probably end up applying for both notts and Lincoln as well as Leeds and HYMS 💗

The entry requirements were confirmed today and it’s like 9% chance to get a place at Lincoln but I have faith

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The BMAT has cancelled its September sitting meaning you can only take it in November so as you Oxbridge hopefulls will know you will have to apply to a BMAT university WITHOUT knowing your score until after the deadline.

The UCAT is now being offered as an online test and there are limited open place if you don’t want to take that and it’s between August 3rd and October 1st

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Introduction 🌸🧬🌸


My name is Lexi and at the time of writing this I am one month away from completing year 12 and this blog is dedicated to my journey towards medical school

I wanted to make this blog to share my scribbled notes, entrance exam, application advice and college tips!

What a levels/exam boards do you take ?

- OCR A Biology

- OCR A Chemistry

- Edexcel Music

- AQA Psychology

Let’s travel on this journey together wherever it leads us!

🌸 p.s this blog is still an infant and is being constantly updated as I scan all my notes in/add them to their master lists so it’s gonna look rough for a few weeks!

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People seem to keep on asking if I still want to pursue medicine.

To be honest, I want to. But I don’t want my parents to pay for my studies anymore. Working myself made me realize earning money is no joke. We are not as well of as my parents try to provide us. Until now, I can’t believe how they were able to send me to school— not just any school but a private and one of the top medical technology schools in the country. (Yes, free promo) I’m so thankful to have been given the chance to experience studying without thinking of anything but acads.

Also, I have a younger sibling and a niece. I feel like I’m robbing them opportunities if I ever insist on having my parents make my dreams come true. All our money will be spent on me again. I don’t want that.

Parang ayoko na ulit mag-isa. That’s one of the reasons I always tell people. It’s true though. I can’t believe I was able to live alone for five years (MTLE review included). Being back here in our province makes it hard for me to even think of being away again for several years just to study. I just got back, imagine the days and moments I could’ve spent with my family if I’ll be away again… the thought alone makes me sad. With the recent events, I’m even more convinced to just stay. At least if I were to die, I’m with my family.

Can I handle all the info? Kaya ba ng megabyte brain ko ang terabyte info ng medskul? I’m scared I’d lose hope in the middle of being in it. This was what I realized when I reached the clinical year during undergrad years. The clinical subjects in medical technology were enough to overwhelm me, how much more sa medicine?


It’s hard being average. Too average to pass a scholarship with entry quota grades to maintain and too average earner to afford a regular medical school.

Must be nice to reach for your dreams without any problems, noh?

Anyways, if we’re lucky enough to survive this pandemic, I hope I get to chance upon an opportunity to realize this seemingly-impossible dream. #Hwaiting!

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Summer Success: Day 5

There is a lot going on in the world. As a certified EMT, I decided to share some basic knowledge that will help some of you out there.

I’m still working on it and will post the whole guide when I’m done. Stay safe out there, friends.

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Life-size anatomical model of human body on stand, 19th century.

Painted plaster construction, removable chest plate, divided face, and arms, unmarked, possibly the work of Dr. Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux, 58"h x 20"w x 15"d (excl. stand), 96"h x 25"w x 24.5"l (on stand).

Milleabros Auctioneers

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It’s been a few days since I had my final exam of second year. It was an online open book exam, which meant that we could use our notes and the internet to help us answer questions. It was my first experience of an open book exam, and it felt strange to not completely rely on my memory! The questions were single best answer questions, which meant that although more than option could be right, I had to pick the ‘most appropriate’ out of the options. The questions were mostly clinical based too, with focus on diagnosis and management. You can understand then that the internet would not simply give you the answer if you were to search the questions directly. I used the internet mostly for guidelines, but I was glad I used my own knowledge at certain points like the treatment of a massive PE and management of a primary pneumothorax.

But what I’ve reminded myself is that although this exam, and potentially other exams in the future, could be online and open book, the knowledge I have is not just to pass an exam. That is the beauty of Medicine. What you learn will be applied with the intent to improve someone’s health.

It’s weird to think that my second year of medical school is over. Over the past few days I’ve been reflecting on the past year. I don’t think I realised how much I have learned since September. The shift from first year was real, but it felt good to be learning about things which could be applied to clinical practice. I’ve loved going to hospital and learning real time, and my initial general practice placement gave me so much more confidence than what I had at the start. I’ve made new friends with people I never met in first year and would never have thought I would be friends with, and I’m super excited to spend the next year with them.

I’m looking forward to spending the summer relaxing (I’m currently writing this under the sun), with some medicine thrown in to keep me on my toes. I have a few society things to do which I’m so excited to be involved in because I’ve never done this before. I haven’t painted in so long so I’m waiting for inspiration to hit before I start. I’ve been embroidering on my denim jacket since April, and I really want to finish it so I can start wearing it if I start to go out. I’m hoping to keep the exercise routine going because I’ve been feeling good ever since I started. I haven’t got any new books at home which is why I’m reading my current book slowly, but I might invest in a few new ones.

I hope you all have a peaceful and safe summer!

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