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Video calls and random gossip with these three to start up my day. I miss hanging out with them, since planning and meeting isn’t as easy as before, we decided to play Never Have I Ever or Put A Finger Down to kill the time before we proceed with reviewing, ‘cause we got shit load of quizzes this coming Saturday (Well, I’m almost done with my 2 lecture vids, I don’t know with these three hahaha). So, yeah, we played using questions that I found from the net and it doesn’t even interest us all. In order to make someone lose this battle, we played by making up questions, our own made up questions, that will surely make one of us to put a finger down! It was a close match, but I never lose. HAHAHAHA. I’M INNOCENT, SO PLEASE!

This is a fun game, but make sure you only play it with the ones you trust.

ps. yup, we’re classmates and hopefully CO-INTERNS.
pps. we just woke up, so please excuse our shitty faces.

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So test Or kind of exam is coming in a week

Nervous? Anxious? Or what?

Actually I am like okay

Because I have to give exam at some point I mean i will also hate to become a doctor without any exam . So i will read and revise and work hard. Yes I will do it all because it was my dream and i will work for it for sure.

And yes, I just came to my hostel and to the single room. Trust me it’s kind of hard. I always wanted to stay alone but you know it’s hard.

The process is always hard and I guess I have to burn in heat to be a diamond someday. Hope I cope with all these anxiety and other additional stuff that comes along. Cause it’s just hard….

Sitting alone in room and trying to study 📚✏

Kind of hard but I will do it 🙂

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 MIT team develops steerable soft thread-like robot capable of navigating tiny blood vessels

Snake robots are among the most familiar type of mechanical device for working in confined spaces. Flexible, tubular robots have been used for applications such as working in the interior of nuclear reactors, water distribution systems and inside the human body to aid surgery. The MIT team, mechanical engineers affiliated to the institution’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, have downsized the snake paradigm to the scale of a thread half a millimetre in diameter, which can be remotely controlled by magnetic fields to worm its way through the convoluted blood vessels of the brain to deliver clot-busting drugs or devices to break up and remove the blockage. Such robots have the potential to quickly treat a stroke and prevent damage to the brain, the team claims.


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I would like to know if I’m the only one doing it:

I’m currently at university studying Finance but I always end up reading other fields book. Examples are Chemistry, Anatomy, Astronomy, Mechanics..(oh yes I forgot Arabic language) Like yes i like my field, but I don’t like to investigate too much into it and I’d like to have a general knowledge of medicine, physics and so on… But this enthusiasm usually ends after 100 pages into the books. Usually because I don’t have time and need to concentrate for upcoming exams.

Someone else does the same? The craving of knowledge are so strong sometime :’(

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Combination of 2 antibiotic groups with bactericial actions against gastrointestinal and respiratory infections in animals.


Contains per gm powder: Doxycycline hyclate 100 mg Gentamicin sulphate 100 mg Doxycycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic belongs to the tetracyclines group of and acts by inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis. Gentamicin sulphate belongs to the group of aminoglycosides and is of bactericidal effect.

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