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postitforward · 2 days ago
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Now, that we’ve cleared up Britney’s reputation, we can start to unpack the massive smear campaign against December and finally embrace this legendary month.
Sure, December is known for singing the blues, but it’s also responsible for bringing us massive discounts, fun-loving Sagittarius, and...yes, Britney Spears. There’s a reason why people boast about it being the most wonderful time of year. Having doubts? We get it. Let’s get in the mood.
Research shows that music is a valid resource for fighting depression and anxiety, and this mood-boosting playlist, curated by Armani White. will definitely bring you back to life...and back to reality 🤭
Prefer the silence? We got you. Take this mood-boosting quiz to get elevated for the season. Created by medical experts, rooted in science, and made just for you.
Here’s everything else we have on tap this week:
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Need a reminder for upcoming classes?
Break a sweat with Flex Friday on 12/3 (add to your calendar)
Pamper yourself with Self-Care Sunday on 12/5 (add to your calendar)
P.S. Did you miss our event on Monday? You can find the recording here.
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catswilleatyou · 2 days ago
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now what woke up levitating again but TBH sort of a useless skill... especially because we have little stools around the house for the non levitated
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terracemuse · 2 days ago
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Meditation is the journey From sound to silence From movement to stillness From a limited identity to unlimited space.
-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar-
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
You have any advice for meditating for someone with tinitus. I can't stand silence and some singing bowls I listen to sometimes make it worse. Thanks ☺️
ANON YOU ARE IN LUCK BECAUSE I ALSO HAVE TINNITUS I'm gonna be honest, I never ever had luck with any singing bowls or standard meditation music. I end up using this particular Lucid Dreaming guide and meditating while laying down. I find that following these instructions are more relaxing than any basic breathing or stretching.
If that video doesn't work, I also suggest Peter Gundry. His music ranges from very spooky and dark, bright and uplifting, to very calming. My personal favorite album is Goetia.
I've noticed that for me, sometimes I prefer guided meditation like the video, or non-lyrical music like Gundry. I can't use lyrical music because I end up focusing on the sound of words more than the sound I need to listen to to 'lull off'. I'm not sure if that makes sense.
If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out again!
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thedailyzen · 18 hours ago
Wisdom only comes when we quiet down and listen.
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faykaira · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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I will take care of you.
Follow for more.
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postitforward · 15 days ago
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Holiday Blues with Tumblr
Feeling down? Dreading the short days and long nights? Well, this holiday season, Tumblr is here to help you conquer your Sunday Scaries all week long!
We’ve partnered with amazing yogis, wellness brands, and mental health enthusiasts to bring you Holiday Blues with Tumblr. With a huge shift in the weather, hours of daylight, seasonal affective disorder season, and whatever else the world is throwing at us this week (🐝Murder Hornets just entered the group chat), we want to empower you to participate in some transformational acts of self-care 🤗.
Don’t worry, we know ‘self-care’ can feel like a chore, not to mention another dent in the bank account. That’s why Tumblr wants to meet you where you are—on your dash.
How does it work, you ask?
EASY! PEASY! LEMON 🍋 SQUEEZY! All we need from you is to show up; we’ll take it from there! Over the next six weeks, Tumblr and our partners will host LIVE classes: fitness classes, mindfulness exercises, interactive quizzes, playlists, and maybe even a dance party.
What if you miss class?
NO STRESS!! We’ve thought of it all. If you can’t make it to the live class (you will be sorely missed), each class will be available here on Post It Forward or on our Youtube channel.
Get to the point! When is the FUN?
Hold your horses — starting November 22nd until January 2nd, here’s what you have to look forward to:
📿Mindful Mondays📿
LIVE morning meditations run by some cool folx
💗Wellness Wednesdays 💗
Mood-boosting tips, tricks & playlists 
💪Flex Fridays💪
LIVE CLASSES and all the yoga 🧘 your heart could desire. All levels welcome—Yoga is for everybody and EVERY BODY
💆Self-Care Sundays💆
Think expressive writing meets self-discovery … with a dash of Dance Dance Revolution. And did we mention, it's LIVE?
We will also have reminders for each class…. we told you WE GOT YOU!
Calm your mind with Mindful Monday on 11/22 (add to your calendar)
Break a sweat with Flex Friday on 11/26 (add to your calendar)
Pamper yourself with Self-Care Sunday on 11/28 (add to your calendar)
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A Few Gentle Reminders:
Make the time for yourself if you think it might make you feel better 🤗.
Showing up is the hardest part. You take care of that and we will take care of the rest.
This is meant to be fun (and we want to make sure you do JUST THAT here on Tumblr).
This is YOUR JOURNEY, so do it your way! Take the classes that make you feel good. Come to the live sessions, or just catch them later. Show up to every class, or do the same class every day for the next six weeks. You do you, boo boo.
One LAST thing:
We need your help to spread positive vibes as we conquer the Holiday Blues. Use the tag #HolidayBluesWithTumblr to share reflections from Mindful Monday , a sweaty selfie from Flex Friday, or anything that comes up for you after a Self-Care Sunday session.
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