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kaportka · 13 hours ago
Getting what you want is normal.
Why making a big deal out of it? No trying. No checking. No looking for the perfect technique.
Look how messed up it all got. Society expects us to worry, to create backup plans, save money just in case. What a bullshit. The moment you start creating a backup or thinking why something may not work — you doubt yourself.
That is how powerful beliefs I want you to be in. No need for backups. No need for explaining to somebody how you are going to get there. Manifesting is fun, not a trying process.
Wishing you a powerful day!
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thedailyzen · 2 days ago
The best love is unconditional. It requires mutual faith in itself rather than reliance on some sort of expected reward.
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shewhoworshipscarlin · 2 days ago
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Japan, 1971.
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kidestom · a day ago
Are you actively participating in your fulfilment?
Deliberate Creation doesn’t promote inaction or a “wait and see” approach. Intention and vision without action and follow-through, are simply wishful thinking and fantasy.
Taking action every day is a part of grounding your vision. Taking small steps every day is a part of the manifesting journey.
While patience and surrender are a part of the process, while letting go and trusting the Universe are a part of the process, so are strategic planning and taking action.
It’s okay to map out a strategy for achieving your intentions.
It’s okay to plan, to think through the steps to your fulfillment, and start taking inspired action.
It's okay to follow through on the things that occur to you to do. They're occurring to you to do for a reason.
A lot of the popular messages emphasize “let the Universe handle the details.” While that is an important aspect of the manifestation journey, so is active participation. I would reframe that messaging as, "keep moving forward while leaving space for the Universe to guide you, nudge you, and inspire you into the right steps." The Universe isn't orchestrating and coordinating the manifestation separate from your participation.
The Universe works through you as much as it works through others.
Kidest OM,
Kidest OM is the author of 12 books on the primacy of consciousness, the nature of reality, deliberate creation, and empowerment.
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eternalsatan · a day ago
Tumblr media
Meditation - Jean Francois Bouron
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kaportka · a day ago
He who perseveres will be blessed.
The one who continue to live with the victim mindset 'I must suffer in order to gain' will always be 'blessed' with victimhood.
The one who perseveres with high and powerful self-belief, no matter what the external world might be screaming, will always be blessed with the best opportunities, and he will be able to recognize them. Why? Because of the mindset. 'I do not care what my current reality is, I am not concerned with how others are doing, I am not concerned how the situation is going to change. I KNOW.' And that is enough. Knowing that you will get anything you want, regardless of anything else.
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honeyfox777 · 11 hours ago
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michaelbogild · a day ago
The common spiritual advice of telling people to become more aware during the day is actually quite problematic for the following two obvious reasons, that one, you forget to be attentive and feel bad about it, and two, that when you actually pay more attention, it changes close to nothing and only tires your mind.
So this is what I advise instead: To meditate. To set apart a section of the day, from 10 minutes to an hour or more, where you consciously and actively attempt to connect with your inner silence by being strongly aware of the spaces, those sacred gaps, between the noise of your passing thoughts.
This exercise (which is thousands of years old) relieves the annoying stress of having to remind yourself, again and again, of being conscious during the day as well as giving you some real remarkable and actual results in terms of a greater experience of joy and tranquility.
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thichnhathanhgems · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
As a human being, you should be born and you should die. That is the historical dimension. Then you have to touch the Buddha deeply in order to touch his or her ultimate dimension. You can also look deeply at an ordinary human being—not a buddha, just a non-buddha like myself or yourself. If you look deeply at yourself, you see that you have this historical dimension—you have birth and death. But if you look at yourself more deeply, you see that your true nature is the nature of no birth and no death. You are also like a buddha: you have never been born; you’ll never die. So in you I see a buddha; in everyone I see buddha in the ultimate dimension. That’s why we can talk about countless buddhas. It is exactly because the Buddha is a human being that countless buddhas are possible.
We have to remember that inside of the historical dimension there is the ultimate dimension. We are not really subjected to birth and death. It is like a cloud. A cloud can never die; a cloud only becomes rain or snow or ice, but a cloud can never be nothing. That is the true nature of the cloud. No birth and no death. A buddha shares the same nature of no birth and no death, and you share the same nature of no birth and no death.
- Thich Nhat Hanh
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