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postitforward · 2 months ago
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You’re not alone if you’re feeling burnt out or you’re running on a low tank. Acknowledge those feelings and take a moment to pause in the present. Take a deep breath in...and out...before you reflect on what you need to move through these difficult feelings.
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aurelie-ualanik · a year ago
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moonspookies · a year ago
how to deal with a witchy burnout
most of us have been there. we lose our touch with the craft and don’t feel like doing much. we feel too tired and exhausted to put effort in it and sometimes we feels like there’s no point.
here are some tips on how to get out of this sticky situation! 🌙
drink tea ✨
yes, you heard me! drinking teas with specific herbs (like chamomile for sleep, lavender for anxiety, etc.) will help you get in tune with herbal magick. you can also stir your tea clockwise to bring forward something (like good energy or calmness) or add a sigil on the bottom with some honey (doesn’t have to be perfect). 🍵✨🌸
nature walk ✨
get in tune with those energies outside! i always find a walk on the grass helps pick up my mood (especially barefoot!!). envision the energies from the earth flowing into your body 🌱🌎🍃
witchy movie ✨
sometimes, we just need a little inspo to bring us back to our craft. watching witchy movies can bring back that spark into us! some great movies i recommend are:
the craft
hocus pocus
the love witch
practical magic
charmed (a show)
the vampire diaries (a show)
tarot ✨
start off with one card if more than that feels like it would tire you. it’s ok! you can do one in the morning by asking a simple question like “what should i focus on today?” 🔮✨💜
food ✨
incorporate some magick into the food you eat! this isn’t hard at all, especially since we all eat food everyday. simply add an intent to an herb or spice and then add it into your food. for example, add cinnamon onto your oatmeal, with your intent being that you will have abundance 🥐🍦🍩
songs ✨
songs are great to get you back into magick! listen to pagan music, celtic songs, or just look up “witchcraft songs,” “wiccan songs,” or “pagan songs” on spotify🌛🤍🌜
gratitude ✨
this one’s real simple! when you wake up, thank the universe that you got to live to see another day. you can even journal it. breathe in the air and think of how grateful you are that you’re able to do that. soak in the sun’s rays and feel the heat. 🌞🌼💛
final words...
it’s ok to take breaks! nothing wrong with that. it’s human. appreciate yourself as a person. remember, you are magickal and divine no matter how many burnouts you have. burnouts happen to nearly everyone and it’s completely normal! 🍄🐥🌈
sendin good vibez 💜
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anengineersguide · a year ago
10. Mindfulness I
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I remember hearing several years ago that people were getting burnt out on the overuse of the word "mindfulness", which is super unfortunate. I hope it doesn't have too many negative associations for you, because it's a super practical skill!
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thedailyzen · a year ago
You don’t need to forcefully try to be positive. Be fully present and acknowledge the truth of each moment. Feel what you feel fully.
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