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queensofrap · 3 years ago
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remyma: This weekend I celebrated a milestone with my best friend, my partner in everything, my husband, my forever @papoosepapoose I love you so much- not only because you are the perfect soulmate but because you are the epitome of a real man, the essence of a great father, and the definition of loyalty & if I could start life over the only thing I would change is meeting you sooner so that I can spend more time with you💋 We’ve known each other 13 years & been married a decade😍 we renewed our vows amongst our closest friends and family members It was a small, intimate setting and one of the most precious moments of my life...thank you Husband, u always make me happy 💍 #BlackloveForever #MeetTheMackies #RemAndPap #RemyMa #RemyMafia
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blknzmedia · 4 years ago
#BlkNz365 - We celebrate our history 365 days/year (plus some) . We acknowledge Remy Ma and Papoose for their #BlackLuv in a world that tries reject it. They show that we can be the best in our careers and love. Ain't nothing better than having a partner to hold you down 💜 . Often Black History Month brings out the same narrative of history: The all too familiar “I have a dream, Rosa Park stayed seated, maybe edgy mention of Malcolm X as our revolution’s antagonist" kind of history. Black Noize isn’t with Black History being packaged in a neat little box & stuffed into the shortest month. We challenge our social media family to make #BlackNoize for 365 days. . DM us to submit a picture of your right fist raised in the air. Black Power. Black Love. BLACK NOIZE!!! #meetthemackies
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