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Mammoth: I like these walking forest, thay are a nice forest, no leafs on there branches but it is a nice forest, i will stay with this walking forest

Reindeer: OK, as long as we have this big fool of fluff the wolfs stay away, lets just let him believe we are trees ok no one say a thing.

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Im glad i dont live in an age where terrestrial mega fauna exists

I do not have the mental capacity or maturity to handle unexpectedly seeing giant animals going to town

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BRB, spending all night reading about Australian Megafauna

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How wild is it that whales exist, these larger than life, majestic creatures that right af this moment inhabit our earth. How wilder is it that creatures bigger than the blue whale may have existed, just in the water. And how much wilder is it that there’s still so much more we don’t know about our oceans. That we’re trying to discover more about Mars when we don’t even know everything about our own planet.

The giant squid that turned up in our fishing nets, mysterious sonar feedback from certain parts of the sea, new behaviours in sea life.

Think about how small we are in relation to the majestic creatures we know exist in our waters, and how even they may feel small in comparison to something we haven’t discovered yet.

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Me: Did you know that there was a giant ground sloth in North America? The biggest got up to 10 feet tall


Featuring the picture that they said looked like the sloth was eating broccoli

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omg the marsupial lion was apparently a thing, how on earth did I miss that one??? *watches just about every single extinction documentary ever*

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Why does Glyptodon have those downward-extending cheekbones? That's so bizarre

(I hope you don’t mind me answering publicly!) Isn’t it, though? We aren’t positive why they have those, but the prevailing theory was that they served as an anchor for the huge muscles for their snouts and jaw. We aren’t positive, but there’s a lot of speculation that they had trunks like tapirs. They also have a craniomandibular joint in their jaw that prevents them from moving their jaw in any way but side to side for grinding. 

That combined with how little movement their neck had means they likely had to eat extremely tough grasses and roughage that was really close to the ground, and when you have to do that and also have a huge head and basically no neck, a trunk and powerful jaws seem pretty likely!

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I’m thinking about making a 7th ed. Gamma World campaign where all of the races are genetically engineered prehistoric animals created by future humans (or maybe aliens?) and used for exploring other planets/other dimensions.                              

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Sfé drew these lil’ critters to go with the Mega Fauna comics anthology that both he and I have stories in and that I was an editor on. And I got to colour them (colouring is my favourite thing). We’re turning them into stickers.

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