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Here’s my second anniversary picture, this time for Gen 2/Johto!

This is Lilly (Meganium), Wiggles (Furret), Cerby (Houndoom), Arachne (Ariados), Mary (Ampharos), and Anabel (Espeon)! If I hadn’t restricted myself from including legendaries, replace Arachne with Aurora, my Suicune.

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When Meganium are looking for mates, they’ll release a special aroma from their flower to indicate they’re available and looking for someone. While other Meganium can identify the particular scent for its meaning, it’s also an appealing scent to most other Pokémon. However, it can be tricky for humans to identify it on their own. Also look for when a Meganium starts hanging around exclusively another Pokémon. If Meganium’s flower is full and colorful, it’s in a good mood, and finding someone it likes and who likes it back may be the cause.

Meganium will keep their eggs in large clumps of vegetation, using their Grass-type abilities to nurture the surrounding plants. Both parents will take turns watching over the egg. A Meganium will expect this of its mate even if said mate is of a different species, and if the mate isn’t as observant of the egg as Meganium, Meganium will get very frustrated with them. Some Meganium will also release fowl-smelling aromas around the egg to keep predators away, but others will release more pleasant scents to comfort the egg.

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This is the team for the Prime Cup, where everything is lvl.100

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Another Pokemon piece! This one I made for my husband, who has been a huge fan his whole life. Not sure if anyone is familiar with Saint Louis but the background is meant to be the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park!

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Meganium 🌸

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I wasn’t going to work on this anytime soon but, that New Pokemon Snap trailer, huh? First time I’ve seen Meganium get some attention in the games so I’m riding that high. 


Suggested Ability: Grassy Surge

Suggested Base Stats:
HP: 100
Atk: 82
Def: 130
Sp. Atk: 103
Sp. Def: 130
Spd: 80

(I say suggested cause I don’t know a thing on game design or balance, just saying what fits the pokemon.)

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The pokemon I’ve chosen organized by egg tiers are

10300 Steps:

Tyranitar and Snorlax

6500 Steps:


5200 Steps:

Slowbro and Meganium


If I go by longest to shortest and leave the hunt for Raikou last it should take me approximately 3 months of in and out egg hatching to get the first 5 members of my team provided I’m using a shiny ditto as a parent. Shiny nongendered mons bring the shiny rate to 1/64, and as ditto is the only nongendered mon capable of breeding it has a very unique place in gen 2 shiny hunting.

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In Pokemon Stadium 2, having a viable team is something that is hard to build up to without extensive planning. So I’m doing extensive planning.

Here’s my team so far













This will involve extensive shiny hunting and hunting for tms, especially raikou. Who I’m expecting to take the longest by far.

Basically everything needs rest and leftovers so that’s at least 6 times I need to make it to kanto.


The team has a bad weakness to bug but the only viable bug move is mega horn, which is exclusive to heracross.

If you have any advice please feel free to give it!

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We’re finally done with Kanto! Here we are in Johto, folks! I give you the Chikorita line.

The blue is based on Chikorita’s name most likely coming from the chicory flower, which has lovely blue petals.

- Dragonis

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hug this plant dino

Yo that new pokemon snap looks cool, and i’m happy this dino plant is getting more love for being glowy.

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Meganium love, YES

Look at him

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a very late holiday lyra to wish you all the best!!

& im queuing up all the art i forgot to post over the last months, so please stay tuned 💕

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