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“I don’t understand why Omid Scobie gets so much hate for liking Meghan and Harry. It definitely does come across in his articles but I can count on my right hand the number of journalists truly remaining professional and objective about the Sussexes at this point. I’d rather be able to tell that a writer really likes a person than for it to be clear that they hate them and want them to be hurt by their words … anyone, not just Meghan and Harry. #BeKind” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“Why are there only white people writing comment pieces on Meghan in the UK? If you must write about her,which you don’t since we’re not paying her and she’s not representing the UK, then at least make sure you add different voices to the mix because as much as people like to insist on opinions not being racially motivated, the language,imagery&narrative of these columns scream prejudice(if not racism)& no black/mixed girl would ever write anything like that,I’m saying that as a mixed Brit myself” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“One of Sussexes’ excuse to step back was to want privacy for their son. Before they got married they knew they wanted children (engagement interview) so, why still go on with the circus? Even the Queen offered them a private life but without titles before wedding and they still said no! They wanted it all: royal wedding, titles, palaces, money, fame. They did want the royal life and be adored, and when they realized it didn’t work they run away with the titles and daddy’s money and no duties.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“What did people say about Meghan saying to the BRF “they could take their money and titles” and she was going to live her private happy life to Canada? Well, as far as I know, it’s confirmed from the palace Charles would still give them a pay from his private money (define independence) and last I checked Disney has DUCHESS OF SUSSEX on their poster. She’s not even living in Canada but in Hollywood. Good luck inventing excuses to cover Meghan because they have a lot of work to do!” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“At this point, any time I see a Daily Mail/The Sun article about any royal, but particularly the Sussexes, I completely ignore it. If it’s actually true, I’ll see it later - either from a royal reporter or from a news source that can be relied upon for genuine news. Less biased reporting if I read it elsewhere, too.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“Its not the 16th century anymore and the “celebrity” phenomenon has now officially taken off. We’re at peak celeb culture, so I’ll say it: at this point, to claim that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer relevant because they are not senior members of the BRF is a bald-faced lie.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“I think ‘Finding Freedom’ is a pretty neutral name. It’s not like they called it 'f*ck the Queen’ or anything really inflammatory. Besides, it’s pretty common knowledge that the royal family is a very constricting lifestyle. Most of the early criticism for Meghan was that she wasn’t following protocol. My opinion is that people don’t like the idea of the book in itself, and so they’re dramatising it.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“While it may be easy to judge Meghan for ‘reading to the camera’ for the recently released video, she was actually reading FOR the camera. The campaign, Save the Stories, was started by Jen Garner & Amy Adams to have celebrities read stories to children. In my opinion, maybe she should have read the story all the way through then bring in Archie. I know that wouldn’t have gotten as much attention but I’m giving her the benefit of doubt here (not something I normally do btw).” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“Here’s a thought: people are pissed because William and Catherine haven’t defended Meghan, but why should they? Meghan is a grown woman and capable of defending herself (hence the lawsuits). She didn’t need to rely on the Cambridges to do that for her. Also has Harry ever said a word when Catherine has been hassled by paparazzi or when papers wrote nasty things about her?” - Submitted by Anonymous

“Meghan Markle is the ELDEST among them + pushing 40 soon but people are mad that she is not being “protected” by William and Kate…what kind of logic is this? She is a grown ass adult who is more than able to defend herself with the resources and platform she has. Nice if other family members said something but there’s no need to crucify them if they don’t.” - Submitted by Anonymous

“Why do Wills & Kate have to defend Harry & Meghan? That isn’t their job. Harry doesn’t need his big brother fighting his battles for him. People need to stop attacking the Cambridge’s because they’re not supporting Harry. Not everything is about Harry & Meghan, Wills & Kate have three small children. That is their priority not the drama that is Harry & Meghan” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“I wish Harry would stop making his wife’s case against the media about himself. It’s like he’s waited his whole life to seek revenge against the press and now he’s gotten the opportunity to do so at the expense of Meghan’s suffering. It’s so disrespectful to her! She’s out there trying to fight the xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic British press and he’s making it about getting even with them. Horrific!” - Submitted by Anonymous

“I truly applaud Meghan for calling out the press for their thinly veiled racism and misogyny. It’s unacceptable and vile and NO ONE -not Catherine, not Victoria, not Maxima, not Sophia- should ever have to be subjected to it. Not every royal will feel the need/wants to speak out against it, but I’m glad she did. However, I HATE that Harry has brought his personal vendetta against the press into this. This fight is about injustice, not his ultimate revenge fantasy.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“I realize that context is everything but I have no idea why H&M would want those text messages to her father released. “We’re sending security now” “don’t talk to the media-you’ll regret it.” Without some sort of further context, these don’t sound like concerned individuals, they sound like low key threats. Why would they actually want these released to the media let alone entered into evidence in a court case?” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“Meghan says she doesn’t read anything about herself online yet is suing the DM for multiple stories about her. Girl your nose is going to keep growing from all those lies.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“I never really liked Meghan and I think the idea of her ignoring her father before her wedding day was the reason I felt iffy about her. Now I read the texts, and it seems like he was the one doing the ignoring (and actively disregarding what his new son-in-law, who had prior experience with the press, had to say), it’s like my whole view of her has tilted. I’m looking back on the Forces for Change edition and I’m almost ashamed to say that it definitely reads better this time around.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“Even if Meghan was glowing in the last events of the couple as members of the Royal Family, Harry looked really miserable (military event and Westminster). I think he has only left the RF for love for his wife but he will end up regretting it. It’s what always happen when you change your whole life only based on the wishes of your partner. It rarely works. The sad thing is they’ve managed it so badly that when the time comes he’ll realize he’s burned all the bridges to his family and country.” - Submitted by Anonymous

“I think Harry is looking very dejected after Megxit news.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“While the media is known to sensationalize and give half truths, the purpose of PR is to make people believe in their client’s narrative. Meghan’s positive spin about herself- truth or does she want people to blindly believe her? Meghan is not innocent in her PR wars. She’s building and enforcing her own narrative. She said 9 specific DM articles were lies, what about the rest-demanding for a different tiara, her PA quitting after the wedding, making Kate cry?” - Submitted by Anonymous

“Meghan sued the press for only 9 articles but she didn’t sue them over the articles about her demanding a different tiara, making Charlotte cry, where Harry said what she wants she gets, her PA quitting after their wedding because she found Meghan difficult, where she shouted at the Queen’s staff cause her dish tasted like egg, where she emailed her staff at 5 am and the one about her spending millions for her first year. Those articles Must be true then.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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