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黑人主宰水域 @waterrr
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— ; 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐈𝐈. bear with me
⁍ pairings. fushiguro megumi x reader
⁍ genre. royal au, contractual marriage, angst, hurt/comfort
aki's notes. fushiguro's mom actually doesn't have a name, i just gave her one for the sake of the fic dsskslskj
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— ; 𝐚 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠.
it has been a month after sealing the marriage with the crown prince of edo'in. you had thought it'll be different, maybe he would be more open with you now that you're married. but, to your dismay, nothing has changed. he was still cold, an air of apathy around him whenever he was with you.
great sorrow falls over you, missing your father, nobara, your bedroom — since your shared bedroom seemed all too big despite it being bigger than your room before. it feels like there's a huge rift in it whenever you enter… like something is so far from your reach — and the overall energy of your kingdom.
while you do love the calm aura of edo'in, you didn't like how lonely you felt inside its walls. so unfamiliar, so foreign. it also did not help that your husband was barely around, always on the field with his men fighting for god knows what.
his company was no good either, for he always had a say. always clashing with your ideas, disregarding your concern, and blatantly avoiding you in the halls — seriously, did he see you as the plauge? how rude. today, however, was a surprise, as megumi approached you, seated on the table of your shared bedroom. he clears his throat, and you look up from what you were writing.
“father wishes to know if you’d like to go horse riding with us today.”
“horse riding?”
he nods his head once and walks over to the coat rack to grab — what you only assume is his navy shadbelly. he puts it on, swift fingers buttoning his coat as he turns to look at you.
“it is tradition for us zen’in’s to go horseback riding every 10th of may. reason being why, i do not know myself.”
“or you prefer not to tell me.”
“maybe i do,” he retorts and you roll your eyes at him, closing your journal. “so, are you coming?”
“it does not feel like you want me there,” lacing your hands together atop the notebook, “you only ask out of duty.”
he stays quiet, navy eyes observing you from when you sit. after a minute of silence and considering his offer, sighing, you get up, walking over to where he was to grab your coat. 
“but, i certainly can not refuse if it is your father who requested me to be there, no?”
gazing up at him through your lashes, megumi clears his throat. and, unbeknownst to him, something flutters in his chest with the way you’re looking at him right now. he looks away, irritated. and, fixes his collar, furrowing his brows.
—; 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐩𝐮𝐭𝐞.
“ah, if it is not the most beautiful woman here,” megumi’s mother cups your cheeks as she sees you and her son walking to the field, meeting you halfway.
“please, queen ai,” you laugh, tucking a hair behind your ear, “you flatter me too much. i believe it is you who are the most beautiful.” 
she laughs, a bright smile adorning her features, and queen ai takes your hand and walks with you to the horses. megumi falls into step with his father who was behind you both. fushiguro watches your back, your laughter ringing in the air, and he swears the only time you were ever happy was when you were with his mother. 
it is true.
and, he cannot once again stop the fluttering in his chest as he imagines making you happy. you in his arms, holding you so delicately like fine porcelain. bullshit, he thinks. you’d never allow him to. as you reach the stables, you pick the horse near the end, making megumi’s father release a low whistle and chuckle as he picks his horse.
“great choice, darling!” queen ai says, and as you turn to face them, the scowl on megumi’s face says otherwise. 
“i do not think it is, dear,” toji replies, already seated on his. looking at them innocently, you tilt your head, “is this someone else’s?”
maki suddenly comes in the stable with her sister, laughing as she walks past your displeased husband, “that is megumi’s horse.”
“the last time i rode his, he threate–,” he bites back, glaring at mai — maki’s twin. “you are making things up.”
you give a guile smile his way, “does he not perform well if he is not on familiar grounds?” – and he huffs, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. “by grounds, i mean his horse?”
“i do well, whatever horse it may be.”
he pulls on his coat, turning on his heel to walk toward another stallion, and gets on swiftly. snickering, you get on the horse, slowly guiding it out of the stables as you follow the zen’in family. the air is nice, cool, and the perfect temperature for feeling the air on your skin as you ride the horse, galloping through fields of flowers and rows of trees.
megumi stays close by, just right behind you. there it is again. the unfamiliar thumping of his heart as he watches your gleeful figure, smiling at whoever overtook you. your laughter ringing in his ears. he shakes his head and curses himself. get a grip. averting his eyes back on the trail, he kicks his horse to run faster to overtake you. to get rid of the view that causes his arrhythmia. but alas, he does not even reach your side for it is not his horse he is on, because you had used his. the swiftest in the herd. 
he gives up trying to overtake you and decides to just focus on the road before him. but, every now and then his eyes drift over to yours, unaware that a small smile forms on his lips. only to catch himself and back is the scowl that is always on his face. amidst the feeling of the breeze blowing at your hair, someone shouts, and a horse neighs. pulling the reins, you look back to see megumi’s horse leaning up in the air.
“woah! easy boy, easy!” his horse looses balance and he falls on the ground hard, making you get off yours hastily, running up to him. he rubs his forehead and gets up to catch his horse but, he is long gone as he runs for the stables. he groans in frustration and rubs his temples, putting a hand on his waist. 
walking up to him, megumi takes a step back as you reach out to hold his face, making you retract your hands. and, a pang of guilt hits his chest when he sees an expression of hurt flash quickly across your eyes only to be replaced with indifference.
“you’re bleeding…” you quietly say, hands clasped together. “please… let me.”
pulling out a napkin, you take a step toward him, and he suddenly feels stuffy in his suit as he averts his eyes away from yours, taking another step back. sighing at his stubbornness, you grab his hand — to which he snaps his head to look at you, shocked — and placed the napkin on his palm. looking down, hiding the hurt swimming in your eyes, ai and toji make their way to you.
“what happened?”
“fushiguro fell, queen ai.”
“great heavens! you’re bleeding, dear!” megumi hesitantly uses the napkin you gave him, wiping off the crimson on his forehead. he clears his throat and fixes his coat, toji asking, “where’s your horse?”
“ran off,” he says flatly.
“ride with the princess,” he suggests and megumi quickly looks at his father, a knowing smile present on his face. “what? she is your wife after all.”
the king and queen begin to trot away with their horses and you both stand there awkwardly before you walk back to your stallion. he looks away and mutters a curse under his breath — unfortunately, to which you heard — as he releases a heavy sigh. without turning around to face him, you place a delicate hand on the neck of megumi’s horse.
“i know you do not like me,” you quietly say, biting back tears, “but you do not have to blatantly show your disinterest in me.”
one hand on his waist as the other hovers above his forehead with the napkin you gave him. and, he is left stunned by your hushed observation.
“i do not want to share as much as you do, but i would rather have you with me than let you walk back to the stables.”
his eyes ever so slightly widen, taken aback by your words. he does not know what to say so he stays silent, watching your back as you stroke the horse’s neck. unknown to him, he grips the napkin harder with every word that falls off your lips.
“so please,” you pause, “at least bear with me until we’re back at the castle, then you can return to ignoring me to your heart’s content.”
struggling to get on the horse because a lack of a stool is not there to assist you, megumi’s presence suddenly looms behind your back. hesitant hands reach out to hold your waist, and your breath hitches as you feel hot puffs of air fanning your neck. he gently lifts you off the ground, and your leg swings over to sit on the saddle. heat creeps up on your face as you feel megumi mount himself, settling himself behind you, his chest brushing yours as he makes himself comfortable.
slowly, he leans forward to take the reins from your hands, his arms gently slipping under yours to almost — but, not quite — cage your waist. his head just hovering above your shoulder. this was the closest you two have ever been, for even in bed there was a barrier separating you both. you take deep calculated breaths as megumi guides the horse to turn around. 
he too, controls his breathing, cursing the way his heart is beating so quickly and he wishes you do not hear. megumi leads his horse on the path to the castle and the ride back was shared in silence.
he fell off a horse that day, but oblivious to his own feelings, it seems something else has fallen.
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nap time with dad nanamin!!
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Fushiguro Megumi
X Division Captain (Undisclosed)
Tokyo Manji Gang
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megumi fushiguro and his talented pups
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月刊 MEGUMI 写真:内田将二 SHINCHO MOOK 新潮社
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formation A: if it sucks, hit da bricks!!
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obsessed with that one bug post
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baby megumi and daddy toji 🥰
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rabbit escape
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✧˚ · .☾Fushiguro Megumi☽* ˚ ✦
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𝐅𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐀𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐄𝐏 𝐎𝐍 𝐇𝐈𝐌 — f. megumi, i. toge, g. satoru, n. kento
Tumblr media
-> how he reacts when you fall asleep on him
-> no TWs
-> this is a repost even though the other post was almost to 1k notes <//3
Tumblr media
fushiguro megumi —
his face grew hot as he carried you on his back, the lack of sleep from the night before taking hold of you. your face had almost met the concrete before his demon dog caught you, his initial reaction not being fast enough to catch you by himself. he hid his face in the neck of his uniform, walking past the crowds upon crowds of people wandering all over the town. his hands on your thighs keeping you up and your arms wrapped around his neck, his thoughts in the back of his mind go rampant. though he went through embarrassment, he couldn’t stop his lips from forming into a small smile as you hugged him closer, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck.
inumaki toge —
it was his time to relax, finally being able to do so with you after weeks of being the busiest he’s ever been. and in just a few short days he had yet another dangerous mission he had to go on, maki and panda too. he sighed, leaning his elbows on his knees as he watched the lake in front of him. he flinched as he felt a bump on his shoulder, you who was previously sitting right next to him now leaning on him, mumbling a small “‘m sleepy..” before your eyes fluttered shut, your soft breathes hitting his arm. “salmon.” this was his last chance to be with you for a while, so even if you were just asleep on his shoulder, he wouldn’t want to spend these last moments any other way.
gojo satoru —
he laid his back on the bed, his arms behind his head resting upon the pillows that were underneath him. a small smirk appeared on his lips as you laid on his chest, tired from the exhausting day you had had. your eyes had closed, fluttering shut as your body felt light but also heavy with fatigue. “aww look at you,” he cooed, poking your back a few times. “falling asleep on me how adorable~” his insufferable teasing continued until you simply began ignoring him, offending him in the process. he was close to pushing you off him, but as he realized you had drifted off, he couldn’t help his softening features as he brushed a hair from your face, admiring the beauty he was so grateful to see everyday.
nanami kento —
a sigh fell from his lips as he took off the outer part of his suit, his tie coming undone and loose in the process. he had just gotten home, making his way to your shared room to see you asleep on his side of the bed. with just a single glance he could tell how tired you were, the dark bags under your eyes prominent. he set his things down on th dresser, sitting down gently on the bed as to not wake you. your soft breathes making him smile to himself as he smoothed back your hair, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. “good night love, i’ll see you in the morning.”
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pinned : m.list : reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
join the taglist!: @yeehawnana​ @mono-dot-jpeg​ @nevess​ @escapenightmare​​ @erensnubs​ @loyal-to-my-dilf​ @uravichii​ @savantsoulfinder​ @ebiharachan​ @mitzi127​​ @meguremi​​ @chuuae​​ @emotora​  @animated-moon​​ @izukus-gf​ @hirugummies​​ @whorefornoodles​​ @uxavity​​ @dai-tsukki-desu​​ @miyadarling​​ @momos-shedding-like-appa​​ @asaitashi​
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jjk characters in a haunted house!!
i love this drawing meme sm and i’m probs gonna do more lol
bg drawing by @it-a
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sometimes i rm the fact that i wont see the culling games or maki girlbossing animated for like 5 years and i want to physically harm someone
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My fav tiny itafushi of all time
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"thank you..."
MEGUMI smiles as he pays for your books, handing his card to the cashier, as soon as the worker got it to punch the books, he faces you and pats your head affectionately.
"you're welcome."
feeling shy because you asked and wanted these, you shuffled closer to him and poked his arm. fidgeting with your fingers, you smile up at the cashier who was observing you both as he hands back megumi's card. he packages it up nicely in a bag and hands it to you, muttering a small thank you. to which you return.
megumi nods his head at the worker, and wraps his arms around your shoulder, turning around to walk out the store.
"thank you again," you mutter once you step out the book shop. looking up at him, he smiles and megumi kisses your forehead before squeezing your arm.
"anything for you, sweetheart."
humming, you feel shy as you walk up to his car and megumi notices this but makes no comment. he only smiles and kisses your head once you reach his vehicle.
"did you know i bumped into someone?"
"did you?" he asks, placing a hand on your head rest, leaning back to reverse the car.
"mhm hmm, she didn't mean it. we were both clumsy, and i apologized, so did she."
"that's good then," his eyes focused on the road behind him, and looks at you with a smile when he changes the gear to front, "glad nobody was hurt."
you smile, gently patting the paper bag that your books are in. the crinkling of paper ringing in the car, but he does not stop you. he starts driving and you're unable to contain yourself from the word vomit that keeps leaving you.
"i saw a cat, they said those strays are being taken care of by the place."
megumi turns a corner and hums, stopping at a red light. he looks at you, one hand on the steering wheel, the other holds your hand, "really? that way they have collars?"
"yeah, it's pretty nice of them."
"hmm, very." he tilts his head and admires your features, softened by the night light of street lamps. pretty, he thinks. so pretty.
"i remember tripping on the sidewalk when i was young."
he raises his brows, and slowly nods his head, "did it hurt?"
"no, but it was funny because i was walking alone and no one tripped me on purpose."
"typical you," megumi softly laughs, his low voice reverberating in the car. he quiets down and takes a peek at the light. still red.
"oh, they said that every star we see is bigger than the sun," you peek out the window before looking back at megumi again, "did you know?"
he shakes his head and grins, lop-sided, "i did not, no."
"i read it somewhere, i forgot why that is though."
"we can search it when we get home?"
looking up at him, you smile, eyes almost closing from how happy you are because of the books he bought for you, and him just listening.
"we can."
megumi chuckles softly and leans in to place a soft kiss on your cheek. he pulls back, just enough for your noses to touch and cerulean hues peek behind half-lidded eyes as he looks at you.
he loves moments like this, conversations that might seem they aren't entirely significant, but it is to him. they aren't really connected with each other, the topics, but that doesn't matter because he'll listen. talking about nothing and everything, he'll love every bit of it because it's you.
"i love you..."
Tumblr media
aki's notes. anyone else get really chatty all of a sudden and shy when they're bought something, or get what they want from someone? bc me, yes so here's a quick, vvv self indulgent bc i got books today hihi >>_<<
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PRINCESS: step dad! fushiguro toji x fem! reader x step brother! fushiguro megumi. smut. 3.1k+ wc.
Tumblr media
CW: step-cest, (implied) cheating, age gap, exhbitionism (sort of), spanking, dacryphilia, choking, oral (m), daddy kink, overstimulation, big dick toji obv lmao
SUMMARY: ever since meeting the two of them, you knew there was something different about the men of the fushiguro family — something that although seemed to be utterly and completely wrong, felt better than anything you had ever tried before.
Tumblr media
you had known them for a little over a year — what prompted your meeting the sudden marriage of your mom with fushiguro toji, that leading you two to moving in with him and his son, megumi. neither of them were particularly approachable, although weirdly enough, when it came to toji your lack of interaction was due to the apparent absence of any curiosity on both sides that simply caused you to never build an actual relationship, you two seemingly having silently agreed on not interfering with each other’s lives and only ever talking whenever it was strictly necessary or when the four of you were all put together by your mom in a self-proclaimed family activity — not that you were even close to being considered a proper family, not even an 'unconventional' one, but that was a theme you preferred to not dabble on. with megumi though, it was a different story. at first, he didn’t make any sort of effort to get closer to you, so you assumed he was as frustrated with his new living situation as you were and decided to leave him alone — that was until you started to notice his lingering stares, the way he got mad if you ever as much as looked at the direction of another guy in front of him, scolding you over it and suddenly becoming protective as if he actually cared about you. you assumed he didn’t, that he had probably just decided to play the part of the annoying older brother — even if your age difference didn’t go over a year — and was doing all of it just to humor himself, and you assumed it would be just that, until megumi started getting more adventurous, touching you in places he probably shouldn’t during situation where he most definitely wasn’t supposed to, slender fingers tapping against your knee under the dinner table while your mom and his dad sat across from you, moving as if they were walking until they were playing with the hem of your loose pajama shorts, pulling it up inch by inch, as slow as a snail’s pace until the material pooled at the beginning of your thigh, bunched up around the plush skin so his fingertip’s could touch you directly, whole palm eventually silently landing on you, kneading your flesh more possessively than any step-brother should ever be of their step-sister. you never stopped him, never even thought of calling him out or letting either of your parents know about what was going on, so megumi assumed that was your silent way of expressing you were okay with whatever was going on, that you allowed him to keep going — which, obviously enough, only led to him getting more shameless, offering to share a blanket with you on the rare occasion the four of you sat down to watch a movie together just so he had an excuse to be close to you and, therefore, toy with you, apparently not caring that his own dad was sitting just a few centimeters away from him as he palmed your clothed heat through your flimsy cotton pants, snapping the loose waistband against your lower stomach before diving into it, whole palm cupping your core over you slowly soaking panties, every so often moving it and pressing the pads of his fingers over where your clit was, smirking as he heard you suppress a whine, pleased with your reaction beyond what you could ever expect it. he very obviously got off on it, on knowing you could get caught any second if you weren’t careful enough, that any innocent look towards you from your mom or any quick sweep of his dad’s eyes at your general direction could land you two in a more than uncomfortable situation — but he still kept on doing it any chance he got because he enjoyed the thrill, enjoyed knowing he was playing a dangerous game that could either land him an amazing fuck or completely destroy his dad’s marriage.
as time passed by, megumi only kept advancing, getting to a point where it was inevitable that his lips were ghosting over your sore neck, indents of his teeth littering the area while his own saliva covered the shallow wounds, both of you breathless while he hovered over you, long lashes clapping together countless times before he was finally recollecting his thoughts, looking down at you one last time to take in your already fucked out expression before straightening up, the outside of his knees pressing into your inner thighs and keeping them spread before he was moving down, pushing your top up to just below your chest and discarding of your shorts, throwing the material away mindlessly.
"look at how wet you are" he mocked, lips curled in a devious smile as he tapped your damp underwear, two fingers pressing over the sensitive area teasingly, making you whine at the touch, legs subconsciously moving, attempting to clamp around his wrist. "you have to be quiet, princess. don't want us to get caught, do you?" he laughed, eyes locked on yours as he spoke, intense gaze not faltering even as he hooked his fingers on the hem of your panties, pulling them down to fall loosely wrapped around your ankles.
"are you sure we can do this, 'gumi?" you asked, somehow still reluctant about the whole situation.
"do you want me to stop?" he asked, halting all movements while looking at you, suddenly more serious than before.
you pondered on it, coming to the conclusion that you didn't want him to stop — just weren't sure if it was alright to allow him to touch you like that.
"well, doesn't it being wrong just make everything better?" megumi replied once you voiced out your thoughts, waiting for you to timidly nod before continuing with his antics. "then there's no reason for us to stop"
and you hated to admit, but he was absolutely right. you knew you shouldn't, knew you shouldn't allow megumi to touch you like that, to shed away all the layers of your clothing until you were completely bare for him, completely under his mercy — but it just felt so good, the way his fingers travelled through your body as if they were made exactly for that, touching and swirling and bending and doing anything and everything just to make you feel good, bringing you up and down to earth so effortlessly you felt like it was a shame you hadn't started doing all this earlier. you liked it all a bit too much, and you knew that, but you also didn't care because how could you? it felt amazing and, after a while, you were able to convince yourself that that was all that mattered — were able to forget that the man touching you was your step-brother and that although you weren't actually related in any way, this was still something a little beyond immoral.
"fuck! princess- argh, you feel so fucking good around me" megumi would always groan, lips ghosting the shell of your ear while his warm breath sent shivers down your spine. his fingers always digged into your sides helplessly, grip strong enough to leave you sore afterwards as he aided you in moving up and down his cock, your own hands planted on his shoulders, looking for leverage as you kept going. you liked that position, liked how intimate it felt, how you were so close to each other and how you could hear every single sound that escaped megumi's mouth, all the small groans and shy moans and filth he murmured just for you to listen to. you could never be too careful, always having to be as quiet as possible so no one else outside of your bedroom could hear you, but after some time that was just another part of the whole thing that you learned to enjoy, getting as addicted to the thrill of doing something so wrong just outside of everyone's prying gaze as megumi was.
even with those restrictions, you two eventually started getting more adventurous, trying new positions and just anything different that you could think of. as time passed, and as you grew more comfortable with each other, megumi started getting slightly rougher, throwing you onto his bed eagerly and flipping you so your ass was up and your knees held up most of your weight, his touch now almost completely careless as he smacked your behind harshly, leaving you sore but, at the same time, begging for more. you liked that new side of megumi that was slowly showing, liked how it somehow felt even more intimate, the way he slapped you until you were crying and begging for him to just fuck you, which would only lead to him grabbing you by your jaw and forcing you to look at him, gaze somehow soft as he smiled at you, kissing the salty tears away while telling how pretty you looked while crying for him, teasing you for getting so wet so quickly over him spanking you like that. he would keep going though, bringing to a point where he knew you were just about to reach your limit before finally giving into your incessant requests, pushing his cock into your cunt and fucking you like you wanted him to. his thrusts would grow more and more merciless as the minutes passed by, uncountable tears continuing to spill down your cheeks as your slick coated his cock and stained both megumi's pelvis and your inner thighs. it was filthy, the way you both got off on it, on him making you cry just to then tell you how cute you looked that desperate, continuing to fuck you until you were all but creaming around him, a white ring of your cum circling the base of his shaft as you reached your high, your moans getting so loud megumi would have no choice but to choke you, shutting you up while smirking down at you pleased, muttering a simple "gotta be quiet, princess". you always obeyed his commands, losing yourself on the lust clouding your mind as you harshly bit your bottom lip to contain your pleasurable sounds. in those moments you somehow always seemed to notice how much he liked that nickname though, 'princess' the only thing he would ever call you when it was just you two, hardly ever using your actual name or any other pet name. curiosity eventually took over you and you asked him about it, asked why he seemed so fond of it — to which megumi replied with a simple "isn't it obvious? because i spoil you way too fucking much" before stuffing your mouth full of his cock. you guessed he was right, he did treat you better than anyone else ever did before, so you just let it be at that, deciding that if he was so considerate, you might as well just keep on taking whatever he threw your way, continuing to allow him to do whatever he wanted with you, fucking every single one of your holes repeatedly until the only thing you could say was his name and broken strings of breathless pleas.
you couldn't really estimate for how long you kept going like that, you just knew that you would probably have to eventually put a stop to it — the impending ending almost arriving sooner than you had estimated it to, though.
"i know what you two have been up to, you aren't as sneaky as you think you are"
the moment toji told you those words you felt your heart sink. you had no idea what he wanted when he pulled you into his office while no one else was home, but this definitely wasn't it. for a second, you wondered why he was gonna scold you over it and not his own son — after all, he had never shown any interest in treating you as anything close to a step-daughter — but as he kept talking, you understood what his main goal could have been all along.
"i can keep it a secret and no one apart from us three will have to ever know about it, but i also need you to do something for me as a way to pay me back for the favor"
you could immediately tell what he was hinting at, the way his lips were twisted into a mischievous smirk enough for you to understand — but still, you couldn't fully explain how, in a matter of seconds, you found yourself actually bending under his requests, kneeling in front of him obediently, looking up at his eyes all too willingly.
"he's trained you well, hasn't he?" toji asked, smile growing as he cupped your cheek, forcing you to maintain eye contact with him as you settled down, knees digging into the carpet as your fingers fiddled with his belt, undoing it and then moving onto his pant's buttons. "are you gonna suck daddy off like a good girl, hm? gonna make daddy feel good so he keeps your little secret?"
and what else could you do but nod, mouth suddenly starting to water as you grew more and more impatient, clumsily pulling toji's pants down so only his boxers covered his hardening cock, his bulge already frighteningly evident even though he wasn't even fully hard yet, the sight of it making you gulp before you were also pulling his underwear down to his knees, audibly gasping once his cock was finally free, twitching mere millimeters away from your face as you stared at it, biting the inside of your cheek nervously before wrapping a hand around it's base, struggling to even make the tips of your fingers meet. toji only laughed at your reaction, planting one big palm at the back of your head and slowly encouraging you to continue moving, groaning happily as he felt your tongue timidly ride up his tip, flicking over his slit in a way that, just by doing so, made him wish he had confronted you earlier. you kept going like that, slowly taking more and more of his length into your mouth — starting by twirling your tongue around his red tip, wrapping your lips around it and sucking on it as you looked up at him, locking eyes with the older man as you forced yourself to swallow more of him, not even able to reach half of his shaft before you were choking around him, the familiar stinging feeling of tears pooling your eyes coming up as you pulled back all together, hand still wrapped around toji's base as you coughed, saying a low "'m sorry" before looking up at him again.
"it's okay, princess" he mumbled, and although you didn't want to, you couldn't help but press your thighs together after hearing the pet name. "just try again for daddy" he added, voice somehow softer than you had ever heard it as he pulled you back towards him again, helping you take more of his cock into your mouth this time, slowly drowning each inch of himself into your heat until he was hitting the back of your throat, praising you for doing so well for him by the end of it all, claiming that your reward for it all was to get to taste daddy's cum.
toji's softness though, much like megumi's, didn't last for too long. soon, he was bending you over his desk mindlessly, flipping your skirt up and spanking your ass harshly, his palm much heavier than megumi's, leaving you even more sore than he already did.
"who did you wear this for? to tease me or him?" toji asked, gripping your jaw so you looked back at him as he undid his belt, carelessly pushing his bottoms down so his erection was slapping against his pelvis, standing proudly against his lower stomach, the mere sight of it so sinful you couldn't help but whine, salty tears once more threatening to start spilling down your face. "doesn't matter, because daddy's gonna be the one who punishes you for it" and although he said it was supposed to be a punishment, it still felt as good as usual — if not even better. the way his hips smacked against your ass was rough, large palm closing around your neck and pulling you up towards him, keeping you as close to his chest as he could while still fucking you, his other hand holding both your wrists together behind your back effortlessly. all you could do was moan, grateful toji only ever pulled you into his office when you were alone, allowing you to scream as much as you wanted, shouting incoherent sentences, begging him to keep going as if your life depended on it, your desperation always able to make him chuckle.
"you want daddy to fuck you that much? are you that desperate for daddy's cock?"
"y-yes daddy, please!" you would manage to stutter out, closing your eyes and allowing the watery droplets to swim free, feeling as toji would pull you closer and kiss a few of them away, proceeding to bite your earlobe after, hissing a low "then beg for it like a little whore" that always made you only cry out louder, mind going wild as you spit out anything that you could think of, losing all inhibitions as you all but implored for him to keep going, to allow you to cum, promising you would be good for him.
"that's it, that's my princess" he would mutter possessively, kissing your warm cheek once more before continuing with his mindless thrusts, fucking you into completion countless times, leaving you a whimpering, overstimulated mess by the time he was done with you, cradling you in his arms and kissing your forehead more sweetly, suddenly gentler than before as he cooed at you, assuring you that you did good for him and that, as long as you never teased him like that ever again, he wouldn't have to treat you like that ever again. you didn't truly care though, if anything pulling another stunt like that not long after just so you could get him to treat you that exact same way once more.
but just like before, you knew your and toji's little adventures would have to end at some point — once more being caught off guard by what could very well be the scenario that would finish all of it once a clueless megumi came home a bit too early, catching you sitting on the other man's lap, his cock balls deep into your pussy as you screamed hopeless repetitions of "please keep going, daddy, please! it feels so good!"
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they accidentally confess to you over text
anime: jujutsu kaisen
characters: itadori yuji, fushiguro megumi, inumaki toge
a/n: just realised i put two different movies in itadori's one, just go with "train to busan" pls :((
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