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#megumi fushiguro
ssanzuu · 2 days ago
beggars would ride
megumi fushiguro x reader
cw: somnophilia, cockwarming, dry humping
a/n: good fucking night everybody
Tumblr media
you’re restless. the ache between your thighs has kept you up the entire night. and it’s only because of the dream you had earlier in the night.
you turn your head to side and come face to face with the calm sleeping side profile of your boyfriend megumi fushiguro. you curse him in your head since it was his fault that your awake at 3:28 in the morning. and you curse him even more for not being awake to fix it.
he could easily take care of you with his fingers alone, but no~ he can’t because he’s peacefully sleeping. really, curse him.
you close your eyes in an attempt to go back to sleep. it’s no use though. as soon as you close your eyes, the scene from your dream would replay.
you on all fours, face buried deep into your pillow, screaming and sobbing as megumi hits deeply into your cunt. his long cock does well in hitting your sweet spot. in fact it does too well considering how your changing his name and slobbering into the pillow.
your eyes shoot open and you groan quietly. the ache is only getting stronger and megumi’s ruined touching yourself for you.
his dick is just that good. you know for a fact that if you try touching yourself, you won’t be able to cum.
you love over to megumi again and as you take in his features you have half a mind to take matters into your own hands and use him to fuck yourself and -wait. a light bulb goes off in your head. that’s exactly what you’re going to do.
luckily you’ve had this conversation before. once while you were sleeping, megumi got horny and took care of himself right next to you. you were awoken to the soft moans of your name. “you know you can fuck me while i’m sleeping if you ever get hard and i’m not conscious to take care of it,” you told him and watched as his cheeks began to tint pink from how blunt and practically vulgar you were about it, “y-you can use me too.”
you throw your leg over his hip and slide yourself upright onto his lap. you move up to place your clothed cunt right over megumi’s crotch, biting your lip to keep your sounds at bay.
you plant your hands on his chest and move your hips back and forth against his. you draw blood from your bottom lip with how hard you’ve started biting into it. you lean foward and against megumi’s chest, burying your face into his pillow.
the pace of your hips steadily move faster as you get closer and closer to the edge. and while the feeling is great, it still isn’t enough to satisfy you.
you lift your hips up pull your sleeping shorts as far down your legs as you can go in your position. you pull your panties down right after, wanting to get as close to his cock as you can.
once the clothing get to your knees, you sit back down on megumi’s crotch, softly humming in delight and go back to humping yourself on his lap.
you grind yourself down onto megumi, rubbing your clit on the fabric of his sweats right over his cock. your cheeks heat up in slight embarrassment at how wet you are.
you can feel your slick getting onto his clothing each time your grind against him. you move your hips faster and faster, hoping to get even more friction. the build up to your orgasm is slow, but it’s getting there.
you whimper megumi’s name as quietly as you can into his pillow. your eyes water a little from how difficult it’s getting to make yourself cum. you somehow haven’t tired yourself out yet. and even more surprising than that, megumi hasn’t shifted not once.
you stop all movements to take off megumi’s sweats. you sit up to carefully pull down the piece of clothing, not wanting to wake him up. you grunt and mumble out profanities because of how taxing it is to take off the clothing of an unconscious body.
you give up when his sweats and boxers get half way down his thighs. you shrug in your head. as long as his cock is out.
you wrap a hand around his cock and slide up his body to hover your pussy over it. you moan when the head taps against your clit. you move his cock to your wet folds, moving it between them, whimpering his name, and finally sinking down on his cock.
once he’s all the way inside, you don’t make an attempt to move further. you use the moment to relish in the pleasure you get from just having his cock inside you.
you lay back down on megumi’s chest, quietly moaning his name. coincidentally, you moaned right in his ear, causing him to shift and wake up.
your breath hitches slightly when one hand comes to rest on your hips and the other goes to rub at his eyes.
you sit up and stare at megumi as he slowly comes to realize the position he and you are in. you watch as his eyes land on where you’re both connected. they scan your body to see where pushed your clothing down your legs and then move to behind your legs where sees that his own clothing were down his thighs.
he blinks a few times, before his eyes make contact with yours. an eyebrow raises at you, though you know he doesn’t need one. it’s obvious as to what went on while he was in a slumber.
“megumi,” you whined, “help please.”
he rolls his eyes at you. while it isn’t out of malice or spite, it is out of annoyance. he’s never been one to appreciate being woken up.
with both hands now resting on your hips, he lifts you up until only the head is in you, then slams you all the way down against his hips, making you thrown your head back and meaning deeply, “you’re doing all the work.”
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minouyujis · 2 days ago
friday | new message from: y/n
y/n: i just got done having a breakdown ohmygodh
megumi: hello to you too
megumi: "girl"
y/n: i'm so sad they had no reasob to beat up jaden smith this badly in karate kid
megumi: you're watching a movie
y/n: yes
y/n: it's called karate kid
megumi: i've been told
y/n: yeah its about a kid learning karate idk
megumi: i would have never guessed
y/n: ok anyways im so sad stop before i cryi again I CANT ALL HE WANTS IS TO HAVE A CRUSH on the violin girl
megumi: why do you type like that
y/n: it's impulsive pls 😭😭😭😭😭 I CANT HELP IT
megumi: i don't get it
megumi: i'm going to bed
megumi: goodnight
y/n: 🖕
monday | new message from: y/n
y/n: pls this is so boring
megumi: ....
y/n: what
megumi: why are you texting me... we're literally right next to each other...
y/n: um maybe bc we cant speak 🙄
megumi: ok
y/n: can we do like random trivia questions while we wait for this to end
megumi: ok
y/n: ok
y/n: whats ur fav color
megumi: i don't know if i have one to be exact
y/n: black?
megumi: kind of basic. it's just a color i feel fits best for me most of the time
y/n: ok so ur favorite color is black got it
megumi: i didn't say that.
y/n: next question
y/n: whats ur favorite music artist
megumi: do you mean who?
y/n: ok anyways i'm thinking ur like an alternative music listener person idk
megumi: sure
y/n: whats ur spirit animal
megumi: dog
y/n: so boring OH MY GOSH
y/n: i'm going to need u to step ur game up
megumi: these are literally getting to know a person questions and you're getting mad at me for giving you honest answers
y/n: maybe it u said something else i wouldn't be snoozing 😴
megumi: wouldn't that be lying about myself?
y/n: focus on ur work NOW
wednesday | new message from: megumi
megumi: HEY 🥺💝🤤🤪😍😵🤩🥰
y/n: what..
y/n: who kidnapped u omfg
megumi: what are u talking about bestie its me 🥺😍🤣🤣 LOL
y/n: hi yuuji
megumi: hi
megumi: nice convos u got up there ROFLLL
y/n: STOP LOOKING THROUGH OUR MESSAGES me and my associate have very private lives and would like to continue to keep it that way.
megumi: ok
megumi: wyd im bored
y/n: um first of all wheres megumi
megumi: sleeping LOL i saw his phone on the floor and just grabbed it
y/n: omg dont scroll too far 🙊
megumi: please don't ever text yuuji back if he manages to take my phone again
thursday | new message from: y/n
y/n: can you check to see if i left my phone charger in my room pls i cannot believe im back home without a charger
Megumi has read your message
y/n: ok
y/n: so is it in there
Megumi has read your message
y/n: this is feeling like us meeting for the first time all over again
Megumi has read your message
y/n: i will now take it upon myself to find someone more useful than u tyvm
friday | new message from: megumi
megumi: sorry for the late response, i was busy and left my phone on while you texted
Y/n has read your message
Y/n is typing...
y/n: ok then why didn't you text back after you WEREN'T busy
megumi: i was busy all day?
y/n: u don't sound so sure
megumi: i'm not going to do this with you
y/n: okay bye
megumi: alright
sunday | new message from: megumi
megumi: are you done being mad?
y/n: megumi
y/n: you... you double texted
megumi: ...
megumi: is it a crime? i don't get it
y/n: DID U MISS ME aww 🥺🙊
megumi: i'm just wondering if you're done being a crybaby over a charger
y/n: it's ok i'm coming back tomorrow anyways and we can go back to binge watching ur boring ass documentaries 😍
megumi: you're the one who asks me what i want to watch though
y/n: do u wanna watch
megumi: no thanks
y/n: um i didn't finish
megumi: i already know what you were going to say
y/n: what was it then huh u freak
megumi: some idiotic joke that nobody uses anymore from five years ago
y/n: deez nuts is a joke from 2013 pls take up on ur knowledge
megumi: my fault for not analyzing that joke as much as you do
y/n: u wanna know what u should analyze
megumi: what
y/n: ur dogs 😍
megumi: ....what
y/n: i tried to make it sound like a ur mom joke because i didn't wanna say ur mom if u didn't grow up with her
y/n: that would be so rude omg
Megumi has read your message
Megumi is typing...
megumi: that's kind of thoughtful coming from you
y/n: u wanna know what else is thoughtful
megumi: Stop.
monday | new message from: y/n
y/n: hey i miss you
megumi: yeah thanks
y/n: "i miss you too y/n 😍"
megumi: sure
y/n: wyd
megumi: waiting for you
y/n: wait u actually miss me?
megumi: i guess
y/n: ur such a softie megumi gumi gumi)):
megumi: are you almost here?
y/n: yesyesyes
y/n: do u wanna cuddle
megumi: sure
y/n: movie night?
megumi: yeah
y/n: OK OMG
y/n: im so excited ahh i missed u so much
megumi: me too
megumi: i got those candies you like
y/n: wtf
y/n: i love you ))::
Megumi has seen your message
Megumi is typing...
megumi: i love you toSkdjsjjddjndd
Megumi is typing...
megumi: ily
Megumi is typing...
megumi: i love you Hmdoskdfg oh my fucking god
Megumi is typing...
megumi: shut up
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Yuji: The ability to fly requires hollow bones. Which also means I could kick an angel's ass.
Megumi: You could kick a bird's ass, but you're not doing that. Why?
Yuji: A group of crows is called a murder, I'm not fucking with that or Mei Mei.
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Akutami Gege has taught us with all of the romantic relashionships in his manga, such as satosugo, that sometimes cannon is not about an obvious shojou romance between two queer characters, but about the subtext and the nuance of the characters relashionships and how this affects the characters direction and role in the story, in Geges world love is the most wicked curse so an overt expresion of love is sort of frowned upon, therefore love is someting that is expressed in silence with extreme subtlety and no gran declarations of love, rather declarations of care like we see itadori and Megumi do, of admiration and respect as we see in Nobaras case, or in the blind refusal of acknolegment we see in Satoru.
Geges has manage to write so many queer coded characters into a story as popular as this one, because the world un which they are written is one of extreme nuance and understanding
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chubbunnyy · a day ago
Yandere Megumi with a fem chubby s/o. Please 🥺
Ofc !!! my first yandere fic hehehe😏
you didn’t specify what you wanted so i just kinda went buckwild
The Closet
CW || Yandere themes, escape attempt, punishment, claustrophobia, panic attack and feeding
“I know you’re in here, y/n. No more running.”
You could hear Megumi’s footsteps approaching your hiding spot. Each step getting louder than the last.
You were curled up behind a metal cabinet with both hands covering your mouth and nose to quiet your rapid breaths.
“I’m getting impatient, darling.”
You shuddered. He was so close.
Your breaths grew quicker and tears welled in your eyes. You were fucked.
“Found you.”
Megumi grabbed you by the hair and yanked your body out from the corner, tossing you onto the floor
“Did you honestly think you could run from me? You know I’d never let you leave, right?”
You refused to look at him. You were crumpled on the floor, face down. Your eyes were full of tears. You were so close. So close to escape but it was torn away.
“Since you disobeyed you’ll have to be punished. It comes natural.”
Your eyes widened. Whenever it came to punishments Megumi was sadistic. He would never physically harm you (never leave scars anyway) so he would instead mentally fuck with you. Make sure you know that he’s in charge.
“Follow me. I have just the thing in mind for naughty girls like you.”
You remained motionless on the floor. Bad choice.
“Get up. Now. Or else i’ll drag you by the hair.”
You could hear the anger and annoyance in his voice. There was no doubt in your mind that he wouldn’t follow through. You quickly got to your feet and followed him back into your prison.
You both walked in silence, the only noise being your quiet footsteps and shaky breaths.
You followed Megumi into a dimly lit room. The only pieces of furniture were a dusty bookshelf and a tall closet.
“Get in.”
What? Did he want you to get in the closet?
You turned to look at him, eyes wide, questioning what he meant.
“You heard me. Get in the damn closet. You’re going to stay there until I say so.”
You slowly opened the doors to reveal a tight empty space. There was no way you’d be able to fit in there, it’s way to small. Megumi wouldn’t even be able to fit.
Even still, you stepped inside. You gave Megumi one last look of fear before he slammed the doors shut.
The cold wood pressed against your soft flesh, nearly suffocating you. You started to hyperventilate, there’s no way you’d be able to last here.
You breathing quickened and you started to feel lightheaded.
“Megumi!! Please Megumi!! Let me out, I’m sorry! Please I can’t do this! Help me please!” You screamed, banging on the walls of the closet.
You screamed and cried until your voice was shot. It felt like hours since you’d been locked in there.
Suddenly, you heard the lock on the door rattling. The doors opened revealing a very distressed looking Megumi.
“That was torture for me, hearing you cry in pain like that. You don’t want to hurt me to you?” He questioned. You collapsed at his feet and wrapped your soft arms around his legs.
“I don’t want to hurt you. I’m so sorry Megumi. Please forgive me, I’ll never misbehave again.” Your voice was hoarse. Your limbs were weak and numb. You couldn’t stand and your arms felt like jello.
Megumi smiled. “I’m glad you learned your lesson, love. You must be starving though. I made you something simple.”
You tried to get up to follow him but your legs were too sore. Megumi noticed and he lifted you up and carried you bridal style to the kitchen as if you weighed nothing.
He sat you down in a chair and laid a fruit tray on the table in front of you.
“I take it you can’t lift your arms, huh? I’ll feed you.” He picked up a strawberry and pushed it past your lips.
“Good isn’t it? I put sugar on them because i know you like it like that.” He smiled as he continued to feed you.
He liked you like this. Submissive and obedient. Maybe he should lock you in the closet more often.
Tumblr media
requests are open !!!
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toastytoge · 2 days ago
stormy nights
megumi fushiguro x reader
a/n: finally off hiatus wooo first ever fic posted on here hope u enjoy! here’s to gumi fluff <3
The fears had always been there, lurking in the deepest, darkest shadows of your mind. You just hadn't known it until the storm was starting to brew.
It was another long, tiresome day of training in which the second year senpais had taken turns kicking everyone's butts while the first years were flapping around like beached flounders.
Well, all except Megumi Fushiguro.
The spiky-haired boy was quite the formidable fighter and cunning curse user, that much was quite aware to you and everyone else already, but did he have to make it quite so obvious?
He'd knocked Maki's cursed nunchucks away from her in one blow and simultaneously made his shikigami chase around Inumaki and Panda until all of them ended up in a messy heap in the grass, the latter two looking frazzled and tired.
Even though his full attention was always on his opponent, you could sometimes feel his strong gaze focused on you, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand upright. But it was probably nothing but a coincidence.
Brushing herself off as best she could, Maki sauntered towards Megumi and huffed. "Beginner's luck. And that's enough for today, first years."
Inumaki followed with a quick kelp! and Panda, ever the friendly senpai, told them that they were making great progress before following his two friends.
You, Yuji, and Nobara waved after the senpais as they gradually became smaller and smaller. Of course, Megumi had somehow vanished as well.
Snorting in annoyance, Nobara put her hands on her hips. "The hell does he think he is?! He literally made us look like complete idiots!"
"I think Megumi's fighting was pretty dope, but then again, I did beat that one semi-first grade cursed spirit..." Yuji quipped, smiling brightly.
Smack! The girl had slapped him (lightly) on the cheek. "Shut up, Itadori. And where the hell is Fushiguro anyways?"
Poor Yuji was rubbing his cheek as tiny (fake?) tears sprung from his glossy eyes. "Ow!! Kugisaki, that hurt." You quickly walked over to him and patted him on the back as he clung tightly onto your arm.
"Haven't seen him, think he went off on his own again." You sighed in response to her question as she and Yuji were now involved in a who-can-stick-their-tongue-out-the-longest contest.
"You two? Wanna go get something to eat? Hello?" No response— they were now so involved in the game that it would probably take a literal Domain Expansion for them to snap out of it.
Shaking your head, you gave both a friendly nudge as you started making your way over to where the little vending machine was, Gojo sensei making sure to keep it well stocked with his favorite snacks and drinks.
As you reached for a box of strawberry pocky, a low rumble made you whirl around and look towards the sky, heavy gray clouds slowly moving together to block out the sun.
Oh no. This was bad. Very, very bad.
You had always been afraid of storms since you were a child, having acute sensitivity to sound that increased the booming of thunder and flashes of lightning tenfold for you. Not to mention the nightmares you would get of your family that had cast you out for not being able to properly harness cursed energy (at the time) and everything that had happened since then.
The only thing that helped you was hiding underneath a massive pile of blankets in bed and not coming out until the storm was finally over, it being a safe space for you.
Oh, and— you hated admitting this— but it never hurt to cuddle with someone.
You remembered how your older brother had used to hug you and stay with you as a child until you fell asleep— oh, how you missed him dearly.
But you also remembered how he hadn't said a word when your grandfather, head of the noble family clan, had kicked you out mercilessly, a look of shame and regret ever so present in his hazel eyes.
And you hadn't talked to him ever since.
But the past was the past, and you had to get over it, no matter how much it pained you.
Trying to push down the thoughts to the bottom of your head, you rushed back to the training field where you had left the two goofballs.
"Yuji? Nobara? I think we should all get inside." You called out, waiting for a response. Nothing.
"Guys?" You frantically looked around for the two, anxiety flaring up in your chest as a chilly wind started to blow, making the leaves of the nearby trees start shaking.
Knowing them, they'd probably already gone inside and argued all the way there. But now you realized just how far you'd come from the entrance to the dorms, the distance looking insurmountable by the minute as the sky grew darker and darker.
Just then, a clap of thunder scared you so badly that you felt your eyes water, hands shaking violently by your sides as you raced over to the nearest bush.
It was about to pour any second as you clenched your teeth, steeling yourself and forcing not to show any outward signs of fear.
If you want to be strong, remember that fear is always the biggest sign of weakness. You could still hear your father's words echoing in your ears.
But you were oh, so scared.
You shut your eyes and balled your hands into fists, crouching down in the shelter of the bush and preparing for the worst. No way you could make it to the dorms, there was just no way!
A sudden hand shot out of nowhere and locked around your wrist, pulling you out of the bush's cover and dragging you along at a rapid pace. You didn't even have any time to react as your feet struggled to keep along with the person's pace.
And then you were there, standing below the wooden archway that connected the dorms to the other buildings nearby just a millisecond before it started to rain full force.
You were completely shocked to say the least and finally had the sense to look up at the owner of the long-fingered hand still grasped tightly around your wrist. And of course, it was the absolute last person you had ever expected it to be.
"Megumi? What— why—"
He put a single finger on your lips, silencing you instantly. "Saw you out there hiding in a bush, didn't want you to get caught in the rain." The words were so matter-of-fact that you had no room to protest.
"Oh— well, thanks. I guess I'll go to my room now before the out happens to go power, oh I mean the power happens to go out, you know, just in case." Your words became a jumble as you grew flustered in his presence, a slight tint of pink heating up your cheeks as you inwardly cursed your stupid tongue.
As you swiveled on your heel to head in the opposite direction, the loudest rumble you had ever heard struck with such a force that it made the ground shake below you, a pitiful whimper emitting from your throat.
"C'mere." Two hands wrapped around your waist as Megumi pulled you tightly into his chest, one hand grabbing your tightly clasped hands as he stroked your fingers with his thumb comfortingly. "Don't be scared, [name]. Calm down, focus on my touch. Here, I'll stay with you until the storm stops."
Not having the energy left to argue, deny, or protest your false bravado against the stormy onslaught, you nodded in defeat (and surprise at his sudden actions) as you accidentally slumped into his warm body, blushing furiously at the close contact.
"Oh— sorry." You said, scrambling to push yourself off of him in order for him to regain his footing.
“It’s okay.” He helped you back onto your feet, a gentle hand loosely on the small of your back as you inwardly gasped in disbelief at his sudden change of demeanor. As you let him guide you up a flight of stairs, it was like he knew exactly what to do somehow.
The two of you stopped at the second door down a long corridor, socked feet padding softly on the polished wooden floor.
Megumi pushed the door open for you, letting go for just a second as he ushered you inside.
His room was nothing like you'd expected— it was cozy and warm, a small halogen lamp heating up his bed with soft gray pillows strewn around on top.
"Make yourself comfortable, I'm gonna go change." He snatched his phone from his desk and went into the bathroom, shutting the door with a soft click.
You couldn't stop blushing like a lovesick idiot at his words. Why on earth were you like this? Sure, Megumi had turned out to be oh, so much different than you'd expected— but you couldn't possibly be attracted to him, could you?!
Definitely not. No way in hell. The two of you were just good friends, and always would be that.
As you gingerly sank down onto the cushy bed, the door opened once more and Megumi stepped out wearing a soft black sweatshirt with gray sweatpants.
You couldn't help but stare at his hands as he moved around the room, getting a blanket from the closet as well as a mug of some steamy liquid.
"Like what you see?"
You almost choked on your tongue, sputtering as you struggled to respond. "Oh, uh, no! I mean yeah, you look.. fine, totally fine, but of course not in like a weird way, you know—"
"I'm just messing around with you since you haven't taken your eyes off of me since I came out."
He was so, so painfully blunt. Your brain started spinning around and around as you laughed awkwardly and thought of some respectable excuse.
"I— was just looking at the— the piece of dust on your shirt!" With a small huff, you marched over to him and reached out a hand to brush off the imaginary speck of dust.
Unfortunately, that also resulted in your fingers brushing up against his toned chest as you turned around to go sit back down, unable to meet his eyes. But of course you tripped, somehow, on the polished wooden floor!! (so clumsy, oh my)— and ended up crashing into the soft bed along with a shocked Megumi.
He somehow landed on top of you, black sweatshirt grazing your exposed stomach softly. His sea foam-colored pupils had become dilated, something deeper reflected in his gaze towards you. It was as if your brain had become jello, you losing all capability to speak. Once again, you opened your mouth to attempt an apology as it seemed to be the only thing you were good at.
He took that opportunity to silence you once more— but somehow his finger slipped and hit right in the middle of your lips, your eyes widening as something sparked in your lower stomach.
But by now you knew you had to get out of the situation no matter what, or it would become utter chaos. You gently took his hand away and pushed him off, sitting up on the bed. "I— I just realized I left something in my room, I've got to go get it! For the storm! And then, uh, I forgot that Nobara and I have to do something. Sorry and thanks Megumi, I'll see you!"
All Megumi saw was a creme colored blur as you practically flew out the door, footsteps pattering down the hall until it became silent once again.
He sank down on his bed, taking one of the pillows and squeezing it like a stress ball between his hands. "Shit, what the hell is wrong with her? I swear I didn't mean for it to go that direction— Yuji and his moronic advice..." Megumi sighed, reaching for his phone once more to call Yuji and berate him for what had happened.
It had been two days and the storm showed no signs of stopping. Ever since that day, you'd avoided Megumi like the plague, staying by Yuji and Nobara's side and engaging in an animated conversation with them whenever he was around.
He would give you a slightly hurt look as he walked away, never saying anything. You had never felt more horrible, but you just weren't sure what to do about your complicated feelings at all or even attempt to address what had happened (if anything.)
Training was canceled for the day due to a gigantic tree twice the size of Panda having blocked the entire field, so Gojo sensei had taken the four of you to the kitchen to whip up some green tea and cookies in what he called his Masterchef masterclass.
"And... start!! No, no, you're doing it wrong, idiot sandwiches!! Yuji, put the eggs in and then mix them all up— not the eggshells. Megumi-kun, well, you're fine. Nobara, the tea presser does not work like that and [Name], something’s burning in the oven…”
After the long tirade in which Gojo flapped his long arms around like a headless chicken and yelled directions left and right, the snacks were finished and all of you had never been happier.
"Now, my dears, I must go and attend to some business in Kyoto. Don't get too wet and I'll see you all in several days!" The white-haired sensei skipped off merrily, humming a tune underneath his breath.
"I wonder how his brain functions." Nobara deadpanned, shoving a cookie into her mouth.
"Well, I'm sure he has many more brain cells than me!" Yuji laughed, absolutely no malice found in any of his words.
As the three of you laughed and sipped your tea, you could see Megumi coming to sit in the corner of your eye as you quickly averted your gaze once more.
The super-duper perceptive Nobara caught you, however, and raised an eyebrow questioningly. She decided to shrug it off and started pestering Megumi about this and that, leaving Yuji and you to set you guys' next weekly movie date.
At last the dishes were cleared in record time and Yuji and Nobara decided to go watch the newest episode of the Office in the lounge.
"Hey, you coming?"
Although you'd very much wanted to see the specific episode, tiredness was making your eyelids close and you decided to take a short nap instead.
"Gonna take a nap first. I'll catch up with you two though!" You waved and didn't stick around for Megumi's answer as you made your way up to your room.
A wall of pillows and blankets were packed tightly around your body as you adjusted your loosely-fitting shirt, snatching your phone up to watch some Netflix as your brain had decided you didn't want to sleep anymore. At all.
You were laughing at one of the more outlandish scenes in some random movie when the overhead lights flickered, then went out completely.
Now everything was pitch black, the rumbling outside worsening the atmosphere. You could barely see your phone as you frantically went to messages to text one of your friends, but there was no service either.
Sighing deeply, you curled up in a tight ball, cuddling one of the bigger pillows on your bed as you forced yourself to go to sleep.
Just then, there was a steady knocking on your door.
It scared you much more than it should've as you called for them to come in, the door slowly opening as you squinted to make out who it was.
Megumi stood there holding a tiny candle, a mug of what smelled like hot chocolate in his other hand. "Hey, can I talk to you?" He looked so heartbroken that you immediately leaped out of bed and grabbed him by the elbow, pulling him gently down beside you.
He set the items down on the bedside table as you looked down into your lap, neither of you speaking a word for several moments.
"Did.. did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry if it was about the other day, I never meant for it to go that direction, honestly.." His breath hitched on the last few words. "I.. I don't know what came over me."
Something in you decided to be the bold one for once, and you placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "No, don't apologize. It's my fault for acting so weird— I just didn't know how to react, really, after what happened. And I basically fell onto you, so definitely on me." You hoped you sounded as apologetic as you felt.
He sighed and shook his head. "I— I was just taking Yuji's advice— never mind, it's stupid anyways."
"Advice on what?"
"Ah, nothing. Nothing at all." He reached over you and grabbed the mug of hot chocolate, putting it gently into your hands. "Here, made this for you."
You couldn't help but let a little smile onto your face at his super sweet gesture, nudging him playfully on his arm in thanks.
He watched you as you sipped the warm drink slowly, sighing in utter bliss as it traveled down your throat, warming you up.
"That good?"
"Mmm." You hummed in affirmation.
"Wait— there's something on your lips."
"Oh!" You looked around for a napkin to wipe off the drink. As you turned to ask Megumi if he had one, he slammed his lips into yours, pulling hard at your bottom lip as a tiny sound escaped from the bottom of your throat.
He pulled away with a wet smack, raking a hand through his messy hair. "There. Now it's gone."
You weren't sure what to say anymore— it had been such a shock. But you just couldn't deny that something in you had liked it, craved it even, and didn't want him to stop doing it. It had just felt good.
He grabbed the mug from your hands and put it back, pushing you gently onto the bed as he laid on top of you, gently stroking your fingers with his thumb once more.
"Don't tell me you didn't want that either, I saw it in your eyes that day. And I've been wanting to do that since forever— guess I just wanted to go for it and see what happened.."
Not wanting for him to doubt himself any longer, you leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his lips in reassurance.
"It was a bit sudden, but— but I've wanted you to do that too." You admitted bashfully, hiding your face behind your hair.
He gently brushed your locks out of your face as he looked down at you, eyes shining. "You're just so damn pretty." He whispered, pressing feather like kisses all over your face as he went lower and lower onto your neck.
Was he going too fast? You let all doubts escape your mind, biting your lip as he sucked on one particularly sensitive spot, closing your eyes as a flash of lightning lit up the room for a split second.
Noticing your tensed body, Megumi frowned in worry as he stopped, wondering if you were afraid of the storm again.
"I— I just really, really don't like thunder. Or lightning, for that matter." As if on cue, you spoke.
He chuckled softly, wrapping his arms around your waist as you leaned into him, face buried in his chest.
"You're safe in here with me, don't worry. Besides, the loudness can drown out all the other sounds you're gonna make soon—"
Just as Nobara had done with Yuji earlier, you gave him the gentlest smack possible on his cheek. "Shut up, Fushiguro."
He smirked as he started to straddle you, leaning in for yet another long kiss. "Make me."
"About damn time!" Outside your room, two figures silently mouthed at one another, pumping their fists in the air as they took a few photos and raced away to show your senpais and Gojo sensei.
Did you like Megumi Fushiguro? Well, it had taken an entire storm for you to realize it.
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unhonestlymirror · a day ago
Have you ever considered the situation from Tsumiki's perspective?
Imagine what it would be like to be a child whose mom is getting married a second time (if not the first time). And your stepfather is most likely completely ignoring you, focusing all his attention on your mom and your newly born brother.
Have you seen the comics with the happy Fushiguro family? There are a lot of them and they are very bright and good... And Tsumiki is Not There.
How often did she feel abandoned?
Now imagine that one day your mom and your stepfather leave home and don't come back. Neither the next day, nor two, nor a week later.
Now imagine what it is like to be left to fend for themselves with a newborn younger brother, who took away the last crumbs of mom's attention... And who, nevertheless, was also abandoned.
Did Tsumiki suspect something was wrong? Did she suspect Toji Fushiguro of her mother's disappearance? Did she have someone to turn to for help?
Many people like to imagine re-meeting Megumi and Toji. But you know what? I'd like to see Tsumiki and Toji meet. Oh, she would definitely have something to say.
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minouyujis · 2 days ago
if you can, more jjk x demon!reader! i loved the first one sm<3
a/n: yesyesyes of course! we love our demon girl!!!
jjk x demon!reader general headcanons
Tumblr media
it took them some time but eventually everyone had gotten used to you. at least you didn't turn out to be a sukuna.
speaking of sukuna, the first time you met him was weird. you're not sure how your conscious let you enter his domain, was it a demon thing?
he stared at you in disgust. you looked too disgusting to be a human, and too weak to be a curse. not to mention the fact that you couldn't even respond to his snarky ass remarks.
"where the fuck did you come from?" "why is a peasant like you standing in front of the king?"
would definitely fight you. it's hard to beat sukuna but he won't lie, he's pretty impressed with the progress you leave on his skin.
tries to bash your head until you subconsciously shrink into your kid form lol
literally he's standing there like "what the fuck just happe-"
overall he thinks you're sometimes fun to be around i guess. you know how to give him a fight and he likes that
meeting the others was a very unique ride for you. you could relate to toge so easily.
the boy would definitely learn sign language for you as you would try to understand his own language of onigiri ingredients!
you have toys of certain ingredients like salmon plushies or tuna plushies just because it reminds you of him
toge thinks it's so cute and it makes him so flustered
you guys LOVE watching youtube together
can definitely see you and yuuji binge watching movies all night, especially since it's at your strongest
gojo would probably finally be able to figure out a way for you to be able to somewhat enjoy life during the day. would request for a tinted dorm with absolutely no windows
would be much different than a regular dorm given you're obvious circumstance. larger than expected thats for sure but you aren't complaining!
you're finally able to spend time with the rest!
whenever maki's done with her training she'd come and check up on you every once and awhile just to see if you were okay
"oi, demon brat, you okay?"
definitely rubs your head whenever you two hang out together in your dorm
check-ups become very often for everyone and your room became a hangout
if they were sent out on night missions like how itadori was found by megumi, gojo would definitely let you roam free as long as you were by his side.
he ordered you not to interfere simply because he wasn't sure yet of how strong you were so he was not going to risk you hurting yourself
"whatever you do y/n, i do not want you leaving my side. got it?"
of course you're not listening lol
because once you see megumi being tossed into the air by what seems to be a special grade curse, all hell is breaking lose.
what the hell do you look like just standing there while your friends hurt themselves?
gojo can definitely notice the difference in your demeanor and how you carry yourself by the way your eye shape dilates and how obvious veins are popping out of your body.
was it normal for demons to look like that when they're angry?
"little one, don't."
the sounds that were vibrating from your throat were the last thing gojo hears before you had already ended up right in front of the curses face, shielding megumi while he was down.
megumi could see the tips of your fingernails growing spikier and it couldn't have scared him more than he was internally
both gojo and megumi would watch your combat against the special grade and how your technique was nothing like a cursed technique, etc.
they were finally shown what it's like for a demon to fight.
the amount of scratches you had given the curse was as if a cat was abusing the power of its cat scratcher
they penetrated the skin easily, looking more like stabbing wounds instead of claw marks
eventually this had to come to an end and gojo had stepped in
you would calm down maybe fifteen minutes after, and the most surprising part about the whole thing is how megumi thanked you for saving him.
he still was always iffy towards you and treated you worse than he usually already treats everyone on a daily basis, but this had finally proved to him that you were capable of not hurting humans. you were a protector of them.
he definitely wouldn't have expected the head rubs you were giving him out of nowhere which makes him flustered
queue gojo recording the whole thing
demon!reader is very much loved and cherish by everyone ever since that day and even though it's hard for you to actually be apart of the activities they're required to do, you still manage a way to be apart of the team during the night time and they wouldn't ask for any other person
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Megumi: What’s wrong?
Yuji: *takes long sip of his Capri Sun*
Yuji: My sketchers don’t light up anymore.  
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Crimson Stained Ivory- Megumi x Reader
AN: This is my contribution to the Frozen Hearts Collab run by @kingkatsuki and @bakuroo-writings CW: Dark Nonsexual Content, Gore, Violence, Reader Death, Hallucinations, Comatose, Angst, Emotional Trauma, Depression, Grieving, Unspoken Love, Not a happy ending (kinda unhappy ambiguous), Fem Reader
---- Snow shouldn’t look like this; it should be white and soft but when touched chilling and crunchy. It should never be a slushy mix of pink and dark red from endless blood, with green from the spilled bile of stomach contents. It should never have its purity stolen with falsehoods of dark crimson blossoms. Much like you should never have lost that light in your eyes. Megumi wasn't sure how long he had sat there, cradling your torn body, his numbed hand intertwined in your unfeeling fingers. He wasn't sure when he had stopped screaming at you to 'breathe', to 'come back', or that 'you aren’t allowed to leave'. He wasn’t sure when his desperate yelling turned into pathetic sobbing or even when that turned into endless silence. When did he shut down? When had oxygen become a luxury his body couldn’t afford? He knew somewhere in his mind he was furious; he was also so miserable it felt like his heart had been ripped out of his ribs. Why did you protect him? He would have been fine. Why couldn't Sukuna fix you? His hands were disgusting, covered in bits of your strewn intestines and blood from trying to stuff parts back inside you. Parts that should never had been exposed to the bite of the winter wind. They trembled as he cradled your face in his hands, pressing his thumbs against the apples of your cheeks. He didn’t want this, and for once he wanted to greedy, wanted to force you to come back no matter the pain you’d be in. He couldn’t let you go. But he had no choice, he had no ability to fix this, he had no control. More tears rolled down his cheeks, turning icy within seconds as he pressed his forehead against yours, ignoring the smell of sour bile staining his fingertips. “You can’t do this to me,” he whispered, pressing a featherlight kissed against the bridge of your nose. “It’s not ok to leave me like this. I can’t…” A sob ripped itself painfully from his chest and he turned his head to cough. His fingers gripped tighter at your cheeks, he pressed a soft kiss against each eyelid as he pulled them down gently, and then ended with a delicate touch of his lips against yours. He choked on a gasp another painful cough tearing its way from his lungs as he pulled away. Hoping he would wake from this never-ending nightmare. He quivered with fear when he moved away, terrified that once he did so the reality would be set, and his fate could never change. That his future would be empty, missing a piece that looked suspiciously like you. Megumi clenched his teeth, as he finally rocked back to sit on his heels, every emotion seemed to suddenly be wiped from his mind. “Ah… Fushiguro?” Megumi’s eyes drifted up to stare at Yuuji, to blink away the ice clinging to his wet lashes. He was so tired suddenly, and there seemed to be this yawning pit opening up inside him, growing larger and larger with nothing to stop it. He was so lost, sitting on the edge of the rim as it widened before him, and he looked into the pitch black, waiting to swallow him. He blinked and it was gone, and there were his two friends, there was your body. Suddenly he wanted to be back in front of that terrifying abyss again, except he couldn’t bring it back. Instead, he stared at the pain swirling in his friends’ eyes. He stared at apologetic softness in Yuuji’s and fathomless understanding in Nobara’s. He didn’t want it, he hated them for trying to feel something, for feeling empathy or sympathy when they had no right. When his entire world had been stripped from his greedy grasp within seconds. When all he could think about was that he’d never hear your laugh again, never see your smile again, never even feel your warmth. The hole that was slowly ripping his mind apart filled with roiling fury and frustration. Why couldn’t they see it!? Why did they think they had any right to feel sorrow when he couldn’t even breathe right? Megumi felt like a trapped animal, lashing out because it was safer than accepting the truth of what the painful ache in his chest meant. He hated Yuuji, he hated his best friend because he hadn’t been able to convince the curse leeching off his body to bring you back from death. Somewhere in the dimmed part of Megumi’s usually rational mind, he knew his anger was ridiculous. But he couldn’t stop himself. He couldn’t stop his face from twisting in a disgusting sneer as he looked at his friends and feeling they weren’t worth breathing the same air stained with the metallic scent of your blood. “Megumi, c’mon let’s go. We gotta tell Gojo so he can send help. So, we can…,” Yuuji frowned, his jaw snapping shut as he seemed unable to say the words. “What! Say it! Fucking say it! So, we can clean up,” Megumi snarled, spit landing on the snow as he found himself leaping to his feet. “So, we can clean her up like she was never even there.” His fists shook by his sides while his curled fingers pressed against his palms. He moved toward Yuuji without a second thought, carefully avoiding stepping in anything that may be you. His hands found the lapels of Yuuji’s coat as he shook him. “Don’t you dare treat her like trash,” he hissed as his blue eyes narrowed. Nobara stepped in, placing a gentle hand Megumi’s forearm, “Yuuji didn’t mean it that way. You know that.” “Do I?” Megumi snapped, glancing over at the girl. “Do I really? Fine, get Gojo, but I’m staying.” How long had it been until they came back, after leaving Megumi to grieve more? After leaving him to whisper to your corpse that he loved you, over and over. He told you of things that you did that he would never experience again, he told you of things he wished he had a chance to do with you, he told you of the future he often thought of with you, and he told you how much he missed you already. They found him on his side, cheek pressed against your bloodied chest without a second thought, as his fingers grasped at your frozen ones hopefully. It was Yuuji who moved him, who risked the damage his rage caused, who took the brunt of the beating while Gojo shuttled them away so you could be… cleaned. More like so you could be erased. As you winked out of his sight, as he screamed at your prone form that he would never forget you, that he’d find you again, Megumi swore he lost what little sanity he had left. It was the only explanation that would give a reason to his actions the next few days. It was the only reason he would never move from bed, that Yuuji had to bathe your blood from him, that Nobara had to make him drink water, and that he abstained from food. They only got inside because they had keys, another present from you that continued to haunt him. Just like how your scent still lingered in the bedsheets, or how your clothes were still in the dresser drawers… or how your picture was still his wallpaper on his phone. He couldn’t breathe, lest he smell you; he couldn’t close his eyes, lest he see your smile; and he couldn’t speak, lest he call for you. All he could think of was you and the fact that you were gone. You’d left him and he was so utterly beaten for the first time in his life. For the first time in his life, he had no will to get up again and try. He had no desire to push beyond his limits. “Happy now,” he whispered, voice rough from disuse and dry sobs. “You’ve broken me.” “You know I always joked about that, I don’t think it’s quite so funny when it’s true,” you said, and he could almost see you smile. He snorted, rolling onto his back, “I miss you.” “I know,” you whispered, and he felt you drag your fingers across his cheek. “You have such pretty eyelashes Megumi.” His eyes fluttered open, and he glanced over to where you laid next to him. To where… you laid… next to him. He blinked, you smiled, tilting your head. He reached out a hand, and the image of you disappeared. He frowned, “Of course.” “Of course, what?” you were standing near the door now, your back pressed nonchalantly against the wall. He flipped his head over to watch you, narrowed his eyes suspiciously. It was strange, you obviously weren’t a curse, no aura and no physical mutations. So, it must just be his delusional mind playing tricks on him. Yet, he couldn’t find it in himself to be angry. Instead, he grabbed at the chance to see you again, to hear you again. “Nothing,” he murmured with a soft smile, taking a moment to bask in the light your presence bathed him in. “You should get up Megumi, you should eat, drink, and maybe bathe,” you wrinkled your nose at the last bit, pulling a laugh from him. “Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed. “’Course I am. Always am,” you tilted your chin with a pleased smile. He sighed, dragging his body from the sheets and for once he didn’t feel like he was dragging an extra four hundred pounds of weight behind him. For once it just felt normal to move. You observed with a smile and twinkle to your eyes. He showered, quietly contemplating how a hallucination could get him to take better care of himself than any desire to survive could or any friends forcing him to, could. You, even in death, were all he needed. You were his reason to live, his reason to breathe, his reason to continue to try, and until his mind decided to give up on him, he would do as you asked. ---- “Do you think he will ever come out of it?” you asked, staring through the glass at Megumi, frowning as you saw the tubes trailing from his body. He looked so fragile like that, like a figurine carefully taped together after being shattered. “They don’t know. They said the damage was extensive, and though Sukuna saved him physically, we couldn’t reach him mentally,” Yuuji said with a sigh, following your gaze to his friend. You trembled, why had he jumped in the middle to save you? You were already dodging. You would have been fine. “Megumi,” you breathed, palm pressing against the cool window of his room. “I never even got to tell you. I love you.” Yuuji placed a heavy hand on your shoulder as the two of you watched your friend sleep soundly, unaware of his internal struggles.
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evies06 · 2 days ago
Can someone please write a yuji x reader story where they are the same as mikasa and eren.
Reader was taken in by the itadori’s and always try’s to protects and cares for yuji like how mikasa does. Eren and mikasa just reincarnated as Yuji and Reader. She would be a strong special grade sorcerer last of her clan. Someone please write something like this. Yes I would read every single chapter, take in every single word and even accept the pain I will most likely feel. Please notify if someone write this. 🥰🥰🥰
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chaotic-dumbass · 2 days ago
the “fuck gojo” squad be like:
gojo: *exists*
nanami: no.
utahime: no.
geto: no.
megumi: no.
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belsumu · a day ago
jjk boys, pixar vs. disney
warnings; crack lmao, slightly suggestive? 
Tumblr media
AOI TODO; pixar. only for the pixar moms’ dumptrucks lmao. have you seen elastigirl? she was his childhood crush, never got over her and never will (look she can even make herself taller). but he enjoys disney movies too, only specific ones though. i feel like sindbad and the seven seas is his favorite movie. really liked the aesthetic and design of the movie. also firmly believes he would’ve been a great sailor in a different life (he would)
YUUJI ITADORI; disney boy! he really likes mulan but only cause of mushu, mushu’s his favorite character ever. he gives me the vibe that the little mermaid is his favorite disney movie. i don’t know why but it just is? he likes under the sea and hums it under his breath when he’s in line. loves loves loves princess and the frog!!
SATORU GOJO; this man. frozen. frozen’s his unironic favorite movie. sings let it go twice a week minimum. dresses up as elsa for halloween and goes all out with the dress and makeup. generally a disney fan. he watched up once with megumi right before they met yuuji and they both sobbed. they don’t speak of The Incident. 
MEGUMI FUSHIGURO; hmm i see him as not preferring one studio over the other, and instead just liking whatever movie he likes. treasure island is his comfort movie though, he watches it when he’s sick or healing from a fight. introduced yuuji to it and now he won’t stop quoting the movie, it’s almost unbearable but he’s okay with it. i can see him as liking tangled a little? he’s got this soft smile anytime at last i see the light comes on
Tumblr media
copyright © 2021 by @belsumu. do not steal, edit, repost, translate, or claim as yours.
m.lists | rules | taglist
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sasukeheaven · 2 days ago
*Megumi finds Nobara and Yuji sitting in a bench looking sad *
Megumi: why do you guys look so..sad?
Nobara: come sit with us so we can tell you
Yuji: Megumi….
Nobara: the bench is freshly painted
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