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thought: megumi doing anything really... he's just so attractive i don't even know what to say. but imagine if he was helping you with schoolwork and it ends in... y'know 😏 the thought has been in my head FOREVER and i'm excited to see what you do with it 💖
have a great day!
oh wow... this... 🛐🛐🛐
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The problems you were working on were completely forgotten to him. Megumi's heart was already practically beating out of his chest when you sat yourself in his lap to do your schoolwork, but every little shift of your weight has him struggling to keep his composure. He'd nuzzle his head into your neck, voicing his need with his sweet voice. You're surprised at first, of course, but you quickly accept, letting Megumi do with your body as he pleases.
His hands would travel under your short skirt, slender fingers pushing your panties aside, lifting your hips up ever so slightly. You wouldn't be able to hold back your gasp as he buries his cock in you, trying so hard to stay focused on your work. His face is beet red and you can feel his quick breaths against your neck, moving his hips every now and then. He's so quiet, whimpering in your ear as he bucks his hips up into yours, slowly coming undone from your soft walls squeezing around him.
Your own composure is slowly breaking, the spark he lit in your core growing with his increased movements. Dropping the pencil in your hand, you grip onto his thighs for support, letting out a breathy moan as you allow him to pick up the pace, practically bouncing in his lap.
"Megumi..." The sound of your angelic voice is enough to send him over the edge, spilling his load inside of you while he moans into the fabric on your shoulder to try and keep quiet. You follow shortly afterwards, a jumbled mess of words leaving your mouth as you grip on the edge of your desk, seeing stars. You feel him let out a breath, and his arms circle around your waist, keeping you in place. His voice is quiet in your ear, but it still sends butterflies raging in your stomach.
"Those problems aren't going to solve themselves, love."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
— ; 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐈𝐈. bear with me
⁍ pairings. fushiguro megumi x reader
⁍ genre. royal au, contractual marriage, angst, hurt/comfort
aki's notes. fushiguro's mom actually doesn't have a name, i just gave her one for the sake of the fic dsskslskj
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Tumblr media
— ; 𝐚 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠.
it has been a month after sealing the marriage with the crown prince of edo'in. you had thought it'll be different, maybe he would be more open with you now that you're married. but, to your dismay, nothing has changed. he was still cold, an air of apathy around him whenever he was with you.
great sorrow falls over you, missing your father, nobara, your bedroom — since your shared bedroom seemed all too big despite it being bigger than your room before. it feels like there's a huge rift in it whenever you enter… like something is so far from your reach — and the overall energy of your kingdom.
while you do love the calm aura of edo'in, you didn't like how lonely you felt inside its walls. so unfamiliar, so foreign. it also did not help that your husband was barely around, always on the field with his men fighting for god knows what.
his company was no good either, for he always had a say. always clashing with your ideas, disregarding your concern, and blatantly avoiding you in the halls — seriously, did he see you as the plauge? how rude. today, however, was a surprise, as megumi approached you, seated on the table of your shared bedroom. he clears his throat, and you look up from what you were writing.
“father wishes to know if you’d like to go horse riding with us today.”
“horse riding?”
he nods his head once and walks over to the coat rack to grab — what you only assume is his navy shadbelly. he puts it on, swift fingers buttoning his coat as he turns to look at you.
“it is tradition for us zen’in’s to go horseback riding every 10th of may. reason being why, i do not know myself.”
“or you prefer not to tell me.”
“maybe i do,” he retorts and you roll your eyes at him, closing your journal. “so, are you coming?”
“it does not feel like you want me there,” lacing your hands together atop the notebook, “you only ask out of duty.”
he stays quiet, navy eyes observing you from when you sit. after a minute of silence and considering his offer, sighing, you get up, walking over to where he was to grab your coat. 
“but, i certainly can not refuse if it is your father who requested me to be there, no?”
gazing up at him through your lashes, megumi clears his throat. and, unbeknownst to him, something flutters in his chest with the way you’re looking at him right now. he looks away, irritated. and, fixes his collar, furrowing his brows.
—; 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐩𝐮𝐭𝐞.
“ah, if it is not the most beautiful woman here,” megumi’s mother cups your cheeks as she sees you and her son walking to the field, meeting you halfway.
“please, queen ai,” you laugh, tucking a hair behind your ear, “you flatter me too much. i believe it is you who are the most beautiful.” 
she laughs, a bright smile adorning her features, and queen ai takes your hand and walks with you to the horses. megumi falls into step with his father who was behind you both. fushiguro watches your back, your laughter ringing in the air, and he swears the only time you were ever happy was when you were with his mother. 
it is true.
and, he cannot once again stop the fluttering in his chest as he imagines making you happy. you in his arms, holding you so delicately like fine porcelain. bullshit, he thinks. you’d never allow him to. as you reach the stables, you pick the horse near the end, making megumi’s father release a low whistle and chuckle as he picks his horse.
“great choice, darling!” queen ai says, and as you turn to face them, the scowl on megumi’s face says otherwise. 
“i do not think it is, dear,” toji replies, already seated on his. looking at them innocently, you tilt your head, “is this someone else’s?”
maki suddenly comes in the stable with her sister, laughing as she walks past your displeased husband, “that is megumi’s horse.”
“the last time i rode his, he threate–,” he bites back, glaring at mai — maki’s twin. “you are making things up.”
you give a guile smile his way, “does he not perform well if he is not on familiar grounds?” – and he huffs, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. “by grounds, i mean his horse?”
“i do well, whatever horse it may be.”
he pulls on his coat, turning on his heel to walk toward another stallion, and gets on swiftly. snickering, you get on the horse, slowly guiding it out of the stables as you follow the zen’in family. the air is nice, cool, and the perfect temperature for feeling the air on your skin as you ride the horse, galloping through fields of flowers and rows of trees.
megumi stays close by, just right behind you. there it is again. the unfamiliar thumping of his heart as he watches your gleeful figure, smiling at whoever overtook you. your laughter ringing in his ears. he shakes his head and curses himself. get a grip. averting his eyes back on the trail, he kicks his horse to run faster to overtake you. to get rid of the view that causes his arrhythmia. but alas, he does not even reach your side for it is not his horse he is on, because you had used his. the swiftest in the herd. 
he gives up trying to overtake you and decides to just focus on the road before him. but, every now and then his eyes drift over to yours, unaware that a small smile forms on his lips. only to catch himself and back is the scowl that is always on his face. amidst the feeling of the breeze blowing at your hair, someone shouts, and a horse neighs. pulling the reins, you look back to see megumi’s horse leaning up in the air.
“woah! easy boy, easy!” his horse looses balance and he falls on the ground hard, making you get off yours hastily, running up to him. he rubs his forehead and gets up to catch his horse but, he is long gone as he runs for the stables. he groans in frustration and rubs his temples, putting a hand on his waist. 
walking up to him, megumi takes a step back as you reach out to hold his face, making you retract your hands. and, a pang of guilt hits his chest when he sees an expression of hurt flash quickly across your eyes only to be replaced with indifference.
“you’re bleeding…” you quietly say, hands clasped together. “please… let me.”
pulling out a napkin, you take a step toward him, and he suddenly feels stuffy in his suit as he averts his eyes away from yours, taking another step back. sighing at his stubbornness, you grab his hand — to which he snaps his head to look at you, shocked — and placed the napkin on his palm. looking down, hiding the hurt swimming in your eyes, ai and toji make their way to you.
“what happened?”
“fushiguro fell, queen ai.”
“great heavens! you’re bleeding, dear!” megumi hesitantly uses the napkin you gave him, wiping off the crimson on his forehead. he clears his throat and fixes his coat, toji asking, “where’s your horse?”
“ran off,” he says flatly.
“ride with the princess,” he suggests and megumi quickly looks at his father, a knowing smile present on his face. “what? she is your wife after all.”
the king and queen begin to trot away with their horses and you both stand there awkwardly before you walk back to your stallion. he looks away and mutters a curse under his breath — unfortunately, to which you heard — as he releases a heavy sigh. without turning around to face him, you place a delicate hand on the neck of megumi’s horse.
“i know you do not like me,” you quietly say, biting back tears, “but you do not have to blatantly show your disinterest in me.”
one hand on his waist as the other hovers above his forehead with the napkin you gave him. and, he is left stunned by your hushed observation.
“i do not want to share as much as you do, but i would rather have you with me than let you walk back to the stables.”
his eyes ever so slightly widen, taken aback by your words. he does not know what to say so he stays silent, watching your back as you stroke the horse’s neck. unknown to him, he grips the napkin harder with every word that falls off your lips.
“so please,” you pause, “at least bear with me until we’re back at the castle, then you can return to ignoring me to your heart’s content.”
struggling to get on the horse because a lack of a stool is not there to assist you, megumi’s presence suddenly looms behind your back. hesitant hands reach out to hold your waist, and your breath hitches as you feel hot puffs of air fanning your neck. he gently lifts you off the ground, and your leg swings over to sit on the saddle. heat creeps up on your face as you feel megumi mount himself, settling himself behind you, his chest brushing yours as he makes himself comfortable.
slowly, he leans forward to take the reins from your hands, his arms gently slipping under yours to almost — but, not quite — cage your waist. his head just hovering above your shoulder. this was the closest you two have ever been, for even in bed there was a barrier separating you both. you take deep calculated breaths as megumi guides the horse to turn around. 
he too, controls his breathing, cursing the way his heart is beating so quickly and he wishes you do not hear. megumi leads his horse on the path to the castle and the ride back was shared in silence.
he fell off a horse that day, but oblivious to his own feelings, it seems something else has fallen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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[𝑪𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅𝒈𝒂𝒛𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒉𝒊𝒎]
CHARACTER(S) : Gojo Satoru, Fushiguro Megumi
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Tumblr media
≣ Gojo Satoru
Gojo didn't expect you to bring him to an open field filled where the blue flowers bloom during the springtime. The clear blue skies contrast with the flowers' color also his eyes, the warm weather brings more enjoyment to this trip. Gojo doubts himself he would like this trip when you suggest it to him, telling you it'll be a boring scenery, but turns out he is the one enjoying it too much like a little kid, running around the open field and rolling on the flowers even though you told him not to. You decided not to bother the man and laid down your blanket while eating the onigiri you bought the other day.
Gojo noticed you sitting away from him while he was running around the fields. He glances up to where you were looking before noticing some cute shaped clouds decorating the blue sky. Ah, cloud gazing huh? Gojo scoffs before making his way to you and joins the inspect clouds.
"Oh! oh! that cloud looks like Simba!" You pointed to the white cloud above.
"I didn't see it." Gojo tried to squint his eyes, to see the 'cloud' you've been pointing at. But still, he couldn't see it. You rolled your eyes before lifting his head to the cloud direction but Gojo kept asking where the Simba-shaped-cloud you were talking was.
"Hah, you should go get a pair of glasses. You're getting old." Gojo opened his mouth as he put his hand on his chest, feeling offended by your words. He took his glasses of before looking you up and down,
"Excuse me?"
Tumblr media
≣ Fushiguro Megumi
"So what do you think?” A smile formed on your face as you guided him to the field of flowers while the boy stared at the sky —mesmerized by it.
“This is great.” He nods as he slowly looks back at you. A hit of excitement could be seen in your face while you quickly pulled out a large blanket so both of you could sit there comfortably. You two spend hours and hours watching the clouds form as well as merge into one making new kinds of shapes. Megumi listens carefully to all your rambles about why and where you like doing this stuff.
“Pst, Fushiguro.” A low whispered voice called him a few times before he looked at his side —finding you waving at him. The boy raised his brow, giving you a questionable look. You looked around before getting closer to his seat as you whispered something to him.
“What?” Megumi asked, confused with what you were suggesting to him. You sigh —rubbing your face before telling him what is it,
“It’s like stargazing. But for clouds, it’s fun.” You give him two thumbs up to convince him even more. Rather than being convinced he was questioning your sanity on why some people do cloud gazing. It almost sounds strange in his ear.
“You sure you didn’t make that up?”
“The cloud gazing thingy. Is that even real?” Megumi's question makes your eyes twitch as you try to contain yourself from trying to shake the common sense from his head a bit. How could someone be so clueless? You sigh, claiming yourself before explaining him again in detail.
Here he is with you watching clouds drift away as the sky begins to change its color as the warm feeling of the wind hits both of your skin. Megumi never realized a simple thing like this would make him smile at the same time it was carved as an important memory that he will cherish the most.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. a girls day out with nobara has you blowing up megumi’s phone with pictures of you in the cutest, tightest, shortest dress he’s ever seen—and after a few more sinful messages, your dress makes its debut in your boyfriend’s private show.
ৎ୭ wc. 6304.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, college!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem + bimbo!reader, praise!kink, slight!iexhibitionism, sexting, orgasm control, body-worship, fingering, bondage, cum-play, cum-eating, mirror sex, clothed sex, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. ree it’s friday again! today i bring you a fic featuring my sweetest boy, i hope you all enjoy! apologies for my absence this week, i hope you’re all safe and well <3
ৎ୭ now playing. cyber sex - doja cat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the night started, with a text.
megumi’s barely paying attention when a text under your contact of ‘sweet girl’ rolls through. it’s all in lowercase and there’s one of those heart shaped emoticons stuck right next to your name— one that he knows you’d put down yourself because he’d never do that on his own and he’d never have the heart to change it, even though your contact sticks out like a sore thumb in his recent calls and texts, against the sea of capital letters and full names.
megumi barely looks as he opens your chat, phone in one hand while he quickly jots down notes with the pen you’d gifted him in his other hand. it’s kinda funny how much of you resides with him even while you’re apart— nobara having stolen you away today for a girls trip to the mall, giving the dark haired male time to study something else aside from your eyes, your lips, the curve of your waist…
he had time to focus.
except for now when his gaze slips to your text, lighting up his screen, reading the words without a second thought, a smile playing at his shiny lips just thinking about you.
sweet girl ♡ at 5:59PM - i thought of you when i bought this, do you like it gumi? the colour reminded me of you!
is how you caption your text, an image following it merely seconds later. megumi’s brow raises as he watches the grey circle over the blurred picture, waiting for it to load before it’s revealed to his eyes. eyes the shade of midnight blue, with twinkling stars woven between cobalt flecks roll to the back of his head when the sorcerer catches the view of your body in the mirror, draped in a dress the same colour as his eyes and strands of his hair, that shows off your figure perfectly.
megumi groans when you send another shortly after, abandoning his pen to hold his slender phone between both hands— zooming into the picture the dress hiked up high over your hips while you bend over in the back shot, showing off just how short the article of clothing is, how easily he can peek up it to snag a view of your white cotton panties— the ones he likes, the ones with the lace trim and ribbon in the middle that he likes to run his lips over.
just the thought of running his hands over your dress laden curves, slipping them up your thighs and dipping his fingers into your sweet ruined underwear is enough to pull fushiguro away from his studies— barely focusing as his cock jumps up in interest— brought to life by the sight of you.
‘gumi ♡ at 6:02PM - don’t tease sweetness, you know i don’t like that. you know i have to study |..
he shoots you a reply— a warning more like as he tries to cool off, thighs rubbing together to relieve the ache in his semi-hard cock. but now the vision of your perfect lips, glossed up and pouting zaps through his mind, which only serves to turn megumi on even more. maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if he took a study break, touched himself a bit to get rid of the tension— his finger dips under the collar of his sweatshirt to let some of the heat off of his body, hips grinding into his desk seat before his phone lights up with another text from you.
sweet girl ♡ at 6:03PM - why? what’s the matter gumi?
sweet girl ♡ at 6:04PM - do you not like it? should i take it back? :(
sweet girl ♡ at 6:04PM - nobara said you’d like it on me :(
“fuck,” megumi curses into the deep of his room, already palming his growing erection from over his sweats. fuck, does he feel bad because it’s not that he doesn’t like the dress on you...it’s that he likes the dress on you a little too much— his tip already smearing precum against the inside of his pants, dick bobbing up and down as he views the pictures of you again. he doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings, you’re sensitive and sweet, a little airy in the head— which he adores but megumi can’t bring himself to say that he likes your dress so much that it makes his dick wet. you’re too cute, too sweet for that.
‘gumi ♡ at 6:07PM - typing…
‘no baby, you look gorgeous… i love it on you. you know i love you in blue.’ is what fushiguro wants to text back, but he barely has another chance as more media from your end rolls through.
this time it’s a video of you positioned with your legs spread in the mirror, your fingers and manicured nails dance down your body teasingly—tugging off the flimsy spaghetti straps of your dress, pulling down the fabric over your breast and hiking it further up your hips to reveal more skin to your boyfriend’s eyes. eventually you hit the waistband of your panties, snapping them against your hips as megumi would to make yourself squeak his name before you push them against the wet spot forming on your crotch— the wetness of your core defining the shape of your folds. nobara must be out of the room because you’d never send a video as filthy as that with her around.
sweet girl ♡ at 6:11PM - i wish you were here so you could see the dress up close, i think you’d like it better, ‘gumi!! :( </3
megumi swears he almost loses his mind, pulling out his cock to tug it along with the seconds of your video, biting on his lower lip, gritting his teeth— too horny to even think about forming a proper reply. the rough pad of his thumb pushes into the slit at his tip, causing the sorcerer to his needily, gripping his shaft with his fist shortly after as he fucks up into it. he doesn’t bother to type out another text, choosing to show you instead as he snaps a photo of his cock dribbling thick precum down his knuckles— almost turning them an opaque white.
‘gumi ♡ at 6:13PM - i really like your dress, baby. i fuckin’ mean it.
the sorcerer collapses forward, elbows steadying him in his desk while megumi jerks off into his hand as if it were your panty clad pussy. you’re quick to reply this time, so fast that he almost misses it in favour of making himself feel good, watching your video again.
sweet girl ♡ at 6:13PM - can you show me how much you mean it? :(
megumi doesn’t hesitate, scrambling and fumbling with his phone to take a video of him palming himself— his tip angy red and dick pulsating with blood flow as he repeats the process of fisting it before squeezing his base so more of his arousal beads at his cock head and drips to his floor— wet slapping sounds carrying the audio for the video.
sweet girl ♡ at 6:19PM - come over :(!!!
you type back and megumi drops his study session in a heartbeat— throwing on a hoodie to sprint over to your dorm, not caring if nobara could possibly be around.
‘gumi ♡ at 6:20PM - unlock your door, see you soon baby.
the sorcerer says, tucking his wet cock into his sweats before heading out.
Tumblr media
that’s, of course, how you ended up like this.
with megumi in yours and nobara’s dorm, his hands roughly pushing their way around the front of your pretty powder blue dress with your back pressed against the sweltering heat of his chest, sitting behind you in the mirror— his fingers, which are hotter— toy with the swell of your breasts, pressing the rough pads of his fingertips into the flesh where they meet your ribs and making goosebumps rise across the plains of your skin. “how come you’re so pretty for me, huh sweet girl?” he whispers into the shell of your ear, kissing your pulsepoint before using his lips to push the strap of your dress over your shoulder.
the fabric falls away easily revealing more of your skin marked with scars and beauty marks telling the stories of your life and then megumi’s hand reaches up to cup your cheek— tilting your gaze until it locks on the mirror. “never met anyone who’s as beautiful as you are, in every sense of the word,” your boyfriend continues to rasp as his lips drag across your flesh, small kisses placed into the crook of your neck as you watch him explore your body in the mirror. “i love these sweet tits,” he coos, cupping them both and catching your reflected eyes— only this time, his thumb slips over the bud that’s naked, circling your areola before pressing down on your nipple in a way that sends flashes of heat across your face— giving the same treatment to your other, clothed breast. “love how soft they are, how they bounce when i fuck you,”
“i love…” megumi’s grip cascades down your sides, pinching at them until soft whimpers echo throughout your dorm room. his touch is like the kiss of a thousand suns, warm and welcomed against you and it makes your eyes flutter shut as you tilt your head up toward the golden rays from your boyfriend. your head falls back on his shoulder and you relax for just a second before he slaps down hard on your breast— the pain shooting through your body and making you moan out loud.
“the way they bounce when i slap them.”
your eyes shoot open, brimming with saltine tears as your boyfriend positions your face so that your eyes settle back on him in the mirror. “gumi...that was mean, that hurt…” you simper through pouty lips.
“oh i’m sorry sweet girl, didn’t mean for it to hurt that bad...just wanted to show you how much i love this darlin’ body of yours,” he coos to you, massaging the sore spot on your chest and giving the hot fleshy mound a squeeze. megumi’s hand continue their journey further south of your body, finding themselves at your doughy thighs as he rubs smooth circles into your skin, groaning at how the meat of your thighs part just for him. always for him. “gonna let me play with your princess parts, angel? gonna show ‘gumi how pretty they are?”
you nod shyly, lust buzzing beneath your skin and shooting through your veins while you watch yourself spread wide for him in the glass mirror— your hands, tinier than your boyfriend’s, pull up the hem of your cute blue dress until megumi can see the soft material of your underwear— the groan he lets out bouncing within the cavity of your chest and sending vibrations straight down to your core. “gumi, gumi,” you say, breathless as you push your face into his chest, trying to look away as more of the treasure between your legs is revealed to his darkened azure eyes in the mirror. “i-i’m…’m wet down here ‘cause of you, w-what if i ruin my pretty dress?”
megumi chuckles lightly, letting you take his hand and guide it under your outfit before he looks to the mirror to watch your face light up with euphoria when he presses two fingers down against your soaked crotch. “‘cause of me?” he mumbles, stroking your clit as you leak even more, defining your folds even more with how wet you are. “well then i’ll have to get you so many new dresses then, huh pretty girl? as many as you want, just so i can see how fucking beautiful you look in them all.”
“please ‘gumi, wan’ that,” comes your gentle response, hips bucking up into megumi’s fingers as he continues to play with your pussy from over your panties— only parting from you to push them past your waist band and curl his digits past your entrance.
“i know you do, sweet girl, can feel it with how wet you are down here,” the sorcerer begins the slow stroke of his finger tips against your squishy insides— your entire body jolts at the new pressure on your g-spot, thighs quivering and attempting to close around his fingers as they fuck you open. megumi scissors them, stretching your hole for his cock, mouth filling with saliva as he pulls your panties to the side and watches you clamp down on him in the refracting glass. “look at you baby, god this pussy’s so perfect, love playin’ with her.”
fushiguro starts to slur, the spit on his tongue intertwining with each of his words as he picks up the pace of his fingers brushing against your insides, curling into a come hither motion as your juices gather between your puffy folds and darken a spot on your underwear. you’ve writhe, hips jutting upwards into the seat of your boyfriend’s palm to push your clothed clit against it and you claw at his shirt and his sweats just to bring yourself back down to earth.
megumi makes you a mess, even as you tear up from pleasure— keeping your gaze locked on yourself while he works your princess pussy from underneath your clothes, makes you watch as your own essence gushes down your thighs and gathers at the seat of your ass— his slender fingers reaching deep inside of your squishy insides, causing dirty and lewd noises to ring out into the sex tainted air, accompanying the salacious whines you let out.
you hiccup and blubber, leaning back into megumi’s chest as he takes your clit between the tips of his fingers— eyes half lidded as your glistening cunt chases his hand in desperation for some relief. you’re always so gorgeous, always so good and just for megumi. no matter how many times he’s seen you like this, mourn hanging open with strings of saliva breaking aw from its roof, your skin lined with a sheen of sweat and your little puckered hole drooling— he can’t help but commit the vision to memory. in the mirror his gaze locks onto the way his fingers pump in and out of you, memorising the ridges on your silken walls and the spots that make your entire body twitch.
your eyes roll back, darling gems disappearing into your skull as your pussy leaks molasses over his hand and wrist, selfishly locking him in. “megumi, megumi, gumi!” you whinge pathetically, chest heaving from beneath the mussed fabric of your dress. “‘m gonna...need’ta—!” you squirm in megumi’s everlasting grip, he’s keeping your hips in place with his arm across your middle and appearing your thighs wide with a large palm, hazy eyes trained on your soaked panties. you keep squealing, filling megumi’s mind with your pretty squeals and squelching cunt, the pads of his fingers bearing down harshly against your stimulated walls, pushing and pulling against your tiny hole— burning your insides like a solar flare.
but megumi’s eyes and stare are as cool as the night, like the air that laps at your swollen folds when he gathers the crotch of your panties between them— using the material to rub roughly at your puffy clit. “you’re my perfect girl, baby,” he laments breathily, teeth tugging at your earlobe while your body heats up, sweating beneath your dress that clings to your every curve and dip and perfect imperfections. you’re so beautiful it makes him hard, makes his cock jump at how you moan and drool your mouth and your pathetically clingy sex. “perfect girls get to cum, but you’ve got to hold it for me sweet girl, can you do that?”
the sorcerer whispers to you sweetly, increasing the pace of his fingers as they twist inside you, occasionally pulling out of your slick entrance. your stare finds megumi’s in the mirror, eyes dazed and full of love that could maybe be mistaken for tears while your hips stutter along to the speed he’s set for pleasuring you.
“‘m s’close, ‘m so close, g-gumi i can’t hold it...it hurts!” you gasp needily, hips running and pussy gushing, a steady flow of your nectar staining your doughy thighs and the floorboards below.
“hold it, baby. do as you’re told for me, yeah?” fushiguro grunts, feeling you spasm around his slender digits, your thighs beginning to tremble as you teeter towards the edge of release. “fuck, sweet girl, you’re so pretty like this, look so good when you’re about to cum, with your body shakin’ like this f’me. i know how you get, a darlin mess and you can’t control yourself, makes me wanna play with you even more,”
you feel your walls tremor from his nasty words, your whole body instinctively lifting higher as you grow closer and closer to cumming. megumi paws at your body, whispering ‘i love yous’ into your ear at every part of your flesh that he pinched, filling your tummy with explicit desire from his praise.
shaking your head, you grip the skirt of your dress until you feel your nails digging into your palms— fighting the urge to let go of it all. “but megumi—!” you blubber petulantly, tears streaming down the apples of your cheeks as your panties soak through, allowing both you and megumi to see your slick folds in the mirror.
“oh i know, sweet girl, i know. it hurts so good, doesn’t it? promise it’ll feel even better if you hold on a little longer, okay?” he tells you, tone deep and almost mocking as he pulls his fingers out of you to tap down on the length of your slit, watching your body jolt in the glass. you trust megumi, your whole body does so you do as he says and try to wait, clenching down hard on him every time he enters your creamy sex and looking to him in the mirror for reassurance. each time you do, you earn yourself a loving flick to the clit and a curl of megumi’s fingers until they press down on that spongy spot inside of you. “there you go, that’s my good girl,”
“‘m gumi’s good girl, gumi’s good girl!” you chant as he wraps an arm around your shoulders and speeds up his fingers, mouth falling open with yours and mocking your moans.
megumi hums in agreement, the vibration tingling in your sex as he thumbs your clit. “‘course you are, always are. go ahead and cum for me baby,” he says to your reflection, smiling with love as you stop fighting your orgasm and let go. your body convulses against your boyfriend’s lean fram, dopamine flashing across your brain while technicolour ripples behind your eyes in new forms— fushiguro cups your chin, forcing you to look at yourself as reach your peak, slapping down on your pussy to guide you through your high until you clear streams squirt from your mound— making your panties see through and soaking your dress.
continuing to slap down on your cunt, megumi hums contently into your neck. “good girl, good girl...look at that, your princess pussy came so much, gumi’s so proud of you,” comes his praise which sends a pleasant wave over your body as you collapse against him, a shaking mess. he pulls his fingers from your heat, bringing them up to your lips— knowing that you know just what to do. weakly and tentatively, you lick at megumi’s slick stained digits— flushing with arousal when he starts to do the same. you make out over his fingers, tongues sliding past each other as you clean his hand of your gooey essence. “love how sticky you get for me sweet girl, love how good you taste even more,”
fushiguro groans, leaning forward to capture your lips in a chaste kiss before pulling you back into his lap— painfully hard cock grinding into your ass over your drenched dress. “megumi,” you sigh as you break the kiss, connected to the sorcerer only by a string of your swapped spit. “you’re so hard! doesn’t that hurt? don’t you wanna cum too?” you ask cutely, still trembling from the aftershocks of your high.
“i do sweet girl, wanna cum for you so badly. ‘cause only you make me feel good,” megumi murmurs to you breathlessly, as you throw it back into him—trying your hardest to get him off. his eyes drop to the curve of your ass and how your dress sticks to your peach-like cheeks but he can’t help but hug you to his chest, pushing your panties to the side, scrambling to push down his sweats far enough so that he can push his tip through your sopping folds. you twitch, hips stuttering as you circle them over megumi’s cock, listening out for the lewd squelching noises that sounds from your sexes pushing against one another in a passionate dance. “you’re so good baby, just like that, yeah?”
the sorcerer’s fingers dig into the skin at your waist, pulling you back into him every time juts up— finding solace between your puffy folds, arousal clinging to every vein on his shaft, mixing with the fat and weighty drops of precum oozing from his slit. he reaches between your wet and parted thighs to hold is dick against your cunt as you slide back and forth over it— both of you panting with sweat licked skin, megumi’s cheeks flushed with exertion and the need to be inside of you as he watches you give him a pussy job in the mirror— steam collecting on the glass from your antics.
you grind down on him hard even though you’re sensitive from your last orgasm, hole fluttering every time megumi brushes past it, occasionally dipping the bulbous head of his cock past your tight entrance just to tease you. “‘gumi! quit teasin’ me! can’t make you cum like this when… when y’distractin’ me!” you pout angrily into the mirror, brows furrowed adorably as you work yourself in your boyfriend’s lap, spilling your juices about the place and staining his sweats until you’ve left a darker patch where his dick is— only giving megumi an inkling suspicion of you trying to get yourself off on him again.
“sweet girl, don’t be selfish,” the volume and tone of megumi’s voice drops an octave until you can feel it— baritone and like chocolate, vibrating through your slick bodies. “i don’t think i want to cum without having been inside of you, wanna wait until i can cream this princess cunt of yours, so pretty, so warm,” he practically moans, midnight orbs filling with lust as he watches his angry red tip peek out from between your deliciously thick thighs— fushiguro kneads them together hastily; brain fogging up like glass as his hands start to ravage your body once again. he lifts on of your arms behind his head, giving him better access to grope and suck on your breasts from over your dishevelled darling cornflower blue dress— darkening the fabric by several shades as his saliva gathers over your pebbled nipples. “fuck, i love touching you up like this,”
he groans against the swell of your breast, his free hand drawing shape at the curve of your waist before he lifts you off of his cock— a defiant squeal echoing from between your cherry bitten lips. “but megumi,” you say for what feels like millionth time that evening, even as you squirm and clench within his grip. “wanna cum again, wanna cum on your cock— please!”
“and you will,” the sorcerer rasps, grabbing the base of his dick and squeezing it a few times before he positions it against your entrance. “just hold onto that little orgasm f’me, okay? you want it to feel as good as last time right?” you nod weakly, head rolling back to rest on megumi’s shoulder as he breaches your silken walls, bathing his shaft in all that you give him— the stretch makes your cunt clench and thighs threaten to snap shut but the stare your boyfriend gives you, the way he looks at you like you’re a forbidden fruit or the rarest treasure in the world makes you stay spread open in front of the mirror. “you always do so good for me baby, all dressed up. you know i love it when you dress up pretty for me, you know i love you.”
your eyes water, from pleasure or love you’re not too sure—they’re often found to be two in the same. especially when megumi sets a tone to his hips, jutting his cock right up against your womb. your boyfriend is longer than he is thick, most of his weight residing in his balls that press against your ass as he keeps you in a full nelson-position, your knees are spread either side of his, giving you the perfect view of your pretty pussy impaled over his dick.
“i love you ‘gumi,” you blubber, feeling the full tip of his cock bump against the ridges of your juicy walls— every time he pulls from the warmth of your core, a light sheen of your mixed arousals coats him. “i love you s’much!”
your senses burn with affection for your lover as his own gaze burns right back into you through your reflections— you feel dizzy with how much you desire and crave him, thrusting back down on megumi with every push and pull of himself into your tight, creamy heat. “love you more, you’re my sweet girl, don’t forget it,” he grunts to you over the gentle slaps of his skin against your own, hands wandering once more and searing the prints of their fingertips wherever they went— leaving blooming marks underneath your dress that he’d later apologise for.
the door to your room is left wide open as megumi fucks you hard— not that you’d notice, too focused on the way his brutal pace causes the straps of your dress to slide down even more, makes your juices splatter against the floorboards beneath your bodies dancing passionately in the mirror. you can’t help but wail at the sight, losing your mind and no longer caring about the ifs or buts of someone walking in— not when megumi makes you feel this good, fills you up with every part of him and bullies your sensitive insides despite how badly you need your next release.
“you’re so loud baby, it’s almost like you want someone to walk in— have your roommate see your pretty pussy while i fuck it in this dress,” comes megumi’s low, bristling gripe, making you choke his dick from dirty words. “that’s what you want, right? of course it is, i can feel how you clamp down on me, can even see it in the mirror, keep watchin’ that little princess cunt for me as i stretch you out, okay?”
“uhuh,” you say mindlessly, doing your best to keep watch even though your eyes keep crossing and the room is spinning with ecstasy. fushiguro grins, shifting to his knees and wrapping his hands around the backs of your thighs to lift you up and down on his cock just by sheer strength. you feel his abs contract with every drop and lift, his dick hitting the spongy spot inside you that makes you drip more of your sweet nectar.
megumi hums, sweat lining his brow from exertion. “c’mon sweet girl, be my good girl and give me an answer,” his azure gaze hones in on your reflection, shining orbs mesmerised by the way your tits sway with his sinful combination of thrusting into you and controlling the bounce of your body. “you’re whining so loud, had so much to say over text, tell me.” you can’t answer him, too brainless and fucked out to form words, only jolting to life when megumi claps a hand down against your sensitive slit, pushing you closer to the edge. “do you wanna get caught, bein’ fucked like this, in your pretty dress?”
“y-yes!” you cry out, voice hoarse and pussy throbbing around megumi’s slick dick. your hips burn from thrusting down and holding back your orgasm, so you have no choice but to slump against your boyfriend’s chest and watch as he takes you in the mirror. “‘m tired gumi…”
“i know good girl, c’mere, wanna give you somethin’,” fushiguro lets your sore legs down gently until you’re both kneeling on the floor in front of the mirror, keeping his dick tucked way in your squishy insides. leaning in, his lips slot against yours gently— pulling you in for a tender kiss of swiping pink muscles and quiet moans, spit is swapped between you both, spreading the flavours of love across your tangled tongues and all the while manoeuvring you to lay on your back, let him take over and do all of the work.
then you look up at megumi, with teary eyes and mascara stained cheeks, a chin coated in your saliva and yet he can’t help but think of how gorgeous you look beneath him.
“you’re so fucking beautiful sweetheart, can’t take my eyes off of you,” he whispers against your swollen lips, adjusting his body so that it sits perfectly between your bruised thighs. gently, he nudges your head back towards the mirror here pressing a hand against the cool surface to stabilise himself. “keep your eyes on the mirror too, don’t forget,” he warns you huskily.
your boyfriend wastes no time from there, pumping himself back inside of you— not even giving you split second to breathe. your gaze wobbles but you can see the swell of his cock in your lower belly as he enters you. “megumi,” you pant and try to catch his attention, squirming your hips upwards as he bottoms out again and reach for his hips to tug you into him. “move, please.”
“told’ya not to look away,” grunting, megumi pulls back from you when he notices you searching his cobalt orbs for something. his shirt flies off while he moves from you— taking the material and using it to tie your wrists together, at the same time your boyfriend sets a slow stroke to his thrusts, nudging his length inch by inch through your raw cunt before pushing your head back to set your sights on the mirror. “you’re gonna be good, yeah? if not i’ll stop. watch how i fuck you sweet girl, make a mess of your princess parts.”
with his thumb digging into your cheek, you have no choice but to keep your eyes on the way fishiguro’s tummy contracts every time he thrusts into your plush cunt, his sensitive and bright red tip leaking his arousal against your ridges, fat droplets of precum only adding to your wetness the image has your tongue sliding out to wet your lips, damp walls clinging to every vein on megumi’s cock— drooling endless amounts just like your mouth, so much so that your nectar slides between your ass cheeks and pools in a puddle beneath your dress, on the floor.
megumi pounds you roughly, pelvis smooshed against your swollen clit as your knees knock his hips from the violent pace of his thrusts— hitting deep because of this new position, bullying your cervix, kissing it with his tip. you clench down and fushiguro loses his shit. “f-fuck you’re always so tight baby, could fuck this perfect pussy all day ‘n you’d still suck me in like this,” he chokes out and his hand slaps against the mirror to steady himself, torn between watching the reflection of your lewd, sweat licked face and watching it happen in real time.
“oh ‘gumi! o-only ever this tight for you, need y’ta fuck me open! c-can’t...can’t ever do it on my own!” you plead with bleary eyes, swallowing down his cock as it moulds your velvet walls into the shape of him— tip pressing against your g-spot.
wrists caged in, you wriggle desperately underneath megumi, who fucks you so hard that the mirror starts to shake above you and the floor becomes slippery from how wet your sexes are as they slot together perfectly. your boyfriend growls as he switches to grinding inside you, churning up your squishy insides before he grips your dress ( now bunched up around your middle ) and uses it to tug you back onto his pulsing dick.
megumi loses his mind, dick tucked away, nice in snug inside you, pulling your back and forth on it by the material of your dress—equally as soaked as your cunt as you struggle to take him at this brutal speed. your legs shake violently, threatening to close but your boyfriend refuses to let them, snapping his hips into you more harshly. “keep those legs open baby, nice and fucking spread for me angel, need you to see how good you take me in the mirror...s-such a good fucking girl,” he coos, stuttering as your pussy flutters around him at the affection. yet you still manage to do as you’re told. “good fucking girl, good fucking girl, wanna keep you spread like this, yeah? nice and wide so your roommate can see you creamin’ so good on this dick. my sweet girl—fuck! look at you!”
the sorcerer’s thrusts become erratic, losing their rhythm as you both grow closer and closer— the mirror is coated in condensation from your hot and passionate sex, bodies dancing with desire as you move with one another and chase release. your hips lift on their own accord, sucking down megumi and keeping him locked in your tight, sloppy cunt. “oh yes! g-gumi! right there, again! please!” you practically scream, eyes crossing lewdly, chest heaving and breasts bouncing as his tip locks onto your g-spot and never eases up. “‘hmygod’m gonna cum, gonna cum so hard!”
“gonna make you cum, make my sweet girl cum so hard, c’mon baby...c’mon baby...f-fuck, give it to me!” megumi chants over and over again, the words sliding over his saliva coated tongue as his hand slips down the mirror, leaving a clean trail through the condensation gathered on it. the dark haired male wraps an arm around your head, body hunched over yours completely even as he fucks you into the arousal covered creaking floorboards. your bare nipples rub against one another and you can feel his abs contacting against your soft tummy.
the hand latched onto the dress he uses to pull you down when he trusts drops between your bodies pressed incredibly close to one another before drawing heated shapes into your puffy and sticky clit— only sending pleasure shooting through your veins and shoving you over the edge, tumbling into your high. “cum f’me baby, cum f’me wanna feel you gush all for fucking me,” he moans pornographically into the sex tainted air, musky sent hanging heavily in it.
“gumi!” you squeal as you reach your toe curling orgasm, back arching high into the air while the knot in your lower tummy starts to unravel— your nails dig into your palms since you can’t grab anything else and you’re blinded by bright white and everything that is megumi fushiguro, waves of your juices splashing out of your poor cunt— so much so that the force pushes megumi out of your clenching hole— staining your dress and his half pulled down sweatpants.
“holy fucking shit—! f-fuck!” you’re still twitching and writhing as megumi stumbles into euphoria only seconds after you, taking hold of his cock after your cunt’s freed him and just barely jerking himself off over you before he’s spilling thick and heavy globs of white seed onto your soft tummy, painting your skin white as tiny droplets of his cum dribble onto your absolutely ruined dress. “f-fuck ‘hmygod baby, you’re so good, s-so fuckin’ good,” he simpers, collapsing on top of you and not caring if he’s smearing his cum against your bodies. “i love you s’much sweet girl, s’fucking much. you’re perfect,”
megumi adds, kissing all over your face and neck softly to help you cum down. “i-i love you too gumi,” you mumble warmly. “even though you’ve ruined my pretty dress!” you whine as he tugs it back down.
“i’ll buy you another, just shut up ‘n kiss me, okay?”
your boyfriend, fushiguro, stays a little longer to help clean you ( and the poor floor ) up, airing out the room and taking his time to wash his cum off of you and kiss over all of the marks head left against your body— never failing to tell you how perfect you are and how much he adores you. megumi leaves you with a lingering kiss while you change into your jammies— in a slight rush to get back to studying after you receive a text from nobara saying she’s on her way back with food ( only having left you alone in the dorm where you’d fucked megumi for almost an hour, to grab a nice dinner to finish off your girls day ).
you’re hanging up your dress, completely ruined by the time she gets in and then sink into bed as the ginger haired girl greets you— completely knackered from megumi’s rough, yet passionate sex.
“what’s up with the weird stain on your dress? didn’t you just get that today?” nobara asks you while you tuck into your shared meal, nodding her head to the article of clothing hanging up on the outside of your wardrobe.
you cringe at the stripe of megumi’s cum staining it. “o-oh! i didn’t notice that before! i’ll probably return it…” you say meekly and quickly stuff your mouth with a bite of your roommate’s food, making a mental note to ask megumi to get you two new dresses in exchange for ruining one.
Tumblr media
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scandescent · 5 months ago
Don't you love me, mommy?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
༄ Megumi Fushiguro x Reader
Megumi steals his dad's pretty gf
ㅤ— Warnings. AFAB reader, DNI criteria, mommy kink DEGRADATION, edging, dacryphilia, slight size kink too bc he's got toji's genes hehe, creampie, possessive 'Gumi, pussy slaps, unprotected sex, cheating, objectification, age gap mentioned (y/n is of Megumi's age, early 20s and toji in his 40s), spit kink, bita angst ig, mean dom! Megumi :(
ㅤ— Note. This is my toji smut's reverse. Y'all wanted reverse? Y'all get reverse in every sense. And I blame @oikawabreakme for this.
#tags. @manjiken @s-zu
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"What's the matter, mommy?" Your cheek's pressed to the couch, a hand over your flushed face to shield your obvious embarrassment,"Am I too much for you?"
Talented fingers move inside you at a fast pace,"'Gumi, sto-ah!" You can't even finish your sentence because the dark haired man above you is curving his fingers, the pads of his index and middle fingers nudging at your sweet spot,"Please," You beg as you feel him press his thumb on your clit. Your arm's yanked away, exposing your heated face to your boyfriend's son,"Please what?" A snicker brushes against your lips before a teasing kiss lands on your panting mouth.
His tongue is shoved inside your wet cavern, tangling yours up in a tango. Wrist flicking harshly on your pussy had you pouring muffled cries in the kiss. Megumi moans against your lips at how good you feel wrapped around tight on his fingers. His deadbeat old man didn't deserve this pussy, he didn't deserve you.
His thumb rubs smooth eights on your nub while his digits plunge inside you with vigour. Breaking the kiss, Megumi rests his wet lips on your jaw, breath moist on your skin, "Ya' want me to stop?"
Before you process his words, he's pulling his fingers out with a wet 'pop'. A breathy chuckle hangs in the room following your whine,"'Gumi," He loves how you seem confused like you can't decide. To him, there's nothing to decide, he's the better man for you, not his fucking father. And he's gonna drill that into your mind, even if he has to fuck your brains out before that.
"Just fuckin' saying my name like that," His palm lands roughly on your fluttering cunt, you crying out because of the slap and he smirks,"And yet you chose him." Dark eyes filled with unbridled hatred stare down at you,"Over me." He spat, malice intertwined with hurt in his voice. Your eyes fluttered, lips parting to tell him how you had pinned for him since you both were in Tokyo High but he never showed any interest. So, when you met his father at an unexpected jeopardy of a mission-"I only chose him 'cause-" But he doesn't want an explanation.
"Yeah? You wanna be a whore for my father?" His fingers press on your jaw. Bruising. Punishing,"Then I'll treat you like one." Mouth crashing on yours in a rough kiss, all teeth and tongue. He bit your plump lower lip. Hard. You tasted metal at the tip of your tongue. His eyes spoke for him,'I want to hurt you. Feel my pain.'
You're breathing hard from the intensity of the kiss when he delivered another slap to your pussy. With a yelp, your legs sandwiched his arm. A grin spreads on his lips, expression borderline sadistic when your eyes squeeze shut and you turn your face to the side,"Aw mommy, did that hurt?"
You sob out an unintelligible murmur for response. You don't even recall how you ended up under your boyfriend's son, on his couch, clothes thrown across the room- probably ripped. You were supposed to have dinner at some fancy restaurant Toji was taking you to tonight. It's not uncommon for him to pamper you like this. He'd usually take you out after he gets a job done. His job's dirty but pays well. Yet you're here, almost cumming on his son's- your long time crush's- fingers,"Speak up, whore."
"Yes, Megumi!" Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes from humiliation,"Then apologize," His hand wretched from between your legs only to be replaced by his cock. Slapping the cock head against your sensitive entrance, he chuckled,"You want it?" The tip hit your wet folds with a squelch,"You want my cock?" Your hands are around his neck, holding onto his body like your life depends on it,"Yes, please."
"Then apologize for choosing that old man when you coulda' done better." You can't help but notice how his eyes remind you of Toji's, the same green hue, while it had been the opposite when you first kissed the older man.
"'M sorry, 'Gumi." Your whimper doesn't satisfy him,"Not good 'nough." Another cock slap on your sensitive pussy and you're wailing, babbling,"Please, Megumi, I'm so sorry," He laughs, breathy and bitter,"Beg like the little whore you are, c'mon, mommy." You wanted him to stop calling you that but it's weirdly arousing, you don't understand why your cunt clenched at the title from his lips. But you had wanted your first time with Megumi to be sweet, for him to moan your name while you tell him how you love him- have loved him since forever.
"Sorry, 'Gumi, 'm sorry for being a whore n' choosing your dad,"
"Yeah, good enough for me," He sneered, thrusting inside you and bottoming out with one deep stroke. A scream tore through your lips, back arching off the couch. He might not be as huge as his dad but he's long, stretching you just right.
Megumi marveled as your breasts pressed to his chest and oh, he felt like he's gonna cum right now because you were squeezing his leaky cock so nicely,"Ah fuck," Pulling out till just his tip was breaching your entrance, he pushed in roughly, with a punishing pace at that,"He's been having this every night, eh?" Head thrown back, your toes curl at the sting when he talks about you like you're just an object,"Well, this pussy's mine now." Grabbing your jaw, he brings your face to his,"Open your mouth." He delivers a deep thrust when you fail to comply. Your jaw slackens in a loud yelp. Eyes shoot open when you feel a large drop of liquid wet your tongue with a soft thud,"Swallow." Megumi warned,"You're mine now." He jeers when you swallow his spit.
The drag of his cock is slow and deep against your walls first, a tantalizing pace that made you go mad,"Faster please," Your legs wrap around his waist and pull him in deeper, holding him close,"Yeah?" Spreading your thighs open, he drills into your pussy,"You asked for this." Your nails dig on his shoulders and back, drawing blood as a purchase of how he's jackhammering inside you, hitting your spot again and again. Cries and grunts fill the room, the couch scratching, creaking on the floor from his force. A hand squeezes your breast harshly, teeth clamping down on the other. Your walls tighten from the pain, and you feel the veins running along his cock pulse inside you.
You're gonna cum and he can tell from how your breathing picked up and how you're thrashing under him. So he stopped his pounding, grinding his hips in circles against yours, cock twitching deep but not deep enough to press against the rough patch inside you. You hiccup, whimpering in denial and try to buck up into him but Megumi's bigger hands hold down your hips firmly,"Fuck, take it." Spurts of warm ropes shoot inside you as he thrusts lightly with shallow bucks of his hips,"Take it all," Pulling out, Megumi watches in amusement as your cunt clenched around empty air, his cum pouring out, dripping down your ass and making a mess on the couch.
"Need you," Your sob breaks his trance. Glancing at your tear stained face, he feels a pang of guilt in his chest,"'Gumi, please, need to cum," His hand finds your ruined hole, fingers brushing lightly over the wet folds as he watched you squirm,"Yeah?" Thumb fiddling at your clit, he watched every reaction of yours,"Then beg like the good little whore you are."
Pleas bleed through your lips before he's plunging two of his fingers inside your pussy,"That's right," Digits ram against your spot as he fucks his seed deeper inside you,"You're just a whore who's only good for being a toy." His words hurt, you bit your lip to keep your sobs in- unsure about what your tears are of, his words or his actions. When he kisses you, it starts out rough like everything he's doing to you but turns passionate by the end, fingers burying knuckles deep within you,"Don't you love me, mommy?" There's still a tone of condescension but the desire of approval, the desperation didn't go unnoticed by you,"Yes," You breathe against his lips,"I love you, 'Gumi."
"Then cum for me, y/n." Your heart fluttered at the mention of your name, cunt gushing on his hand. The hint of adoration in his green eyes was gone as soon as it had appeared,"What a filthy slut ya' are, mommy." Megumi holds up his hand, drenched in the mixture of his and your cum,"Clean it up for me, will ya'?" Not a question. Even if he phrased it like one. Because he's shoving two of his digits past your lips. Your tongue swipes around the pads of his fingers, tasting the sweet tang.
Your phone ringing had his attention,"Would you look at that," Megumi snarls, pulling his fingers out of your mouth,"It's your boyfriend." Lips press against yours, possessively,"Dear ol' dad."
Your hands push at his chest lightly,"What? You still wanna go back to him?" The anger fades to a taunting smirk,"With my cum dripping down your thighs?"
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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theesotericedition · a month ago
Like a Dog in Heat
Pairing: Megumi Fushiguro x (afab)Reader
Rating: Explicit 18+
Warnings: unprotected p in v. wall fing. slight dubcon (Megumi throws himself at reader and does not ask for consent) very slight/mild cnc roleplay (reader is asked to ask him to stop) 
Summary: Megumi has been away and is desperate. Reader comes to see him at just the right wrong time.
Notes: This fic operates under the assumption of a pre-established relationship and aged up characters. HEY GUMI GURLZ COME GET YA’LL JUICE
Tumblr media
Megumi had been so busy with missions recently and he missed you. He hadn't had any time to himself in weeks. The pit of his stomach ached with a need he had been ignoring. In the brief moments he was left alone this past couple weeks, his head would swim with thoughts of you. It was torture like an itch he couldn't scratch. Always having to rip himself out of his fantasies and place himself back in the task at hand. He was excited to finally have some time alone to unwind. 
Just the act of closing the door to his room behind himself ran a jolt of electric heat through him. He sat down on the edge of his bed. Megumi closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh of relief as his own hand snaked down his body to palm his growing bulge. He pictured you lightly teasing him. He thought of the way your tongue peaks out, gliding across your lips just before they are left parted as you focus on him.
Touching himself to thoughts of you was like kindling a fire. He reached under the elastic of his sweatpants to feel himself skin to skin. He wrapped his hand around himself and immediately picked up the pace. Impatience swallowed him whole. With a feverish need he began pumping himself. His fisted hand noisily bouncing off of his full balls. He bit his lip as images of you bent over, pressed down, on your knees, and everything in between flashed through his mind. His closed eyes were squinted shut, he was so focused, so close.
"Megumi?" You stepped into the quiet room. Megumi was frozen.
 He hadn't locked the door?!
He slowly tucked his raging boner to the side and then slid his hand out of his pants. Was he sweating before? Probably. He still couldn't bring himself to turn and face you. Megumi cleared his throat trying to think of something to say. The pause was very pregnant now.
He stood up and took his shirt off and began walking towards you. Your tongue got caught on whatever snide comment you were going to say about what he was obviously doing. You felt heat rush to your crotch as he got closer and closer. His eyes were dark, staring back at you through his beautiful lashes. Your eyes traced over his ab muscles following them down his obliques. Your eyes shamelessly continued downward lingering there on his bulge. It was so hard, you could see its shape clearly through his sweatpants. 
"Look at what you've done to me, what you've turned me into," Megumi purred, reaching right past your face to close the door behind you. Had you really been just standing in the open doorway gawking at him this whole time?
"I haven't done anything to you" you said, finding yourself backing up as Megumi closed you in. Your back met the door with a thud and Megumi's arms were a cage around you. He leaned in close enough for his lips to graze yours as he spoke.
"You're right and you don't have to, just thinking about you does this to me" He ground his hips against yours to punctuate his point, his dick rubbing against your mound through the few layers of clothes separating the two of you.
You kissed Megumi and he deepened it. His hot tongue danced with yours as he hungrily took you in. He moaned softly into the kiss and then broke away kissing down your neck. "I hope you're wet." Megumi panted. In a swift movement his hand was under your skirt. You tensed up as he pushed your underwear to the side and plunged his fingers into you. Air filled your lungs as you gasped at the sensation. "Mmm, Perrrfect." Megumi hummed. You began to melt as he pumped his fingers in and out of you a few times. The rhythm of loud wet squelching coming from your pussy was music to his ears. 
Megumi pulled down his pants just enough for his weeping, angry cock to spring free. He hoisted you up and you instinctively wrapped your legs around his hips. The anticipation was boiling over inside you. His grip on your hips tightened, it hurt and you let out a whine. "Making noise already? I'm not even inside you yet" his words had a sting to them, like a threat. He was holding you in place and you could feel the tip at your entrance. Your wetness dripped down on to him, your body crying out for him to be inside you.
He groaned as he bottomed out inside you by taking your hips and shoving you down on to him. You screamed from the pain of sudden fullness. Encouraged by your cries, he pressed himself further into you. The pressure on your cervix caused you to cry out again. He chuckled and a toothy wolfish grin spread across his face. "Beg me to stop" Megumi leaned in further crushing you against the wall, taking in how deliciously tight your walls were squeezing around him. You could feel him throbbing inside you.
Megumi's pace was merciless. Wet claps filling the air as your ass landed on his thighs over and over. He was using you to chase his own high. He bit into your shoulder as he desperately pounded into you. "Megumi please- please s-stop!" You finally choked out, arching back so he could reach into you impossibly further.
"I can't," He huffed. "I can't stop, too gooood." His head fell back and moans spilled from his lips. Some of his weight collapsed onto you as his thrusts became more frantic. His sweat dripped down onto you. His rough thrusts shook the door in its frame behind you.
"Stop! Stop! Megumi! I- ahnh" you sobbed, your thighs shook losing their grip around him. Your toes curled as your orgasm began to pour out of you. Landing on his dick for the last time you shattered. You trembled in his bruising grasp. The release washed over you, head spinning and your hips aching. He exploded with you. He rasped out your name as his whole body pulsed against yours as he rode out the shockwaves of his orgasm. 
Megumi slowly and carefully carried you over to his bed on unbalanced legs. "I missed you" he smiled, flopping down on the bed next to you. "Do you need water or?.." He trailed off while rubbing your shoulder. "I got what I needed" you hide your smile by snuggling your face into his chest. 
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satorhime · a month ago
ahhhhhh !! what kind of dates would yuuji, gojo, nanami, and megumi take you on :???
Tumblr media
ଘ from 呪術廻戦 / jujutsu kaisen
ଘ beware ʚ no warnings, sfw, tooth rotting fluff, links take you to songs i recommend you listen to while reading (youtube), not thoroughly proofread (let me know if i missed anything), all characters are of age.
ଘ notes my lovely dani <3333 i added yuuta like you asked uwu i hope you enjoy these headcanons. i'm so soft after writing this. if these boys don't show up at my door in the next 24 hours and take me on one of these dates, i'm going to lose my mind. thank you for requesting!!!! interactions are loved (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
Tumblr media
now playing: take me where your heart is by Q
okkotsu yuuta’s a hopeless romantic, but you don’t discover this until later in your relationship when he’s more comfortable with taking the initiative and sharing his ideas with you. 
at first, he’s so casual— content with you being the one to plan out the dates while he provides the train and bus fees so you can drag him all over the bustling cities as you please.
until he finds out you want him to be more assertive. 
after that, he’ll wrap his arms around you and mumbles against your ear his plans for you, no longer the other way around. 
“clear your schedule for me today? we’re going somewhere, my love.” 
he makes your heart flutter with that kind of talk!!!
but to be honest, yuuta is kind of nervous. 
the dates you prepare are so thoughtful ‘n unique. stealing him away from duties for firework shows, free sample hopping at the local shopping centers and even a pottery class where you laughed at yuuta because he accidentally clogged wet clay up his nostril.
anyway, yuuta REALLY should give himself more credit. 
he’s a little sheepish at first, a little flushed when the two of you check in at a do it yourself couple’s spa. “we can go somewhere else, if you like?” 
“okkotsu,” you deadpan. “you have to be kidding. we’re at a spa and i get to crack your back instead of someone else. we’re doing this!!!!” 
“that’s a relief,” he gives you a beautiful smile.
the date turns out to be so cute. 
you and yuuta wear matching robes with cute little animals printed on them before you’re lead to a room stocked with a mini fridge and shelves with goodies meant to be used to take care of each other. 
yuuta’s particularly interested in the eye masks for bruises under the eyes, but you steer him away from those because you love his dark circles just as much as you love him. no blemish on his face isn’t beautiful. 
still, it feels good to be the one to take care of your lovely boy— you worry about him not getting enough sleep and nutrition. just as yuuta worries about you overworking yourself and staying up too late at night. 
it’s not a surprise the two of you end up arguing about who gets to take care of the other first before the instructor interrupts and reminds you it’s a team effort. 
so you both end up sitting face to face, gently patting serums into blushing cheeks and whining about how cold the jelly sheet masks are when you slap it over unprepared faces. falling a little bit further in love with each other as you gently massage the tension out of each other’s shoulders, little quarrel soon forgotten.
Tumblr media
now playing: shake it by metro station
“do you maybe? i dunno— wanna go on a date with me?” is how yuuji asks you out, rubbing the nape of his neck, eyes casted to the floor— immediately regretting blurting out that question. not because he doesn’t want to date you, but because—
well, this guy is clueless?? sure, he may have come a long way from hanging up posters of half-naked actresses in his room, but yuuji’s still not good at dating and he’s even worse with women. bless him. 
still, he tries his best. 
he stays up all night googling what women like to do on dates. scoffing at the cosmo magazine polls that promise him 75% of women prefer extravagant dates that begin in expensive dinners and end in swarovski gifts. as if he’ll do something like that. he’s broke and plus, dates like that sound boring. 
yuuji’s a hyperactive puppy who never runs out of energy so when the idea of adrenaline-filled thrill rides, kakigori, sweet cotton candy and greasy popcorn pops into his mind, he texts the trip advisor page to you at 3am in the morning, hours before your date with him. 
“an amusement park, yuuji?” honestly, for a first date it’s not the best idea. a loud park filled with boisterous teenagers and crying babies didn’t create the most romantic setting for a blossoming relationship, but for you and yuuji it’s perfect. you can’t deny your excitement even if it is a little childish. 
except, the itadori bad luck is not a hoax. yuuji ends up picking the worst day for your date—free corn dog day so of course the park is ridiculously busy with families and couples alike. 
yuuji looks like someone kicked him in the face, really. guiltier than a man on trial. “we should just go.” “please, yuuji. you’re going to want one of those free corn dogs. we’ll make it work.” 
no moms with baby prams and sticky toddlers will stop you from enjoying your time with him. you’d been waiting for him to ask you out for too long. 
you lace your fingers with yuuji’s, tugging him into the crowd. scoping out rides with the least wait times and of course, the free corn dog stall. 
this date is more fun than it looks, promise!!!!
yuuji may have made himself sick eating free corn dogs though. childlike, the two of you change your looks to return to the line. you end up wearing yuuji’s hat while yuuji has your bright pink sunglasses on. luckily, he was handsome enough to charm the concession employees into giving the two of you seconds, thirds, and even a fourth.
you and yuuji end up riding all of the random, unpopular rides throughout the park too. the creaky tilt-a-whirl, the broken carousel with animals that don’t move, and the horror love boat with the terrifying animatronics where you feed each other rainbow cotton candy and share a sweet cherry slush to distract yourselves from the scene of the animatronic woman eating her husband’s heart in a corner. 
“you’re still shaking. are you scared? do you want me to cover your eyes?” “just kiss me, idiot.” 
Tumblr media
now playing: outside by weston estate
megumi isn't the kind of guy to go all out for dates.
he doesn't see the point in spending a lot of money?? especially going to loud places with too many people, when all he wants to do is spend time being next to you while he's able— the location literally doesn't matter.
of course, he'll go out if you want. it's just not really his style.
it annoys you a little at first— you think he's hiding your relationship, but you're quick to learn that dating with megumi at home is better than anything.
he doesn't ask you out or anything; it makes him nervous even though you're his girlfriend so he just shows up at your door— surprise!!!! here's your boyfriend at the door with a bag of groceries and a rented movie.
"who still rents movies, fushiguro?"
“you be quiet.”
when you're alone though, megumi's true personality unfurls and shines through.
he wears your pink cooking apron and doesn't protest when you push his hair back with a pretty headband, he's so handsome. he'll cook you a delicious meal before watching a movie with you warming his side and if you don't fall asleep during, he'll draw the two of you a medicinal bath to soothe your tired limbs and achy joints.
"hey," megumi's quiet rasp calls on you from the kitchen. the scent of megumi's favorite being prepared— shogoyaki with bean sprouts and rice— wafts through the open kitchen hatch, making your mouth water. "did you set the table like i asked or are you too busy ogling me?"
"you wouldn't believe me if i said no, how can i not ogle you?"
still, you hurriedly set the table so you can join him in the kitchen. not to help him, no— to hug your arms to his waist while he carefully tosses pork over in a pan, grumbling that he can't move with you clinging to him like that.
yet he never asks you to move. 
getting glimpses of a more comfortable, open megumi is a treat. 
he would never do some of the things in public that he does when at home with you — like sitting right next to you at the table instead of across. 
or feeding you bites of food from his own plate because you love those pieces and he doesn’t, yet he adds them to his plate anyway.
there’s so many more things, too. a special edition megumi only for you.
it’s so endearing as he sips some of your drink when you offer it to him. or when he thumbs a finger across your lip, cleaning a drop of soy from your mouth. using any excuse to touch and be near you. 
Tumblr media
now playing: scenic drive by khalid
when you first began dating him, satoru took you everywhere.
he would rent out entire restaurants for fancy dinners with you or fly you all the way to venice for a romantic ride through the city on a gondola. your dates with him meant dressing in pretty silks and satins with high heels so expensive they could end world hunger, all bought by satoru himself.
back then, it was obvious. he was only trying to occupy you. keeping you busy and excited in your relationship with him, a constant need to impress you as his feelings grew stronger. an irrational fear in him that you would eventually get tired of his exhausting personality and busy schedule.
yeah, he’s an idiot. but he’s your idiot.
at one point, you have to tell him: "my feet can't take another night in heels, satoru," letting him down gently so he'll know that while you don't like the location, you love spending time with him.
the clubbing, the dinners, the trips to different countries— you want him to stop posing and let his guard down. you want satoru, raw and unfiltered.
"eh? you couldn't have said that before i flew you to paris?" he complains, pulling his blindfold down to replace it with a pair of dark shades. "whatever, i know where to take you next."
"does it involve sitting in first class for ten hours? if yes, we're breaking up."
"don't be such a crybaby, but no. it does involve sitting next to me, though."
you are one hundred percent sure that satoru, who takes the train to work and tortures ijichi into driving him everywhere does not have a driver's license, but hours later when you meet him downstairs outside of your apartment, he's leaning coolly against a sleek red sports car; vintage body, cream interior.
feeling bad about having to tell him to cool it down with the extravagant dates, you don’t question his driving skills as you hop into the passenger seat. if you die, you die!!!!
but you should have known better, there is nothing gojo satoru cannot learn. his driving is smooth and is threatening to lull you to sleep. he truly is good at everything.
he’s especially good at making you swoon.
satoru drives you out of the city with the top down, sleeves rolled up; he looks so carefree, years younger with his hair whipping in the wind and no worries on his expression. one hand on the steering wheel while the other rests in your lap, his fingers intertwined with yours while you stroke your thumb lovingly over the top of his hand. choosing the perfect moment to drive beachside as the sun drops, coloring the sky to a lavender purple.
it’s relaxing date and exactly what you wanted. satoru can rest his overactive mouth because neither of you feel the need to break the silence and speak— loving one another enough to share the space and be near each other.
you share a bag of chips and a sugary melon soda in silence too, though every now and then satoru will sigh and crunch irritatingly loud just to make you laugh.
( it’s endearing to see crumbs littering satoru’s expensive jeans. so human. )
but then your favorite song jumps on the shuffle and you’re singing into the darkening sky, lyrics off-key while satoru steals glances between watching the road, his expression as open as his heart in that moment.
“so, how is this for a date?” he lolls his head towards your seat, his eyes reflecting the lavender orange cream sky in them. “wishing you were on a private jet?”
“it’s not paris,” you nod, agreeing. “but it’s worth it.”
Tumblr media
now playing: waves by mr.probz
there is one thing about nanami kento and that is he will never waste a day off, never miss an opportunity to spend quality time with you. 
kento is an organized man so it’s no surprise that this man has an entire day planned out for the two of you. 
he is the poster model for true romance, waking you up with a kiss and a fresh bouquet of spring flowers. “i have an errand to run today, darling girl,” he murmurs in your ear. “come with me?” 
an errand to run is kento’s unique way of asking you out on a date— you can’t help but smile and feel excited, so you hurry to do your morning routine and get dressed while kento patiently waits outside. 
any hints you try to draw out of kento about where you’re going today falls flat, he even threatens to blindfold you if you peek again. you trust him so you dutifully keep your eyes sealed the entire car ride and to this secret destination
you’re super confused when your feet land on wooden planks. a boardwalk? kento is a perfect guide though and you can’t find it in yourself to complain when his hands stay on your waist the entire journey.
“lift your feet up for me or you’ll fall, darling.” “that’s it.” but in the end he ends up lifting you onto a higher surface. do i hear waves?
“you could have uncovered your eyes five minutes ago,” kento quips dryly and you frown before dropping your hands. you squint against the bright, warm sunlight and the clear blue sky.
“kento, this was your errand?” you reply breathlessly, mouth gaped in surprise as you stare at the beautiful vessel around you. a crisp white sailboat with a light varnished deck.
“i thought it would do us a favor to get out of the house. shall we?”
at the helm of the boat is the prettiest picnic you’ve ever seen. pillowy cushions seated at a small table decorated with artful cheeses, meats, and fruits while a bottle of sparkling champagne sleeps on ice in a bucket.
nanami helps you sit down before he sits next to you, getting to work on finding a corkscrew to pop the champagne while you relax, realizing with wide eyes that you didn’t pay attention to nanami’s outfit of the day.
picture this: nanami kento, hair pushed back, sunshades, board shorts, boat shoes.
a sight you never knew you needed to lay your eyes upon before that moment.
the two of you are the picture of romance, straight out of a lifestyle magazine. the sailboat rocking gently over the waves as you chat comfortably and it takes some coaxing the ex-salaryman into agreeing, but eventually you get him to rest his head in your lap while you lower a branch of grapes to his lips because we’re on a boat, we have to recreate this!
at first he’s just indulging you, but the grapes are as sweet as your love and the way you brush his hair back away from his face is comforting. as grumpy as he is, it feels good to be cared for. to be loved. he finds himself lulling off, eyes closed to listen to your quiet chewing as you snack and the water rolling against the starboard side.
until you startle him awake, “wait, where did you get the boat?”
the blond has to laugh, brow flickering in irritation as he thinks about the owner of said vessel, but no thought is unpleasant enough to ruin a perfect day with you. “i called in a favor from a frustrating colleague.”
this kind of date… reminds you to enjoy the time you have together. with seaspray in your hair and on your cheeks, you and nanami at peace, nothing else matters.
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brathalo · 3 months ago
his veiny hands were crossed on top of each other, locked tightly around your precious figure as he buries his face deeply in the crook of your neck, desperately trying to engulf himself in your scent. he tries his best to still his breath while trailing kisses on both your shoulders, delighted by your pretty whines and gentle shudders from his touch. you moan from his pumping cock, milking him dry and leaving your hole leaking sloppily with his cum, just the way he likes it. you felt so marked, so belonged, so perfect in his armsーyet every now and then his fingers wrap around yours as he bring them to his lips, eyes sparkling with a playful glint.
“so does this make you mine now?” he asks, audaciously, carefully thumbing your wet cheek. his eyes were steadily locked on yours as he slowly increases his pace, already euphoric at the sight of your trembling lips struggling to contain your sobs. " y-yes," you'd cry out, already tired and longing for his sweet, sweet hugs and praises. "yours, i'm all yours baby," you babble on, finally creaming all over his cock at the sound of his low groans.
MATSUKAWA, suna, kirishima, hirugami, MIYA TWINS, kuroo, getou, megumi, BAKUGO, hinata
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yeoibps · a month ago
JJK Boys sleeping headcanons
Gojo Satoru
  -This man has a huge bed but does that stop him from man handling you while you sleep nope you’ll be having a bad day or maybe even on the verge of passing out and THIS MAN will somehow get you two tangled in each others limbs. You would wake up with his feet in your face and head cuddling your legs.
Tumblr media
megumi fushiguro  
 -BRO sleeping with megumi is so peaceful and sweet he knows exactly when to pull you in he’d be blushing so hard please give him forehead kisses to make him feel better. I know damn well from the bottom of my lonely heart that this man’s hands neck just his hole body is SO SOFT its just *chefs kiss* And his neck kisses cause he’s to shy to look you in the face MUAH.
Tumblr media
Toge Inumaki
- Sleepy baby he just wants to snuggle right in your chest and kiss your hands peppering your marks/fingertips. Since he can’t talk touch is everything for him. when you hug him he just melts to your touch and playing with his hair is 1# for him. He’s just the sweetest 
Tumblr media
Yuji Itadori
- Hate to say this bust Yuji is so difficult to sleep with, Mother fucker can’t stay in one place he always has to move ever two seconds in bed. But he’s so sweet always kisses you goodnight and hugging you till you pass out from lack of air. but he does kick you at night so you better be good at dogging 
Tumblr media
Kento Nanami
-THIS MAN loves sleeping he doesn't show it but just the idea with you and him cuddling on the couch with you in his arms while he plays with your hair its just *chefs kiss* with this one he’s just a huge teddy bear. 
Tumblr media
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sakusins · 4 months ago
"I thought I had the worst luck, until I met you." + Megumi? 🥺
Tumblr media
it’s quiet, and megumi feels a hand on his shoulder, your body draping over his back as he sits on one of the chairs in your balcony. it’s late, he knows this, but he can’t bring himself to go back to bed just yet.
“thought i’d find you here,” you hum, pressing soft pecks to the back of his neck. he sits quietly, not offering any words as he indulges in the feather light kisses you pepper along his skin. “why aren’t you in bed?”
“why aren’t you?” he mumbles. you know he’s dodging the question. you rest your chin on his shoulder and look at the side of his face, taking in the sight of his cheekbone and the way his lashes flutter against his skin as he blinks.
“bed was cold, why else?” he’s silent. and you’ve grown accustomed to meeting silence with him sometimes—he doesn’t always have the right words, and he doesn’t always want to give an answer right away, but he always tells you on his own time, and you never push.
megumi’s thought for a while he wasn’t easy to love, but he’s found people that do it anyway, and he thinks maybe it’s not true after all. but he knows he’s not easy to be in love with, and sometimes, the small, pessimistic side speaks a tad bit too loudly. why are you in love with him? and why do you keep trying? and what is it you get from all of this?
he’s always needed you more than you need him—at least, that’s how he sees it. you might not know it now, but you can easily find anyone to fill the gap in for him. but he doesn’t think there’ll be anyone but you, and he doesn’t think anyone will want to be the one but you.
“was kinda suffocating in there,” he mutters, eyes still trained on the city before you. you look to where his gaze lingers, and you watch as a couple laughs, hands clasped as they swing arms dramatically.
“oh,” you say simply. “did i squeeze too hard? sorry baby, i’m a hugger,” you giggle, and there’s a ghost of a smile on his face, one that makes him let out a soft huff of a chuckle before he shakes his head.
“no,” he says softly, “it wasn’t you.”
“don’t know,” he mumbles, eyes still trained on the couple on the sidewalk below you. by now, the man’s on one knee, tying the girl’s shoes as they continue laughing. you turn, pressing a kiss to megumi’s cheek, staring off in front of you from your spot perched on his shoulder.
“remember that one time that loose thread of my shirt got caught and ripped?” you ask, and he furrows his brows, glancing you from the corner of his eyes.
“you were so sick of me,” you giggle, and he huffs, rolling his eyes at you.
“i always tell you not to pull at those,” he grumbles, “you’re supposed to cut them.” you bite back a grin at how his bad mood from earlier is almost forgotten instantly in favor of scolding you.
“did you know that was the first time i decided i loved you?” he does a double take, glancing at you in bewilderment at your words.
megumi decides that he might as well give up trying to understand you. he didn’t understand when you said yes to him when he confessed, he didn’t understand when you kept saying yes after the first date, he didn’t understand when you said yes when he asked to make it official, he didn’t understand when you said yes to moving in together, and he doesn’t understand now.
only you could fall in love in the middle of getting yelled at over loose threads.
“that’s cause you’re weird,” he grunts. and then it’s silent for a moment, and then he’s speaking up again. “why?” he asks softly, like he’s almost afraid to hear the answer, but he needs to hear it desperately at the same time.
“it’s just how you are,” you chuckle, shaking your head. “you’re always so grouchy,” you reach and poke his hip, and he scowls, gently swatting your hand away.
“and how’s that a good thing?” he says bitterly. he was right, he thinks, to be afraid of the answer. but then you’re pressing another kiss to his cheek, longer this time, lips lingering on the warm skin and leaving soft tingles in their wake.
“i don’t know,” you shrug, “it was cute. you get worked up over silly things, and i like to watch. it’s pretty entertaining,” you grin widely, poking his cheek where you’d just pressed the kiss. he doesn’t say anything. “so. what’s wrong?”
megumi sighs, and it’s almost shaky this time, his hands fiddling with each other as he tries to put the words together. he’s not sure how to say it, or what to say, but he has a feeling you’ll get it anyway.
“i don’t know. things are…pretty serious, you know?” you hum, running your hand over his chest in circles, still hunched over his back and shoulders.
“and…i never thought we’d get this far,” he mumbles.
“is that bad?” you raise a brow, peeking at him from the corner of your eyes, and he stiffens, inwardly groaning at himself. he can never manage to do the right things, or say the right words.
“no,” he says quickly, “it’s like…it’s just…weird.”
“huh,” you nod, taking in his statement thoughtfully.
“wait,” he groans, slumping back against your chest, defeated sigh escaping his lips. megumi isn’t easy to be in love with—but you are. and he figures as long as he keeps loving you as best he can, maybe there’ll be something worth staying for. “it’s just…i thought i had the worst luck, until i met you. you know? i don’t…i can’t tell anymore.”
“tell what? if you’re lucky that we’re together? or that we’ve gotten serious?”
“both?” he trails off. the couple below you is almost out of sight, walking off hand in hand just like before. your hand slides down and grabs megumi’s too.
“well, i think i have great luck,” you shrug. “should be enough for the both of us.” megumi furrows his brows, opening his mouth to speak, but you cut him off. “a lot of things are lucky, baby. but a lot of things are also just right.” he pauses, letting out a shaky exhale.
“yeah?” he whispers, head turning to look at you with hopeful eyes. you turn to face him, hands cupping his cheeks as you offer him a soft smile before pressing a delicate kiss to his lips. everything feels right for a second as your lips mold against his, and he thinks maybe you’re right.
there’s no way this could be wrong. not when it feels like everything’s fallen into place.
“yeah,” you nod, and he lets his head lean against yours. “let’s go back to bed. i’ll try not to suffocate you with my hugs.”
he rolls his eyes, scoffing, but there’s a small smile on his lips when he mumbles, “good luck with that.”
Tumblr media
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kxisuke · 5 months ago
Hello, I really like your works and can I request big bad wolf megumi x red riding hood reader smut? If that's okay with you
Tumblr media
big bad wolf
Tumblr media
pairings: megumi fushiguro x fem!reader
summary: he wasn't the big, bad wolf told to you in fairy tales. he was actually quite charming... in more than one way.
warnings: smut/NSFW content ahead! 18+ only, strong/vulgar language, unprotected sex, teasing, bondage, breeding, overstimulation
word count: 1.4k
a/n: when i looked for inspiration for this fic to get an understanding of what you were requesting, i found A LOT of furry stuff and it made me a little uncomfy. because i don't prefer to write furry things or anything of the sorts, i changed the content of this fic just a bit but i hope you still enjoy it <33
Tumblr media
‘Take this basket of food to your ill grandmother’ your mother had said. ‘You’ll be completely fine, just don’t stray off the path.’
Should you have listened? You’re not sure.
You relax your body back into the surprisingly soft bed again, your legs shaking from yet another orgasm squeezed out of you. Your thighs are soaked with your own juices, and your arms are bound over your head. You let out a shaky breath, throat moving against the leather collar fastened around your neck.
“We’re not quite finished yet, darling,” the voice between your legs states flatly, and you can feel him nip at the inside of your thighs. A whimper slips out of your swollen lips, and you take in the scene around you for the millionth time in the last couple hours. You’re in a small house off the main path in the forest, the clean wooden walls and cool stone floors nothing like how you imagined them to be. When your mother always told you the tales of the dangerous wolf that lives off the path, you didn’t expect a handsome raven-haired boy who was quite charming. So, when you went off from your little village with your red cape and picnic basket for your sick grandmother, you definitely didn’t imagine yourself in this situation.
He was leaning against a tree when you first saw him, his dark blue eyes meeting yours through the foliage. You were immediately drawn to him for no reason, a blush spreading across your cheeks when a small smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. Whenever you’d want to stray off the path and run to those beautiful eyes, your mother’s words of warning echoed through your mind.
If you stray off the path, the wolf will devour you. It's not safe in the forest.
It was when he wagged his finger at you, beckoning you to come to him, that you couldn’t help but obey. You followed him through the trees, farther and farther away from the path until you came upon his house. He had invited you inside, then swiftly pushed you against the wall and pressed his lips into yours. Every piece of logic and reason had escaped from your mind and you were sucked into the heat of the moment, allowing the boy to do whatever he would so desire with you. And ‘boy’ was an understatement. He looked a little older than you, almost 20, and had the body of a god—every piece of his appearance was nothing like how you imagined.
But quite frankly, none of this was like how you imagined.
Pulled back to the present, you gasp when he swiftly enters into you, gripping at your waist with his strong and slender fingers, thrusting into your pussy at an alarming pace, causing you to arch your back into the mattress. He moves down closer to you and captures your lips in a passionate kiss, and you tug against the restraints binding your hands. In moments they’re gone and your bruised wrists are free, and your hands clutch onto his back. His muscles expand and contract underneath your touch, and your fingers brush against a softer piece of skin and the boy lets out a moan, surprising you. He continues his pace, and you keep your hands on his back, tracing his muscles with your fingers. It takes you a moment to realize the softer pieces on his back are actually scars. Every time your fingers brush up on one or you push your palms against one, the boy whimpers or moans under your touch, cock twitching inside of you. His breathing along with your own is heavy, and you can feel his thrusts becoming less uniform and sloppier, and you dig into his back as you feel another orgasm creeping up on you.
“Ah! G-gonna c-cum... can’t h-hold...” You spray your juices all over his thighs and the bedsheets with a strangled cry, and he growls low in your ear, masking his whimpers from where you’re still touching his back.
“That’s right, darling. Now let me fill you up like the good girl you are.” He nips at the soft skin by your collarbone, relishing in the beautiful sounds coming out of your mouth. Tears stream down the sides of your eyes, the pleasure becoming too much for your body to handle. Every inch of your skin is on fire, and the boy continues to leave dark purple marks on your neck, occasionally tugging at the collar around your neck.
“Fuck… you’re such a pretty girl, huh? I’m- shit -so lucky to have found you, isn’t that right?” He growls into your ear, and your eyes screw tight and you try to focus on his voice. You can feel every part of him connected to you, like an invisible bond forging through your passion and lust, joining you together as one as he pounds mercilessly into your throbbing cunt.
He seemed so cool and calculating when you first saw him—you never expected him to be so easily driven to the brink of insanity. His dark hair falls out of place and brushes against your forehead, and you can see the tiny droplets of sweat on his brow. His blue eyes move up your body and meet yours, and for a second you see something more than animalistic lust—was that love you saw? Whatever it was, it was gone as quickly as you noticed it.
Your throat is raw from your moans and you can feel your body growing more exhausted by the second. You don’t know how he’s lasted this long, but you know it’s not going to continue much longer. His slender fingers dig into your waist and he lets out a hiss of pleasure, cock twitching against your walls.
“Hah- fuck..” You claw into his back with a cry as he pushes into you one last time, hot load spilling inside of you with an almost angelic groan. He halts his movements, still gripping onto you as he catches his breath over you. Your body falls back onto the bed, and your eyes flutter shut, a sudden tiredness overtaking you.
“You did good, darling.” The last thing you hear is his voice and a small kiss being pressed into your damp forehead before the world goes black.
The sound of birds chirping brings your mind back to the world, and your eyelids open slowly, adjusting to the light. You’re lying on your side in a small clearing just off the path, flowers blooming around your body and the soft grass tickling your face. Your mind flashes back to what happened, and images of the ‘wolf’ appear in your head.
Did that really happen? Or did I just imagine it all?
You sit up, and a numbing pain shoots through your body, resonating in your legs and core.
Nope. It definitely happened.
You look down at your body, and everything seems to be back how it was before. Your red cape is spotless and smells faintly of home, your picnic basket is placed by your feet, all the food inside still intact. You reach for the woven basket, and let out an small gasp of surprise. Dark bruises mark your wrists from where they were restricted earlier, and you scramble to your feet. You pull up your white shirt under your cape, and brush your fingers over the marks on your hips. Your heart beats a little faster, body remembering what it felt like only moments ago. You adjust yourself and hook the basket on your arm, thrusting your hand into your pocket. Your fingers close around a slip of crumpled paper, and you pull it out. Eyes glancing over the strangely neat writing, your cheeks flush pink and a smile tugs at your lips, stomach doing flips inside you. You stuff the paper back into your pocket and make your way through the trees back onto the path, mind clinging onto the words on the slip.
Don’t be afraid to stop by again, I’d be more than happy to treat you once more. You seem to be the perfect match for me.
Stormy blue eyes watch you from behind a tree, a smile playing on the boys lips as he observes your reaction to his note. He’s certain he’ll be seeing you again, much to his enjoyment. He’d never admit it to anyone but himself, but it seems the ‘big bad wolf’ of the forest is slowly falling in love with a certain village girl.
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gumilac · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
"thank you..."
MEGUMI smiles as he pays for your books, handing his card to the cashier, as soon as the worker got it to punch the books, he faces you and pats your head affectionately.
"you're welcome."
feeling shy because you asked and wanted these, you shuffled closer to him and poked his arm. fidgeting with your fingers, you smile up at the cashier who was observing you both as he hands back megumi's card. he packages it up nicely in a bag and hands it to you, muttering a small thank you. to which you return.
megumi nods his head at the worker, and wraps his arms around your shoulder, turning around to walk out the store.
"thank you again," you mutter once you step out the book shop. looking up at him, he smiles and megumi kisses your forehead before squeezing your arm.
"anything for you, sweetheart."
humming, you feel shy as you walk up to his car and megumi notices this but makes no comment. he only smiles and kisses your head once you reach his vehicle.
"did you know i bumped into someone?"
"did you?" he asks, placing a hand on your head rest, leaning back to reverse the car.
"mhm hmm, she didn't mean it. we were both clumsy, and i apologized, so did she."
"that's good then," his eyes focused on the road behind him, and looks at you with a smile when he changes the gear to front, "glad nobody was hurt."
you smile, gently patting the paper bag that your books are in. the crinkling of paper ringing in the car, but he does not stop you. he starts driving and you're unable to contain yourself from the word vomit that keeps leaving you.
"i saw a cat, they said those strays are being taken care of by the place."
megumi turns a corner and hums, stopping at a red light. he looks at you, one hand on the steering wheel, the other holds your hand, "really? that way they have collars?"
"yeah, it's pretty nice of them."
"hmm, very." he tilts his head and admires your features, softened by the night light of street lamps. pretty, he thinks. so pretty.
"i remember tripping on the sidewalk when i was young."
he raises his brows, and slowly nods his head, "did it hurt?"
"no, but it was funny because i was walking alone and no one tripped me on purpose."
"typical you," megumi softly laughs, his low voice reverberating in the car. he quiets down and takes a peek at the light. still red.
"oh, they said that every star we see is bigger than the sun," you peek out the window before looking back at megumi again, "did you know?"
he shakes his head and grins, lop-sided, "i did not, no."
"i read it somewhere, i forgot why that is though."
"we can search it when we get home?"
looking up at him, you smile, eyes almost closing from how happy you are because of the books he bought for you, and him just listening.
"we can."
megumi chuckles softly and leans in to place a soft kiss on your cheek. he pulls back, just enough for your noses to touch and cerulean hues peek behind half-lidded eyes as he looks at you.
he loves moments like this, conversations that might seem they aren't entirely significant, but it is to him. they aren't really connected with each other, the topics, but that doesn't matter because he'll listen. talking about nothing and everything, he'll love every bit of it because it's you.
"i love you..."
Tumblr media
aki's notes. anyone else get really chatty all of a sudden and shy when they're bought something, or get what they want from someone? bc me, yes so here's a quick, vvv self indulgent bc i got books today hihi >>_<<
Tumblr media
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i-cant-sing · 4 months ago
Foul thoughts foul thoughts:
Okay but imagine Sukuna being obsessed with reader- romantically. Reader is Gojo's younger sister (and Gojo is a platonic yandere for her, absolutely forbids her from leaving the house or using her powers) and when Sukuna eventually comes to know about her, he is in love. Like head over heels, but add his possessiveness and King complex in it.
But also, Megumi is in love with reader too. Gojo practically raised the two of you together, so he is also a yander for you.
And you already know that when Sukuna kills half the people you care about and whisks you away, both Megumi and Goji are coming for you.
But here's the twist:
Sukuna is also a yandere for Megumi.
Oomph the story just gets better from here. Sukuna probably kidnaps Megumi too, and after he finds out how crazily paranoid and possessive Gojo was with you (to the point your brother straight up refused to let you see the sun for 1 month as a punishment for going to the convenience store), he starts having doubts about Gojo too.
It's kinda hard not to. Especially when Sukuna starts murmuring about how awful Gojo is to you, fills his mind with half lies about Gojo being abusive to you, how you're happier and safer with him, Megumi starts to... believe him.
And that means that Megumi decides to stay with you and Sukuna. He convinces himself that it's because he can keep you safe from Sukuna this way, but they both know deep down, it's because Megumi knows Gojo would never let him date you.
And it doesn't matter what you say, that you don't want to be with either of them. Sure, you have much more freedom than you had with Gojo, but with two yanderes that are constantly breathing down your neck, you feel like you traded one prison for another.
Things definitely do get steamy in bed. I mean, Sukuna is obviously a dom, and Megumi can only dom you (although he's a switch). I just- I just know that Sukuna definitely enjoys telling Megumi how to make you feel good, and the King of curses is usually satisfied by just watching his two lovers loose themselves to pleasure, crying as they reach their limits (or at least one of them is crying because of the overwhelming euphoria, the other is just crying because of how violated they feel).
But when Sukuna does join you two, then you're both in for a long night. Hey, at least this way, both you and Megumi are sore the next morning, although you're still the one whose body is littered with marks the most.
And I just know that Sukuna would hold the two of you in his big 4 arms, happy with watching his darlings asleep and so spent. He loves it when he carries you two to the bath, letting you two rest against his chest as he praises you both for being so good for him, patting yours and Megumi's bottoms.
His little Prince and Princess💖
Tumblr media
Definitely did it with you two in his Domain expansion, Malevolent Shrine.
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izu-fi · 2 months ago
[ the little things ]
summary: small gestures that say "i love you"
note: sfw, fluff, gn!reader
↳ feat: nanami, gojo, megumi, itadori, yuta
Tumblr media
NANAMI KENTO washes your hair for you. after a long day at work or even just sunday mornings, showers with nanami are always relaxing. it's routine for him to hold you for a while under the hot water. you usually feel the tension in his shoulders and neck wash down the drain. his broad shoulders just sag sag sag until he let's out a deep sigh against your neck, pressing a quick kiss to your jaw before pulling away. he never goes too far though, just enough to turn around and grab the shampoo bottle. he loves seeing you relax under his hands, his fingertips massaging your scalp so gently, working the product through. he gets a front row seat to watch your eyes droop in serenity, the goosebumps break out across your side when he gets that spot by your ear, the water dripping down your arms, your chest and belly, down your hips and thighs. he gets to look at you— his one and only— in your most peaceful state without you teasing him for staring. he always kisses your forehead before rinsing, even if he sometimes gets soap in his mouth.
GOJO SATORU takes pictures of you. he has an entire album in his phone of just you: you shoving breakfast in your mouth, you half asleep with pillow creases, you doing laundry, you putting on your shoes— literally just you doing anything. he also has plenty of you two together. he takes pictures of you guys sight-seeing, trying new shops, fancy dinner dates, and everything in between. he wants all the moments with you where his soul feels a little lighter and he thinks "oh wow" when he looks at you to be uploaded to his cloud immediately. gojo also loves taking selfies and sending them to megumi + nanami. megumi always asks to say hi to you. nanami always responds with an "OK" or "Very nice." gojo makes fun of him for it even though he really does appreciate his replies.
FUSHIGURO MEGUMI rests his head on you. he'll just lean against ur shoulder while you're watching a movie together, or rest his head against yours while you're looking for the right noodle packs at the store, and he'll shove his head into your chest when he's having a bad day. he isn't the best with words, especially when he wants to express his icky love feelings. so he starts to just... lean on you. it started with your legs and arms touching when you sat together, and then he tried putting his arm around your waist or shoulders. that one got real embarrassing quickly, so he settled for softly resting his head on you. most times it's for just a couple seconds before he'll pull away and continue with what he was doing. but sometimes it lasts longer (usually when you're alone). it started off as a "don't go yet" and with time turned into a "come closer." you're soft and warm... it's really comforting. you're safe to him.
ITADORI YUUJI warms you up when you're cold. when you're on walks together and it's cold out, he'll take your hands in his and use his breath to warm them up. before he interlocks your fingers, he'll press a kiss to both your palms and flash a bright smile at you. also, he typically runs hot, so he has no problem giving up his jacket if you need it (he probably wasn't using it anyway). and if the jacket isn't enough, he wraps you up in his arms like a yuuji-shaped heated blanket. after a few minutes, you think he's gonna let you go, but no. he stays like that in the middle of the street, arms locked and chin resting on your shoulder. he'll awkwardly shuffle to a bench still wrapped around you before he even thinks about letting go of his baby.
OKKOTSU YUTA kisses your hands. every chance he gets he'll do it— just presses the softest of kisses to your knuckles, your palm, your fingertips. if he's driving, he always links his fingers with yours, bringing your hand up to his mouth to kiss the back of it. sometimes it's quick and light, sometimes he holds it there, conveying all his feelings he knows he can't possibly communicate into a kiss. he bunches it all up into one singular point of contact between his lips and your skin, and he'll continue to press kiss after kiss to your hands until that mushy feeling inside dissipates. he didn't expect that feeling to only grow. he kisses you so casually....naturally, because for him, it is. however, he'll go bright red and won't look you in the eye if you kiss the calluses littered on his palms.
Tumblr media
<3 likes + reblogs appreciated!
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fuwushiguro · 3 months ago
Can We Have Two First Times?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Yuuji Itadori x f!Reader x Megumi Fushiguro
Genre: Smut Notes: They're so cute 'n needy :( Warnings: 18+, consensual encounter, virginity loss, vaginal penetration, cherry chaser reader, university AU, praise, messy kissing, clit rubbing, nipple play, sub!Megumi + sub!Yuuji (maybe idk), cuddling. Words: 1.5k
Tumblr media
There’s something so appealing and pathetic to you about virgins. Especially boys. You could smell the purity and insecurity on Fushiguro and Itadori from miles away. You sit in front of them in class and hear what they talk about. Admittedly, Yuuji is more vulgar than Megumi. Bragging about certain girls up-skirts and camel toes he spots through the day. At most, Megumi will shrug him off but at least admit they’re pretty girls. You’d think they’d be smart enough not to talk about you, given your close proximity. And yet, Yuuji takes the bait as you sit in front of them with tight jeans and an exposing thong. It’s too much for them both. You tease them, leaning back to ask to borrow a pencil. Their faces turn bright red as they try and conceal their arousal rushing to their aching cocks.
You can’t resist them for another second.
You corner the two of them at the end of class, much to the surprise of both of them. Their expressions are almost intoxicating enough to get drunk off when you call them out for staring at your ass. Megumi was the most enjoyable to toy with, of course. You back your body up against his in a secluded corridor in the building. His rock-hard erection bulges through his jeans and prods between your ass cheeks. You think he might cum in his pants if you don’t slow down.
It only becomes worse as you pull Yuuji towards you and sandwich yourself between them. You take Megumi’s hand in yours and bring it forwards to settle on your breast. His breath feels warm on your neck as he sighs out a moan. He is so reluctant to take to opportunity you are handing him on a plate, and you didn’t have a chance to encourage him.
Yuuji isn’t about to waste his chance with you. He attached his messy lips to yours and you can’t believe how dominant it is. Drool dribbles from your lips as one tongue slides against the other. He reaches up to grasp your other breast, mumbling his gratitude against your lips. Especially since you had opted not to wear a bra. He pinches and tweaks your nipple as if it had been rehearsed in his mind since the moment he was born.
“Fushiguro, touch her properly.” Yuuji demands. He’s still reluctant to violate you, but can’t resist for another minute. He copies his friend in toying with your nipple, dick twitching in his pants as he cops a feel for the first time in his life.
“Guys,” you whisper. They can’t stop themselves now, desperate to have you right here right now in each and every way they possibly can. “Guys, not now.” you tell them. Though it falls on deaf ears yet again. You shove Yuuji away from you and move away from Megumi.
“Fuck…” Megumi mutters, clearing his throat and attempting to compose himself and reassess the situation. “Did we, uh, do something?” he asks. “Something wrong, I mean?” he continues.
“No, nothing.” you tell them both, smiling with your tongue poking out mischievously. “Text me and I’ll send you my address. I want you both to swing by my dorm room later.” you inform them as you write your number down on a little scrap of paper and hand it to the pink-haired boy.
“Your dorm? Is it so… we can…”
“Fuck? Yes. I want you both really bad, if that’s something you’d be interested in. I’d love to see you both later and take care of you guys. Or you can try and take care of me.” you joke, smirking a little at your own comment. You wave them goodbye and don’t give them a chance to answer you. You know they’ll be coming later.
The way they talk about girls, there is no way they’d waste a chance to lose their virginities.
Tumblr media
“Ohhhhh fuck baby, jus’ like that.” Yuuji moans as you ride him. Megumi is playing with himself on the edge of the bed while your cries of pleasure are practically shaking the walls. God damn he’s big. And real thick like a fucking coke can. Each vein of his throbbing cock perfectly massages your gummy walls.
“D-Don’t cum, Megumi!” you warn him as you look over to see him furiously pumping his cock in his hand. “Wanna fuck you next, so please don’t cum.”
He stops palming himself and instead stands on his knees and cups your face in both of his hands. His lips are so soft but the kiss is so rough. It’s heated, because he’s desperate. All he can think about is feeling your pussy wrapped around him. He’s dying for Yuuji to hurry up and cum inside of you so he can have you take his cherry away, too.
“F-Fuck, Yuuji. ‘m not gonna l-last!” you warn him.
“T-Then don’t. Cum for me, rub your clit baby. Wanna see your pretty little cum face.” he explains. Your chest is heaving as you cream all over his shaft. Your walls clamping around him bring him right along with you to a crushing, erotic demise. His heavy cock spurting glob and glob of white seed into your clenching cunt. “God, thank you. Thank you so much.” you bend over to kiss him, his overstimulated moans are so sweet in your mouth.
“You’re welcome Yuuji. It’s Megumi’s turn now, okay?” you tell him.
He nods, agreeing, giving you one last kiss before he moves away from you. You force Megumi onto his back and kiss his neck and down his abdomen just for the sick thrill of watching his cock twitch.
“D’ya want me to sit on it, Megumi?” you ask him. He nods, sheepishly, despite how agonising it is as each second passes. “I think you can do a little better than that. Or do you wanna be a virgin forever?” you continue.
“N-No, I don’t. Please, fuck me. Sit on it,” he begs. You nod, agreeing. “I really want you to, ah- shiiiiit.” he groans as you sink your pussy down on his long cock. You begin to ride him, surprised as Yuuji pulls your back against his chest. Your ass cheek becoming smeared in his cum and your juices. Megumi managed to slip inside of you no problem thanks to Yuuji’s load providing the perfect lubricant for him. Yuuji’s hands are on your tits, kissing your neck and encouraging you to ride his friend just how you’d rode him.
“Gonna cum on his cock too, aren’t you babe? He deserves it, I think. Been so patient waitin’ for us to finish so he can have a turn. You need to show ‘im a good time, gorgeous.”
“I- I will. Want you to- t’cum Megumi. Wanna feel it, please.”
“S-Stop that. I wanna last longer but I won’t if you keep begging me. L-Like that.” he implores you. His face is positively flushed the brightest pink you’ve ever seen. His face is sweaty and his dark locks are sticking to his forehead. You know he’s not going to last because he’s been edging himself for so long.
“Touch her tits, Fushiguro.” Yuuji instructs, but Megumi shakes his head.
“No, I can’t. I’ll finish if I feel ‘em, I can’t.” he explains.
Yuuji picks up the slack, touching your nipples perfectly. He’s a fast learner. Picking up the intensity and pinch pattern on the hardened buds. One hand strays to rub your clit again. He never expected pussy to feel like this. Your clit is so soft and sweet and God he can’t believe the sounds you make when he touches it. It’s better than when you touch yourself. You wonder if he’d been lying about being inexperienced with girls this whole time.
He's a natural.
“FUCK,” Megumi grunts, “so fuckin’ tight.” he speaks. He drives his hips up to meet yours. Your breath stutters with each thrust as he pounds against your cervix with his enormous cock. Yuuji’s cock is hard again, leaking like a faucet all over your rear. “’m cumming, fuck! ‘m sorry…”
“’m cumming t-too! Fuck, Megumi! I—”
The three of you all moan together. Despite Yuuji not orgasming, he feels connected to you both in a way he’d never have dreamed this morning. It’s sympathetic, you think, his heavy breaths and fluttering eyelids as you experience your second high of the evening.
You’ve never felt so good. Even for a cherry chaser, you’ve certainly outdone yourself this time. Two virgins in one? It’s like you’ve hit the jackpot. You might find it hard to let these two go. Even with your cunt leaking both of their pearly, white cum, they hold you between them like you’re precious. A sweet, delicate flower. You think you might fall asleep like this. It’s so intimate. The three of you laying on your bed with not a single article of clothing on any of your bodies.
They might not be virgins anymore.
But at the very least they’ll make a good booty call.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© 2022 fuwushiguro
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shokosmokes · 4 months ago
♡ jjk smut visuals ♡
Tumblr media
18+ minors dni
Tumblr media
satoru: link link link link link
satosugu: link link
suguru: link link link link link
megumi: link link link link link
nanami: link link link link
shoko: link link link link
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touyaz · 3 months ago
to tell the truth.
pairing fushiguro megumi x fem reader
word count 2,938
notes oh to be pretty boy megumi’s bimbo gf </3 @cursedarchiveblog @http-404-error-unknown
WARNINGS bimbo! reader (... kind of. an attempt was made.), smut, fingering, unprotected sex, vag sex, cream pie. reader wears a skirt (no length specified) and mascara. reader is called girl, but has no pronouns.
"You'll get wrinkles like that, you know?" you tease, smoothing the crease between Megumi's brows only for it to return as soon as you move away. "Please don't ruin your pretty face."
"I wouldn't if you— I'm not pretty," he grumbles, frown deepening, brows furrowing further, as his eyes wander away from the pout on your face. There's a blush rising high on the curve of his cheeks, dusted pink and not so out of character when you know exactly what effect compliments have on him.
"Yeah, you are." Your lips turn up into a coy grin just as two of your fingers rise to pinch his cheeks. "The prettiest. My pretty boy Megumi."
He rolls his eyes. He huffs a little and straightens his posture, too. He can't do much about the way his flush darkens, though, highlighting the very tip of his ears a matching red.
Clearing his throat, he holds your wrist with just enough force that your own hand loosens. "Thank you, now finish the question."
"Can't we take a break instead?" you immediately whine, dropping your hand to his thigh and shifting closer to rest your head on his shoulder. "I'm tired."
"You've only answered two questions."
"And they were tiring," you groan, burrowing your face in the warm fabric of his jumper. A hint of mint lingers in the threads and you would chase after the fragrance if not for him holding your chin and angling your head away. "Megumi…"
"One more," he says. "Answer the first part of this question then we can take a break, okay?"
You pout a little, eyes already drooping with a want to sleep. You look cute. You look downright endearing drawing mindless circles on his thigh as you stare at him, silently trying to convince him to take a break now, but he's not going to budge. He raises his brows expectantly, almost daring you to whine once more, but you huff and turn away, reading the question on your paper. 
"Good girl." He smiles when you brighten at that, mood lifting from the shred of praise. "What does it say?"
"The first part says 'define and compare analytic and synthetic truths.'"
He hums, leaning in to hover beside you, reading the question over for himself. He knows he's gone over this with you before, and he hopes you remember what he taught you and not the proposition for anal you made after seeing 'analytic'.
He watches as you worry over your bottom lip, licking away the strawberry gloss as you mumble the terms over and over, trying to rack your brain for the answer. There's a cute crease forming between your brows and he would joke about you getting wrinkles now, but he doesn't want to break your flow. 
"I know this," you whine, leaning your chin on your hand and glaring down at the sheet of paper. "'Gumi, we did this, I know we did, but I can't— all I can think about is anal now. I remember that."
He's not surprised that your mind has drifted, though he does feel a little bad at how much you're stressing over the question now. He's about to give you a clue when you gasp and turn to him with stars in your eyes.
"It's the— It's the boring one, right?"
And he has no idea where you're going with this, but he says, "Yeah, go on."
"It's, like, with logic and stuff?" you say, tilting your head like a little robin, and he can't help but smile, nodding to encourage you. "And, um, the meanings of words, right?"
He's proud of you — he really is — but it's hard to stay focused on your clueless expression, on your wide eyes waiting for him to put you out of your misery, when he can feel his cock twitch in his pants. 
He coughs, praying you keep looking at him and not down at his thighs where your hand has wandered back to. "Yeah, yeah, you got it."
"Really?" You cheer up, squeezing his thigh a little and he tenses, feeling himself harden as your warmth seeps into his clothes. "That doesn't sound fancy enough, though."
"We'll work on that later. Can you— Can you give me an example?"
He hopes you don't dwell on him fumbling over his words, too busy focusing on your fingers drumming along the inner slope of his thigh.
You hum, biting your lip as you think.
Fuck. He shouldn't have looked down, he should've kept his eyes glued to your own because now he can't tear them away from the plump swell of your bottom lip, the smear of your gloss and the tender skin that's hidden beneath the shine. Fuck.
His eyes fall even lower to where your hand is inches away from the tent in his pants. It's pathetic. It's disgusting. It's unfathomably embarrassing that you answering one little thing correctly has him hard as a brick. But, it's undeniable that he twitches — that his trousers get a little tighter, his dick a little harder — when you exclaim, "Like one plus one is two!"
You even smack his thigh when you jolt upright in your excitement, and he hopes you missed the whimper that squeaked out of him at the movement.
"Yeah, yeah, like that. Good— Good job." He ends with a stoic nod, about to tell you to finish the rest of the question when your lips turn down.
"You okay, baby? You're red all of a sudden."
"I'm fine," he replies, feeling anything but. He's lying through his teeth and he doesn't know whether to feel annoyed that you're focusing on him when he doesn't want that, or to feel loved by you caring for him over something so… Itadori-esque. If only you knew the truth.
"You don't feel too hot," you say, checking his temperature with the back of your hand. Your other one still sits dangerously close to his hard-on. "Are you sure?"
"I'm sure. Come on, next question." You drop it and he's grateful for a split second until you shift to look at the paper again, and your arm grazes his hardness.
Don't say anything. Don't say anything. Please, don't say any—
You giggle.
You're biting your lip again — not that he can tell because as soon as he heard your tinkling laughter, he closed his eyes to try and drown out the sound. 
"Megumi," you start, a teasing lilt in your voice as you draw out the syllables until he grumbles a reply. "Megumi, baby."
"Don't," he gets out through the grit in his throat. "Just— Get to work."
You hum a sweet agreement, but he should've known better. He should've been more attuned to you, and less… whatever he has going on with him right now.
Especially when he feels your hand slide up his thigh.
"That's not—" He almost wheezes when you squeeze over his bulge, thoughts draining from his mind as you massage him slowly. "Fuck, stop."
"I'm just getting to work like you said, baby." He can feel the gentle tiptoe of your fingers moving up, feel them skim across the sliver of skin left bare between his sweatpants and his jumper. "Is this what you want?"
"That's not—" he gulps, hands closing around the edge of his chair as he lets you slide your hand down his pants. It's a tight fit, but that doesn't matter to him; your fingers barely graze his hardness and it's enough to make him jerk in his seat. "You know that's not what I meant."
"You're not complaining, though," you comment, shifting closer to litter teasing kisses along his jaw. You can feel the grind of bone on bone, the hard line of his angled face softened by the gentle pecks you lay along the curve. His pulse races beneath your lips, only made worse when you nibble over the tender spot until he lets out a quiet groan. "I think you like it. Pretty boy Megumi gets all weak and hard over some studying. Just wait till I tell Nobara this."
He chuckles. A little breathless, a lot tired of the attitude. 
A hand wraps around your forearm and you freeze.
Without another word, your arm goes slack in his hold, letting him pull your hand out of his trousers with no hassle. 
You really shouldn't have brought up Nobara.
You can't tell what he's thinking, navy eyes barely glancing over your form when he tugs you along, hauling you onto his lap. His chest is firm along your body and his cock pokes your lower back, but he pays it no mind.
"Synthetic truths. Answer."
You slump in his hold. "Seriously? Aren't we—"
"Answer it now," he demands, squeezing your waist so you straighten up. "If you get it right, I'll think about letting you cum."
"That's not fair," you mumble, crossing your arms and rereading the sheet in front of you.
"Should've thought of that before you got all smart on me."
"You like when I'm smart," you tease, pushing back on the hardness that still digs into you before he holds you still. 
"If I don't hear an answer soon, we're both going to be disappointed."
You huff, blinking to clear the cloudiness in your eyes so you can focus on the words a little better. 
"They're, um," you start, murmuring the words over and over in hopes it jogs your memory. You think you're crawling closer to the answer, nearing the tip of the iceberg when you feel Megumi's hands ghost over your stomach. "Megumi?"
"Try again," he says, more focused on pulling the ends of your skirt up so the fabric pools around your waist. "Come on, you can do it."
"They're the—" you gasp when one cold finger teases over your clit through your panties, fumbling over your words as he lightly taps down to the growing wet spot then back up again. "The ones with the, the thing that— that says— M-Megumi, please."
He clicks his teeth, moving his fingertip over the bud with a painstaking slowness. Your nails dig into your palm when he pulls aside the cloth to play with your pussy, a quiet squelch sounding when he finally sinks his finger into you. "Almost there," he murmurs, brushing his nose along your neck, rubbing against your silken walls. "Just say a little more for me."
"They're the ones with — ah, more, more, please," you whimper. He indulges you for now, slipping in a second finger and then holding still.
He kisses the crook of your neck. "Go on."
"It's about experience," you say, but it sounds more like a question with the way your pitch rises at the end. You're on the right track, though, and Megumi rewards your progress by curling his fingers, a gesture that has your back arching, moans slipping from your mouth. "Experience! Like, like, um, what you— what you know because you, you feel so good—" he clicks his teeth again, pulling his fingers out to lightly slap your sex before pushing three fingers back in "—sorry, sorry! It's when you, you know it because you see it. Like, like with your senses."
He hums, burying himself down to the knuckles, carving his prints into the soft walls of your pussy as he strokes and curls his fingers. "Is that your final answer?"
"Yes! Yes, please, Megumi—"
"Alright," he sighs, pulling his fingers out of you with a lewd squelch. "You did well."
"Yeah," he says, and you feel his smile when he leaves a kiss on your head. "I'm proud of you. Stand up for me."
You waste no time in getting up, using the table in front of you for support when your knees tremble too much. With a low utterance of 'good girl', Megumi bunches your skirt up, pinning it to your lower back with one hand as the other pushes your underwear down.
"You ready?" he asks, guiding the head of his cock along your dripping sex.
"Yes, hurry," you whine, hitting the desk when he circles your clit with his tip, smearing the pre that beads at the top. "Put it in."
"Wait." His tongue strikes his teeth and he stops moving. "You didn't give me an example."
"Give me an example of a synthetic truth."
"Are you kidding me?" You try pushing yourself back onto him, but he keeps you at bay with the hand on your back. "Megumi, please, want it so bad."
"The sooner you answer—" he slaps his cock against your slick folds, and you can hear how sloppy and wet you are from all his teasing "—the sooner you can cum."
"Please," you sob. Megumi's sure that if he looked over your shoulder right now, he'd see your mascara running in rivulets. "'Gumi, please, I'll answer after, I swear, just fuck me." He makes a sound of disapproval that you huff at, turning your face to him — his lips quirk when he sees the mess of crystals and carbon black on your cheeks. "You're so mean."
"That's not nice," he mumbles, resting the blunt head of his cock just outside your aching entrance. "But I'll accept it."
The debauched cry you let out when he finally pushes into you sends a shiver down his spine. It's easy to sheathe himself all the way given how wet you are. A creamy ring circles the base of his length when he pulls out, and a filthy pap rings out when he buries himself in again.
"Oh, fuck," he groans, rearing his hips and setting a steady pace. Short, swift thrusts have your breath knocking out of you, body keeling over as his hands grip your waist firmly enough to bruise. "Fuck, you feel so good."
"Just for— for you," you pant, whimpering his name when one hand comes to flick over your clit. The table beneath you shakes under the pressure when Megumi trades speed for power; he relishes the way your pussy clamps down around his length as he sinks all the way in. He pulls out and a choked moan escapes him when you drag him back in just as quickly, your nails digging into his soft thighs as you beg for him to go harder. "Please, please, need more—"
"Yeah," he pants, nudging your legs further apart so he can hammer into you more deeply, balls slapping against your clammy skin with each fervent move. "Yeah, I've got you. Shit— you're so— so tight."
It's dumb-founding how a straight A student like Megumi can be brought down to his knees by you. He can deal with lab work and back-to-back deadlines with minimal stress, but your glassy eyes and sopping pussy have him fumbling for words; just the sight of your slick drenching his thighs has his mind blanking, his thoughts reduced to baser instincts, animalistic groans and curses all that pour out of his mouth.
It doesn't help that he can hear how wet you are. Obscene noises echo each time his hips clap against your ass, and the sound of slick gushing out of you fills his mind every time he looks down to where you're both connected.
"So fucking messy," he rasps. "I can't— can't hold it. Fuck, I'm gonna cum."
"Wanna cum," you cry, and he tilts his hips just a little to the left to have you careening. The tip of his length nudges that soft spot in you that has your entire body tensing, calling his name in broken wails as he doesn't let up.
It isn't much longer until you're boneless in his hold, stars dotting your vision behind closed eyes. He's still pumping into you, rolling around your clit so you sob from all the stimulation, hiccupping, ‘Can't, no more, 'Gumi,’ like a helpless plea. A few thrusts more and he's slumping over your body, buried down to the base inside you, groaning as he finally cums. Your pussy clenches around him in tired pulses, draining him of all his energy, milking him for all his worth.
He blinks away the haze in his eyes, smiling tiredly at the wet squelch that sounds when he pulls his softened length out. His legs feel weak and exhausted, but he manages to bend down enough to pull your panties back up, narrowly catching the way his cum seeps out and darkens the cloth. He falls back onto his seat, dragging you with him since you’re still shaking in place, knees nearly buckling.
"We should— We should take a break," he gets out, helping you when you shift to rest your head on his chest. You hum and he kisses your head before continuing, "No more rewards until you've finished all the work."
"This was all your fault," you say, and he savours the way you struggle to catch your breath. "Getting all— Getting hard when I'm just trying to study."
"Sorry." A part of him is sorry — the part of him that's embarrassed by his newfound weakness, conjuring all the ways you could exploit it to your advantage in the future — but the majority of him is still basking in the afterglow, not too bothered by the derailment of your study session.
"It's fine," you mumble. He really should stop you from nuzzling into his chest because you look like you're about to fall asleep, but you look endearing and he figures a short rest won't harm either of you. That is, until you continue, "I'm still telling Nobara, though."
He pinches your cheek, pushing you away from him. "That's it. Break's over now."
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honey-buttered · 11 days ago
Stay The Night
Summary: Megumi always leaves after sex.
Genre: romance, angst
Pairing: Megumi Fushiguro x female reader
WARNINGS: mentions of sex
Tumblr media
“Got somewhere to be?” You asked Megumi who was getting dressed after a particularly heated sex session.
Megumi glanced back at you and shrugged, fixing his shoes. “Just a bit tired, and I want to finish reading my book.”
“Ah,” You nodded, but a frown soon formed between your brows. “Gumi, why don’t you ever stay the night?”
You and Megumi have been having sex for a while now. It wasn’t clear whether you were in a relationship or not, but it was bothering you because he could be so sweet in bed, giving you compliments and calling you his, but then the moment it’s over he’d be gone.
Megumi paused briefly but didn’t answer your question. “I’ll see you around.”
“Yeah.. see you around.” You sighed, feeling the cold, empty space on your bed.
It all started on Gojo’s birthday party. Since all of his students were of age, he insisted that everyone took shots, and so you did. One shot, two shot, three shot, four... everyone was wasted, it being the first time they drank.
“Gumi,” You nudged the frowning boy, clearly trying his best not to puke. “Go drink some water.”
He groaned. “’M fine.”
“The fuck you are.” You snorted, reaching for the water yourself over his body.
Megumi was lying on the floor, and his head was spinning, but he definitely remembered that night when you reached for the glass of water, and he could smell the sweet scent of your perfume along with your smoking body on top of his. You know the rest.
Megumi hated PDA. He despised it. The fact that people think it’s appropriate or necessary to display their love for each other in public was beyond his understanding. So when he saw you and Kamo sitting so close together, your bodies almost touching, he’s in the brink of his own sanity.
It was a rare day out with the Kyoto students. For once, they weren’t after each other’s throats. You could see the students getting along with each other like normal people for once and it’s a good sight. But one person who didn’t care about it all, was Megumi.
He couldn’t be bothered to participate in any conversation, not when his full attention was on you and Kamo. Sitting so comfortably together in the park where they all were, discussing something, that’s for sure.
“Oi, stop sulking.” Maki sat next to him, “You’re ruining this peaceful day.”
“I’m not sulking.”
Mai chuckled and sat on the other side of Megumi. “How can you blame him? His girlfriend is being charmed by Kamo.”
Megumi’s frown deepened and he pulled his face away from your direction, though his eyes remained. “She’s not my girlfriend.”
Maki and Mai looked at each other before a snort escaped their lips. “Ah, too bad then. She’ll definitely be in love with Kamo after this.”
“Yeah, I heard he has a way with his words.” Maki smirked, “And Y/N is amazing, too. They look so good together.”
Megumi twitched. Looked good together? He stared even longer. There was no way you would fall in love with Kamo. I mean, he’s not your type at all.
“Can you imagine it, Fushiguro?” Mai said close to his ear, “They’re spending a lot of time together... kissing, making out... and soon enough, they’ll quietly leave to a private room and-”
Suddenly Megumi stood up and walked towards your direction. He couldn’t handle it anymore. He had to do something. No matter what it was, he had to get a hold of you and make sure you’re not with Kamo, but with him.
“Mai, you’re too mean.”
“And that’s how I usually make tea,” You smiled, “But I do like milder and flowery flavors, so you really shouldn’t follow me.”
Kamo smiled, “Nonsense, I’ll try your technique. You know about tea better than I do.”
“Speaking of, what are you doing this Saturday?” Kamo added, “I know a nearby tea store that we can look at-”
“She’s busy.”
Megumi’s voice interrupted Kamo mid-sentence. You looked at Megumi who was standing towering over the two of you and raised a brow. “No, I’m no- whoa!”
“Sorry, I’ll be borrowing her for a while.” Megumi clearly didn’t mean his apology and dragged you away from Kamo. To where? Anywhere will do.
He was holding your wrist tightly while taking you to a secluded place. He definitely had something in his mind, that, you’re sure of. But it wasn’t like Megumi to suddenly drag you away. And what was the reason? Was it for sex? Did he feel horny all of a sudden and needed a quickie? If that was the reason, you’d be really pissed at him.
“Megumi, where are we going?”
He stopped in his tracks. Fuck. Now what? Megumi let go of your hand and sighed, sitting down on the bench nearby before putting his face in his hands. He really did not think this through.
You thought if he was going through something. He looked troubled, but knowing Megumi, it’s unlikely that he’d want to talk about it. Yet you sat next to him anyway. Didn’t ask, didn’t talk, you just sat there. Maybe all he wanted was someone to sit with.
He didn’t question your actions. He knew that you’d understand him. In every way possible. It’s like you could read his mind, his emotions, and he felt calm whenever he’s with you. He could trust you.
“It’s not like I don’t want to stay, you know.” He finally spoke.
You looked at the way he wasn’t looking at you. He was looking down on his fingers that seemed sweaty from the nerves. But why would he be nervous?
“Every time we’re done, I-” He took a deep breath. “I fight the urge to not climb to bed and just be with you.”
Your heart picked its pace. What on Earth was he talking about? Why now all of a sudden? “Then why don’t you?”
“Because I don’t want to fall in love with you.”
When Megumi started going to your room to have sex and leave, you knew the chances of things being more than what it was was slim. You’re not stupid, you’re not trying to build your expectations — hell, if anything, you knew not to have any.
But it was hard. It was hard when Megumi would look at you like he’s seen you naked when you’re with other people, and it was especially hard when he’d kiss you ever so slowly, passionately after tiring nights. So why was he telling you all of the things you already knew? Your body is a mere stress reliever, sex with you is nothing more than an occasional need.
“You don’t have to tell me, Megumi.” You said, sighing heavily to prevent yourself from crying. “I know that you just want sex, and it’s fine—”
“No I don’t.” He interrupted. “That’s the problem, I don’t just want sex. I want... I want everything with you. I want to be able to stay the night with you, read a book together, I want to finally have tea that you make especially for me... fuck, I want to fucking hold hands with you and let everyone see that you’re mine.”
You let him continue, “But I’m- I’m scared. I don’t know how to do... this, a relationship, or to show my affection. And as much as how I’m falling in love with you, I can’t show that kind of affection. I want to, but I just... I don’t know how. You deserve someone better... And now I just sound like a selfish jerk who’s pitying himself-”
He was in a spiral. You hesitantly held his hand to catch his attention, and cupped his face with your other hand. Despite Megumi being in a hard time right now, you find it a little adorable and relieving that he’s able to vent like this.
“You know there’s a reason why I still agreed to see you to this day.” A small smile escaped your lips. “You’re not the only one who’s falling in love, Megumi. And I don’t want you to be a ‘normal’ boyfriend. You’re anything but normal, and I like you that way.”
You slowly pulled him in for a kiss, and Megumi closed his eyes. He never realized it felt so good to be accepted by the one you love.
“You taste good.” Megumi whispered closely to your lips, bringing a smile to both your faces.
Megumi laced his fingers with yours as you enjoyed the rest of the day together, taking a walk around Tokyo while holding hands. You’d still avoid any familiar faces, but it’s a work in progress — something both of you’d be happy to work on.
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megumidreams · a month ago
Hello! 👋 May I please request a Megumi x reader where they are super tired but also very horny so they settle for cockwarming while sleeping? Thank you~
You're very welcome. Enjoy nonny, I hope you like it. 😌
Tumblr media
Compromise || {NSFW} M. Fushiguro x fem!Reader
TW: smut, unprotected sex, 18+ content, x fem!Reader, aged up characters (21+), NSFW content do not read if you don't want to see it, cock warming, dirty talk, offensive language (swearing), pet names (my love, darling, good girl, baby girl), minors dni
Word Count: 1k
Tumblr media
The ache between your legs had been wild since the two of you had returned home from dinner. It had been such a long night but the way Megumi's dress shirt had looked on him had left you reeling and ready to maul him. And the way your new outfit had looked on you made his cock twitch in his pants as he tried to hide his desire from everyone around the table. How had he even let you get out of the house like that?
As his arms wrapped around you his hips pushed forward, almost on their own, as he took a deep breath. He had to get himself under control, he was exhausted and now wasn't the time. He could tell that you were too.
The push of his hips made you whimper softly, his ears catching it instantly as you felt his cock twitch against your ass. Your hips pushed back into him, inciting another whine from you. Your body felt like it had been taken over as if someone else was in control. Your thighs rubbed together as you tried to ease the desire between them, trying to get a sense of friction to nulify it.
Megumi's voice was breathy and sharp as he spoke to you, his lips touching the skin of your neck gently. "Fuck, I can't take this. I-I need you so bad."
Your tongue ran across your lips as you nodded, knowing that you needed him just as badly. But your body was nearly shut down, the events of the day had been too much for you. "Megs," His nickname rolled off your lips so passionately, but even so he could hear the exhaustion behind it. "I'm so tired, I can't."
His hand slid down your side, caressing your ass as he took a handful. "Me too, darling. How about we have a compromise, yeah?" The desperation in his voice was enough to drive you crazy, the throbbing between your legs growing deeper. Megumi's hand pushed your panties to the side, his fingers rubbing over your folds teasingly. "Let me help both of us, just need to feel that pretty little cunt squeeze onto my cock. That's all, my love."
Nearly drooling at his words you found yourself agreeing, the front of his boxers pushing down as his tip grazed against your entrance. Your body jolted a little, extra sensitive to the touch as you mewled for him. "Need you inside me, Megs. Please, can't take it anymore."
That was all the begging he needed as he pushed himself inside of you. The sensation of your soaked cunt engulfing him made a low growl sound in his chest even though he tried so hard to hold it back. His cock stuffed you, your walls closing around it as you let out a small, sinful nose for his ears only. You wanted to stay like this, wanted that to be it, but just knowing that it was killing the both of you made it so hard.
Megumi's hips bucked up into yours, slowly at first, but when you didn't stop him and didn't pull away they moved quicker. The least amount of effort that he could put in and still make the both of you feel on top of the world was exerted as he lazily ruts his hips against your ass.
Another whimper fell from you as you wrapped your arm around his head, playing with his hair. It was the small intimate times like this that Megumi loved the most. Your body against his, not able to get any closer to each other even if you had tried. Never able to tell where your body ended and his body began.
His hand grasped your chin, tilting your head so that he could capture your lips with his own, swallowing your words as you murmured them out for him. "I love you." It poured from you over and over as he took in the sound of it.
Every word that left your mouth traveled straight to his cock, the words some of his favorites to hear from you. Your glazed-over eyes as his cock pushed as far into you as he could get made the coil inside of him grow tighter and tighter. "Fuck, my love." He groaned against your lips and let your chin go, holding onto your hips to keep you from moving away from him. "So fucking close. Wanna feel you cum all over me. Be my good girl, huh?"
The warmth in your abdomen had your body on fire, every muscle burning as you felt his length hitting that spot deep inside you perfectly. "Mmmm, always a good girl for you Megs-ngh!"
With a filthy moan, you felt yourself let go, soaking his cock with your slick as he continued to roll his hips against you. A strangled sound came from the back of his throat as Megumi's nails dug into the skin of your waist, his cock twitching against your walls as he coated them white with his seed.
A familiar warmth flooded his chest as he heard you, knowing that you were all his, knowing that he never had to worry. Megumi started to pull away, stopping when your hand grabbed his thigh, a pleading whimper accompanying it. "D-don't, Megs. Stay."
He blinked quickly but didn't question it, keeping his cock buried inside of you as he gripped onto your sleepy figure. It hadn't been the first time that the two of you had stayed like this. Megumi had known what you meant the second that you had grabbed hold of him. He kissed the back of your head lovingly and nodded, breathing in the smell of your shampoo with a long inhale. "Good night, baby girl. Sweet dreams."
Tumblr media
©️2022 megumidreams, please do not repost/modify without my permission, please do not use my work as ASMR without my permission
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your-nerd-is-showing · 7 months ago
Okay it's safe to say I am back baby! Here's a juicy drabble 😏🤤🥵
Tumblr media
Credit to artist!
JJK boys eating pussy
Satoru: He is relentless, Satoru will start out slow dragging his tongue along your swollen clit as you grip the bed sheets your head rolls back and you moan out. He chuckles as you become a drooling mess at his touch as he flicks his tongue ever so slightly continuing to tease you, he wants you to beg for him. He gently pulls apart your folds dipping his tongue in your hole savoring your sweet taste he starts to groan as he gets lost in your pussy the loud sound of Satoru slurping up your juices mixed with you wailing out is music to his ears the louder he can get you the better. He wants everyone to know that his tongue is a weapon of mass pleasure, he wants everyone to know what he does to you and make them all jealous.
Kento: Even when pleasuring you he is a sadist that just loves to tease you and edge you on forever. He will lightly flick the tip of his tongue on your clit making you moan, wanting more but he won’t give in that easily. You lay there handcuffed to his bed because he wants to drive you insane with the lightest touch to your most sensitive parts as you moan out begging for more he just laughs ignoring your pleas for relief. He continues to tease you licking your clit ever so slightly. He teases you for a long time until you are crying, begging him to relieve you. Finally he gives in and relentlessly finger fucks your dripping pussy.
Yuji: He gets so into eating your pussy it’s his favorite meal and he has become a champion at doing it. He will start out nibbling on your clit as he swirls his tongue around it making you moan out. He loves the lewd noises he makes come out of you the wonderful sounds of your moans mixing with him sucking and slurping your pussy juices he could listen to it for hours as he eats you out. He soon adds his fingers plunging them deep into your soaking core making you instantly orgasm and squirt into his mouth. He gets up his pants soaked from pre-cum and wining from the discomfort in his pants he takes them off and takes you.
Megumi: He makes eating pussy an art. Megumi pays the closest attention to every little reaction that you make. He loves to take his time giving you the ultimate pleasure. He starts out slowly parting your folds he dips his tongue licking your clit as his hands gently grope your breasts making you moan and wiggle at his gentle touch. He continues to lick your swollen clit as he plunges his fingers inside you going in perfect sync. He lightly hums against your clit making it vibrate as he gently holds you down driving you crazy making you gush into his mouth, making him moan into your pussy as he starts to lose himself. Soon your walls suck his fingers in as you cum all over them.
@ekaterinatepes @marimagines @floweryimagine @eva-gates @sassyeahhhh @divine-delight
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