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vidaflxwer · an hour ago
what’s your favourite norman headcanon?
it's taken me a while to come up with an answer for this, and i do apologize for both that and how depressing this is about to be, but my favorite norman headcanon is that he had to actively force himself to learn how to repress his feelings, that it wasn't something that came naturally to him.
i wrote a bit about this in a little norman fic i posted ages ago on this blog - if you want to read it, you can find it here, but it's really not as good as i wanted it to be - but it's something i hope to explore in more depth someday, because i think it's a fascinating idea. especially when you take into consideration canon with norman's shaking hands, which i like to interpret as the one thing he couldn't shake, no matter how hard he tried.
i just like to imagine him running off into the forest as a kid whenever he was about to cry, and trying to climb a tree or something but instead falling and scraping his knee, which only made him want to cry harder but he just lays there on the ground, vision blurry as he looks up at the sky, and forces himself to stop. so by the time isabella and the others find him, he offers him that gentle smile of his, and reassures them that he's fine. that it's only a little cut, that he wasn't upset about anything earlier, that they don't need to worry.
or the darker version of this - him realizing, for the first time, his own mortality and waking up from a horrific nightmare where he dies in some extremely traumatizing way, but instead of crawling over to ray's bed and asking him if he could sleep with him, or padding down the hall to isabella's room to wake her and ask if he could sleep with her, he just pulls the covers over his head, covers his mouth with his hand and tries to sob as quietly as possible. but it's not the normal kind of sobbing, no. it's the painful one, the kind that makes your chest hurt, and since he's so young, he thinks maybe he's going to die right then. that he won't have to wait and find out what death's actually like, and that only makes him cry harder. and when ray goes to wake him up the next morning - because norman slept in, like he almost never does, thanks to how late he stayed up like that - he notices that something's off with norman. that his eyes are a bit too puffy, that his lips look chapped, that there are nail marks dug into his arms. but before he can ask, norman just smiles, says good morning, and how they wouldn't want to keep mama waiting for breakfast, would they?
i think though that, even from that young of an age, both emma and ray knew, to an extent, that norman was repressing his feelings. that he wasn't actually okay all of the time - or ever, for that matter - and they always tried to gently remind him that they were there for him, that he didn't have to feel guilty for opening up to them or anyone else. but little did they know that only made him feel guiltier, because he didn't want them to worry about him at all, so he worked even harder to make the repression seem extremely natural, and eventually, it almost did. until they learned the secret of the house, and that shook norman to his core so much that the cracks in his facade opened back up again, and so emma and ray began to see them more.
okay wow i'm getting way too carried away with this but yeah. i think this is definitely my favorite norman headcanon. thank you for the ask, and again, sorry for the late answer! i just wanted to come up with something that i actually felt was interesting enough to share, and really was my favorite.
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silentmagi · an hour ago
Alphonse Elric x Mei Cheng in "Proof"
There are a million little things that Alphonse does to show his wife Mei that he loves her deeply, so is a little confused when she comes home late due to an appointment saying she had a proof of their love for each other in the sealed envelope.
#One Shot #These two... #The fluffening is upon us!
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cloud-ya · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hot but she can dilate her pupils
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desi-anon-confessions · 2 hours ago
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sadyew · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀🍙゛𓈈⠀𝀊 misaki⠀mei⠀mood⠀⤿⠀⊹⠀㚼〖 like or reblog 〗 ፡ 𝟣𝟫𝟤𝟧 ⏲᳞ ︽︿︿ ᳓ 💭⃨
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tigerseye46 · 3 hours ago
Peachpigshipping with A82, B78, C14, and C20? Thank you!
People really liking this ship. Not that I can blame any of you XD. I’ll make a full fic of it one of these days.
TW: Death, Blood, Nightmares
A82. “I recognize liars when I see them.” B78. “I’ll always be here, whenever you need me.” C14. “You disgust me.” C20. “I was an idiot to ever trust you.”
Blood splattered on the ground near the king’s feet and dark hair within his vision. He stumbled backwards, his eyes blown wide, he stared up at the White Bone Spirit who had a giant smirk marking her features, her feet floating above the ground and her red eyes glowing.
“I’ve won, Sun Wukong,” she declared proudly.
Screams rang behind the king and a familiar pink pushed past him to get to the body.
“I’ve won,” she repeated and then vanished.
“KID,” Pigsy screamed as he cradled MK in his arms, there was blood dripping down like a waterfall from the kid’s head. The kid’s eyes were shot open, lifeless. “No, please wake up. Please wake up,” the pig pleaded.
And inside Wukong was begging for the same. Please wake up, bud. Please wake up.
But they knew he was gone.
“NO,” Mei shouted and wept for her dead friend, her fists pounded against his chest. “NO! MK! WAKE UP!” Sandy pulled her off, she kicked and wept, begging for the demon to let her go.
Tang kneeled on the ground, using his hand to close MK’s eyelids, he took off his glasses and tried to wipe the tears.
“Bu-bud” were the only words he managed. “No…. It can’t be. He can’t…” He clenched his fists.
The White Bone Spirit appeared behind him. “It’s true. Your boy is dead and it’s all your fault,” she whispered. “How does it feel, Sun Wukong?”
When he spun around, she wasn’t there and when he turned back, he was met with the angry gaze of his partner. He hadn’t seen that type of anger directed at him since their friendship had formed.
The pig huffed and rushed towards him, grabbing his shirt. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT!”
His mouth was dry and it felt like he couldn’t breath. “Pigsy, love!”
“You promised you would keep him safe! Look what happened! He’s dead all because you decided to make him your successor!”
“I… I didn’t mean…”
“I was an idiot to ever trust you,” he spat out. “You promised me and I believed you! I even fell in love with you. Was that some part of your sick plan? Get me to fall in love with you then watch as you kill my son.”
Wukong trembled, his chest heaved up and down in a rapid fashion to bring some air back into his lungs. “I didn’t kill him!”
“YES YOU DID! From the moment you made him your successor, he was dead! I just knew it!”
“Babe.” He took a step towards the pig.
“You don’t have the right to call me that! Not anymore. You’re nothin’ but a liar. You disgust me. I hope you burn Wukong.” He unlatched the bracelet with the red and orange gem on his wrist and threw it at the ground, shattering the gem. He huffed. “Don’t follow us.”
“I didn’t mean to! Please don’t leave me!” They ignored his pleas as they brought MK’s body to the ship and then the ship slowly faded from view. He fell on his knees, sobs rang from his body as he stared at the broken jewelry. “Kid, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he echoed over and over again like a broken record.
The spirit popped up once again with a cackle. “Poor Sun Wukong.” Suddenly, icy chains took him by the arms, he let out a gasp but didn’t fight back as he was pulled towards the darkness.
“Wukong,” a familiar voice shouted.
He ignored it, feeling resigned to his fate. This is what he deserved.
He shot up from his bed, sweat covered his face, his grabbed fistfuls of the blanket and breathing shallow. “Wukong, it’s okay. I’m here.”
“Pig-Pigsy?” He asked, not bothering to look at the voice in fear of getting his hopes up.
He was met by blue eyes when the pig tugged on his arm. “I’m here. You’re safe,” he reassured.
“Pigsy.” He pulled the pig into a bone crushing hug. He’s still here. He hasn’t left you. “Where’s the kid?”
“Sleepin’,” he answered, his snout buried in the king’s chest, he could feel the king’s rapid heartbeat.
Sleeping. So he’s alive. He’s alive. “Alive?” He had to make sure.
“Yea, he’s alive. Snorin’ like crazy though when I passed his room. What’s up, babe?”
“Nothing.” Please don’t push. Go back to sleep.
The pig snorted. “Yea, nothin’. I recognize liars when I see them.”
“You’re nothin’ but a liar!” He was a liar.
Upon seeing his partner’s face, Pigsy said, “Don’t worry, Wukong. I’m jokin’. What happened?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“If you’re willin’ to tell me. I’m not goin’ to force it out of you.”
That was one of the things he loved about the pig. He didn’t push unless the situation called for it. He swallowed roughly, a lump caught in his throat. “Okay.”
He watched as Pigsy’s face turned horrified at learning about the nightmare. The pig cupped his cheeks. “Babe.”
“It’s my fault. I killed him.”
“No, ya didn’t.”
“You said I did.”
The pig bit his lip. “Hon… that wasn’t me. Yea, I used to be angry at you. Really angry but I would never blame you for that. Not for one second.”
“I know,” he replied unconvincingly.
“I wouldn’t have accepted that,” he gestured to the courtship bracelets lying on the bedside table, one on top of the other, he remembered when Wukong first handed him his, he made fun of the king for being so old fashioned. “If I thought that way of you.”
“I know… but what if one day I can’t keep any of you safe?”
“You’re the Great Sage. I have faith in you.”
“Sometimes I worry if that’s enough this time.”
“It is. It has always been enough. You’re pretty strong, babe.” He squeezed his partner’s arm, feeling the muscle underneath. “And ya got an awesome boyfriend to help you.”
Wukong couldn’t help but laugh. “Yea, I do.”
“And a great son, great friends.”
“Yea, I have all of that.” He beamed. “Thanks. Sorry I woke you up.”
Pigsy made a dismissive motion. “It’s fine. You would do the same. I’ll always be here, whenever you need me.”
“Thanks, love.”
“You’re welcome.” He pressed a gentle kiss to lips. “Ready to go to sleep or do you want to stay up more?”
“Actually.” The monkey grabbed his face and planted small kisses across it.
“Wukong!” The pig’s heart thumped and he giggled.
“Okay. Now I’m ready to go back to sleep.”
“Alright, silly monkey.”
Pigsy nuzzled his chest. “I love you.”
“Love you too,” Pigsy mumbled then drifted to sleep, snoring rang in the air and drool went down the corner of his mouth.
Wukong got rid of it with his thumb. He kissed him on the head, relief sweeping over him, his eyes grew heavy and he entered dreamland.
This time when he slept, it was not of the White Bone Spirit’s win but a beautiful day with his partner and friends.
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bootlegnarutomerch · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Are they alright?
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biomic · 4 hours ago
i wonder if mei’s weakness for hot guys will include zyuran as well
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mandareeboo · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Xiao Mei doesn’t get paid enough for this shit man
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josephsaturn · 4 hours ago
Ok, first AU for the day:
Danny phantom au
So a few weeks ago, I went to redrobin-detective’s blog under anon, & talked about the stunning lack of…canon-fusion aus?
Idk how to describe it well, basically character from series A goes under circumstances from series B and gets powers from a character from series B
I.E, Naruto gets a death note + Ryuk, Kim Posible is a gem hybrid, just spitballing.
But yea, that, between dp & MHA.
She gave me a kick in the ass that I needed to start this AU, so here I am!
The story (up to UA under the cut):
Starts when izuku gets told he can’t be a hero
He walks home after saving Bakugo, trying to hold on
He doesn’t, but still resolves to get into UA!
…’s support course!
He decides to clean dagobah to train himself from skinny green-bean to slightly less skinny green-bean
There, in mid-June, he meets hatsume
She threatens him with a power drill, but they come to an understanding
That being: she’ll teach him to build support items, and he’ll take the scrap to her apartment to use as fuel for said-teaching
It takes her 3 months to learn his name
Skip forward to February, and Mei breaks into izuku’s house to show him something cool
Said “cool thing” is a gate in the basement of the apartment
According to Mei, she’s been doing calculations with string theory, and according to said calculations, she found that there’s a possibility that their world has other “shadow worlds” to it.
So…look, watch the dp OP, that’s what happens, that’s the point of this au-
Either way, mei, who went upstairs to plug some stuff in, hears the portal fire up, and sees it working.
However, izuku’s nowhere in sight.
Mei, who was in a sleep deprived haze, feels a single memory slice through the fog: she installed an “on” button in the portal.
IN the portal.
She realizes what happened, and nearly breaks down…
And then she sees izuku stumble out of the portal, in his hazmat, coughing.
She catches him as he falls, and cries when he shows he’s still alive
However, her relief turns to panic as he phases through the floor
She catches him, but it’s a close call.
From there, after multiple tests, she concludes that his physiology was completely scrambled by the portal, and is technically half-dead.
Aside from that, he can swap between that “ghostly” form and his “alive” form
Said “ghostly” form has red hair, eyes, and hazmat suit, with white shading in his hair, and black collar, gloves, and boots for the suit.
The two of them experiment with the ghost form, and soon enough, UA starts the first trimester.
That’s all I’m saying for now, but I will say that the first ghost they face that’s actually a threat is Penelope Spectra
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voguesque--style · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sylvie Meis - voguesque--style
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voguesque--style · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sylvie Meis - voguesque--style
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mandareeboo · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I feel like May has become Father’s version of a roach- always in his pipes, always nearby, always coming to FUCK SHIT UP
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rangraiza · 5 hours ago
اُس سے نِبھے گا رشتۂِ سود و زیاں بھی کیا بَھلا
میں ہوں بلا کا بد حساب، اُسے حساب چاہیے
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