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#mei overwatch
tfstayquiet · 3 months ago
Can I request Junkrat working on his bombs or his arm? Just the chaos boy actually getting to show that he's smart
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And a little bonus comic that I came up with while drawing this!
Tumblr media
Mako is the only one who actually watch him work...
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poohnie · 13 days ago
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I love those two cuties. They always manage to melt my heart~ ♡
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eokoi · 2 months ago
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pre mission confusion 
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catgirldva · 2 months ago
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this skin is absolutely adorable I'm so excited for it !!
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cureconquestgirl · 9 months ago
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dismaidenart · 9 months ago
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Mei from Overwatch is the winner of my most recent Patreon poll! Special edits on are on my Patreon!
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Mind me asking for some of your headcanons for Mei? ^-^
Here you go! They're pretty fluffy, I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Mei is a very cozy person, if that makes sense
Like she just feels like coming home
And all her friends know they can talk to her about anything
She’s great at giving advice and comfort
Her house is super decorated with all kinds of knick knacks and mementos
And she has about a hundred different kinds of tea
Her favorite kind is caramel
Not to mention the amount of books she has
She’s an avid reader, so it makes sense for her to have a lot of books, but she’s a bit excessive with it
She has several bookshelves, all sorted meticulously
And, despite how many books she has, she’s managed to read every single one
Her books are all annotated, as well
One of her favorite things is to have discussions about stories
Mei also really enjoys celebrating holidays
From Halloween to Chinese New Year to Valentines day, she goes all out
She decorates her house, invites friends over, plays holiday themed games, ect.
Mei is a very physical person, as well
She loves giving hugs and holding hands and just being close to the people she loves
And she gives the best hugs
The way she’ll wrap her arms around people just makes them feel safe and loved
Another thing about Mei is she’s always late
It’s just very easy for her to lose track of time because she gets distracted
Which happens a lot
So she’s always running late for everything
It’s a little annoying, sure, but it’s also kinda endearing at the same time
In general, Mei is a bit of a mess, but she’s a very lovable mess
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raedove5 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! 
(I haven’t drawn these two in quite a while!)
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pearsaregrossfightme · 6 months ago
Mercy: It’s hard to beat the things in life that are just satisfying. Like the first warm day of the year once your allergies pass!
Sigma: Or getting a sandwich and chips after swimming in the sun all afternoon!
McCree: Or like seein’ a cat curled up perfectly in a small space for a nap!
Mei: Or freezing your enemies and delivering a sharp icicle to add the finishing blow!
Everyone: ...
Mei: ... I meant twisting a sheet of bubble wrap to pop a bunch at once!
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olli-676 · a month ago
OT3 Headcanons: MeiHam
• Kissing
They all love French kisses and making out. Mei likes to give Eskimo kisses and kissing her partners cheeks. Jamie likes to kiss the top of Mei's head and Mako's mask. Mako likes to pick up and lift his partners to kiss their face all over.
• Petnames
Mako and Mei will call Jamie things like puppy, rat or babe. Mei gets called snowflake and babe. Mako gets called everything from Roadie and Hoggy to piggy. Mei will sometimes call Mako sweetheart, it makes him melt.
• Dates
Because of the boys being so infamous, they can't really go out for dates in public like to restaurants or theme parks. So instead they do in house dates such as dinner dates and movie nights.
• Cooking
Mako and Mei cook the most and Jamie loves the food they make. He always complements it. Mei and Jamie will make food together when Mako's on the way back from a mission, they make him dumplings and Māori bread. It makes Mako feel incredibly loved and comforted after a long mission.
• Sleeping
Mako and Jamie stay in the same room and Mei has her own room at base. However, Mei will sleepover with her partners often. She loves cuddling Mako because he's a giant pillow of a man and she loves sleeping on Jamie because he's warm. Mako and Jamie love spooning and wrapping around Mei because they feel like she safe and protected.
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