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#meishan yu

give jin ling a whip

new agenda ✌️

  • The Meishan Yu sect gave it to him, bc everyone else is a coward.
  • It’s really pretty tho! Like a golden whip. Super flashy. Definitely something JL will cherish and beat up demonic corpses with.
  • Jingyi stays 6 ft. away from him at all times. He’s scary.
  • The whip takes the form of a hairpiece (a simpler version of the one he usually wears, but with pretty flowers!) that he wears on night hunts.
  • It’s so pretty 🥺
  • First time the others saw it they were shook.
  • He doesn’t use it too often bc he’s not great with it & doesn’t wanna practice during a night hunt, bc that could potentially be life-threatening.
  • But once he gets used to it and is confident in his ability to not hit someone he shouldn’t, he pulls it out.
  • He prefers his bow & arrow, but JL rates the sword & whip about the same. Buy your very own Meishan Yu artifact whip today!
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Just some notes on my version of Meishan Yu:

*The Yu Sect turned down the offer to send disciples to Gusu. Yu Huian was once a classmate of Lan Qiren once upon a time. She didn’t like him then and she certainly doesn’t like him now, nor how Gusu’s three thousand rules have become more strict and enforced under his reign. She refuses to send her disciples to a place where they will be split between genders to learn and where the boys’ education is seemingly more important than the girls’.

*Because of Yu Yanmei’s marriage to Wen Xu, the Yu Sect was harassed far less than the other sects during Wen Ruohan’s reign of terror. While the Yu Sect were still forced to send disciples, their disciples were not in the hands of Wen Chao, rather set up in a class like setting with Wen disciples. However, when things began to go downhill, Yu Yanmei sent the disciples home. 

*There is one other major family within the Yu Sect: The Xia Family. The original leader of the Yu Sect was married to a man of the Xia Family, in the beginning before children of Yu women began to take their mothers’ Yu surname. Thus, the Xia Family holds a very important place within the Yu Sect. Yu Daiyu is a direct descendant of Xia Caihong, the Silver Snake whom became a God. The Xia Family is known for the rare trait that pops up now and again in the Yu Sect: white blond hair.

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The one lesson he took to heart, at the cost of himself.

#theuntamededit, #mdzsedit, #mdzsnet, #cqledit, #cql, #wei wuxian, #jiang cheng, #jiang yanli, #jiang fengmian, #yu ziyuan, #ugh i have a lot of feelings about this one, #but i'm not sure the gifs get the point across, #it's just the recklessness and lack of self-worth that follow wwx after his family has fallen on bad times, #so his shijie wants him to save jiang cheng so they can all go to meishan, #but wwx doesn't answer - because he can promise the first but not the last part, #he WILL save jiang cheng, #but he doesn't care if that means he himself doesn't make it back, #giving his golden core to jiang cheng - he doesn't answer wen qing, #because what does it matter what the consequences are?, #and then that most heartbreaking scene, #where he secedes from the jiang clan, #which you can write LONG essays on the layers of miscommunication, #but jiang cheng saying he'll have a difficult political situation if he needs to keep defending his brother, #and wei wuxian finding the easy answer - then don't protect me. just abandon me, #and while these actions didn't start out focussed on saving jc, #wwx does realise perfectly well how his actions implicate the jiang clan and therefore his brother, #so as to unburden jc - since that's how he sees it - he takes away the difficulty by just leaving the clan, #just so he can protect jc from political ramifications, #i just... god my dude i understand why jiang cheng wants to beat him up sometimes, #he means well but also. get a sense of self-worth
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