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fulltimeanimesimp · 7 months ago
Arcane characters and the “i want a baby” text
this is so old but its so funny im still gonna do this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ill write actual fics i just wanted to get this out of my head
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angelltheninth · 2 months ago
Hey i see that asks are open again. Nice love your stuff. Can i ask for some arcane girls or guys.thinking there s/o left them after there first time but they are just down stairs making them some food or so ? Thanks anyway ❤️
I'm so happy to hear you like my writing. Thanks for the wholesome ask Anon!
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Marcus, Jayce, Viktor, Mel x Reader
Tags: mild-smut, developing relationship, morning after, kisses, making breakfast, hugs, neck kisses, shoulder kisses, flirting, teasing, slight dirty talk
A/N: My cooking skills aren't that good but I'd try for these characters.
Tumblr media
Jinx is very cuddly in the morning so when she wakes up and finds that you're not there after the amazing night you spent together she's a bit hurt at first. The voices are taunting her about you leaving of course and she's quick to shut them up.
She tries to shrug it off, after all you're not exactly exclusive yet so she can't afford to be too jealous. She throws her clothes and gets ready for the day. When a scent of something burning catches her nose she things she set something on fire over night. However what she finds is you in the kitchen wearing only a shirt and your underwear as you struggle to make breakfast on her fire hazard of a stove.
"Ah there ya are sweet stuff. Almost thought ya left me. That'd be pretty fucking crappy don't ya think? If ya don't wanna be an item just tell me, no need ta sneak out. And trying to burn my place down too? Tryin ta get rid of the evidence or something? Ya... wanted to make me breakfast in bed? And ask me ta be your girlfriend? Oh... I uh... may have jumped the gun a little... I can make it up ta ya with a kiss."
Tumblr media
Vi can't lie and say that she was more then disappointed when she woke up to an empty bed. She may be tough on the outside but you managed to break into her heart, so she can't just pretend that it was a one night thing.
After all she took you on quite a few dates before this and thought that the two of you were on the same page about the relationship. Clearly not. She wants to blow off some steam. However just as she pulls her hoodie over her head she hears someone humming. It turns out to be you, back turned to her while making food. Vi grins and sneaks up on you, startling you for a moment as she hugs you to her front and tilts your head to kiss your neck, right over the kisses and bite marks she made last night.
"Morning sweetheart, though you left me but... this is a nice surprise for sure. I had half the mind to march over to your place and give you a piece of my mind for toying with me. Glad I don't have to. Food looks good. Oh and the pancakes too. Hold still, I want to have a little taste, the pancakes can wait. You bet your sweet ass I'll put you on the table, I might be from Zaun but I eat my food at the table."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn is surprised to find you gone in the morning. After all you'd have to sneak off through the window and she's pretty sure she would have heard you.
She absolutely wants to have a talk with you about leaving after having sex for the first time. You seemed pretty happy last night and didn't make any move to leave why she fell asleep. She can't think of any reason you'd sneak off. But before she goes to confront you she needs to eat something since she's pretty spent from last night. Caitlyn makes her way into the kitchen only to find you laughing and talking with her dad as you make food for her and the other Kiramman's.
"For a moment I thought you snuck out on me darling. Glad to see that wasn't the case. What are you making? Hm... sounds good. And did you put my dad up to helping you or was he already here? You're learning the secret Kiramman recipes? Well I know we've been doing pretty well but a marriage is going a little too fast don't you think, plus I don't even have a ring for you. A kiss? Sure I can do that for you, but I fully expect you to make this up to me with a date at a later time."
Tumblr media
Ekko was a bit glad when he didn't find you in bed the next day. He does enjoy your company but he's part of a rebellion so it might be best for you to keep your distance.
However when he washes up and gets into the kitchen he finds you already sitting at the little table, waiting for him as you divide the breakfast and coffee you made. He's a bit at a loss for words at first because the last thing he expected after a wild night of having sex was for you to have the energy to get up before him and make all this food for the two of you. He's still not sure if you should involve yourself with him so closely but he can't fight the warm feeling in his heart as you motion him to sit down and eat before it gets cold.
"Color me surprised Firefly, you got more stamina than I gave you credit for. Have you been holding out on me last night? No, I'm not complaining about it, couldn't you tell I had fun? Did you... did you run into anyone while getting the ingredients for this? I'm not embarrassed, I just... I'm a little worried for your safety alright? I don't want you to get in trouble because you're associated with me, we're not exactly popular in Zaun at the moment. Yeah I know you can take care of yourself, but you can't stop me from worrying about you, not now or ever."
Tumblr media
Silco is used to sleeping alone so getting to fall asleep next to someone for the night was refreshing. He wasn't really expecting you to stay either so he goes about his day when he wakes up.
Upon opening the door however he's met with Jinx who tells him that you're in the kitchen and that you're... not the worst choice for a partner. Confused Silco makes his way to the kitchen where he finds you cooking for three. You see him and forget the food for a moment as you cross the distance between you and give him a big kiss and tell him good morning and you hope he's worked up an appetite since last night. Silco chuckles and is about to kiss you back when Jinx barges in commenting on how gross you're being so early in the morning.
"So uh... darling, I think we should eat, after all you went through all the trouble of making breakfast, it'd be a shame if it went cold. Jinx you be polite, they're a guest. No, not because... nevermind, eat your food. Why are you laughing for? My façade? I have no such thing darling, you've seen all of me from the start. Including last night. Right, sorry, Jinx you eat here, we're gonna take our food upstairs. Come darling. Sorry about her, she's a good kid I promise. No she won't try to kill you. I promise. Hey, wow, what are... oh... I was serious about the food but... I could work up a bit more of an appetite."
Tumblr media
Sevika is usually the one to leave, not the other way around. She didn't expect anything from the relationship, after all it was just a one-night stand. At least it was supposed to be.
Sevika takes a quick shower only to come back to the bedroom with you standing there holding a tray of food and wearing nothing but a shirt. She doesn't bother to hide the way her eyes hungerly trail over your mostly naked body. You fidget under her gaze and tell her you wanted to make her breakfast as a thank you for an amazing time last night. Sevika can't help but smirk and lick her lips before she takes the tray, disposes of it on a nearby desk, picks you up and throws you back on the bed, practically tearing your shirt with her metal hand and kissing a way down your neck, shoulders, chest and stomach.
"I appreciate the food sweetcheeks, but if you wanted to thank me you should have waited for me with your legs open. It was a nice gesture though, who knew you were such a romantic. Of course I plan to eat it, you worked so hard on it after all. But first I'm gonna have my fill of you. Huh, why do you want me to wait? You wanna do this again? Take to dinner? I don't really date. You'll bribe me with more food? As in actual food or... this. Hm... well if that's my treat I might think about a date. Now, let me hear you moan for me."
Tumblr media
Marcus doesn't have much time for one-night stands so that fact that had one with you was pretty unusual already.
He didn't expect you to say and thought you'd sneak out as soon you as you woke up. Instead however he found you in his small kitchen, laughing and talking with his daughter while she handed you various ingredients for breakfast. Marcus blinked at the sight, half convinced he was dreaming. The scene was just so... domestic, something that he hadn't experienced in a very long time with another person. You broke the spell when you called out to him and whished him good morning, a little awkward as you sat at the table. His daughter was quick to run up to him, take him by the hand and lead him to the table to eat.
"I see you decided to stay a while huh? I don't exactly mind. But we should talk more about this later. Mmm, this isn't bad. Did you help out too Ren? It's very good, yeah. Are they a good friend? Well yes you could say that, they're a very good friend. Isn't that right lovely? Yeah I know I need to get to work soon, but I'll eat this first, it's been a while since I had a meal like this. You can... make it again sometime, if you want."
Tumblr media
Jayce is pretty big on cuddles. He's cuddled with you many times but last night was the first time you had sex so of course he looked forward to morning cuddles, only to be sad when he fund you gone.
He sighed, oh well, maybe he misinterpreted your intentions. Last night was fun though he can't deny that much. Gathering his clothes and washing up he finally makes his way downstairs to make himself some breakfast, only to find most of it already made by you. To make things better you're making it while mostly naked, only wearing shorts that don't hide much and one of Jayce's shirts which is a bit big on you. He chuckles at the fast he was worried and offers to help you with the rest of it, but of course he does get more than a bit distracted by your thighs and the fact that you seem to be showing off his bite marks proudly along your neck.
"I'm glad to see you're still here babe. Hah, I was a bit worried yeah, I really like you so, I'd like this to be a reoccurring thing you know. Unless... you were just being polite, in which case forget what I just said. Oh thank gods, I thought I made things really awkward for a moment. Hey, careful with that! You're gonna burn yourself, and we can't have that, I won't have that. You need to pay attention. Oh haha, I might steal a few peaks at you but at least I'm keeping a firm grip. You are too? What do you... oh fuck! Right... right now? What about the food? Haha, you're hungry for something else? That makes two of us actually. Ok, but don't blame me if you can't walk later."
Tumblr media
Viktor doesn't sleep with many people and doesn't exactly know what the norm for things like this is. Usually his dates at least wait until the morning to leave so he was a bit baffled that you were already gone.
Just as he was stretching he hears the door opening and sees you carrying two bowls of food. You awkwardly wish him good morning as you walk over to the bed. Viktor brings the blanket around him, a bit self-conscious about him being the only one naked here. You chuckle and give him a quick peck on the lips before offering him the bowl of food. This was certainly different than his previous hook-ups, but he doing that he rather liked this change of pace. The food was delicious too.
"This is quite the surprise darling. I'm not gonna complain about someone as beautiful as you serving me breakfast however, that would be very stupid of me. I am curious however, what prompted you to do this? Just felt like it? Do you always do this for the people you sleep with? Well then I'm glad to hear that I'm special to you. I think you're quite special to me also, and I'd like to explore that further. Are you free tomorrow evening?"
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't bring many people to her bed, but those she does bring, she wants them to stay. If Mel brings you to her bed it means she likes you enough to give the relationship a try at least.
So imagine the disappointment when she finds you gone the next morning. Mel is pretty good at reading people so she thought she had your intentions figured out. She was definitely keen on giving you a piece of her mind next time she saw you. Little did she know that the next time would be very soon seeing as you're setting the freshly made food on the table right as she gets down the stairs. It was definitely a pleasant surprise for her. But she did still want to clear the air and make her attentions known in case they weren't clear earlier. She wants to date you.
"Good morning darling, I was looking forward to waking up to you, and yet you seemed to have different ideas hm? Don't get me wrong, I like the gesture, its incredibly sweet of you, but next time I'd appreciate a heads up. Yes, I fully plan on there being a next time. That is, if you'd like that of course, I certainly would. Good, I'm glad we're on the same page. How about we eat this and then go back to bed? I'd hate to let this food go to waste but I was fully ready to cuddle you until noon. And doing a few other things as well, and we're sure to be very energized after this no?"
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wolfishwriting · 5 months ago
arcane + how they moan
ft. Vander, Vi, Silco, Jinx, Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Sevika, Marcus, Mel, & Howl
cw: smut, fxf, fem!plus sized reader, subby men, soft!dom, begging, overstimulation
He's more of a growler than anything, he'll something make soft pants and deep grunts and may often struggle to catch his breath because it feels so damn good.
“Darl, please can I cum? ‘Fraid I ain’t gonna last much longer. You really know how to make me work for it. Please, baby, I’m gonna shoot my load if you don’t hurry-ahh!”
You really gotta get her riled up to make any sort of loud noise. But once you get her started, it’s gonna be tough getting her to be quiet. She’ll sing your praises and will be rough with the way she kisses you, nails curving into the fat of your ass to push you harder against her.
“Cupcake, you feel so fuckin’ good. I love it when you fuck me with your cock--good thing we got the vibratin’ one, right? Delicious--fuck! Ahh, fuck, make me cum! Make me cum, babe!”
He’s one to not share his voice unless he’s seriously wound up. You have to take your time with him, make him pliant beneath you--to take what you need from him. Be a service top, work on pulling those noises from him, do your damnedest. 
“Think you can--hnnnghhh, truly work me over so easily? Fuck, I’d like to see you try, my pet. Oh, fuck, just like that kitten.”
She’s not always very loud, it depends on what kind of mood she is in. If you’re domming her, she tends to be a bit more loud begging for you to fuck her hard until she goes cross-eyed with her tongue falling out of kiss-bitten lips.
“Fuck, toots, you’re going to fuck me raw at this point but shit, darl-- I ain’t fuckin’ complaining. Feels’ so fuckin’ good, ah, ah, ah~!” 
Her moans are soft and very pretty, like the gentle chiming of bells echoing through the hall. She can definitely be a bit louder than she is but if her family is home, she doesn’t exactly want to scream about how well you’re fucking her even if she really, really wants to praise you. She’ll just have to do so quietly but the moment her parents are gone; she’s screaming. 
“That’s it, pretty kitty. You’re making me feel so good, that’s it, sweet thing. Eat my cunt out like your life depends on it.”
It really depends on the mood that’s set, on nights where he’s more rough he’s dirty-talking your ear off grumbling to himself about “what a naughty girl you are” and “how well you take him” inside that pretty pink cunt of yours. When you actually assertively top him, he’s a cute whiny baby with pretty amber doe-like eyes that he definitely knows how to use. 
“My love, I fear my heart may burst from my chest if you keep this up! My head feels as though it’s swimming. Pl-please, may I cum? Ah~! You take me so well, fuck, so good.”
He can be very, very loud. Letting out unabashed moans to the high heavens. Borderline fuckin’ porn star. By the end of the night his throat is always sore from all of his yelling and whimpering and he’s so exhausted despite his cock still being painfully erect.
“Baby, mm, please!” A choked cry pinched off with a whimper. His voice is cracking, tears streaming down his face. “Please, may I cum for you? I’ve been a good boy.”
He’s so fucking loud and vulgar--why do you think you have to muzzle him so often? He’s moaning from the moment he pulls out his hard cock to sink into your dripping cunt to the final moments where his balls are slapping against your ass and flooding you full.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! You’re so fuckin’ good, babe, can’t think straight not with the way you’re clenchin’ on my cock--fuckkk, fuck!”
She’s on the quieter side, mumbling words of praise while she strokes your cheek with tender care. Her accent will be much thicker the closer she gets and she remains ever the sweet and attentive partner.
“That’s it, my love. Slowly, slow. That’s it--oh, there, shh, you’re doing so well. Yes, I’m close, my dear.”
Another one who isn’t very loud. You’ll have to tune in how her breathing increases and echoes off the walls. Sevika may pitch in tone when she cums but for the most part she’s pretty stoic, even if she is softer when she’s with you.
“Such a good girl, you know how to unravel me so easily, don’t you? Keep going then. If you’re so determined to make me cum, prove it.”
She makes the prettiest little keens and sighs. Gets pretty out of breath. She’s pretty assertive so isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let you know what she wants and what feels good or what doesn’t. 
“That’s it, my darling. You’re doing so well. That’s the spot, keep using that pretty, talented little tongue of yours. My pretty girl.”
The tough-guy thing is all an act. He’s very much a desperate little sub who will beg you to let him cum if he promises to be good. If you let him cum, he’ll be so good for you he swears!!
“Please, princess, this is torture. I feel as though I’m gonna burst--oh, fuck-- Please, won’t you let me cum? I want to cum for you.”
This man, his moans are beautiful. Absolutely erotic and he gets louder the more you edge and overstimulate him-- especially if you're pegging him. His moans are so choked, whiny, with pretty tears shining in his eyes and he's begging you to let him cum. He promises to be good!
“Ahh-baby--fuck!!” A deep inhale followed by a sob as cerulean tears cascade down warm tanned cheeks. Such a pretty boy. “Gonna cum, gonna cum-- gonna shoot my fuckin’ load-- I can’t hold back, baby. Fuck, c’mere, let me kiss you--please!”
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sevikasmainwhore · a month ago
Hello there! i’ve been reading your stuff for a while and your writing is magnificent! May i request HC’s of arcane women reacting to their s/o squirting?
thank you 💝
Arcane Ladies reacting to you Squirting ♥︎
Requested ⇢ Yes/No
Type ⇢ Headcanons ❥, Fem!Reader, Slight Degredation
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❤️ Vi didn’t think she was that good when it came to sex since she didn’t have a lot of experience, she always rushed into things so it was like her adrenaline made up for less experience. She did what she wanted with your pleasure in mind. So when she has your legs up over her shoulders with you sitting on the kitchen counter while she’s face first in pussy, her fingers pumping in and out while she’s sucking on your clit it was like everything faded to black. “Ah…Ha..V-Vi..” You struggled to moan out. Everything just felt so good. And she kept going, not giving you a second to breathe or anything. Your stomach started tensing up and your legs felt hard. You were about to cum. You try to push Vi away but it was a really bad attempt. “Vi…Ah…Vi” You choked out. You didn’t want it to happen on the kitchen counter. It would’ve been gross but I didn't care. “Come on now Y/n” She spoke low, going right back to her pace. That got to you and with that you yelped out a moan, your juices going right in Vi’s mouth. She looks up at you in surprise with a huge grin and swallows. Your breathing heavily and trying not to fall while Vi gets up from in front of you, wiping her face. “I didn’t think you had it in you” You felt weird about it but Vi comforted you, going on and on about how many more of those you could give her.
💙 Caitlyn asked if she could experiment on you. Like a test or something. It was weird at first but you didn’t assume the worst with Caitlyn and went for it. You weren’t sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t planning on Caitlyn having taped a vibrator to your clit while having your hands typed up behind with your face in the pillows. It was almost evil. You felt completely at her mercy and it was nothing you could do but take it. “That’s it Y/n” Caitlyn stood over you playing with your pussy, teasing your opening with her fingers. It was too much, your stomach started twisting and tensing and knotting up. You were about to cum, about to give what Caitlyn was asking for. With a choked out a moan and released all over the bed, leaving a puddle of your cum. You were too out of it to notice Caitlyn’s eyes widen. You coated her hand with your juice and she couldn’t help but taste it. You cringed at the sound of her sucking on her fingers.
💛 You should’ve guessed Mel was up to something when she said that she was hungry. You didn’t think much of it but here you are now lying in your back in the bed while Mel has your legs over her shoulders as she eats you out. You’re not sure how long she had been going at it but your legs felt numb. “Ha..” You choke out, voice raspy from moaning. You were sensitive and it was starting to hurt a little. Mel knew this but just kept eating you out from clit to your entrance. “Ah..ha.ha..” you cried out. Your visions started to get blurry, stomach started twisting up in a know. With your back arching and Mel’s tongue literally fucking you, you released all over the bed and her mouth. She looks up at with a shocked but lustful expression swallowing your juices. “You taste good” Your out of breath and out of mind to even react. She crawls up to you wiping her mouth. “I’m not done with you yet”
🧡 Grayson was still at her office when she called you up there to come visit her. She said she didn’t want to be lonely and your sitting at home all pretty and waiting for her. So now you were sitting in her lap while she peacefully did her leftover paperwork. It was going good until you started to get bored and horny. “…sheriff…” “Hm?” She didn’t look at you but continued with her work. After maybe a minute of silence Grayson looked at you with concern until she saw that look in your eyes and got the hint. She fixed you to where you were now straddling her while seated on on of her thighs. She continued with her work while you got busy. You hugged her neck and start grinding your hips, rubbing your pussy on her thing trying to get some sort of rhythm going. You felt her hand on your back, like it was guiding you. You moaned in her ear, your hips going faster. You should’ve asked for her help. Too late now. It felt good already but it would’ve felt even better with Graysons fingers inside you. You start grinding your hips a bit more just at the thought of her finger you on her desk. You clench your thighs on her, grinding faster as you feel your release coming. Grayson noticed you sudden pace change and whispered in your ear “Cum for me sweetheart” That really hit for you and you released in her thigh, leaving a huge stain in her uniform. You were she wouldn’t mind but it was still embarrassing. Grayson help you ride out your orgasm by holding onto yours hips as you finished. She lifted you up and sat you on her desk and looked at the giant mess you made. “Someone was excited” You cringed in embarrassment and she laughed. It was your first time and that’s her reaction???
🤎 You didn’t know Ambessa had a thing for filming. She had you in between her legs while she fingered you. You had your head leaned back on her shoulder, moaning. At the foot of the bed was a camera recording. It was embarrassing and it made you feel exposed. Ambessa took advantage of that. “Smile for the camera Y/n” She said in your ear, her pace speeding up. Her fingers were huge inside you. She hit the spot everytime and you couldn’t take it anymore. Your body was tensing up and Ambessa could feel you about to cum. “Come on darling, give me what I want” She demanded, using her thumb to rub your clit. At that you lost it, releasing all your juices over her hand with a loud moan. “That’s my good girl.” Ambessa was happy and shocked all at once. She didn’t think you had it in you but she was so glad she got it on camera.
💜 Sevika wasn’t new to this at all. She just never thought you had it in you. Of course she can go round after round but she just never thought about getting one from you. Until one night you both had a steamy make out session on the kitchen counter. Sevika snuck her hand in your pajama shorts. “No panties, huh?” She snickered out using one of her fingers to tease your clit. You moaned, hurrying your face in her neck. She used her mechanical hand to grip your hair, forcing you to look at her. “No, look at me.” She was rubbing your clit, using your wetness to make it more sensitive. She kept teasing your entrance but never made an attempt to penetrate. It felt like punishment. Was it for not wearing panties? A rather harsh punch to your clit got a loud moan from you. She chuckled and continued teasing you. “Ah-Ha..Please..” Sevikas torture on your clit was getting to you. You were trying to not fall off the counter, clinging onto Sevika like your life depended on it. She just kept going, playing with your clit. Your stomach started twisting up in a knot, tensing up. You were about to cum. Sevika felt it so she plunged in her fingers, hitting that spot immediately. This sets you off. With a loud moan you released in her hand, drenching your shorts while Sevika kept pumping into you. “That’s it, good girl.” She pulls out your of shorts, bringing her hand up to your mouth. You get the hint to start sucking. “Can you give me one more? I know you can” Sevika carried you to the bedroom where she surely got multiply orgasms out of you that night.
💟 Renata was working late when you decided to come up to her office and give her a little “surprise”. She wasn’t expecting you to show up in a trencoach with a full lingerie suit underneath but it wasn’t bad. In fact she took full advantage of it. Within minutes the set was discarded somewhere on her office floor. So now here you are trying to keep your knees from buckling on her desk while Renata was sucking on your clit while pumping her fingers inside you at a fast pace. It was like she was trying to get something out of you, which you were sure she most likely was. She stopped the torture in your clit, licking you done your stomach all the way up to your mouth where she shushed your moans with a kiss and whispered “Look at you, taking my fingers so well” You let out a moan. She chuckled and kept sucking hickeys on your neck and her pace never faltered. Your stomach started tensing up, creating a knot. You were close. “Come on, Y/n, give it to me” At that you could hold it in anymore. With a loud whine you released all over her fingers and desk, your juices making a mess everywhere. Renata looks at her hand with a surprised yet lustful face. “Look at what you did” She brought her hand up to your mouth and shoved her fingers in your mouth. You weren’t sure if she was upset or not but after that Renata made you lick up your own mess while gloating about good she fucked you.
🤍 Cassandra was bored and had called you in to entertain her. Being the good partner you were, you tried indulging her. Cracking jokes and what not but that didn’t do anything for her. She motioned for you to ‘Come here’ to which you happily obliged. She had you lie across her lap and she snuck one of her gloved hands in your pants. With you across her lap she had you at her mercy. Reaching to your front she starts rubbing at your entrance, trying to get her glove wet enough. With enough teasing her glove was soaking and she pushed her finger inside. You moaned out in the arm of the chair she was in and she kept going. “Disgusting, you’re letting me fuck you with a glove?” She spat out, keeping her pace and hitting that one spot that drove you crazy. Your muffled moans where getting a bit louder as you hit into to chair. Your start humping back onto her finger looking for some sort of release. The fabric inside felt so good you were ashamed that you were getting off to it. Cass kept hitting that one spot of yours it just felt too good. Your stomach started tensing up and you just couldn’t help yourself. You released all over her hand creating a mess of her glove and dress. Cassandra pulled away and scoffed at you in disgust. It sounded as if she was upset but she was far from it. She took of her glove and stuffed it in your mouth making you “taste yourself”
Tumblr media
note: i miss kore :c (seviks)
side note: if you ever feel sad, masterbate. is that too personal?
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bitesizedgremlin · 5 months ago
How Your Arcane S/O would (Lovingly) Annoy you
Oh, how the turns have tabled with this one >:)
- Whenever he wants you’re attention at home and you’re busy, he’ll go into the kitchen under the guise of “going to make dinner” and purposely bang the dishes around as loud as physically possible without breaking them
- Does it as long as it takes to get you away from whatever you’re working on
- Blows raspberries into your neck
- You’ll be laying on the couch together, your head on his lap
- He’s running his fingers through your hair, caressing the side of your face, all that soft shit
- And then out of fuckin’ NO WHERE, he leans down and blows the fattest raspberry into the crook of your neck.
- He laughs at you when you shriek and squirm and swear you’ll get him back cause he’s 99% sure you will not.
- Jokes on him, cause you definitely will at some point-
- Purposely leaves things on high shelves just so you’ll have to ask him to get them for you
Viktor, smirking like the absolute menace he is: Oh? Can you not reach, darling?
You, looking at him incredulously: You’re kidding, right? 😀
- He tickles you
- All.
- The fucking.
- Time.
- Randomizes the time between tickle attacks to give you a false sense of security
- Strikes when you least expect it
- Steals all the blankets so that you’ll have to snuggle up as close to him as possible to get underneath them.
- Doesn’t do a whole lot to annoy you on purpose, tbh.
- H o w e v e r
- He does move his things to your desk frequently
- Always leaves something behind when he comes into your office
- It’s like everything on his desk is slowly migrating to yours.
- Pokes your face to get your attention
- Pinches your cheeks while she tells you how adorable you are in the most overly dramatic babying voice she’s capable of producing
- Also honks your nose whenever she’s bored
- You could be hyper focused on whatever you’re doing and all of a sudden your nose is being squooshed with a high pitched “hONK” from your girlfriend
- it never fails to make you laugh, though
- I wholeheartedly believe she was a theatre kid.
- Belts show tunes at the top of her lungs 24/7
- Does it at the most inconvenient times, too.
- You’re working on something important with a tight deadline? Time for a live concert featuring your wonderful girlfriend, Jinx!
- Doodles on the pages in every single notebook you own.
- Makes sure to avoid doodling on whatever you’ve written, though
- She’s kinda petty, ngl
- Whenever you leave your laundry on the floor, she’ll do the same and “forget” about it until you find it and put it in the hamper
- Makeup e v e r y w h e r e
- Seriously. You found an eyeshadow palette under the kitchen sink once.
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viktorstittytank · 2 months ago
Girls night (NSFW)
Everyone’s reaction to reader coming back from a girls night tipsy and horny
I thought this idea was wayyy too funny
18+ minors DNI
Tumblr media
Probably was at the girl’s night with you.
If you smack Mel you’re losing access to your hands and they will be pinned.
She completely understands getting caught up in the moment but she isn’t the one to slap. It’ll just be used as an excuse to steal your soul.
This girls got gadgets you’ve never even heard of and they’re all gonna be working at their highest setting tonight.
Accidentally traumatizing Jayce and waking up to enough noise complaints you could swim in them.
Tumblr media
At first she’s a pouty puppy. Hasn’t even noticed that you’re tipsy and hella horny. She’s too caught up in feeling bad for herself that you left her at home to spend time with your girls.
She has to get a good look at you before she realizes what’s going on and smirks.
Handsy, hot and bothered, she’s liking this side of you.
But then her pants are coming off, and wow you taste like hard liquor and when did you get her top off?
As soon as she realizes you’re moving a little too fast for her she panics.
Locked herself in the bathroom and sat in the tub till you passed out by the door.
Tumblr media
At first he’s excited to see you. He’s ready to hear about all the places you’ve been and what you guys talked about until he sees this carnivores look in your eye he’s never seen before.
You pretty much jump his bones.
You’re going to break the man. You’re squishing his face and he’s fighting to breathe while you’re having some of the best sex the two of you have ever had.
Moans in confused and a little scared cus what the fuck is going on.
He’s half out of his mind while you’re bouncing on him and only really comes back to earth once the two of you are done.
Littered in bite marks and can’t look you in the eye in the morning. Doesn’t even know who you are anymore. This is going in his journal.
Tumblr media
Babes can do more than handle you. You’ve met your match with this one. She doesn’t really care if you’re gripping her hair hard if anything it makes her work harder.
Bite her she’ll bite back harder.
She’s gonna chuckle into your mound while you grind yourself against her face. Usually you’d never even think about sitting on her face because you’ve said it before you’re too scared you’ll suffocate her. It’s hard to believe the words ever left your mouth at the sight of the two of you.
When the strap comes out if you get wild she’s just gonna enjoy the show. Completely ignores you when you try smacking her. Only really cares about the faces you’re making cus you look cute.
Sevika can take a couple of hits this is a piece of cake.
Tumblr media
Someone missed you while you were gone as much as he hates to say it. He tried distracting himself with work but couldn’t help thinking about you and how cold you’d left his presence.
He waits for you at the door so once you come stumbling in he’s getting mowed down immediately.
Congratulations you’ve caught the king off guard and wow this is definitely a new position, have you always been this flexible? What are you doing to his body?
@thesinoflust1103 @htmlbitxh @redflamesbaku @illicittete @mochi-clouds @bilesxbilinskixlahey @sparrow-rise @freementallyillkid @just-a-sewer-goblin
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honey-tongued-devil · 24 days ago
↞[arcane preference] Love language↠
Tumblr media
▶[Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Marcus, Silco, Vander, Singed, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika] and their love language
Okay unbelievable, after saying for fifty times that I would return I have actually returned :D meanwhile, I don't know how tumblr works but I have exceeded 100 readers and I am very happy, especially because English is not my first language so I was really afraid to be attacked for mistakes made in the texts (besides the fact that I thought no one would read because my grammatical structures are complicated, my native language is a romance language) instead it seems to me that everything is going quite well, therefore to greater reason I am happy to propose you a couple of new things (besides to finally answer to the requests)
↠No use of "y/n", gender neutral reader (no pronouns for the reader) ↠TW: fluff?, Sfw, scars mention ↠Character/s: gn reader, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Marcus, Silco, Vander, Singed, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika
↠If you have any requests, ask the devil.↞
Jayce has a habit of hugging.
Are you cooking? He will hug you from behind and leaning his head in the recess of your neck. Are you studying? His hands go straight to your hips to pull you closer to him.
nothing sexual, just the warmth of your body touching
He loves physical contact, which is why he looks for it whenever possible.
Another way to feel close to you is to caress your hair.
He wraps it around the fingers, braids it if it is long enough, combs it between the fingers, and moves the rebel tufts behind the ears.
in the mornings, when you have nothing to do, he likes to comb them and if possible style them.
Viktor listens to whatever you say.
It doesn’t matter if you tell him about the day, the shopping bag that broke while you were walking down the street, your special interest, or even if you repeat something you already told him. He will listen.
This simple action also constitutes some moments of your intimacy: being able to talk about everything, voicing whatever you think, knowing that you are constantly being listened to.
Other times, however, there is a need for silence, and even in those moments nobody knows how to listen like him.
Sometimes the silence is louder than a scream.
Just stay together in the room, without a sound, without talking, without feeling embarrassment. Words can sometimes be equivocal.
And you two know how to enjoy the calm.
Ekko’s always taking care of you.
it’s influenced by the environment in which he lives, where it is normal to get hurt and neglect the slightest wounds
returning from missions or work, he usually brings pieces of clean cotton and water in the room, so you can combine the moment of pampering to actually take care of you if you need it.
he kisses the scars as a ritual when you’re intimate, walking your body with his lips in a path that seems to want to help it heal completely.
he knows and loves every sign on your body, from the stupidest to the most painful ones and loves them all equally. It’s just stories you carry on your skin
like the time you overboarded and fell with your face on the iron gate and got that little scar on your forehead.
each sign tells a story that he would hear a thousand times.
Marcus usually brings you flowers.
Is it a cheesy gesture? Yes. But it has become an indispensable habit.
on the kitchen table there is always a modest bunch of fresh flowers that make the environment more tender and give the room a fresh scent.
When you go out in the evening for events or a simple walk, he picks a flower from the bouquet and sticks it behind your ear: he knows which ones you love the most and he will make sure that they are always present.
And when it rains and he can’t pick the flowers he will make you find a tray of your favorite sweets
he is conscious that because of his work (and not only the legal one) he cannot be too present in the house but these small gestures serve to show you that not only he actually does care about you but that he listens to you and takes into account what you like
and if one night is on patrol, the flowers will remind you that he would never abandon you
Silco has a very special and specific and peculiar love language.
He casually strokes your hand with his thumb and leaves his hand at your disposal to distract you when you talk, if you need it.
he kisses the back of your hand to greet you
and in moments of maximum vulnerability rubs against it his carved cheek.
is always a delicate, light, compound contact, but that in itself retains all the tenderness that the underground can offer.
In public he appears detached, but if he perceives that you need him he brings an arm just behind the torso so that you can hold your little finger to his and feel his intimidating presence.
And those hands are ready to protect you at the cost of killing without the aid of weapons.
Vander loves to cook for you.
No matter what time he comes back home or how tired he is, he’ll always find time to put a hot meal on the table for you.
the smell of garlic has become almost pleasant: he often uses it in a delicate way, you don't even perceive it in dishes, but somehow his fingers are soaked with that strong aroma that you now recognize as "home smell"
when you want to spend time together and don’t know what to do, he proposes to cook together
it always ends up with dirty clothes and laughs.
and then, why not, you move two clumsy dance steps in the kitchen, humming under the voice a song out of tune
Singed is used to bring you small gifts from nature.
his work sees the use of chemical agents, but often it’s himself to extract them from plants or some weird ass poison glands, seeing the scientist in a… close contact with nature.
if you can say so.
when he comes across crystals or gems he does a quick job of soldering and makes you find small pendants as gifts.
But his absolute love language is sharing knowledge. 
He will explain to you what properties those stones have, the nature of the stabilized flower that now lies in a glass flask, which alkali contains, if it is poisonous how does it acts.
He’s dedicated his whole life to science, and there’s nothing in the world he loves more than to share that little world of his with you
Jinx isn’t great with words.
sometimes she is afraid of not being able to express a concept well, which is why she begins to speak quickly and the words come out of her mouth like a confused river in flood.
which is why your life has become particularly... colorful. 
sticky notes. sticky notes everywhere. 
You’ll find some sticky notes on the mirror with hearts and compliments on them, on your bedroom door, on the sofa, on the refrigerator.
"Everywhere" means no place is safe. 
They are literally stuck on every single thing in the house, some contain messages, some simple drawings, but they don't fail make you huff a laugh.
You keep a pair of them in your wallet.
Vi doesn’t really know how to cook.
she would like her love language to be cooking (like her father), for her to actually dedicate herself to you
but it’s more of a continuous check of how you feel and what you need.
Have you eaten? and slept enough? Are you drinking?
It’s not totally her fault, it’s a bit of the ol’ “syndrome of the older sister”, and a bit of “the need to never waste energy when you are in the lanes: ask allows you to do in a targeted way what is needed”.
And then the protection.
Do you feel in danger? She accompanies you. Someone threatens you even jokingly? They’ll regret it immediately.
Caitlyn hates the rules.
Her love language? To live.
She grew up in a disciplined environment, she’s used to being educated in a rigid way, but when it comes to showing love... Here she is sneaking out a window in the middle of the night, maybe clumsily, falling down.
It is not even a rebellion, it is more a “need to not live adapting life to the rules but adapt the rules to life”.
Whatever comes to mind you will do. The bath at night? clearly a bad idea, but why not. Dancing in front of the academy, with everyone’s eyes on? must try. Exotic foods? fuck yeah.
and to testify everything, her trusty instant camera.
You know she has a metal box in her room where she keeps your photos, receipts, candy wrappers and everything that serves as evidence of the little follies committed together.
Sevika comes from an environment that makes her very emotionally constipated.
she is a strong and established woman, but the moment you are alone she needs that exact and specific contact: you have to sit on her thighs.
No matter if you eat, talk or watch a movie, she will pick you up while remaining serious.
It’s a vulnerability hard to explain, but being able to distract herself despite someone being so close to her vital organs is their ultimate way of expressing unconditional love and trust.
although undeniably sevika scolds. 
She doesn’t like you to catch, emulate or share her bad habits and try to keep you away from her work.
She just wants to protect you.
We could take five minutes and talk about Mel not being used to expressions of affection, but we won’t.
Her Love language? Gifts.
she makes you find them galore, especially after quarrels or more difficult periods.
always makes sure that you can have everything you could possibly want, making you aware that she listens to you when you are in the room,
gifting you things that you just mentioned you liked or were intrigued by.
Her other love language is to explain what is going on in her mind, even to speak openly about her political ideas.
She knows you won’t judge her, and talking about it openly helps her find the flaws in the plan, as well as showing you how much she loves you.
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neverbeasaint · 8 months ago
Can I ask for Mel, jinx and Viktor with an s/o who loves to go down on them
I had too much fun writing this || gn!reader
Going down on them (NSFW)
Tumblr media
big face sitter
it's a power thing
she loves to see you serve her so well, to attend to her every whim
mel likes to talk you through it, pet your hair, say how good you are
the way you always seem so enthusiastic about it drives her crazy
Tumblr media
she's shy at first
but it's exhilarating how much you want her
jinx likes to feel needed, worshipped
will grip you hair tight and mumble gibberish
tell her how good she tastes, how much you love her and she'll cum instantly
Tumblr media
he gets so flustered everytime
as much as he hates to admit it, it's draining for him to do anything on top of you
so when you lay viktor down on his bed, or sit him down at his office and enthusiastically blow him... he's done for
big whiner, will bite down on his arm to muffle himself
how often you seem to want him is a big ego booster for sure
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notyetzaio · 3 months ago
Arcane women and their love languages
Includes: Caitlyn, Vi, Mel, and Jinx x gn!reader
Warnings: no warnings, just fluff :))
A/N: Hey yall I got the flu AND a sinus infection the second I got back to America so I'm sorry I disappeared for a bit !
Tumblr media
Gift giving + quality time
Caitlyn's a busy woman, she rarely takes to for herself but she would stop the world to be with you for 5 minutes.
She would call out of work if you were sick to nurse you back to health, then inevitably beat herself up when she gets sick
TRAVELING she loves to travel with you when she can, experiencing something new with her partner is so refreshing to her. Her favorite thing to do when traveling is to simply admire you, you could be enjoying the scenery of a beautiful beach or half asleep on public transport and she would see you as elegant as always
She loves the idea of surprises, but she's not the best at keeping them a surprise.
Caitlyn is also extremely observant, you could mention something you like In conversation once and she would already be in the shops searching for it
One of her favorite ways to spend time with you is sharing the things she likes, it's simple but it means the world to her, she'll put on her favorite song and cook a meal that her father always made for her and smile just at the thought of you being in her life
Acts of service + physical affection
To Vi, actions will always much more than any words and she makes this very well known
She constantly pampers you, especially in the beginning of your relationship, she wants to feel comfortable and safe
Vi would make note of your favorite snacks and surprise you with them if you're having a bad day
Massages your shoulders very often, she doesn't even need a reason too she'll just walk over to the couch you're sitting on and start massaging them while striking up a conversation
Playing with your hair while she falls asleep works better then any melatonin
Makes breakfast Every. Morning. Even if she isn't in the house by the time you wake up, she'll always leave you something to eat
Loves to nap literally on top of you, especially on rainy days, she'll crack the window open a tiny bit and lay on top of you til she falls asleep
If she's not sleeping on top of you, she's probably sleeping in some weird position, if she's sleeping alone she'll lay on her back with the pillow over her face and her head turned to the side, the first time you saw her sleeping like that you were so confused
When sleeping normally, she has the tightest grip on you, like she's scared that you'll leave
Anytime your back is turned to her, Vi will come up behind you and hug your waist while resting her chin in the crook of your neck and gently swaying side to side
Words of affirmation
To say Mel has a way with her words would be an understatement, everything that this women says feels like it was perfectly crafted in her heavenly mind
Her compliments are like poems, and even after months of dating you're head over heels for her
Mel loves to love leave little notes or letters for you, it's incredible how she makes just a paragraph so thoughtful and comforting
Similar to Caitlyn, she's extremely observant and remembers the smallest thing In conversations, she knows how meaningful being heard is and wants you to feel appreciated In every way possible
If she knows she'll be busy that day, she'll spend most of the morning telling you that she loves you, and how beautiful you are, giving you more than enough love to last the day
She's an incredible listener, she's so attentive and caring and loves to hear everything about you, if you get easily sidetracked she'll casually remind you what you were talking about and continue listening, if you ever get worked up while talking to her she'll try to calm you by sitting closer and gently reminding you that you'll be okay
Physical touch
Jinx is a clingy girl, she's terrified of you leaving her and becoming another voice pestering her in her own head, the only way to calm her fears is to physically hold onto you
She wants you touch you all the time, not even in a sexual way she just loves to be around you, she'll hold your hand or have you sit in her lap while she works just as a reminder that you're there and real
Her hugs are amazing and cuddles are even better, if she's having a bad day she'll hug you tightly and bury her face and your neck, slowly rocking side to side as she runs her hands down your back
She's very much like a cat, whenever you cuddle she'll curl up next to you with her legs pulled up close to her chest or she'll wrap them around your legs and will continuously rub her face against your arm or chest til she falls asleep
Jinx lovessss kisses, especially small little smooches, if you ever hear her running behind you she's probably on her way to kiss you on the cheek and sprint away giggling, or if she's sitting in your lap she'll plant a bunch of kisses all over your face and then wipe your face off when she inevitably gets lipstick all over you
another note: I might do another for sevika + grayson I couldn’t really thinking of anything for them and wanted to post this </3
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sevikasupremacy · 4 months ago
First Kiss With Them
Grayson, Vi, Mel, Caitlyn, Sevika
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➼ It all started at a party that the councilors had set up. You never really liked overcrowded places but you only went there because of Grayson’s invitation.
➼ It was just an excuse to see you in a beautiful dress.
➼ You didn’t last that long. Guests started to pour in and you already felt suffocated. Grayson saw this and took it as an opportunity, insisting that she’ll take you to a more quiet place… which was her office.
➼ It ended up with you ranting about the party. Grayson, on the other hand, was distracted, licking her lips as she stared at you.
➼ The both of you became silent for a moment before Grayson decided to move closer to you, her body towering over you.
➼ While you were busy avoiding eye contact with her, she gently caressed your face with her hand, rubbing them with the pad of her thumb before going in for the kiss.
➼ She made sure that she was gentle with it, trying her best to make you relax under her touch. Her hands eventually found their way to your waist, pulling you in even closer.
➼ “Your lips are so soft Darling… Just like I imagined…”
Tumblr media
➼ You and Vi were childhood friends… and her childhood crush.
➼ She’ll never admit it, scared that she would get rejected and then your friendship would just go downhill. Honestly, it became pretty obvious for you but you didn’t want to embarrass her.
➼ Vi tend to get into arguments and fights since she was young, so it didn’t surprised you when she came home with bruises all over her face and body. This woman would not stop putting herself in danger.
➼ No matter how physically hurt she was, Vi would still find time to flirt with you.
➼ “Maybe if I get a kiss, I’ll feel better.”
➼ Just to make her shut up, you pressed your soft lips to hers, earning a surprised hum from the red-haired woman. Immediately, Vi wrapped her muscular arms around your waist. Oh how long she wanted this to happen.
➼ Her rose-tinted cheeks were visible when both of you finally pulled away, causing you to smirk at the sight of it.
Tumblr media
➼ Mel immediately took interest in you the moment she chose you to be the new councilor of Piltover. She knew you were the perfect one.
➼ Oh she loved everything about you. The way you look at her with those beautiful eyes of yours— God she knew at that moment she was in love. Everything about you was perfection. Even Elora knew about it.
➼ During Progress Day, you found Mel standing there alone, a glass of champagne in her hand. You took this chance to approach her, which she immediately greeted you before taking you to her office to have a private conversation.
➼ During the fun conversation the both of you were having, Mel would take few quick glances at your lips, waiting for the perfect moment to just… go for it. It was now or never.
➼ While you were distracted, looking out the gigantic window, she cupped your face, kissing you with so much love and compassion.
➼ “God you’re so beautiful… Sorry Dear I couldn’t help myself…”
Tumblr media
➼ After meeting this blue-haired woman at the Kiramman’s cocktail party, you were certain that you were in love with her. And Caitlyn did too.
➼ It was easy for her to snuck you into her bedroom afterwards.
➼ After hours of talking and giggling, Caitlyn decided to build up her courage. She leaned closer, hinting to you what she was trying to do. You immediately figured it out, nodding at her, giving her full permission to do whatever she wants.
➼ Without hesitation, Caitlyn pinned you underneath her on her bed, pressing her soft lips to yours. She’ll let out a satisfied hum before tilting her head to deepen the kiss.
➼ “You’re so soft, Love. I just want to kiss you forever…”
➼ She’ll sneak you into her bedroom every night now.
Tumblr media
➼ The moment Sevika saw you working as a barmaid at the brothel, she knew you were the perfect woman.
➼ She would specifically request for you, which was shocking for you because she was Silco’s second in command. The first day you met her, she wasn’t that scary-looking.
➼ God she was extremely gentle with you, and she even paid you a good amount of money, making the other workers jealous of you.
➼ She became a regular because of you honestly. She visited you daily, just to talk and drink with you. Plus, you actually made her forget about all her problems.
➼ After a good amount of times visiting the brothel, Sevika walked into your room, grabbing you by the waist before roughly kissing you with lust and desire. It caught you off guard but you would be lying if you said you didn’t like it.
➼ “I want you… and only you. You’re mine, no one else’s.”
➼ The both of you eventually left the brothel together… with swollen lips.
Tumblr media
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demigoddessqueens · a month ago
Arcane Affections
Tumblr media
I wrote one similar like this for CR, and i wanted to write HC’s aside from my arcane fics
Jayce - absolutely physical touch!! And then next best is any small or big task at hand
Vi - quality time and words of affirmation. Please do, she’s lost so much
Caitlyn - definitely gifts and quality time
Jinx - all five!! She’s been so tormented in life and deserves all good things
Ekko - physical touch, gifts (he deserves them), and quality time
Vander - physical touch (bear hugs) and words of affirmation (he tries/tried his best), doesn’t mind doing stuff for you too
Mel - definitely words of affirmation and physical touch, also some gifts too
Silco - gifts, your time and though he won’t admit it, your gentle touch
Viktor - words of affirmation (mostly, pls, from some insecurities), and
Sevika - quality time all the way
Marcus - touch starved and down for physical touch and quality time, likes to do stuff for you too
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depressed-simp-writes · 4 months ago
horny time
Arcane women's kinks
warnings: NSFW obviously, 18+ content
giving=doing to someone, receiving=having done to them, both is both
Tumblr media
versatile dom
overstimulation, giving
restraints, giving
choking, both
spanking, giving
thigh riding, receiving (she likes having her thigh ridden)
breeding, giving
light impact play, both
strap ons, giving
tit fucking, giving (when she's wearing the strap)
Tumblr media
overstimulation, both
breeding, giving
thigh riding, both(mostly recieving)
gun play, both
marking, both
nipple play, giving
impact play, both
edging, both (mostly giving)
orgasm control, giving
choking, both
voyerism (would really like to watch her lover masterbate)
Tumblr media
hard dom
impact play, both
edging/orgasm denial, giving
knife play
primal play (predator)
breeding, giving
pet play (owner)
free use (user)
thigh riding, receiving
Tumblr media
not into a lot but into some things
bondage, giving
body worship, both
praise, both
spanking, both
overstimulation, both
orgasm control, giving
role playing
Tumblr media
soft dom
praise, both
body worship, both
body painting, both
orgasm denial/edging, giving
overstimulation, giving
mommy kink, title of choice
Tumblr media
hard dom
impact play, giving
knife play
overstimulation, giving
petplay (owner)
edging/orgasm denial, giving
primal play (predator)
degradation, giving
free use (user)
thigh riding, receiving
size kink
Tumblr media
soft dom
praise, both
role playing
having her strap sucked
orgasm control, giving
marking, both
restraints, giving
body worship, giving
sorry if its short, i wanted to make it as accurate for each character, in terms of how I get their vibes, so i went with what felt natural. what are your headcanons for these characters if you have them? feel free to tell me in the reblogs or comments or in an ask (if those work for this blog, idk) and thank you for reading <3
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angelltheninth · 4 months ago
Taking baths/showers with Arcane characters?
Can be both fluffy and steamy! I'll do both!
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Viktor, Jayce, Mel x Reader
Tags: established relationship, overworking, romantic fluff, gentle kissing, slightly suggestive content, naked cuddling, gentle kissing
A/N: I love domestic asks like this.
Tumblr media
Jinx is used to taking really fast showers. She gets in, cleans up and gets out, simple as that. You encourage to enjoy it. Showers are for cleaning up yes but they can also be very relaxing. You want her to see that aspect of it too. It doesn't have to be a chore.
She still takes quick showers if you're not taking them with her though. But if you are with then she doesn't mind spending a few extra minutes basking under the warm spray of water. What she loves most of all is when you wash her hair, it's quite long so she likes when you help her with it.
"Ya know, I might actually enjoy it of ya're there with me. I like having ya close and hey, ya said it's about relaxing right? Well I happen ta be very relaxed when I'm with ya."
Tumblr media
Not only did Vi have to take quick showers but they were also really fucking cold. The first time she got to soak in a warm tub you thought she was gonna live there for the rest of her life.
Of course she encouraged you to get in the tub with you. And you did. It turned into a little more than a bath. Ever since then Vi loves getting home and take a warm bath with you after you have dinner together.
"Well today was hell, I'm gonna go take a bath, my whole body feels sore. Do you wanna join me? No, it won't be an hour! This time... Come on Cupcake, I missed you."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn loves to take showers with you. After a long day of paperwork, reports and patrol there's nothing she enjoys more than a long relaxing shower with you.
You honestly felt a little overwhelmed the first time you stepped into Caitlyn's bathroom. It was a little much, sometimes it still is but Caitlyn is very good at making sure you keep your attention only on her. She'll often give you little kisses while helping you wash up or just want to stick close to you in general, never keeping her hands away from you for too long.
"Can you pass me the soap? Thank you, I know I'm a little bit late today, you could have taken a shower without me you know. Yes, I enjoy your company as well, here, can I wash your back to make it up to you?"
Tumblr media
There's not a lot of warm water to go around so you and Ekko always take baths together. He loves it though, it means he can spend more time with you.
The tub you share is quite small so usually he'll sit with his back pressed to the end of it and have you sitting between his legs. He likes to kiss you while you wash up and he also likes that you get a little ticklish when he tries to help you out.
"Oh come on sweetheart, I know you're ticklish but you need to stand still for me. Yes, of course you can clean me up too? Or is that just your sneaky way of asking to have fun in the bath? I wouldn't be opposed but we really do have to get clean first, I don't want the water to turn cold."
Tumblr media
Silco doesn't normally take long baths or showers. He has a lot of things to do and only so much time. Much like Jinx he just wants to get it over with so he can get back to work.
It took you a while to warm him up to the idea of longer baths. Now he actually likes taking them, even without you as they help him destress. Of course its even better with company. Silco has a lot of scars on his body so he likes it when you give him a nice massage to help him relax even more.
"Do you find it a hassle, darling? I'm not very good as massages myself and you? Your hands feel like magic. Come here, I can help you wash up, just turn around for me. We can stay a little longer, I like how warm you feel."
Tumblr media
Surprisingly enough Sevika loves to take long warm baths and showers with you. As Silco's right hand woman she doesn't a lot of time in a day to actually let all her worries melt away.
Now of course there's also the fact that she doesn't even bother to hide the fact that loves the look of you naked and wet, pressed up against the wall as her hands are free to roam your body.
"Can you stand still for me sweetheart? I need to get the soap and you're making it kind of difficult to reach like this. Yes, fine you can wash my hair later. Why do you like that so much anyway? The intimacy? If being intimate is what you wanted all you had to do was ask."
Tumblr media
Viktor didn't always have the luxury of actually taking a bath. It used to be just a quick soak to get the dirt off. Even now when he lives in Piltover he still doesn't look at baths as something to be enjoyed. Just another thing on his schedule.
Trying to coax Viktor into a bath with you is often like trying to coax a cat. He just wants to get it over with as soon as possible. Oh but you know a trick. When ever you tell him you're gonna wash his hair he becomes like a little puppy, leaning into your touch as you massage his scalp. He will return the favor of course, maybe take in an extra few minutes with you, talking about your day.
"You must know magic no? You know how much I hate wasting time. Yet you seem to have a way of getting me to do exactly what you want. No, no, we can stay here a bit more. I kind of... like it, when you're here. Oh, maybe I can bring my board here and I can... ouch! What was that for?! Fine, no working, I get it. So strict sometimes."
Tumblr media
Jayce gets dirty a lot, so he has to take multiple showers sometimes. However he only takes a bath when he's with you. Showers are something he does on his own, baths are to be enjoyed with you.
He likes to take you in his lap while your hands roam his body or when you tangle them into his hair. He laughs and smiles as he kisses your skin and rinses the soap and shampoo off both you bodies before you're both wrapped up in soft, fluffy towels.
"Honestly I've been waiting for this for the entire day, love. No really. I have, you know how much I love doing this. Now come on, let's get ourselves cleaned up. And no dirty business. This time."
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't just have a bath, it's a whole pool. When Mel's asks you to take a bath with her she means at least an hour of soaking in the warm water.
She always likes to to take her time with you, whatever it may be. You've wasted countless hours tracing the lines of her golden back armor, kissing the spot between her shoulders just before she would turn in your arms and slowly, very slowly wash your body with a loofa, after which you would do the same for her.
"I never get tired of the grin on your face whenever you take a bath with me. I would hope that's because of me, my darling. We can take our time of course. Would you like rose petals as well? Or perhaps another flower?"
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wolfishwriting · 5 months ago
Reader buys lingerie as a surprise but sees herself in the mirror, gets embarrassed, starts to take it off but they walk in and see her in it?
arcane + accidentally walking in on you wearing new lingerie
ft. Vander, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Marcus, Mel, Sevika, Chuck, & Howl
cw: suggestive themes, lingerie, fluff, fxf, fem!plus sized reader
Heat rises to his cheeks and blood runs South. He immediately closes the door behind him, hulking frame shadowing your smaller one. His eyes rake over your form and a smile forms across his face. Like he can read your body language perfectly, he cups your cheek with a single large hand. His fingertips brush along the pretty pale blue lingerie, thumb fiddling with the bow at the center of the brassiere.
"You look beautiful, darl. Always. Were you shy about wearing this? No reason to be, you look perfect."
A low whistle exits her lips before she even has the chance to process her horndog thoughts. She's circling you like you're her cute little prey. Vi hooks a knuckle around the loop of fuchsia lace, rubbing the material between her thumb and forefinger.
"This looks really pretty on ya, darl. Were you worried I wouldn't like it, why are you so upset? Hmm? I think it looks perfect on you--yeah, makes your body look great. I'm pretty freaking lucky."
Thinks she's looking at a treat, honestly. She's in awe of your beautiful and how the material clings to you. Caitlyn is able to recognize the brand immediately and smiles-- she also wears a similar kind.
"Are you nervous, love? Don't be. It looks wonderful on you. But if you are feeling uncomfortable, we can find something better suited for your form and comfort levels, hmm?"
Duo-colored eyes immediately widen and for a split-second you think you see a tint of pink covering his ears. He clears his throat, closing the bedroom door and quickly crosses the short distance from the door to where you stand fidgeting in front of the full-length mirror. Silco quickly takes note of how you fiddle with the red lacy fabric.
"My love, why are you so nervous? You look divine, that piece absolutely suits you. Though, if I may--" his lips curve over your ear. "I'd much rather see these on the bedroom floor."
Bounces on the balls of her feet around you, fingers fiddling with the bows that rest on the brassiere straps. You're wearing pink/blue cotton candy like top and bottoms. Her eyes are sparkling with love and admiration.
"New set, toots? Looks great! It'd look a lot better on the floor--kidding! Unless? Haha, you're so easy to fluster, firecracker! For real, it looks really good on you."
The grip on his cane tightens and a noticeable flush rises to his cheeks as well as yours. You'd just begun unclasping the back of your black lingerie set, the expanse of your back visible and shoulder strap slipping down off your shoulder to reveal a good handful of side boob.
"If I had known you were waiting for me at home like this I would have left much earlier, my dear. You look exquisite. It suits you well, would look wonderful with that new sheer shawl, no?"
Nearly has to hold onto the wall for dear life because he has to be dreaming right now. He feels a little dizzy, like he's been rocking back and forth on his feet for far too long and the ground is starting to tilt.
"Whoa... Amazing. You've always been beautiful but this soft orange color really does magic for your eyes. What would you call this? Salmon orange? Is that even a thing? Do you mean peach? Haha, okay, babe. My apologies, darling, you look wonderful."
He was looking for a spare culture tube and his favorite Erlenmeyer flask for a new test he was working on when he noticed you dressed in all of your finery, a lime green bra with matching bottoms and golden flowers accented within the semi-sheer fabric. You knew how much he enjoyed seeing you in gold, even if you felt nervous.
"Holy shit, babe! You look hot! Look at your tits! Oh, was that not the right thing to say? You're beautiful, of course! You wanna try to take it off? Why's that-- you look great! Though, I'm certainly not opposed if you want to be naked around me instead."
She had just dropped by home to pick up a book to enjoy on her lunch break. Grayson only entered the bedroom on the hunt for her book when she catches you in such a state. She notes your tenseness right away and chooses not to mention it, jumping right into a genuine compliment.
"Oh, goodness! I apologize, my love. I did not know you were getting undressed in here. Is that a new lingerie set? You look beautiful, my dear. As always, of course."
Whistles low from where she leans up against the door frame. She removes her toothpick from her mouth, dark eyes wandering up your exquisite frame wrapped in delicate purple lace.
"Don't you look like a special treat, doll." She smirks, toothpick toying with the edge of her lip as she slowly makes her way toward you with heavy footfalls of her boots. "Better get to unwrappin' then, hmm?"
Her instinct is to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear only to remember her hair is wrapped in her locs with golden accessories holding it upright. You look ethereal, like a goddess with your sheer golden lingerie. There's something refined about the way you stand, as though you're royalty.
"Every day that passes, I swear I'm that much closer to the angels and the afterlife. Your beauty is unparalleled. Life may never know of peace when a goddess walks among us mortals. Was that too corny? I quite liked it."
Look, man just wanted to get his lunch. He didn't know he was coming home to a full meal. He really didn't expect you to be dressed in such a pretty dark navy blue, like the midnight sky graced with thousands of stars, standing in front of the full length mirror.
"You look gorgeous, honey." He clears his throat. "This is a new set, yes? It looks really lovely, the color suits you well. Brings out your.. ehm, bountiful assets."
He needs to take a moment to collect his thoughts but he can't he can only focus on you and the beautiful powder blue lingerie you wear for his eyes and his alone. It matches his jacket, he realizes. And it takes everything in him, all of his strength, to not rip that set off your body and ravish you with every filthy fantasy he can concoct.
"Were you waiting long, my honey? Terribly sorry. You look lovely and as much desire as I have to see those particular items on the floor right now and have you beneath me--we must be leaving for our reservations soon. I am a man of my word."
Instantly swallows nervously, eyes wide with appreciation. He crosses over to you, taking your hands instantly to stop your incessant fretting. He'll admire how the green lingerie hugs your supple flesh. Thieram can hardly believe you'd go to the trouble for all of this for him. Well, for you, too.
"W-whoa.. This all for me? Wh-why are you trying to take it off? It looks beautiful, I really like it on you. Yeah-- I really do. Such a pretty color, compliments you very well. Ah, you want my help in taking it off-- you're sure? Okay then, anything for my girl."
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sevikasmainwhore · 2 months ago
hi tink tink!!
how do u think the arcane ladies would react to seeing their thick gf in booty shorts? it’s getting so hot here it’s hard to wear anything else
btw i luv ur writing 💕
please cause it’s hotter than a mf out here 😭 omg yes please keep using tink tink, it’s so cute and makes me feel special 💝💝
Arcane Ladies reacting to your booty shorts ♥︎
Requested ⇢ Yes/No
Type ⇢ Headcanons❥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❤️ Vi knew it was getting hot. It was doubt in that so when she first saw you in your shorts she couldn’t blame you. Until she started noticing you in them a bit more. How your thighs made the perfect bulge, how they made your ass look nice and round. Vi could’ve sworn she felt a little bit of drool out the corner of her mouth. You were getting a popsicle from the freezer when Vi came from behind you, claiming she wanted a “hug”. “Vi stop, it’s hot baby” You complained. You could feel her hands lowering down your ass. “Let me cool you down a bit” Vi did not in fact cool you down at all.
💙 Caitlyn was in disbelief really. Of course it was over 80° outside so she really didn’t think too much of it. She’d stare anytime you’d walk by her. Always have the urge to grab your ass, like it was just staring at her. Of course she’d be respectful and keep her hands to herself. Because they were so short a bit of your ass would peek out and Caitlyn couldn’t help herself. You were laying down on a blanket in the living room in front of the fan when Caitlyn came from behind you just planted her head on your ass. Like it was a pillow. “Caitlyn, it’s hot” “That’s not my problem” You scoffed “Get off” She nuzzled up more “Do I have too?” You let out an exaggerated breath. She wasn’t getting up anytime soon so might as well just let her stay.
💛 Mel had actually taken a day off her counselor duties to take a trip to a private pool area she thought you’d like. Everything was going well. Bags were packed and ready and she had her swimsuit on underneath a covering. But when she saw you in your shorts, she was at a loss of words. “You ready??” You ask, so happily. “Yea…” For the whole day, Mel couldn’t stop staring. How your ass just peeks out of the shorts, How you took your sweet time, prancing around the pool before actually getting in. You were probably doing this on purpose because you could feel her eyes on you. Whenever you walked you made sure to sway your hips because you knew you’d get something out of her.
🧡 Grayson knew you had a fat ass. She also knew that it was getting hotter by the minute so when she’s home just enjoying her day and you happen to walk by with your shorts on and a tank top she didn’t think too much of it. Until she started noticing how your ass pokes out of them every time you bend down, or even when you’re putting them on and she’s just watching you jump to pull you then up. If it wasn’t already how outside she’d be burning up already. “You like em’? I made them out of some old pants I wasn’t wearing” Grayson chuckled “You look absolutely delicious, would you wear those for me again?” She pulls you by your waist in for a hug. You couldn’t help be flustered at her words. “Grayson, it’s hot” “Oh well”
🤎 Ambessa was a very intimidating, powerful women. You wouldn’t think she’d think or look at you in such a way. But she’s only human so when you came out of the bedroom in your shorts and a tank top she was speechless. It was a hot day in her kingdom so it was only right for you wear something that revealing, she just won’t let you leave anywhere in it. You tried walking her out the door and she stopped you halfway out. “That’s far enough” You huff and pout. “I wanna walk you out” “Not in those in your not” You looked down at your outfit confused. “Amby, it’s hot” “Yes, but that’s for me and me only” She was referring to your ass. You could tell from her voice and with that she left you feeling all hotter then before.
💜 Sevika had actually made you a pair out of some pants that were a bit too tight on her. She didn’t think they’d fit so tight on you though. You were getting ready to go out with Sevika when she stopped you half way out the bedroom door. “What’s wrong?” You asked her. It was a really hot day i’m the Undercity, hotter than usual, and it was only right you wore the shorts today with a tube top and nice crop top jacket. Sevika didn’t think so though. “You’re not leaving like that, at least not without me doing something about it” You wasn’t sure what she meant but leaving the house with hickeys and love bites all over your thighs and neck wasn’t what you had planned.
🤍 Cassandra had taken off a few days because of how hot it was. She’d stay at home with you and cool off, laying on the couch or even sitting in a chair reading a book while a fan blasted on her. You’d come in with her with ice cream in your shorts and a shirt she gifted you. She lost all her focus. She couldn’t stay on one sentence anymore. She’s glance up from her book and she you with a spoon full of ice cream and your legs propped up on the couch. You were showing a lot. She kept her composure or at least she tried too. “Y/n, could you bring me some too?” She asked so sweetly and you obliged. She didn’t really want any she just wanted to watch you walk away and how your ass poked out of them. She didn’t feel guilty about it at all.
💟 Renata liked the way they squeezed you. It was a hot but chill day in the Undercity and Renata was having the best day of her life. Just watching you walk around doing things she asked you too. It was like a game to her but it wasn’t fun at all too you. “Can you bring me that file from my desk?” “A drink of water please.” And so on. It was tiring and you were sick of it but being able to watch your ass bounce and poke out of your shorts made Renata the luckiest women alive. Of course she did make it up to you by just letting you rest, bringing you your own cold beverage and even letting you nap in front of an electric fan, but she’d never tell you why she had you doing all that.
Tumblr media
𝗕𝗼𝗻𝘂𝘀 ⇢ Do they eat ass?
𝗩𝗶 ⇢ Yes
𝗖𝗮𝗶𝘁 ⇢ No
𝗠𝗲𝗹 ⇢ 50/50
𝗚𝗿𝗮𝘆𝘀𝗼𝗻 ⇢ No
𝗔𝗺𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗮 ⇢ Yes
𝗦𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗸𝗮 ⇢ 50/50
𝗖𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗿𝗮 ⇢ No
𝗥𝗲𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗮 ⇢ Yes
Tumblr media
note: my body just shuts down every time it’s too hot. the amby nickname is so cute to me. 50/50 means either they’ll do it on a really good day or other times they won’t do it.
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bitesizedgremlin · 4 months ago
Arcane Memes ‘cause I’m Bored
A/N: Idk if any of these have been done before but it they have, let me know and I’ll remove it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Viktor @Jayce when he said they’d postpone all HexTech operations:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vicvpcvke · 7 months ago
They love when you...
includes Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn and Mel
an: sorry there’s no images, t0mblur was being wonky
• she loves when her bare back is facing you and you trace her complex tattoos with your hands
• running your hands through her hair
• always chasing outside the door for a second hug before she starts her potentially dangerous job
• you calling her “pretty girl.” She likes her tough appearance, but never really felt beautiful, so she loves your little reminders
• your hands tenderly cupping her face. It makes her feel small and safe
• whenyousitonherface
• she loves your little half asleep yawns in the morning. She thinks you’re so cute cozied up in all the blankets.
• when you let her lovingly tackle you onto the bed, and hold you tight - a lot of giggling and:
“I need to go! I left the oven on Vi”
“Nope. You’re staying with me.”
an: ouch this is reminding me of my last relationship, trauma dump much?
• reassurance reassurance reassurance reassurance. But to her, actions speak louder than words
• she’s incredibly observant and notices little things, for example she might misinterpret how you’re looking at another girl. But you know she can get into her own head, so you assure her by taking her hand, or putting a protective arm around her
• when you let her braid or style your hair
• she might not say it, but she really does appreciate when you let her ramble on about her newest project or fixation
•omg if she got a tattoo gun she would BEG to put something on you. You love her, but like cmon...its Jinx. But you’d let her do a little something to make her happy
• hold her gently but not too tight. She likes her personal space but wants some tender touch sometimes
• she comes off as a pretty organized, type A person, so she likes when you help her loosen up a bit
an: manic pixie dream girl hm?
• adding to that, she loves when you let her organize your space (without being too invasive of course)
• ugh when you have a hot bath ready for her after a long day of enforcing shiz
• massages. this girl loves your massages. she thinks about your soft hands coursing along her back like a river through the earth 
• she definitely appreciates a good stargaze with you
an: this woman is an actual goddess and we don’t talk about it enough
• she loves when you help her put her jewellery on in the mirror. She admires your focused eyes while you work
• I feel like she has pretty dry humour, so when you two banter back and fourth all day she thinks its hilarious 
• massages pt. 2: when you’re working at your desk she likes to come up and surprise massage you from behind. She adores your reaction. 
• When she has her poker face on but you make her laugh. She looks annoyed but it helps her relax honestly 
• I feel like she just enjoys observing you, in a non-Joe-from-YOU-way
alright I got a headache im gonna stop there but, women in Arcane >>>>
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