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When Daisy sees May, she can’t stop herself.

She rushes forward and hugs May tightly, tucking her head into her mentor’s neck.

Six months without human contact, without May’s contact, has her craving it.

May wraps her arms around Daisy just as tightly. She can’t say she hasn’t missed having Daisy in her arms, especially after holding her for countless hours after Lincoln died.

“I missed you.” Daisy mumbles. May kisses her head.

“You too.”

Wordless ways to say I love you

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Agents of SHIELD Birthday/Milestone Celebrations Head canon

  • Fitz and Simmons are so excited to celebrate Skye’s first birthday with the SHIELD team
  • They decorate her bunk with balloons and confetti
  • Simmons bakes cupcakes while Fitz wraps her gifts
  • They even got May to sign the card
  • Coulson paid for everything out of his own pocket
  • Tripp gives Skye one of his grandpa’s howling commando gadgets as a gift
  • Skye is a mess, she’s never had anyone celebrate her birthday in such a way. She spends the day on a sugar high and occasionally breaks out in tears and hugs everyone
  • After that, birthdays were a big deal with the SHIELD team. Even if they were on missions, they always made it special in some way.
  • While May claimed she didn’t want anything for her birthday, she was secretly happy to get loose leaf tea and new aviator sunglasses
  • The bus kids tried to make her breakfast in bed once for her birthday but she was already awake doing Tai Chi.
  • She appreciated the gesture and ate the now cold breakfast
  • Coulson always gives May a nice card and the two try to outdo each other in who can give the better Scotch
  • May never gives Coulson her gift to him in front of the other team
  • But it’s always a very nice card, a bottle of Scotch, and a new vintage gadget for Coulson’s collection
  • Coulson once leaned in to give her a kiss when he opened her gift to him but then Daisy interrupted by accidentally burning the cake and the plane went into fire safety mode
  • Coulson and May became soaked from the sprinklers and the team spent the rest of the day drying everything out
  • May never mentioned the almost kiss again so Coulson didn’t try
  • When Hunter came on the team they celebrated his birthday by going to laser tag
  • Surprising everyone, Fitz-Simmons was an unbeatable team
  • Mack and Bobbi ended up running into each other and knocking each other out
  • Hunter spent the rest of his birthday replaying the video from the laser tag security and laughing hysterically while drinking all his birthday beer
  • Mack wanted to play video games for his birthday so they had a Halo tournament
  • May was surprisingly very good, despite never playing the game.
  • Coulson was hopeless at it, and kept complaining about the inverted Y-axis controls
  • Yo-Yo wanted to keep her birthday simple, so she just went on a date dinner with Mack
  • But Daisy and Jemma wanted to make her dessert, so they attempted to make churros
  • It was an epic disaster that led to flour and sugar everywhere
  • Yo-Yo just laughed at the girls while they cleaned up, but said thank you for the attempt.
  • Deke made a HUGE deal out of Fitz’s birthday and Fitz was very annoyed the whole day
  • But then Deke found all of Fitz’s favorite British snacks so Fitz tolerated playing a new board game with him
  • Simmons thought it was super cute and took tons of photos.
  • So of course when it came time for Alya birthday, the team sent her LOADS of gifts
  • They wanted her to feel really special. Phil even showed up on her birthday with tons of junk food.
  • She spent the day opening her gifts and running around like crazy due to all the candy
  • Phil sheepishly promised he would put Alya to bed
  • Before she fell asleep, she made thank you videos to all the SHIELD team and sent them.
  • They all cried when they got the videos of Alya’s “first” birthday on Earth.

Okay that’s all I got! But I was inspired by Fitz’s video of him and the team celebrating Jemma’s birthday and making a video while she was at her parents, so I figure they make a big deal out of birthdays on the team.

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Coulson: Daisy, did you eat my Oops All Berries?

Daisy: Oh, those were yours?

Coulson: they had a huge label on it that said “Phil Coulson’s cereal, touch or die”

Daisy: I touched them and I didn’t die

Coulson: all my threats are empty, apparently

May: she never touches my food

Daisy: that’s because you’ll actually kill me if I do

May: yup

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Bus kids: May, let us go pick up the pizzas

May: No, last time you picked up pizza we had to extract you from the arcade after 3 hours

Bus kids: we promise we won’t get distracted

May: no

Bus kids: Coulson, can we go pick up-

Coulson: what did May say?

Bus kids: May said no

Coulson: then listen to your mother

Bus kids: okay

Coulson: May, can I go pick up the pizzas?

May: no, last time you ended up at the comic book shop and forgot to pick them up

Coulson: oh

May: I’m picking up the pizzas and that’s final

Coulson and Bus kids: yes mom

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Ladies of SHIELD + Girl Group AU

When Shield Records suddenly strikes gold with the boy band The Poster Boys after nearly going under, they wonder if they could perhaps do it again. Sure enough, less than a year after the boy’s first album Melinda May comes into Nick Fury’s office with a Girl Group put together and with a song already ready to record. The moment he listens to their track, he realizes that Shield Records might just have hit diamonds.

The song is new, innovative, and alternative. They’re a risk, but one everyone involved knows will pay off. Their lyrics strike chords, their harmonies send out chills, and their music–with a lack for a better word–rocks. The girls have raw talent that when added into a group becomes something special. And being managed by one of the music industry’s most well known, admired, and intimidating producers only adds to the incredible concoction.

The band is Magic in a Bottle.

for the lovely @maybebrilliant as a part of Trick or Treat!

Men of SHIELD + Boy Band Boards

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May and Coulson walking in the base’s hallway

May: We should let the team know we are dating now

Phil: okay let’s make out

May: or how about we hold hands

Phil: *disappointed* Guess that works. A little subtle though

May and Coulson hold hands. No one notices.

Phil: toldya

May: pulls in Coulson for a kiss

Daisy from across the hall: guys May and Coulson are making out. I think they might be dating now

Simmons: oh, oh you’re right, wow…

Phil: see it worked

May: shut up and kiss me again


Inspired by this quote from me 9 years ago. People thought my husband and I looked so young that they thought we were siblings. We helped out at the middle school ministry at my church. One camp, a bunch of kids thought I was a middle schooler like them and thought my husband was my older brother. So we started coming up with ideas to show people at church without a doubt that we were a married couple 😂😂😍😍

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The SHIELD team had a running bet of where Coulson would go after getting Lola in Season 7.

Director Mack in his office: *smiles*

Yo-yo: why the smile Mack?

Mack: Fitz owes me 20 bucks

Yo-yo: *confused*

Mack: Lola has been parked at May’s house since last night. And May didn’t show up for work today

Yo-yo: yes Piper owes me a 50. You can track Lola?

Mack: of course. It’s SHIELD policy to know where all our tech is

Yo-yo: or you just wanted to know where Coulson would go

Mack: or that

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Guys, please help me find a ‘my dash did a thing’ post with a screenshot of two tumblr posts from when s5 was airing. In them, one person wonders why Phil hasn’t made a move on May now that he knows he’s got little time, and the other is glad Phil isn’t making a move because he’s dying and she’ll have to deal with it

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“You were too nerdy for me then”

A young May and Coulson story

“And you were too intimidating for me back then.” May and Coulson swapped stories in Tahiti, reminiscing when they had first met. The two had been friends for almost 30 years, and had recently become lovers. Time was precious, as Coulson was terminal. Every waking moment they had was talking to each other, or you know, parasailing. But right then, the two were talking about their first days as friends, or rather, classmates at the Academy.

Many years ago:

Phil Coulson had entered his senior year at the Communcations Academy, just one semester from graduating. He had applied for an exchange program at the Operations Academy, at the request of his advisor. While Coulson’s espionage skills were great, his combat and stealth skills needed work.

“A semester at Operations is just what you need to prep you for field work,” Nick Fury had told him. Fury had been a good friend at the Academy and had promised to be his supervising officier once when graduated.

“Sure, Operations, where no one smiles and everyone gets up at 5 am for combat training.” Coulson was understanbly nervous. Ops and Comm were rival academies, and they had a long standing tradition of bantering each other whenever the two academies trained or did events together.

Fury laughed, “You’ll do fine, Phil. Besides, all exchange students take the same combat class, so it’s not like you’ll be behind. Plus, I heard this year’s student teacher is one of the best.”

Coulson protested, “Wait, they have a student teach us? Of course Ops would think we aren’t good enough to have a full instructor.”

“Just get on the plane and stop complaining. See you in a few months.” Fury replied, giving Coulson a firm pat on the shoulder.

The flight had been fairly short, Ops and Comm Academies were only a few states away from each other. Other exchange students chatted nervously, but Coulson just studied his class list for the next morning.

“Melinda May: combat instructor, senior level student.” Coulson mumbled under his breath, wondering who this Melinda May was. Fury seemed to hold her in high regard. He was not looking forward to the 5 AM start though. What kind of person wants to get knocked to the ground at that ungodly hour?

Once Phil settled into his dorm room, he decided to survey the grounds. Everyone wore either camo or black, and Coulson looked embarassed in his bright red Comm Academy shirt. “I’ll have to change into my black workout outfit after dinner. Everyone is staring at me.”

Coulson ended up finding a group of other comm and sci students who were doing the exchange program. Like him, they were all being stared at by the muscular, dark clothed ops students. “Shesh, this place needs to lighten up a little.”

The next morning, Phil found his way to the combat room. As he entered the room, he saw a small, Asian woman punching a bag with ferocity. “Hello? Is this Combat Ops 101? Are you Melinda May?”

“Damn right I am.” May responded with a kick to the bag. “You’re early, good. Start warming up by giving me 50 push ups.”

Coulson just stood there stunned, he was early, why did he need to do 50 pushups? But May’s glare told him not to answer and instead started the pushups as other students filed in.

Eventually Phil finished his pushups and amazingly felt awake and ready for the class.

May introduced herself to the rest of the students, “Good morning class. Be like this guy” She pointed at Phil, “and get to class early. You’ll want to be warm and ready.”

The class went by quickly, with Coulson finding the floor more often than not. One particular time, he got slammed to the ground and his breathe went out of his lungs and May came over to check on him, “Hey kid,”

“Name is Phil, Phil Coulson,” he managed to whisper out.

“Phil, take deep breaths, it’ll come back.” May responded, actually showing concern for him.

“Thanks. Ouch. Is class always going to be like this?” Phil wondered, May helping him to his feet.

“You’ll get better. That’s why you are here right?”

“Yeah, Fury wanted me to get better at combat. Just in case my I can’t talk my way out of situations.” Coulson grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat from his face.

“Fury, Nick Fury? You know him? He has great the rep here at Ops.”

“Yeah, he and I go way back. He’s gonna be my SO when I graduate.”

May threw Coulson a water bottle, “Well if Fury thinks you hold promise, maybe you won’t be so bad after all.”

Coulson just looked at her, confused, “Wait, is that a compliment?”

May just laughed, “Go, my next class starts in 5 min.”


The next weeks went by quickly, with Coulson nursing bruises every night from his combat classes. They also did mock missions which usually involved him getting shot with practice rounds. They still hurt. But he was getting better at fighting, and May often used him as a sparring partner to show the class the fighting skills.

“I’ve really got to ask her for drinks one day.” He mumbled to himself on his way to class. This week they were learning Ji Jitsu, and Coulson was excited. He had done some wrestling in high school, and he knew there were some similarities to the sports.

“Coulson, think you can do a sparring match with me today? I wanted to show the class more of the forms and how they work together.” May spoke to Phil as he entered the class.

“Sure, May, because I want my butt kicked again.” He replied with his usual snark, becoming more comfortable with May as the weeks went by.

“You’ll do fine. Let’s get some practice in before the start of class.”

The two sparred and Coulson actually was beginning to hold his own. Or so he thought. May ended up wrapping her legs around his neck and swung him to the ground. She had him pinned.

He looked up at her smiling, and he realized how incredibly strong and beautiful this woman was. And intimidating. “What? For a man that just got pinned, you are surprisingly happy.”

Coulson sputtered, “Oh, just, that was a cool move, May. Just appreciating the view.”

Before May could respond to his attempt at flirting, the rest of the class filed in. “Ohhhh did Coulson get his butt handed to him again?” The class laughed.

Phil turned red, but May just helped him up, “He was helping me practice a move. 50 pushups for the rest of you for the snark.”

Coulson couldn’t believe it. Did May just defend him? He really would have to ask her for drinks after class.

The class finished as May called out “Remember, Midterms next week! You’ll need to demonstrate your skills in a sparring match.” The rest of the class, groaned.

“Hey Phil, nice job today. I think Ji Jitsu might be your calling.” Phil stuck around to help May clean up the room.

“Hey thanks. Um, so what are you up to tonight?”

“I was gonna go play pool with some friends.”

Phil didn’t know how to respond so he just began talking frantically, “Oh, well, maybe on another night, you could come with me…to the comic book shop…we play D&D and drink and have pizza and it’s really fun and…”

“Comic book shop?” May laughed, punching Phil in the arm.

“Yeah, it’s fun!”

“Sounds a little too nerdy for me.”

“Oh. Okay. Guess I’ll see you around then.” Phil walked by swiftly. “Idiot,” he said to himself. His one chance to ask May on a date and he invites her to the comic book shop! He had panicked.


“Like I said Phil, you were too nerdy for me back then.” May laughed at the story, remembering when this skinny comm academy student entered her combat class.

“Sigh, Yeah I was pretty nerdy. But I got cooler.” Phil smiled, still not believing he was here, with May, on a beautiful island. It was a good day. Simmons had given him some medicine before they left for Tahiti, and he was having one of his better days. Still in pain, but remembering with May helped him to feel better.

“You did, Phil. I think you get cooler every time you die.” She giggled, then grew somber. “Sorry, I shouldn’t joke like that.”

“It’s okay, May. We all die someday. Some die more than others. That’s part of life.”

May rubbed his back, “Come on, let’s keep talking about the past. It helps me to not think of the future.”

“Alright, how about I tell you what I thought about our first mission together.”

“I’d like that.”

(Another Young May and Coulson story to come later!)

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