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aaaaa im so sorry for the spam, but I wanted to upload some of the art doodles i posted on twitter! I hope all of you are still doing good!! its been a while ;A;

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Hi, Anon.

It is clear that there is something special about what fixers and necros can do separately, which we have gotten to see firsthand thanks to Raelle and Scylla. 

But what could a powerful healer like Raelle do with a talented necro who invents sexy weird palm DMs in her spare time? 

Something big, that’s for sure. 

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The word on the street is right. “Mother Mycelium” gives us an entirely different verse from the healing spell we’ve seen Raelle use before. 

The majority of the time when she attempts to heal someone, Raelle recites Matthew 7:8, “ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find”, etc). 

However, when Raelle heals Khalida, she says this:


(By the way everyone, I’ve been learning how to make my own gifs so I can always have exactly what I want for my essays, AND to keep myself from ever accidentally using someone else’s gifs if they aren’t okay with that. I appear to be very slow at gif-making so far, and I’m working on getting the timing right, but I will persist. That said, every gif in this post was made by me with loving hands, including the one above.)


“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. Through the rivers, they shall not flood you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned.” 

I think we can all agree that Raelle’s words sound an awful lot like this:

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

                                                           –Isaiah, 43:2, New International Version

Why does Raelle use a different verse this time?

I suspect it has to do with the severity of the injury. Healing Khalida’s malicious illness is a lot more difficult than fixing up Abigail’s sore throat. Raelle reached for these words because they are even more powerful than her usual method. 

In fact, I think one of the reasons these particular words are stronger than the usual healing words is because the verse Raelle uses to heal Khalida (Isaiah, 43:2) is from the Old Testament, so the words are older (more ancient) than Raelle’s normal healing spell (Matthew 7:8), which is from the first book of the New Testament, and therefore not as old. 

I believe in this case that the older the passage from Scripture, the more powerful it can be in a healing capacity. 

Does that mean that reciting Genesis 1:1 would result in the most effective healing spell? One so powerful that it might be able to not just heal, but actually create? 


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It is interesting. At first, Anon,I thought that the woman Raelle was talking to about her squishy mushroom finger was a necro, but I guess it was a regular medic. 

Though I am wondering how Raelle explained that–”I, uh, poked a giant amorphous mushroom wall, and now my finger looks like I just finished with my supposed-to-be dead girlfriend.” 

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You are so right, Anon, and thank you so much for saying that. I’m glad you have been enjoying the Biblical series. :) 

And in fact….you may see me talking more about that very soon (Naomi and Ruth through a queer lens), because there are so many more interesting things to examine in the verses after Ruth 1:16 as well. 

What does it mean that this massive story of devotion and marriage-like loyalty from the Bible is not between a husband and wife, but instead between two women? 

That is the question I want to work on. If anyone has any other opinions or ideas about the Biblical series, please don’t be afraid to hit me up. 

I’m here for you guys, whether you want to talk about the new episode or Motherland theories or the Bible or just how your day is going. My inbox is always open, so Ask Me Anything. 

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Aww, Anon, I’m so glad to hear that. My frantic gay heart reaches back for you.

Fiance is a pretty recent development–she proposed on Christmas Day. She gets me, and she never makes fun of me for the things I get excited about (which lately has been Motherland) like other exes have done. 

Get yourself a woman who lets you hole up all day in your office writing gay tv show analyses. 

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Right, Anon?? For me one of the most frustrating parts is that Wednesday night starting a 9pm I will have to avoid Tumblr at all costs until 3 am when I can go on Hulu to watch the new ep. 

The show is so good, I love watching it without being spoiled, but it’s going to be a really rough six hours this week knowing that others know what happened but I can’t watch yet! 

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So I just went back to watch this scene–I didn’t pay that much attention to the picture in the corner of the mirror but yes, Anon, I see what you mean. Yes, I am sure that the mirror is Scylla’s. And from what I can make out the photo looks like a church to me. Old Baptist churches often have cemeteries attached to them, and that looks to be what we’re seeing in the photo. My guess is that the photo is the from the church where Scylla’s parents are buried. 

She is pretty into the dead and very respectful of death, (plus “sexy weird”) so I don’t think it’s that odd for Scylla to have a picture like that on her mirror. 

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In my opinion Witch Father is not as old as Alder. I don’t think anyone else in this universe IS as old as Alder, actually. It seems like the whole process of Alder using the biddies to stay alive for so many years is a controversial subject among many. And to be real, it’s not sustainable. The show creator said that you can only be a biddy for at most six-ish years, and that the burden of all of Alder’s years is shared between them all. Eventually, as Alder has more and more years to carry, won’t she need more and more biddies and eventually a whole caravan of biddies? Anyway, I think Witch Father is much younger than Alder, and that maybe the role of “Witch Father” is passed down from one generation to another to keep up with Adler never aging. 

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Yessss, Anon, you are right. I definitely remember Scylla having a braid when she and Raelle were flying on salva, but I didn’t notice another one until the wedding in 1x05. Soooo, if braids have a deeper meaning in Motherland, what does it mean that Scylla’s braids are so faint they are almost hidden? And it takes a certain light and angle to show them off? I would say that the amount and noticeability of the braids has to do with commitment to the military, but that doesn’t really make sense, considering Raelle has lots of visible braids but little loyalty to the military system. 

Has anyone come up with any interesting theories about what the braids signify? 

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Hi Anon, that is an interesting idea. Because I’ve been wondering about that scene after the boys arrive when Tally is just killing it at scrying.

Yes, she was “charged up” from the boys, but I think that energy just amplified a Knower talent that was already there. I think that Tally could develop very powerful Knower talents because of the strength of her unit and because of natural inclination…that being said I am worried about how Raelle will react when she finds out that Tally knew Scylla was Spree AND KNEW SHE WAS ALIVE and didn’t tell her. So I think Tally will have to do something to help Raelle free Scylla in order to win back Raelle’s trust. Not sure what form that will take, but we’ll get there.

Raelle loves big, and you can tell that while she may still have some misgivings about Abigail before the end of 1x06, Raelle loves Tally.

All of 1x05 I can feel how much Raelle loves Tally like a sister every time she calls her “Tal”, and how Raelle actually invites Tally to join her and Scylla at the beach if that’s what she wants to do, AND how Raelle even leaves Scylla with Anacostia when Tally says she needs her. I think it’s safe to say that Tally is Raelle’s favorite person after Scylla.

So it’s really gonna hurt when she finds out Tally knew Scylla was alive, while at the same time Raelle was out overdosing on salva and breaking all our hearts.

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