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“I’m not ready for summer to be over!” 

“I haven’t gone swimming once this whole summer. This is sad.”

“Only I could manage an epic sunburn this late in the season.”

“Is that an ice cream truck or am I hallucinating?”

“Say goodbye to infinity pools and hello to infinity scarves.”

“What even is this weather?”

“One last road trip before the summer’s really over?”

“I basically spent my whole summer on this couch.”

“No, I haven’t left the house all summer. And I have no regrets.”

“Summer vacation was anticlimactic and it wasn’t my fault this time.”

“Let’s have an end-of-summer bonfire. It’ll be fun!”

 “Welp. No need to keep working on my beach body. Pass me the ice cream.”

“End of summer clearance? Are they serious with these prices?”

“I don’t think I saw a single firefly this summer. Did you?”

“Will you be back next summer?”

“It’s finally cool enough to wear a jacket. Bless.”

“If the next words out of your mouth are ‘Back to School’ I’m gonna punch you.”

“I need a minute to mourn the loss of my entire summer.”

“Summer? I hardly know her.”

“I need it to be fall already. For reasons.”

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Hi, thank you for the ask! :)

For “The Greatest Fun” (the coffee mug story)…this isn’t exactly a secret, but it’s probably one of the stories I’ve written that is most motivated by something personally important to me. My wife and I have sentimental name mugs, each acquired in a sort of unusual way at separate times, and in general mugs are just so cozy and comforting…so it was really nice to just write as much about mugs as I wanted, which was a LOT.

My first idea was that Grace bought the mugs as a way of making up with Frankie after a fight, and I still like the idea of Grace buying something a bit ouf-of-character as a way to attempt to connect to Frankie. But for this story, I really liked the symmetry of having an outsider gift the mugs; because I knew I wanted to tell the story from both G & F’s points of view, it felt right to have the story kick off with a gift from a third party.

For “If You Say Run,” AKA the 4th of July throuple, which, by the way, I LOVE as your association/descriptor for that story, my inspiration was definitely about trying to write the story that feels like the most true-to-canon continuation of canon I could have possibly written. The story was a birthday gift for @telanu. I would not normally gift one of my dearest friends quite so much NICK SKOLKA, but she loves Nick Skolka! So it was okay!

That story was an attempt to reconcile these beliefs:

  • Grace Hanson is a lesbian
  • Grace Hanson loves Nick Skolka
  • Grace Hanson loves Frankie Bergstein
  • Grace Hanson is in love with Frankie Bergstein

I ended up feeling All The Feelings while writing that story. And even if some people probably would have preferred a story that kicks Nick to the curb or otherwise wraps things up more cleanly, I actually really, really loved giving Grace a life in which she gets to know herself better and chooses Frankie but in a way that doesn’t turn Nick into a total mistake. 

Edited to add: And it was also really new and fun for me to write a story in which a character (in this case Grace) enters this period of greater self-exploration first by explicitly, consciously deciding to explore an attraction to multiple people. With the awareness and consent of all involved. It makes the stakes feel really high, but honestly, hardly any higher than the actual stakes in canon. I wrote the story after S5, and in S6 the canonical Grace has to make all the same kinds of choices, really.

From the “tell me the fic you associate with my story and I’ll tell you a secret about it” meme. Feel free to play if you’d like!

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