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#meme dealer
vulpes--vulpes · 2 years ago
Lance texting Keith while he's away: I hippopotamiss you <3
Keith, clutching his chest and sinking to the floor:
Shiro: Woah, are you okay??
Keith, tearing up: I wanna marry him so bad Shiro. So bad.
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
Riding Hawks, Bakugou and Dabi
Request: hc’s of dabi and bakugo and keigo and riding them
Note: writing for these boys are just making me simp for them harder
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he usually likes being on top and having the control but has no problem letting you ride him
he’ll just lay back and enjoy the show
likes it better when you’re facing him because he gets to see all the cute expressions you make
he also gets to see your tits bouncing while you’re grinding on his dick
his hands wander, a lot!
he’ll grab your ass
play with your nipples
and he’ll buck up into you just to see your eyes roll back
want to wipe that smug expression off of his face? edge him
ride his cock as if your life depends on it and as soon as he’s close to the edge just stop
his dom persona will disappear so quick
“Ngh- Why’d you stop? I was so fucking close. Come on, baby. Let me cum, please let me cum. Fuck! I wanna come so bad, I need it!”
keep denying him and he’ll get so desperate
when you finally decide to let him cum, overload his senses
bite his nipples, tug on his hair and his wings and bounce on his cock
he’ll cum so hard and he’ll definitely be out of it for a while, his head still clouded with pleasure
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s more laid back and chill
this happens when he needs a little stress reliever after a long mission
he likes it more than he’d like to admit
it makes him feel taken care of? in a way
riding dabi is more passionate than rough
you’re the one in control which means he can’t go as hard as he normally does
it also mean you get the chance to admire and explore his body
this is the perfect time for some ✨praise and body worship✨
compliment him and tell him about how good he makes you feel
leave hickeys and marks all over
he’s not good with words so he’ll show you he’s thankful by fucking your brains out
he’ll wrap his arms around you, pulling you into his chest and thrusting up
he’s not quiet about it either
he’ll moan out your name and throw your praise back at you
telling you about how beautiful you look
“You made me feel amazing, doll. Now let me return the favour, okay?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki.
another guy who’d rather top you
he gets very impatient and he’d rather be the one in control
when you’re riding him he’s a huge brat
he’ll tease and annoy you the entire time
“Awh, don’t tell me you’re getting tired already? I knew you couldn’t handle me, babe.”
“I -fuck I don’t feel a-anything. Ngh- Fuck you!”
the only way to shut him up is to occupy his mouth with something else
gag the mf!
the view will be amazing
looking at him underneath you, a drooling mess, trying to pretend he isn’t feeling good
change up your pace
he’ll have such a hard time trying not to prematurely cream
as soon as he finishes don’t stop moving
his cock will be super sensitive and he cannot handle overstim
if you take off the gag you’ll hear his delicious broken moans, he won’t be able to think or speak
“What was that about not being able to handle you? Hm? Now I’m not stopping until I’m satisfied or until you beg me to, got that?”
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 6 months ago
Iida, Kirishima, Denki and Tamaki reacting to being asked to cum inside for the first time
Note: finally back! wasn’t feeling the best but i think i got my mojo back now, i’ll try and post more tonight :)
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist || ko-fi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Fuck—Ei! Cum inside me, baby. I want you to fill me up.”
probably stops mid-thrust in surprise and checks to see if he heard you right
he thinks it’s hot as fuck
literally has no complaints about your request
might tease you a bit about it but overall he’s into it
“I didn’t know you were so naughty, baby.”
“Yeah, you want me to fucking stuff you full of my cum, don’t you?”
his pace will quicken and his thrusts are even deeper
the thought of cumming inside you is a huge turn on for him, in his mind he’s claiming you and making you completely his
he likes staying inside you even after he cums, only pulling out when his cock softens
loves watching the cum slowly escape and gush out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Inside, Ah!— Need you to breed me, please sir.”
iida is respectful boy
he always tells you when he’s close and asks you where you want him to finish
but he’s never heard you say that before
his glasses literally fall off his face as he’s pounding into you with much power
“I’m close, my love. I’m going to cum inside and you better not waste a drop.”
you’ve awakened something in him and it’s his new favourite thing to breed you
he’s the type to force you to keep his cum inside you especially after quickies
the first time it happened he was very panicky he literally forced you to go to the bathroom afterwards
he also bought you a morning after pill and a pregnancy test
you were laughing your ass off because he was just being too cute
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I want to feel you cum deep inside me, fucking cum inside me, Kami.”
he’s used to pulling out but this time when he tried to you just started fucking yourself back on his cock
he tries to warn you though
“Off! Off! Babe, M’close.”
but the moment those words left your mouth he was just frozen in shock
he lowkey couldn’t react at all, he just cums on the spot
you just felt his body stiffen and his warm load slowly fill you up
“Ngh—ah, cum- cumming...”
another boy who loves staying inside you
it just feels warm and comfortable so he doesn’t wanna pull out
he loves eating you out right after he creams your insides
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Tama, I’m gonna cum. Do it inside, baby. Cum inside me, cum with me!”
he looks nervous and adorable
constantly asks you if you’re sure
he just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and that it’s not just your horny brain talking
“A-Are you sure, bunny? Y-You want me to let it out inside you?”
you’ve now unlocked: Dom Tamaki and Breeding kink
he’s addicted to the feeling, he loves the way you look when you’re fucked dumb and full of his seed
definitely finds something to plug you up so you don’t “waste” his cum
he won’t stop until his balls are empty and you’re filled to the brim
not just your pussy though, he’ll fill every hole you have
he’ll cum in your mouth, ass and all over your face to make sure you know who you belong to
Tumblr media
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