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#meme ish
justasimplesecretary · 8 hours ago
Tease my muse! (Nswish edition)
💓 - To kiss them on neck
Now James’ neck was probably the most sensitive of all places on his body, when the other kissed his neck the hairs on his body raised at the electric experience. The secretary couldn’t help but moan, almost reaching over to bring Q’s lips back to his exposed skin. A wave of pleasure rang through his body especially below the belt. All James knew was that he wanted more.
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bethsfandomfun · 17 hours ago
First full body image I made of Kiara. How did I make it you ask?
Tumblr media
Don't ask why, I don't know either
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tetsuwan-atom · a day ago
So tumblr’s submit system is bork, so I have to do it like this.
Tumblr media
Here is Oni’s fanservice to Sue.
He knows she loves to do far more than ‘looking respectfully’ ;))))))))))
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ofstrengthisms · a day ago
[text] I don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!! (Kinsey for Berry bc new-ish interactions lol)
Send my muse one of the following texts to see how they react:
{ text; Kinsey }: I hear you, honey { text; Kinsey }: but I do know how big OF a dick he is, so there’s a balance and I’m not sure he’s tipping the right way
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uhlxis · 2 days ago
I just saw Chris' nudes for the first time and the head of his penis is like so much bigger than the shaft. I fear it causing an air suction in my poosie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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medievalraven · 3 days ago
🐄 🐄 🐄
oh man - okay so seeing as you always share super cute pictures of your nephew how about i share one of mine????
Tumblr media
lol surprise it's man-bun rio instead hahahahahaha - ah you got punk'd ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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18, 26, and 29? :o
18:A song from the year that you were born
this was hard bc one of my favorite albums is from the year i was born but for just one song lets go with yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1 by the flaming lips
26:A song that makes you want to fall in love
kiss goodnight by idkhow ez
29:A song that you remember from your childhood
again, got a lot of good options, but lets say gobbledigook by sigur ros
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tailorgenyasafin · 3 days ago
people will tag literally anything as dark academia
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Might fuck around and write the first chapter with place holder names (because I don’t have a complete grasp on my newest characters just yet, halp).
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himbozednecrodopolis · 6 days ago
Waking up before eight am for the first time in a year has got me like…
“Oh hello again roosters who live across the street? How are you?”
“Nice to meet you weird new thing with my stomach where I can’t put anything in my mouth this early without feeling sick (and that includes toothpaste!)”
“Mother coming home from your night shift at the hospital? How are you!”
“Nice to see the sunrise again!”
I’m all seriousness I’m very excited to be going back to work and back in the world! 😃
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veliseraptor · 6 days ago
For the opinion meme: I don't think Xue Yang was "dim-witted" when he was a kid. I think he was always smart and crafty. And I don't think he would trust Chang Cian so easily if he wasn't a cultivator. And even if Wei Wuxian didn't know the identity of the man from the story, it was still very unfair of him to call little Xue Yang stupid and I don't buy Wei Wuxian's opinion. (I don't know how popular it is in fandom to take wwx's words uncritically but I've seen it pop up once or twice? anyway I'm still bitter about this)
oh man I am glad I haven't seen this like...taken seriously? because yeah absolutely I don't think he was stupid. I think that's not the point at all, and I think that Wei Wuxian's sort of callous assessment of the situation is 100% colored by his knowledge of what he's going to go on to do later. I don't know that he'd be quite so harsh considering the behavior of someone he liked or cared about.
(I don't recall him condemning Xiao Xingchen for being stupid or foolish, for instance? a quick check confirms that he calls him "unlucky"; when he does refer to him as an idiot it's nested within his assessment of Xue Yang's thought process about him. he does also use "gullible", but at least in the English of this translation that reads much less harsh than "dim-witted".)
I think that Xue Yang at seven (seven! like, you guys, I think it's easy to forget that this is what a seven year old looks like, that's very young) was maybe a little naive, but that's because, again, (a) he's a kid, and (b) Chang Cian is both wealthy and a cultivator, which are two things that make him if not trustworthy then probably seemingly more so to a hungry street kid.
and I think considering Xue Yang stupid for making that mistake - one mistake, when he must have avoided any number of other ones in order to survive childhood - is...mmm. frankly kinda mean.
and also I feel like considering Xue Yang stupid for trusting Chang Cian is...I mean, it's falling into the same trap as calling Xiao Xingchen stupid for trusting Xue Yang, or Lan Xichen stupid for trusting Jin Guangyao, which are also things that annoy the shit out of me. because yeah, someone who is deliberately deceived isn't necessarily stupid for believing the person deceiving them, especially when that belief comes out of believing well of people.
which is the commonality in those three instances! all three of them, in those situations, believe that people are, if not wholly honest, at least generally good, and all three of them turn out to be wrong.
(also, to note: I would bet that Xue Yang thinks of himself as stupid for trusting Chang Cian, absolutely. I think he thinks of himself as a kid prior to that point being hopelessly stupid and naive and pathetic, and that's part of how he deals with the trauma, by taking it as something that, you know, made him better! stronger! more able to survive! if if hadn't happened he'd have had to learn some other way and it might've been worse.)
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petrovafired · 9 days ago
💋 for dean
meme  —  four times my muse thought about kissing yours, and the one time they actually did  —  always  accepting.
#1  —  first  time  I  saw  you,  I  knew  I  wanted  to taste  your  lips
dean   didn’t   know   her.   her   story.   he   had   no   idea   who   she   really   was.   what   she   has   been   through.   what   her   life   looked   like   when   she   wasn’t   here,   in   a   rustic   bar   on   the   town's   edge.   he   didn’t   know   about   the   red   room,   her   skill   set,   her   connections   to   shield,   or   the   avengers   initiative.   all   he   knew   was   that   she   caught   his   eye   ever   since   she   entered   the   bar   earlier   this   evening.   she   had   that   whole   catch   me   if   you   can   vibe   going   on.   she   was   a   paradox.   unapproachable,   yet   weirdly   welcoming   to   strangers.
#2  —  weeks  later,  and  a  kiss  is  still  all  I  can  think  of
weeks   have   passed.   dean   still   didn’t   know   her   too   well.   he   still   called   her   by   her   cover   name.   natalie.   because   she   still   hasn’t   told   him   her   real   name   yet.   they   had   been   on   cases   together.   a   ghost   here,   a   shapeshifter   there.   his   average   monsters.   she   had   been   incredibly   helpful.   dean   assumed   she   was   a   huntress.   what   else   was   he   supposed   to   assume?   one   night,   right   after   a   hunt,   he   made   a   move.   asked   her   out   on   a   date.   she   told   him   the   following:     ❛   fuck   off.   ❜       it   was   said   with   a   smile,   a   certain   amount   of   playfulness   even,   yet   he   couldn’t   confidently   sort   it.   did   she   mean   it,   or   not?
#3  —  kill  a  monster  and  kiss  me  right  after
a   feral   cry,   and   the   machete   cut   right   through   the   vampire’s   neck.   dean   breathed   heavily   as   he   gazed   down   at   the   now   decapitated   corpse.   clothes,   skin,   and   hair   blood - spattered.   he   straightened   his   back.   adrenaline   was   rushing   through   his   veins,   he   was   euphoric.   he   turned   his   head,   emerald   hues   now   looking   for   natalie.   she   was   not   too   far   away.   in   fact,   within   touching   distance,   some   dead   vampires   to   her   feet.   the   hunter   felt   pride   swelling   in   his   chest,   and   the   attraction   to   the   redheaded   woman   grew   by   the   minute.   he   still   wondered   how   her   lips   might   feel   against   his   own.   what   she   might   taste   like.
#4  —  maybe  another  time,  sweetheart
he   was   getting   old.   or   maybe   monsters   were   getting   stronger.   whatever.   the   oldest   winchester   was   resting   on   the   sofa.   and   in   fact,   he   was   half - dead,   and   only   half - alive.   natalie   was   sitting   beside   him.   last   case   had   been   a   banger.   sammy   wasn’t   there   to   help,   he   was   working   another   case,   and   they   bit   off   more   than   they   could   chew   being   only   two   hunters.   after   they   made   it   to   a   safe   spot,   natalie   took   a   shower   and   slipped   into   comfy   clothes.   she   was   ravaged.   her   wet   her   playing   around   her   face,   cheekbones   and   lips   damaged   by   the   fight.   she   was   visibly   exhausted.   dean   had   the   intense   urge   to   kiss   her   bruised   lips,   to   enfold   her   into   his   arms.   he   refrained   from   doing   so.
#5  —  patch  me  up  with  kisses,  please
a   convulsion   went   through   dean’s   body.   natalie   dumped   him   onto   his   bed,   now   properly   taking   care   of   a   poorly   patched-up   wound.   painful   moanings   got   replaced   by   suppressed   grunts.   he   refused   to   put   any   more   weaknesses   on   display   right   in   front   of   her.   delicate   but   not   necessarily   gentle   fingers   renewed   the   pressure   bandage   near   his   ribcage.   meanwhile,   dean’s   eyes   were   glued   to   natalie,   his   chest   visibly   lifting   and   lowering   as   he   tried   to   breath   steadily.   dean   watched   her   for   several   minutes,   before   grabbing   her   wrist,   stopping   her   from   continuing   her   treatment.   he   got   up   onto   his   forearm,   ignoring   the   pain   that   would   take   him   out   sooner   or   later.   his   hand   itinerated   from   her   wrist   to   her   neck,   a   thumb   carefully   brushing   her   jawline.   he   waited   for   any   form   of   rejection,   and   eventually   closed   in   slowly,   stopping   one   last   time   only   millimetres   before   their   lips   touched,   before   finally   leaning   in.
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