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21 Most Hilarious Images From Russian Dating Sites

These images are taken from their dating profiles someplace you ought to upload an excellent click of yourself but here we are talking about Russian dating sites and these Russians are extra straight forward. Check source for all funny images

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Porn Star Says She’ll Have Sex With Scientists Who Finds Coronavirus Vaccine

Moscow: Russian pornography star Lola Taylor has said that she’ll engage in sexual relations with the researcher who invent a remedy for coronavirus. Well, a great inspiration for some Scientists! While her claims are not yet confirmed, but if it’s true, that would be a great thing. 😂😂 Check Source for Complete News

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Seasonal Aesthetics ;



a chill right down to the bones.   tobogganing.   teeth chattering.  sleeping all day.  sitting by the fireplace.    spending time with family.   layered clothing.    seeing another’s breath.   loving the cold.   a state of inactivity.    cold hands.   blistering winds shaking the closed windows.   a bookcase full of brand new books and all of the time in the world to read them.    cable knit socks.   a bitter remark.  a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. hating the cold.   full length windows to peer out of.   pale skin.   deep conversations. watching the snow fall.   sharp  edges. hot cocoa. smelling every candle in the store.   a wild snow storm.   melancholy.   lighting candles around the bathtub.   snow globes.   expressing yourself but never finding quite the right words.   the softest of blankets.   liking, but not loving something or someone.


the smell after it rains. being in control of yourself. a soft breeze blowing your hair. lightning when it strikes.   cherry blossoms.   bright mornings.  the first sign of hope.   the relief of finding something you lost.   paris in the spring.    birds chirping. the art of growing.   a kiss on the cheek.    the clap of thunder.    a tornado in the valley.  smiling at a stranger. planning.  saccharine pinks.  making promises.   trying something new.   hugs when you need them most.   a bee sting.    sitting on the steps of the met.  coming inside drenched from the thunderstorm.   picnics on a red checkered blanket in the new sun.  that feeling you get when you put on a good dress. a long hike. rushing when you can take your time.   going to the gym/training at ungodly hours.   excitement for what’s coming. becoming yourself.   rain boots.


lanterns lit around a campfire. seeing the sunrise like it’s the first time again and again.   melting ice cream. the warmth of sun rays upon skin.   fireworks.   the feeling of never wanting something to end.   beach days.   the lone blow up floaty left in the pool.    drifting with the warm nights breeze and nothing else.   music blasting at 3am, loud and proud.    palms trees on sunset boulevard.   longer days and shorter nights.   wanderlust. nights spent staring at the stars. sand castles.   road trips. blood orange sunsets.  leaving the laundry to hang outside.   flowers in bloom.   sneaking out of your room late at night.   pure contentment.    barefoot in the sand. the street lights coming on.   the sound of the ocean in a seashell.   freshly squeezed lemonade.   loose clothing. a cannonball into the pool.   sunflowers.   the hazy pink before dusk.  relaxation.


the leaves changing colors.    a heavy backpack.   the smell of old books.  eating until you’re stuffed.   deep, dark woods.  the silence in loudness. abandoned houses.   ripped jeans. crunching leaves beneath feet.  feeling like you’ve been somewhere before.    sitting at a bay window.   having endless amount of work.   charcoal drawings.   screaming into a pillow as loud as you can.  pumpkin patches.    creaky floorboards.   accepting that some things do have to change.  museums.     small talk. being ignored.    procrastinating.   a door slamming shut.   going to bed early.   baking pies.   the fear of walking alone in the dark.   feeling  completely and terribly lost.   a twig snapping. crisp, cool days.  belly laughter after crying.    converse.   foggy mornings at the shoreline.    writing a daily entry in a journal.  a lonely day.

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