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Rules: tag an amount of people you want to know better or catch up with and then answer theeeeese questioooooons!!!!!!

tagged by @amazinmango AND @exalok and basically that was two months ago I’m so sorry

3 ships:

  • Corvo/Daud (Dishonored) because duh
  • Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau (Captain Marvel)
  • Illya Kuryakin/Gaby Teller/Napoleon Solo (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)

last song: I’ve been listening to Chillhop all day so I wouldn’t rightly know

last movie: Hotel Artemis (it was fun! gf and I were like, ok if this is too whatever we’re noping out of it after ten minutes, but we finished it!)

currently reading: juuuust started LOBIZONA by Romina Garber today

currently watching: I’ve got like 12 continue watchings in my Netflix queue, but the most recent one is Narcos

currently consuming: ratatouille with tagliatelle

currently craving: CHOCOLATE (i’m on my period)

eugh do i have friends @luciddreamarium @darthfluff @neuromagpie @landakguling @academicgangster @jackdaw-kraai and anyone who wants to!!

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“… None of you had any chance to escape my wrath. “ His voice lulled, the final slivers of Fate having been sealed within the watery grasp of his Stand. One by one, each of their greatest fighters fell by his own.. save for one that is. “ How lucky only one of you should be allowed to live, but only because N’doul wishes it to be so. ”

The heat of the sand scorching as he knelt out in the open, another fallen enemy attempted a desperate attack but even the great Star Platinum failed in their duel. Jotaro.. oh that guy.. he was witful to throw the damn dog at N’doul but when it came down to the wire of whose Stand would cleave that final blow; Geb had been the victor in the test of speed but only by a fraction as the strike by Star Platinum had indeed hit it’s mark. Gasping for breath, each and every attempt to pull air into his lungs clawed relentlessly until he regained his composure to send his Stand back out to the depths of the desert and drag that vehicle down to to the pits of the Earth itself. It mattered not what those fools did, they can run, they can stay quiet as they could but in the war of patience.. the Great N’doul had this game set and matched with his prowess and intellect.

“ ..You’ve done my friend great harm in destroying her teeth.. so I believe Justice is in order that I destroyed your eyes in turn. ” How fitting, such a vital organ that couldn’t ever hoped to be replaced like teeth could be.. but even then, Midler’s own misfortunes will be life long. Is it not fair that he should leave an equally long scar on the last misbegotten cur that dared to oppose Lord Dio? He may now know who was it that would bear his lasting Mark, but it does not matter.. whoever they are; they should be grateful for their life. Jotaro and Joseph had been the main targets after all, everyone else was simply extra bonuses. Wiping off the blood that splatted down his maw, the desert dweller stood to his feet, turning his back to the scene of his victory and began to saunter off.. disappearing in the scattering gales as the sun climbed down from it’s lofty throne. “ Dog.. if you are there, I will not hurt you. My mission is finished and you are free to go as you please.. I pray for your fortunes wherever your journey leads now. ”

“ Lord Dio will be most pleased to hear I have disposed of his greatest threats.. Aheh-heh-heh… in the end, my resolve was greater. 

(( shfljg you get this<3))

//Late post.

My muse has died, how does yours react to the news?

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tagged by @chaospitals and @kureally

rules: the last celebrity you have saved in your photos is your self-isolation buddy

if this stupid nbcsports washington graphic counts, it’s braden


he is my favorite hockey player but I do fear that he might be insufferable. also I would just weep over free agency at him. on the other hand, we could talk about tattoos & where he gets his hats & he is probably one of the only hockeys I could draw into a conversation about art history

and! I would love to make fun of his terrible jewelry to his face

if the hurtful graphic does not count, then it’s these bastards


so I would. just. give them their space and observe them from afar. every so often tell them that they’re beautiful. for sure make heddy grab shit off shelves for me. (he’s a foot and a half taller than me.) maybe he’d let me climb him, platonically, for funsies?

stammer gets bubble wrapped

tagging whoever wants to do this

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stolen from @couturriere

rules: bold everything that applies to you!!


i’m over 5′5″ // i wear glasses or contacts // i have blonde hair// i have dyed or highlighted my hair // i have gotten plastic surgery // i have or had braces // i sunburn easily // i have freckles // i paint my nails // i typically wear makeup // i don’t often smile // i prefer nike to adidas // i wear baseball hats backwards

hobbies & talents:

i play a sport (kind of - I ski when I can) // i can play an instrument // i am artistic // i know more than one language // i have won a trophy in some sort of competition // i can cook or bake without a recipe // i know how to swim // i enjoy writing // i can do origami // i prefer movies to tv shows // i can execute a perfect somersault // i enjoy singing // i could survive in the wild on my own // i have read a new book series this year // i enjoy spending time with my friends // i travel during school or work breaks // i can do a handstand


i am in a relationship // i have been single for over a year // i have a crush // i have a best friend that i’ve known for ten years // my parents are together // i have dated my best friend // i am adopted // my crush has confessed to me // i have had a long-distance relationship // i am an only child // i give advice to my friends // i have made an online friend // i met with someone i have met online


i have heard the ocean in a conch shell // i have watched the sun rise // i enjoy rainy days // i have slept under the stars // i meditate outside // the sound of chirping calms me down // i enjoy the smell of the beach // i know what snow tastes like // i listen to music to fall asleep // i enjoy thunderstorms // i enjoy cloud watching // i have attended a bonfire // i pay close attention to colors // i find mystery in the ocean // i enjoy hiking on nature paths // autumn is my favorite season


i can fall asleep in a moving vehicle // i am the mom friend // i live by a certain quote // i like the smell of sharpies // i am involved in an extracurricular activities // i enjoy mexican food // i can drive a stick-shift // i believe in true love // i make up scenarios to fall asleep // i sing in the shower // i wish i lived in a video game // i have a canopy above my bed // i am multiracial // i am a redhead // i own at least three dogs // i have a cat

tagging whoever else would like to do this 🖤

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I was tagged by @needtherapy to list 7 comfort movies and tag 7 people. (Hey skadi — I also used to work in a video store back in the day!). I decided to include a favorite line from each, just for funsies.

  1. Empire Records — This was my favorite movie in high school, and honestly I can’t separate the movie itself from my memories of watching it. Still eminently quotable. “Well Sinead O’Rebellion! Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior!”
  2. Legally Blonde — The feel-good movie of its decade as far as I’m concerned, featuring one of my favorite actresses at the top of her game. I never fail to get misty-eyed during her graduation speech at the end. “What, like it’s hard?”
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — This is one of those movies where if I come across it on TV, I’ll watch to the end, regardless of where in the movie I’m picking up. An amazing cast (Anna Kendrick! Aubrey Plaza! Brie Larson! Chris Evans!), so quotable I end up talking along with half the movie, and a soundtrack I actually went out and bought on CD after seeing the movie so I could listen to it on the CD player in my Toyota Matrix, which was the style at the time. “You’re incorrigible.” “I don’t know the meaning of the word.” [He  doesn’t.]
  4. Practical Magic — I wanted to pick movies that didn’t overlap with needtherapy’s, but I couldn’t leave this one off the list. My college besties and I used to plan to live together in the house from this movie (I know it was a set, hush) when we were old, and honestly I’m still down as long as our spouses can come too. We text each other “SOMEONE LEFT IT ON THE PORCH!” all the time. Also, this movie (and specifically Nicole Kidman in this movie) was the source of my first official bisexual meltdown when I was a young teen. “My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being ‘normal’ is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.”
  5. Battleship — OK, I know, but listen. Hear me out. This movie is great. Taylor Kitsch, Jesse Plemons, Alexander Skarsgård, and Rihanna in the best movie based on a board game ever made (not counting Clue). It’s such a great comfort movie because it takes itself the perfect amount of seriously; it’s in on the joke in a great way. And the way the gameplay is incorporated into the movie’s alien-invasion plot is :chef’s kiss: “It’s too late to eat a burrito! Too many complex carbs.”
  6. Christmas in Connecticut — I gotta watch this every year at Christmas. Barbara Stanwyck is at her funniest and sexiest. I lose it every time at the scene where they try to convince Alexander Yardley that they don’t have a different baby than they did yesterday, and when the judge goes out the window. “But it has blonde hair, and teeth! And it’s talking!”
  7. The Avengers — I’m a sucker for most of the MCU, and this movie really has everything I like about MCU movies in one (admittedly overlong) dose. Banter! Found family! The foundation of Steve and Natasha’s platonic-friends-and-colleagues relationship! Really all it’s missing is Bucky. “Of the people in this room, which one is: A.) wearing a spangly outfit; and B.) not of use?”

I tag @notoriousfish @rhysiana @chibisquirt @mywanderlustqueen @neenya @musmusmuffin @ebonykain — as always, feel free to ignore if this is not your bag!

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