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halfmortals 2 months ago
can i have auggie n allegra for the ship meme pls C:
饾槇饾槣饾槑饾槣饾槡饾槢饾槓饾槙 & 饾槇饾槗饾槗饾槍饾槑饾槞饾槇.
Who is more aggressive in bed? hm, neither??? i imagine there's lots of smiles and giggling and messy kisses but if she wanted him to be more dominant then i think he would, but he'd constantly double check that he wasn't being too rough shdnfj
Lights on or off? auggie would prefer them off but would fool around with the lights on if she wanted to but he'd be like "what about fairy lights? can we have Those on?" lol
Who does what chores? auggie does them all bc she's used to having everything done for her lol allegra just has to worry about where she last left something and even then if she couldn't remember he'd help look and find it with her
Who gets babied when they鈥檙e sick? allegra does 馃ズ and auggie loves taking care of her
Who makes breakfast? i don鈥檛 think either of them lmao so they鈥檙e grabbing coffee and something else together or auggie happened to stay up all night and goes out super early to get something yummy for her to wake up to
Where would they go on their honeymoon? a big city that neither of them have ever been to. i feel like someplace new for them to explore and experience together would please both of them sm
What are their quirks while sleeping? auggie鈥檚 sleep schedule is so fucked up so he basically sleeps a lot during the day and feels the most active during the night, so allegra has to deal with him not being able to sleep a lot (especially when allegra wants to) but he doesn鈥檛 mind bc being near her while she sleeps makes him feel very comforted for some reason
Who is the stricter parent? neither. they'd be such pushovers for their children lolsfdgd
Who would be the big spoon? auggie tries to be big spoon most of the time because it makes him feel masculine but,,,, sometimes,,, not too often,,, he just wants to be held and can鈥檛 help it so allegra's gotta step up 馃様
Who would wake up first? auggie because he never went to bed oops
Do they have nicknames for each other? i like to think allegra calls him "august" because that's what he introduced himself as when they first met one another 馃ズ
What happened when they met each other鈥檚 parents? augustin doesn鈥檛 want her to meet his parents 馃槼 but she can meet his older mortal brother that lives back in bulgaria. and does allegra even have family? i imagine she just came to exist somehow sbdgdjjf
How do they apologize after an argument? allegra apologizing to a MAN??? hah. auggie apologizes even when it's not his fault lbr
What would they be like as parents? i think they wouldn't be very strict at all, and prob very encouraging to their kids to get them to try new things !! they'd be so proud too
Who is the better cook? i don't think that either of them can cook very well oof auggie burns things and allegra probably forgets she doesn't have people to make her food so she waits until auggie eats and is like "is for me? 馃憠馃憟" .....until then she eats stolen fruit from the grocery store dhfjfjfk
Who is more romantic? i wanna say that auggie is initially more romantic?? bc he constantly sees things like a neat looking leaf that allegra might like and brings it to her, but they're both pretty romantic imo. i just think allegra is going to show it in cute less conventional ways idk dhfhfj
What sort of gifts do they get for each other? auggie gets her a cool rock and allegra gets him cool socks
Who gets jealous easiest? hmm, allegra?? maybe?? and she won't know what to do with the feelings
Who gets more excited for events? (e.g. birthdays, christmas鈥tc) allegra definitely gets more excited and auggie teaches her all that he can about all of them and tells her about his fav holiday and it's really cute because they'd decorate together and everything
Who is the most adventurous? allegra would be the most excited and commit to going on an adventure, and aug would go too but allegra would complain first 馃檮 agshdhd
Who is the most protective? i'm going to say auggie for this one
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? they made mud pies together on the playground and auggie caught a frog once and showed her and she screamed
Song to sum them up? bad love by goldspace
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lonewolfandmuse 4 days ago
art generator based on your muse
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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burning-chaos-in-the-wind 3 months ago
Trick or Treat! 聽馃巸
Here's some Dadgil goodness ~
~ "You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey"
Tumblr media
"Please don't take my sunshine away~" 鈽
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lararutherford 6 months ago
Does my muse trust yours? Not even remotely.
Does my muse dislike yours? I wouldn't say she dislikes. Lara is just indifferent toward her. I think she avoids being overtly rude because of her friendship with Henry, but also the fact she's followed Johnathan halfway across the world, after what was a short time being together, leaving behind her family and friends, just seems kind of sus to her.
Would my muse kill someone for yours? No.
Would my muse kill your muse? No.
Would my muse save yours? Not if it meant putting herself in harm's way. Otherwise, I guess so.
Does my muse find your muse attractive? Not聽personally, but she can appreciate she's pretty, obviously.
Is my muse disgusted by yours?
Disgust is a strong word. No.
Would my muse go on a date with your muse? No.
Would my muse kiss yours? No.
Would my muse betray yours? Not sure they're close enough for it to count as a betrayal. Probably not.
My muse鈥檚 favorite thing about yours is: The fact she stays in her lane, and doesn't try to poke her nose into business.
The thing my muse dislikes about yours is: The fact she's annoyingly nice and sociable. It's grating.
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laurent--stpierre 5 months ago
Does my muse trust yours? For sure. That's his bro, yo.
Does my muse dislike yours? Nah.
Would my muse kill someone for yours? Absolutely. All 脡tienne has to do is say the word.
Would my muse kill your muse? Eh, it'd depend heavily on the circumstances. The only reason I could see that happening is if 脡tienne did something to betray the French, which seems unlikely. So yeah, he would, but he wouldn鈥檛 ever be happy about it.
Would my muse save yours? For sure.
Does my muse find your muse attractive? NO BUT EVERYONE ELSE SURE DOES AND LAURENT WILL DIE MAD ABOUT IT. Inferior ass bitch getting all the attention smh.
Is my muse disgusted by yours? Only in the way Laurent finds a way to be disgusted with everyone who breathes.聽
Would my muse go on a date with your muse? Nah, they just Netflix and chill init.
Would my muse kiss yours? Nah, he鈥檚 too pretty for Laurent.聽
Would my muse betray yours? Never.
My muse鈥檚 favourite聽thing about yours is:聽 That he鈥檚 such a decent fucking human. They鈥檙e also very much on the same wavelength, which isn鈥檛 the case for Laurent鈥檚 relationship with a lot of the French in London. I think 脡tienne keeps him sane here whilst he鈥檚 away from Oliver, Fletcher and Richard to be honest. Not sure he鈥檇 stick around otherwise.聽
The thing my muse dislikes about yours is: That he鈥檚 an inferior ass bitch that gets all the attention smh.
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maikeymonroe 12 months ago
Who are you most attracted to here?
There are SO MANY attractive people. And I鈥檓 also terrified of naming someone who鈥檚 taken聽鈥榗ause I鈥檓 not about that... so if I do, I鈥檓 so sorry! Ummm @tcssathompscn, @alcxwolff, @vicpedrettii, @dcmetria, @fcknbarbie, @jakeglhl, @keithpowers, @alexdaddarics, @jcshpauldallas
Special shoutout to my onscreen boos! I鈥檝e been very lucky. Like, just look at them????聽@swedeskarsgard, @timchala, @sebasstan, @zacharyefrcn, @joekccry, @famestevensx
Yes, I鈥檓 aware this is a lot of people. Sue me.聽
Tumblr media
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kaxbrekker 10 months ago
grief, love, hatred
War spares no one. Not when it is between the two reigning crime families of New York, both of them out for blood. The years are fraught with one feud after another: years of partnership bringing the kind of wealth and heights of power that neither could have reached without the other. It is always followed by treachery ; always followed by the sort of bloodshed that neither could have measured. It is a blessing and later a curse that they are raised in a time of peace ; raised side by side 鈥 raised to be each other鈥檚 shadows. Angelo learns the sound of her laughter before he knows the shape of any other sound. War spares no one but they are young and they have snuck out of a party, stolen his father鈥檚 car and a bottle of wine. He hears her laughter in the wind as he lets down the roof of the convertible, speeding down the highway and she leans over to press a kiss against the corner of his lips. War spares no one but in the moment he is sure that they can conquer it.
There is so much joy between them.
Angelo was raised for war but he is not prepared to wage it so soon ; he is not prepared to wage it in his father鈥檚 name. The worst part is not that his father is dead, it is the surprise that comes with the betrayal. They should have known that it was only a matter of time 鈥 after all, they had history as witness but he had let himself be blinded by love. He had allowed himself to believe that there was a fate other than violence in store for them. He sees her after the funeral and the look on her face makes him wish that he had never known her. It makes him wish that he never leaves her side - all in the same breath. She wraps her arms around him and he lowers his head to her shoulder, allowing himself to be weak one last time. She tangles her fingers in his hair, pressing him closer and as Angelo wraps his arms around her, he vows revenge in the moment for the wreck she has made of his heart.
There is grief between them.
Angelo might have won this battle but he looks at her as if he has already lost the war. Duty above love ; that is what he had told himself when he had put a bullet in her brother鈥檚 head. It is what he has repeated until the words had become a part of him. The look on her face when her worst suspicions are confirmed tells him that this is where he loses her. The shot she fires at him misses his heart by the barest of inches, burying itself in his shoulder instead and as she leaves him bleeding on the floor she tells him that she won鈥檛 miss next time. Angelo knows it is truer than any promise she has ever made to him.
There is hatred between them.
He knows that sometimes a name can be as good as a declaration of war. He has told himself that it held no power over him any longer but it only takes the space of a single breath to make his defences come crumbling down. It only takes a single moment for him to realize that there will always be a part of him that will hear her name and want to run to her. The very idea of that ignites a rage at his very core, a bone deep need to cut her out of his life 鈥 out of himself. He knows that there will be nothing left of himself after her but he thinks it must be better than this cavernous feeling in the centre of his chest. That is what he tells himself when he shows up at the gala she is said to be at. His gaze finds her of its own accord and he鈥檚 walking towards her as if pulled by an invisible string, as if he has been lost all this time 鈥 waiting to find her again. The song is nearing its end and he smoothly cuts in just as the new one begin. Angelo doesn鈥檛 spare her old partner a glance as his hands settle on the curve of her waist. The smirk on her lips is nothing short of a challenge and Angelo rises to meet it as he pulls her closer, his hand splaying across her back.
鈥淵ou killed two of my men,鈥 he says in lieu of a greeting and though there is anger buried under his words there is a slight hint of admiration concealed behind the words. 聽Angelo barely had a moment to blink before the knife was pressed against his throat, the sharpness of the blade startling against his skin. The look in her eyes was no less savage than the knife she held against his neck, both equally capable of cutting him down. He leans closer, his hand trailing down her back, his lips hovering inches above her own. 鈥淚 have missed you.鈥
There is love between them.
Tumblr media
one word writing prompts
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oracuelum 6 months ago
Truth + "You knew he hadn't died."
Tumblr media
鈥淣o...鈥 She whispers,聽鈥淚 hoped. With all my heart and soul i hoped.鈥
When the officers of the Spanish Navy arrived at her door, they told her that The Silent Mary had been sunk --- Its Captain missing on duty. Presumed dead.聽
Missing. Presumed.
Perhaps they thought softening the blow would make her heart break less. It did not, instead destroyed her.聽
Aleina clung to what tiny shred of hope that was offered. Missing. What was missing could be found. If he still lived then she could find him.聽
Though deep down, at her core, she knew the painful and bitter truth. Her beloved was dead.聽
And she vowed to cross the darkest depths of the seven sea鈥檚 to bring him back.聽
Tumblr media
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spencerberkeley 7 months ago
Talk about us
What they define their relationship with your muse as: One of his best friends, to be honest.
Something they like about your muse: Narrowing it down to one thing is pretty hard. I would say her sense of humour, though, I feel like they're on the same page with that. He can comfortably joke with her (usually about stuff that would offend other people) and not have to worry.
Something they dislike about your muse: THAT LARA, DIANA AND CATALINA ARE HER SHADOWS.
Their first impression of your muse: Okay, this bitch is gonna be a fun time, for real.
Their impression of your muse now: Okay, this bitch is definitely a fun time, for real.
How they feel about your muse: Not even being dramatic, he fucking adores her. Adriana says jump and he says how high, because he鈥檚 a simp.
Something they are hiding from your muse: I don鈥檛 think he keeps much a secret from her. So eh, I guess the same things he hides from the people he cares about most. That鈥檚 he鈥檚 Not OK鈩 because he doesn鈥檛 want to admit to it or to worry her.
Something they wish they could to tell your muse: THAT SHE CAN DO BETTER THAN TRASH ASS RUSSIANS.
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cassandra-acton 5 months ago
Does my muse trust yours? I think so, for the most part. Cassie doesn't trust very easily because she's paranoid and self-conscious af, but Alexis has never really given her a reason not to, so that's a start? Once it鈥檚 gone, it鈥檚 gone, though, so hopefully it stays that way.
Does my muse dislike yours? Nope, not at all.
Would my muse kill someone for yours? I mean. If it was them or Alexis, like one of those types of situations, then sure. Cassie would do it to defend her.聽
Would my muse kill your muse? Jeez no.
Would my muse save yours? Of course.
Does my muse find your muse attractive? OBVS. ALEXIS IS A BABE. 鈾
Is my muse disgusted by yours? Only her choice of boyfriend.聽
Would my muse go on a date with your muse? No. Spencer would cry when Alexis eventually realises Cassie is better.
Would my muse kiss yours? Nah.
Would my muse betray yours? I think Alexis would have to do it first. Cassie can be incredibly petty. Nothing is off the table with this bitch. It wouldn't happen without good reason, though.
My muse鈥檚 favourite thing about yours is: Definitely her sense of humour. I think Alexis is genuinely just one of those people who is a joy to be around, and Cassie appreciates that, especially when she has to spend so much time with obnoxious fucking cretins at work.聽
The thing my muse dislikes about yours is: I don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 much she dislikes about her, to be honest?
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mysogynistatheart 11 months ago
Character Development Meme!
Send me a symbol to get a glimpse into my character鈥檚 past.聽 (Send 馃挃 for a heartbreaking memory.)
She was tiny, his daughter. Tiny, pink and new. Daughter. That still hadn鈥檛 fully registered in his brain. He had a daughter. It just didn鈥檛 seem real. He had never pictured himself as a father, but then again, he had never pictured himself falling in love. John knew he had a lot of faults, never understood why Olivia kept him around, but he was grateful; Though he knew her seemingly never ending patience for him was running thin.聽
Of course when Olivia had fearfully told him she was pregnant, John had been scared. Olivia had told him that maybe it was the wake up call he needed to finally grow up. And John tried, he really did try to change. The first few months of Olivia鈥檚 pregnancy, John came home on time instead of staying out late with his friends, he stopped flirting, and tried to be a doting, caring boyfriend. He even asked Olivia to marry him. But after their shotgun wedding and their small little honeymoon, John started to grow restless. Like a lion in a too small cage, pacing back and fourth, waiting for his moment of escape.聽
The further along Olivia got, the more scared John got. How was he supposed to be a father? Olivia was already so attached and the baby hadn鈥檛 even been born yet, and John couldn鈥檛 find an ounce of anything for it but indifference. Of course, then baby Jessica entered the world, screaming, a patch of fine blonde downy hair sticking up at odd ends and covered in something John didn鈥檛 want to think about. She looked like a wrinkled potato, but she was absolutely gorgeous. The swell of emotion that had filled him had him reaching for Olivia鈥檚 oxygen mask to take a few deep breaths.聽
And now, three days after her birth, Jessica was swaddled in his arms in a knitted blanket that Olivia had made her, looking absolutely perfect. As John stared down at her, he knew then that he could never be what Jessica needed or deserved-- what Olivia deserved. He knew that if he stayed, it would only hurt them worse in the long run. John wasn鈥檛 meant for this life, and though he loved Olivia and Jessica both dearly, it would never be enough.聽
With his heart heavy in his chest, John leaned forward and pressed a featherlight kiss to Jessica鈥檚 little forehead before he placed her in the bassinet beside their bed.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 He whispered softly, finger brushing along her cheek. He stared at her a little longer in the dim moonlight of his and Olivia鈥檚 bedroom before he swallowed back tears and moved to his sleeping wife鈥檚 form in the bed. He was careful as he kissed her cheek and set a folded up piece of paper on the nightstand, before disappearing out of the room.聽
Out of their lives.
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halfmortals 2 months ago
xav and len ship meme 馃ズ
饾槦饾槇饾槤饾槓饾槍饾槞 & 饾槗饾槍饾槙.
Who is more aggressive in bed? no no no, aggressive? no, that's not how i imagine these two would be in bed. they would be very loving, passionate and thrive off of pleasing one another
Lights on or off? lights off because i think it's really funny if xavier accidentally glowed because he got too excited sgdhdh 馃檲
Who does what chores? the couple that cleans together stays together. but also i imagine xavier trying to vacuum really early in the morning because that's when he's the most active and len being like "oh no! this is an apartment, xav! we have neighbors!"
Who gets babied when they鈥檙e sick? ok it's true that len does baby xavier when he's sick but xavier babies len more because len literally IS baby so they鈥檙e so easy to be like "stop, let me take care of you" and i feel like it'd mean a lot to them 馃ズ
Who makes breakfast? xavier would figure out exactly what they like for breakfast and sometimes bring it to len in bed on one of those lil trays. if it's difficult to make it might not taste too good but it'll definitely be filled with Love 馃槍
Where would they go on their honeymoon? either somewhere tropical like hawaii or someplace in england where they could see a lot of plays???
What are their quirks while sleeping? xavier will wake up at the slightest thing so len usually has to be quiet if they鈥檙e up and around him
Who is the stricter parent? oh goodness they both seem like their children would walk all over them. the kids would pull the whole "i asked already and they said yes" and then never have asked len in order to get an easy yes from xav
Who would be the big spoon? xavier loves being the big spoon. it makes him feel confident. i also feel like, during the night, len prob wakes up and realizes they鈥檙e not cudlling anymore bc they've moved around and they always get him to easily cuddle them again no problem
Who would wake up first? tbh they both seem like early birds and xav always gets a lot done in the morning so.. maybe xav??
Do they have nicknames for each other? xavier would call len 鈥渂aby鈥澛犫渓ight of my life鈥澛犫渟weetheart鈥 bc len鈥檚 so cute they deserve cute nicknames fkdskg
What happened when they met each other鈥檚 parents? well, xavier's parents are in jail and he doesn't want to go see them especially subject len to that but len can meet xav's older brother. his name is owen and he's the most chilled out laid-back dude
How do they apologize after an argument? their relationship is healthy and so they both (sometimes profusely) apologize when needed and never let a disagreement ever go unsettled before bed 馃槍
What would they be like as parents? xavier would always just go with len's flow. i imagine he asks "well, honey, what do you think?" in that Husbandly tone when it comes to anything regarding their family lol
Who is the better cook? idk if baking counts as cooking but len is the best baker and xavier will shout this from the rooftops
Who is more romantic? i think len might be tbh 馃ズ
What sort of gifts do they get for each other? they would give very well-thought out gifts. len would give xavier something that they remembered him saying that he likes and xavier would get something that would make len鈥檚 life easier and like three other things he just thought they鈥檇 like bc, in his opinion, len deserves the world
Who gets jealous easiest? xavier??? i feel like he might bc i just thought someone flirting with len while he's with them and it made him spaz out so bad shdhfj he wouldn't even know what to do
Who gets more excited for events? (e.g. birthdays, christmas鈥tc) len does but that's because i think they really treasure important events and not just birthdays and christmas but personal events for them like,, specific shows they鈥檝e helped with that make them think of a certain time in their life. idk in my mind len is sentimental asf
Who is the most adventurous? xavier definitely is, but i feel like he rubs off of len a lot even though len gets tentative about doing some of the exhilarating stuff xav wants to do
Who is the most protective? len would be, i can easily see them being like "well, just make sure you're safe" to him after he suggested he wanted to do something like bungee jump sgdbdj. len also gives me the vibe to say "text me when you get home safe" and if that isn't protective in some way then i'm just dumb lol
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? the couple that had been crushing on one another since second grade. xavier would chase len around the playground and when they got together a lot of people in their high school thought they'd be together forever. u remember that one couple lol
Song to sum them up? kiss you by moons of mars
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lonewolfandmuse a month ago
饾悈饾悁饾悤饾悗饾悜饾悎饾悡饾悇 饾悅饾悋饾悁饾悜饾悁饾悅饾悡饾悇饾悜 饾悓饾悇饾悓饾悇 聽 !
List your favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people.
Oh crud. Listing only one is going to be hard. ><
1. Devil May Cry - Vergil
2. Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife
3. Overwatch - Shimada Hanzo
4. Detroit Become Human - RK800 Connor
5. Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo
6. Samurai Champloo - Jin
7. Cowboy Bebop (the anime not the live-action ) - Vicious
8. Jujutsu Kaisen - Megumi Fushiguro
9. The Witcher (more specifically Nightmare of the Wolf) - Vesemir
10. Fire Emblem - Robin
Tagging: whoever wants to do this.
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burning-chaos-in-the-wind 5 months ago
What's a roleplay blog whose characterization you admire?
I really like Onmi's blogs. When it comes to characterization they put a lot of thought into their characters. Sparda, who we never really get to know that well, feels like a fleshed out character with personality and feelings whenever I write with @tyriandemonroyalty .
Whenever I write Dadgil stuff with @anapproachingstorm , Vergil's character is well thought out and he's believable as a father when interacting with my Nero. Omni does a great job at balancing Vergil's stoicism, but also touching on his lighter side whenever needed. It's always fun to see a Vergil blog portay the Dadgil role. And they do so by staying in character, but also adding their own take on it, making their Vergil especially unique with how he parents.
And finally for their Dante account, @secondborn-cambion . Their Dante is very fun loving and ranges from halirious to sweet and caring. Omni is also great at exploring Dante's sadness and the trauma he's faced over the years, all while doing so with a smile, because Dante is just like that.
Over all they make these characters feel like real people, so I think that deserves a little shout out/ recognition. ^^ 馃挋
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lararutherford 5 months ago
talk about us
What they define their relationship with your muse as: It's kind of strange, to be honest. They have a personal relationship and a professional one, and obviously there's overlap because there always will be given the nature of his job. Still, good friend doesn't seem sufficient? Henry is with her a lot of the time, she trusts him with things she wouldn't others, he has seen her vulnerable in ways other people have not. It's hard to explain. Henry is a friend, but at the same time, is not like any of her other friends.
Something they like about your muse: That he is genuinely a wonderful human. Those are rare, she's learning.
Something they dislike about your muse: I answered this in the other meme, and it stands. "That he feels too much responsibility for things that are out of his control. He鈥檚 tough on himself about all the times Lara has been hurt (because he knows it鈥檚 his job to make sure that doesn鈥檛 happen) but Henry blames himself when she doesn鈥檛? Lara hates to see it."
Their first impression of your muse: Actually, this is an interesting question. Lara was taken with him immediately, and that doesn't happen often, but the interesting part is that she still doesn't understand why. Usually, her relationships are based on status and social standing, or what she can get from the other person, but with him it was never that way. There was just something about him that stood out from the others. Lara was the one who approached Henry, not the other way around, and maybe she doesn't ask too many questions as to why that was because she's just glad she did. Things with him were definitely different from the get-go.
Their impression of your muse now: Henry is one of the most important people in her life. Also one of the best.
How they feel about your muse: That she would be fucking lost without him.聽
Something they are hiding from your muse: Interestingly, I think she confides in him about a lot of things she wouldn鈥檛 do to others, but she would never tell him, or anyone, how much she feels like she isn鈥檛 coping right now. That she feels like she could 100% lose it at any fucking moment. Perpetual brave face, this one. Though, that鈥檚 not to say he hasn鈥檛 figured it out.
Something they wish they could to tell your muse: That she鈥檚 selfish and would never change that she did, but is still sorry that she dragged him into her life, because she suspects things are only going to get more turbulent as time goes on. If he鈥檚 punishing himself now for things that have happened to her, she鈥檚 not sure she wants to put him through worse.
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maikeymonroe 8 months ago
You're super cute, but I have not seen anything you've acting in.
I totally understand. I tend to go with some weird shit. Who鈥檚 your celebrity crush? I鈥檓 probably in a movie with them. It鈥檚 an easy way to deal with me. @dvlcbrien? Flashback鈥檚 coming out in June. @swedeskarsgard? Villains. @joekccry? After Everything & How to Be Alone.聽@lilhemmy? Independence Day: Resurgence.聽@sebasstan? I鈥檓 Not Here.聽@zacharyefrcn? At Any Price.聽@timmyhals? Hot Summer Nights.
Tumblr media
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kaxbrekker 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the language of birds, richard siken / grief lessons: four plays by euripedes, anne carson / forgetting, joy ladin / obit, victoria chang / the archer, taylor swift / the punisher (2017) / motion sickness, phoebe bridgers / untitled, margaret schnabel / the old guard (2020) / tonight i can write ( the saddest lines ), pablo neruda / a barbie dream house but all the dolls are kitchen knives, cassandra de alba / black sails (2015) / everything is illuminated, jonathan safran foer / portrait of a lady on fire (2019)聽
send me a dynamic and i鈥檒l make a parallels post for them!
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thcdarlingboy a year ago
Tumblr media
@rpsocsandcanonohmy鈥嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧 said: 鈥 fight : 聽my 聽muse 聽stops 聽your 聽muse 聽from 聽getting 聽into 聽a 聽physical 聽fight 聽with 聽someone 聽else. 鈥 聽鈥 聽Danny & Harry 聽鈥
Danny knew Harry could have a temper, and usually it was justified. He鈥檇 been through a lot in his short lifetime, and that really wasn鈥檛 fair. Even if the two of them seemed to be on decent terms these days, he wasn鈥檛 sure how the pirate would react to him getting in the middle. Still, Danny was forever the peacemaker; at least unless they really deserved a good ass-kicking. 鈥淗ey... hey!鈥 Danny stepped between the two guys, ducking fast when a fist barreled in his direction.聽鈥淐alm down! What the hell is going on?鈥
All he could make out were some growls and grunts, and since he didn鈥檛 know the other kid very well, Danny grabbed Harry by the shoulders and pulled him away from the scene. Maybe a little roughly, but it was for his own good. He wasn鈥檛 worried that Harry couldn鈥檛 hold his own, but he didn鈥檛 want him getting sent back to the Isle.聽鈥淒ude, what happened? If you get caught fighting they might send you back!鈥 His hands remained on Harry鈥檚 shoulders, but the grip softened to something more comforting.聽鈥淭alk to me.鈥
Tumblr media
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oralsesh 10 months ago
馃尮 , 馃挋 , 馃憽 , 馃巰 ( okay you have such a bright smile though like how could someone not smile around you? )
that鈥檚 so adorable, what the hell ... i don鈥檛 even deserve that, siiiigh.
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moonflowcr 10 months ago
鉂 emmaya & lila/leo
for @rachelblairy鈥
鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湩鉁р湩 | sexual attraction 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湩 | romantic attraction 鉁︹湨鉁р湩鉁р湩鉁р湩鉁р湩 | crushing 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁р湩鉁р湩鉁р湩 | squishing 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁р湩 | sensual attraction 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湩鉁р湩 | aesthetic attraction
鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁р湩鉁р湩 | sexual attraction 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁р湩 | romantic attraction 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湩鉁р湩鉁р湩 | crushing 鉁︹湨鉁︹湩鉁р湩鉁р湩鉁р湩 | squishing 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁р湩 | sensual attraction 鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁︹湨鉁р湩鉁р湩 | aesthetic attraction
send me a 鉂 and i鈥檒l gauge my character鈥檚 attraction to yours at this point in time
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