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Put a finger down if you nearly got hit by a car today by some idiot 16 year old who was talking on his phone and not paying attention going around an ICY corner after the snow froze the rain and didn’t give you the right away while you were waving to the car who stopped for you and you were doing that run and the car who didn’t stopped slammed into your backpack which thank god was hanging low enough on your back and was just in the right spot on your hip when the car hit which the force of the bag spinning threw you onto the road and instead of stopping they just kept driving and you can’t do anything thing because you didn’t see the license plate and there isn’t any camera’s in that side of the school and the only reason you’re not in the hospital for an injury is because your bag full of textbooks took the blunt of blow keeping you from majorly hurting yourself and during this entire time you were listening to music and “Bohemian Rhapsody ” was playing in the background while you flipped around in the air while it went, “mama, I just killed a man” and you just got up and walked away because you were too embarresed at the fact you nearly got hit by a car and you haven’t told your family yet


This actually happened I’m not joking.

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And today? I bring you some fresh ✨memes✨ for the road👌

Mostly Yautja and story related as you can see but yeh-

There’s Jenna holding the pillar up and lion lady watching out for the enemies. I have more that I will post later on tomorrow!

On another note- Chapter 2 will be posted sometime this Sunday! Or morning on Monday if anything comes in the way. So stay tuned for that 👀✨💕

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