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Do you think a piece of you will ever haunt the same grounds

that a memory of you will linger

roaming your old school or chapel’s stones

whose minds do i haunt

spectres visit nightly as i try to sleep

some kind, but my mind prefers

to reflect on the bad, and twist them worse

- haunted, DLJ

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Fucking A man. It’s crazy to think just one minor insignificant moment could send an avalanche of memories thought abandoned. Just…… fuck man

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genuinely still freaking out about how i went 5-6 YEARS not meeting anyone from my timeline. scratch that, not meeting ANYONE from my SOURCE. dear GOD. i literally would not be able to function NOW if my partner were to be taken away from me. im looking back now and recognizing why i was so upset and “nostalgic” all the time, its bc i was SO lonely that every time i fronted it just took over the body i- afdsgfdhgfj-

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So this is my life

And I want you to know I’m both happy and sad

And I’m still trying to figure out how that could be

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August 28, 1921

August 28, 1921 #vintagephotos #history

Do I know what happened on August 28, 1921? No, but the couple in the photo seem happy. The back of the photo only provided the date, August 28, 1921.
Perhaps the couple just bought their first home. Or maybe they were recently married. Or the photographer who you can see by the shadow just wanted a photo. I will never know. But I hope the couple lived a long, happy life.
Until next time…peace.


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The good news is that I returned after a month of my absence due to my computer crashing for repeated months at the end of 2020, so I had to disconnect until January 23, 2021, miraculously returned

The second is that from now on I will write only English and Spanish so that the Americans understand it better in their English language, because I am a 16 year old Mexican {I turn 17 in November}

The third is that I have a new cell phone with a different account {well I’ll contact you with my wattpad}, I have ibispaint {which were published by TIKTOK}

The first bad news is that unfortunately one of my wattpad stories A year later, it will be officially removed from wattpad on February 6 due to personal reasons as I no longer want VALV after my abusive and stormy memories of my imagination during April of last year, all the chapters will be deleted forever

It is the first time I write in English since most do not understand my language so be clear

Have a great day

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<div> —  John Corey Whaley, <i>Noggin</i> </div><span>But in that moment I understood what they say about nostalgia, that no matter if you’re thinking of something good or bad, it always leaves you a little emptier afterward.</span>
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Feeling Fondly for Laundry

Feeling Fondly for Laundry

Time to do the Laundry
Seems as though it’s always time to do the laundry.
Whether it’s the baby’s bibs, the towels, or the whole family’s jeans, laundry is never ending!
So, how do we change drudgery into something better, more mindful perhaps, or into an opportunity to make memories?
Here’s some food for thought and it’s not just wishful thinking!

I love doing laundry.
Carrying heavy baskets…


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I love this photo

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I’m getting butterflies thinking of~

jumping in the lake on the first day of summer with friends I’ve known since birth

playing music, singing, laughing, being dumb as hell

smells of chlorine, mary and the slight sting from sunburn while sneaky fucking in the woods we snuck off to

getting lost, claiming a secret spot… fucking in that spot again because we can…

snuggles and giggles and smores. campfires, ghost stories, real life stories (even scarier) …

tent monsters, breezy summer night cuddles, sneaking out to pee with my bff and sharing a j on the way back

seeing a metal show again. sweaty, pushing, loving. fucking strangers on different wavelengths. learning too much about people I’ll never see again

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i dislike varun dhawan, a couple of my friends don’t, we’re in the theatre watching october. no one really goes to this local theatre, everyone prefers the bigger one, including us. but this one is closer, we can walk to it after school, it’s mostly empty save for the odd couples making out or the tired single parent with their child that refuses to sit still. i remember us, a bunch of high schoolers, booking the cheapest seats, then moving up to the expensive ones with an air of unfounded confidence. after all, no one questions you if you walk like you own the place. i remember the watered down coke, us snickering at the usual condom ad, two of us launching into a discussion of how these ads should be more educational rather than something that makes you shift uncomfortably when you’re sitting with your family due to it’s overly sexual nature. but it needs to cater to the male gaze, i forgot.

i remember my smartass comments throughout the movie, about the overly emo scenes, about how he was being stupid, about how he should’ve just moved on with his life (maybe i am a little heartless, maybe i would prefer calling it being practical) about the way he ugly cries and it looks so fucking funny. i remember making fun of everything just so i could make everyone giggle and so that the rest of the theatre could shoot us dirty looks. there is a type of power in making people laugh, the rush that follows when you just let words roll off your tongue and feel someone’s shoulder shake as they struggle to control their laughter.

that day in that tiny theatre, the person sitting with me made me laugh too. being an asshole about a movie right when you’re watching it is a different type of bonding experience. we weren’t very close, we weren’t best friends. you know how there’s one person in your group that you’re the least close to? she was that person. of course, when i say the least close to, i mean as compared to the others. wait least is a comparative word anyway, isn’t it a superlative? jesus, i sound dumb. i’m not friends with her anymore. it’s been a year now. i shouldn’t miss her. i miss her. or do i just miss that time? am i just drowning in nostalgia again? i’m nineteen, how do i even have so much nostalgia?

i just miss school. yeah, i really miss school.

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Jewels #midnighthaiku

Now can desert us
Memories are evergreen
Jewels set in time


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pets are human’s best friends. they would never ever judge you, they are so pure and unaware, so simple and unique, they just want to love and feel loved, to feel the life run through their veins. and yet, there are too many heartless people who don’t know what to do with their useless lives and therefore they feel the right to put down innocent creature’s lives like they are nothing but worthless. and that says a lot about people: not only how they treat other people, but also how they treat animals.

our dogs, our cats, our turtles can teach us so much. they can fix our hearts in a way we can’t understand. they love us without the use of words: they only love us with actions.

love is too big for humans to get it, to explain it. we can only live it, savour it, but never really know what is its measure. at least, not until we lose it. because it’s when we fall down the mountain, that we see how that mountain is actually high.

-i will never forget you, i promise. you have a special place in my heart. thank you.

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